U.S. Seals (2000) - full transcript

Dozens of American cargos with high valuable goods have disappeared, probably attacked by modern pirates. The United States decide to mobilize a team of expert SWAT, with Mike Bradley as ...

[logo music]

[music playing]

Go ahead.



[barroom blues music]

[party chatter]

You're the man, Tyler.

Up with it, baby.

Come on now, Tyler.

Put it up.

[interposing voices]

Three, two, one.


A Spanish vessel
this time, sir.

On the return leg of a
voyage to Yokohama, Japan.

MAN: The cargo?

High-speed computer CPU chips.

Estimated value,
$19 and 1/2 million.


39, sir.

All dead.

Poison gas.

[party chatter]

- I'll take one.
- You want a drink?

AJ, you want a drink?
- Yes.

Cold ones over there?


I'll take one, Cos.

You like it pink on
the inside, right?


Hey, Cos, I'll help you.

Well down there, Mike.

Well done.

You're doing such a great job.

Yeah, he is.

Gainesy, watching you play
basketball makes me thirsty.

Yeah, very funny, Cos.

Bathroom's free.

That's funny, you know,
because Mike usually charges.

I'm sorry?

You know Mike.

He's so tight he
squeaks when he walks.

That's funny.

- You like that?
- Mm.

I got another joke.

Cos, what's the--
- You know what?

Maybe later.

My potato salad is getting cold.


You'd better eject now, baby.

That ground is
coming up awful fast.

What are you talking about?

I think she's hot for me.

COSGROVE: Gainesy, potato salad.

GAINES: Yeah, sure.

It's cold.
I got it.


One of the kids from the
shelter, mama's boyfriend

has been beating up on him.

Geppy, I don't know how
you do that every day.

Man, I just wish they'd sort
their problems out instead

of taking it out [inaudible].


It's the best thing
they got going.

Man, I'm just
doing what I can.

Just doing what I can.

Come on, let's eat.



[phone ringing]

Dick, I guess you heard
about the latest raid.

DICK (ON PHONE): Tell me
what I want to hear, George.

I wish I could.

DICK (ON PHONE): I need results.

I'm in the hot seat here,
and I don't like it.

I know how you feel.

But it's pretty god
damn frustrating.

Every time we detect a
pattern, they change tactics.

we need to stop reacting

and start anticipating.

We have been.

I promise you, Dick, that
with all the resources

we're putting into this
we'll have a result soon.

Hey, you guys.

I hope everyone saved
room for dessert.

Absolutely, Melissa.
Sounds great.

Here you go.

Nice apple.

[interposing voices]

[clinking glass]


I have a little
announcement to make.

I've got good news,
and I've got bad news.

Is this a joke?

The CEO of
Coronado is retiring

at the end of the year.

Yeah, what's the good news?

I'm going to take his place.

You're going to what?

I'm going to take his place.


I'd like to make a toast.

Hear, hear.

Mike and Melissa.

- Mike and Melissa.
- Cheers.

- Thanks, you guys.
- Cheers.

- Thanks, you guys.
- Thanks, everybody.


Boy, Travis'
timing really sucks.

Yeah, tell me about it.

You know what?

Today I was this close
to getting Marianne.

Gainesy, if I
were you, I wouldn't

be doing this gesture too much.

I trust you've all heard
about the recent surge of piracy

in Europe and the Middle East.

Yes, sir.

During the past
four months, dozens

of vessels and their crews
have been lost, including

11 American ships and 435 men.

For far too long now, we've been
pissing into the wind trying

to come up with a lead on
who's behind these attacks

and where they might be based.

Today we got lucky.

Take a look at this.

Now, these are periscope shots
taken from the USS Arizona

less than four hours ago.

It's a Turkish deep sea rig, 36
miles off the southeastern tip

of Bulgaria.

Well, the activity
seems routine now.


Only it turns out that
this rig was abandoned

by Turkey nearly 18 months ago.

So what are they doing there?

Well, we suspect the pirates
are using the rig as a base

and a distribution center
for their Western Black Sea


What's our objective, sir?

To shut it down.



So when are you leaving?

I'm sorry, baby.

What about the fishing trip?

Tyler was really
looking forward to that.

Yeah, I know.

I was too.

Come on, give me a break.

Were you?


He really needs you, Michael.

He needs you here.

I need you here.

I know.

I know, sweetheart.

I-- look, I promise
you, this will

be the last mission I go on.

I promise you, OK?


Do you know how
much I love you?

I love you and Tyler more
than anything in the world.

have a visual on you.

Proceed to rendezvous.

Cos, what's up with Marianne?
What's the deal, man?

Why are you looking at me?

I don't know.

Probably not
into military men.

I don't think
she's into brothers.

Well, don't worry.
She's not into blondes either.

Fellas, fellas,
you're way off base.

It's not about brothers
and beach boys, believe me.

She just separates
the men from the boys.

Ah, I got your boy right here.

One minute to landing,
Lieutenant Bradley.

Roger that.

We're getting--


Admiral Travis, do you copy?

Requesting a repeat of
the last transmission.


Can you hear me now?

Yes, sir.

Loud and clear.

What I was saying

is that the Bulgarian Navy
has graciously offered us

the use of a long-range
submersible which will serve

as the insertion platform
for the first stage

of the operation.

Did he say Bulgaria?

Yeah, he sure did.

And where will that be, sir?

TRAVIS (ON RADIO): You'll be
choppered to the Asenovgrad

Naval Facility at Michurin.

And Mike, since it's
extremely likely

that shutting this
rig down will only

bloody the nose of the
pirate organization,

I can't stress strongly enough
the need for at least one,

and ideally two, live captures.

Any questions?

No, sir.

USS Mississippi, over and out.

PILOT: Lieutenant Bradley, we
have Sledgehammer 2 in sight

off port side.

MAN (ON RADIO): Sledgehammer
1, this is Sledgehammer 2.

We are on schedule.


BRADLEY: Sledge 1 to Sledge 2.

Do you copy?

Sledge 1 to Sledge
2, do you copy?


Sledge 1, this is Sledge 2.


Go ahead.

PILOT: Lieutenant Bradley,
any word from Sledgehammer 2?

Sledge 1 to Sledge
2, do you copy?


Sledge 1, this is Sledge 2.

Do you read?


PILOT: Lieutenant,
20 minutes to target.

Sledge 1 to Sledge 2.
Do you copy?


[music playing]


That put us behind.

PILOT: 10 minutes to
target, Lieutenant.

Cos, talk to me.

What are you looking for, kid?

Elevator button.

Come on, Cos.

Talk to me.

Where are you guys?

Sledgehammer 2 to
Sledgehammer 1, do you copy?

Fuck this thing.


Let's keep our part
of the bargain.

How are they going to
know we're still in it?

We'll deal with that
when we get to it.

PILOT: Can we count on them?

- They'll be there.
- Rock and roll.

Man, we're cutting
this awfully close.

Been there before.

1 o'clock!


Go, go.

Move, move, move, move.

MAN: This sector looks good.

Check the next one.


Will you two come with me?

I need some help right now.

All right.

Bring it over here.


Everything's almost done here.

Lookout to platform.

Platform, go ahead.

MAN (ON RADIO): Unidentified
chopper coming in.


On set.

Roger that.


PILOT: One minute to
target, Lieutenant.

What have you
got there, Geppy?

Good luck charm, I guess.

Something the kids
gave me to, uh--

keep me safe.

Platform here, go ahead.

MAN (ON RADIO): Incoming
chopper, skimming surface.

PILOT: At target, gentlemen.

Let's go.

Mike, what are we going to do?



PILOT: Drop zone.

Go, go, go, go, go!

Geppy, perimeter defense.

I told you Cos and the
boys would hold up their end.


Helmets up, helmets up.

Come on, Cos!

Gepson and Connie, wedge left.

You guys take the right.


Go, go, go, go.

Go, go, go.

[inaudible], go.

[inaudible] stay
up there all night.


Give me some time.

Geppy, follow me.

Here we go.

Geppy, come on.

Don't go down like that.

Geps is down, man.

- Move it.
- Let's go!

Let's go!
Let's go!

Stay with him.

He's dead, man.

Cos, I said stay with him.

Geppy, don't go
down on me, baby.

Come on, now.


Geppy, come on, man.

Come on!

[engine starting]


God damn it.

The kids at the shelter.

They said it would
give him good luck.

Sledgehammer to base.

Sledgehammer to base.

Do you read?


Sledgehammer, this is base.

We read you loud and clear.

Go ahead.


Patch me through to Travis.


Patching through.

Go ahead.


This is Travis.

How did it go?

We secured the objective, sir.

We lost Gepson.

But we've got a prisoner.

We're coming home.

[cocktail music]

Jack, it's Foster.

The boss is joining the party.


You like my new bloodline?

Behold the purest
athlete in the world.

It runs not for money, not for
approval, it needs no agent,

it runs only to establish
itself as the dominant animal--

which should be an
inspiration to us all.


Son of a bitch.

Ask him again.

Who's the head of
your organization?

I don't know.

What is your date of birth?

May 11, 1962.

Where's the
organization based?

He just doesn't know, sir.

Could he be
resisting the drug?

Impossible, sir.

He's flying on the maximum
for his body weight.

I'm breathless.

You look ravishing.

Thank you.

I figure, you know,
I should probably

dress up once in a while.

Well, if this is
the effect, then

you should do it
a lot more often.

That is, unless those
crabs you're cultivating

in the harbor don't mind.


You'll get it straight
one of these days.

This is very fine wine, and I
would like to propose a toast.


To possibilities.

Rusty, a word, please.

It's important.

Nothing could be
as important as this.

Excuse me.

Save a dance for me.

What is this about?

I'm telling you, Brandt,
this better be important.

I've got 300 people here.

All right now, tell me.

What is this all about?

Facility three has been
compromised severely.


Sometime last night.

My brother?

I am so sorry.

Oh, god, no.


We need to finish this
before Mom gets home.

So would you crush the last two?

I want to make a phone call.



Even including
Interpol and Mossad

databases, still nothing, sir.


We're back to square one.

Patterson is going
to chew my ass off.

[phone ringing]

- Yeah.

Admiral Travis, this is Mike.

I was wondering if
you had any news.

A few minor criminals.

One known mercenary.

Per diem player, no one major.

It's not much, but it's
the best we've got.

I'm sorry, sir.

No need to apologize, Mike.

I've read the reports.

Bad luck is all.

Sorry again about Gepson.

Uh, why don't you go
and get some rest?

That's an order.

Yes, sir.

Joey, shots, suds.

What's up, Mike?

Guys, one's missing.

Son of a bitch,
you shut the fuck up!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, Mike.

Come on, Mike.

Come on.

Get the fuck out of here.

Sorry I lost it, you guys.

Forget about it.

I'd like to make a toast.

To Gepson.

To Gep.

To a man that could
never be rattled.

Man, when Geppy
lost it, he lost it.

You guys remember that time
we were in Colombia, training

that new spec op division?

The guy was a live
fire, [inaudible]..

Right, right.

There was that one cocky
hot shot with a gold tooth.

What was his name?

No, Carlos.


He panicked, squeezed
off a couple of rounds,

nearly took Geppy's head off.

Geppy throws down his
piece, kicks that guy's ass

all the way back
to the barracks.

Cussing every step of
the way in Spanglish.

Remember that?



Hey, there's more.

No, I'm going to pass.

I, uh-- I gotta get home.

You ready?


Do me a favor.

Give Melissa and Tyler a hug
and a kiss for me, will you?

I will.

You know what?

If you see Marianne, just
tell her that I'm-- you know,

I'm thinking about her.

Yeah, right.
See ya, Cos.

See ya.

[phone ringing]

Mike Bradley.

Oh, hey.

When are you guys
heading to the movie?

Hey, tell him his
godfather says hi.

Your godfather says hi.


That's it?

Tell Mommy that I'm
on my way home now.

I love you, too.


Hey, my godson's turning out
to be one hell of a kid, huh?

Yeah, not bad, huh?

You'll understand once
you get the guts up

to ask Amanda to marry you
and bear your children.


Hey, hey, hey.

What the hell was that, huh?

Hey, there's the missus
and the little guy.

Look, there's daddy.


Ty, come on, we're late.

COSGROVE: Mike, Mike,
Mike, Mike, Mike!

No, no!


TYLER: Daddy, Daddy!


MIKE: Melissa!

My god, Melissa!



Let go of me!




You must be Bradley.

Bob Wilkins, FBI.

I'm sorry about your wife.

Terrible thing.

Where's Detective Borrelli?

This is a federal
case now, Lieutenant.


Let me show you something.

Local boys discovered this.

See, it was disconnected.

And then there was this.

Remote triggered.

Spot generator.

Probably used magnesium wire.

You're saying this was a hit?

What the hell is going on here?

Why are you guys involved?

In your statement,
you mentioned

seeing a utility van racing past
seconds before the explosion.


A witness stated
seeing a Kubota

van parked across the street
from your house yesterday.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

What is Kubota?

They're investigating
a stolen goods ring based

out of a warehouse in a port.

Kubota Electric is
located half a block away.

They reported the
van stolen yesterday.

[car engine]

He's much better, Mr. Bradley.


How you doing there, buddy?

How's my big boy?

Not so good.

What happened, Dad?

I'm not so sure yet, Ty.

Where's Mommy?

Mommy-- Mom is with
Grandpa Bradley, honey.

I-- I want Mommy.

I know you do.

Everything's gonna be OK, son.

Everything's gonna be OK.

- Hey, we're with you, man.
- You all right?


Cos says that
Tyler's gonna be OK.


Oh, Mike.

Oh, no.

I couldn't believe
my girl is gone.


Can you tell me what
really happened there?

I don't know.

I don't know yet.

Why don't we go talk
in Tyler's room?

Come on.

Mike, if there's anything you
want, just say the word, OK?


Thanks, guys.

TRAVIS: We can't keep them out.

Why the hell not?

Because the Feds independently
established the link as well.


I'm still waiting
for the details.

Believe me, Mike, I wish to hell
there was something I could do.

After the Black Sea operation,
FBI brass see an opportunity

to succeed where we failed.

I'm sure they're
looking at this as a way

of polishing up their image
after Waco and Ruby Ridge.

That's what this is all about?

Their image?

I'm not happy about
it either, Mike.

Now, you know that.

So basically we're
gonna just sit around,

hope they don't screw it up?

I'm afraid we don't
have any choice.

I'm getting out soon.

Why not now, Michael?

Think about Tyler.

I am.

That's why I've got to
follow through with this.

For him and me.


I'm in.

Atta boy.

What do we do next?

Talk to Mike.

Hey, Mike.

You remember at the
hospital we said we'd be

there for you, no matter what?

Look, Mike, you want to
go after this guy, we're in.

I appreciate it, guys.

But I've decided to let the
CIA and the FBI do their jobs.




That's it.


Hey, Mister.

That's government property.

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

I asked you first.

Tyler's my godson,
for Christ's sake.

When are we doing this?

First light?

I'm gonna take them all down
and let god sort them out.

The rest of the
guys are standing by.

The van's outside.

You really think she's
onto something with this?

Trust me, Brendan.

The timing is perfect.

This is the one.

MAN (ON RADIO): Last reported
location was longitude 32--




All right.

We got him.




COSGROVE: Look, Mike,
whatever goes down,

just remember,
let's keep our cool.

We just need information.


Fox 2, this is Red Fox.

Keep your eyes on the chicken.

Stage two in 25 minutes.

I repeat, coming in 25.

Red Fox out.

This is Red Fox 2.

All the chickens
are in the coop.

Gaines and I will go high.

You three go low.

Cos, take care of that Fed.



Go to sleep.

Go to sleep.


Nothing personal.

Fox 2, this is Red Fox.

Got any donuts?


Red Fox 2, this is Red Fox.

Do you copy?


Red Fox 2, this is Red Fox.

Do you copy?


MAN: (SHOUTING) All right.

Let's get it [inaudible].

All right, let's
get [inaudible]..

Let's go.

How many did you say?

MAN: 10 over there.

MAN: [inaudible]

Stun grenades and rubber
bullets only, gentlemen.


Flying in on three.

I'm with you.

One, two--




I got a runner.

I got it.




Drop the knife.

Drop the fucking knife.

Drop the fucking knife!


Gang's clear.

You know who I am?

I don't know you.

Now do you know?


I just remembered who you are.

Who ordered the
attack on my family?

Talk, you son of a bitch.
- Let me have him.

No, he's mine.

- Let me kill him?
- You want to kill him?

- Yeah.
- You want to kill him?

Yeah, let me kill him.

You want to kill
him, go ahead?

- Yeah, let me kill him.
- Go ahead, kill him.

Yeah, I want to kill him.

No, Cos.

No, Cos.

Cos, he's mine.

Cos, he's mine!

Back off.

You tell me who's in charge.

You tell me who's in charge, or
I'll blow your fucking head off

right now.

Tell him.

Tell him.

Who killed my wife?

Rusty Blaise.

Don't lie to me.

- I swear to it.
- Rusty Blaise.

He's running everything
from Albania.

Don't fucking lie!

Back off.

Back off.

Don't do it.

Mike, don't.

Don't do it, Mike.


MAN (ON RADIO): All units,
converge on warehouse.

Converge on warehouse.

Come on.

- Go!
- Come on.



Suspect in sight.

Secure and detain.

Lieutenant, you

and your men are under arrest.

Drop your weapons.

That won't be necessary.

I'm Admiral Travis.

May I have a word with you?

Let them go.

Mike, a word.

I hope this won't
cause any problems, sir.

Just tell me it
was productive.

I guess we'll
find out, won't we?

There's a guy inside that
said somebody named Rusty

Blaise is the head of the ring.

Rusty Blaise?

Doesn't ring any bells.

But it's a place to start.

Same guy was a
trigger man on the bomb.

I promise you, Mike.

I'll take care of it.

See you back at command at 0900.

[engine starting]

Thank you.

I don't know.

Maybe I should have
let Mike wax that guy.

What do you guys think?

I can't believe you didn't.

You ask me, Mike's a
bigger man than I am.

Well, thanks for the
newsflash, Gainesy.

You think Mike's
still gonna leave?


Tyler's all he's got now.

I can tell you
one thing, he's not

going anywhere till he smokes
that friggin' Blaise guy.


Rusty Blaise is an alias.

His real name is Cane
Whitlock, older brother

of the late Pierce Whitlock.

How the hell did
he find my house?

We're still working on that.

Meanwhile, I've put a 24-hour
surveillance on all your homes.

What about his boy, Tyler?

Got a 24-hour guard
outside his hospital room.

Look, this guy has got
to have some kind of in,

some connection, something.

Who is this son of a bitch?

He was a supply
officer on board

a supply ship during Vietnam.

But when Naval
command discovered

that he was diverting
munitions and other supplies

to Cambodian businessmen,
he went AWOL.

We don't know how long
he's been in Albania,

but the CIA have had--

Screw the CIA.

Forgive me.

I want to find him for myself.

I couldn't agree
with you more.

Here's the plan.

You liaise with SEAL Team
Three aboard the USS Raleigh.


Thank you, sir.

Conrad and Gaines are currently
meeting with the local CIA

plant, codename Lucia.

Jesus, she is fine.

Maybe we should
have taken that cab.

Maybe the cab was a good idea.

I don't get it.

What's this church all about?

I'll tell you what
a church is all about.

Oh, yeah?

[church bells]

What do you think?

I don't know.

Don't look at me, Sergeants.

What's with the charade?

Do not make a move until
I've left the church.

There's a taxi waiting
outside with the equipment

that you requested.

It will take you to the
train station, at which time

you will catch the
2:45 train to Flauve,

and I will contact you
once the train is underway.

Wait a minute.

That wasn't the plan.

I don't like this, Connie.

She's got a beautiful voice.

Gentlemen, in the event
that Conrad and Gaines

discover any
inappropriate activity,

we'll implement stage two.

Any questions?

Yes, sir.

Can I have that picture?

Negative, Sergeant.

[train whistle]

You think she'll show up?

She better.


Time for the transmission.

Better use the john.

A message for you, sir.


Acknowledge transmission

So, are you enjoying the
trip so far, Sergeants?

We are now.

Can I get you a drink?

Uh, yeah.

Sparkling water would be great.

Can we have a sparkling water
and two cups of coffee, please?


So what, no--
no costume today?

Can we move on?

What took you so long?

I hate small talk, OK?

So, uh, what's the
lowdown on Blaise?

In your reports, you
claim there's nothing

linking him with the pirates.

And I have a very good
reason for claiming that.

Can I ask you a question?

How long have you
been a field agent?

Let me guess.

This is your first
undercover assignment.

I forgot something
in my compartment,

so I'm going to go
get it, and I'll

meet up with you guys later on.

Excuse me, Sergeants.

Will you just chill out?

You're ruining my chances here.

Would you just get
serious for a second?

You don't think Blaise
is running this show?

No way.

Not unless he's great
at covering his tracks.

What's she doing?

What's taking her so long?

She'll be back.

Stand up.

Hey, hey.
All right, man.

Just take it easy, OK?


OK, let's go.

Take left.

I got right.

You all right?

Never felt better.

What do you think?

I think it's a
little too quiet.

Let's keep moving.

This place gives
me the creeps.

No kidding.


Give me some coverage.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.


Uh, ready?

One, two--


Let's get out of here, buddy.

I'll drive.

You'll what?

Cover me.

OK, let's move.

Come on, you said you
could drive this thing.

Let's get out of here.


OK, hit the brake.

I don't know how
to hit the brake.

Hit the brake.

I'm working on it.

We're gonna hit
the fucking wall.

Hit the fucking brake!



You got any ideas?

I just hope the
transmitter chip's working.

No shit.

They've stopped.

Where are they?

Get me Admiral Travis.

Mike, what's up?

They're on Blaise's
estate, ground zero.

Jesus Christ.

It's your turn.

Fuck you.

Mike, this is Travis.

Go ahead.

Sir, I have strong reason
to believe that the CIA plant,

Lucia, is playing both sides.


Have a good day, gentlemen.

Fuck you.

Jesus, Connie, you
don't look so good.

You checked a mirror lately?

Fucking cocksuckers.

They'll get theirs, you
mark my fucking words.


TRAVIS (ON RADIO): Say again?

Blaise knows that his
days are numbered, sir,

and that any number of countries
would have deep pockets

for technology like this.

That can't happen.

It won't.

exactly the type of scenario

your unit was created for.

Yes, sir.

counting on you, Mike.

What about Conrad and Gaines?

TRAVIS (ON RADIO): Can't even
be sure they're still alive.

They're alive.

What are we looking at?

That's the brains.

To your genius.

And to our lives together
without borrowing

and without flattery.

When are the bidders arriving?

The Chinese should
be here within an hour.

The Iraqis are
running a little late.

Is that a problem?


I doubt the Navy even knows
about the garrison yet.

Speaking of the
Navy, I would like you

to dispose of our two guests.

I never agreed to kill anyone.

Our arrangement was that
you pay me for information,

and that's it.

And what do you suppose
I do with that information?

Do you think I sent roses to
Lieutenant Bradley's family?

The garrison has passed at
sea with all hands on board.

Grow up.

I'll take care of it.


Parity is so important in
any successful relationship.

Don't you agree?

Of course.

Have Zarko and Vladimir
make sure she does it right.

All right, let's go.

Let's go.

Go, go, go!

Well, if it isn't
my favorite spy.

Just remember, what
goes around comes around.

Just get the hell
out of here, OK?

It's taking her too long.

Go check.


Hurry up!

Look out!




Come on, man.

She's gone.

Let's go.

Mr. Blaise arriving

for pickup of Mr. Foster.


What do you think?

We have our ride.



Rusty, it's Foster.

We've got a problem.

Here's our transport.

What the fuck is
going on, Brent?

Looks like they found out
about the garrison a little

quicker than Lucia figured it.

All right.

We'll get to the waterfront.

Minchen is going
to meet us there.

Why the fuck didn't
we kill those bastards

when they first got here?

What about Al-Najef?

Go to the chopper, take the
Dakota with you, I'll follow.

Rusty, let's
blow while we can.




You're the boss.


OK, Lieutenant.

Let's play follow the leader.

Secure for landing.

AJ, take two.

Fan the left perimeter.

Got it.

Cos, take three.

Fan the right.


Left flank clear.

Die, you son of a bitch.



You should have
finished us, Curly.


I got a pill box sitting in
the front yard of the palace.

Looks like old Rusty's
a little paranoid, huh?

Yeah, it's a fucking

private army we're looking at.

[neck snapping]

Right flank clear.

MAN (ON RADIO): Copy that.

Let's close it in
on ground zero.

AJ (ON RADIO): Mike, this is AJ.

Clear on your back side.


Mike, [inaudible]..

Let's hit them low
and fast, gentlemen.

Alpha 1, what's your 20?

Alpha 1, what's your 20?

Team three, converge on right.

Throw in fire.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Let's pick it up on this side.



Checkpoint Charlie, come in.

Checkpoint Charlie?



Team three, team
three, mop it up.

We're moving in.


I got visual.

Connie and Gaines, 6 o'clock.


Go, go, go!

Son of a bitch
is jumping ship.


Go, go!


MAN (ON RADIO): Who are they?

Who is shooting?

Who are you?

Go, go, go, go, go.

Get the fuck out.

Go, go, go, go, go, go.


Let's go.

Buckle up.

Change the frequency.


Sledgehammer 1, this
is Sledgehammer 2.

We've joined the party.

Sledge 2, we got you.

What's your position?

Right in front of you.

Son of a bitch is
headed for the market.

[tires squealing]

Can you slow
that bastard down?

got it, Sledge 1.


Half the town's down there.


[panicked shouts]

I'm going top side.



The son of a bitch is gone!


He's got to be headed
for the drop point.

MAN (ON RADIO): Sledge
2, change your transport.

Approach from the water.

do our best, Sledge 1.

Sledge 2, Sledge 2.

We will rendezvous at the
northeast corner of port.


MAN (ON RADIO): Roger, Sledge 1.

Thanks for the ride.

Mike, what are we doing here?

Come on, let's just call
this thing off, all right?

I think he's right, LT.

Looks like nobody's home.


I know what you're thinking.

Yeah, I'm driving.

Come on, Mike.

Let's just call the
choppers and go home.

This thing is over.
It's fucking over.

It ain't over.

Sledgehammer 1, this
is Sledgehammer 2.

We're live.

Copy that, Sledge 2.

Let's wrap this up.

Mike, we destroyed
the motherboard.

Let's just get out of here.
- No, no, no.

That son of a bitch is here.

I can smell him.

[tires squealing]

Hey, Mike!

AJ, take right flank.

Cos, take up the rear.

Sorry about your wife's car.

Why my family?

Why mine?

Your brother was a
criminal, just like you are.

Those are your rules.

I don't make such distinctions.

But it wasn't my
hand that killed him.

Well, it wasn't my hand
that killed your wife.

But I have it on videotape.

You are one sick son of
a bitch, you know that?

Well, insanity in the
individual is something rare.

But in groups, parties,
nations, epochs, it is the rule.

Nietzsche, "Beyond
Good and Evil."

And if you think I'm
crazy, watch this.


Watch out.


Well, Mike, the way I see
it, we've got two options.

We can swim, or we can swim.

[boat horn]

Right on.

Gainesy, Connie,
pull up left flank.

Sledgehammer 1, left side.


Bogies at 11 o'clock.

Hit the truck.

Hit the truck.

I'm shooting
the fucking truck.

No, no, no.

The truck.

The truck!

These guys are really
starting to piss me off.


Go ahead.



Though you'll get no
satisfaction here.

I was ready to die
before you were born.

Go ahead.

Take your shot.



Oh, no.

Not the moral dilemma.

Not to fool for the golden rule.

You're a product of
industrial cinema,

immersed in a hero fantasy.

You think of yourself
as a protector,

but you're a conformer, and
you work for an enslaver.

Your patriotism
is moral treason.

So now you want to
battle the beast, huh?

Exorcise the demon, huh?

I'll tear off your jaw and
shit down your windpipe.

Shut the fuck up.


You're going to pay
for what you did.

Payback is a motherfucker.

Daddy wants to be a hero, huh?

Well-- huh, sweet pea?

It's too bad.

Because now Tyler's
going to be an orphan.

Let's take out
this son of a bitch.

Hold your fire.

Come on, Whitlock.

I owe you.

Why don't you give me some
more of that bullshit you--

Look at me, Whitlock.

Look at me.

Look at me.



Now it's over.

Hey, hey.

There's my man.

I love you so much.

I missed you.

I missed you too, Dad.

Dad, I wish you didn't
have to do this anymore.

I won't.

Thank you for everything.

You're welcome, Mr. Bradley.

Bye-bye, Tyler.


Let's go home.

Good idea.

[imitating engine]

Ah, there we go.

I love you, Ty.

[music playing]