UFO Journals (1978) - full transcript

A documentary exploring the existence of extra-terrestrials.


- [Narrator] What are
these two unknowns

photographed in deep
space by astronauts

Lovell and Borman?

What are they?

Where do they come from?

Are they secret devices
created by world governments?

Are they manned or
unmanned, or both?

If they are manned,

are they manned by

Why are they here?

What attracts them
to our planet?

Are they friendly or hostile?

How long have they
been coming here?

What is their energy source?

What can account for
impossible right angle turns

which violate all known
laws of aerodynamics?

Why do world governments
continue to deny their existence

when photos like these
continue to appear

in newspapers the world over?

(spacey instrumental music)

- [Man] I've had
350 transmissions,

none of them personal.

Helpful messages of a
different kind are given.

- [Narrator] The voice
of Dr. George King,

president of the
Aetherius Society.

- [George] There
is not one single

important question
facing the world today

that has not been answered

by the space people in their 350

message transmissions.

(spacey instrumental music)

They have not condemned man,

but they have made
various suggestions

how man can help himself

to stop wars,

to cure all disease,

to cure all famine on earth.

We've even had intimations

on how desert regions

could be cultivated,

et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

(spacey instrumental music)

One person I met

was tall,

round about seven foot.

He had two eyes,
nose, mouth, two legs.

Skin was a cinnamon color,

as though that skin
had been tanned

by exposure to long

or even shortwave
ultraviolet light radiations.

This earth,

indeed this solar system,

has been invaded

several times

in the past 20 years.

Those invasion attempts

were aborted

because, the Five
Adepts, as we call them,

fought on your behalf.

You would have been utterly,
abstractly powerless

against the forces
which did not have

your interests at heart.

- [Narrator]
Recorded April, 1978,

at the Shrine Exhibition Hall

in Los Angeles, California.

(spacey instrumental music)

(pulsing beeping)

In the beginning, God created
the heaven and the earth.

(sedate instrumental music)

And the earth was
without form, and void,

and darkness was upon
the face of the deep.

(spacey instrumental music)

And the spirit of God moved
on the face of the waters.

(spacey instrumental music)

And God said,

let there be light,

and there was light.

And God saw the light,

that it was good,

and God divided the light

from the darkness.

And God called the light, day.

And the darkness,
he called night.

And the evening and the morning

were the first day.

And God said,

let there be a
firmament in the midst

of the waters.

And let it divide the
waters from the waters.

And God made the firmament

and divided the waters

which were under the firmament

from the waters which
were above the firmament.

And it was so.

And God called the
firmament heaven.

And the evening and the morning

were the second day.

And God said,

let the waters under the
heaven be gathered together

unto one place.

And let the dry land.

And it was so.

And God called the
dry land, earth.

And the gathering
together of the waters,

called the seas.

And God saw that it was good.


July 20, 1969.

Apollo 11.

Astronauts Neil
Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

lift off on man's first attempt

to land on the moon.

(droning instrumental music)

One small step for man,

one giant leap for mankind.

(droning instrumental music)

The world waited,

as mankind joined in
anxious anticipation

for the first
television transmission

from the moon.

But what of the
poverty-stricken masses,

the Third World,

the hungry, the dying?

What would this giant
leap mean to them,

if anything?

(triumphant instrumental music)

Dr. Frank Stranges,

director, for 14 years,

of the National Investigations
Committee on UFOs.

- [Frank] New sciences
and industries appear

as man probes
further and further.

The moon is only a stepping
stone to other planets,

other galaxies.

(droning instrumental music)

The government is pushing
to gather UFO data,

confirms Apollo astronaut
Edward Mitchell,

who landed on the moon in 1971.

Interest in UFOs
has been revived

and is increasing at all
levels in the military,

says Mitchell.

There had been just
too many UFO sightings,

and too many fighters
scrambled to chase them.


(spacey instrumental music)

Drawing boards are jammed

with renderings of spacecraft

with new energy sources,

from atomic power
to solar propulsion,

designed to travel
in space for years.

(spacey instrumental music)

Man's imagination
knows no bounds,

as he reaches out
to make contact

with outer space beings.

(spacey instrumental music)

But man must also
prepare himself

physically and mentally.

He must devise
protective clothing

against hostile
space environments.

(spacey instrumental music)

Are there beings in outer
space, extraterrestrials?

Do they communicate
from planet to planet,

from spacecraft to spacecraft?

(blooping instrumental music)

Are they trying
to contact earth,

physically as well
as psychically?

(blooping instrumental music)

Man listens,

scanning the depths of space

in search of
decipherable sounds,

which he can, in turn, translate

into meaningful messages.

These are two unidentified
flying objects

photographed by United
States astronauts

as they were making history

on the fringes of outer space.

(spacey instrumental music)

These are two elongated UFOs

that were photographed
trailing US astronauts

on their way to the moon.

According to a high-ranking
officer at Cape Kennedy,

not one space probe
leaves the launching pad

without being trailed
by unidentified objects,

as is attested to by
these two unknowns

photographed by
Lovell and Borman.

(thrumming instrumental music)

UFOs have been
photographed by people

from all walks of life.

This particular one was taken
by Dr. Daniel Fry, scientist.

Sighted at night, these
three unidentifieds

were photographed in the
skies above Honolulu, Hawaii,

by a housewife.

Notice the close formation
of this 180 degree turn,

which has mystified aerodynamic
experts the world over.


These four UFOs
were photographed

by seaman Shel Alpert

over the Coast Guard base
at Salem, Massachusetts.

UFOs made no sound,

and were not tracked by radar.

This UFO was photographed
over the home

of an insurance executive
in Seattle, Washington.

Paul Villa always
had a secret ambition

to see and photograph a UFO.

This day in 1965,

he was in the right
place at the right time,

with a camera.

According to the experts,

Paul photographed an
instrument package,

or space probe,

very similar to the probes
that have been launched

from Cape Kennedy to the
moon, Mars, and Venus.

According to Paul,

the space probe made no sound,

nor did it land.

This UFO was
photographed by a surgeon

in Adelaide, New South Wales.

This is the first
UFO of this type

ever photographed in Australia.

It was taken in 1962.

This is a blowup of
this most unusual

top-shaped object.

Notice the metallic color.

This cigar-shaped
UFO was photographed

above a small park in
the Glendale section

of New York in 1967,

which was a peak year
for UFO sightings

in the United States.

There are rare
occasions when UFOs

are photographed in formation.

These five unknowns were seen

on the outskirts
of London, England.

Among many witnesses present

were three Royal
Air Force pilots.

Now, this one,

unlike many of
the UFO sightings,

gave off a high-pitched
whining sound

above Tulsa, Oklahoma,

about one o'clock
in the morning.

Many witnesses were frightened,

and some petrified
with their mouths open.

As it departed,
the whine changed

to a high, screeching pitch,

sending dogs
scurrying for cover.

The more it increased
in velocity,

the whiter it became.

This is an unmanned probe

photographed by Paul Villa

on June 19th, 1966,
about nine am,

30 miles north of
Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It was approximately
six feet in diameter,

and made a loud buzzing noise.

The UFO was accompanied
by several spheres.

When the spheres
landed, they bounced,

shot straight up,
then landed again

in almost the same place.

The small spheres were about
three inches in diameter.

The larger ones, about
six inches in diameter.

The largest spheres
remained on top

or close to the top of the UFO.

(spacey instrumental music)

The rod on top of the
dome is an optical device,

incorporating a combination
of prisms and lenses.

The three legs telescoped open

as the craft
approached the ground.

(spacey instrumental music)

- [Narrator] Dr. King, when
did you first become interested

in outer space and UFOs.

- It was in 1954,

and it took me by
surprise, actually.

I had been practicing
yoga for many years

previous to this,

but on this Saturday
morning in May, 1954,

I was in my apartment,

and I heard a voice.

It was in English.

The voice was not in the head.

This was no psychic apparition.

The voice was outside of myself.

And it said, prepare yourself.

You are to become the voice
of Interplanetary Parliament.

Well, I had no idea
what that meant.

I knew nothing about UFOs

in those days.

I had not studied them.

But I had studied yoga,

and I'd studied yoga
long enough to realize

that this was very important.

And it was eight days
after this first event

that I decided that the only way

that I could solve this mystery,

because nobody
else could help me,

and I tried many people,

was to go into
meditation myself.

So I locked myself in the room,

fully determined to stay
there until I got some answer.

Well, I didn't have
to stay very long,

because a man, physical,

who I did recognize.

He was alive in
India at the time.

A well known yogi master.

He walked into the room,

without me coming to open
the door, by the way,

he walked across the floor

and sat down in the chair,

which creaked under his weight,

and he told me about the
previous contact I'd had,

voice contact,

and he gave me
certain instructions.

For instance, he said
that you will receive

an invitation from a
yoga teacher in London.

And you should attend
his classes, and so on.

I have had some
physical contacts,

as well as mental contacts.

Very briefly, the
mental contacts

are quite unusual in a way,

that I precipitate a
yogic somatic condition

in order to gain mental rapport

with higher intelligences.

But I've had, also,
some physical contacts.

And I'd like to talk
about one in particular.

On July the 10th, 1958,

I was ordered by
the Master Aetherius

to present myself in

North Devonshire, England,

which is in the
south of England.

And I went there.

And I was told that I must carry

no metal on the body at all.

So I parked the car
in a certain place

after I'd received
further instructions.

And I proceeded
to a place called

Stoney Cross,

which is overlooking a
village called Coo-Martin

in Devonshire.

And it was at night
time, 10:30 at night.

I was first contacted by a being

from the planet Mars.

Now, this man was
invisible to me

except that he did cast a
shadow in the moonlight.

His shadow was very, very
much larger than mine.

He said to go back to
the place where we met,

and I would see a gap in a wall,

and I had to go through that gap

and climb up to a hill.

And I did indeed
climb to a hill,

which, later, I found
out to be Holston Down.

Now, I was given instructions

to go onto this hill and
pray for world peace.

- [Narrator] Timothy
Shanks, UFO researcher

from San Diego, California.

- My research indicates to me

that UFOs are physical types,

there are psychic types,

and there are biological types.

- [Narrator] It's a
very serious subject

around the world now.

Who, across the world,
is studying UFOs?

- From the United States,
we have Brad Steiger,

John Keel.

From France, we have,

I'm not sure he's from France,

Jacques Vallee.

Professor Hyneck.

Brensley Laporte Trench.

I consider the work of
the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich

to be very important.

A man named Meads Layne.

One person from religion,

with a religious background,

Gordon Melton is doing
some interesting work.

In Europe, they are taking
it a lot more seriously

than here.

The Netherlands.

Brazil is.

Also, England is experiencing
a lot of sightings.

All over the world, yes.

Japan is interested.

The USSR is very
much interested.

- Venezuela, Argentina,

Mexico, Brazil,

Norway, Sweden,

the Philippines,

Chile, France,

and Grenada.

All of these people

do officially state
that flying saucers

do exist,

and some of them go even further

and say they believe
that they come

from other worlds.

A country that does not believe

in the existence of UFOs

is a country of deep sleepers.

For instance, America, Russia,

and England have studied UFOs

for a number of years,

and I think they have amassed

sufficient information to
know of their existence,

but, you see, they will
not officially admit

that they know of the existence

of unidentified flying objects.

- [Narrator] But how
long have these UFOs

been coming to earth, and
why to certain places?

What have Palenque,

Ti-oo-ah-knock-a, and Stonehenge

to do with these sightings?

Stonehenge has been
attributed to the druids

by some historians,

but is this fact?

How were these huge
monoliths erected?

Can we attribute
places like these

to extraterrestrials?

- But as you check
back into history,

you have to remember
that references

to objects in the sky

were not referred to as UFOs.

They were described as

whatever the person was viewing,

whether it was a cloud

or a flying boat,

as North American Indians

would describe some
of these things,

or a luminescent pearl.

So you have to
study the language

and study the account itself,

but all world cultures refer

to various unusual
objects in the sky

throughout the course
of recorded history.

The modern era began in 1947,

with the Air Force
beginning its study,

and the tremendous
number of UFO reports.

Early reports of
objects came in.

1896, 1909, from different
parts of the world.

- [Narrator] Many
people believe in UFOs

and that extraterrestrials
are coming to earth.

Some are convinced
that they are now

living among us.

The whole town of
Kermen, California,

conspired to keep
the May 13th, 1978,

occurrence a secret

to preserve their privacy.

However, word leaked out

and made headlines.

(spacey instrumental music)

Ruth Norman of the
Unarius Society

discusses UFO landings
and extraterrestrials

from her headquarters
in El Cajon, California.

- Greetings, earth people.

I am your space
fleet coordinator.

I'm the forerunner
for the space people

who will be landing
before long now

on your earth planet.

I am the messenger and
forerunner and ambassador

from many of the
spiritual worlds

and the physical planes
and the astral dimensions

who have come to this,
your earth planet,

to introduce you people

to a higher way of life.

- Almost always,

when people have a close
proximity sighting,

that is, a UFO very near

to the road, for instance.

If they're driving
along in their car,

the car engine will stop

and the headlights
will go out, et cetera.

This is common.

It's happened all
over the world.

- I was sitting in the car,

and, suddenly, I
had my eyes closed

and I was meditating,

the car was filled with
a brilliant blue light,

and I opened my eyes,

and there was no sound,

and I looked up to the sky

and there was a beam of
light coming down towards me.

Then it went out, and
there was nothing there.

- [Narrator] Dr. King explains

his energy-charging expedition,

requested by space beings.

- In Operation Starlight,

throughout the world,

there were 18 mountains

which were charged
through myself

as a channel.

I did not manipulate the energy

for the charging
of these mountains.

It was manipulated through me

by the space intelligences.

We have here scenes
from Mt. Kosciuszko

in Australia,

which was charged on
December the 5th, 1960.

We had tough blizzard conditions

on that mountain.

The last picture shows me
manipulating the energy,

which was put through
me by other sources,

which caused an initial charge

to go into this mountain.

The other mountain in Australia

was Mt. Rams Head,

which was charged on
December the 8th, 1960.

And we had no problems at all

except through
heavy snow drifts.

These pointing stones
have been there

for thousands of years.

The next set of pictures you see

were shot in Switzerland in 1961

on August the 13th.

And this is Mt. Mej-eh-ka-flu.

And, again, we had
blizzard conditions

the day before,

but it did clear up considerably

when we made our climb.

- [Narrator] Dr. King
discusses his confrontation

with the UFO that occurred
in Halston Downs, England,

on a hillside in the 1960s.

- When the Master
Jesus departed,

he moved over

to the side of me,

and it was then that I
regained consciousness,

because I was in a
deep trance condition

just before that.

I saw a vehicle

somewhat similar
to this one here,

this model here,

a flying saucer,

a scout patrol vessel,

and it came down and hovered

a few feet above the earth.

I'm not sure how many feet

because I kind of
saw the bottom of it.

I saw the three little
domes on the bottom.

I saw a bright green ray,

very, very bright green ray,

come from the bottom of
the saucer, like this,

and Jesus stepped to
one side, into the ray,

and he disappeared.

I believe he was taken
up into the craft

in that way

because I saw this craft
move through the heavens

and join two more craft

which had been hovering there

during the whole experience.

It was an amazing happening.

It's something which
really did affect me

very, very greatly.

- [Narrator] Brian Scott,
Orange County, California,

goes into a trance state,

using his body as a
telepathic channel

to receive and transmit messages

from a being known
to him as Voltar.

Our cameras recorded this
as it actually happened.

We have edited the
hour-long session

to show you a portion of
this extremely incredulous

and dangerous experiment.

- Yellow.


- [Man] Zero, two, zero.

Zero, two, zero.

We understand that the probe

wishes to impart
information at this time.

We are willing to receive
this information now.

- Acknowledged.

Human being transfer Voltar.

Delay factor.




Scanning out.





of the Consul.

Good evening.

- [Man] Good evening, Voltar.

- (speaks gibberish language)


- [Man] And to you in return.

It is good to talk to you again.

- It is that,

and of the player black.

But today,

what is now

here within my thoughts.

Our involvement

and that of your planet

since that

of the days of Kee-ooh-men-aca

have yet

to manifest.

Is but a fear.

- [Man] It is again a pleasure
to share your presence.

We ask the return of Brian

and the amplification

of all systems against
secondary world interference.

And thank you again for sharing

this communication with us.

- (speaks gibberish language)

Louder input, (speaks
gibberish language).

Return Scott, open.

(speaks gibberish language)

And that of my presence.

Upon that of the
world yet to be.

Is now.

Jim is friend.


The time in South America.

- [Man] I guess it
was very strong.

Are you speaking from there now?

'Cause the eyes are rolled back.

- Is now there the one.

It is my sorrow.

Danielle's decision.

It's upset me, evil.

- [Man] How do you feel?

- I feel great.

It's just like it was before.

There is so much to learn

and so much to offer.

It's nice to remember

what it was a few months ago.


How 'bout some air?


Pins and needles.

Oh jeez.

- [Man] You were right
there at the end.

- A little different.

- [Man] Was that the part of you

that's on their world

or was that?

What was that?

- Just like it was after
the transformation.

- [Man] Yeah.

- It's a new idea.

- [Narrator] These
Kirlian Polaroid exposures

were taken of Brian Scott

before entering the trance state

by Dr. Elan Nieve.

The dark exposures represent
a normal energy level.

(spacey instrumental music)

The light colored photos

that were taken while
Brian was in trance,

are considered rare
and unexplainable.

Brian Scott remembers vividly

a frightening contact
with the space beings.

- When I was 16 years old,

I experienced

a phenomena known
as a ball of light

that appeared behind my house.

My dog basically
gave the thing away

by barking so loud
that he was waking up

half the neighborhood.

Investigating what the
dog was barking about,

I had found this object
hovering in the sky

about six to eight
feet above my head.

The ball of light appeared
to be orange-red in color,

and only lasted for
about 10 seconds,

and suddenly shot
up into the air.

From this experience,

at that time, I didn't
make too much of it.

My most important intent
was to get the dog

to be quiet so my parents
would not be aroused

at two am,

returning from a
16-year-old birthday party

for myself.

Very shortly after
that, that evening,

I woke up again,

but this time I woke up
at the kitchen table,

and when I had woke up,

I found myself with a big mess

all over my arm,

and, apparently, somewhere
during that sleep period,

I had managed to jab and tattoo

this object into
my right forearm,

which appears to be a spider.

From that time,

we've moved up to 1971,

where I had, actually,
physical contact

with aliens

in the Arizona desert.

It was their
request at that time

that I would journey
to the Nazca plains,

and that I would find from that

the information, basically,

to be able to bring back
some of the cultural studies

that were going on around
the Incas and so forth,

from the pre-Incas.

Nothing about the
spider when I was 16

made very much sense.

In '71, it didn't make
much sense, either.

But in '75, when we
really get into all this,

I started taking
some of the journeys

they requested me to do,

we did find that
some of the stuff

they were talking about
was beginning to tie in.

Apparently, it became something

that I, myself, had
eventually asked, why me?

Why did they particularly
get in this thing with me?

And I found out
that it wasn't just

a me situation.

Apparently, to begin with,

I was in the wrong
place at the right time,

or told the wrong place
at the wrong time,

but it was based on my decision

to take the next step

if the information
they were giving me

was going to be valid at all.

And, once we began to research

and actually dig into it,

myself and a few associates,

different various
investigators and such

from leading UFO organizations,

we found out that
the relationship

between the spider
on my right forearm

and the Nazca plains
are identical.

This particular symbol ties into

a technology and energy system

that is used for them to be able

to travel, apparently,

between planets and stars.

So what it came out to
be, in the very end,

was that the information
that they were giving me

was basically valid.

And what they were telling me,

I had some belief in
what they were saying,

it was, from that point,

that I decided that
if the information

they could bring forth
to me or through me,

and other people have had
an experience like this,

could be put together
into some nutshell

where we might be able
to offer the information

to the general public in a way

where it would actually
prove the phenomenas

as being either real or unreal.

We might be able to get a
handle on this UFO thing,

the unknown.

- [Narrator] The unknown.

The Incas, the
Mayas, the Toltecs,

all ancient civilizations
gone from the earth.


What sort of unexplainable
energy forces

seem to be
concentrated at Nazca,

Tee-ooh-ah-knock-a, Palenque,

Ooh-sh-mal, Ti-cal,

Chichen Itza?

Brian Scott went in and
out of the trance state

every few seconds while
he walked these plains.


Are these centers of
past civilizations

linked to forces
from outer space?

Facts suggest they are.

Mr. Schuffler explains the
results of his encounter.

- A day after the
encounter itself,

I found that I began
feeling pressure

within my head.

I started seeing

figures dashing out of
the corner of my eye.

Just glimpses.

Then I began to find
that I could concentrate,

and I began to see
flashing, colored lights.

Later, I found that

I could actually see the forms,

and they are what people
refer to as spirits.

I found, also, that my
eyes began to change,

and that, even in
looking in the mirror,

I found that they
began to take on

a more hypnotic type of stare,

and others related
this experience to me.

That they had noted
these changes.

- [Narrator] Dr. King discusses
the origin of mankind.

- The planet we
are now living on

was populated by a
very advanced culture

called Adamic man.

Hence the Adam and
Eve part of the bible.

The people who

came to this planet

came from a planet called Maldek

that used to orbit between

Jupiter and Mars,

and there was an atomic
explosion on Maldek

which blew the planet to pieces.


they had to be reborn somewhere.

Reincarnation being
a fact, not a theory.

Also, there's no such
thing as death, per se.

There's only death of
the physical structure,

but the thought and the
soul and spirit do not die.

So they had to have a life


So they were reborn gradually

throughout the
hundreds of centuries

onto this planet earth.

Now, all that's left of Maldek

is the asteroid belt,

and it's a very
interesting thing to note

that, just lately, scientists

have discovered
pieces of meteors

which they know come
from the asteroid belt.

Some of these meteors contain


minerals in the exact amount

as found in the human body.

These minerals are petrified

into the rock pieces,

which proved that ancient man,

before he came to this planet,

had a similar physical structure

to what he has today.

- [Narrator] These

photographed in various
parts of the world,

are being monitored
by many governments,

who, only secretly, will
attest to their existence.

The theory is that
to reveal the fact

that governments are
fully aware of UFOs,

and the revelation
of their files,

would panic the public.

And, secondly, would cause chaos

to the economy of the world.


these are actually
filmic records

taken mostly by
accident by people

from all walks of life

and in many different locations.

(spacey instrumental music)

(plane roars)

The date, Tuesday,
June the 24th, 1947.

(propellor rumbles)

Pilot Kenneth Arnold,

a deputy federal
United States Marshal,

took off from what he thought

was to be a routine flight
over the mountainous country

near Mt. Rainier.

An experienced flyer with over
4000 hours in his logbook,

he little realized that
this particular flight

was to start an investigation

that would cost the
federal government

millions of dollars.

Three o'clock in the afternoon

found him cruising at
an altitude of 9200 feet

above the rough terrain,

some distance from
Mineral, Washington.

As was his custom,

he watched the mountains below

for signs of illegal campfires

or other downed aircraft,

but there was nothing
to cause an alert.

His instruments showed
that he was on course

and holding steady.

He was making a 180 degree turn

toward the Forbidden Plateau

when it happened.

A weird high frequency sound

suddenly came out of nowhere,

seemed to head
directly toward him.


Arnold banked his plane sharply,

thinking he was buzzed by
some new type of jet fighter.

Leveling off, he tried to sight

the offending jet
and perhaps get

a number or description
to report the incident.

A midair collision over
these rugged mountains

meant little chance of survival.

He checked his
instruments again,

and to make sure that
he had not drifted

into another flight lane,

a lane used by
experimental aircraft.

He was still on course.


without warning,

it happened again.


Arnold pulled up sharply as
the weird sound engulfed him.

Only, this time, he saw
what had buzzed him.

Far to the left and
toward the north,

a formation of
very bright objects

moved through the
sky in the vicinity

of Mt. Baker.

They were flying at
a fantastic speed.

Their silvery outlines
clearly visible

against the dark mountains.

The strange
saucer-shaped objects

flew in an echelon formation,

and then, gaining altitude,

shot off into the
blue and vanished.

Would he be a crackpot if
he reported the sighting?

Would he be laughed
at by his superiors?

But what he saw was real.

There was no doubt
whatever in his mind.

He decided to risk ridicule

by making a complete report

upon his return
to the home base.

This report, the first
recognized sighting

of an unidentified
flying object,

created a furor.

Pilot Kenneth Arnold said
that the silvery objects

looked like flying saucers.

The name made headlines
throughout the civilized world.

Arnold may not be remembered,

but his coined phrase,
flying saucers,

will never be forgotten.

- My first encounter
was in October, 1958,

with what I claim to be
an extraterrestrial being

that I've since found
out comes from the planet

we call Saturn in
our solar system.

- [Narrator] Robert
Short, UFO investigator.

- It was, to me at the time,

a very frightening experience.

The being said to me,

we have come down to
make an adjustment

in the power of our craft,

we will see you
at a future time.

And I thought, what criteria
do I have to understand it?

It wasn't til
several years later,

in fact, after
another individual

had another experience
with the same individual,

that I began to
understand that my work

from that time would
be through the auspices

of the solar government
on Saturn in this system.

All message work that I do,

or channeling that I do,

would be through their auspices,

through the subspace radio
network in this system.

- [Narrator] Ruth Norman
tells of earth landings

from various planets.

- There will be many planets,

32 different planets in number.

They are physical planets.

Some within this solar system,

and some outside.

32 in number.

They will all land

on the earth world.

About three and
a half years ago,

I was inspired, prompted,

by my space brothers

to purchase some property

about 40 miles
north of San Diego

near Jamul.

It's 67 acres for the
spacecraft landing.

Now, just one craft
will land there,

and we will have
the other 32 craft

to land at various
points on the globe.

- [Narrator] Mr. Arman
recounts his first experience

with UFOs.

- I was in Los Padres
National Forest

in the wilderness area,

and we were hunting
Russian boar.

And I thought I seen,

I seen a bigfoot,

and I thought, a
million dollars,

shoot it and make
a million dollars,

and I drew on it,

and I couldn't pull the
trigger of my pistol.

I tried for five minutes

while it watched me.

I put the pistol
back in my pocket,

took off running.

I was scared to death.

I went back to my friend.

I told him about it.

He says, well, you must
have been hallucinating.

I said, okay, I was.

And that night, we
were in the tent,

playing cards.

We just finished a hand,

and he was looking out the tent,

and he turns to me and he says,


look at the funny lights
up on the mountain.

Well, it was about
three-quarters of a mile away.

Three of them, and they
got larger and larger.

And then I jumped up and stood
in front of the tent door.

A blue one flashed across
the side of the mountain.

Another one came over the top.

It lit up about three acres.

I turned to him, I says,

Joe, did you see that?

He had his head covered up.

I went to shake him.

And he says, I'm asleep, leave
me alone, leave me alone.

And just then, our campsite
lit up as bright as day,

and we blanked out.

- [Narrator] Thomas Miller
on UFO propulsion systems.

- They do fly interstellarly.

However, they do not
fly in the same manner

that the rocket ships fly

or blast off from earth,

as we know it.


(spacey instrumental music)

They use the electromagnetic
lines of force

which permeate the
universal substance

of this galaxy.

(spacey instrumental music)

The brothers on
the other planets

have evolved much more rapidly

than the people on the earth,

and the ones that
we have contacted

have transmitted their
messages to earth,

and they have given us
pertinent information

of instrumentations which
they will help us build

and construct when they
do make physical contact.

Such as an energy device

which will use the
natural oscillation

of atom structures themselves.

We will be taught how to arrange

the vibrancy of the
atoms to extract

natural energy emanations

from the very atom substances

and siphon them off
into power stations.

It will be a free
type of energy.

- [Narrator] Mr.
Shuffler reveals more

about his encounters, and
how it affected his mind.

- Well, I found that I not
only could see spirits,

but I began to see buildings

where I knew there
were no buildings.

I could see birds in the sky.

Just patterns of energy.

I saw auras off the chairs,

off of houses,

off of literally
everything I saw.

At nighttime, just before sleep,

or while I was in a sound sleep,

that I would be woken up

and I could hear as though
someone was talking to me,

as clear as if you
were talking to me now,

telling me that I should go

to these different places
for different experiences.

- They will be
landing very soon,

as soon as the earthman himself

steps up his
consciousness and receives

the space brothers in
an open, receptive way,

where they would lay
down their weaponry,

where they would lay
down their hatreds.

Because the space brothers bring

a whole new science of life,

a whole new way of life,

which will change and
restructure society as a whole.

We will start to tear down
the various prejudices

which we have had, not
only among ourselves,

but against life
on other planets,

life on other worlds.

(spacey instrumental music)

- [Narrator] Dr. Stranges,
you have been involved

with UFO investigations
for over 30 years.

If alien beings were to land,

do you think they
would be friendly?

- That's a good question.

UFOs have had this
earth under surveillance

for many thousands of years,

and if they were going to attack

or cause the human
race any problems,

they would have done
so a long time ago,

but there have been a few cases

where some cattle
and some people

have even suffered
because of so-called

negative saucers.

Someone said if these
are intelligent beings

from outer space, they
couldn't be too intelligent

if they're visiting
the planet earth.

But, on the other
hand, I believe

that we have been a source of,

shall we say, potential threat,

because, as one
scientist put it,

we can take and set
the atmosphere on fire

with hydrogen devices,

and this could cause
the planet earth

to be completely
destroyed by fire,

and, in so doing,
it could disturb

the other planets
in our solar system.

- All the people
in the solar system

are friendly disposed
towards earth,

and they are very,
very advanced people.


there are other people

in other parts

of, well not only this galaxy,

but galaxies beyond this,

that have not been friendly.

In fact, the solar system

has been attacked

by outside forces

in the last few years,

and in order to
repel these forces,

there was something
which we might call

a galactic war.

This did happen.

I have

very detailed reports

in the Aetherius
Society library,

which we maintain is the
largest in the world,

of its kind,

actually describing
some of the action

which took place during
this galactic war.

- [Narrator] Dr. George
King in Los Angeles, 1978.

- [George] There are
at least three people

from another planet
living on earth today.

(spacey instrumental music)

These three people are living

in earth physical bodies.

These three people are
highly specialized adepts,

whose job it is

to protect mankind

from any interference
from outer space

and any invasion
from outer space.

- [Narrator] The
predominant UFO seems to be

saucer shaped,

as attested to by this picture

taken by Paul Villa.

You are witnessing a
most amazing UFO film.

It was viewed by
the United Nations

Outer Space Affairs Committee,

the Congressional Hearing
Committee on UFOs,

and by the government-sponsored

UFO investigation conducted

at the University of Colorado,

where the film was also viewed

by the late Dr.
Werner von Braun.

This 16-millimeter film was shot

by Dr. Daniel Fry,

a fully qualified scientist,

and has been judged as a
most valuable contribution

to UFO authenticity.

Experts have concluded that UFOs

may have different
planetary origins.

If space beings exist,

and they do travel in
these space vehicles,

there is nothing to prevent them

from inhabiting various
areas on this planet.

Our egos would
have to be enormous

to think that we are the
only intelligent beings

in the universe.

This picture was taken
in France in 1967.

It remained motionless
for four minutes.

These two UFOs were photographed

over Taormina, Sicily.

They remained silent,
and changed position

four times before vanishing.

This photograph was taken during

the International
Geophysical Year

by an officer in
the Brazilian navy.

These objects were seen coming

out of a cigar-shaped vehicle

in Morristown, New Jersey.

Early one Saturday morning,

Mr. George Stock was aroused

by his son shouting,

there's a flying
saucer above our house.

This was in New Jersey.

Some UFOs are motionless,
while others revolve.

Dr. King, have any
credible writings

been done on extraterrestrials
and flying saucers?

- Yes, indeed.

There certainly is.

It's called the Holy Bible.

It's one of the best flying
saucer books ever written,

as a matter of fact,

although it wasn't
written for that purpose.

It's filled with accounts

of extraterrestrial visitors,

and vemanas and
lights in the sky

and flames in the sky.

And we are informed

by the cosmic masters

that the star of Bethlehem

was indeed a flying saucer.

It could not have been a star

because if any star had
moved through the heavens

and suddenly stopped

in the position that the
star of Bethlehem did stop,

this would have upset
the gravitational field

of the whole solar system,

and we'd have probably had

a tremendous disaster,

certainly on earth,

if not on other planets as well.

(spacey instrumental music)

- The biggest change

is that this
compelling drive within

to travel and go to
these different places.

I found myself going to
Orcas Island in Washington,

Key West in Florida,

Palenque and Chichen
Itza on the Yucatan,

Tay-oh-tabo-con in Mexico City.

In each of these
places, I met beings.

And I say beings because
they would come up to me

and know who I was, not by name,

but why I was there,

and they had similar purposes,

and we could relate,

and it was as though
we were contacting

and joining forces.

And relating to each
other our own experiences.

And each of us had a
different piece of the puzzle.

(blooping and beeping)

- [Narrator] Allen
Michael reveals

his first encounter
with alien beings,

and discusses his
visit to a UFO.

- The first one, I was
enveloped in a shaft of light.

As I went up the shaft of light,

I just looked back,

saw my body, went
right up out of it,

went up the shaft of light

into a mothership
in outer space.

This was a ship I had
incarnated into this body.

I was just returning to
people I was with before.

I came here in this body.

There are some 2,000,000 people

in telepathic bodies
on this planet now,

making ready to
receive earth people,

to bring them into
the kingdom of God.

- [Narrator] We
interviewed Carl Anderson

at the Long Beach naval
base in California.

He has been a government
employee for over 20 years.

He presented one
of the most unusual

UFO encounters on record.

- [Interviewer] Space
people described

how the ship was propelled?

- Yes, they told me all about
the propulsion of the ship.

In fact, they told me that
the interplanetary spacecraft,

or what we have come
to call flying saucers.

They told me that the
craft was essentially

a flying electrical motor.

The field twirls
in one direction.

The rotor or the armature going
in the opposite direction.

Propelled by a
power in the center.

In fact, it's a battery

of a type which we're
not familiar with.

They told me that when these two

counter-rotating saucers revolve

to a speed relative to the earth

and it turns on its axis

in relation to its mass,

that it becomes weightless

due to the fact that
the electromagnetic

lines of force thrown
off by the craft

repel the magnetic
lines of force

that the earth creates,

and thus propel it away
from the earth's surface.

Now, by reverse polarity,

this can be made to attract,

and thus pull back
toward the planet again.

By neutralizing this effect

between the attraction
and the repelling force,

this is how they are known
to hover in one spot.

- [Interviewer] Do you
have any physical evidence

of your space contact,

- Yes, a crystal stone
was presented to me

as a keepsake or a memento.

I have had this little
stone to Germany

with me in 1960 when
I went over there

after this contact.

It was then analyzed by
spectrographic analysis.

The experts from
Heidelberg University claim

that there are properties
to be found in this stone

that are not to be
found on this earth.

(spacey instrumental music)

- [Narrator] Since man's
first giant leap into space,

countless industries
have led the way

into yet unexplored fields
of aerospace sciences

and space medicine.

New techniques have kept
pace with inventions,

as man seeks methods
to develop machines

capable of carrying humans

into the far reaches of space.

(spacey instrumental music)

Mr. Sherben, will
you please explain

how your model corresponds
to UFO propulsion systems,

and how it ties in
with the reported

rapid and erratic movements
of flying saucers?

- Yes, this model
relates to flying saucers

in three ways.

This basically is taken from

what they call planetary motion,

and flying saucers also
duplicate planetary motion.

Now, planetary motion
of a flying saucer

or this ark,

flying saucers rotate,

they oscillate,

and they pendulate.

Our vehicles that go into space

do not duplicate
planetary motion.

They duplicate motion that came

from the flight of birds.

One would be linear,

and the other is a
cyclical geometry.

This has to do with the
rotation of the earth.

This is the daily cycle.

Its orbit around the sun

is a yearly cycle.

And what they call
the roll is a season

or reverses of procession.

And this duplicates
flying saucers.

It also upsets our concepts
of gravitational forces

because this is
a pendulous force

that overcomes what we
consider inertial force

and reverses
rotation in violation

of our laws of motion.

Science cannot explain this

because science has never proven

its laws of motion.

And this is a definite
violation of the laws.

- [Narrator] How does this apply

to Einstein's theory
of relativity?

- Einstein's general
theory of relativity

is not really true.

This is a model of relativity.

It's a cyclic relativity,

and I have a physical model.

Einstein's special
relativity is based upon

the tenets of gravitational
and inertial mass.

Both inertia and
gravitational forces

have never been proven
by physical experiment.

Einstein merely had an
idealized experiment.

When the experiment is imagined,

the results are imagined.

He has no foundation
whatsoever for his relativity.

This does have a
foundation for relativity,

in that you have the
rotation of the earth,

you have the pitching,

which is its orbit
around the sun,

and procession, which
is our reference

in the galaxial system.

So here you have a celestial
frame of reference,

and Einstein has nothing at all


And here you have
gravitational forces here,

which will overcome what
they call inertial forces,

which definitely
disproves Einstein's

general relativity.

Here's a model of
cyclic relativity

disproving general relativity.

- [Narrator] How did you
arrive at the particular shape

and measurement for your ark?

And how does this configuration

relate to motion
sickness as we know it?

- These were taken
from the dimensions

that God gave to Noah
in the Book of Genesis.

It states an ark,

and Moses was placed in
an ark of bull rushes.

It gives the length,

the width,

the heighth,

and the cabin was a cubit above.

By building this shape,

have an ark this shape,

it is actually a
mathematically perfect boat,

because it's taken from arcs,

which an arc is the most perfect

of all created forms.

Now, this particular shape,

all the forces in the ocean
are compressive strength,

so being a spheroid,

it's the strongest in
compressive strength.

It's the strongest in both
cantilever and truss stresses.

And this boat does
not bunch, too.

It corners lines of force.

But one of the most
remarkable things about it

is that there is
no motion sickness.

And this is what happens.

What gets you motion sickness

is the liquid in your ear
slopping back and forth.

Now, this has what I call
double pendulum stability.

This is like a compass
being placed in quadrants.

So when this is in the ocean,

the ocean can move around it,

and the boat will always
remain perfectly stable,

where any other type of
boat broached to in the seas

will start rolling
and get you sick.

So this boat,

if you're going to
put a large amount

of passengers in it
to withstand a storm,

this is the shape
that I would use.

It would also be a
perfect survival craft

in the form of kayak today.

Say we had an atomic blast,

and you had to get
out of the cities,

this is the shape I would use.

And since it also duplicates

the planetary motion
of flying saucers,

and there's no motion sickness,

they must be able to
transport themselves

through space and just make
any type of move they want,

but they would feel no
motion whatsoever inside.

But they must be highly advanced

on this type of geometry.

- [Narrator] Dr.
Elan Nieve explains

the method of
photographing energy

from objects and the human body

through Kirlian photography.

- Kirlian photography,

or, the way I prefer to call it,

aura photography,

basically registers on film

the energy emanation
from an object,

and very often the
way it is used,

the energy emanation
from the human body.

Most often from the fingers,

because this is one of the
easiest thing to shoot.

- May I ask

exactly how you
interpret the colors

that you get from these
fantastic photographs you take?

- This is a typical question

from the Western mind.

Exactly, I'm afraid
I can't give you

an exact answer
because this is still

not an exact science,

although some scientists attempt

to make it an exact science.

The colors can be
interpreted in different ways

depending on the person,

depending on the interpreter,

and depending on the intensity
and the quality of the color.

So there is no scientific chart

by which everybody
can go and say,

well that means
that you are sick,

that means that you are angry,

that means that you are well.

But there are some
standards, some guidelines.

For example,
certain type of reds

may indicate anger.

Some type of red may,

and pink even, may
indicate a problem.

Blue and white


manifest calmness.

The problem with

questions that require exactness

is that these type of things

are not always exact, and
they're not scientific,

although some
Kirlian photographers

try to make it scientific.

Because colors can be
interpreted in different ways.

There are different methods
of interpreting them.

And, in the final
analysis, it depends

on the quality of
that particular color

and on the interpretation,

and on the subject.

For example, red can be
interpreted, sometimes,

as anger,

as release of some
negative qualities,

even as disease.

But some type of red, under
certain circumstances,

may indicate sexual arousement,

and possibly a positive
flow of energy and vitality.

As a rule, however, a color
such as blue and white

are considered very positive.

They are spiritual colors.

They're colors of healing.

They're colors of enlightenment.

- Dr. Nieve,

in these colors and everything,

does this explain some
sort of radiation or force

that could be connected
with UFOs in any way?

- Those people who work
with Kirlian photography,

quote, unquote, scientifically,

usually would use slides,

and the slides
would focus mainly

on the corona, the
emanation from the fingers,

and I don't think
they would dare

making any connections.

However, for that reason,

I, being a parapsychologist
and not a physician,

I use Polaroid pictures

because they are
rather sensitive,

and you can photograph
more than one finger

at the same time,

and the background that appears

on those photographs
seems to give me

as much and more information

than the mere
emanation of energy,

like hel-o light
or rings of energy

that come out
typically from fingers

in Kirlian photography.

So I would say, yes,

metaphysically speaking.

We have some very interesting,

some people call it
weird, experiences

where we actually
get faces on film

while all you
exposed were fingers.

In fact, we had
cases where students

focused on trying
to bring to them

a guide.

And, as you know, a guide
can be a spiritual guide,

it can be, actually, a being
from a different planet

that is guiding over
something this earth,

and actually faces,
recognizable faces

would appear.

Sometimes, we had even
more strange experiences

where faces that were similar

to the person I
photographed appeared,

which may establish
some kinship.

In other word, I
believe there are

two basic types of aliens,

or people from another
place on this earth.

Some of them are
people, rather, beings

that know.

They've experienced the
knowledge, the memory

of coming in a spaceship
and landing on earth.

But, more often, this are people

who were born like you and me

from a father and mother,

human father and mother,

and their being alien manifest

in term of an energy

inside a human body.

All right, that's all.

Now pull your hand out now.

And close it so light
doesn't come in.

And there's your picture.

It is developing
right now, okay?

It's going to get
darker and darker.

And while it is getting darker,

I would like you

to think about that
question, about that problem

that you had while
I was shooting it.

Because, even now, you are

affecting the changes

because this is sensitive.

There's a chemical
change going on,

and the energy that
come from your mind

from thoughts and expectation

does affect it right now.

And I want you to be in
touch with what you feel

because this is just like
dream interpretation.

I don't, right away,
take a look and says,

well, water means life and
fire means love, whatever.

I first find what it
means to you individually.

So get in touch with
any kind of association,

even if you think that
it makes no sense.

Now I'm checking now, briefly,

with this psychic responder

the energy flow
from your chakras,

from your psychic centers.

So this is the crown chakra,

this is where you
would usually get

your communications from
different dimensions,

in like your dreams

or with being from outer space

if it did not come to
you in a physical form.

Now, think right
now for a moment,

about the problem that you
were thinking about before.

Now, immediately, it is
start changing into negative.

You see, now think again,

think now about the positive,

about the solution
to this problem.

Now, honestly, I'm not doing
anything consciously to it.

You see, it is
turning now positive.

So you see, you can
actually affect yourself.

Now this will check
your communications.

And this is one of your
most powerful ones.

This is, of course,
very important chakras.

If you are open up here,

then you are open down here.

This makes you more ready
for such communication

with a being from a
different dimension.

I'm going to play
you a healing music

from the Holy Land.

The first part has a tear to it.

Let the tear flow
through your entire being

and wash, gently
but effectively,

the causes of all pain,

all constrictions, all
barriers to communication.

And make room for
the second part.

It has a dance to it,

and let that dance
create celestial rhythm.

And this celestial
rhythm will create

harmony from within yourself.

So, all you have to
do is listen to this

and just relax.

(lonely harmonica music)

(moves into rhythmic
harmonica music)

And the great life
force will flow

through every atom in your body,

through every atoms,

through every process or
probability of processes

known, unknown to
you, the signs.

And bring everything within you,

in all dimensions,
in all levels,

into harmony

so that the guidance
can flow through you,

so that you can get in
touch with everything.

And so it is.

And, when you're
ready, open your eyes

and be wide awake,

feeling and being
perfectly well,

and perfectly one with all.

- [Narrator] Dr. King,
can you tell us something

about ancient
civilizations on earth

and their relationship, if any,

to UFOs and space beings.

- Yes, there were
ancient civilizations.

In chronological order,

Lemuria came first.

Some people believe
that this was


where the Pacific Ocean is now,

and mankind reached
quite a high stage

of evolution in Lemuria.

So high, in fact,
that he discovered

how to split the atom.

Of course, mankind,
being what he is,

a very warlike creature,

well, the result was the
destruction of Lemuria.

And, also, the earth
at that time did flip

a few degrees on its axis.

Later on, we had
another civilization

built up again from
the atomic ruins

of the last,

and that was Atlantis.

Now, it's interesting thing
about Atlantis is this,

at one time,

science can prove that
the whole of Europe

was covered with
deep snow and ice,

and some catastrophe happened

very quickly,

which altered the course
of the Gulf Stream

so that it flowed

nearer to the coast of Europe

and up through and, actually,

near the tip of the
north of Scotland.

Some people believe

that this was a part of
the continent of Atlantis

going down.

Two of the most
ancient books on earth

are now translated
from the Sanskrit

into English,

and they do talk about vemanas,

which were flying machines,

and they do talk about
two atomic weapons

that were used.

One, the brahma weapon,

and the other
called Indra's Dart.

There was an atomic war,

and the result of
this atomic war

was the destruction of Atlantis.

Again, it's very
interesting to note

that people are now


quite some discoveries
in this regard.

For instance, they found

a huge road about 100
foot beneath sea level.

This road is made of
very, very large stones,

which do not belong
in that area,

and these stones are fit
very, very closely together.

The stones, they estimate,
weigh hundreds of tons each,

and it's possible

that the Atlantians had powers

which we do not have today.

- [Narrator] Dr. King
expounds on types of UFOs

and their propulsion systems.

- We have the
large mother craft.

These can be tremendous size.

They have a capability

of, shall we say, tuning into

natural magnetic forces

which do flow very freely
through this galaxy,

and transferring that
into kinetic energy.

The usual type of
scout patrol vessel,

like that in this
little model here,

which, by the way, is
made exactly to scale.

This is a model of a
scout patrol vessel,

which is about 32 and a
half feet in diameter.

Now, this

vessel here

has three propulsion units.

One I won't mention
at this time.

It's too complex.

The other, again, it's
capable of tuning into

the natural flow of forces
throughout the universe.

But the third one
is very interesting.

As these vehicles operate,
for the most part,

quite near to a planetary mass,

such as earth or another planet,

they're able to reverse
the flow of gravity.

The space people
know, by the way,

that gravity has two poles,

rather like a magnet.

A magnet has a north
and a south pole.

Gravity has a positive

and negative pole.

And they're able to reverse
the flow of this gravity

so that a planetary mass

can repel the vehicle

or attract it.

This is

often the reason why
some scout patrol vessels

fly in a rather, shall we say,

erratic manner.

This is an artist's impression
of the the 3rd Satellite.

From the top,

there is a huge crystalline dome

for collecting the
sun's energies.

At the bottom,
there's a power matrix

for transmitting
the sun's energies

after they have been conditioned

by the enormous crystals
within the craft.

This next drawing
gives you a rough idea

of the position of
the 3rd Satellite.

You see the
impression of the sun,

the energies being collected
by the dome at the top,

and transmitted to earth
through the power matrix

at the bottom.

- [Narrator] Dr. King explains
the universe's dependence

on the sun,

not only for energy,

but for its material existence.

- All life

in this solar system

and, we are told, in
other solar systems, too,

is dependent upon
either this sun

or their respective suns,

whichever it might be.

Now, the sun is very, very
important, indeed, to us.

Far, far more important
than people realize.

The Master Aetherius
has made this statement,

which science will
not understand

for the next 1000 years,

but he has said,

talking about the
physical aspects of man,

you are all solidified sunlight.

(spacey instrumental music)

- [Narrator] UFOs
have been sighted

over every nation in the world,

reports Dr. Frank Stranges.

- The National
Investigations Committee

is a group of individuals
throughout the world

that's solely dedicated

to a scientific research,
evaluation, and investigation

of UFOs,

and it's also open
to the public.


I would say in my 32 or 33
years of UFO investigation,

I have found definite
evidence of a conspiracy.

When we speak of
the word conspiracy,

it's a group of individuals
who gather together

with a prime purpose of
either doing good or evil

to a subject or another.

As far as UFO
conspiracy is concerned,

yes, there are forces
at work to squelch

all valid UFO material.

The United Nations
has gone on record

as saying that they would
favor open hearings,

open investigation,

but the first nation to object

was the United States,

and this is rather comical.

However, the United
States Air Force

still contends that
UFOs do not pose

any threat against the
security of the United States,

nor does it represent any
more advanced technology

other than we can meet.

(spacey instrumental music)

- [Narrator] Rev. Robert Short,

founder of the
Blue Rose Ministry

in Yucca Valley, California.

- I believe that they
want us to understand

that, basically, coming
right down to it,

we really are one race of people

united under one supreme being,

who created life they
call ageless life,

almighty God, Father of Lights.

That we, as the children
of the supreme creator,

have our decisions to make,

and so far as trying, if we can,

to put forth a willingness
to achieve peace in our time

rather than bringing
us to the brink

of what we call an Armageddon.

So far as I know now,

the peace efforts,

even though they
continue to be tried,

is like the old axiom

when they cry peace in safety,

there will be none.

We are headed for the final
countdown, unfortunately.

(droning instrumental music)

- [Narrator] The producers
wish to acknowledge

with profound thanks
the cooperation

of the following people,

without whose help this film

could not have been made.

Jim Frasier,

Dr. George King,

Dr. Frank E. Stranges,

Ruth Norman,

Rev. Robert Short,

Dr. Elan Nieve,

Brian Scott,

Gabriel Greene,

Dan Fry,

Thomas Miller,

Mr. Scuffler,

Mr. Arman,

Allen Michael,

Carl Anderson,

Timothy Shanks,

Charles Schurburn,

Sarah Nickason,

William Young,

and Steve Shottack.

(spacey instrumental music)