UFO (2022) - full transcript

Are you ready to watch a love story full of adrenaline? Ese, a biker who wants to be the regional champion, and Deniz, who believes that she'll be taken away from the world by the UFOs one day, are two teenagers living totally different lives in Adana. With their youthful thrill, Deniz and Ese fall in love with one another. This great love brings two different worlds together. Ese will get prepared for the final race with the help of his love for Deniz, and she will discover her reality, thanks to the passion in his eyes. And nothing will be the same in their lives ever again. No matter the cost.



- [MAN] Are you filming now?
- [BOY] Yeah, I am.

What up, everybody?

My main Ese just got
discharged from the military.

He's back on the road now and ready
to ride with Kartal Motor real soon.

El Patron and Tike are here with us too.

- Come on, say something.
- Hello.

This ride was lent to us
by Koray from Tayfur Gıda.

You're the man, bro.
Thank you so much for all your help.

And I made some adjustments
to make the engine extra loud!

I'm Gökhan, by the way.
In case you didn't know.

And that one's Kadir, there.

- Say hi.
- Fuck off, man.

Why don't you want to be seen?

You're the one
who made our super sick bike!

Gökhan, just focus
on driving the fucking car.

What's wrong, bro.
I didn't say anything bad.

I just gave you props, man. [CHUCKLES]

- [TIKE] There he is.
- [GÖKHAN] Who is it?

Who is it? Is he coming in first?

[TIKE] Hey! It's Ese!

Look at Ese!


[GÖKHAN] There he is! Look at him go!

Check out that speed. Show the dial!

- 130 kilometers per hour.

Ese! You got this, bro!

- You're the fucking king!
- Watch out!








Well done, Tike.
Good thing this was a test race.

I won't be entering the championship.

Yeah, Kadir built a great bike,
but we're in debt.

They'd love to shut us down.

They've been trying to for years.
If we're not champions, we're fucked.

We'll be just fine, don't worry.

When we post that video,
everyone will want a race. [LAUGHS]

Yusuf, come here
and show me the rest of the video.

- It's a pretty sweet video.
- Oh, is that so? Let me see.

And that one's Kadir there.

- Say hi.
- Fuck off, man.

It stopped recording
when you hit me in the head.

I think you need another smack.
Get over here, you little punk-ass!

[ESE] What the hell you doing?

We've been waiting
for your discharge for two years,

but that dumb kid
couldn't shoot a five minute video.

- How about we shoot it another time?

- What's up, man? What's wrong, dude?
- [MAN 2] Let's go!

Would it kill you to wait?

Just clear the road, boys!
We've been waiting here.

- Come on!

[FAINTLY] Oh my God, man.

Blocking the road. They learn this
behavior from trashy TV, I'm sure of it.

I'm sick of this trash.


- Deniz, dear.
- Huh?

He's talking about you.

He said "exam." The one you took.

- But you don't care. [SIGHS]

LYRICS: Have you ever asked?
What is all this competition for?

If you never race, you'll never lose.


- Hello?
- [GIRL] We're free! It's over.

I'll hang out with my parents for a bit
and then party time!

No, Beren. I don't think I wanna go.
I'm really tired. I'm going home to sleep.

- [GÖKHAN] Try not to jerk the bike.
- [ESE] Easy.

- Huh? "UFO" what?
- [BEREN] Sorry?


- What the hell, man?
- Clear the road right now, goddamnit!

Stop honking.
Get out and talk to us, dude.

- The fuck's wrong with you?
- Wrong with me? I've got a problem?

- Don't get me started!
- There's a girl sitting in there.

- [MAN] Did I curse at you?
- [BEREN] Is that your dad?

Looks like some extraterrestrials
are about to abduct Macit or something.

- It's all right.
- Don't get all worked up.

- Just clear the road. Don't pull this.
- Just go, man.

- Come on, guys. Be cool, all right?
- Okay.

- [TIKE] It's all good.
- [ESE] Come on.

Don't go running your mouth, man.

[MACIT] Dear God. What a bunch of punks.


I'm starving, man...

Hello. We come in peace.

[BEREN] What happened?

[DENIZ] I think I just
saved us from invasion.


[GÖKHAN] Ese. What are you looking at?



He rented a house
for that woman, you know.

I think you need to stop
thinking about that man, Mama.

[MOTHER] All the years I put up with him,
they were just a big waste.

Well, things will improve
when we move to İstanbul.

It will all be over.

You weren't nervous in the test, were you?


He got you this again? Oh my God.

He pays his family zero mind.

- It's unbelievable.


Where have you been?
For four days? Come on.

I'll ask my brother.
I'll find out where you were.

Hey, don't even try that shit with me.

I have a pretty good idea
where you've been staying.

Don't even get me started.


- Hello, Beren? You out yet?
- [MOTHER] Are you coming?

Okay, I'm gonna come too.

[MOTHER] I'm asking if
you're coming tonight?

She took the university
entrance exam today, you know?

And you're not coming home tonight?
You should've told me. I made plans.

Yes, I did. I prepared something.
Yeah, I think I know what you're doing...


- [BEREN] Deniz!


♪ Has no fear of God ♪

♪ Has no shame ♪

♪ Alas ♪

♪ Tell that to my heart ♪

- That's the spirit! That's the spirit!

- Get in. Get in!

Who are you saving
this voice of yours for?

Well, not everyone gets to hear it.
It's for VIPs, you know.

- So you mean you have stage fright.

Yeah. Anyways. Where's this party?

Mersin'de. Don't give me that look,
if I told you, you wouldn't have come.

Let's go.



Have you found an apartment yet?

We could take a trip to Istanbul.
We've got the car.

It's still not certain though.

- Why? Did you mess up the test?
- No.

It's that I never know what's
going to happen with my parents.


[DENIZ] Wow. Looks like
your friend's parents got him a bike.

You mean my boyfriend's parents.

Hello there. Nice to meet you.

I've only ever seen photos of you

so it's really great
to finally meet you face to face.

- I'm Deniz.
- I'm Beren. Pleased to...

Hey wait! You shouldn't touch it.

- Don't want to damage it accidentally.
- You're right. Look!

He's over there dancing.

- Deniz!
- We're here!

- Coming.
- Whoo!


[BEREN] The party is fire. It's fabulous.

What's up? How did it go?

He's even quicker to ask than my mom.

- "Wow, the girl I love called me 'Mom.'"

Today I'm untouchable. I got my bike here.

Ooh. We'd take a ride
if you weren't scared.

[DENIZ] What bike are you talking about?

- I didn't see any bike.
- I didn't either.

- How come you didn't?
- Somewhere I can put this?


Fuck, this is like the worst bike ever.
How come you disappeared?

Huh? I couldn't catch up with you.

It's not about the bike, bro,
it's the rider.

He told you,
this bike is not for casual rides.

This bike's not for casual rides.

I know.
Nobody looks at me when I ride that one.

This one really turns heads,
with the dope lights and everything.

Ese, come on.

- Gökhan.
- Huh?

When I asked you what happened,
you straight up ignored me.

The whole country is partying down there.
I brought you to this awesome thing

and you're still busting my balls.
What the hell, man?

I seriously just found myself
on this bike here, Ese. [LAUGHS]

What are you doing?

- This isn't fun, you guys.

- Stop it.

Who are those guys? See them up there?

Whoo! Yo! This is so dope.

Party's about to pop off, man.

Ese, I've gotta go take care of something.
I'll hit you later, bro. Have fun.

Mafioso bro!

- I've been waiting for you.
- Hey, what up, man?

What the fuck?

Look, this stuff's good.
You know I'm good. Next time.


That was you sitting in that car, right?
Earlier this morning?

Sorry about that.

I'm Ese.

How's it going?

- That's a cool one.
- Hmm?

Your tattoo, it's nice. The UFO thing.
I guess you're into UFOs then?


I'm thinking of getting a new one.
Who's your artist?

- What are you gonna get?
- Tell me your name, I'll get that.


- "Idiot."
- No way.

You're gonna tattoo that?

I guess I have to now.
But tell me your real name first.

- Yeah? But what's in it for me?
- Huh. What's in it for you?

It's good publicity.

- I'll be like a billboard.
- Billboard?

Yeah. Publicity is good.

This place is so lame.
You wanna go over to this hotel downtown?

Ali called, he says it's super lit.
You'll like it.

Cenk, why don't you go do your own thing.
Okay? I'm fine.

Daddy's worn out.
I'm too good for all of this.

I'm getting into law school,
I'm not kidding.

"Daddy's worn out."

Yours is a private school.
Money talks, baby.

My family's produced lawyers
ever since law was invented.

- The legal calling is in our blood.
- You'd let him represent you?

Of course he would.
We take on a lot of their cases, Deniz.

Dear Deniz.


That'd look great right here,
"Dear Deniz."

What will you be?

- [DENIZ] Guess.
- She'll be a princess.

- Or an engineer?
- Cenk!



[GÖKHAN] Whoo! Ese!

This shit is so lit.

Look around!
It's like electric, dude! Huh?

Canbay is actually my cousin. Ladies.

We're from Adana, my bro and me.

- Us too.
- Oh, what a coincidence.

You heard a popular rapper
and you just made that up now, right?

If Rihanna played, he'd say
she was his aunt. Cut the crap.

You seem a little tense.
I can get you drinks, okay

- Everyone's drinking what they brought.
- Oh, you don't say?

Okay, you got your drinks,
you're set now. Go on. Have fun.

- Does everyone bring their own friends?
- Uh-huh.

- Guys. Is everything alright?

- Everything's fine. Just hanging out.
- We're having fun.

[GÖKHAN] Yeah.

- That was you?
- No problem, we're gonna head out.

Why? The blonde is right.

- We were having fun, right?
- Come on.

- Were they seriously bothering you?
- We're heading to this party downtown.

- Are you coming with us?
- Yes, I think we are.

This place is pissing me off.

[CENK] All right.

It got lame. So lame.

What's he saying?


[GÖKHAN] Hey? Where exactly is this party?

Which hotel is it?
'Cause my friend and I want to come.



[BEREN] Whoo!


What are they doing?





Are you guys like showmen or something?

Yeah, that's right, we're bike showmen.
I see you girls got your phones out!

"Kartal Motor."
Tag us when you post the video, okay?


- Tag as "Kartal Motor" when you post it.
- What?

Oh my God. Kartal Motor!


- What is that?
- Are you okay?


They're calling me.


Hello? I said, post the video
and tag "Kartal Motor," hear me?

What'd he say?

- Kartal Motor?
- Yes.

[BEREN] What's this?

You guys, it's a checkpoint.

- Stay calm.
- [BEREN] What are they doing?

Man, I just drank one glass, damn it!

[ON PHONE] And I just got
my driver's license last week. What luck.

- No, I can't do it.
- [DENIZ] Seriously, you need to stop.

Pull over for inspection.

- It's okay. You only had one drink.
- I did drink though!

- I'm driving through!
- Stop the car!


The police are coming!
Beren, the police are coming after us!

Oh, Cenk's gone!

I seriously can't believe he did that!

- All right, that way!

- What now?
- Hello? There's a left turn up ahead.

Don't miss that turn. Okay?

- [BEREN] Where do we turn?
- Just turn here.

He said there's a turn ahead here.

Right here! Make a turn here!


- Beren, you have to turn here!
- Turn here!

Left! Turn left!



- Hmm.
- You must've fallen asleep. Get up.



Rasim, come on!


Rasim, you got this!

- Here. Here.

- Here. Park it here.

Hurry, hurry. Good.

- Go...

[TIKE] What are you doing?

I forgot there was a fight tonight.
Good thing Tike didn't see us.

- It's covered in dust.
- Get me a rag, come on.

- Here you go.
- Take that.

Wow. Holy shit, dude.

I thought the police
were gonna take the bike from us.

Kadir would bash my head against the wall.

I see you got a burner phone.
What's going on?

No races, no income for months, bro.
Hey. You've been gone, dude.

- I can't make a living selling spark plugs.
- I've been in the military.

- Don't act like you don't know.
- I'm not acting like I don't know.

You were in the military
so all of us could sleep safely at night.

Now you'll win the championship,
get us publicity,

and I can make money at the shop.

[MOCKING] Please, Ese,
save me from this life of crime!

♪ In the middle of the night
The road is ours ♪

♪ Racing at Çatalan
We'll win, we'll win ♪

- Come on, just clean it.
- Okay, man.

- [MAN] Come on, buddy! You got him.

- Hey, Gökhan?
- Yeah?

Your customers
are going to be calling those girls.


- Don't look at me, call her!
- All right, calm down.

- Call her, man. Come on.
- Dude, I'm calling her now.

Good God, bro! What the hell?

The way you're acting is bad for
your blood pressure. You'll die young.

- Look how I saved my name. Right there.
- What is it?

"Hot Guy." Why not?

Trust me. Calm down, man.

- What are you smoking?
- Your hair will turn white if... Hello?

Hey, it's me, Gökhan, baby.
How should I get the phone back?

Did you ask permission
before throwing it in my car?

It's your girl.

Stop fucking around, man.

On speaker.

Hello? It's Ese.

Drop me a pin and we'll pick it up.
Sound good?

[SIGHS] I'm just not sure
I want you to come over right now.

She won't give her address?
We just saved...

- [ESE] Shut up, man. Shut the fuck up.

Cool. You pick the place then.

How about we can meet somewhere
in the Ziyapaşa neighborhood?

I know it well.

- My friend will meet you.
- Your friend. That's great.

- Okay. Great.
- That's great. Awesome.


- In Ziyapaşa, tomorrow afternoon.
- I'm busy. Pick another time.

All right then, bro. You call her.

[GÖKHAN] She's not gonna listen to me.

Your girl is really aggressive
and she always interrupts me.

[ESE] You shouldn't
have thrown the phone then.

- Careful, careful.

- [ESE] He must be losing, huh?


[ESE GRUNTS] One, two, three.

Man, Ziyapaşa is your kind of vibe.
It's not really my scene. You should go.



Not even CSI could find it here.

[KADIR] You rode it and he crashed.
This bike isn't made for casual rides.

- Bravo, bravo.
- Did you ride it on sand, dude?

He rode it afterwards, though.
Nothing went wrong, right?

Ah! Well done, Gökhan.
He's saying he rode it.

- You just shut up, man!
- What's wrong?

The place looks like
a champion's league arena.

- Everything's covered in shit!
- Think I'm booking fights just for fun?

You think I enjoy hosting cocks fights?
Do I look like I enjoy that?

Next week
the bank's gonna bust down our door.

Holy shit!

- What happened?
- Yusuf, don't use that language!

You're in a place of business.

Yaşar's team posted a video, they did 140.

No fucking way. Let me see it.


[TIKE] Really?

Huh? You see! Look at that.

- [MAN ON VIDEO] Hear me out!
- He's lying.

They don't have a repairman
to build a bike like that.

He said he was going to Antep.
That must be why.

The championship's just
an Unidentified Forgotten Object now!

- [TIKE] Turn it off.
- Give me that list.

I'm changing all the cylinders, guys.
65 didn't work. I'm trying 63.5.

- Take this.
- What are you doing, boss?

- Rebuilding from scratch?
- Yeah.

Ese, do we rebuild?

But if we lose the championship,

all this work
and money's going down the drain.

Nothing's going down the drain.

The champion's in town,
in case you forgot.

Yeah, that's right.

- Who can ride faster than my brother?
- Yeah.

Hey, know what?
Let's host an open race just for practice.

All right, good.

El Patron.
Let's take some rookie's money, huh?

Tike, let's do it.

Yeah. Let's do it.
Gökhan, here's the mortgage money.

Tell them the rest will come next week.

Put that goddamn fast-talking
mouth of yours to work.

- Kadir, let's get the other stuff done.

[MAN ON VIDEO] The score? 140!

What can the opponents do?
Follow us from behind.

- He did really good.
- [GÖKHAN] Is that so?



- She's gonna like you. Don't worry.
- Fuck off.

Look at this guy. [SNIFFS]
He's smelling his pits. I love it!

[ESE] Asshole.

- [GÖKHAN] Hey!
- What is it?

Make sure you get that video,
the other one's no good.

For an open race, we gotta publicize it.

What's her name? Melis or something?


You sneaky bastard.

[DENIZ] I'm getting myself in trouble
for nothing. The guy hasn't shown up.

Which one is meeting you again?
The short, eccentric one?

Beren! You sound just like Cenk
when you say "eccentric"?

Let Meriç do this.
Why do you need to bother with him?

That's a good idea.



What's wrong?

The other guy came.

Why do you sound all panicked now?

- What's up?
- How's it going?


So, by the way, thanks a lot
for helping us get away.

And tell your friend thanks.

[BEREN] Too much
tolerance costs you money,

too much of a conscience costs you life.

- Take your time. Calm down.

Geez, it's right here.


- Can I ask you something?
- Hmm?

At that party, did you
really not remember me from earlier?


But why does it matter?


I'm headed this way too.

I did remember.

I see that you've taken
every last precaution.

Picked a crowded, public place to meet.

Your friend's there in your ear.

I can see what you're doing there.

Oh, I see. What should I have done?

Invited you over?

Hey, guys.

- Didn't think you'd stop.
- Oh, for God's sake.


I thought you might want some.

And I'll be turning up there anyway.

It's good, by the way. Thanks.

You're welcome.

Well, um, I should go.

- [ESE] Oh?
- Hmm?


- See you around.
- See you.

- Hey. Deniz.
- Huh?

Who's your tattoo artist?

- Hmm...
- Don't worry, I'm not gonna get your name.


Do you know what you're going to get?

Gonna get "UFO" like it says on your bike?

[DENIZ] Hey!

I knew you remembered.

I said it didn't matter,
not that I didn't remember.

- Move it.
- It didn't matter?

- You want to?
- Well...

- I'm gonna beat you.
- Okay.

I'm gonna beat you!

She's overtaking me!

Slow down.

- That's your best? [LAUGHS]
- Hey!

Let me ask you...

Why is it "UFO"?

- Huh?
- Why is it "UFO"? The bike.

Why is it UFO?

Because it's fast, it's a fast bike.

It's got those lights and everything.

It can carry you away.

So it's a little bit like your tattoo.
You know what I mean?


Ah. Got it.

I'm also kind of into aliens. For real.


Uh, I'm gonna go this way.

- [ESE] Oh?
- You?

I'm up there.

Cool. Well, okay then.

I had a good time.


Oh, shit. I forgot.


- Deniz.
- Oh, what?

- Are you also heading this way?
- No, I'm not.

The video you took of us,
can you send it over?

- Oh, so you're trying to get my number?
- If I did, I'd ask you.

I just wanted to post that video.
You can post it yourself if you like.

Hashtag Kartal Motor when you post it.

It's actually important.
You'll remember, right?

- And why is it called Kartal?
- It's actually a cool story.

Gökhan's bike
has this eagle painted on it and...

[ESE] I wanted to follow her
and finish the story.

But what would I say after that?
I'd run out.

- We talked tattoos.
- Uh-huh.

Ate bici bici with her.

It was great though, man.

I just couldn't for the life of me

think of something interesting
to talk about, Gökhan.


I was super nervous, you know?

I just...
I thought she might misunderstand.

You know what I mean?

You should be more worried
that she does understands you,

know what I'm saying? [LAUGHS]

I really can't tell you anything.

What? I didn't say anything bad.
You're getting carried away.

You've talked for an hour
and still haven't got to the subject.

What subject, bro?

What the hell happened to that video, Ese?

Come on, you've been babbling on
about tattoos and shit.

Did you ask her for a tattoo?

I thought I was doing your tattoo.
You're really killing me.

- Did you get my phone back at least?
- Oh, yeah. I did.

- Hey, Gökhan.
- Hey, you, shut up!


- Ese. I think she stole my SIM card.
- Let's check my pockets.

- She gave them separately?
- Yes, she did.

- There you go.
- I thought she stole it.


Oh, no, it's broken, Gökhan.

Man, what the hell you do?

Next time, I'll snap your head,
not the card. Got it?

Keep getting into this shit,
I'll fuck you up real bad.

- Okay, man. I'm going home now.
- Come with me. We're having a cookout.

- A cookout?
- Yeah, you like that.

I do.

[ESE] Dumbass.

You get how I'm intimidated,
right, Gökhan?

What's up, Tülay? We're here.

Hey, look who's come home.

- Ah, do my eyes deceive me?
- Thank you. Do you need anything, Seray?

You? No, hon, no one in this house
needs a single thing from you.

What are you upset about?
Here. Why don't you take that plate.

Says she doesn't need any help,
then makes me carry the plate.

Seray already gave me shit,
so please just give me a break.

- Take these upstairs with the dealer.
- Hey, come on!

What's the problem? If you
called me an accountant, I wouldn't mind.

If you're ashamed of your job,
quit it. You little shit. [CHUCKLES]

[WOMAN] Ese, call Tike
and tell him to get some yoghurt.

- Yeah, will do.
- What's wrong, boy? Huh?

Is business better,
now that the schools are on break?

I swear this house is like
a fucking narcotics bureau.


Cheers, man.


Here, let me get those.

- [TÜLAY] Help me with these.
- I can do that.

My God, 'm pleading with you.

I'm begging you.
It's night time and I'm sweating!

Yeah. I'm totally drenched in sweat.
Ese, bring that other fan over.

If it's this hot now, imagine the wedding.

- We'll be on fire.

Hey! The wedding is seriously
all you ever talk about.

Tell me about this new race.
What's going on.

If worst comes to the worst, we'll use
your wedding money and hope for the best.


- She's doing it on purpose.
- Doing what on purpose?

I don't have any money.

- Stop it. You're giving me a headache.

Calm down! Calm down.

We're gonna win our race,
and you'll have the wedding.

All is good.

There you go! See how easy it is?

Everyone come sit down.

We've got a race, Melahat!

I'll make stuffed meatballs
and other snacks, we'll divide them up.

Okay then... Cheers.


Lucky you. You're in luck.

Tülay, bring us the numbers.
Let's check.

Okay. Hang on.


I saw Yaşar's team's bike.
It's all bodywork.

There's nothing special
with the mechanics.

They've tightened
the handlebar bearings so much, it sticks.

It can do 140 on a flat at its fastest.

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

What's the rider like?

Like a pickle barrel riding a bike.
As useless as that.


Just take it seriously
'cause this year we gotta win.

And, I mean, we gotta win big.
Gökhan, go and post it online.

We need six teams though,
tickets and bets will barely cover.

- Pass me those onions.
- Mm. That's why the video is important.

Man, I said she's gonna post it. Trust me.

I trust you
but I don't trust the girl.

- [WOMEN] Girl?
- What girl?

[TÜLAY] Why didn't we know that?
Why didn't you tell us?


What's her name? Melis or something?

Deniz. Deniz. Yeah.

We put on kind of a show the other night.

- On the UFO, right?
- Well, one of my customers...

They posted it to another friends' group.
Let me show her to you.

[TÜLAY] Let's see.

- [GÖKHAN] See. Right there.
- Which one?

- Oh!
- She's beautiful.

- [WOMAN] Rich?
- [GÖKHAN] More than rich.

She's like next level.
You know that sunflower seed factory?

- [WOMEN] Yeah?
- She's the owner's kid.

[WOMEN] Ooh.

[TIKE] Oh, hell yeah.

[TÜLAY] She's not your
average girl-next-door.

Look. I found her Insta. Is that her?

- [ESE] I can't tell with the sunglasses.
- It's her. Send a request. Do it.

Don't be stupid.
She'll post it if she likes him.

You should play hard to get.

You say it went well, just send it to her.

Or you can just admit, "Bro, I lied,

it didn't go that well,"
and that's also fine.

I'm telling you, she'll remember.

She didn't remember me
from earlier, but she'll...

She'll post it. I know she will.

- Look at him, he's all red.








My bike rules, bro.

Cenk took off when he saw the police.
Poof! He's gone.

Objection, Your Honor!
The prosecution is making this up.

I thought you were coming,
but you couldn't make the turn.

I don't want to rant about
women drivers, but...

I actually have proof. I took a video.

Watch and then decide.

- Here it is.
- [BEREN] Here you go.

[DENIZ] The police are coming after us!


- You took off!
- How'd you get this video?

- The prosecution's submitted the evidence.
- Delete it.

If it weren't for those two guys,
we'd have been fucked. Right?

I guess it's some weird subculture

but you shouldn't
affiliate with those types.

They're all criminals.
Organized criminals.

[FAINTLY] You can ask my dad.
Fundamentally, they're criminals, and...

What's up with that
long-lost video of ours, Ese?

Huh? Did that girl
even accept your friend request?

Ese? Are you crying?

I'll slap you, man.

So the video and the girl are
Unidentified Forgotten Objects now.

Just bike around the neighborhood,
shouting our name for publicity.


- Goddamnit, what's wrong with me?
- [YUSUF] Bro!

Grab the dustpan and three jars
and scoop these into them.

No, not that! The video was just posted!

- [ESE] The video's posted?
- Yeah. It's super flashy and everything.

That girl's quite the catch.

- Told you.
- I trusted you, just didn't trust her.

- I told you, man.
- Wait a minute.

- She'd post it.
- I'll cut my foot...

[TIKE] Look at this.
Don't do that, don't ever do it

Nevzat got hurt doing that.

Don't say that. Please don't say that.

Stop, just a minute. I told you,
I trusted you the whole time.

The video's online.

[TIKE] He looks just like me in my youth.
That's my boy tearing up the highway.

Pretty tight video, right?

- That's the UFO, right?
- Yeah, I told you. He rode it.

- Take this thing away. Come on.
- [YUSUF] Okay, boss.



Ah! You sneaky bastard! "Ahmet_03," right?



ESE: First of all, thanks to Ahmet.

For uploading this great video.

Need to support talented youngsters.

ESE: Let me buy you something.
What do you like?

AHMET_03: Maybe we happen to meet.
ESE: Where will you be? Let's meet.

AHMET_03: I'll be in the coffee house.

AHMET_03: It got some nice comments.
ESE: You might think so too.

AHMET_03: It's late, young man.
Let's all go to sleep.

ESE: Life is better than dreams now.
I won't sleep.

ESE: We couldn't get together
AHMET_03: It wasn't meant to be.

ESE: You have to seek it out.
AHMET_03: I did.

ESE: Where?
AHMET_03: I sent a message out there.

- Let's see who this lucky guy is!
- Give it back.

AHMET_03: Where are these races?

Hey, that's it! Invite her to the race.

- If she comes, he'll win for sure.
- Right.


"We're going to fuck all of you
in the ass at the race for real."

Come on!

- Who's saying that?
- Come on, man, just invite her.

You didn't say that stupid shit,
these losers did.

Look at this. What does this look like?

- Would you come if you were a chick?
- Well, I...

If I were a chick,
I'd be out here breaking hearts.

Know what I'm saying, man?

- The whole neighborhood would be after me.
- Yeah?

Yeah. Would you be
out here chasing me too?

- [YUSUF] No!
- Write this...

- [YUSUF] What do I say?
- Say, "We're gonna fuck you right back."

- Hey, wait. Let me do it.

- Here.
- Watch this.


[BEREN] Cenk will pay the bill.

- [CENK] I got distracted.
- Give it to me.


[BEREN] Can anybody break a $20?
I only have large bills.

[CENK] I have $5 I can lend you.

- Learn to ride, you dipshit!
- I gave way, my man. Just go.

Oh, how you doing?

- Great. You?
- I'm great too.

- So you were in the area?
- Yeah. I was.

This voice was
calling out to me and I followed.

Was that you?


are you hungry?


Mehmet, can you not touch
the sumac with your hands.

I don't want onions with sumac.

I'm going to hang a picture of you
saying you're barred from here.


What? A girl isn't allowed to eat onions?

- So you're single.
- Huh?


I said onions.

- How did you jump to that conclusion?
- Mehmet, um, make mine without sumac too.


Thank you.

- [ESE] Thanks.
- Have a good night.

[MEHMET] Thank you.




God, I was so hungry.

If it's really that dangerous,

then why do you
still lie flat on the bike?

I mean, it's crazy exciting,
so I think it's worth it.

You're doing like 150, 160 km/h.

So, like, you're on it, like, flat.

You're more aerodynamic.
Look, you're flying.

- Ah!
- You see that?

All right, I think I get it. Okay.


So, then is this your job?

Kind of. I mean, I do make money from it.
Like this upcoming race, for example.

The winnings would pay off
our debts at the repair shop.

- But you know what really matters?
- What?

The race after that.

If I become regional champion,

- that's it.


All right then.

Assuming you do became
the regional champion, hope so,

so what happens then? Where do
you want your career to go after that?

Well, what happens after that
is I go do it all over again.

That's what the champion does.

For example, let's say the Beşiktaş team
is champions this year, right?


I wouldn't want them
to step down after that.

I'd want them back. It's like that.

It's what the champion does.

Then let's say you
could have one wish granted,

champion is really what you'd wish for?

Yeah, yeah.

But when you put it like that,
like you'll make it come true for me.

Like a genie.


I'll do whatever I can. I promise.


So then, if you're gonna grant me wishes,

I'm supposed to get two more.

- That's what I hear.

Three wishes, they say.


Well, you just used up a whole wish there.

And now you only have two.

[DENIZ] And don't wish
for unlimited wishes.

All right.

So, then...

what's your dream then?

- To be a princess or...?

Sorry. Stupid joke.

You said you'd try to guess,
but then you didn't.

Yeah, I didn't really know
you really wanted me to.

Yeah, well, try now.

But let me try now. Let's see. Hmm...

Something cool.

Yeah? Like what?

Yeah, like...

a musician or something.

- No way. [LAUGHS]
- I'm right?

No way in hell, Ese!

- Hang on, I'm right?

- You're going to music school?
- No, I'm not gonna do that.

I wouldn't get in anyway.

- Why?
- People start training when they're four.

And the auditions are held next August.
I'm already 14 years behind.

It's really impossible.

And if you never run the race,
you'll never lose.

What does that mean?
Who would say that? That's so dumb.

- I say it in one of my songs.
- Oh, so you have songs now?

- Oh, no. [LAUGHS]
- You're real-ass singer, I guess.

- No!
- Sing me a song. Come on.

- Sing? What would I even sing?
- You got it recorded?

- Let's hear it.
- No!

I've been trying
a few things out on my own,

but I don't think it's working out anyway.

Deniz, of course it will work out.

I think you're gonna go to that audition.

You said it's in August,
so I know you looked it up.

- I don't know, Ese.
- Don't tell me you don't know.

If you try not to go,
I'm gonna come take you by the hand

and take you over there myself.

[LAUGHS] I don't know. We'll see.

Oh, shit, the bike.


[DENIZ] Are you tired?

[ESE] Well, if we'd here by bike,
we'd be a little less tired.

I like that we walked slowly
and talked to each other.

[DENIZ] It was nice walking slowly.

So, why the UFO?

It doesn't have to
have a meaning, of course.

Do your tattoos mean something?

Yeah, I guess.

Well, they do, but it's all kind of sad

since I got them
after some bad stuff happened.

My tattoo is kind of similar actually.

[SIGHS] So, um,
my parents didn't marry for love

so they never got along.

So whenever I'm home,

they're constantly
picking fights with each other.

They were having a fight once
when I was a little kid.

And I tried to ignore it
so I just looked up.

- I saw this red and blue light in the sky.

A real UFO!

A real UFO?

Oh, yeah. You'd never believe
how incredibly beautiful it was.

As a kid, I was so sick of the fighting,
and I wanted to do was disappear.

And I still believe that, one day,

when everything gets to be too much,

that UFO will come back
and carry me away from all this.


How would they carry you away?


- I'll keep that to myself.
- Ah.

[DENIZ] That's my house.

- Oh, that one?
- Mm-hmm.

[ESE] Hmm.

Well, I told you, but you didn't tell me.


About the meanings behind your tattoos.

Oh, I'll tell you.

[ESE] Uh...

My dad.

- I'll just go.
- Hey, no.

Just wait a sec, it'll be fine.
It's all good.

- Deniz?
- Hey. Welcome home, Dad.

This is my friend, Ese.

Good evening, sir.


Nice to meet you.

- I'll head out.
- Ese.

Can you wait for a bit?
I'll be back in two minutes.

[MACIT] She's hanging out with bikers.

Why are you acting like such a snob?

If it were Cenk,
you wouldn't have a problem!

Do you think
that boy is a good match for you?

He's respectful, cares about my opinion,
If only all guys were like that.

Okay, just drop it. We get together
once in a blue moon. Let's just eat.

Once in a blue moon? Really?

Ah. Now I understand
who's really been riling Deniz up.

- What are you talking about?
- Nobody is trying to rile me up.

I think we all know
what's really going on here, Father.

I know you're riling her up.

Bravo. Good for you, come on, go eat.


Oh, Deniz, my God.


[DENIZ] Ese.

I didn't even get his number yet.



This is Adana!

The eagles of the asphalt!

Hey, listen!

♪ Mersin, Tarsus and Adana listen ♪

♪ When Kartal Motor is on the asphalt ♪

♪ That's the sound of the eagle
When you hear it, stay on the right ♪

Kadir is our magic repairman ♪

♪ He'll turn a CG into an eagle ♪

♪ Tike books the races
Join in if you dare ♪

♪ Ese lies on the bike and rides ♪

♪ Yusuf swears at the comments ♪

♪ Tülay will present
The champion his award ♪

♪ And there's Gökhan
The king of the parts ♪

♪ Where are our rivals?
Are they all dead? ♪

♪ At night, the highway is ours
We'll win the race at Çatalan ♪

♪ We'll win the championship this year
Kartal Motor doesn't need permission ♪



- [KADIR] Gökhan?
- Yeah, boss?

- Did you change the plugs?
- I did, boss.

- You've cleaned the carburetor too?
- Yeah.

Once the chain is tensioned, we're done.

[TIKE] If you open your eyes,
you might actually make some money.

- [GÖKHAN] Really?
- [TIKE] Of course.

[DENIZ] Excuse me?
Can someone help me fix my bike chain?

[YUSUF] We're a motorbike shop,
we don't do bicycles.

So you can fix motorbikes,
but fixing a bike chain is too hard?

- Uh, yes.
- Deniz, how are you doing?

The kid didn't recognize you, sorry.

Go on, scram.

Get out.

Welcome. So your chain
happened to fall off here.

There's a guy who works here,
been hard to get a hold of.

I messaged but he never answered.

- [TIKE] He's usually rather busy.
- Ah, popular guy, it sounds like.

Yeah, that's true. Get in line.
He's like a hot commodity.

First come, first served.

Wherever we go, girls are all over him.
People always calling out, "Ese."

The ladies won't ever leave us alone.
Let me tell you a story.

I hope he's having a blast
with all his groupies.

We all do. Listen,
Ese comes back from the military

and we hit the clubs the first
or second day he's back. And then...

We go in and it was this club
we used to go to all the time.

The girls were like, "Ese, Ese!"

[ESE] Hey, Ahmet.

Sneaky girl.

How you doing?


[CHUCKLES] I see myself in this guy.

I apologize.

I have a chain at the house.

- Inviting me over?
- I didn't get off easy, why should you?

Are you inviting me over
as some sort of punishment?

What's at home?




Are you getting ready for a funeral?

- [SCOFFS] No, it's for the race.
- Ah, it's happening tonight?

What made you think
this was for a funeral? Huh?

What's your star sign?
You must be a Taurus.

Looks like a Cancer.

- [SERAY] I say Scorpio.
- Could she be a Pisces?

- Aquarius.
- She objects to everything.

- She likes the spotlight.
- Stubborn.

- It's alright.
- So good.

If we knew Ese's sign,
we'd check your compatibility.

You don't?


- We found Ese on the street.
- Really?

He was about two.
We found him in this neighborhood.

We had recently lost our little brother,
around the same age.

May his soul rest in peace.

[TÜLAY] Amen, amen, amen.

What do you mean?
You seriously don't know his parents?

We asked around everywhere
but couldn't find them.

And we didn't want
to put him in an orphanage.

Why are you staring? She's shocked.

Shh. Well, just a little.

[TÜLAY] Oh my God.

Here comes our handsome boy.


I'm certain he's a Scorpio.


Look at her,
turning red with embarrassment.

- Stop.
- I told you...


All good.

- Hurry! It's already getting pretty late!

- As if we're idling here!
- Tike, come help us.

Tike! You sat on your ass all day!


- Well, bye.


Enough! Okay, where were we?





Thank you very much.


Thank you.

- Welcome.
- Mic's turned off, I guess.

Good evening, what's up?

I guess that's alcohol.
Thanks, but no, thanks.

I don't drink.

Hey, what's good. Who's this guy?

Dude, why's this bozo
get to be on stage and I don't?


- My voice is pretty good too.
- Oh?

- No.

Blondie, you see those guys?

Yeah, I really did.
Canbay & Wolker, aren't they?

Your friend thought I was lying to her.

So I took a selfie with him
and texted it to her.

I invited her but don't see her.

Stop talking all your bullshit
and take these plates.

Throw them in the trash over there.

You romantic little love birds.

Yusuf! Hey! Take these plates.


Oy. It's hurting my leg.

[RAPPER] Good, that's cool, man.

Make some noise if you're feeling it!


What's there?


[ESE] Good.
Doesn't look like they're coming.

Oh, yeah, Beren's definitely
not gonna see that message.

It's gonna get lost
in her requests or something.

The UFOs, I meant.


I guess you don't want them to come.

I do, but not right now.

I don't want a UFO to come take me
when I'm actually happy.


I was talking about your friends.



Deniz, you're at a party with
Canbay & Wolker performing

and you seriously
weren't going to tell me?

- But I didn't just come here for...
- You're not here for the bikes, are you?

I know you're scared of them.
Have you ever ridden one?

I assume you've been on the back of one.

- Really?

- No?

- Let's go, then.
- Let's go.

But it's gotta be
somewhere really worthwhile

if I'm gonna go through all that.

- Yeah, that can be arranged.
- Good.


Why is he sitting there?
Is he guarding his bike?

Get over here. Nobody will steal it.

I'm fine. I'll be off in five minutes.

You didn't even look for me.

I saw that message.

You having a famous cousin
is not gonna do it for me. I'll pass.

If only Rihanna were my aunt.
She looks like me.


Do you do anything? Are you a rapper?

You want music, I'll give you.

Come over here, don't worry.

- Well, all right.
- Come.

- Hey. Come on.
- Let's go.

Where did they find these lowlifes?
They're all criminals.

So the UFO ready for the race?
Ready for blast off?

- It's all set.
- You thought it was that kind of UFO?

We're not sci-fi nerds.
It stands for something else.

- "Unidentified Forgotten Object."
- What's that?

When you want something you can't have

that thing is
an Unidentified Forgotten Object for you.


Deniz, the "UFO" is a put-down.

- What?
- [ESE] It's for the other rider.

That's an Unidentified Forgotten Object.

I guess it's a way to attract girls
who are into UFOs. Huh?

Whoa, man, this is
a frigging awesome bike, dude.

[CANBAY] All right,
let's get the next guy on stage.

[GÖKHAN] I'm gonna go next.
What's up, guys!


This is super sick, dude.

[CENK] No way. Get off the bike.
What are you doing?

Take off the helmet.

- Here we go.

- Tall chick over there, this is for you.

Yo, yo, this is Adana!

Eagles soaring down the road.

Kartal Motor!

[TIKE] Abov!

[RAPPING] ♪ Three, two, one ♪

♪ Mersin, Tarsus and Adana listen ♪

♪ When Kartal Motor is on the asphalt ♪

♪ That's the sound of the eagle ♪

♪ Stay on the right
Or we'll fuck you up! ♪

- ♪ Kartal Motor ♪
- [MEN]Whoa...

- Gökhan!
- What's wrong?

Get off the stage, please.

- They act like they never heard swearing.
- That's uncalled for.

- I'll be back with another song.
- Canbay! Deniz also has a song.

- No, no, don't.
- That's just an urban legend!

- Come on.
- Let's have her on stage.

- No, seriously, guys.
- [GÖKHAN] Come on.

You're not gonna deny
a rider's wish on race night.

- Could be his last one ever.
- I'll make a fool of myself.

Deniz, you left me no other option.


[ESE] There.

My wish.

I want her up on stage.
Make some noise for this girl.




Hey, could you play
something with a slower beat?


Gökhan! What's she doing?

[GÖKHAN] Stay calm, relax. You got this.


[BEREN] I'm filming you!

♪ If only I could disappear right here ♪

♪ Fly away with unknown flying objects ♪

♪ If only I could disappear now ♪

♪ Leave the world I know and get lost ♪


♪ Have you ever asked? ♪

♪ What is all this competition for?
Did you find an answer? ♪

♪ If you never race ♪

♪ You'll never lose
Did you hear me? ♪


- [RAPS] ♪ Elders said love is hard ♪

♪ If life is tough on you, be naïve ♪

♪ That's the way to be actually
Either succeed now or be forgotten ♪

♪ We can't be separate
We're on the same path ♪

♪ No sun will rise
On that window you trust ♪

♪ Crying is a simple act
Laughing is hard ♪

♪ Make a crown of daisies
The roses will resent you ♪

♪ Welcome to my world
This is my home ♪

♪ If you have good character
Money is no matter ♪

♪ If you forget me one day ♪

♪ A black train will be my hope
In my hopeless times ♪

♪ Welcome to my world
This is my home ♪

♪ If you have good character
Money is no matter ♪

♪ If you forget me one day ♪

♪ A black train will be my hope
In my hopeless times ♪

♪ My tears will fall on your skin
Not the rain ♪

♪ I failed to escape
Perhaps that's your sin ♪

♪ Isn't it still too early
For everything? ♪

♪ Disappear suddenly is better
Than to fade away ♪

♪ I used to wish to jump on the clouds ♪

♪ Now all I want to do
Is hide behind lies ♪

♪ Perhaps I can no longer
Reach for the skies ♪

♪ Everything is unclear
But I still strive ♪

♪ It's not hard
Nothing you do is too hard ♪

♪ Look in the mirror
And see it's not hard ♪

♪ It's not hard to leave
All your dreams behind and come ♪

- ♪ It's not hard to light the dark ♪

♪ I don't have goals
I have lies ♪

♪ I have lies
I can't stay ♪

- ♪ The mountain separates us ♪

♪ You keep smiling
I just can't ♪

♪ If only I could escape
Find a world in outer space ♪

♪ Scatter stars across the sky ♪

♪ I wish I only had you by my side
And the sky over me ♪

♪ Find a world in outer space ♪

♪ Make summer the only season ♪

♪ I wish I had the vast sea
In front of me ♪

♪ And only you by my side ♪

Bravo, Deniz.

- You're great! Make some noise!

It was great.

Bravo, Deniz.


- [IN ENGLISH] Thank you very much.
- No, thank you. It was great.

[ESE] Bravo.

Whoo! That was incredible.

- [CANBAY] Yeah, that's great!

Thank you very much, everybody.
The energy was beautiful.

- So they're an item now?
- Thanks for messing up the video.

You didn't open up to her for years.
And she obviously prefers confident guys.

So your loss.

You were unbelievable!
And I've got it all on video.

[DENIZ] Really?

Hey, riders. I've got the message that
the road is clear at Çatalan. Let's go.

[GÖKHAN] Come on, to Çatalan!

Come on, let's move out!

Come on, bro. Let's go.

- Okay.
- [ESE] See you later.


Can we have a chat?

Cenk, don't be ridiculous. Stop.
You can talk to her later.

As if it's an F1 race.

We'll meet you at the finish.
You go with Gökhan.

[GÖKHAN] Hey, you.
Why don't you join the race then?

Huh? He's got a bike. It's an open race.

- So pay up and join in.
- Come on, man. Don't be dumb.

You'll have no chance.
Look at these bikes and look at mine.

Well, then, let's do it.
It's the rider that counts.

Don't make me
rob you of what little you have, man.

- Don't do this.
- If you can afford to lose money,

not wanting to race
is just you being a coward.

I don't have cash on me.

You ride a bike like that
but you have no cash on you.

This guy's full of shit.

You and I, we don't even mean
the same thing when we say "money."

It's like we don't even
speak the same language.

But I can pay with a card.

No credit cards. But we can take the bike.
Consider it pawned.

You'll get it back after the race. Cool?

Cenk, come on. What are you gonna
tell your dad if something goes wrong?

[CENK] All right.

All right.

- Haydar! What's up?
- Yes?

Check this out, bro.
Got a new rider.

Load up that bike right over there.
Careful, don't scratch it.

Let's find out then.

- Good.
- [GÖKHAN] Come on.

Come on. Deniz.




Take a good look while you can.

- Move along.
- You're a bad racer...

or is your bike just broken?

If you can't beat that Yaşar,
the shop is totally fucked.

No pressure or anything.

- Don't make him nervous.
- Gökhan, cut the bullshit.

Teach Yaşar a lesson.


- [TIKE] Come on, man.

[TÜLAY] Our family is great!

We're gonna
wipe the floor with those guys.

- The wind is with us!
- We'll win, we'll win!

- The highway is ours!
- We'll win, we'll win!

- We'll win the championship!
- We'll win, we'll win!

Kartal Motor will kick everyone's ass!


[TIKE] Come on!

Let's go, all right.

Let's go, yes!

Hey, give it to me.
In case you get nervous.



Okay, Ese! Come on.

You're the man!

[CHANTING] Kartal! Kartal!




He's already off to a great start.

- I thought he was about to fall!
- No. Good!

- Don't worry.
- [TIKE] That's a typical move.


Ese, that's my man!

My bro's blowing like a gust of wind!
Kadir, you've built one hell of a bike!

[KADIR] Eyes on the road.

- Come on...
- Come on, for the shop!


[GÖKHAN] God bless this guy. He's winning!

That's my boy right there!

Look at them! They're so crazy!


Yeah, my dude!
You got this, bro!

Ese is the king!

- [TIKE] Blow like the wind!
- [GÖKHAN] Ese is the king!

[TIKE] Ha! That's my Ese! He can race
and blow kisses at the same time!


Who's this kid right here?

[GÖKHAN] What's he doing?

It's the final stretch here.
You got this, Ese! Come on!

- What's he doing?
- [TIKE] Putting the squeeze on.




[TIKE] Stop!

[TIKE] What happened?

[DENIZ] Ese!


[ESE] Deniz.

You scared the shit out of me.


[ESE] It's okay. Everything's okay.

- Are you okay?
- Fine.

- Are you okay?
- I'm okay. Just wait here. Okay?

[TIKE] Over this way!

Hey, kid!

- Yo, kid, we got you!






- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

How are you?


I'm gonna be right back, okay?


[DOCTOR] Make way!
We'll transport him inside!

What are you doing out here?
Why didn't you bring him in?

He won't listen to me.
He wants to go to a private hospital.

Cenk, don't be ridiculous!
What if you're seriously hurt?


- It's your dad.
- Hang up. I'll talk to him myself.

I told him I was with you.

What? Are you freaking crazy?
Why would you give her name?

He must have told my parents too.

- I'm gonna go.
- Stay here, I'll deal with him.

- I said I refuse to go in there.
- I can barely move this thing. You shush.

If this were a private hospital,
you wouldn't have to.


[DENIZ] How is he doing?

- Not so good. He suffered a head injury.
- Are you serious?

[YAŞAR] Gökhan!

- Wait here.
- You can't just leave.

- Deniz.
- [DENIZ] You can't just leave like that.

Ese! Don't get involved!


[ESE] Hey, get your hands off him!

Stop, not in front of the hospital.

[GÖKHAN] Come on, bro.


Hey, back away!


- Deniz.
- I'll fuck you up.


Deniz, get in the car right now.


Deniz! Derya, get her here. Get in here!

[GÖKHAN] You think I'm happy with this?

Let go of me!
Just get out of here. It's not safe.

This fucking guy thinks
he can throw a hand and get away with it.



- [KADIR]Give me the lever.
- [YUSUF] Here, boss.

[TÜLAY] I really think
something's up with these numbers.

Eight plus nine...

[TIKE] How is it? Anything to salvage?

The shock absorber, the carburetor,
the body, they're all dead, bro.

As it stands, it'll cost us 14,000.
The shop's already 6,000 in the red.

Let's have the wedding
collect some gold from there and sell it!

Stop talking nonsense.
The wedding night is all she thinks of!

- What are you talking about?
- Shut up.

- I'm trying to help.
- Don't make me slap you.

Shh! You don't fight here,
it's a place of business.

No, you shut up.

Listen... most of the shops
are withdrawing from the race.

People are saying
we'd win if not for the accident.

Yaşar's team was our only opponent.

- They're bringing in a new CG.
- He was whining about his expenses.

Now that rich douchebag
is seriously bringing in his new CG.

This all happened
because of you running your mouth

and you're still talking?

Why don't you shut up?

Should we build a totally new bike
or fix this one instead?

- It won't be ready, we gotta rebuild.
- Seriously?

A custom build from scratch
takes about three weeks, Ese.

- Fuck that.
- [KADIR] Gökhan.

Place the order.
We'll pay with our wedding funds.

- And the rest, God knows.
- And work with the shutters closed.

- The bank might be coming by.
- Kartal Motor is never gonna shut down!

Since you're saying it's all my fault,
look here.

[GÖKHAN] I know things are tense
so I won't make this a whole thing...

I'll tell you straight up,
congratulations, we're saved!

Is that the rich bastard's bike?

Yeah. They brought it on the truck.
And Gökhan stashed it right away.

We'll scrap it for parts right away
and I'll sell them today.

It'll pay all our debt.
And that bastard will forget about it.

We can't do that.

I don't like the guy either,
but we can't do it without asking him.

He's not gonna let you steal his property.
Huh? Don't be a smartass.

I'm gonna bash this guy's face in.

Yeah, but he's really stupid.

He probably won't even know
his bike is missing.

This is all because of your pride!
You're overreacting.

I've had enough
of your lame army morals.



Tell Cenk to come and get his bike.


By the way, it's Ese, your boyfriend.

CENK: Okay. My arm's fine,
by the way, thanks for asking.



And the Oscar goes to Beren Aydoğdu!

I got into the film program of my dreams!


[DERYA] Deniz!

İstanbul awaits you!
All aboard the train.

Have you checked yet?
You haven't, right?

No, Mom, I haven't yet.

You're more curious than I am.
Just take the username and password.


[DERYA] Sit down.


- Macit.

Put the phone down for a minute.

Today is the first day
of our exciting new life.

Oh, well done, my baby girl!

[GASPS] The first exam score is great.
Let's see what you did on the second.

So, what about your work, Dad?
Have you talked to Uncle yet?

No, dear. There's nothing to talk about.
I'll visit you on the weekends.

[DERYA] We didn't say that.

I just can't move, Derya.
I have to handle our business here.

You go and get settled. I'll come later.

there's gotta be a mistake here.


That's correct, Mom.

I handed in a blank second exam.

Istanbul wouldn't have saved us.

You couldn't have either, Mom.

- You know, it was up to me.
- Do you really hate me that much?

You just ruined your own future, Deniz.

And you also ruined mine.

We got her at the hospital yesterday.

Maybe it'll be
the police station tomorrow.

You're going to Istanbul no matter what.
You'll stay away from those degenerates.

And you'll prepare once more for the exam.


Go away, Macit.

Go be wherever you'd rather be.

What she's saying,
think about it for a second.

And then you can talk.

All right.

Mom. Hey.


BEREN: What's up? Did you check?

Come on, I'm curious. Deniz!

- How is the eccentric bracket looking?
- The eccentric is dead, bro.

But the piston is good. That's 200 less.


- What the hell?
- Hey, boss!

Mehmet Güner?

- That's me.
- We got a tip, we have a search warrant.

What's going on?

What is it about?
I mean, I'm asking so I can help you out.

[COP] What are these?

[TIKE] These belong to us.
We collect for fun.

Oh, fuck.

- Police are here!
- [ESE] Calm down.

[ESE] I let them know about it.

- God. Open, damn it! [GRUNTS]
- [ESE] Chill out.

- I had a stash!
- [ESE] Put that shit in your pocket.

- What's back there?
- [TIKE] A storeroom. Not much.

- [COP] We'll see whether there's anything.
- Go ahead.

- [ESE] Hello, officer.
- Hello, guys.

- Can I help you?
- I would doubt it.

Come here. Who owns this bike?

Why are the police here?

- What's going on? Is there a problem?
- It's reported as stolen.

There's no way it's stolen, sir.
Not like I was born yesterday.

Why would I keep a stolen bike in my shop?
I'd scrap it for parts and sell them.

- Is that so?
- Of course.

Pardon, Officer. Is there a problem here?

Um, that bike belongs
to a friend of mine. Cenk Adiloğlu.

We did text him about it.
He definitely knows it's here.

- I'll call him?
- [COP] No, we'll call him.

- [ESE] Deniz.
- Ese, what's going on?

That punk-ass friend of yours
didn't come to get his bike.

I don't know, there must've
been some kind of misunderstanding.

They're calling him.

Ese, the UFO is a total wreck.
Are you going to be able to fix it?

- Don't think so.
- We will, if we find the money.

Gökhan, can you please leave us alone.
Go get some air.

Yes, sir. Sure, chief.
Let's take them into custody.

All of these guys!

- What are they doing?
- Don't worry, we're used to it.

What's that supposed to mean?

- I still have things to do here.
- Go! Come on!

Cenk's bike was reported as stolen.
The police came and they arrested them.

They're in custody,
but it's not an arrest. Calm down.

Seray, go and change your clothes.
Don't wear that top.

Here, put these on.

And you can call our lawyer, Cemil.

Probably took them to the Yüzüncü Station.

Tell him to hurry down.

Okay. I'll tell him.

The wedding won't be canceled, right?

Enough with your stupid wedding.
Be patient. We'll take care of it somehow.

- Let's see...
- [TÜLAY] I'm here.

Hey, Yusuf, you're coming with us too.

Do some of your crying, okay?
Say we depend on the shop.

Please, sir! I'm begging you!
It's our livelihood.

Not like a beggar.
We'll practice on the way.

Do we need a lawyer?

Yes. This is not a barroom fight.
There are big people involved.

I can try and get the complaint retracted.

With the complaint withdrawn,
there'll still be a prosecution.

Tell him to make a statement saying
it wasn't stolen, he was medicated.

- Let's go.
- Come on.

Make sure you bring
that kid to the station.

- [YUSUF] Please, sir!
- Okay, shut up. I'll have to do it myself.

What's this?
Why didn't you clean your nail polish?


All right, let's
all welcome our new graduate.

Welcome, Cenk!

Thank you so very much.

I worked harder than Cenk to pay for it.
But he finally made it. Right?

Good to see you, Deniz.

- Thank you, ma'am.
- Deniz?

What is this, Cenk?

It's my grandfather's.

- So where were you accepted?
- She'll become an engineer, right?

I actually came here to steal Cenk away.

Beren's here with me.

We want you to come with us.
We're hosting a little party for you.

[CENK] Okay.

- It looks good on me. Doesn't it?
- It's great.

- Hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

It still has my grandfather's smell on it.

What the hell
do you think you're doing here?

What the hell
do you think you're doing here?

People are in the hospital,
in police custody because of you.

I sent you a message. I said your bike
is in the shop. I know you read it.

My father made me sign
an incident report, was that processed?

And now we're
going to the station to fix it all.

We're going to the station? What is this?

Don't you worry. You'll be fine.

- If you're afraid your dad will find out...
- You said that then too.

You said I was afraid.
I'm not afraid of anybody, believe me.

- How else am I supposed to prove...
- You're not.

Don't prove, Cenk! Don't even try.

Just admit you're
scared to death of your dad.

Go tell them you signed what
he gave you without even reading it.

And that you're turning into
another version of your dad

just to protect yourself.

You know what? You pretending to be brave
is worse than being a coward.

Oh, and if you feel
the need to prove something? All right.

Either we go upstairs
and tell your father everything or we...



How do you like it?
You really freaked out?

I mean, not really, but I'm guessing
it's a lot more fun to ride it.

Try it out before we sell it. It's easy.

No, Ese, I can't do it.
I'm having a good time already.

- We haven't done the fun part.
- What's that?

- Hold on.
- Ese.

- Hold on tight.
- Ese, don't try to scare me.

[DENIZ] Whoo!


I've been really uneasy
since the last race.

I am too. But not because
I'm afraid of getting hurt.

Right now things are really good

and I worry they won't last,
know what I mean?


I know I'm not making any sense. Sorry.

No, but if you're still gonna do it,
at least try not to court bad luck.

- I'm not asking for UFOs, am I?

- I think it's really great.
- What?

To be working towards
what you really want. It matters.

What about that singing audition?

You're not giving up
because you got in somewhere?

I wasn't accepted anywhere, Ese.
I actually handed in a blank exam.

For the music audition?

No. I did it so my family would stay here.

- What's it got to do with music?
- I don't know anything about it.

But if you sing
your own song in that audition,

there's no way in hell
they won't accept you.


- Why are you laughing at that?
- But I have to sing an aria to get in.

- Aria what?
- Mmm.

What's that?

Sing both things then, why not?

Promise me
you'll sing them both your songs.

Ese, I don't know.

- Deniz, promise.
- I don't know about that.

- Promise or I'll throw you in.
- [LAUGHS] No! What do you mean?

I can both sing
and fall into the water. Well done!

- Let me throw you in!
- Why?

- You jump in, and I'll sing.
- All right.

- [ESE] Oh!


- [ESE] You promised you'd audition.

I just promised that to make you jump in.

But seriously, if I go audition,

the judges will be like,
"Why are you here?"

And they'll turn me down.

Don't say that. If you had no talent,
Canbay would've said so.

He's so into it in the video.

- Couldn't you tell?
- I couldn't watch it.

- What?
- I didn't watch.

- I can't stand watching myself sing.
- Oh, so that's why.

Listen, I'll show you the video now.
If you hate it, don't audition.

I won't make you, I promise. Hang on.

Here watch it. Watch it.



The guy had a duet with you.

He rejected the others
but had a duet with you.


Huh? Listen to those high notes.


- All right.
- What?

All right, I'll apply.

- And raise the stakes, we'll go by bike.
- Oh.

- And I'll do the driving.
- Really?

- All right.
- Try it, then.

Now, what am I supposed to do?

Now look, first you put on your helmet.

There you go. Like that.

Yeah. Right there. Wait.

That goes there. The stand.

Kick it back there, press that.

- Don't worry.

Press it like that.

- Press it a little harder. Good.

[ESE] Slowly ease your hand
off the clutch. Accelerate.

- Easy...
- Yeah.

- Let it go and accelerate.
- Okay.

Got it? Don't be scared.

That's good. Perfect.

- Easy, easy.

That's good. You got it down.

There you go.

Nothing to fear. That's good.

You're a natural.

- [DENIZ] Ow.
- Shit.


- [ESE] Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

[ESE] You don't know how to ride
but you don't know that you know.

[DENIZ] "You know but
you don't know that you know."

I just fell, you dumb-ass.

See you later, baby.

See you.

This goes here.


[SIGHS] Ese,
I want to tell you something but...

What is it?

What Gökhan was saying the other day.

That you're going to sell the bike.

And how you get lost
in your thoughts sometimes.

- I saw how bad UFO looked that day.
- We'll fix it.

Let's fix it together.
I can help you out.

And I'll help pay for it all.
Am I not also part of the team?

I'm gonna go now.

Your parents are here.
You don't wanna get in trouble.

- Ese.
- See you later.


Back to square one.



[MACIT] Something's changed with you.

Like what?

I'm not sure what it is,
but I liked the old you.

And I like myself better now.


[MACIT] What's going on?

Let's get divorced.
It should be a relief for you, Macit.

[MACIT] Where did that come from, Derya?
Good God. I never agreed to any of this.

- We haven't talked about it.
- Is there anything left to talk about?

The business?

I'm talking about a divorce,
and you're bringing up business?

Have you talked to your brother?
Like, how will you run things?

How will you oversee the factory?

We've been running the house
without you for years.

The factory will be just fine,
don't worry about that.

I'm perfectly capable of doing your job.


Come on, Macit.

Let's go.




I'll get some air.

How else were we supposed to
get things back together?

My ass, you'll handle it!
God damn it, Tike!

You practically lost
everything you gambled with too.

- I took a risk.
- You took a risk! Well done.

- Who did you play against? Nuri?
- Against Metin.

- What's up?
- Nothing.

- Hey. Where are we going?
- To get the money.

- [TIKE] It's gone. This is gambling.
- [GÜLAY] Tell me about it!


DENIZ: I didn't mean to upset you.

[ESE] We're so fucked.
It's always something.


[TÜLAY] Why are you talking to yourself?
What is it?

- She knows about the bike.
- Who knows?

She's gonna try and give me the money.

- Classic rich girl.
- What the hell are you saying?

Don't be such an idiot.
She trying to help you.

You don't have to accept it.
But stop acting like it's beneath you.

- I thought Gökhan called you over.
- What's up with him?

They beat our little drug dealer up.
He just came. He's upstairs.

- What's so funny?

I'm enjoying it.

- [ESE] My God, seriously.
- They should've beat his ass months ago.


It wasn't the package, right?

Fucking bastard.

- You should see the other guy though.
- Seriously, man.

I just took my beating like a good boy.

Don't want to mess around.


I had my money and my stash on me.
It's all gone.


Tike lost as well.

Look at your face now.

- Don't do this again.
- What do you mean, man? Huh?

What do we do?
The wedding money is gone.

Money from the drugs is gone too.
Our debt to the bank is just growing.

- You made me give back that kid's bike.
- What now?

- I have a plan.
- Mm-hmm.

You know, the part we ordered?
It's at the part store.

- No, man.
- Hold on, listen to me, man.

We've paid for half of it already.
We'll pay the rest after the race.

Once you've become the champion.
Which you will be.


There's a guard.

And the championship game is next week.

I'm sure he'll watch.
It's the night before the race.

Are you listening to me?



Deniz, man.

She thinks I can't do it by myself.

She wants to help with it.


I really don't know.

There are actual UFOs in her world.

It's Unidentified
Forgotten Object for you.

She just doesn't understand.


Yeah, looks bad.


I'm in complete shock now.

Your mom's acting like
an entirely new person,

but that's not the issue.
Why did you hand in a blank exam?

She said she felt nervous
and made me come with her.

I've been decorating
her office for the last week.

You're not listening to me, Deniz.
What will you do now?

I'll be studying music, Beren.

- Won't you say, "I told you so"?
- Of course. I told you so.

Wait a minute. Am I the only one who's
happy to have gotten in a good school?

What did everyone else do?

Cenk, he just suddenly left.
I don't know what got into him.

He told his parents, "I'm not coming back,
I won't be going to university."

I was worried, so I called him.

He says he's off to find out who he is,
discover his inner self or something.

- I don't understand.
- Maybe it'll be good for him.

I'm gonna call him sometime.

Hey, are you okay?

Ese and you are all good, right?
'Cause you're not going away now.

Maybe it's because of that.
Because I'm not going.

He thought I'd be leaving.
So now that I'm not...

We're off. He still hasn't called.

We haven't even met for a while.

I guess we're gonna meet up later.

It's the night before
my audition after all.

Don't you follow Gökhan on the socials?

What's this?


Go stop by.





[CHANTING] Champion! Champion!

[GÖKHAN] See, the plan
is running like clockwork.





[DENIZ] Ese!



I swear, I'd play better
with this big old belly of mine.

How can you hit the ball like that?
Can't fucking believe this.

God, they make me so mad!


Stop here.

Come on.

- Take this one.
- Here.

How long we got?

- About 20 minutes.
- 20 minutes.

- Come with me.
- Gökhan.

There's an entrance at the back.
Follow me up here.


- Hey, how you doing?
- Hey, man. Good to see you.

- Thanks. How is the game going?
- We scored in the 18th minute.

Bastards are going nuts.



I'm calling from
Şakir Şahin's auto parts store.

I'm the night guard.
Someone has got into the store.

The guard called the police.
He went inside. Good night.

Oh, shit.




- [WHISPERING] What is it?
- Guard called the police.

How do you know?

- [ESE] Shit!
- [GUARD] Hey!


Who's there?


- [GÖKHAN] What?
- Come here.

[GUARD] I called the police, man.
You're all totally fucked now.



- Are you okay?
- Fine.



Open! Open for fuck's sake!

You hide over there.
I'll get the police to chase me.

- Okay.
- [DENIZ] Okay.

- Let's meet at your house, okay?
- Okay. Careful.


[OFFICER] He's there. Don't lose him!








He's there!

The suspect is escaping
towards Taşköprü Street.


Blondie, what are you looking at?



- Where's the bike?
- [ESE] We'll talk about it later.


Why are you here? You have the audition.

I was worried something
might have happened to you.

- I'm going home now.
- Deniz.

Listen to me.

I'm really sorry
it turned out like that. I'm sorry.


I was telling people,
"Ese isn't what you think.

He's a good guy."
And look at what you just did.

You stole something.

Just so you wouldn't have to
accept money from your rich girlfriend.

[KADIR] Good morning.
Why are you up so early?

So you got the new parts, man?

Gökhan, where did you get these?

- Tike, come here.
- [TIKE] What are you all doing here?

Whoa, what's that?

The parts have been found.

But how'd you pull this off?

How did you manage to do this, Gökhan?
We don't have any cash.

Gökhan? If you've done something shady,
I'll fire you, I swear to God.


It's all good. Deniz gave us the money.

Without her, we'd just be
unidentified forgotten objects.

Oh, really?

God bless you, Deniz.

- [KADIR] Let's go, Let's put it together.
- Come on.

[KADIR] Let's put it together.
We gotta warm it up.

- Okay, Ese?
- Stop your sulking. Come here!

What is it? What's happening?

Deniz paid for the missing parts.
We can still compete.

- [TÜLAY] What, really?
- Deniz!

Thank you.

[TÜLAY] Thank you, dear.

Have a nice day, you guys.


- Ese, let go of my arm! Let go!
- Deniz.


You gotta audition, okay?

All right?

How will we get there?


- Boncuk still here?
- Bro, come on. Dad's gonna kill me!

Is it still here?

Shh. Quiet.

Why is it called "Boncuk"?


I want it back clean, just like this.

- And get to stay over for a week.
- Okay.

[YUSUF] Let's go.

[MAN] Stop!

Stop! Hey!

Boncuk! Boncuk!

Boncuk! Come back here!

I know what I'll do to you!

- We made quite an entrance!
- You're just getting started.

I know they're gonna love you.


Take this.

- You gonna wait for me?
- Of course I will.

All right.





Bro, are you okay?
Stay back. Call an ambulance.


Excuse me?
Are you looking for that tattooed guy?

- Yeah, I am.
- Well, he fainted.

- We took him to the infirmary.
- Where is it?

Exit through the gate there.
It's on the right, about 500 meters ahead.

- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.

Ah, Boncuk.

I know how to ride,
but I just don't know that I know.

I know how to ride, I just don't know.

Just two blocks.
I can make it. It's nothing.




- Deniz.
- What happened to you?

The chase last night,
and spending too much time in the sun.

But I also disappointed you.
God might be punishing me for that.

Ese! What did the doctor say?

He said, "Don't wait.
Go out and live your life."

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am sure.

How was it?

We'll find out when they post the results.

- How did you ride this all the way here?
- No! You sit and rest. I can drive it.

We're racing against time.
Can we make it?

I learned from
the future champion, didn't I?

- Don't worry. Sit down.

Glad we looked.
You have a broken rib. Right now...


[CHANTING] Yaşar Tuning! Yaşar Tuning!

- Yaşar Tuning!
- Louder! Louder!

What's that, a little kid's playground?

- Yaşar Tuning!

What's that piece of shit?
Science experiment made of spare parts?

- What are you talking about?
- Huh? [LAUGHS]

Listen to me, I will rip your tongue out...

Shut up.


Oh, you're gonna lecture me on this?


Look! Look who's here!

[SINGING] ♪ Here he is! Here he is! ♪


- ♪ Here he is! Here he is! ♪
- Shut up!

You're just scared!

♪ Here he is! Here he is! ♪


- We're so excited to see you.
- All right!

Here you go.


Listen up, fellas, let's make this
a gentleman's race.

Tike, this bastard Yaşar
asked for a tunnel race on purpose.

They say his new rider
is like a bullet train.

[DENIZ] Tunnel race?

We start before the sun begins to set.

There are two tunnels.

We enter the first at sunset,
and exit the last before the sun sets.

The road is under construction,
so it's super dark inside.

So whoever comes out first
with his headlights on is the champion.

[DENIZ] Hmm.

I made it sound complicated
but it's not.

The guy who comes out first is the winner.
It's really simple. [LAUGHS]

Will you shut your mouth?
Just shut your mouth.


- [KADIR] Get in!
- Come on!


[TIKE] Using it with one hand...



[TIKE] If we enter
the tunnel first, we're good.

Come on, Ese!

- He's coming, right?
- He's blowing like the wind!

Look at the indicator!

Make that asshole Yaşar cry!


"Asshole Tuning!"

He's no repairman, he's a magician!


Something's wrong! What happened?

[ESE] Fuck! Come on!

- The fuel hose came off!
- He's lagging behind.


Come on, come on...



He's coming!

He put it back!


- Tear him to pieces!
- Are we going to win?

We're gonna win!
We're gonna win!

[TIKE] We enter
the second tunnel first, we're good.

What's going on?



[DENIZ] Ese.

[TIKE] You got this, buddy!

Come on. Come, come. Hurry.




Come on, guys,
we're about to come in first.

You see him?

Yeah, you'll see!


Dang it!

Oh, come on.


Is it Ese?




[ALL] Ese!

[DENIZ] Are you okay? Ese?



Ese! Ese!


We won!

Hello? We need an ambulance! Right away.


[TIKE] God!

That's my man! That's my brother!
He fucking did it!

He did it!

[ESE] Deniz. I would've
fallen off if you weren't there.

Ese, hang in there.
The ambulance is on the way. Okay?

The ambulance is coming.
You'll be okay.



[ESE] Deniz.

Before you, I was
an unidentified forgotten object.


You made all my wishes come true.

That was you.

You kept your promise.


I wished I'd be e the champion,
but only if you were there to see me.

Ese! [SOBS]

I can't believe...


- But even that came true.
- Ese!

[SOBS] Ese. Ese. Ese.

- Ese. Ese!

[YELLS] Ese!








- Ese!
- Ese!


[TIKE] Ese! Help!




Deniz, that you so much.

You've made
incredible progress since last year.

- You've worked really hard. Bravo!
- She said she wouldn't try again, but...

Somebody once taught me
that I should never give up.

It's not like a UFO
will come and save you after all.

- I'm surprised that you remember me.
- You were pretty memorable.

Where did you find the cool bike?

My boyfriend found it.

By the way, I know it's a bit unusual,
but I'd like to ask you.

May I sing one more song,
if it's okay and there's enough time?

I promised someone I'd ask.

Go ahead, miss. All you.

Thank you. Great.


[DENIZ SINGING] ♪ You looked at me
For the last time that day ♪

♪ That day ♪

♪ I woke up to your face today ♪

♪ Today ♪

♪ The sun wasn't up yet ♪

♪ The moon was still shining ♪

♪ But I ♪

♪ Wasn't tired at all ♪

♪ You looked at me
For the last time that day ♪

♪ That day ♪

♪ That day ♪

♪ I left your light behind ♪

♪ The sun wasn't up yet ♪

♪ The moon wasn't out yet ♪

♪ But I looked at you ♪

♪ Somewhere in between ♪

♪ I said ♪

♪ Let him fly ♪

♪ Fly like spring is over ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Like spring has come ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Like you are not tired ♪

♪ Like you are not jaded ♪

♪ Like starting over ♪

♪ Let him fly ♪

♪ Like spring is over ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Like spring has come ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Like you are not tired ♪

♪ Like you are not jaded ♪

♪ Like starting over ♪