U311 Cherkasy (2019) - full transcript

The crew of Ukrainian NAVY minesweeper U311 "Cherkasy" is resisting seizure of the vessel by Russian army in Crimea in 2014.

Film inspired by real-life events.

In 2014 the Russian Federation annexed

the Autonomous Republic of Crimea,
a part of Ukraine.

Having blocked the exit from a cove
of Lake Donuzlav to the Black Sea,

Russian troops closed off seven ships
of the Ukrainian Naval Forces.

The Ukrainian Navy minesweeper Cherkasy
was one of them.


Yesterday we received an ultimatum
from the Russians.

The following ships surrendered:
Kherson, Kirovohrad and Chernihiv.

Henichesk stayed with us,
and Olshanskyi,

but almost without crew.


is going to resist.




Who has hurt you?

It does not matter.

Where are you going now?

To Ilonka.

Find yourself a normal broad.

Damnit, Vasiok.

Don't you know Ilonka can do anything?


The whole village knows it.

Hop on, we'll go to Lev.

Don't stand like this.

Lev, what's going on? I’m sorry.
Just asking.

Have a seat.

Vasiok, let’s go to the ship together.

Tomorrow we will be on the open sea.

Misha, fuck off, alright?

Be a man. If you want to, go alone.
I have some business here.

Look! Let me show you
what has happened to Lev’s cow.

- What's wrong with it?
- I don't know.

- Come, I'll show you.
- No.

I don't want to.

- And?
- Look!

- Touch it.
- Are you crazy?

Lev, will you go to the ship with me?

My dad will settle all issues.

It's gonna be fine. Say something.

You are alone here.

Tomorrow we will be on the sea.


Let’s go to the club.
Take a fucking drink.

Drink to your mom's memory.
You'll feel better.

Fuck! He won’t even
drink to his mom’s memory.

Calm down, Vasia.

Why do I need to calm down? Fuck it!

Anyway, I'm going to the club.
Who is coming with me?

Lev, don't be sad.

I will catch you later.

Hi, Lev.

My condolences to you.

Can I take Chirva with me?

She is dead.

What are you doing?

I'm asking you! What are you doing?

You've been gone for the night,
and you are leaving in the morning!


What happened? What is it?

I don't wanna go.

I don't, Dad.

Who the hell is there?

It's that fuck head, covered in blood.

It looks like he’s murdered someone.


Holy shit!

I am going with you.

Lev! It's started!


Come on, Genka!

Pull, boys!

Russia! Russia!

You khokhol peasant.

Have you been eating lard
all your life?

Give me a high five!

Stop right there!

1982. A young dinosaur.

I will tell the guys.

What are you staring at?
Keep on working!

Yes, sergeant!

Why don't you do something?
Why has my cabin not been cleaned?

- New men can do it.
- So go and find them.

Aye aye, sir!

You are new, aren't you?

Yes, I am. Why?



It's me.

Don't stand like this. Sit down.


I'm gonna kick your teeth out, Rabbit.

Are you playing?


Can you play it?

- No.
- Have you ever served on a ship?

- No.
- How old are you?


Then what are you doing here?

Are you deaf?

Misha. Explain to your friend

that one should answer,
if a superior officer asks a question.

Lev. Twenty pushups.

Listen. I'll take Misha
to Tagir tomorrow.

What for?

I'll introduce him.

- Rabbit?
- Fold.

- Fold.
- Fold.


Spades now, boys.

Have you learnt to answer the questions?

Yes, sir.

The information on two people shot
on Hrushevskyi Street in Kyiv

was confirmed
by the General Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the opposition,
Vitalii Zakharchenko,

the Minister of Internal Affairs,
is responsible for the deaths.

What's all this?

You! Whatever your name is.
Come here!

What now? Monthlies again?

I finally decided to come nearer…

What the fuck is this?

- What?
- What the fuck is going on?

Why is it not in the goulash?
What are you, a rocket scientist?

- It belongs to the trash can.
- Are you cruising for a bruising?

- What do you want?
- The captain's calling you.

Count yourself lucky.

I'll be right back.

At about 8 am Berkut
attacked Hrushevskyi Street,

began to disassemble the barricade
and detain people...

Did you send for me?
Enjoy your meal!

What does it mean?

It means that I have a lousy
galley assistant, sir.

Call this peasant of a bumpkin.

May I have a look?

A medical service leader
confirmed the death of a participant

in the clashes on Hrushevskyi Street.

Siergiej Nigojan
was a Euromaidan guard.

This 20-year-old Armenian
died at about 6 am.

One of the bullets got in the neck

and another one in the head.

Take off your cap.

Am I to teach you
how to peel potatoes?

Am I to teach you how to do this?

I was raised in a potato field, sir.

If you don't want to lose the crew,
change the cook.

Leave your advice to your friends
in the village.

The kid's right.


Do you need him for some work?

Do you suffer from claustrophobia?

- Say that again!
- No, I don’t.

Are you familiar with engines?

- I fixed a tractor once.
- What?

I fixed a tractor once.

I see...

I don’t need to know more.
I will take him.

You will go to the engine room,

and I don't want to
hear about you anymore.


- Yes, captain.
- Yes, captain.

You may go.

Hold on! Are they not too heavy?

Everything's okay, Mr. Midshipman.

- Should I help you?
- No, thank you.

Rabbit, where are we going?

To Tagir. He's a local authority.
Ilya's father-in-law. We make deals.

- You'll meet him.
- Why have you taken me?

You will replace me.

Stand up.


- Salaam.
- Salaam.

- Who is he?
- Misha, Serega's assistant.


Take a seat.
We'll have some tea.

How was your trip to Kyiv?

At full blast.

What about the ship?

As usual.

Tell Ilya that he must visit me
by the end of the month.

As soon as possible, because
I will have some other business soon.

Some Crimean-Tatar business?


The flag has been raised, sir.

At ease.

At ease!

Why are you grinning?
Do you have a birthday party today?

Set your hat right.

Five minutes to shave. Run!

- Shevchenko?
- Here!

Why does your mate have no idea
how to dress himself?

Stand in front and show him
how to do it.

That is an order! Obey!

- Come on!
- Quiet!

It refers to everyone.

I don't see any soldiers here.

Remember. I want you to look
in the mirror

in the morning and think,

"Will Yurii Petrovych be sorry
about looking at me?”

Is that clear?

Step back into the ranks!

Move on.

Bear in mind
that all this civil unrest in Kyiv

has nothing to do with us,
a crew of a Ukrainian Navy ship.

I don’t want to hear
about any political wrangling.

Break ranks!

Proceed the initiation ceremony.

One, two, three...

four, five, six, seven...




You owe us ten beers, peasant.

Come on, Moppy.

One, two, three,


five, six. You owe us a box of beer.



You're a pretty cocky fellow.


You owe us three beers.

Take it.
Only you have not swear the oath.

I join the armed forces

and solemnly swear
to all Ukrainian people

that I will always be faithful
and dutiful,

I will defend Ukraine,
its sovereignty

and its territorial integrity.

I promise to fulfil my military duty
in an honest manner

and to obey orders.

To follow the Constitution of Ukraine
and abide by its laws,

to safeguard national secrets.

I swear to fulfil my duties
for the benefit of my fellow citizens.

I swear that I will never betray
the people of Ukraine!

- Gena!
- 20 pushups.

Yes, sergeant?

- This one especially!
- Right.


This one.

50 squats!

How many port holes are there
on this ship?

How many port holes?

- 21.
- How many on the portside?

- 11.
- How long is the ship?

62 meters.

20 pushups.

What is your post?

Where is the stern?

What is the beam of this ship?

Where is the stern?

Come on.

Teach your mate, will you?

Don't just stand!

Put more power into it.

Put more power into it!

How many fire plugs
are there on the ship?

Hit him!

Once more!

What is the mast height?

Hit him!


That will do, you son of a bitch!

An assignment for the night.

Go to below deck and don’t go to bed
until you find all the fire plugs!




What's up, for fuck sake?

Can’t find it, can you?

Here they are.

That is the life of a seaman.

Calm down!

You will get out in a minute.

What do you want?

To the cable locker.

We are ready.


So are we. Let's start. Good luck.

The first, all come ahead.
Port helm! 13.

Aye aye! The first, all come ahead.
Port helm! 13.

Attention, the military exercise
is about to begin.

Row, row.

Move on, guys!

Row faster!

- Be careful, Rabbit!
- Fucking Bulgarians!

Leave that gay stuff.
We are going to blow it anyway!

Have we got much time left?

Easy, damnit!

Come on, back the oars!

Turn the boat 180 degrees. Row!

The last mine has been located, sir.

Two hours, 43 minutes
and 27 seconds, captain.

So, they did it 21 minutes faster.

Congratulations to the crew. We lost.

Battle readiness!
We are making way for Varna.

Won't they punish us?

Listen, Rabbit. If...

To hell with it!
What if we get caught?

Stay here, if you want.

Wait for me!

Wait, Rabbit.

What is going on in Maidan
in your country?

It's our national party.

Once in ten years we cast out a devil!

We sing and dance! Nothing matters,
but to cast out the devil!

We only have one!



I wish you good health, sergeant!

- Hi.
- Hello.

I would like to ask you something.

How did you kill your cow?

With an axe.

What for?

It was suffering from disease.

- Push off!
- No, Rabbit...

Move on!

Have you seen the star
on the bow of our ship?

It is the only Ukrainian Navy ship

with a star like this.
You know what it means?


When Cherkasy escorted
a Soviet tanker,

about 30 years ago,

its name was Razvedchik.

It was attacked by Eritrean uprisers.

The captain made the decision
to take action,

but the gunner
suffered a severe wound.

Everybody soiled their pants,
there was nobody to replace him.

Then a young seaman, who had recently
joined the military service,

jumped up and fired a few rounds.

He immediately sunk
one of the enemy ships.

All the rest legged it.

He is still part of the crew.

Do you know who that guy is?

- No.
- Shevchenko!

Good evening, sergeant.

You must keep watch!

You have some nerve!

A blossom of the Ukrainian Navy!


Valiant Spartans!

Veni, vidi, vici, damn!

Look at yourself!

Who are you going to defend

if you couldn't even win with the Bulgarians
in the military exercise?

What has happened to you, dear?
Did they beat you? And raped you?

Come out with it, boy!

I stumbled and fell, Commander.

Did you stumble? Over what?
A tank maybe?

Why are you so pale?
Did you see a ghost on the watch?

I did not get enough sleep.

It's like this,
we are returning to Donuzlav.

To Sevastopol.

But before the return
the ship must shine

like my wife’s eyes,
when she first saw me!

Break ranks!

President Yanukovych
left the territory of Ukraine.

Military vehicles
started to appear in Crimea.

Are you going to swallow this shit?

They had nothing to do
with the Ukrainian Army.

The video surveillance
in Mezhyhiria shows

that Yanukovych had been getting ready
to escape since Feb. 19th.

Serega, look what he has served us!

Where is this lard-ass?

- What?
- What is this? Come here!

You will eat it yourself!

What are you unhappy with?

- What do you serve us?
- The same stuff as usual!

Sit down and stuff your face
with all this shit.

Sit down here! You lard-ass.

Sit down, bitch!

Stuff your face.

Stuff your face!

Stuff your face! Come on!

Don't fool around!

"Polite people" helped
the citizens of Crimea

hold a democratic election.

Don’t make so much noise.

Mr. Midshipman. Andrej from Henichesk
wants to come aboard.

- Let him.
- All right. How is it on the street?

It's cold.

In this box there's a transmitter.

Give it to the captain of Cherkasy.

I don't get it. Why?

Ilya. There may be fighting soon.

With the transmitter,
you'll communicate with my people.

You will need it.

Tagir. What is going on?

Look, Rabbit.

"Little green men".

An invasion from fucking Mars.

Hello, how are you?
What is going on?

I know that we are going to Odessa!
Why are you at anchor?

Yes, we are going.


We will arrange everything in Odessa.

What are you going to arrange, guys?

Why the tiptoeing, Mr. Midshipman.

Telephone conversations contrary
to regulations. Give me the phone.

Why contrary to regulations?

I was consulting the crew
on Henichesk.

You will have your phone back
in Odessa.

And get out of the forecastle
without your life vest on.

In Odessa...
When are we going to be there?

Take it.

- What is going on?
- Get out of here!

We are starting
some non-standard training

on how to act against
organized unarmed civil groups.

Move on, Serega.

We are practicing the defence.


Bend your knees.

Smile, put some smile on your face.

Smile, can't you hear me? Stronger!

Mind your knees.

Gena, beat the shit out of Smile.

Come on! Don't just wave it!

Combat alarm number one!

Combat alarm number one!

There is 12 meters between block ships.

Actually, our minesweeper
must steam through at minimum speed.

It might steam through.

What are we waiting for?

For an order. What else can we do?

Fuck. Do we have a meeting
with prawns today?

Get the hell out! One! Two!

No problem, sergeant.
Don't be so rude.

Hey! Where to?

Misha, you're staying.

Haven't you heard?

- Whose wafers are these?
- Not mine.

What have you been talking about
with the youngsters?

What do you mean?

I mean their attitudes!

What's the gossip?


They say Sahaidachnyi has surrendered.

Bullshit! What else?

If you hear anything, let me know.
You can go now.

Aye aye, sir!

The rear admiral has ordered us
to go back to port.

Ilya, stop smoking in the cabin,
obey the ship rules.

You see, I received an order.

Stop talking through your hat.

You have two choices.

Either surrender the ships
or switch sides.

Guys, you'll get your awards.

What if we refuse?

You know that the president allowed us
to engage you in case of an attack?

What president do you mean?

Your president is on the territory
of our country.

The interim president.

He is a clown, not a president.

Don't make it too hot!

Are you going to shoot?

Please, step aside, Mr. Midshipman.

- Nalyvaiko!
- Here.

Will you jump as far as this ship?

I will.

Come on then.


Engine overheat!
Engine overheat!

Engine room,
all capacity at a pump!

Lev, can you hear me?

Aye, aye, sir!

Lev, come on!

Are you asleep?

I'm talking to you!

without Chernihiv we will fail.

Boria surrendered the ship.

Kirovograd and Kherson
surrendered as well, Yura.

Slow down.

Hello, Sania.


Seaman Slichnyi
from Chernihiv minesweeper.

What is going on here?

We want to join you.

Here's the deal.

Let’s fight, guys?

- Let’s fight.
- Go to the captain.

Vadim, have you got the keys
to the armoury?

Are you going to fight
your daughter’s godfather?

And you, your brother-in-law?

Look, guys.

Everything is in our favour.

The salary is four times bigger
for the same job.

Aren’t you sick and tired
of this poverty?

What country did you swear an oath to?

Yesterday we received an ultimatum
from the Russians.

The following ships surrendered:
Kherson, Kirovohrad and Chernihiv.

Henichesk stayed with us,
and Olshanskyi,

but almost without crew.

Cherkasy is going to resist.

If somebody does not agree with this,
they should leave the ship.

You must make a quick decision.

I promise, you won’t suffer
any consequences on my part.

All those who want to leave,
please move to the starboard side.

Be reasonable.
Some of you have wives and children...

We are not prepared to fight
against fraternal people!

Are you frozen? Afraid?

I see, let me go. See ya!

That's the lot?

Pack your things.

Who else is there?

You have five minutes!
Late runners will have to swim!

Kiss your wife on my behalf.

And what about you, Genka?

My mom is ill.

Fuck this shit!

What are you doing?

You, sons of bitches!

What are you doing?


Swim away, dork!

Let them in.

Come in threes.



- Where are the cartridges?
- Go! You might shoot somebody.


Starboard, get ready to moor Henichesk.

Pass the heaving line! Mind your heads!


- Good health.
- Good health.

- Hi, Jura.
- Let's go.

- Accept the supplies.
- Move on!

Move on! Keep awake! Be careful.

Do I have to enter here?

Yes, you have your own tank, Cherkasy.

Enter the connection.

You see?

I am here.

Here is Olshanskyi.

Yura, do you read me?

I can hear you OK.

Somebody is shooting at me.
What should I do?

Leave it. If you get killed,
you'll come back to life again.

We will have continuous communication.

- Are you sure nobody will hear us?
- For sure!

This is reliable protection.
It's a serious game, for money.


How do you know all this?

How? How? My son taught me.


360, this is 311.

- Over.
- Olshanskyi here.

I am trying to sail through
between the block ships.

Then to Odessa.

Follow me.

Keep close to the shore,
they won't get you.

Good luck, Yura.


I recommend to ease the right by one.

Mr. Midshipman.

Everyone to their posts!

A ship to the right.
Special forces are on deck.

This is a Ukrainian Navy ship.
What's your business?

Supply water to hydrants!

Name yourself.
What's your board number?

Prepare for impact!

He is going to ram us!

Sania, are you there?

Henichesk was assaulted, Yura.

The crew were beaten badly.
Sania has gone missing.

What next, Dima?

It's only a matter of time.

Olshanskyi will be next.
Over and out.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to heroes.
Nice to meet you, Tagir.

Give the rest, boys.

Take it.

We're taking.


Keep it safe.

Hang in there, guys.

Raise the flag.

At ease, boys.

- What should we eat?
- Fuck knows. Let’s cook something.

Let's chow down.

You, a donkey!

Come on! Fold it.

Calm down.

- Lev!
- I'm here.

Where exactly?


Damn, Lev.

Even on the ship you have managed
to become a hermit.

We can play hide-and-seek. Take it.

Enjoy your meal.

Come to us, on the deck.
There’s fresh air there.

There is an object
off the starboard bow!




39. Together.

The training's over.

Let's make a video.

You film, Mop!

The ruby sparks of the dusk sun
Chop evil passions, burn from inside

Jump above the sky, brother and sister,

Golden sparks - sparks of the campfire

Rejoice at the hammer in the mighty hand

The waterfall, the youth
in the fast river

Beat the drum - pam pam

Barricades, pals, and a perfect Babel

Warriors of the light,
warriors of welfare

Guard the summer,
fight till the morning

Where are you heading to, my friend?

- To my brother, sir.
- Brother?

What do you have with you?

- What is the problem?
- I asked you a question!

I have some tackle with me.

Tackle, you say? Show me.

What is the problem?

The problem is you're here.

Tagir has not got in touch.

Everything is clear.

Let's go.



3-1-1, over.

Combat alarm!


Left board! Throw a grenade!

Moving target tracking. Deny boarding.

Stern! Fire on anticipation!

Faster! Chase them away!
Shevchenko, shoot at the water!

Shevchenko, shoot! Psych up!
Damn! Come on!

Have him in the crosshairs!


Fucking pirates!

We are unarmed!

We want to talk.

Great job, folks. You have balls.

I am listening.

I suggest to finish this circus.

Let us go to Odessa.

Yura, you are the only one left.

Olshanskyi surrendered.

They even did not try to resist.

I'm giving you the last chance
to change sides with honor.

Some honor.

I don’t want anybody to die.

Our condition is to let us make way
to Odessa.

Fuck! Mi-24!

Defend the ship!

Pop smoke!

Every one to portside!

Defend the ship!

Don't let them near!

The minesweeper Cherkasy
is the last Ukrainian ship…

Warriors of the light,
warriors of welfare

guard the summer,
fight until the morning

warriors of welfare,
warriors of the light

Jah Rastafari

Fight until the daylight


- Guys!
- Quiet!

We are the last Ukrainian ship
in Crimea.

But it's over.

During the last attack
the steering pump broke down.

So what?

We keep fighting, don't we, guys?

- Quiet!
- Guys!

The next attack will be the last one.

You want us to give them the ship
just like that?

What are you doing?

Lev, step back.

Step back!

Pour cement mixture!

What is going on with you?

Pour it.

That is an order.

Pour it, come on.

Calm down, damnit!

Everybody gather near the steering room.

The black mountain

The Black Sea, hey…

The Black Sea, the nice sea, hey

The Black Sea, the nice sea

All the same, the black mountain

My mother is the black mountain,
hey, hey, hey

No one knows, no one knows, hey

Where has the moon hidden, hey

Hey, fire my rifle, do fire,
So that my kitten hears me

The engine area is clear!

Hey, fire my rifle, do fire,
So that the girl hears me

My mother is the black mountain,
hey, hey, hey

Do wait my friend,
do wait my friend, hey

Let's smoke, my friend,
let's smoke, my friend, hey

We with him are two bandits

Knows my mother, the black mountain,
hey, hey, hey

I will never and to no one,
give my native home

Knows my mother, the black mountain,
hey, hey, hey

Hey, guys. Isn’t it hot there?

Everything is OK!

Captain, open the door.
Don't be stupid.

We did not invite anybody.

Look, if you keep acting like this,
we'll send your ship to the bottom.

Maybe under water you will chill out.

Send for a tugboat.

They are tugging us to shore.

Guys, I owe you an apology.

I could have taken an independent decision
to make way to Odessa.

Instead I was waiting for the order.

That’s why we are here.

It is not so bad here, sir.

We’ll see.

Call the senior!

What are we going to do, captain?

Don’t lower the colors and let us go.

Deal! Open the door.

Get ready.

Stand up, Misha, we are leaving.

Open the door.

Come on, Cossacks.
Come up in fours.

Misha, we must go.

Will you make it?

- Get up. Hear me?
- You two in there!

He needs help!

What help are you talking about?
Get out now!

He can’t do it by himself.

You two, downstairs.
And no ceremonies.

Go away! Damn!
Have you fallen asleep?

Stand up! Damn. You fucking pansy!

Go away, I said!

Damn! Stand up!

Leave him!

Don’t be daft. Throw the gun!

Go away!

There he is at the back.


Is he sleeping? Son!

Mishka! Crikey! Get off!

Come on, my son! Come on!

Come on. I'll take it.

We have been waiting for you.

Kids, go and play…


Misha is back!

Your former teacher wants to greet you.

Hello, Oksana Mykolaivna.

This is from our school.

We've already hung up the portrait.
Now you'll meet with the kids.

You'll tell them everything, won’t you?

Mishania, you are a hero!

Everybody is talking about you.

Do you remember Sofiika?

Hi, Misha.

Don't stand here. Sit down.

Sit down!

Start pouring!

Sit here, son.

Does everybody have a drink?

Mayor, say something!


Yes, mayor?


Yes, mayor?

- We are proud of you!
- To Misha!

Look, Lev…

I am sorry about Serega…

There's nothing to be sorry about.


Thank you for…

You know what I mean.

Well, seaman. I don’t understand.

What are you doing here?
Let’s go outside!

- Your uncle wants to see you.
- Give me a moment, dad.

Why are you so sad? What happened?


Why is nobody asking about Lev?

Don't be silly! What Lev?

We are happy to see you at home,
you see.

Let’s go, my son.

I won’t stay here, dad.

What do you mean?

I mean...

I'll join the army.

Where exactly, my son?

I haven’t decided yet.

Let’s go.
We will talk about it tomorrow.

One moment, dad.
Let me think about it.

Okay, okay...
Crew, wake up!

Come out, son. What will people think?

On March 25th, 2014
the minesweeper U311 Cherkasy

was seized by Russian special forces.

After lowering the ship's flag,

Crimea fell under control
of the Russian Federation.

Russian troops took part in fighting
in eastern Ukraine.

The war is still ongoing to this day.