U14 (2020) - full transcript

A late-night radio DJ is bombarded with calls all making the same ominous request.

So exactly what does a man say
when you've taken 38 years of

his life and thrown it away
without so much as a thank you?

Well, I don't think you wantme
saying what I said exactly,

but it sure did
feel good to say it.

Yes, sir.

I'm sure you're sure it did.

Mmm-hmm, and anybody who wants
to can go ask him what I said

because I don't care
who knows it.

What they did was not right.

Not to me or
none of the other boys.

I put my back into the plant.

I missed a lot of
stuff I will never have back.

I was never young when I
was there, but I spentup what I

had left of it
when I was there.

I don't know why I
never tried to leave earlier.

I think it's because we was all
in it together it felt like .

Well, if that ain't
the point of it all.

You know, I may be
sitting pretty now,

I can't complain.

I want for nothing.

But I've been there more times
than I can count.

I know what it's like going
down that tunnel with no

end in sight.

Now, life, I mean, it puts you
through the wringer, but all

you can do is make the
best of what it gives you.

You got to buckle your
ass down, find your people,

grab that silver lining and
hold onto it for every damn bit

of life that you're worth.

Ain't that right?

That's a way you
say it, I guess .

Thank you for calling KTXJ.

How may I help you?

One last thing, old timer.

Do you have any wisdom
for our young folks out there?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I suppose let's hear it.

You know, I heard him say it,
but looking back, I figure I

really do regret the things I
didn't do more the little

things I did do.

I know.

That's right.

Well, that's a nugget, a front
porch wisdom if I've

ever heard it.

Thanks for the talk, old.

Are you have yourself a good
night's keep on doing what

you're doing for the
rest of you out there.

You do the same.

You're old buddy Rooster here
is pulling for you.

Well, it looks like
we got one more caller.

Then we're going to take a
break and put a little

reason to unite.

Hey there, Umbrella.

Talk to me.

Hey, Rooster, I'm having
a hard time.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

What you got going on us?

I was supposed to have the
kids tonight, but my ex-wife

called and said that I can't
see them until we have no idea

what we're talking.

She's moving in with her
boyfriend down in Dallas.

Unless I want to drive an extra
six hundred miles a week on

have my visitation cut week
in a month.

I feel your brother a lot of
people get on the court system

and find out that it
ain't too kind to daddies.

You got a plan?

I don't know, man.

I was just calling because,
you know, I'm not doing too,

you know, wanted to
make a request.

Oh, sure.

What can we play for you?


You fourteen.

Oh, man.

You know, you're fourteen.

You're going to have to refresh
my memory a little, buddy.

You've played in a real
long time, but I know you've

got to still have it up there.

You're fourteen, man.

I'll write you fourteen.

We'll we'll dig it up.

All right.

Thanks for comin.

Little reminder out
there, folks.

Hold those babies tight because
you never know what this world

is going to bring you.

This world spins hard
and fast.

And whether or not you
know it, the ground you're

standing on right
now spins with it

seems like we've got a
lot of sad people out there.

And I don't it well, let's put
a little sad song on for

everybody to make them
feel a little less alone.

How bout a
little alten, Perry?

All right.

We're going to the music.

Sit tight, hum along if
you know it.

And you should.

I will be right back.

We're here for you.

Keep it on KTXA.

Connie, girl,
check your damn phone.

Thank you for calling KTXA This
is your man, Rooster.

What can I do you for?

Oh, well, hi,
I'm a longtime listener.

Me and the kids used
to listen back when you had

that morning show.

But this is my
first time calling.

Always nice to hear from
a fan, ma'am.

How old are the little ones?

Well, the oldest two are about
12 now, but the youngest one is

just about to graduation's.

Thank you.

I've been sitting up with
him all night.

He's got an ear infection
and can't sleep.

So you see if
it's not too much trouble.

I wanted to know.

Could you please play U14?

I know you're not strictly
oldies anymore, but I remember

it and I thought
you might still have it.

Were you 14?


Thank you.

Now, is that a song
or is it a little.

Thank you for calling Kajiji,
this is your man, Rooster.

What can I do you for?

Where are you?

What the hell of a question?

I'd like to make a request.


Come on, you folks want
to play you 14 tonight.

So, yes, you would
like to request you Borking.

Yes, I will get that right.

Memory is right on.

Because I do well.

That's Christopher Bell,
ladies and gentlemen, make your

way on out to Houston
or San Antonio whenever he's in

town anyhow, as you
all surely know by now.

There's nothing I love more
than to listen to you guys on

those late and lonely nights.

And you've been
real talky tonight.


What's going on out there?

But I'll be damned if
I believe you guys hang in.

So we're going to try a little
experiment here, a bona fide

blast from the past for
all those, you know,

you out there.

So fingers crossed.

And without further ado,
I present you 14.

Sometimes the real get
it down.

No body,

no body, no bodies failed and
so far invented by.

And we are back.

I hope you didn't miss
me too much.

I'll be doing OK out
there tonight, folks.

We are going to get
to some callers real soon.

But first, we're going
to get some music going.

Keep listening to KTXA is
your man Rooster.

And we'll be right back.

Connie, what the hell,
how long we've been off?

Thank you for calling KTXA
is your man.

What can I do you for?

Wow, the rooster above the
whole damn building finally

burned to the ground
long as you've been out.

No, no, no.

We're all good up here.

Just some technical
difficulties when it comes to

the territory of having too
many buttons and switches and

not enough brain cells.

Glad to hear it.

Glad to hear it.

Say, if you want to make it up
to me, why don't you folks pop

in you 14 for old time's sake.

You're 14.

Yeah, you 14.

Glad to hear
from me again, Rooster.

I'll take care now.

Anyhow, as you all surely know
by now, there's nothing I love

more than hearing from you
folks out there, almost those

and lonely nights that you've
been real talking to.

Not sure what's going on
out there, but I'd sooner

rather give my right arm than
I'll leave you folks hanging.

So we are going to try a
little experiment, a bona fide

blast from the past, a little
gift from me to you.

So without further ado.

You 14.

Some time the real
get pinned down.

No body,

no body, no bodies built
and so far has been an.

Connie, Connie, do you see that
the young girl who's there,

you can't be riding a.

I can hear somebody the morning
I wake up praising him, I say,

why did I do it?

Nobody else will fight it
better than I did in my.

I'll be right back, OK?

My baby girl, my, my.

It's so far to go
by and by and do.

Christina, by the way, you know
what I do know, ba ba ba ba ba

ba ba ba ba ba ba

ba ba ba ba ba ba
ba ba ba ba ba ba ba.

They waited and waited
in the land land of.


Connie, you're in their.

Hello, good evening, sir.

Is this Katie?

Yes, this is the station look,
this there's something

going on here.

I don't know what it is if
somebody in the station and I

don't know who it is or
what if I kick it out?

Am I speaking to Rooster?


This is fucking.

Did you hear.

I need your fucking help.

No need for that.

Rooster, are
you somewhere safe?

Well, I.

I don't know.

I'm, I'm locked in one
of the booths.

I don't know if you
need to take.

This is all perfectly normal.

This isn't the time to be
sensitive for your safety.

I suggest doing your job and
playing you for change

will come do it the
hard way if you think it's.

They'll get in and out and
everybody in the fighting and.


It's the last thing

we want to drive our cars out.

I remember your voice.

With your fork
out, yeah, not leaving.


I got it on.

I don't want to do this.

It's not what you think about
it and what about it?

Maybe, you know, maybe.

It's no big deal, but it's.

Wendy Wright is the
former head of the gang.

That's where we go.