Tyttö sinä olet tähti (2005) - full transcript

A woman dulled with praise, Nelli is well on her way to Med-School thanks to her parents, but dreams of a career as a singer.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

My life is just beginning
Many possibilities opening

A future leader, I didn't start well
I'll face the hard times by myself

With age come responsibilities
Must pay rent and a lot of bills

I'm standing on my own two feet
Don't need help, wanna be me

May not always have a clue
I'll finish school, might fail, too

Next I have to go beg for a job
Some do drugs, booze or broads

I'm standing in a crossroads
With nothing in my way

I'm gonna see what I can be
Every second will count to me

There 's no sense in nothing
I'm growing and I'm hurting

Only this day has meaning


See you in the library,
enzymes and bones.

Sweetie, it was beautiful.
- We thought so, too.

You're my little angel.

H i, it's been a long time.
Your daughter is really talented.

Didn't dad come?
- He had some meeting.

Didn't you have a meeting?
- I got away early.

I surfed the Web looking for
help for your entrance exam.

It's really cool. Some of it is
in Latin. Look what I found.

Head bones?

Occipitale, parietale, frontale, -

ethmoidale and sphenoidale.

Facial bones.

Facial bones?

Let's just sleep.
- If you want.

Nelli, we'll give you a lift.
- I'll take my bike.

We're going the same way.
- Still...

I won't be ready for a while.
- Alright. See you tonight.

This has to be delivered by four.

Good afternoon, l'm Nelli Rautio.

I heard you're looking for
a new R&B artist. That's me!

Ok, leave a demo,
we'll get back to you.

I don't have a demo.
But I sing in a choir, I dance -

l've written some lyrics
and l'm hard-working.

I could come to an audition
or something. - OK, sing.

Excuse me?
- Six floors.

- Five floors.


Hey, what's up?
Great stuff. Keep it up.

Look, this isn't Popstars.
- I can really sing, but...

Take this Sune,
from the 'Rough Necks'.

They have a studio,
a finished product, fans.

Bring a demo and we'll see.

I know this sounds desperate
but do you have a studio?

Yeah. - Could you help me make
a demo? I don't know anyone.

Can you compose music?
- Yeah. What kind?

Mostly R&B.
- I guess.

Great! I'm Nelli Raunio.

But R&B isn't music.

It's an illness that should
be wiped off the map.

What's up?

How's your CD coming?
- We're mixing...

This is good. Go Rough Necks!

Listen to this.
I layered eight lead tracks.

Now it has more kick.
- Yeah.

It's changed a bit from the
original. - I worked on it all night.

That new girl is singing like...

'Hey, l'm crazy in the wind'.

And that new beat...

It reminds me of
some Euro-pop crap.

And you remind me of an...


Aren't we creating
a song for the radio?

Oh, something to fill the gaps
between commercials?

I don't know how you got
a contract with a half-done demo.

But you should know that we can
break the deal off just like that.

Let's do that.

Sune... l'm sorry.

I'm willing to compromise.
- That's where we're different.

I'm gonna go make real music.
You'll stay here and doodle.


Just forget about them.

Let 'em drink their own piss.
We've got our own business.

We have our beat and laws.
We can make our own sounds.

We've gotten this far.

Let's have fun!

I thought it was OK.

What do you mean 'Okay'?
- I mean for the radio.

So it's good music
if it sells records?

How else can you tell?
- Some feel it here.

You have a job and no kid.
Kids cost money. - Get a job.

You think I haven't tried to?
- I know, you wanna be 'a star'.

What's wrong with living off
your own music? - Nothing.

But that wasn't OUR music.
You can sell your self if you want.

Excuse me.
Could I have an autograph?

Sorry, just sit down.
Move a little, will you?

You want something?
- Sure, a cider.

You want a cider?
- Yeah.

Go and get it.
- Oh yeah, sorry.

I'm not going anywhere with him.
I wanna go read Jenna a story.

The first two rounds are on me.

It's a hall of fame of babes.

Are you coming?
- I don't think so.

But if you wanna borrow
that CD -

I can make tea or something...

I promised the guys...
- Just decide!

Of course, if it's inconvenient...

Go for 'tea'. We'll be fine.

But you're crashing at my place
and you don't have keys.

OK, I won't force you.

I don't have that CD either!

What a waste of natural
resources. That babe was...

You're a fucking idiot. - She
just wanted to lend me a CD.

- Jackass.

Sune, are you gay?

You don't have to hide it from us.
Come out of the closet.

That music sucks.
I'm not going in.

Hey! The finer
the babe, -

the worse
her taste in music.

Sune just wants to go to
a gay bar. - Give it a rest.

Don't gays have great taste
in music? It comes from 'here'.

Do you ladies know
any nice guys?

If you see a nice looking guy,
I can go and get him.

But do you wanna be
in charge in bed?

Can't a guy have high standards?
- Sure.

But you're just scared of women.

Let's see you pick someone up.
- I wanna see that, too.

Bet you a bottle of brandy
you can't get anyone here.

Or aren't these girls
'high standard'?

That blond. - She wouldn't
sneeze in your direction.

Who knows.

You're gonna loose.
- I won't say no to free booze.

Guys turn into such pervs
in our faculty parties.

This Tony, he's nuts. Once...

I mean: They save the world.
Well, lives anyway.

And they have fucking syphilis.

H i broads... I mean 'girls'.

'H i'.

I was thinking about that demo.

I could rustle together something.
R&B usually sucks in Finland.

We could mix
a more modern sound.

Like Kelis and Destiny's Child.

Yes, there could be
a modern dance track -

and then something a bit more
soulful, like Franklin or Badu.


Did you want ice?
- No, thanks.

Big brother.

Working together sounds good.
It might be fun. I'm a lot of fun.

Should I come to your studio?

I have a phone.
- Give it here.

Should we make an appointment?

Give me the number.
I wanna see if it's real!

It is. You owe me.
- Step on a nail, fag.

She gave you her number
so you'd go wash her windows.

She's coming by tomorrow.
- You still need to score.

Are you all rap stars?
- Yes, yes.

Look at this place.
I'd never move here.

What kind of studio is it?
- Maybe they're saving on rent.

I could sit in the lobby.
- Silly... See you tonight.

- What's up?

Tuija has implants.
- No, she doesn't.

They were fucking hard.
- Not when I pumped her.

Under the bed... better sound!

This is gonna be hard stuff!

What's up? - We want proof.
You need to go all the way.

I'm not taping anything.

He's gay. Big.

Or small. Tiny gay.

Give Mr. Daddy a kiss.

He's gay, he's gay.

H i!

Am I early? - No.
This is Condy and Mr. Daddy.

H i.
- Be gentle.

Be careful with that.
- Sorry.

You want a beer?
- No thanks.

Wine? At least it used to be.
It's homemade.

Thanks... But I don't drink
'homemade' this early.

You live here? - Not officially.
This is zoned for industry.

Have you done anything?
- You mean music?

Sure, I rustled a rhythm together
but then the computer crashed.

You have lyrics?
I could take a look. - OK.

Come sit down. I won't bite.

It's not finished yet
but this is for that faster track.

And this is for something else?
- No, it's the same one.


And this is...


I'd feel more comfortable
if I knew your R&B style.

Of course. Definitely.

I'm just having a few problems.
The IP-proxy isn't working.

When can you get it fixed?

Jenna, say 'boujakasha'.
- What a great godfather you are.

But cool first words.
- You're a psycho.

Give me some love today.

Well? Did you score?

It was close.
- Did she blow you?

But you seduced her?
- Sure.

Don't tease him.
- I've got it well in hand.

You got it exactly in your hand.
- Shut up!

Come on! Babes like her
never put out on the first date.

Sune, this is how it's done.

Mr. Daddy wants some breast.

How did it go?
- He hit on me.

I knew it! - I just wanna know
what kind of music he makes.

What is this place? - Don't know.
I found it on the Web.

Does he play in that band?
- Do you know them?

No... I can't come.
- Why not?

That autopsy is in the morning.
I have to go.

I gotta go in. - Go ahead.
I forgot about tomorrow. Sorry!

You can't leave.
- I'm sorry. It's at nine!


H i!
- H i.

Where are you going?
- Home.

You're coming to the backstage.
- No...

Come on! You like brandy?
- No.

Are you a model or something?
- Not really. Should I be?

You've got potential.

Sune, I found your girlfriend.

We're not a couple.
- Sorry. I thought you were close.

If we had known she'd be here, we
could've cleaned up our language.

I couldn't make out
anything anyway.

Too noisey for your right?
- You could say that.

Maybe the noise was the sound
of you spitting in your fist.

Just a sec.

What's your problem?

Sorry. I mean thanks.
- That's okay.

- Not exactly my kind of music.

But I was leaving.
Where's the door?

Go up and then left.
- OK. Bye!

I can show you.
It can be difficult to find.

I fixed the equipment and
now I have a great track ready.

Let's forget about the demo.
- Why?

Our styles are so different.

I can be open-minded.
We can do it the way you want.

I can do anything...
At least come and check it out.

I'm home in the morning,
the afternoon, in fact all day.

I might come by at three,
but l'm not promising anything.

H i!

This is the loop.

The verse could... start here.

I'm standing in the crowd
I can see only one

Come closer now
I can feel you near

Though the house is full
You're the one I need

Think you knocked me off
my feet...

You can really sing. - Did you think
I would just be naked in the cover?

That wouldn't hurt.
- Are you flirting with me?

No, I just meant...

Singles have those kind of covers.
I mean visibility is good...

What about the track?
- It does have potential.

I'm standing in the crowd
I can see only one

Come closer now
I can feel you near

Though the house is full

I'm standing in the crowd
I can see only one

Come closer now
I can feel you near...

You can't do that...

...stop and say nothing.

What am I supposed to say?
- Give me a reason, some advice.

I never say anything.
The guys talk bull while I mix.

Do I look like
a bullshitting hip hopper?

Shave your head and eat pizza
and you can replace Mr. Daddy.

That was a joke.
- I know. And a good one.

I'm standing in the crowd
I can see only one

Come closer now
I can feel you near

Though the house is full
You're the one I need

It goes on a little longer.

That is all I care about
Dance close to you now

That's how I'm doing
'Cause of you I'm still falling

That's how I'm doing

Come to me
Love the way you're moving...

It's awful.

- Do I sound horrible?

Maybe a little unpolished,
but this isn't ready yet.

Here the voice needs support.
We'll add all kinds of stuff.

If I can make Mr. Daddy sound good,
you have nothing to worry about

It's still stiff. Record companies
want a smoother catch.

Do YOU think it's stiff or are
you afraid someone else might?


If you worry about how others
accept you, you'll become deaf.

There's more to singing
than pleasing others.

If I was smart,
I wouldn't be here.

I should be revising.
- Is that what you want to do?

I don't know.

I don't want to end up
working in a grocery store.

What would be wrong with that?

Are you serious?

I work days in a factory
so I can do my kind of music.

- Nothing.

How about sauna?
- I'm going out with Mari.

You don't spend time
with me anymore. - Nor me...

See you later.

The drivers think
the whistles will scare us away.

Why did I agree to do this?
- 'Because you feel sick...'

'You sublimate those repressed
feelings to uncontrolled vandalism'

'It's perfectly normal
for a girl your age'. - Thanks.

This is our gallery.

Condy and I did that.
I think Condy did that.

Mr. Daddy and Valtteri did that.

Valtteri is in a government hotel
at the moment.

Condy did that one, too.
What do you think? - I don't know.

Do you at least like the colors?

Hold on...

Now it won't clatter.
Start there!

Okay, vandalism...

A couple of months in jail
and a fine of 1 0 000 euros.

I just wonder what my dad
would say. - Why?

He probably built this place.

Well, it's a family business.

What's this going to be?

A mark in the world.

What for?
- I can't explain

You'll understand when
you've done it once.

Is this fun?

Is it?

- There you go.

Did you see someone?
There's someone there.

- Come on!

Are you sure you saw someone?
- Someone this size.

Oh, Condy did say
they've seen guards that size.

First you don't notice them
and then they're all over you.

I should get my bike.

We've been thinking.
- L'm listening.

Don't freak out but as track
two 'The Kingdom' works.

'The Drug' as track three
might not sound so bad.

Then we could finish off
with a couple of hard hitters.

How's that sound?
- It's a good idea.

Are you on something?
- No...

I just love you guys.

What a guy!
We want that tape!

That made me shiver...

'I just love you guys'.
Yeah, right.

I'm Nelli Rautio

Let's move for half an hour.
Then we'll work on strength.

Let's warm up. Breathe!

Good. Now to the side.

Now double the pace. Lower!

One, two, three, four
and five, six, seven, eight.

Thanks. It was a great lesson.
- Thanks. See you.

That was weird.
- How so?

You're wearing loose fit pants,
and the music is different.

Can't I be into new music?
- You're into something else new.

Tell me? - Rap this
and brothers from Bronx that.

Sune is all you talk about.

You're so wrong!


The paint on the ceiling
is flaking off -

and the floor
needs to be varnished...

This is great.
Did you see the bathroom?

You okay?

What is it?

I don't know.
Things are just changing so fast.

There's no need to rush.
This isn't the only apartment.

There's a ceramic stove
and it's a great location, but...

We'll find exactly
the type of place you want.

No, this is great.
- Don't say that on my account.

No, I want...
- Me?

Come here!

What are you doing?
- Amping up the atmosphere.

I don't need that.

Wait until you hear the track
that I did last night.

This is...

It's good...

But that one song is enough.

How come?
- I have so much going on.

I'm really busy.
Could we just finish it?

Sure. Let's finish it.

For fuck's sake!
Nothing ever works around here.

Let it be! It sounded just fine.

You're not even listening. You
can't trust this crappy equipment.


Is this necessary? - We have to
hear it from a proper stereo.

You know what make they are?
- No but they were expensive.

Should I take my shoes off?


Didn't you go out?
- No.

This is my dad, Kari.
This is Sune.

We came to listen to a song.
- What song?

One we've been working on.

Sune is a... composer.

Fine. Come in.
You can leave your shoes there.

This is interesting.
How did you do this?

On a computer. - So there's
no inspiration involved?

Well, there is sort of.
I usually start with a beat -

and then I try pumping
different melodies to it.

Then I give it some kick,
make it more personal.

I didn't understand anything. Is
there a choir in the background?

No, it's just a special effect.
Her voice has been multiplied.

You hear that?
Nelli has been multiplied.

This must have be difficult.
- What do you mean?

You're talented.
This is really good.

But why now?
Your exams are approaching.

Maybe she did it now
because she wanted to.

Wanted to?

You can always want things.
You can dream.

I wanted to be an actor, -

but l've never regretted
getting a real job

Yeah, right!

A toast to Nelli.
Dad loves you...

You're perfect.
You can do anything

To be or not to be.
That is the question...

Take that path to the road.
The bus turns around there.

There you'll find the bus stop.

Are you okay?
- Yeah.

I'm fine.

They're just trying to
encourage me.

Encourage or pressure.
There's no big difference.

At least they care about you.

When we met, I thought
you were a total bastard.

What do you think now?
- That you're a talented bastard.

I thought you were a snob.
Now l'm starting to think...

You're just a normal girl.

No one has ever said
anything that nice to me.

That's our yacht over there.

You don't have a yacht.
- Yes, we do...

Really? - And Dad
doesn't even know how to sail.

A little girl like me

Is easy to forget

If the wind catches my hair

The door will close after me

Hold me tight

Never let go!

We should double the verse, too.
- Sure.

What is this place?
- It's Cyprus.

We figured we couldn't afford to
fly there, so we built our own.


I'll mess up my shirt.
- Then take it off.

You got some there.

It's your brother.

Wait a sec!

H i, l'm Sune.
- Mikko Vaisanen. We've met.

Come in, come in!

I was in the neighborhood. Thought
l'd come listen. Brought snacks.

Sit down.

This is what we've put together.

You like?
- Yeah.

Your sister is an amazing singer.
- Excuse me, who?

Your sister. Do you sing?
- I'm not all that musical.

I should go.
- I'll come with you.

We were supposed to...

Take your time.
- Mikko!

You have your bike.
- I'm coming with you.

See you later!

I have a lot to do.
I'll call you.

Not interested.
- I was just playing with him.

I don't want to know.
- Listen to me.

I don't want to hear. - It was hot
and we couldn't open the windows!

I don't want to hear it.
- Mikko...

It was really hot...
- Okay, okay, okay!

It doesn't matter.

- You listen...

Everything is okay.

- Hello!

Sorry, I know l'm late.
- You don't have to apologize.

It's your butt on the line.
- I know.

Where were we? - You've
copied these from the book.

Do you want this anymore?
- Of course I do.

Is everything okay?
- Yes, of course.

It's just with the demo
and moving... - Moving?

We got that place!
- Why didn't you tell me?

I did now. You can come visit,
we'll make good food...

Mikko can invite a friend.
Someone nice this time.

I'll get ice cream.

What about studying?
- We have time.

It's better to just
move in together, you know.

Then it'll be our thing.

Now that we live with my parents
we can't live our own life.

I'm Mari, Nelli's best friend.

I know. We've met.

Didn't know you were coming.

Could've cleaned up,
painted the walls.

Nelli's not here.
- That's new.

What do you want from her?
What do you want from Nelli?

I don't know.
- Right. You don't know.

Aren't you ashamed?

Her exam is in a week
and she's moving in with Mikko!

You're ruining her life.

He's not her brother. They've
been a couple since childhood.

He's a great guy. Have fun
on someone else's expense.

You walk in
when our DJ puts the music on.

Shaking your asses
will get everyone all hot.

Then Mr. Daddy and I
will come out -

and grab the mikes
and do our thing.

I don't know
if we're good enough.

I live around the corner. Let's go
practice, just the four of us...

Do you know why he's called
Condy? - Get the fuck out!

I'll give a hint...
- What the fuck?

Hey... Wake up!


Why don't you answer
your phone?

Where it is?

Have you been drinking?
- No. I ate cat shit for fun

Was that wise?
We were supposed to record.

Sure, give me a minute.

All right... go.

We bet a bottle
whether you'd put out.

You've done this for a bet?

I'm a sore loser...
but I can't wait forever.

Stand me a drink sometime.

Don't take it personally,
but it's over now.

I don't give a shit about some bet.
- Did you want something else?

It's fine by me.

I want the record deal
and you want the bottle.

Or weren't you for real?
You wanna get laid or not?

Of course!

Well then.

You want a beer?
- No thanks.

This isn't art, this is business.
There's no risk in this for you.

I respect you, I trust you.
I know I can be frank with you.

I'm Nelli Rautio.
You promised to call me.

Must have forgotten.
- Have you even heard the demo?

Yeah. You sing well
and the tracks are great.

It just doesn't fit in
the picture this year.

Feel free to call other companies.

There's this murmur,
it's like they're shooting animals.

We'll take it
to Scandinavia, Europe, but...

One more thing. What did
you think of the third track?

It was catchy
and it had groove, -

but it's the package that counts.

It didn't have a third track.
- Oh...

The cops shot my brother
Left him lying on the street

I saved 'em a bullet
Can't wait 'til we meet

They come to your home
They have no right

That makes me angry
Want to put up a fight

Remember the day
when I got my first gun...

Why did you turn it off?

It's shit.
- What?

Your brother was high and got
shot in the leg. He deserved it.

That's not the point.
- What is?

It's supposed to be aggressive.

And that's fine but we agreed
to make a song about trust.

YOU do it then.
- Don't cry over criticism.

You're a dictator.
I can't take this.

Fuck you!
You'd be nothing without me!

You have a broken heart.
- Smell your testicles.

I was wondering
why we were getting nowhere.

Your hard drive
is full of her jingles.

I get you. It wasn't easy
when I knocked Saija up.

People almost spat on me.
She was only sixteen.

Well, almost sixteen.

But somehow you get through it.

I love my girls,
no matter what others think.

Give Mr. Daddy some love.

Hey, I had some time to think.

Relationships are complicated.
There are ups and downs.

And each fits into its own
time, place and space.

That's life and life carries you.

You fucking jackass.
'Life carries you'.

You come and give us that shit!


You want something to drink?
- No, thank you.

How are you?
- Fine, thanks.

So you haven't done
any gigs yet?

We haven't had time.
But I love to perform.

OK, let's get down to business.

We get new stuff all the time
but it never gets published.

There are pirate copies,
illegal downloading...

We're not taking new artists now.

I'm sorry I have to tell you...

But we'd like to offer you a deal.

- If you're interested.

Are you serious?
- Welcome to the firm!

Really! Thank you!

Thank you!

We have to come to an agreement
on several things.

First we'd like to know
who wrote the music.

Sune from 'The Rough Necks'.
Isn't he one of your artists?

How did you get him to do R&B?
- I don't know. Why?

Some of us had a falling out
with him and we ended his deal.

I have a problem with this.
- Take it easy now.

We don't work together anymore.

We did those tracks and that's it.

You scared me. - Sorry.
Your mom said I could wait here.

What now? - I have new tracks
if you wanna work on them.

What? Now you're doing
R&B shit just for fun?

You don't have to.
I got a record deal.

Oh yeah, we had a deal, too.
Almost forgot.

You have to get that brandy.
- Stop it.

All right, go!

Should I start moaning?
Would that sound good?

There's a bottle of brandy
at stake here!

Come on, tough guy.
Or aren't you up for it?

When we come out of there
we'll have those rights.

We tell him that
we can't pay anything.

We give him nothing or just
a little. If that doesn't work...

Have booze there, girls.
Don't get nervous, take it easy.

There's strength in numbers.
Let's bring Riitta.

Let's bring that guy, too.

Sorry we kept you waiting.
Hope you're not in a hurry.

We'd like to use
one of your tracks, -

if we can agree on
the financial side.

You know we have practically
nothing for a project like this.

We don't pay much
for rights, anyway.

Artists get compensation
from the copyright society.

This is just red tape, paperwork.

Whatever it reads...
just sign the thing.

It's no big deal.
People sign contracts in the lobby.

Take it easy.
I know, I know...

Sad things have happened.
People have behaved badly.

I apologize for
what you've been through.

Some of us
haven't treated you fair.

I just wan to say that
someone needs to apologize.

I know l've said stupid things.

I'm... l'm sorry.

We all are. And l'm speaking
for the whole company.

We can pay you something.
We can afford...

l'll take responsibility
for this project...

Nelli can use the tracks
if she wants to.

How much do you want for them?
- If it helps her, they're free.

We'll go write that contract.

Did you get a promotion?


H i!

Has mom been raging again?

Look what I brought!

You hate this.
- Yeah, but you like it.

Thanks. Will you play with me?
- Sure.

Jack is much better.
I'll win. Yes!

It's all about sex. We're selling
an image. Sensuality!

That works!

We'll build you an image.
You want to be feminine, sensual!

Fix those bags under her eyes.

Smile. You're beautiful.
You're a star! You're fabulous!

Do some moves!

Good. Don't blink. Smile!

Every teenage boy will masturbate
looking at you. Like that! Good!

This is great for the radio.

What did you pay Sune?
- Nothing, we got these for free!

This works. I want to party!

This has that Stockholm sound
I was talking about.

This is what people want!
- I don't like it.

What now? - There's
way too much stuff in there.

People will love it.

Fine, but I won't work
like this next time.

You want to be on the radio?

Hey, we're doing this together.

You're gonna be a star.

Is mom home?
- She's out shopping.

What's this?

This is a real record company.

Why haven't you said anything?
This is great!

Is it?
- Yes.

How were you going to do this
and med school?

I'm not.

You've got it all wrong. I'll
support you in everything you do.

As long as it's sensible and it
pays well. - I want you to do well.

What if I won't do well?
- Of course you will!

You're a perfectionist. You'll
make it to the top in anything.

What if I won't?
- You will if you want to.

What if I won't?
- Of course you will!

What if I won't?

Has something happened?

Leave me alone.

Your song is on the radio.

One, two, one, two.
Our mike check goes like this!

I look and I see far and wide
The city is the strength of mine

Stop crying 'cause you're broke
Don't wanna be a nervous wreck...

Turn that shit off!
We're trying to do a sound check!

One, two, three.
This is how it goes.

Condy, double this for me.

Come on, you know what I mean
Cure me or I'll do what I please

All I did
was fall out with my boss...

Did someone call?
- Wrong number.

We need to fasten this.

It's wobbling like crazy.

But it's gonna leave
marks on the wall.

Where are you going?
- To return these CD's.

H i!

H i. Sit down.

It's gonna be great.

Sorry about that...

I came to return these CDs.


Have a good gig.

Congrats on the new crib!

Sorry, I should've said...
- That's ok. I should...

That bet never...
- I know.


We still friends?
- Definitely.

All's well that ends well.
- Yeah.

See you around.

Everybody out of here!

Have a good gig.

I need to take a dump.
- No!

I have to.
- No!

I won't. Fine.
- Sit down.

Where are you going?
- My girl's in there!

I have two girls in there!

Peace. Let's make a deal.
I'll pay for your entrance ticket.

This guy will pay for everybody!
- You think you're better than me?

Take it easy!

I'm gonna shit my pants,
I can feel it.

It's better this way.
- Move on to the next one.

It couldn't have worked.
- There's lots of fish in the sea.

She was from a different world...

Do I have to spell out
when to go after a woman?

- Get going!

Can I go for a dump now?
- Fine.

Let go!

It's okay. Let's go in.

Damn it.

Excuse me.
- What?

Mari, hi.
What's it been? Three years?

Shut up and give me some paper!

I learned my lesson
for not using a condom.

You could have told me
about that venereal thing.

I had to call a dozen chicks
to go get themselves checked.

They started calling me 'Condy'.
- I'm really sorry.

That's OK, I dealt with it.

Here, have our CD.
Let's make peace. - Thanks.

How about it?
- What?

You still willing?

Give me a minute
and then we'll go someplace!

Does it hurt?
- No.

Be careful.
What did you do?

Turn your head.

Are you getting blood
in your mouth?

I love you so much,
it makes no sense


Forgive me. I'm really sorry.

I'm Mr. Daddy and this is Sune.
Are we gonna go or what?

Shut up!

Man, you're insensitive.
It's an emotional moment!

I look and I see far and wide
The city is the strength of mine

Stop crying 'cause you're broke
Don't wanna be a nervous wreck

I walk through places, streets
There 's not a soul to meet

Alone, and everything's fucked up
For me we 're one big family

Friens're here, we 're standing tall
No need to fear, won't let me fall

Today we 'll take it easy
Though we 're aiming far

Sometimes the world seems heavy
But music gets me by

Everything keeps moving by itself
We 'll push through, need no help

Life gives, life takes
It carries you, can make you fall

Go for what you want
Soon the moment might be gone

Life gives, life takes
It carries you, can make you fall

Go for what you want
Soon the moment might be gone

Come, let it tell it to me
Come, let it give it to me

I'm taking a step closer now
I'm taking a step closer now

I might stop this but I'm seeing
Say it like it should, meaning

I'll stick to my word
Won't ever pick up a gun

There 're diapers at home
But no money or time

Shopping's like a drug
Let's not drink but learn life

Keep trying, you might get lucky
You don't have to prove nothing

You need to give more, go higher
I know they can't handle me, ever

Won't do this for the money
Though things may not be sunny

I'm standing tall, everything's OK
Going forward with lots to say

Life gives, life takes
It carries you, can make you fall

Go for what you want
Soon the moment might be gone

Life gives, life takes
It carries you, can make you fall

Go for what you want
Soon the moment might be gone

This is how it goes!
Thanks for coming to see us!

Sune thanks you.
Nelli thanks you.

This is how it should be!

Thank you! Thank you!

This is how it goes.
Rough Necks thanks you!

Hey Mr. Daddy, we have to buy
a bottle of brandy. - Right on!

You wanna hear?
- Definitely!

Did you hear that?
She said 'boujakasha'.

Where's record?
- Okay, press that.

Say 'boujakasha'.

Say 'boujakasha'.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.