Typhoon (2005) - full transcript

Myung-sin, who has become a pirate, lives with hatred in his heart and endures the hardships, seeks revenge on the two nations, North and South Korea, using nuclear waste that has the devastating power of plutonium. Se-jong, a South Korean naval officer departs with his team of elite forces to prevent Sin's master plan of Nuclear Typhoon. Born under the same skies of the same race, but of a completely different nation... Living a life so different, the two point their guns at each other's heart...

I live with my mom and dad,

and three older brothers
and a sister.

That is my family.

See! You repeated "and".

It sounds so stupid.

Why don't you try writing it, then?

What are you doing in there?
Come out at once.

We also have to take a picture of you.

You can already go over there.

This looks good.

Have you already photographed everyone?

Come over here.

Ready.. and... Thank you.

Next please.

South Korean kids might see this.

Keep smiling.

Hurry UP-

Help, help us

Help me, please.

No witnesses.


- Put them in the boat.
- Get in the boat.

- Easy.
- That's it.

In the mid-eighties,
extreme poverty in South East Asia

gave rise to modern-day pirates.

Most of them are trained mercenaries.

They usually attack Asian vessels.

This is the first time they've
ever targeted an American vessel.

It was carrying freight guarded by the
US Defense Intelligence Agency,

so it's hard to say whether this was
just an act of random piracy.

- Go ahead.
- Yes, sir.

Did you check the files
from Interpol?

Yes, the Russians are within missile range,
so they can't be excluded. But...

China might be behind this with
its network of Southeast Asian informants.

Who can we put to handle this
from the Southeast Asia Bureau?

We have an Agent White
in the Thai district.

No, not White.

US and Japanese intelligence
are in a bad way in Southeast Asia.

We can't risk any leaks
that may affect our agents.

Have White on standby as a backup,
and select a candidate externally.

Yes, sir.

Lieutenant Kang Sejong.

Graduated second in his class
at the Naval Officers' Academy.

Transferred to Naval Intelligence
in April 2003, he has stationed since.

Trained with the US UDT-SEAL team
so he speaks fluent English.

Especially, at the beginning of his
service, there was an incident

in which he sank a North Korean spy
vessel after several days in pursuit.

Come in.


Lieutenant Kang Sejong

Reporting, sir.

- At ease.
- Yes, sir.

Your country needs your service
for a matter of national security.

Effective immediately,
you are transferred from the Navy

to the Executive Branch.

As soon as the paperwork's done here,
take him away to be briefed.

Yes, sir.

After the Cold War, following the
directives of an international pact,

they stopped making
the nuclear missile guidance systems,

China and Russia have recently been
strengthening military ties,

so the US secretly made
12 kits in Taiwan,

in an effort to level out
the potential threat.

Those contents were looted
on their way to Okinawa.

Why did they move them
by ordinary freight

and risk them being stolen by pirates?

If the kits were on a military vessel
and China discovered the motive,

fighter jets would have taken it down.

China is extremely busy observing
all military cargo

coming in and out of Taiwan.

This morning, the Japanese
and US ambassadors paid a visit

to our president and delivered
the letters from their summit.

They're hoping that we won't get involved.
But we think differently.

We can't just do nothing while a nuclear
missile is aimed at the peninsula.

What if there is resistance?

Take necessary measures first
and report it to me.

Turn left!

How much longer?

Almost done.

Are you happy now?


Vastly has secured 10 tons so far.

These days it's hard
to smuggle nuclear waste out of Russia.

Even Russia is not what it used to be.

30 tons

as we agreed,

or the deal is off.

That is more difficult
than looking for a nuclear bomb.

If I don't have a good answer
within a week,

I'll hand the rest over to Pakistan.

What about the payment
for finding Park Wansik?

I paid you enough for that.

Wait, do not light the last candle.

Vastly has found
the women your looking for.

You don't have to mourn your sister yet.

Go to the floating market
and meet Peter.

He is a big-time broker for pirates.

Peter pays off politicians
in Thailand, including military heads.

We contacted him
through the local agent

and offered him to sell the stolen
good from the US vessel.

He agreed to meet at least.

I suspect he might know
who you are.

Still he agrees to meet you.

It's a bit tricky situation,

but while US and Japanese intelligence
is planning how to handle this matter,

we must act on our own.

Show your fake passport
to the merchant in the puppet shop.

Someone's here to buy the American stuff.

OK. I know

He is going in, welcome him.

How are you?

- I'm fine, and you?
- Terrible, the weather is bad.

Thank you.


- You! come back.
- Get him.

- You can't get in.
- Take him into the room.

- Catch him.
- Get him now.

- Where is he?
- Get him.

Quick, follow him. Get him now.

Please be quick. How much?


The one who raided the American
vessel is a defected North Korean.

What are you saying?

I don't know why, yet.

But he's in Busan to meet
someone named Park Wansik.

Yes, sir. I'll do that.

Get me all the Foreign Ministry's
classified files from 1975 to 1985.

Yes, sir.

Get me the Korean Embassy in Bangkok.

Why don't you let us take care of it?

I have my reasons.

Sir, here's the magazine
you requested.

In 1983, 20 members of Choi Jingyu':
family escaped North Korea

and entered
the Austrian Embassy in Beijing.

They requested asylum in South Korea,

but at time our government had just
begun diplomatic relations with China,

so unfortunately, the request got rejected.

Park Wansik was dispatched to China
during that time as a secret envoy.

Right now, he is sewing
as the consul-general in New York.

He's in Busan to attend a seminar
and expected to leave tomorrow.

If I am right,
Sin must be Choi Myungsin,

the youngest member of the Choi family.



Get the car ready.

That's him.

It's been 20 years...

Comrade, have you ever
eaten human flesh?

Who the hell are you?

Doesn't my face remind you
of the Choi family?

Sir, something's happened
in the toilet. Hurry!


Choi Myungsin!

Turn left, I'm telling you.


Faster, faster!


Go to Dock 4.

He says she used to work as a barmaid
in a construction field in Harbin.

Her Russian name is Oksana.

He heard that her surname is Choi.

The Shatenvronski,
which specializes in slave trading...

transported her from Khabarovsk
to Ussuriysk three weeks ago.


It's a three-hour drive
from Vladivostok.

Isn't Consul Chung in Vladivostok?

I'll go.

They've been separated for 20 years.

Plus, I'm the only one
who knows his face.

Breaking a dagger when you stab
someone in the heart...

is a symbol
of deep animosity for someone.

He's a simply brutal bastard.

Sewing as an envoy, Park didn't have
the authority to decide on asylum.

Excuse me.

I've just quit smoking.

The Chinese used to cultivate
their own opium,

and use it to enslave the defected North
Korean girls so they wouldn't run away.

What do you want?

We have an agreement with Shaken.

Somebody's here for the Korean woman.

Let them go up.

Go ahead.

Are you Sin?

This is Sin.

We paid a lot of money to bring her
from Khabarovsk.

How much do you want?


He says that she costs $30,000.


Go in.


Are you Choi Myungju, right?

Your brother Choi Myungsin asked me
to get you out of here.

Who are you?

Choi Myungsin sent me
to escort you to him.

Your father's name is
Choi Jingyu. Correct?

Where is Toto?

Loading the stuff on the truck.
Did you get some information on him?

He works for Korean intelligence.
Peter says he's not a guy to mess with.

I'll stop by the gas factory, you guys
come by the fort when the truck is loaded.

What about the woman?

She may not be my real sister,
like those others.

Someone is on our tail, we must hurry.
Whether it's her or not, get this done first.

Finish up quickly.

This happens from time to time.

I have trouble with my eyesight.


I'll call you later.

Long time, no see.

It's true.

Start it.

Have a seat.

For us the Chernobyl accident

was a tragedy we'll never forget.

If the stupid politicians
didn't try to cover it up,

hundreds of young people
wouldn't have died.

I won't ask you what
you're going to do with it.

I have no intention of telling you.

But you must know: all this is from hell.

The world is hell.


The blue button is the power switch.

The red button starts the timer.
10 hours later, it will be hell there.

What will be the ship's name?


Quick, quick, what are you waiting for?

A brain tumor has caused loss of sight.

I can inject her with penicillin
it will give her relief for some time.

The heart complications,

they are very serious.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I can't believe things like this
can still happen...

She will be fine until Sin shows up.

Shouldn't we take her to a hospital?

I've paid a few snitches to inform us
if anyone comes looking for her.

Go to the open market
and get her some clothes.

We should freshen her up a bit, as they
are meeting for the first time in 20 years.

Switch to infrared light
and turn up the audio in Sejong's room.

Yes, sir.

It's not as bad as we thought.

The doctor says you'll be fine and well
after a few months of treatment.

How is he doing?

Excuse me?

What does he do for a living?

He runs a small trading company.

Has he married?


I'm not sure...



Has Myungsin committed any crime?

Tell me the truth.

You're a South Korean agent, aren't you?

Your brother asked me to...

Don't treat me like an idiot,
even though I'm sick and dying.

Why are you all keeping me here?

I clearly remember
how he felt about South Korean.

He had sworn
he'd kill every South Korean.

He stole some goods from a ship
and killed people.

Most of them were innocent.

The goods he stole from them
are valuable to our country.

Is that...

the reason you brought me here?

I'm sorry.

Everything will be settled if I die!

That doesn't mean
we'll give up on your brother.

If you catch Myungsin
you'll torture him and kill him, anyway.

That's not going to happen.

Don't ever do this again.

He was...

such a good boy back then.

Honestly, I just...

I miss my little brother so much.

Once, when my brother
was out in the fields,

a propaganda balloon flew overhead.

It was from South Korea.

Father had planned everything,
down to the last detail.

He had paid off a broker
in China beforehand.

Everything seemed to be going
according to plan.

People at the Austrian Embassy were
so kind that...

None of us...

ever doubted that we would
make it to the South.

We were all so happy then.

If we go to South Korea,
will we get to eat meat every day?

Not every day.
But once a month wouldn't be bad.

Then I'll eat three bowls at a time.

What if your belly gets too big?

Sir, we're going to
Beijing Capital Airport.

Shouldn't we be getting there soon,
where are we now?

Don't worry, we'll be there in no time.

He's just taking a detour
because of construction work.

Okay, stop.

Don't move.

Don't move, you! Sit down!

Sit down, don't move!

What's happened?

Sit down, don't move!


You were deceived
by the South Korean pigs,

and were almost dragged into hell!

However, welcome back into the arms
of your motherland.

Now, let's all feel happy go back
to the comfort of our great nation.

Get off the bus!

Hurry up!

Run away!

We'll all die if we're caught!

Run now!


Get them onto the trucks!


Get him out of here.





Come on. Hurry!


Let's swap shoes with mine.

Forget it!

Then stop whining!

It's not because my feet are hurting,

it's because I'm thinking of mom...

What do you think she died for?

If we get caught,
she died for nothing!

South Koreans...

I'll kill them all!

Even though we were young,

we knew the South Korean border
had rejected us.

Wake up, Myungsin.

Why? What is it?

Where did you get this?

I met a kind farmer
who gave them to me.

Why didn't you ask him
for a place to stay?

Aren't you having any?

I ate some already.
Eat before it gets cold.

Somewhere over the big blue sky

Far far away

Where the blue sky reaches

My home should be right under it

Whenever! miss my home

I look up the sky

Over the mountain


Choi Myungsin.

I hear you found a propaganda leaflet
from the South and brought it home.

So what?

Come to the Vladivostok train station
overpass at 10am tomorrow.

I will let you meet your sister.

To me, my family is already dead.

Even if they appear in front of me...

Myungsin. is that you?
It's me, Myungju.


Are you still alive?

This asshole gave her to the wrong guy.

Be careful, Vastly is not in charge here.

I don't know how time
makes people change.

Even if he doesn't recognize me,

he'll remember this.

Don't forget to tell your bosses
in South Korea,

whatever Myungsin has done
is all because I told him to do.

Though I have little time to live,

I won't forget your kindness
if you do that for me.

He's coming up. I've got a visual.

He has just arrived.
I'll report back when we're moving.

Keep an eye for anyone tailing us.

You've got 24 hours to hand over the
stolen cargo after you meet your sister.

Do you understand?

If anything happens to my sister,

I'll cut your throat.

If you come with me,
your sister will be safe.

If you try anything stupid, things
will be a lot harder for both of you.

You'd better do as I say.

They're moving down to the platform.


What's your name?

Kang $610"!!-

Comrade Kang, what do you gain
if you take me in?

Will you be rich and famous
in South Korea for arresting me?

I'm just doing my job.

Then you're a fool.

If there's nothing for you,

why are you risking your life
to catch me?

Well, why are you coming with me
when you know you'll be executed?

It's not because you're stupid.

You're afraid your sister might be
in danger because of you.

Isn't that right?

Is that why you're using
an innocent woman as bait?

It's a kind of things you dirty,
merciless, South Korean scumbags do!

There comes a time
when you will see all the people in Korea

pouring out their blood,
and bursting their guts inside out.

I know life has treated you badly,

but that doesn't give you the right
to kill innocent people.

I've checked everything.
No one's on our tail.

Let them in.

Yes. They've just got here.


With your brother...

How did you get separated
from each other?

At the Changchun Station...

Some Chinese kids...

kicked my belly and...

started hitting me...


my brother...

my little brother threw himself on them.

All five of them were
at least a head taller than him.


They dragged my brother away...

I told you to wait
and not go anywhere!


I thought you were dead.

This has already gone over
to the Russians' hands.

The mission has lost its purpose.

What do you mean by that?

I've got an order to complete this mission
before US intelligence finds out.


What about the promise
that we made to her?

I never approved what
you promised to her.

Now it's up to the Americans,
the Japanese and the Russians.

If things go wrong, our government
might fall into a difficult situation.

You keep this.

You just watch, I'll do the talking.

Comrade, how much do you want
for our lives?

Take her outside.

You dirty bastards!



Toto, go inside.

Sin! I'm here

There's a sniper outside.

Don't move, stay put.

Quick. Be careful.


Do you need to go to hospital?

Go to the pier,
call Somchai, tell him to bring a doctor.

- That's it?
- Yes, sir. That's all.

This letter doesn't have a sender's name.

How is your sister?

Whatever happens,
I'll take care of her until the end.

I couldn't get any opium,

so I brought morphine instead.

I sent the tapes by express mail.

This is all we have left,

including the money
from the American ship.

Tell Toto

after I have left.

That it's all over.

While we were on the run,

whenever we missed our family,
we used to look at the stars and talked.

Do you remember those times?

You said you were going to make
a lot of money

so you would buy all the bombs
and missiles in the world,

and destroy both North Korea
and South Korea.

You used to tell me
that I shouldn't do that.

We may not like what happened,
but that's where our home is.

It's been so hard for us
living in this world.

Now, come with me
to see mom and dad,

and let's live happily there with them.

Sin sent a videotape to Reuters
and the BBC in Bangkok.

Using diplomatic channels,
I've put it on hold temporarily.

The nuclear waste that Sin has obtained

is the same as the radioactive dust
from the Chernobyl incident.

The only difference is that

it doesn't show
its devastating effects immediately.

Once the substance has been broken
down chemically, and gets airborne,

it'll seep into the soil and waterways,
resulting in an unimaginable bio hazard.

How can it be dispersed from the air?

The two typhoons are crossing
the East China Sea and heading north,

with winds exceeding over 70 meters
per second, it may cause untold damage...

Five tons of liquid helium, with 30 tons
of nuclear waste that disappeared

from the 6th Golard power plant were
loaded onto Sin's cargo vessel.

However, I have no idea
what he's going to do with it.

Once, when my brother
was out in the fields...

a propaganda balloon flew overhead.

Just watch
while the people of Korea die

in a pool of their own blood and guts.

It's the Fujiwhara effect.

When two typhoons spin together,

one absorbs the other and
becomes more destructive.

Has it happened before?

Two years ago, Pungsen
and Pongwieng circulated simultaneously.

Fortunately it was above the sea.

- What about now?
- Take a look at the bottom.

The velocity of the two typhoons shows
they will meet at the Korean Peninsula.

Any object that comes within
a 20 kilometer radius of the epicenter

will be pulled down
by the descending air current.

Argos Satellite is connected,
VMS is engaged.

Are they inside the typhoon?

It's following the path of the eye,
where it's almost completely calm.

- The President?
- He's on the line to the White House.

He'll be here any moment.

DIA Director Poward is on the line.
Would you like to speak to him?

What the hell?
Look, a big storm is coming.

Toto, it's Sin.

Reporting breaking news...

The National Emergency Committee
declared today at 4:00

a code red concerning
the approaching typhoons.

The typhoons are believed to contain
unidentified nuclear matter.

Radioactivity detectors have been set
up all over the country. Currently...

Our armed forces are under orders.

They have been put on strategic
standby until further notice.

Father, you always said that a soldier
should retain his honor,

even when his country
is being put to the test.


Good to see you.

As you ordered, all is set.

I'll lead Team A to the stern

and Lieutenant Yu will take Team B
through the front.

We'll need to take control
of the bridge as quickly as possible.

Then go through the engine room to the
cargo hold, where the nukes are located.


Sorry to burden you with all this.

No problem, sir.

Mother, I know you have never received
my letters before,

but I always write you a letter
before I go on a dangerous mission.

Tonight, me and my men
are to go to the sea to find a person

who wanted to come to South Korea
20 years ago.

Risking my life, I have to point my gun
at this mad man.

But if I would meet him in another world,

I would like to have him as a friend.

I think it's because I read the letter
he wrote when he was a boy.

Mother, I remember the night when
father went out on his last mission.

He was sitting next to me in his uniform
while I was sleeping.

Actually I wasn't asleep,
but I pretended I was.

I don't know why I didn't open my eyes
and say goodbye to him.

I still regret being so silly.

Mother, if you get to read this letter,
please don't be so sad.

Just like father and my colleagues,

I'm only doing what is right.

Mother, I love you.
Goodnight and sleep well.

From your proud son of Korea,
First Lieutenant Kang Sejong.



We've attained the dialogue of the
coalition commander and the Pentagon.

Our forces are on strategic standby

while they secretly
dispatch a submarine.


It's the Pentagon's decision.

They are trying to eradicate anything
that might be used as evidence.

Terminate this mission
immediately and return to base.

How far away are we?

We'll penetrate the eye shortly.
Approximately 20 minutes.

If a torpedo is fired while you are
in the typhoon, it's all over.

If we give up, they'll just try
to cover it up again.

What do you mean?

Their intention of positioning nuclear
missiles aimed at the Korean peninsula.

Listen, what do you expect to change
by risking your lives on this?

At least we could be served
as the evidence.

Over and out!

Toto, please.

They're coming.

Get on the lifeboat and leave now.

Today is the Day of Water Offering

My brother has been preparing
so long for this

He's well dressed now,
and ready to go to the temple

Team B, location secured.

Goggles on. Goggles on.

Get ready to move onto deck.

Load smoke shells.

Sin told us to leave.

Get out! Get out!

Where are they?

Where? Over there?

Cover me!

My little brother,

just like our father

you're so handsome...

Let's go...

and meet mom and dad.

Team A is checking the bridge.

Team B check the deck.

Team B, take care of the wounded
and move in!

Team A mission completed.

Today is the Day of Water Offering

My brother has been preparing
so long for this

He's well dressed now,
and ready to go to the temple


I'm going to the temple
to wash away my sins


You know what's fucked up about this?

You and I...

understand one another!


in our next lives...

The Typhoon has been spotted.
A rescue team is on its way.

Five balloons made it to South Korea,

but none of the detonators
was turned on.

After all, what he really wanted
to send out to Korea in the typhoon

wasn't something to pay off an old grudge
of his cursed childhood,

but his final wish that he wanted
to be remembered, not to be forgotten.