Tying the Knot (2016) - full transcript

McCartney and McLennan create canapes for a viewer's sit down beach wedding. But when the women hit the champagne, they dish up the bride some truths that, just like wedding canapes, are served hard and cold.

Hi. I'm Kate McLennan.

Hi. I'm Kate McCartney.

We've both got family histories
of dementia.

Welcome to the The Katering Show
Wedding Spectacular!

(NORMAL VOICE) I don't think
we're allowed to throw that.

(NORMAL VOICE) Fuck 'em.
Yeah, let's get out of here.

This place is giving me the creeps.

It smells like sad books.


Our fans are always sending us
messages about weddings.

"McLennan, will you bake
our wedding cake?"

"McLennan, will you do our catering?"

"McCartney, will you marry me?"

It's every girl's dream
to get married.

what would your dream wedding be?

To not have one.


What about you?

Oh, look, mine will be
filled with alcohol,

people saying nice things about me,
I wouldn't be there...

Oh, no - that's my dream funeral.


Just kidding. I love a good wedding.

Well, I don't,
but our producers told us

these episodes rate
through the roof, so here we are.

So, should we get cracking?

We received a special email
from an Anne Edmonds,

who writes, "Hi, girls.
Love the show."

Everybody does, Anne.

"I'm marrying my soul mate
in a beach wedding in March."

Oh! Good!

I love a good wedding, Anne.

"I know you two are very busy" -
we are -

"but I was wondering,
would you ever consider..."


"..creating a sit-down menu
for my special day?"

There it is.

There we go.
There it is.

"I'd love canapes, an entree,
a choice of three mains,

"a dessert and a wedding cake,
some vegetarian options,

"a take-home treat,
a cocktail for arrival..."

OK, I think we've heard
quite enough from you, Anne.

We're not making
any of that shit, Anne.

We're making canapes,
and that's it, alright?

Sit-down beach wedding!

It's not fucking Home and Away.
I know.

No-one wants to go
to a sit-down wedding, Anne,

where they're forced to talk
to strangers for the evening,

because the bride and groom
have decided to mix everyone up

like we're doing trust exercises at
a holiday camp for young Christians.

I'm a thirty-fucking-six-year-old
woman, Anne.

I don't want to make new friends.

If anything, I want less friends,
less people to disappoint.

When I go to a wedding,
I just want to relax

and chat to one or two people

online from the comfort
of my own home.

Let me tell you this, Anne.

The only reason I'd want to sit
next to a stranger at a wedding,

is if that stranger wants
to take me off to the toilets

with a crisp 5 note,

in which case, I'm more than happy

to sit next to your recreational
fisherman cousin from Yeppoon.

But if not, we need to be up,

we need to be mingling
with the barman,

who is sympathetic to the fact

that we are at a wedding reception
on a fucking boat!

The last wedding I went to,
the venue burnt down.

Now, I didn't do it,

but I can appreciate good work
when I see it.


Of course, the most common complaints
about canapes at a wedding

are that they're too small,
there's never enough...

And that I don't want to be there.

So we're making big,
main meal size canapes -

so, large mini-burgers,
large fish and chips.

And a large mini-pancake
with some salmon bullshit on top.

If your guests are still feeling
a bit hungry,

they can bring along
a bag of snacks

or, I don't know,
follow their instincts and leave.

Just kidding, Anne. (CHUCKLES)
I...love a good wedding.

So here are all the ingredients
for Anne's beach wedding canapes.

you're a 35-year-old woman.


How many weddings
do you think you've been to?

Oh, not many, 'cause my friends
are poor and gay,

and also, I don't have friends.

Oh, I've been to heaps.

Yeah, my friends and family
haven't let the issues

of marriage equality
and compatibility get in the way

of procuring a set of French
gift registry knives.

Oh, that's nice.
Yeah, they're really great...knives.


I do love a good wedding,

but personally, the only benefit
I can see to having a wedding

is all the attention that you get.

But you can also get that
from shoplifting.

Yes, plus you get to wear
a nice dress,

but again, you can also get that
by attending a formal dinner

for an Iraqi head of state,
or by winning an award -

say, Australia's premiere
entertainment award, the Gold Logie.

I know which one I'd choose.

But some people - like you, Anne -
genuinely love the idea

of dropping 20 grand
on a party held at a beach

that was, until recently,
a designated crime scene,

because it makes them really happy.

I mean, it doesn't make us happy,
but don't take your cues from us.

I wish my cat had a phone
so I finally had someone to text.

And I fantasise about getting
sick enough to go to hospital,

just so I can have
a little bit of a rest.

Point is, we're not a good gauge.

McCartney, what makes you happy?

NCIS. You?


Oh, gosh, I know this.


Oh, um...

Now, McCartney isn't negative
about marriage

just because she has a dark cloud
hovering above her person.

She's also a bisexual -
isn't that right McCartney?

Yes. Thanks, McLennan.

And it seems insane to me that
half of me is allowed to get married

whilst apparently
the other half isn't.

Yeah, that must be hard,

particularly if you want to marry
maybe a close female friend,

or a coworker, but you can't,
because it's forbidden.

It's forbidden love...
Not in love with you.


Yeah, no, yeah.

Yeah, you... We should keep
things professional. You're right.

Now, where is that dill?

Where is that dill, guys?
Does anyone know where that...

Where's...where's it...

Where's it gone?

This is creme...
This is creme fraiche.

Fraiche? Fresh? Fraiche? Fraiche.

This is creme fraiche.

Today, I'm reviewing a typical
wedding drinks list -

flat beer, cheap domestic sparkling,

Sauv Blanc in a dirty glass,

and a red wine blend that will
make you flirt with your cousin.

Just remember
the drink mixing rules -

never drink champagne after beer,

never drink red wine with an aunt
who's defriended you on Facebook,

and never drink whisky,

because you will pick a fight
with a five-year-old called Corey

who's getting more attention
than you on the dance floor,

even though
he's not a better dancer,

he's just wearing a little tuxedo
and he has a cochlear implant.

Whatever, Corey.

If you're going to mix your drinks,
just be literal about it.


Well, that tastes like
a chemical burn,

but you will be out cold
by the speeches.

I give that nighty-night cocktail

five "what happened to the bride?
She used to be normal.

"She used to be my friend.

"Oh, that's right -
she married a cock" out of five.

Where are you going?
I'm done.

The tablecloths are pressed,
the candles are lit,

and some plastic furniture
has been dressed in white -

a beautiful nod to the bride's hymen.

Yes, we've reached the end

of the The Katering Show
Wedding Spectacular.

I am convulsing with sorrow.

Me too, because I've said it before

and I will say it
till I'm literally dead -

I love a good wedding.

Right, let's serve up the food.

Mmm, it's delicious,
and plenty of it.

Good luck, Anne.

I mean, really, genuinely,
good luck with your wedding

and making your marriage work.

Yeah, good luck,
you heteronormative piece of shit.

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So, I know
about scissoring,

but what's some other
lesbian stuff that you do?

What's that?

It's when you
use your ponytail.


Oh, look at you.
You scrub up.

Yes, I look famous.
OK, I'm ready.

Right. OK.

And the winner
of the Gold Logie,

beating Carrie Bickmore

for the fourth year
running is...

(GASPS) ..Kate McCartney!




Thank you!

Mwah! Mwah!

Thank you
so much, everyone.

I'd like to thank
my cat Beans, uh, my phone,

baking soda, the rats
in my walls of course,

komodo dragons,

and I couldn't
have done it

without McLennan's amazing
spare phone charger.

Thank you so much.
Thank you, guys.

World peace, yes? Yes.


You'd have to wash your
hair a lot, wouldn't you?

Get oily.