Tyger Tyger (2021) - full transcript

After robbing a pharmacy, a selfless woman and her mute friend kidnap a drug addict then hit the road to distribute the stolen "life saving" medication, but find themselves trapped in the fringe lands of a law-less and psychedelic city.

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Who's calling?

WOMAN: [ON RADIO] ...the liquid
drug every time it needs it.

That's an expensive process.

No one wants to hear
they're going to die.

Unless there's an option
available for the...




WOMAN: Okay, so I have
your prescription for you,

- but I still have to see some sort of ID or insurance...
- I don't have it on me,

but you know me.
I always come back.

- Just let me take the medication.
- I'm happy to help,

- but I just... I need to see something...
- I need my medication.

I'll... I'll give you
my necklace.

- No, we're happy to give it to you, sweetie...
- Look.

- Why don't you just...
- Okay, I have...

I'll give you my necklace.

- I'll take half.
- Why don't you step to the side? We'll let him...

You have everything.

WOMAN: Okay, um...
BOY: Or fill...

So we can't...
We can't accept this.

BOY: Um, we're doing this again.

So, the doctor signed this
for me. Luke Hart.

WOMAN 1: Right.
No, I totally understand.

- It's not about...
- WOMAN 2: Looks like you've changed the quantity.

- Can I just give it to you?
- Why don't you give the doctor a call?

- LUKE: Why would I give the doctor a call...
- Get a valid...

...when you are the pharmacists?

- Come on.
- Okay, who's your doctor?

- It's the same doctor. He's here every fucking week.
- Who's the doctor?

LUKE: I swear...



LUKE: ...so this time...

- WOMEN: It's just...

WOMAN 1: You've got to come back.
WOMAN 2: Yeah, come back.

MAN: All of you
get the fuck down!

WOMAN: Yes, call 911.

MAN: I'm the lead pharmacist.

Just don't hurt anybody.

[GRUNTS] Okay, man. Okay, man.

This guy was trying
to fucking run.

All right, uh,
just take your clothes off.


Just fucking
take your clothes off.


Dude, take off
your fucking clothes.

What's your name?


I would have run, too, but
probably wouldn't have made it.

Now you can wait for
LAPD to save you.

MAN: [ON RADIO] A young couple
is in trouble in the far 360.

That's four movies
in a row.


Hey, this is from
little kids' book.

LUKE: It's from
when I left home.

Used to be my lucky shirt.

When did it stop being lucky?

When you stole it.

Yo, what the fuck are you doing?

Can't you hear the sirens?
We gotta go.


Are you sick?



All of you get the fuck out!



Bobby. Bobby, Bobby, quick.


Why are you wearing
those kids' clothes?



Hey, easy, all right? Come on.

I like them so much.

I put two for you
in the back of the car.

All right, well, just
save some for us, okay?

[SCOFFS] No, I mean,
why would I even do this?

Hey, don't give them
all of them, all right?

You good?

Look, the only person I could
have got it from was you.

So I'm gonna go on
'cause I love you, but...

DR. ROSA: Cole.

They need to see you
in the office.


- Blake, are you all right?

Come on. Let's go in my office.
Come on.


Oh, and you can take that
mask off in here.

Thank you for this.

You don't know how many people
this is going to help.

What you two did,
it took a lot of courage,

but you've got to...
Honey, honey, honey...

It's going to be okay.

First things first,
we get the results...

Have you had sex with anyone
else since you've been tested?

Use any needles
since you've been tested?



I just, um...
I thought the point of this

was to help other people, you
know, like, if I could just not...

Hey, you can't help anyone
unless you help yourself.

- Bien?
- Mmm-hmm.


Okay, so let's get these meds
to the doctor in Free City.

This is the address where you're gonna
drop off the medication, all right?

Joe will make
the introduction.

Cole's worried if, um...

If we give it all away, then there
won't be anything left for him or us.

Cole's what got you
in this room.

Now, Joe's the man
who knows the doctor.

He used to live in Free City,

where they don't
have medication.

Is he sick, too?

It's not your concern.

You meet Joe...

you deliver the meds...

and you haul your ass
to Mexico.

And don't worry about Cole.

I'll bring him out to you.

Send the next person in.

Here, take a condom.
It's free.

MAN: I'll take the mask...

MAN: Brown Sugar Bakery.

Hey, buddy, it's Luke Hart.

Hey, so, uh,
I need another cake.

We don't have any white,
we only have dark, and we don't deliver.

I could pick up.

How much chocolate?

Uh, 1/8 chocolate
is about what I got.

We're only doing
pick-ups for you now.

Okay. Yeah, well,
I'll be there in 10.




Hey, I'm sorry
that took so long.

I have the next one.
It's supposed to be on Rosewood.

And then we're supposed
to meet this Joe guy,

and he'll take us
down to the last drop.

I'm gonna open it
when we get there, the end.

She said it's gonna be a while,
so we can just come back for him.


Also in the North County,

three kids rushed to the
hospital overdosing on...



MAN: [ON RADIO] Reporter Rachel Balker
is live at the police department...



BLAKE: Hey, Luke.


What the fuck?

- Hey, I just...
- Are you the robber from the fucking pharmacy?

- Dude, I just brought your meds and your T-shirt.
- Get the fuck away from me.


Hey, Bobby! What the fuck
are you doing?

Are you crazy?








Luke, chill. Listen. Listen,
we're not gonna hurt you

- or do any weird shit, okay?

I found a script
in your pants, okay?

That's how I know
where you live.

- LUKE: I don't give a shit!
- Okay, we have to get you out of there.

- We're gonna open the trunk again...
- Open!

- Toss the flare, okay?

Please. [STAMMERS]

LUKE: Oh, fuck.




[SHOUTING] Where are my pants?



I'm sick. Where are my pants?

I could've fucking died!

BLAKE: I'm sorry I left, um...

- I left the meds at your house...
- LUKE: I don't need meds.

I need my pants.





What the fuck is she doing?

You motherfucker!

Okay, that's all I've got.

So, like, take the cash.

- Just give me what's in the bag. I need that!
- Just calm down.

Motherfucker. Okay, look, look.
I need that.

- Please. Please just take the fucking cash...
- I have these for you.

- I don't need this shit, okay?

I don't need this shit.

I don't need these privilege
ass pills, all right?

Are you kidding me? Privilege pills for
guys with a fucking grand in their pocket?

I sell that shit!

I trade that shit.

Okay? I trade that shit.

Sometimes I get 10 pops a pill.

Sometimes I do fentanyl pops.
Sometimes I get a grand a pop.

Fuck your stupid medication!

Where the fuck are we? Why are
there fucking dinosaurs right here?

What the fuck is she doing
in there in the fucking car?

Can you tell this little girl
to give me my shit back?

I can't believe you fucking
trade those when we...

Okay, look. All this shit, okay,
it's a money-making operation.

They don't fucking work.
They're selling you sugar pills.

- You don't fucking know that...
- Yes, they're a corporate company.

They're trying to make money
off of you.

And you know how I know?

You know how I fucking know?
I'm a junkie.

That's how I fucking know.
It's exactly how I fucking know.

So, please. Please just...
I'll find a pay phone.

I'll walk home.

I'll call...
I won't call the cops

because I... I split the same
way that you did at that place.

Just let me go,
because if you don't give me that shit,

leave me with that, I'm gonna be sick.
I'm gonna be throwing up.

Okay, fine.
Bobby, start the car.

- LUKE: Just...
- What is she doing?



You don't know what I did to get
that shit... The fucking cake.

I wish you saw what we
went through to get that.

- Look, I'm sorry, but I...
- You don't know what I did, so either fucking kill me...

or help me.

Okay, look.
We can help you, but...

[SIGHS] Just...

This is gonna sound weird,
but if you come with us

to this next place
we're going to, okay...


you can help us,
and I will find a way.

I'll figure it out.
I will help you, okay? I promise.

I'm really sorry
she did that. But...

We'll figure it out. Just...

I know it's weird
to ask you to trust me

'cause you don't
fucking know me, but I will...

I will find a way
to help you, okay?


Will you come with us?





You don't have any heroin,
do you?

BLAKE: Do you guys sell
any water here?

- Do you want something to drink, maybe?
- Yeah, cough syrup.

- We don't have water. Sorry.
- BLAKE: Okay.


LUKE: But I don't want water.
I was just asking.

- Just that, please. And this...
- Yes, thank you.

It's mazapan. It's kind of like a
Mexican, um, peanut butter... thing.


♪ And watch for lines
Above your head

♪ "All that worries me now"
He said

♪ "For it may never come"

♪ But I see direct lines

♪ See direct lines
Across the sky

♪ And I see direct lines

♪ See direct lines
Across the sky ♪

Excuse me. Where's the woman?

Is there... Hello?

- Hello?
- WOMAN: Oh, hi.

She... She wants something.

She wants
the banana chocolate shake.

Oh, of course.
I'll make that for her.

- Very good. Okay
- Okay.

I gotta get
the fuck out of here.



MAN: [ON RADIO] ...bone marrow
that produces blood cells...


WOMAN: [ON RADIO] ...more information on the
drug-related kidnapping in Sherman Oaks.

Police are searching for
Luke Hart, a 22-year-old man,

one of the victims in the pharmacy
robbery that took place earlier today.

Police were already en route to
Mr. Hart's house for questioning...

BLAKE: Why are they saying

Mr. Hart was thrown in the trunk of
a gray Buick, leaving behind a cake.

LUKE: She's talking
about the cake.

The one that you knocked out
of my hands.

The heroin?


MAN: [ON RADIO] ...feature the architects
Bob Jones and Alister MacKenzie

employed to make
the course fun

for high handicappers
in order to challenge

- the best players in the world...

...and Chris Wilcox said

Mr. Hart was thrown
in the trunk of a gray Buick,

leaving behind a cake...


...and that she can still
hear him screaming for help.

JOE: We're in heaven.
We're in heaven.


LUKE: I'm gonna throw up.

JOE: Blake?

Yeah, I'm... I'm Blake.

Nice to meet you.
Uh, who's your crew?

That's, uh, Bobby in the front.

And that's Luke.
He's kind of sick right now.

Yeah. Seems the city's
spitting people out in pieces.

Well, uh, come on in.

Uh, everybody
except Luke there.

He can put on a mask
before he comes into my place.

Come on, come on. Come on in.

Hey, you want a drink?

No, I'm good. Thank you.

Smell that?

Smell that? That's a beautiful
smell, ain't it?


BLAKE: Do you need help
with something?

How long have you lived here?


long time.

- I like, um, your furniture. It's really comfortable.

It's my Mamaw's.

- Oh, yeah?
- We called her Mamaw. Yeah, Mamaw's.

She was a tough lady.


[LAUGHS] Yeah.

What's wrong?

Um, with what?

What's wrong with...
your friend?

No, no.
Your friend Luke, outside.

Oh, he's fine. He just needs to...
He'll be okay.

Well, good. Good.

What's wrong with him, though?

He just needs some fresh air.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

JOE: Yeah.

Fresh air. Contagious?

I mean, he might have
some kind of flu or something.

Wait, wait, wait.
You gotta put this on him.

I mean, I'm, uh... [SIGHS]

Trying to get dinner ready, so, you know, I
want to stay healthy for us all. You know.

Health first, right? [LAUGHING]



You want a drink?

May I make a suggestion?

This new grape drink
I'm really taking to.

You want grape?


Oh, God.

She don't talk much, does she?

She lost her voice.




I fucking love this creature.


You know, I don't have
a lady to share it with, but...

Fuck it.
You don't go bad fashion

so that I can get a fucking girl
over here, anyway.

So I'm just fucking happy to
share it with you guys, right?

Well, Rosa said
you were gonna take us

- down to the Free City, introduce us to the doctor.
- Oh.

It's waiting game out here, you know.
You have to wait a while.

I don't know what you mean. She said,
um, that they knew we were coming,

and they needed it,
what we're bringing.

- JOE: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hey, hey, man. Hey, I don't want
you around this... This food, man.

Not around this crab.

You know, you got to keep him
in the living room.

JOE: No. Sit down. LUKE: Come on, now.
Where's the bathroom?

Bathroom is right around
the corner on the right.

- Put on your mask.
- Fuck you.


You know, I've seen
that kind of sick before.

You get sick,
waiting like that.




[CHUCKLES] Kinda messy, right?

[LAUGHS] But, you know,
all good things are messy.

You haven't come out
to this town before, have you?

There's a reason why Rosa
wanted you to meet with me

so I can drive it in safely.

You know?
'Cause, uh, I got guns.

And guns are
what you need out here.




...sedate Mr. Hart,

then throw him in the trunk
of a gray Buick.


The Hart family has offered
a reward of $10,000.

JOE: So, um...

how much medication
have you got for us, huh?

Let's see it.

BLAKE: We have enough
from the doctor.


I mean, why don't you guys
just stay here for the night?

We'll go meet the doctor
in the morning.

Rosa said you were gonna
call him in or something.

- Call him?

How am I gonna call him?

I mean, they don't have phones
out there.

I know. I tried to bring
a fucking phone out there,

but I was the only one
at the phone.

He ain't at the phone.

- There's no fucking phone out there, man.
- I'm sorry.

We actually have to go. Um...

No, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Look. You know,
there's another thing I like about crab.

When they catch
these sons of bitches,

they throw them all in one
bucket, keep them alive and fresh.

And those crabs must know
they're gonna get eaten,

because when one of them tries
to get out, the other ones...

They pinch at it. They pinch at it.
They pinch at it.

They pull it back in.

Right? They think, "If we ain't
getting out, you ain't getting out.

"If you ain't getting out...

"We swimming
in one big bucket."

Whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- BLAKE: Are you okay?
- I need medication.

That's it. We all do. See?

We're all need the medication
right now.

Go count it, boy.


BLAKE: What the fuck's going on?

My name is...

I think he's gonna
call the cops.

BLAKE: What?

There was a radio in there.

He knows that
you guys took me.

- BLAKE: Let's, um...
- Fucking go.

Yeah. Okay, okay. Yeah.


Crabby son of a bitch.

The hell you think you're doing,
huh, leaving with that sick kid?

Leave him right here
with the medication pills.

Leave him here
with that medication.




DR. ROSA: But, Jack,
you let her leave.

You let the fucking meds go.

This is what happens when you
chase the problem and not the cure.

Look what you've done now.

JOE: I don't need mutes
and drug addicts stealing meds.

How about I take down
this little illegal robbery

pharmaceutical operation
you got going on here

[YELLING] and I get me some
fucking reward money?


DR. ROSA: But, Blake,
you can't go there by yourself.

It's dangerous.

He used to practice medicine in the
Free City. He helped so many people.

I'll call Joe for you
and find out.

Yeah, but he fucking tried
to rob us or set us up.

Just tell me where you are.

Don't tell her where we are.

- I'll send Cole to get you, okay? He's almost done.
- No. Just, um...

No, just tell him
I'm coming back, okay?


LUKE: Who?

The guy who was
at the pharmacy with me.

So, the guy you robbed
the pharmacy with,

who fucking threw me
in the back room

that you then robbed
to give the drugs to the doctor.

That's not what was
supposed to happen.

We were supposed
to give them away.

But he then wanted to fucking
keep them all for himself.

To sell them?

No. Um...

He's pretty sick, actually.

Thinks it's my fault.

Is it your fault?


So where is he now?

He's at the clinic,
waiting for me.

Don't trust too many people.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Um, we're trying
to find a doctor.

We have an appointment.

This ain't a hospital.



You need to talk to Emerald
about Jack.

She's been waiting for you.

Okay, where is she?

She's in the Free City.

You're in the $35
a night city, you know.

If he's gonna be bumping into
stuff, he can't be in here.

He just can't be in here if
he's gonna be stumbling around.

I saw him
right when he came in.

What month is it?

It's... June.

Uh, wait, July. It's July.

Could you call her?


Any other local?

This is local.
You just have to listen to it.

- Really, really listen.

MAN: [ON RADIO] With a two shot
lead, Grady hits a driver

way to the right on 15.


LUKE: I'm gonna
fucking die.


How many bags you guys got?

I can take them for you
if you want.

That's a wet map.

BLAKE: It's okay.

- I only need...

All right.

Luke, why don't you take
this out to Bobby?

Snitches get stitches,
the thieves feed the trees.

At least that's what happened
to my friend last week.

LUKE: Yeah, well, you know,
we stole this from her friend.

He was a desert fisherman.

I think she needs
some new friends.

Why don't you go, um...

Yeah, maybe some people who...

Okay, do you wanna go outside?

WOMAN: Um, our hotel
is full right now,

so you need to go
and stay with Emerald,

stay in the camp.

You've got a nice wet map.

You know what to do.

Start at East Jesus.

East Jesus.

Well, you keep
coming on back, now.

And bring a friend,
if you have any lady.

If not, I'll be your friend.

- BLAKE: Okay, thank you.


♪ There are boys...


♪ Like fading coals

♪ Lost souls

♪ Switch blades

♪ In tribal ways

♪ There's good and evil

♪ In their eyes...


♪ Lost boys

♪ I love those

♪ Lost boys...

- BLAKE: Where the fuck is he gonna sleep?

Hey, can you wake up?
We need your help.

♪ Lost boys


Hey! Hey, excuse me!

MAN: Yo! Yo, come to my camp!

Over here.

♪ There are boys

♪ In the twilight zone

♪ Alone

♪ I see them drift away

♪ Saints with sins...

BLAKE: Luke.

♪ There's good and evil...

BLAKE: Let's go. We're stuck.

♪ In their eyes

BLAKE: There's a guy
who's gonna help us.

♪ Lost boys

♪ I love those

♪ Lost Boys... ♪

MAN: Welcome to the camp.

Would dig your car out.

Let's smoke first and relax.

- Hey, guys.
- LUKE: Mmm.

WOMAN: Welcome.

Um, so...

if, uh, people get stuck here
all the time,

why don't you put up
a sign or something?

'Cause that sucks.

Well, then we wouldn't meet
nice people like yourself.

It takes about...
About an hour

for city folks
of detox out here.

- Do you use detoxing?
- So what's your name?

- LUKE: Who the fuck are you?
- Emerald.

Oh, my God.
Um, the girl at the hotel,

um, told us to talk to you about
this meeting we have with the doctor.

- MAN: The doctor?
- She did?

BLAKE: Yeah. Do you know him?

Yeah, I know the doctor.


Do you guys know this Joe guy?

That was who was supposed
to take us here.

- Joe?
- I know a Jack.

I only know a guy named Jack.

I don't know a Joe.

He lived in a phone booth
out here for 10 years

and talked to everyone
that called it,

- mostly wrong numbers, but...
- It doesn't work anymore.

That's the only people
he talked to.

- Someone burned it.
- And, uh, these were his dreadlocks.

I'm trying to grow mine out
in honor of him.

Where's the mute girl going?

- We have to swim in order to survive.

In order to survive.

We need to swim.

You don't know how to swim?

Well, I'm sorry, but...
[CHUCKLES] you're lost.

Did you bring anything?

What, like food and water?

We brought fucking meds.

Okay? And she went
through hell to get it here.

- And I need methadone.
- MAN: Out here?

Do you guys have that here?

We have the real thing.

That's what he needs.

- Have the real thing.

Look, we have the meds,

but we're only gonna
trade it for methadone, okay?

Uh, or, I got cash,
so how much do...

EMERALD: Cash doesn't do
anything out here.

Okay, if you guys
don't know this doctor,

do you at least know someone
that can take us?

To someone that knows, like...

Yo, I'm the doctor,
God damn it.

We're gonna get down
to trade in what I want.

Are you ready?
Trade for what I want?

LUKE: Do you not want cash?


EMERALD: We're all
waiting out here.

We're all waiting.

EMERALD: Hi... I am so sorry.
MAN: Hi.

It's just that place,
you know?

It's like it's so weird
in there, right?

And I guess, you know,
just strangers in this place,

just sometimes
you never know, right?

You just have to be careful
and make sure that...

- Thanks.
- [CHUCKLES] I'm good.

You sure you should be
doing that right now?

LUKE: I don't care.

I'm sorry about what I said
about the meds.

They... They may work.

I don't know. I'm fucked up.

Are you sure you don't wanna
know the results?


LUKE: We both risked our lives.

Just different drugs,
but same high.

No, I risked my life
to help others.

There's a big difference.

Happy when you get
your fix like me.

No, I mean,
you willingly take yours.

Mine was given to me.
It's different.

Well, I think, um...

[CLEARS THROAT] that both
people were risking their lives,

do it to numb out...

You know.

It's like we all get
pricked by something.

Sometimes it's dangerous.

That's all going to kill us
in the end.

I would just rather take
a hot shot of heroin

and have sex with someone

who may have a disease,
and make me die slower.

Sounds like a waste of life.

It's kinda selfish.

Kinda selfish to think
that you can fix everyone.

It's narcissistic, actually.

I don't think
I can fix everyone.

I just like... I can't sit
in a room with people

that are in pain
and not do anything.

I mean, I have to help.


- What?
- It's still kind of selfish.

- How?
- It's still kind of selfish,

because you're uncomfortable
sitting in a room

when there's someone in pain,
but it's your uncomfort, you know.

It's like...
It's about your uncomfort.

What are you... So you can't even be
comfortable just sitting here by a fire.

I mean, nothing's wrong,
you know?

You're like...

You're hot, you're cold.
You want that, well...

Wow. No.


- EMERALD: You gotta eat.

Do you know where
you're staying tonight?

Would you like to stay
in my dead bus?

- What is that?

All right. Okay, it's a...

It's a mattress.
It's roofed, there's light.

And then Bobby can stay
with me if she wants.

It sounds really good.

- EMERALD: Yeah?
- Yeah.

He probably needs to lie down.


Everyone, you just grab a torch
because it is very, very dark.


Um, also, quick warning.

My little friend Cody
is gonna...

be so excited if he sees you,
because he always celebrates his birthday

every single day of the year.

But he never shows up.

CODY: Hey, you left my fliers
to my birthday.

EMERALD: Oh, Cody.

BLAKE: Cool.

- When's this?
- Tonight.

BLAKE: Tonight? All right.
EMERALD: We're coming.

I promise you. I'll just need
to give them some new clothes.

BLAKE: You wanna go?

LUKE: I'm not gonna go.
I don't feel good.

Hey, Emerald, is there a place
he could lay down?

Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

CODY: Luke.

Are you sure you don't
wanna come to my party?

- LUKE: I'm sure, man.
- You suck.

- LUKE: This little shit.

EMERALD: Okay, just put
your torches down.

[SIGHS] All right.


Uh, almost everything you need
will be in this bus.

I will get some more
stuff for him.

And then we can
get ready for...

- CODY: My party!
- ...Cody's birthday party.

Okay, I'll see you in a bit.

CODY: Bobby, Emerald wants to
show you where you're sleeping.

BLAKE: Hey, are you okay?
LUKE: Mmm.

BLAKE: All right.

I hope he feels better.

BLAKE: It doesn't look
so scary to me.

LUKE: He's got a sword on it.

- EMERALD: It's the ace of spades.

- Oh, wow. Holy shit.
- LUKE: Wow.

That sounds good.

And it means focus and clarity.

So clear your mind, man,
and focus.

MAN: I guess we're both fucked.


You feel better now?


LUKE: I don't know
it exists in me, but...

- I think it's like gasoline.

It's highly... [CHUCKLES]

Highly volatile,
but it mellows out when I shoot up.

BLAKE: It sounds very scary.

LUKE: It's not scary to people
who have it in their veins.

It's only scary to those
who don't.


Everything exists in you.



BLAKE: You know,
there's a kid I know that...

He OD'd and died of, like, uh...
Over the summer.

Um, this kid, Russell,

and I feel like if he could have found a
place like this, he would have been okay.

But he was, like,
really trapped.


MAN: It's just really opened
my eyes to the reality,

and like, how fucked up
reality can be.

- Did you meet Bobby?
- No.

- MAN: What's up, buddy?
- Hi.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm... I'm okay.

You don't look like it.

What's up?


This car rolls up
and it was just like,

out the window, like,
all four windows rolled down.

And like, AKs, like shotguns
come out the window

and they just light this kid up,
like, 24 years old, man.

Like, I almost got hit
by the car,

the car that was there
in the drive by.

And I looked in...
I looked at them for a bit of a glance,

and I looked at their faces,
and none of them...

It was like they were just
riding down the road.

They shot this kid to death.

Rolled away, and were just
driving like nothing happened.


- Hey.
- You're the girl from the hotel.

Yeah. You're the sick kid,
and his girlfriend.

You find that room or what?

Yeah. Yeah, we did.
She's taken care of us.

That's great, right?

You know, um, if you need a place to
stay, you just let me know, okay?

Okay? Great.

MAN: See you later.

Want some?

Oh, yeah. Thanks.

MAN: Bye.

I get a weird vibe...


It's all kind of a vibe.



[PLAYFULLY] You're so funny.

Are you teething?

Do you need help?

MAN: Thanks, guys,
I really appreciate it.

LUKE: No problem.
BLAKE: What's your name?

- My name is Ryan.
- Hi, Ryan. I'm Blake.

LUKE: What do you normally
sell on this?

RYAN: Oh, we have chickens and
ducks, and we sell their eggs.

BLAKE: And then they don't use
money here, right?

So you trade?

- We trade for things, yeah.
- That's cool.

- Didn't expect to work out today, huh?

I don't expect to work out
any day, really.

Hello, sir.

He's got the hair.

RYAN: Welcome.

BLAKE AND LUKE: Thank you.

- BOTH: Wow.
- Welcome right inside.

BLAKE: Thank you
for letting us...

Thanks for helping me.

- Did you build all this?
- Yeah. Bit by bit.

Uh, all the pieces that...

Hat. Okay.


You met a cowboy?

Needles and shit...
Yeah. He's a junkie?

The cowboy j...
The cowboy junkie!

Okay. Yeah, I...
I know who he... Yeah.

I m... I saw him
at the skate park.

RYAN: Uh, all this water
waters the gardens.

Uh, we have peppers growing,
and tomatoes, loofah sponge.

LUKE: How did you learn how to do this?
BLAKE: Yeah.

RYAN: Slowly but surely.

I like him.

Can you bring him over later?

You can bring him over?
So I'll be around.

Go that way.

These are the little ones.
They're all rescues.

- BLAKE: Oh. cool.
- We brought all the chickens in from other places around.

People that couldn't keep
their chickens any longer

or didn't realize how hard it is
to keep chickens in the desert.

- Mmm-hmm.
- Um, so...

- Do you guys have eggs?
- Yeah, we do.

BLAKE: Oh, wow.
LUKE: Oh, you really do.


- Hey!
- There she is.

Where's Blake and Luke?

Well, they're somewhere.

They left her
at the skate park.

RYAN: Found one,
I see, that's stamped.

BLAKE: Yeah, what's...
How's that... LUKE: Yeah.

RYAN: They don't
come out that way.

What I often do is I put in a store-bought
egg if they haven't been laying,

'cause it'll entice the other
chickens to lay an egg.

They're gonna come over later.
But Luke is gonna come see me...

- after he sees you, okay?
- EMERALD: All right.

So just... don't let him
forget, okay?

- EMERALD: I won't.
- All right.

You have fun in there.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Hey, this is my house.

Buy anything from the cart?

Eggs and art.

LUKE: Have an egg on the house.

Enjoy your eggs.

BLAKE: I don't think
there's anyone on the bus.

- LUKE: Is there ever anyone on the bus?


- Hey, guys.
- BLAKE: Hey.

We have some wares for trade,
if you want to trade anything.

And we have fresh eggs also.

I don't have anything on me,

but I'm... I'm desperate
for some eggs.

- Okay. Well, uh...
- Yeah, I like this.

That's really pretty.

Well, that's like four eggs.

- Five.
- Five eggs?

That's, like, five eggs.

We'll trade you for something.

- Okay. For real?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Do you want that, if we trade?

BLAKE: Yeah.

- Yeah. It's really pretty.
- So it's six eggs,

- like I said before.
- You did not. [LAUGHS]

- You said four eggs.
- No, I said six eggs.

- I never lie.
- That's all we have.

How's this?
What if we give you...

What if we give you four eggs
and one egg for free?

WOMAN: Well, man, this is...
This is all I got.

Can you hold all...
All of those?

- I got pockets. I got... Look.
- Okay.

- LUKE: Okay.
- These are my egg pockets.

Because you will...
Because you want this for real.

BLAKE: Okay, thank you.

Thank you.

Can we have the necklace now?

Oh, the necklace. Oh.


I almost forgot.

You were gonna
give us for four.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

- Well, thanks, guys.
- BLAKE: Yeah.

- You're welcome.
- Bye.

Thank you for getting
this for me.

- I didn't do much.

- You should probably thank the chickens.
- I know.


You guys just left Bobby.

BLAKE: I'm sorry, Bobby.

All right, well,
welcome to my house.

Uh, and I got some good news.
We got hot water.

- BLAKE: Well, really, for tea?
- No, for a shower.

Um, but we...
Like, only six minutes

'cause we need
the rest for the tea.

Um, and then Bobby wants
to show Luke to some friends.

LUKE: I'm good.

Okay, sit down.

This is the craziest shower
I've ever...

I feel like an ape.


♪ Father, I'm better
Than butterfly

♪ You can have soul

♪ What you need isn't me

♪ You can die

♪ No matter

♪ I'm better, Father
Than butterfly

♪ You can have soul

♪ What you need isn't me

♪ You can die

♪ No matter

♪ I'm better, Father
Than butterfly

♪ You can have soul

♪ What you need...

What if I give it to you?



we can't do it in here.


♪ ...wanna feel like a child

♪ You don't know if I'm alive

♪ Alive

♪ Alive

♪ Alive

♪ So what you lit grows in me

♪ You can buy rather

♪ So what you lit grows in me

♪ You can buy rather

♪ Father, I'm better
Than lullaby

♪ You can't die

♪ Should wanna feel... ♪


You want a cigarette?

Do you want anything?

Are you, like, angry
all the time or something?

It seems like you are, you know.


You gotta breathe in.


LUKE: See?

[SNIFFLES] Doesn't always
have to be out.


Where are we going?




Uh, uh, uh?





BLAKE: The tiger
is from Nepal.

Then you know it burns.
Is that lucky?

[SOBBING] Fuck. Fuck.


Who gave you this shirt?

LUKE: My mom read me
this poem to put me to sleep.

I would picture
that burning tiger

with the one
on the shirt you stole.

That's not why
it's lucky, though.

She thought it was the tiger and
the shirt that put me to sleep.

I knew it wasn't.

The shirt's lucky
because it's the only thing

I was wearing when she found me
on the bathroom floor,

unconscious, not breathing.

And when I woke up
from the coma,

all I thought about
was my dope and my shirt.

I asked the doctor,
but he just kept screaming

about how my life
amounted to 10 feet,

10 feet from the bathroom
floor to the bedroom.

And how lucky I was
that I didn't make that walk.

How lucky I was
that she found me.

How lucky I was that I didn't
fall asleep that night.

But I was just thinking how lucky I
was that they didn't cut the shirt.


♪ I see the clear waves
In my dreams...



♪ At night
You're lying next to me

♪ My fingers running
Through your hair...

- Noah's Ark is lost.

- Let's all swim.

♪ Back entries in your diary

♪ Touch red
You're cold as ice


♪ Touch blue
The taste of water

♪ Touch red, inside your eyes

♪ Touch blue
The world needs color

♪ I feel the clear waves
In my dreams

♪ I want the ocean
In your arms

♪ The beach is slipping
Through my hands

♪ Your eyes are painted
Like a doll's

♪ Touch red
You're cold as ice

♪ Touch blue
The taste of water

♪ Touch red
Before you're gone

♪ Touch blue
The world needs color ♪



Hello. [SIGHS]

I need a safe place to stay.

Hey, hey, I got water,
beef jerky, granola bars.

I know your story.

We're all waiting here, man.

You need a room or what?

How many bags you got?
I can take them for you.

I got a sick daughter
who's with a boyfriend

and this girl
who lost her voice.

You seen them?

I see a lot of people
check in here.

A lot of them can't talk.

Do you know where you are?
You need a map?

Yeah. Yeah.
You know, I lived here once.

How long have you
been stuck here?

Oh, I'm not stuck here.
I like it here.

Not the motel, but this city.

What's you name, Jack?

Name's Joe.

You need a ride to your camp?

What, do you want to give me
a ride to my camp or what?

- I do indeed. I do indeed.
- You do indeed.

I do indeed.

How do you do, mister?

JOE: We got a mission.

I need a partner.

I need details.

Let's get.


Oh, fuck, we're all gonna burn
in hell, man.


Just a matter of time, fellas.

- MAN: Almost there.

Burn in hell!

Or fly off to heaven, you know.
We got a choice.

- One way ticket is fair enough, though.

One way ticket is fair enough.

- MAN: I'll save you a seat.

Fair enough, see.

- MAN: You ain't gotta pay for it.

Just save me a seat, brother,
or a train to anywhere.

Look at these fucking idiots.

Look, you did your mission.
Let me do mine.

I see.

It sounds like you're trying
to make money.

I'm just trying to get these drugs
to people who deserve to live.

Not... people
at the end of the road.

Listen, you...
You've been away a long time, you know.

You've got a lot of people
who wanna see you and shit.

- It's been a long time, and I have changed.

How's that?

[LAUGHING] I'm joking, man.

- Let's go get the fucking meds, man.

We're all just waiting...

for some...

For a rich white kid to die.

It's crazy, but it's true.

Our time will come.

I guarantee it.

Oh, boy.


- BLAKE: If you had people here...

Sometimes... Somebody tries to steal
them 'cause they don't have shoes,

and I'm like, "You can't take my...
My walls."

Um, did you see
my homecoming pics?

They're, like,
all from homecoming.


- You know, um, Tammie?
- Mmm-hmm.

She has, like, a family album
with photos of the same people

in different times and places.

I wish I had
that instead, but...

No, these are cool.

I've never seen
homecoming photos

without, like, all the makeup
and the dresses.


Yeah, like, um,
lipstick or... blush.

- You don't know...
- [LAUGHS] No. What? What?

It's like...
Like a face paint or something.

But why makeup our faces
when they're already maked up?

You're right. I don't under...

People do it to, like,
look different or... Hey.


EMERALD: Ooh. Well...

I wanna try it.

We can do it tonight.

What's tonight?

Homecoming night!

- LUKE: Yeah?
- Yeah!

- I love homecoming.
- EMERALD: You do?

Okay, sweet.

You cannot wear
that shirt, though.

BLAKE: Well, he burned
his other one.

- His lucky shirt.
- Wh...

Why would you burn it?

It was unlucky.

Okay, but why'd you burn it when
you could have just given it away?


What do you have over there?
Maybe you have something for him?

Um, yes.

Okay. Uh, feel free to, like,
put on anything, touch anything.

Whatever you want is...
It's yours.

Um, do you think
I should wear that?

LUKE: Doesn't look like there's
many male options in here.

BLAKE: We're gonna
find something.

EMERALD: I don't think I've ever worn it.
LUKE: Doesn't matter, I guess.

EMERALD: There's no difference.
You can wear...

- I like that shirt...

I always find
so much inspiration, like,

for my dresses
when I look at these pictures.

- LUKE: It kinda makes me sick, Emerald.

Did you make them, or did...

- Yes.
- LUKE: Oh.

I'm sorry.

- It's all right.
- Is this a homecoming shirt?

That's the homecoming shirt.

Leave a little bit
of the chest hair out.

- I saw you with Blake.
- Oh.

EMERALD: Mmm-hmm.

EMERALD: And this, people do
to look different?

BOBBY: Mmm-hmm.


BLAKE: Emerald,
when does the dance start?

EMERALD: It starts
when we get there.


EMERALD: And then
see the stars

and point to the shooting stars
and the constellations.

And then see the sunrise
over the beach.

It's burning red hot.

JINXY: Welcome. Welcome.

Choose a card.

EMERALD: We should probably
get going soon, though...

so we get the whole night.

Oh, my.

Where are you going?

BLAKE: Um, I'm not sure
right now.

- Can you tell me?
- Interesting.

JINXY: I can't.
The cards don't even know.

You pulled a card of confusion.

- The Lord of Swiftness.

You're on the move.



LUKE: Hey! Hey!


What is it?


I feel like a doctor.

Or a painter.

It's so nice to have people
in the house.


I love picking seashells.

- I feel like I could fall asleep.

BLAKE: Is there someone there
that will take a picture of us?

EMERALD: I hope so.

I need one for my collection.

And this time it...
It will be me coming with real people

- and not just the dogs.

BLAKE: Luke?

Luke. Wake up.

JINXY: With the sun,
there's fire behind you,

and sometimes you tend to get burned
by your own fire and strength.

- You can't let that happen.

- JINXY: Pull another one.

Go ahead.

Wow. This is such
an interesting reading.

You got The High Priestess.

So, The High Priestess
is a very interesting card.

Uh, divine femininity.

There's a lot of power
in the direction you're going.

Even though you may be lost,
you'll find your path, or it will find you.

You guys seem like you're gonna
need some guidance on your trip...

wherever that may be.

BLAKE: I don't know,
sometimes I make up stories

about someone I've never
even met before, like, um...

I don't know, it's not real.
Just something special about them.

It's like a fantasy.

- A fantasy?
- BLAKE: Yeah.

Blink once for "no"
and twice for "yes."

A fantasy love?


I wanna try that.

- Do you like eating human food?

Are you in love?

With the fantasy one
or the real one?



♪ This ship's sole survivor
In this belly of...


EMERALD: Oh-homecoming.

♪ Its ribs our ceiling beams...


♪ Its guts our carpeting

♪ At least
We have some time...

EMERALD: Can I take a picture?


♪ You may not remember me

♪ I was a child of three

♪ And you, a lad of 18

♪ But I remember you

♪ And I will relate to you

♪ On how
Our histories interweave

♪ At the time you were a rake
And a roustabout

♪ Spending all your money
On the whores and hounds

♪ Ooh, ooh... ♪


The God's honest truth
is you did this to yourself,

and you do this to me.

You owe me everything,
and I continue to die for you.

MAN: Miss.


Well, I just wanna know...
I wanna get on your team,

'cause I think we can
kinda work something out.

Did you burn those meds?

Did you burn 'em in the car?

Would l really burn them?

- You think I would burn them?
- I didn't believe that you'd burn them.

Um, that's Jack.

We have... We have to go.
We have to go now.

Just tell me. Come on.

Oh, my God.

BLAKE: Pack up our stuff.


Hey, let's take off the makeup.

I don't really think I liked it.

Okay, um...

Thank you.


What are you doing?

We're just getting ready
for bed, I think.

What are you talking about?
We have to go.



We have to wait.

What are
we waiting for, Emerald?

I have to go find Luke.

- What the hell just happened...
- Luke is sick, okay?

But not like us.

The bad kind of sick.
The forgotten kind of sick.

- Wake up, sick.

Where are the fucking pills?

We know you didn't burn them.
You didn't burn them meds.

You're a fucking thief!

LUKE: They're in the car, man.

JOE: See, you know,
you burned that fucking car.

My mother, she was sick, too,
so she...

She went into the bathroom,
right there, where you just were,

um, and...
And shot herself with a .38.


She didn't die right away.

Then, I think I was there for...
For two hours before my dad found us.

But it was me alive
and her dead.

He... He thinks that I did it.

Yeah, he says I'm the reason for,
you know, putting poison in her.

That I've been killing her
for nine months.


But my dad also told me that...
That God...

He makes us all in these
big, big batches, right?

But he lets one or two stars
just slip by, you know.

And they're...

They're just too magical
for this world.

They're too bright, even.

And they're so sensitive
that they just burn up quickly.


JOE: Stop. Stop.

Do it.

JOE: Yeah, that's right.

- Do it.
- No, man, I'm not gonna shoot.

Shoot me.

Do it!

Do it!



EMERALD: I used to
think that...

That it must have been God who put
me in her stomach to poison her.

But then, I think my dad
chose to poison himself by...

By putting a needle
in his arm.

But I also know that I'm...
I'm not poison.

You know, maybe...

Maybe I am just like her.

That I am so sensitive

that it makes all the other people
that surround me, uncomfortable,

because my bright magic
comes at times

when it is truly needed,
you know.

But it's that same magic
that burns itself up.

And so, we need to take care
of those people.

And when it's their time to
burn, we have to let them burn.

I'm gonna go, um...

find Luke, okay?

Luke has already left you.

- You don't know that.

Bobby knows.

BLAKE: What do you...
What do you mean?

EMERALD: We both know.



- BLAKE: Bobby, what are you doing?

What are you guys doing?
What the fuck are you doing? [SOBBING]

What the fuck are you doing?

BLAKE: Luke.


Who's Luke?
The kid from the pharmacy?

Like, you just fucking left me
in there in that clinic.

[SCOFFS] You put me in there.

[SIGHS] Well,
if you're here to find him,

the doctor
already took care of him.


♪ Ooh

♪ Can anybody see...

No. No, no, no. Wait. Wait.

♪ We've got a lot to find

♪ Never found our way

♪ Regardless

♪ Of what they say


♪ How can it feel this wrong?

♪ From this moment

♪ How can it feel this wrong?

♪ Storm

♪ In the morning light

♪ I feel

♪ No more

♪ Ooh

♪ Can anybody feel?

♪ We've got a lot to find

♪ Never found our way

EMERALD: You need to get out.
I told you last time...

♪ Regardless

♪ Of what they say

♪ Ooh

♪ Can anybody see

♪ We've got a lot to find...


LUKE: It was given to me
by someone special.

When I forgot the poem,
the person was gone.

I had it memorized.

♪ Ooh

♪ Can anybody see? ♪

BLAKE: Just say a part of it.

LUKE: I remember
the rest of the poem.

"And what shoulder & what art

"Could twist the sinews
of thy heart?

"And when thy heart
began to beat

"What dread hand?
& what dread feet?

"What the hammer?
what the chain

"In what furnace
was thy brain?

"What the anvil?
what dread grasp

"Dare its deadly terrors clasp!

"Smile his work to see?

"Did he who made
the Lamb make thee?

"Tyger Tyger burning bright

"In the forests of the night

"What immortal hand or eye

"Dare frame
thy fearful symmetry?"




MAN: See you next week.



Blake, the doctor's ready
for you. Come on back.

COLE: You want me
to go with you?

No, um, I'm good.

LUKE: Okay, I get that.

- Those people... Those people have done this 40 times.
- WOMAN 1: Those people...

- They have.
- MAN: Where's the mute girl going?

WOMAN 1: There are multiple
people that come in here

time and time again,
trying to get their prescription pills.

DOCTOR: Take these pills twice
a day and drink plenty of water.

LUKE: I have everything
that you need.

WOMAN 1: I know. WOMAN 2: Blake,
the doctor's waiting for you.

You can't leave yet.

WOMAN 1: It just
doesn't work that way.

LUKE: I've given you the lab results 20
times now. Can't you, just this once...

- Remember, I came here last week.
- I can't, this once.

'Cause if I this once with you,
I have to this once with everybody.


♪ I can't tell you
What I think of you

♪ 'Cause I know
That I'm too scared

♪ If I tell you
That I love you

♪ Will you even be there?

♪ I can't tell you
What I think of you...


♪ If I tell you
That I love you...

What the fuck are you doing?

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ All I wanna say is

♪ All I gotta do is

♪ Tell you, my dear, that

♪ I love you

♪ Ooh, ooh, love you

♪ Ooh, ooh, love you

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh,
ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ I can't tell you
What I think of you

♪ 'Cause I know
That I'm too scared

♪ If I tell you
That I love you

♪ Will you even be there?

♪ I can't tell you
What I think of you

♪ 'Cause I know
That I'm too scared

♪ If I tell you
That I love you

♪ Will you even be there?

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Oh, oh

♪ All I wanna say is

♪ All I gotta do is

♪ Tell you, my dear, that

♪ I love you

♪ Ooh, ooh, love you

♪ Ooh, ooh, love you

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh,
ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Ooh ♪