Tycus (1999) - full transcript

An underground city is built to save a cross-section of humanity as a comet hurtles toward Earth.

"In the world before,

"the earth was covered with highways and buildings.

"And it was a lone scientist who discovered a tiny speck in the night sky,

and the land was changed forever."

Miss Lowe, what happened then ?

[ People Screaming ]

[ All Screaming ]

[ Electronic Beeping ]

[ Beeping Rapidly ]

Well, this is it. Menkees, welcome home. [ Chuckles ]

Doesn't look like much.


Well, use your imagination, boy.

Gandry. Here ?

Right there, sir.

Why do I feel like the bad guy ?

'Cause we're about to rat on our own government. What's the matter ?

Feeling guilty, Stan ?

No. You, partner ?

I love when you call me that. Come on.

[ Mechanical Hum ]

Up. Where you goin' ?

Just get up.

[ Shutter Clicking ]

Let's see it.

[ Beeping ]

[ Beeping Continues ]

Satisfied ?

It'll do.

[ Rustles ]

- Freeze ! - Oh, boy.

Take care of him !

My partner, the show-off. Where would you be without me ?

At home with a book and a beer, thank you. [ Mechanical Hum ]

Meet me back at the jeep.

Come on. Go, go, go, go !

Move it.

Uh... I-- I don't have a gun.

Stan. Don't move !

Sir. Jake Lowe, combat photographer.

Combat nothing. Hit the ground.


Your camera, soldier. Sorry. [ Groans ]

I can't. It's a rental. I'll lose my deposit.

At peacetime, you guys will do just about anything to get a story.

Here you go, boss.

Thanks. [ Sighs ]

You know, I haven't had a front page story since the... orangutan broke its silence.

- What was that, four years ago ? - Something like that, yeah.

[ Intercom Ringing ]

[ Clicks ] Jake.

[ Woman ] Mr. Shyler would like to see you in his office.

See ya.

Good luck.

I don't know how to, uh--

These last few months, you--

Well, you just haven't been producing the same material.

You're kidding, right ?

I mean, this whole outfit is the same goddamn material. Jake,

when you came here, we were lucky to have you.

But you have to remember we were the only ones who would take you...

after your early... discharge.

You make it sound like some embarrassing medical problem.

It's not that you're not a great reporter, because you are.

It just that maybe your heart's someplace else.

You know, you're right. So I'll tell you what.

Why don't we just call this another one of those "early discharges,"

only this time, I'm gonna walk on my own.


Well, I think that went pretty well.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

Hi. Hey.

My uncle called.

He's got a position available in sales.

It's not far from here. It's a good job.

It has great benefits and good hours.

I quit my job.

You quit ? That's great.

It couldn't be better timing.

[ Sighs ] I don't want your uncle's job, Amy.

[ Sighs ] Okay.

So what are you gonna do ? Another tabloid ?

You can't keep running after stories about aliens...

and Jesus's face in a birthday cake.

It's killing you.

I just said I quit my job. I don't need another reality speech.

[ Sighs ]

[ Earth Rumbling ]

[ Rumbling Fades ]

[ Phone Ringing ]

Hello ? [ Stan ] Jake ?

Jake, it's me, partner. Stan ?

[ Jake ] Jesus, you're alive !

[ Stan ] The one and only. Get a pen.

Fifteen degrees longitude,

six degrees latitude.

West northwest. The Sierras.

S-Stan, are you okay ? Are you safe ?

We'll talk later. Just know this is our "last dance."

A stranger will contact you.

He'll have something you'll need.

Be his friend. You understand ? Be his friend.

[ Clicks, Dial Tone ] S-Stan.

I got a lead on a story.

-It's a big story that could put this paper through the roof. -No, Jake.

No. No more shadow conspiracies, secret government enclaves.

I need alien abductions ! It's not like that.

This is "Last Dance." "Last Dance" ? What is that, a disco song ?

It's not a joke ! Stan Alton and I--

Wait. Stan Alton ? Isn't he dead ?

I spoke to him on the phone last night.

Oh, for Christ's sake, Jake !

- This is a bona fide lead. I need an advance. - You've gotta be kiddin' me !

You give me the advance, and the story is yours.

- I thought you didn't work here anymore. - Earl,

this story is the reason I was discharged.

Do you want it or not ?

[ Rumbling ]

Richter reports another seismic event.

This one originating in Naratake, northeast Asia.

A 3.7. Avalanche this time. They're getting bigger.

Strange. I wouldn't have expected any tectonic activity...

in that area.

And certainly not this early. Yeah.

Maybe the planet's trying to tell us something.

Nothing we don't already know.

How's our rock doing ?

Tycus is approaching quadrant four radius.

Trajectory, north.

Just a few days, a couple of weeks at most, I promise.

I'm serious, Jake. This is it. You know--

Amy, this is Stan. I left him behind once.

I can't do it again. [ Doorbell Rings ]

Oh, but once again you'll leave me.

What if something happens ? You've been thrown in a Mexican jail for months.

You had to hide for six weeks in a Peruvian mountain.

[ Groans ]

You Jake Lowe ? Yeah.

Who the hell are you ? A friend, Mr. Lowe. I'm your friend.

You'll need these. What are they ?

Fake I.D. Thumbprint overlay.

You're Fred Johnson.

Fred ?

Find the north tunnel, then go to the blue level.

If anyone asks, you're with C-22 division.

I guess that's about it. Wait.

Wait. What's going on ? I mean, where's Stan ? Is he okay ?

I'm sorry. I can't answer that.


I have to do this.

You know I have to. Yeah.


Jake ? [ Door Closes ]

Hey, boss. Hey, hey !

Watch the leather, will ya ?

You okay ? Yeah.

Are you sure ?

I don't know. Let's go.

[ Ignition Starts ]

[ Wind Chimes Chiming ] [ Car Approaching ]

So where are you going anyway ?

I don't know. I'll tell you when I get back.

Hey, Sam ? Keep an eye on Amy, will you ?

Sure thing.

[ Man ] Desert Storm--

[ Coughing ]

Ah !

Persian Gulf. You were there.

Am I right ? As a matter of fact, I was.

[ Chuckling ]

I'm looking for Commander Scott.

Found him.

I'm Jake Lowe. Pleased to meet ya. [ Grunts ]

Ah ! Ah !

[ Groans, Grunts ] You ready to go ?

Whenever you say, Commander.

[ Chuckling, Groaning ]

[ Sniffles ] It must be the rockin' motion.

It's the only place I can comfortably nod off.

Okay. One-way ticket to the Sierras gonna cost you about...

$285.50, paid up front, of course.

Of course.

- It's 300. - Three hundred ?

- Flight insurance. - You're gonna need it.

Okay, well, let's, uh... get this show on the road.

Ah ! [ Sniffles ]

So what's up here in the Sierras anyway ?

I don't know.

Oh, top secret. I like it like that.

No, I really don't know.

Well, if you don't know and I don't know, this oughta be fun !

[ Laughing ]

If you want to go in the back and check your chute, go ahead.

You have jumped before, right ?

Yeah, in the service. I hated it.

Army, huh ?

I knew you were a soldier. Was.

Two years Force Recon Five Combat Camera.

Combat Camera ? You guys are nuts !

[ Laughing ]

[ Coughing ]

Oh... sorry.

You gonna be all right if I go in the back ?

Be all right ? Yeah, I'll be all right.

I think I got the instructions on how to fly this crate somewhere.

[ Man ] 1-800-TALK-CHEAP.

We're discussing the weird, wacky seismic activity that's been happening.

Jerry in Canyon Country, you're on the air.

[ Jerry ] I think the planet is really trying to tell us something.

Volcanic, tectonic, you name it.

She's pissed off, man. [ Knock At Door ]

[ Shyler ] What's that ?

Jake wanted to make sure you got that ahead of deadline.

Now, that's a good story. Put it on page two.

All right.

[ Jake ] Aren't we a little low ?

Have to be.

Get any lower, I won't need this chute. I can use a skateboard.

Well, I gotta be above ground level but below radar level.

Radar ? Yeah, radar.

These days even dime bag dealers got radar.

All you need's a truck.

How we doin' ?

Closin' in on your coordinates.

[ Scott ] All right. This must be the place.

Go time is marked-- 30 seconds.

Thanks a lot, Commander. I'll buy you a drink sometime.

Fifteen. A drink ? Cheapskate.

Well, you know where to find me.

Ten seconds. Good luck, soldier.

Yes, sir !

[ Groaning ]

[ Woman ] Seismologists are baffled at the sudden increase...

in seismic activity around the world.

Sizeable earthquakes have been reported in Peru, the United States...

and the former Soviet Union.

Though many scientific sources have speculated on this unusual chain of events,

no cohesive theories have been introduced as of yet.

Meanwhile, an outbreak of forest fires...

has smoke-jumpers pulling double duty in Idaho, south of the Sawtooth mountain range.

The fire reportedly broke out spontaneously at an empty campground.

Tycus is really screwing with Mother Nature.

We've known for years the effects this thing would have on the solar system.

What'd you expect ? Nothing.

Just hoping for a change in course maybe.

No, don't count on it.

If there was, we'd know about it first.

Even Uncle Sam doesn't have tracking equipment this sensitive.

Start triangulation sequence. Check.

[ Beeping ]

Position locked, sir.

Heading ?

Tycus has just entered quadrant two radius.

Velocity up eight percent.

That's impossible.

She's ahead of schedule, sir.

[ Typing At Keyboard ]

What's its frigging hurry ?

[ Typing ]

[ Phone Ringing ] [ Touch Tone Dialing ]

[ Grunts ]

What the hell are you doing ?

You were expected at the north tunnel ten minutes ago.

- Who are you ? - Johnson.

C-22 division.

I'm sorry, sir. I, um--

I had an accident. Never mind. Let's just get this where it's going.

Hey, what are you doing up here ?

I'm late. Take it back down to the lower warehouse.

We ain't gonna open up until later today. There's a systems test.

All right. [ Ignition Starts ]

You got it ?

Just make sure you get a grip before we-- Mm-hmm.

Hold on. Hey, hey, hey.

Whoa, whoa !

[ Sighs ]

All right. I thought you had it.

[ Man On P.A. ] All shipments must be recorded in the receiving office.

Amtorg 12, report to security scanner.

Code four.

Handling, call holding on line two.

Handling, line two.

Stevens, Bogey in the warehouse.

Amtorg 35, pick up at west loading dock.

Amtorg 35.

[ Cocks Hammer ] Hold it right there, pal.

Whoa. Easy.

Good afternoon.

Fred. Fred Johnson.

Randall Barnet, Amtorg Mining Company.

Do you understand that you've been trespassing on private property ?

Gee, I didn't know. I was out hiking, and I got a little lost.

Hiking, huh ? Where'd you get this ?

[ Unzipping ]

Ten cereal box tops. It comes with a decoder ring.


Look, uh, Mr. Lowe,

we can do this the hard way or the really hard way.

Now, I'm gonna give you a break.

But first, I'm gonna keep the camera, the notebook--

Oh, and this fancy global positioning system.

Why don't you keep the candy bar too ?

And I want you to get the hell out of my operation and stay out.

You got it ? What exactly are you mining here ?

Uh, Stevens,

please help Mr. Lowe find his way home.

He appears to be very lost.

Oh, thanks for the gifts, Fred.

Special Services, phone call on line 12. Special Services.

Where the hell are we goin' ?

You know Stan Alton ?

Boy, you just don't shut up, huh ?

[ Stevens Panting ]

Road rage.

[ Screaming, Shouting ]

Tycus has just entered quadrant one, sir.

Won't be long before the whole world knows now.

I can't believe we've known this long.

Deep pockets equal state-of-the-art equipment.

No government can touch what we've got going on here.

I'm glad our families won't be on the surface when they find out.

- Do you think there'll be a lot of panicking ? - Without a doubt.

If you drove a bus every day of your life and found out...

you had less than a month before you were toast, you think you'd show up...

for work the next day ?

Not me, pal. Turn that up a second.

...a convenience store on the outskirts of Blue Ridge...

where the dormant Blue Ridge volcano has suddenly erupted without warning.

Local authorities have begun emergency evacuation procedures,

as lava and ash make their way to the center of town.

Scientists are at a loss to explain the sudden explosion...

of volcanic activity in the West Coast.

This is coming on the heels of a devastating storm front on the East Coast.

We're getting hit on both sides of the continent.

Not a good month to take a vacation.

[ Sighs ]

We're shut down. Systems test.

I got orders to get this inside. Blue level. Right away.

Blue level ? Let me see your I.D.

Well, you ain't on my list.

Look, asshole,

I got orders to get this inside from Barnet today.

C-22 division.

Oh. Hey, open it up !

Have a good day. Thank you.

[ Woman Over P.A. ] Technical supervisors, report to debriefing...

immediately following system test.

Tycus E.T.A.: 40 minutes and counting.

Supply manager to level eight admitting.

Supply manager to level eight admitting.

Amtorg 55, dial 3358.

Amtorg 55, dial 3358.

[ Man Clears Throat ] Everybody's immediate family members are here, sir.

Don't you think you should make the call ?

A little longer, Menkees.

Pete, I understand your thinking,

but Helen and Jamie should be here by now.

You can't protect her from the truth forever.

A few more days,

another week of normal life.

I owe them that much. Okay.

But for the record, I think you're cutting it too close.

Noted, Menkees. Is that all ?

Things will happen quickly when they happen.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Sniffles ]


- [ Whispers ] Do you want to get out of here ? - Who are you ?

I can help you.

Guard ! Guard !

[ Cocks Hammer ]

[ Kung Fu Yells ]

[ Yelling Continues ]

- Oh, no. - Oh ?

You gotta start watching American movies, pal.

Munson, you broke the rule.

We have limited space here.

You know how difficult this is for me, Munson ?

But unfortunately,

you leave me no choice.

Don't do this. You're making a mistake.

You could have lived, and that's more than many could have even asked for.

I'm not the only one. You know that.

Who's with you, Munson ?

Answer him.

I am deeply troubled... that you force me to do this.

Burn in hell.

It'll be painless, I assure you.

[ Groans ]

[ Screams ]

[ Gun Clatters Onto Floor ]

We've gotta find the others. We just can't afford not to.

Yes, sir.

This is Menkees.

I want a full level security sweep of this entire installation.

I want every crack in the floor checked.

[ Radio Squelches ]

Get rid of this body.

There's something you see every day.

[ Woman Over P.A. ] Orientation for red level personnel...

will commence at 0800 hours.

Tycus E.T.A.: 30 minutes and counting.

[ Beeping ]

[ Door Closes ]

[ Electronic Beeping ]

[ Grunts ] Hey, did you know they killed Munson ?

They couldn't flip him. He didn't give up one name.

He had balls. I'll say that much for him. Yeah, boy.

Hey, what's Tycus' E.T.A. ? On schedule.

That's why Crawford's getting nervous. He's not ready, and he knows it.

Oh, how does that bastard sleep at night ?

Pretty good. Have you seen his suite ? I'm not cleared for that floor.

It's nicer than my apartment back home.

Forget about it. This is your home now. Oh.

What took you so long ? Uh--

We had trouble--

It's working. Connie. Connie, it's me.

I know. I'm trying.

We're doing everything we can, believe me.

Have you told the kids ?

You gotta tell 'em. It's time. And tell 'em I--

Connie. Connie. [ Line Squeals ]

Shit !

We gotta move everything forward. Gandry, you got the numbers ?

Most of 'em. Phillers, you talk to the pilot ?

- Everyone's accounted for. - Business as usual till I give the go ahead.

And let me handle Crawford. Let's go.

[ Touch Tone Dialing ]

[ Phone Ringing ]

[ Beeps ] Hello.

[ Jake ] Amy.

Hi, Jake.

Look, don't-- don't hang up.

[ Sighs ] Give me one good reason.

I'm sorry about the way I left. I'm... sorry.

I'm pregnant.


Why didn't you tell me this ?

Oh, I don't know. It just didn't seem like the time.

[ Sighs ]

You don't have to come back, okay, until you're done.

I love you.

Things are weird here.

[ Sighs ] The sky...

burns different colors at noon.

Forecasters are blaming the weather...

on all the volcanoes, the earthquakes--

There's all kinds of rumors.

I'm a little scared.

Jake ?

Jake ?

Jake ? Hello.


No, sir. We didn't expect it in quadrant one for another week.

Yes, sir. I'm preparing to take position...

at main control shortly. [ Electronic Beeping ]

I will.

Are you outta here ?


You gonna be okay by yourself ? Yes, sir.

Keep me alerted on any changes. When that thing gets close,

- start taking pictures, lots of pictures. - Roger that. Sir ?

What are the chances of Last Dance not coming through ?

I don't know. We hope for the best.

We'll get used to the idea of spending the next 30 years underground.

[ Woman Over P.A. ] Last Dance countdown on schedule.

Twenty-two minutes, mark.

[ Alarm Blaring ]

[ Alarm Continues ]

Hold it right there ! Stop, or I'll shoot !

[ Alarm Continues ] What are you doing here ?

I got the key.

They can't launch. Who are you ?

What key ? The key to the missile, genius.

You stopped the missile ?

Give me that !

Aah !

[ Groaning ]

I'm on your side. I'm on your side !

Hey ! Hey !

Hey ! Stop him !

Hey ! He's got the key ! Get him ! Do whatever it takes !

[ Yells ]

[ Woman Over P.A. ] T minus six minutes until launch window.

Sir ? This was the last chance.

After all these years of work, and now this.

I told you a month ago, we need more control.

If we can't get that missile launched--

This man must know that he's destroyed our future.

- What would they want with the missile ? - It isn't one of the rebels.

Well, who is it, then ?

Records show he's not one of ours.

Barnet in Lower Operations reported a trespasser this morning.

I don't care who he is. Get the key back.

Done. [ Footsteps ]

[ Pete ] Stan, what do you want ? Sorry, Doc.

I think I can help. I know him.

[ Woman Over P.A. ] T minus four minutes until launch window.

[ Alarm Continues ]

Last Dance launch. All systems still go.

[ Alarm Continues ]

[ Man Over P.A. ] Mr. Jake Lowe, we know who you are.

Surrender and return the key immediately, and no harm will come to you.

Son of a bitch !

[ Woman Over P.A. ] T minus three minutes and counting.

Take him out. I don't care. Get the key.

We're trying, sir. We got him pinned down in corridor "C."

No, you can't shoot him ! He's a good friend. I can talk to him.

Stan, he's jeopardizing our entire operation.

[ Clicking ]

Over here ! This way !

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go !

T minus two minutes and counting.

[ Man ] Freeze ! Don't move !

- Come any closer, and I'll drop it ! - Be very careful !

Screw you.

Jake, no !

- What the hell is this, Stan ? - You don't understand, Jake.

Where's that missile headed ? How many people are gonna die for Last Dance ?

No, look, you're on the wrong track, buddy.

This time, they die if we don't launch. Now, please, give me the key.

Tell 'em to drop their guns.

- Put the guns down. Put 'em down ! - Put 'em down.

You gotta trust me on this one. Come on, partner.

I never let you down before, have I ? Give me the key, buddy.

Please, Jake.

T minus 45 seconds and counting.


Get this to control, now !

T minus 20 seconds and counting.

T minus ten seconds.

Nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three,

two, one.

[ Man Over P.A. ] Last Dance is away.

[ Man Over P.A. ] Trajectory normal. All systems go.

Hit it, you bastard.

Did we make the launch window, sir ?



How long until it reaches Tycus ?

[ Sighs ] Nine and a half very sleepless hours.

Relax the grip. He's not going anywhere.

[ Feedback ] This is Dr. Crawford.

Operation Last Dance has begun.

Uh, there's nothing more that we can do for the time being except hope.

[ Sighs ] Try to get some rest, everyone. Thank you.

[ Button Clicks ]


What do you wanna do about him ?

How did you get in here ?

Nobody locked the screen door.

I'm too tired to try to explain to you what you almost stopped.

[ Sighs ] Get rid of him.

Dr. Crawford, please. Let me spend some time with him.

All right.

[ Beeping ]

How you been, soldier ?

Why don't we catch up on the last five years another time,

and you tell me why you brought me here and what the hell is going on ?

There's a comet, Jake-- or rather, a piece of one.

Crawford's calling it Tycus. Tycus.

And now it's on its way here.

- Is it gonna hit ? - Not us, the moon.

It'll destroy it.

And the gravitational pull against the earth will be enormous.

We're talking tidal waves, Jake, earthquakes, fires, floods.

If this is all true, how come no one else knows ?

It was ten years ago when the comet was discovered.

Crawford's calculations were published in scientific journals.

No one took him seriously.

Just another harmless light show.

So Crawford didn't want to wait, so he built this.

A nuclear missile site.

The missile's only a last chance.

Operation Archangel's the backup plan,

built by the best from their respective fields with two focuses:

One, to deter the comet,

or, if worst comes to worst, provide a safe haven,

a modern-day Noah's Ark to save humanity here on Earth.

How the hell did you get involved in this ?

I was just what they were looking for--

a writer, a photographer, someone who could document the project.

The more I learned,

the more I spoke to Crawford, the more I came to realize that he was right--

that there needs to be this place,

that we're going to be the fathers of a new age.

You're both fucking crazy. I wish I was, Jake.

Tycus is coming.

I'm as sure of it as I've ever been about anything in my life.

This place must've cost millions to build.

[ Stan ] The money flowed in like water.

But Crawford was smart. No celebrities, no politicians.

Only rich, powerful people,

people who would pay millions for a small spot and keep quiet about it.

If you're right, you can't keep it a secret.

There's only so much space. There's only one chance.

And that's why I thought I should let you in on it.

I got a wife... and a baby.

I didn't know you got married.

There's only so many spaces.

I'm sorry. Oh, you're sorry.

Why don't you, uh,

get some sleep, huh ?

Look, I'll do everything I can to keep you safe.

[ Beeping ]

Let's go.

[ Shutter Clicking ]

Tycus is 3.9 million miles.

Last Dance closing. Radius: 4-2-5.

All systems still go.

[ Camera Shutter Clicking ] Fifth thruster is a go.

Preparing sixth and final thruster.

Last Dance vector is good.

[ Beeping ]

Right on target. This is it.

If I didn't know you better, I'd swear you were hoping for a miss.

Give you a chance to record the new age.

All systems still go.

[ Woman Over P.A. ] T minus 20 seconds until detonation.


18, 17,

16, 15,

14, 13,

12, 11.

T minus ten seconds.

Nine, eight,

seven, six,

five, four,


two, one.



Last Dance detonated at correct window of opportunity,

but Tycus remains on course.

It's like it never even blinked, sir.

Tycus is now approaching Earth's atmosphere.

Estimated time of collision with the moon:

nine hours, 32 minutes and ten seconds.

[ Button Clicks ] Crawford here.

Well, remember, we prepared for this,

and, uh, we press on...

with Operation Archangel.

Everything is all right.

[ Button Clicks ] Menkees.

I want you to send for Helen and Jamie.

I want 'em here as soon as possible. It's done.

Thank you. I want him outta here !

- Menkees, no ! - I gotta get to Amy !

Right now. Let's go. Wait ! Menkees.

Six years. Six years, you've known about this ! Take him up to the surface.

Let him free. Free to die. But you can't do that.

- He can be valuable to us. - There's no room. You know the policy.

That policy-- That policy's the law !

[ Groans ] Only one we got left.

Thanks for being such a pain in the ass.

I'm not done yet. Yeah, you are.

[ Jake ] You're gonna burn in hell, Crawford.

No, son, the earth is.

No, get him outta there. No, it's all right.

He's only going a few floors higher. Dr. Crawford, hear me out.

You let me in. Trust my judgment now.

I'm sorry, Stan, but you should just feel lucky enough as it is.

Wait !

How can you sleep at night, knowing all those women and children will be lost ?

I didn't send Tycus.

You witnessed me try to destroy it. I can't save every life.

Just the ones you choose. Oh, no, look.

Once the people of this planet discovered their fate, do you think all wars would stop ?

Do you think neighbors would embrace neighbors ?

Maybe. But at least I'd have given them the chance.

Well, you're a dreaming fool.

It would have been total chaos.

[ Computerized Voice ] Level six. Access restricted.

I wish you the best of luck.

I can't let you stay.

[ Computerized Voice ] Surface level. Please stand clear.

[ Grunts ]

Jake, what are you doing ? No, Jake, stop it !

[ Grunts ]

[ Groaning ]

Now there's one more spot.

[ Continues Groaning ]

[ Groans ]

He's got a name, Jake.

It's William. He's a friend.

The decision's a lot harder than you think.

- [ Stan ] Look. - [ Groans ]

I can keep you in my dorm until Tycus passes. Then they can't throw you out.

I'm gonna get my wife and baby, Stan.

Hit Crawford's floor.

It's security coded. The guard's the only one who'll know it.

- Hit Crawford's floor. - Fuck you.

No, Jake !

- Jake ! - Pretty please.

Jake, no !

[ Beeping ]

[ Computerized Voice ] Level six. Access restricted.

[ Woman ] At a press conference earlier today at J.P.L., a spokesman confirmed...

that the comet will pass close to the Earth's orbital territory.

Members of the scientific community point out that a comet...

does not need to actually hit the Earth to cause considerable damage.

In a related story, Washington will not deny or confirm...

reports of a small missile launch early this morning.

Um, I've just received this update.

Sources have reported rumors that an underground shelter...

large enough to house the population of a small town may exist.

An exact location is unknown at this time.

They know ! They know !

Archangel is now public knowledge.

Repeat: Archangel is known to the public.

Consider this a security alert.

All personnel underground cease all surface action.

Operation Full Knowledge is now in effect.

Well, this is it, my friends.

The new age has begun.

[ Man Shouting ]

Let's go ! Come on, you guys !

Kelly, go to section "B." "B" !

Lock it up ! Lock it up !

[ Man Over Loudspeaker ] All personnel report to their designated areas immediately.

Commence lockdown sequence.

Operation Full Knowledge initiated.

Operation Full Knowledge initiated.

This is it. It's our last chance.

I'm gonna go to Crawford's floor via the east wing. You take the west.

Whoever sees him first, take him.

Let's go. Right.

Sir, you can't come through here.

Security enforcement now in effect.

Proper identification must be presented upon request.

[ Phone Ringing ]


Yeah, Anderson ? It's Crawford here.

What ? No one was sent for Helen and Jamie ?

But I distinctly told Menkees I--

Try to call them. Get them on the phone.

W-We've got to get 'em before it's too late. Hurry !

- Menkees, what are you doing ? - There's no cause for alarm.

We just have a little business to take care of, and we don't have much time to do it.

Menkees, of all the people. Why you ?

Loved ones, Pete. Loved ones.

But you were given two slots just like the rest of us. I mean, you have your wife here,

your eldest son-- What more could you want ?

My other child, for starters.

Look, it might not be fair, but I'm not gonna live without any of them.

Now, I want one of those jets fueled and waiting,

and I want the code to get back in from you.

That's all. I'm not being unrealistic. Four more.

This is a zero sum game here, Menkees.

One person comes in, that's another one of us who dies.

Well, I already took care of that. As it happens,

on my way up here, four new spots opened up.

Oh, my God.

Please put the gun down and be reasonable.

We've all known from the beginning that this is the way it had to be.

I want the code, Peter. Now.

[ Crawford ] If I give you the code, we'll all die here.

Do you have any idea how many people will follow you back and demand to get in here ?

Now, I want that code.

There are others with you, Menkees.

Munson. He was one of yours, wasn't he ?

Now, I don't have time for questions.

And I'm not gonna ask again. Go to hell.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Screams ]

It's okay. I'm all right now.

Put the guns down.

Put 'em down !

You have my thanks and you're welcome to stay here.

Fire up the jet. I'm going to Los Angeles.

- You're leaving ? - It's my family.

I wanted them to have every last minute of a normal life.

I couldn't bring myself to locking them up in here...

any sooner than I had to.

Well, then you'll understand why I'm doing this.

Out of the way. Boss man's coming with me.

- [ Crawford ] You don't have to do that. - I got a wife...

and a kid comin'.

Well, then come with me. But put the gun away, for crying out loud.

Why should I believe you ?

Because you saved my life and I owe you, and I'm a man of my word.

And I know what you're feeling right now.

Put that down ! It's all right.

Put it down ! It's all right !

It's okay. Come on, let's go.

[ Computerized Female Voice ] Tycus' E.T.A.:

five hours, 40 minutes.

Trajectory: constant.

[ Beeping ]

Hey, what are you doing here ? Get outta here. Sorry, Doc,

but I owe this man.

I got him into this.

I'm gonna help get him out.

[ Computerized Voice ] Surface level. Please stand clear.

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

[ Thunderclap ]

Stan, your work is far too important to be coming with us.

What I see up here will be as big a piece of history as what I see down there. Bigger.

Besides, you're gonna need me.

[ Woman ] The comet that earlier was thought to be harmless...

is now on a collision course with the moon.

There is a distinct possibility that the fragments could come crashing to Earth...

and cause serious damage. Got those proofs for you, boss.

Specialists from NASA and J.P.L. in Pasadena...

are advising all emergency and governmental agencies to have evacuation plans in place...

for some urban and low-lying areas in the United States.

Right now, coastal communities and large cities...

are at the greatest risk.

There's no need to panic.

Please stay tuned to this station for more late-breaking news and information.

Still want to run that miracle diet pill story ?

Come on, baby, pick it up. Pick it up.

You know, the phone lines are probably down.

[ Line Ringing ]

What happened with Menkees ?

[ Sighs ]

Everyone was to bring two immediate family members.

That was the deal. That was the best I could do.

Menkees was no exception.

He got greedy.

Who gave you the right to decide who lives and who dies ?

Try to understand this. I was the first to see the comet.

I presented my findings to the scientific community.

They chose to ignore me. I am just as upset...

about those who are going to be left behind as anyone, please believe me.

- Bullshit ! - What is bullshit ?

- You're playing God. - I am not playing God.

We are living in His miracle. I am trying to save it.

Jake, look, there is no happy ending to either side of the argument.

One side has to be sacrificed so that the other can survive.

We're not talking about equations, we're talking about people.

And whose job is it to make that choice ? Yours ?

Well, maybe we should choose not to save anyone.

Do you wanna live or do you wanna die ?

- You didn't give that choice to Munson. - No, but I'm giving it to you.

You saved my life. I'm offering to save yours.

- Well, thanks for including me. - You are now part of the continuum of humanity.

Act accordingly.

[ Sighs ]

- He's somethin', isn't he ? - Oh, he's out of this world, partner.

- So are you. - You're not getting it, Jake.

Crawford had the same questions you're having.

But he fought the battle. He made a decision. You haven't.

You're right.

I didn't create an entire underworld and place myself in a position...

to dictate the destiny of the human race.

Is that what's bothering you, that you didn't come up with the answer ?

Why can't you cross the line, Jake ?

Because it's there. That line has always been there, Stan.

What if he's wrong ?

There's a plan, and maybe that plan is that this is the end.

Or maybe it's a test to see if we can do the right thing, I don't know.

I just keep thinkin' that--

- Everything we need has been placed here for us. - That's right.

And Peter Crawford took what was given to him and created Archangel.

Now, what's wrong with that ?

Think about it.

[ Bell Dings ]

Gary, what's the problem ? Oh.

No air traffic control at L.A.X.

There's accidents on two separate runways; 15 planes are circling;

Santa Monica is inundated with big jets they can't handle.

All right. I know a place just above L.A.

It's a small airstrip. I think I can remember where it is.

[ Crawford ] I hope to hell you got a good memory.

[ Woman ] All major freeways are currently jammed.

When possible, use alternate routes.

The National Guard will be monitoring the highways...

along with regional authorities to maintain order and provide assistance where needed.

Bob ? Thank you, Kelly.

[ Bob ] Once again, here is that evacuation number:


Call this for the location of the nearest center in your area.

Families in the metro and coastal areas are being urged to report...

to their nearest evacuation center for information...

or head east into the desert communities.

And now, let's go live to David Jones standing by...

at the emergency center in Palmdale. David ?

1800 hours, that's when the real shit's gonna hit the fan.

That gives us an hour search time,

uh, two hours fly back,

thirty minutes wiggle time if anything goes wrong.

It won't. Well, let's hope not. We're not back...

in an hour in a half, you take off without us.

You save yourself. You don't worry about me.

Don't leave the plane and don't open the door for anyone.

[ Plane Approaching ]

[ Tires Screeching ]

H-Hey ! I thought I might see you again.

We havin' our drink now ? I gotta take a rain check.

Can I borrow the truck just for about an hour ?

We need to split up.

Stan, I need you to keep an eye on the plane.

I wrote down the code. Guard it with your life.

If we're not back in time, you know what to do.

Here, take the Caddy. It's fast.

[ Engine Starts ] No hurry.

You know, the world's gonna end !

Jake !

Hey, good luck.

[ Engine Starts ]

You ain't gonna like what you find out there.

[ Man ] Broadcasters in your area cooperating with regional authorities...

have set up this station in the event of an emergency.

[ Alarm Sounding ] Stand by for instructions.

In a moment you will be given important information--

[ Signal Cuts Out ] Los Angeles area.

Stand by for instructions.

[ Chattering, Indistinct ]

I'm sorry. Where's your mother ?

Oh, my God ! Put her down, you son of a bitch !

Please, please. That's my baby ! Leave us alone !

I'm just trying to help.

Freeze, pal. Whoa.

Don't shoot me, man.

Thanks for the truck.

Come on.

[ Engine Starts ]

[ All ] Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done--

[ Continues, Indistinct ] [ Whooping, Cheering ]

Sources say that the underground dwelling...

is located somewhere in the California Sierra mountain range.

We now have a picture of the man most believe is responsible...

for the underground safe haven refuge.

His name is Dr. Peter Crawford, a physicist from Denver.

[ Door Closes ] Amy ? [ Gasps ]

[ Sobbing ]

Oh, God. Are you okay ?

I've been going crazy.


Sam came. He wanted me to go with him,

but I wouldn't leave without you.

There's no time. Come on.


We're too late. What is it ?

[ Helen ] What's going on ?

The plane left.

[ Helen ] Oh, my God.

- Help here ! - Wait.

[ Wheezing ] I tried to stop him.

The pilot was just following orders.

I'm sorry, Stan. I--

I didn't want to leave without you and the Doc.

Finish my book. Promise.

Okay. [ Labored Breathing ]

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

Well, you heard him.

It's up to you now.

This feels wrong.

All these people are gonna die, and I'm thinking about saving my family.

That feeling never changes, son.

Commander, can you give us a lift ?

[ Instruments Beeping ]


- What do you mean, "oops" ? - Nothin'.

- You said "oops." What's the matter ? - Ah, we might have--

- Might have busted an oil line. - Well, did you ?

Yep. Definitely busted an oil line.

- Shit. - Don't worry, though. Hey.

We still got another problem. Uh, brace yourself.

We gotta put her down. Do me a favor.

Lower the landing gear there, chief. We're goin' in.

[ Engine Knocking ] You bitch ! You bitch !

- You don't want to cooperate today, do ya ? - What now ?

No wheels. Don't worry, though. Don't worry.

I can belly flop this thing right on a duck's dick.

All right, folks, listen up in the back Better buckle up and hold on.

And while you're at it, pray old Betsy here still has some heart left in her.

We're goin' in ! [ Chuckles ] Man, it feels good to say that again.

We're goin' in !

Come on, baby.

Come on, baby.

Don't fall apart on me. Come on, baby.

Give it to me, baby ! Ha ha ! Just like we used to do ! Come on !

[ Thud ]

[ All Screaming ]

Moo ! Moo !

What the hell are you doing ?

[ Scott Laughs ] Moo !

- [ Screaming ] - [ Scott Laughing ]

- [ Growls ] - [ Gasping ]

[ Scott Shouting, Whooping ] Hang on ! Yee-ha ! Here we go ! Touchdown !

[ Sighs ] One point landing.

We made it, baby. [ Crawford ] Okay.

Let's get out of here as quick as we can.

Jake, Commander, it's now or never.

[ Computerized Voice ] Collision in five, four,

three, two, one.

Come on. Come on, right this way.

Come on. Watch it. Watch it coming down here. You can really slip.

Okay. You're all right. Come on.

Commander, let's go !

[ Knocking On Window ] [ Woman ] There's room in the back.

[ Man ] Hey, let us in.

Dad, you'll let them in, won't you ?

We don't have the room for any of them. I wish we could.

What about the children ?

Just hold on. We're almost there.

[ Crowd ] Hey, come on. Pull over.

[ Crawford ] All right, steady.

[ Beeping ]

[ Computerized Voice ] Elevator now in transit. All right.

Let's go.

Just look forward.

What gives you the right to choose ?

Elevator security function activated.

Descension begins in 60 seconds. Quick. Quick.

- Come on. - I can't.

- What ? - I can't. It's not right.

Fifty seconds. What's not right ?

To live to see your child born ?

I'm not like you.

I don't believe in what you believe in. Forty seconds.

It doesn't matter what you believe if you don't exist.

Don't leave me.

- Jake, please. Please. Please, please, please. - Thirty seconds.

Please. [ Sobs ]

- Twenty seconds. - [ Crowd Clamoring ]

[ Shouting, Clamoring ]

Ten, nine, No !

eight, seven, six,

- five, four, - Let me go. It's all right.

- three, two, one. - You've got to.

Please stand clear. [ Elevator Descending ]

Descension initiated. [ Sobbing ] Oh, my God.

[ Horns Honking ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Screaming ]

In the world before, the earth was covered with highways...

and buildings.

And it was Peter Crawford who discovered a tiny speck in the night sky,

and the land was changed forever.

The underground city flourished,

even though its founder never made it in.

[ Bird Squawks ] And in our night sky,

a million shimmering new moons...

will forever remind us of a new beginning.