Two Who Dared (1936) - full transcript

A Woman Alone is a 1936 British drama film directed by Eugene Frenke and starring Anna Sten, Henry Wilcoxon and Viola Keats. It was also released as Two Who Dared. An officer becomes entangled in a love affair with a woman who works as a maid.


Here come on get these
cows out of the way,

what do you think you're doing?

What do you think I'm
doing, playing a soldier?

Back them out of the way and be quick.

I'll get out of it in
the cow's time not yours.

Colonel get these cattle.

Why don't you send the whole Army?

Hey listen, how dare you,

you good for nothing.

Lucky for you there isn't
a bull around there.

My cows will give sour milk,

you won't like it much longer.

Would you like me to
help you to milk them?


wouldn't know which end to start.

Alright fall in.


Now what's the matter?

Alright fall in.

Hey sir!

Come on fall in.

That's a 1,000 rubles
down the drain, who cares?

Go on Nicky have another crack at it.

Alright, I'll make it 2,000.

Careful Nicky, he's in luck.

No leave him alone he
knows what he's doing.

You're a fool if you go on.

I'm a fool am I?

Come on I'll play you.

What luck?

There you are old boy what did I tell you?

Unlucky at cards, lucky with,

how 'bout trying to find some?

What women in this dump?

What a hoke.

If I can't find any women nobody can.

You'll learn, alright
I'll come, but I'll do

my own finding, thank you.

The chance to find out.

He's a dark man with a moustache.

I hate moustaches, they're so strange.

Can we come in?

Well there's nothing to stop you.

Come on boys.

Steady, steady, you'll frighten them.

Now my dears I assure you,
we're practically harmless.

Oh, you took us by surprise.

Won't you sit down.

Oh that's much more friendly.

If I can do anything to make your lives

a little brighter, I'm at your service.

There you go my boy, much better.

So it's you is it?

Tell me, did the milk turn sour?

It didn't turn sour, came out as cheese.

You know, you oughten be driving cows.

What ought I be doing?

I could make one or two suggestions.

If I were you, I'd try them
on the other girls first.

I like your dress.

Oh, do you?

You know it's a great pity your attitude

isn't as charming as your voice.

Are you so certain about my attitude?

I'd like to be.

Well how about you, I think
it's your turn to carry out

this ancient and delightful custom.

Are you afraid?

I'm not afraid of any customs.


# Joys untold #

# Drink drink drink #

Quit running away!

Why are you running after me?

'Cause I want to, that's
a good reason isn't it?

So you won't kiss me hey?

Why not?

'Cause you don't love me.

I see, but you love me don't you?

If you let my hands I'll tell you.


I changed my mind, I won't tell you.

Whatever you've done
I'm going to kiss you.

If you don't let me go I'll scream.

Go ahead then scream.

I'll scream again if you don't.

Oh no, no listen,

the night's much too beautiful
to spend it screaming, innit?

What's your name?



I'm Maria.

Maria I'll meet you
tomorrow night at 10 o'clock

at the corner of the wood,

and I'll bet you'll be there!

This is the first real
party I've been to for ages.

Hey they'll be here in a minute.

Who do you want to dance with?

The Captain of course
if I get the chance.

Why should you always have the best?

Which do you like most?

I can't stand calvary,
they always smell of horses.

Their the guards silly, the
finest regiment in Russia.

Can I have a word with you?

I want you to take the
opportunity tonight my dear

of entertaining Captain Olinsky.

You know how I feel, and
I'm sure you'll do as I ask.

Both our families

are anxious to see you
and Nikolai are married.

I know your affection for Torsenberg.

He's a nice boy but.


Nice to see you again.

How are you sir?

Glad to see you my boy.

Yoo hoo!

Yoo hoo!

Yoo hoo!

I'm kind of famished.


That's because you're here Torsenberg.

I wish I were always here.

Don't forget what I asked you to do.

Yes father.

Excuse me Torsenberg.

I'll come back.

My father wants me to see
that you're entertained.

I'm at your disposal.

My dear lady you flatter me.

I didn't expect such.

You know handle it.


'Cause everyone expect us to be friends.

Of course in that case
you dislike me intensely.

No, not dislike, but
I don't think we have

very much in common, do you?

I shouldn't have said
that, come on let's dance.


Oh I do admire Captain Olinsky.

Do you think Olga will marry him?

If I had my day over again I would.

Hello Shariat, you're going to leave?

Yes sir, thank you sir.

May I congratulate you on your marriage?

You may, you can stand
at ease as well, you're

not on parade now you know.

Tell me you live in this village?

No sir, but my future wife does.

Well, when are you gonna be married.

As soon as I finish
my service sir, and when

we've saved enough money.

Is she with you?

Yes sir, the one in the middle.

The prettiest one sir.

So it's you.

Yes, we don't seem to be
able to avoid each other do we?

You're exactly the same aren't you.

Why now, you expect
me to have grown old.

So this is your wedding day?


I hope,

that you will be very happy.

And to father, and to mother,
and to uncle, and to Boris,

and to Elizabeth, and to
Catherine, and to Peter.

That's enough, I've done enough writing

for a glass of vodka.

What do you mean enough, I have

mentioned half the family yet?

They'll be insulted.

That's right.

I've got it, listen and
greetings to you all,

including the cows and pigs.


And now one to my girl, tell Maria,

to hurry and pack her things
because the job I've got

for her is a good one, that's all.

What, nothing about love and kisses?

That's alright, I'll do
that myself when she arrives.

Sign it.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Could you please tell me
if Jakob Sharev is here?

I want to see him because,
oh, I beg your pardon.

Oh Jakob, Jakob I've just got here.

Oh how nice to see you again,
you look very well too.

How smart you are Jakob,
aren't you glad to see me?

Aren't you glad to see me?

Stand back, I can't talk to you now,

can't you see that I'm on guard.

Go away will you.

Where should I go, you wrote
to me, you told me to come,

you said you got a job for me so I came

and now you are chasing me away?

What's wrong Jakob?

See that cafe over the road?


I'll meet you there in
two hours, now hop it.


There, don't
make a meal of that sugar.

Well my little one, I'm
terribly glad to see you.

You funny little one,

don't you understand that when a soldier's

on guard he's forbidden to
talk to strangers, don't you?

But I'm not a stranger
to you, they can't

permit you to talk to me?

Well there are a lot of
things you don't understand,

my girl, but you'll learn, waiter.

Coming sir.

I'll show you that I'm glad to see you

I'll give you something
you've never had in your life.

What is it?

Bring two cognacs.

Two cognacs, yes sir.

Oh, Jakob.

Now tell me how you are,
did you have a good journey?


I travelled in a train.

Ah, the cognac.

You know how to drink it?

Of course I do.

And here's to your pretty
face and your new job.

There, there steady, steady,

you can't drink brandy like that,

couldn't come in a vodka silly one.

I'll show you how to drink it.


What's the difference
if you get drunk anyway?

I told you you had a
lot to learn, waiter?

Yes sir.

Bring two more cognacs.

Two more cognacs.

Oh, I'm learning.

Oh, before I forget your Uncle
Herium and your Uncle Akaki

asked to be remembered,

and cross-eyed Perform and talk McMuffin

send their greetings
to, and Ivana Flusser.

Oh, they have had a cutest baby.

You like babies don't you?

I adore them.

Then you'll like the job I got for you.

Oh Jakob darling, tell
me, tell me what it is?

You're going to be a nurse.

Nurse, why a nurse.

I knew you would you'll like Madame too,

she's class I tell you.

How did you get this for me?

I applied for it, she's the
wife of my company officer,

don't you remember Olinsky's wedding?


Well, what's up?


Yes, there is, you don't.

Well she'll be too
grand for me I'm afraid.

Oh Jakob, I couldn't live
in her house, I couldn't.

You're going to my girl,
whether you want to or not.

I don't want to be in her house.

You don't seem
to know what you want.

Let me go home, Jakob, please let me.

After all the trouble
I've taken to get you here,

nonsense my pigeon, here you
are in the same town with me

and here you stop.

Take baby now will you?

I'm tired.

Now let me look at you,
you don't look so bad.

I like my servants to be well turned out.

Lucia must you be so long with that cap?

Do you want all day?

Oh, you want everything
done at once Madame,

and I've only got one pair of hands.

Don't irritate me Lucia, I'm very ill.

There now, how's that?

It doesn't fit, well you
couldn't make a baby's nappy.

Now hold your head
straight, now down, no up.

Oh it isn't your cap, it's your hair.

You'll have to change the way you do it,

now put that child down, come over here.

Now Maria, hurry up.

Lucia give me the curling tongs.

Oh come back here Lucia, come back,

aren't you're the most
annoying woman I've ever known?

Can't say, you know so many Madame.

Now hold that Lucia.

That's straight.

There you see how much better that is?

There's no comparison, look Lucia.

Beg pardon?

Telephone am I going mad?

I hope not Madame for
our sakes as well as yours.

Leave that thing along
and get out of my room.

Hello, hello?

Oh Tosenberg,

how nice to hear your voice.

You were the new nurse.


I hope you like being here.

Oh Nicky, ah there you are.

Nicky I say, what about the new mare?




Jakob's come to see you.

Where is he?

In the kitchen deary,
where'd you think he'd be,

in the drawing room?

He'd look better than some of he people

I've seen in there.

Oh Jakob, Jakob, I'm so glad you've come.

I'm off duty for an hour
Maria, can you get out for a bit?

I'll try to, I'll ask Madame
as soon as she's finished

here, but let's sit down,

let's sit down for a minute and talk.

So tell me what you've been doing?

Oh the usual, nothing
much, but we can't talk here,

can't you slip out without.

Madame's taking some of
us swell trainers to see

a baby and wants you upstairs.

Wait for me, I won't be a moment.

But I've got to be back in an hour

can't you tell her that?

My darling sleep, so
that one day you'll grow

into a big, strong man like your daddy.

I'd like you to grow up like him.

Do you know why?

'Cause he's a fine man, and a clever man,

daddy yes, yes your daddy.

And everybody admires him,
everybody respects him,


I beg your pardon.

There's no need to do that.

I'm sorry if I scared you.

No you didn't I, I was
telling a story to your son.

There you are lad.

No thanks I'm not hungry.

Oh come now, this is not kitchen cake

I pinched it from the drawing room.

I came here to talk to Maria this

hanging about makes me crazy.

Now in a job like this
you're never off duty.

So it seems.

Maria stands a very
good chance in this house.

Chance of what?

Getting on of course.

Getting off I'd say.

What do you mean?

You keep your eyes
open and you'll find out.

Turning much of your form Nicky.

It's too hot for billiards.

Let's just play Nicky
we haven't got all night.

If he hasn't got his mind on the game

you better check him.

Well, wherever you're going.

Let's go to the gypsy
restaurant, the food's.

Oh who cares about
food, what about drink?

Oh tonight I'm gonna drink champagne.

Well why are you looking
like that, without your vest,

don't you want to come with us?

Nothing would give me greater pleasure.

You might look a little enthusiastic,

I don't want you to make a favour of it.

Don't bully a mugger.

You might look a little
pleased at the prospect

of taking me out.

I am very pleased.

I'm not sure if I want you to now.

It wouldn't be a bad idea
if you made up your mind.

Oh if you're in that sort
of mood I'd much rather

be with Tosenberg and Alachal.

Well in that case you
shall be, I'll eat here.

Come on.

Get board with your own company!

You behaving yourselves
since we just saw you last?

I'm very happy tonight.

Because we are together?

Mm hmm.

Tosenberg, I think you understand me

better than most people.

I want you to be happy.

Lucky for you there
isn't a bull among them.

I like your dress.

Oh do you?

You little devil you're
not gonna get away.

Tonight's much to beautiful
to spend screaming.






They have gone away.

Well you should've answered quicker

it might've been important.

I'm sorry.

Now go back to your room.

Maria, why do you torment me like this?

I don't understand you.

Why did you come here?

I didn't want to come,
I didn't ask to come.

Oh, please let me go.

I'll never let you
go, 'cause I love you.

You must understand.

No, please don't say it, I
know what you're going to say,

I quite realise what I'm
doing, I know it's madness.

I've tried to fight.

Oh please, please don't talk like that.

Madame wants to speak to
you on the telephone sir.

Alright, put her through.

Holy mother, holy mother help
me, help me with my trouble.

Give me your guidance I pray you.

Why do you look at me like that?

I didn't want to hurt anyone,
do not blame me, but give me

your help, give me strength
to understand myself

give me strength to understand this love,

do not punish me, teach me, I pray you,

teach me to do what is right.

Holy mother, I pray you holy mother.

I now know why you look at me like that.

I know what I should do.

May I speak to you Madame?


What is it?

I can't stay here any longer.

What are you talking about,
you can't leave me now,

that's absurd, what's the matter with you?

You've been very kind to
me Madame but I must go.

I won't let you go, I
won't, do you understand?

How dare you even suggest
such a thing after

all I've done for you!

Nicky, Nicky!

Oh no please, that won't
make any difference, I must go!

Who are you to detect
me you do as I tell you,

you ungrateful little
fool, here I've given you

a decent home, Nicky,
Maria wants to leave!

She hasn't got a reason,

she doesn't making
things difficult for me.

I have a very good reason Madame,

if you will let me explain.


I'm going to be married.

In that case Olga I think
she'd better go immediately.


Morning, what's your news?

Nothing much, hey
don't count that flash.

Got to look smart when
you call to see your girl.

You're girl?

What do you mean?

Well if you want to know.

Maria, Jakob's here.

Whatever is the matter deary?

I'm alright.

Well you are the only
one who doesn't know.

You lie, I'll shake the
life out of you you rat.

It isn't true, say it
or I'll strangle you!

Say it, say it!

I heard him,

making love to her.

Was she making love to him?

Was she making love to him?


Oh Jakob, Jakob!

Oh Jakob, oh I'm so glad
you've come I wanted

to see you so badly,
what's the matter with you?

You wanted to see me, what for?

It's only natural that
I should want to isn't it?

You haven't made much effort so far.

Jakob darling, you know
that it wasn't all my fault.

Madame made me work very hard.

And the Captain keeps
you pretty busy also.

Doesn't he?

What do you mean?

What do I mean, you
don't know what I mean,

you dirty.

Jakob, Jakob.

The whole of this house knows about you.

You're mad, you don't know
what you're talking about.

Last night he sent
his wife out to a party

so that he could be alone
with you, didn't he?

He didn't, it's a lie.

I don't want your
explanations, I know the truth.


The porter found you
both in the same room,

he heard him say I love you, is that true?

You don't deny it because it is true.

You thought I was going to marry you,

well I'm not, I've had enough
of you and I'm through,

you hear, I'm through!

Goodbye Lucia.

Goodbye Maria, bless you,
we shall all miss you deary.

Poor child.

Don't worry about me Lucia,

I can look after myself.

That's tonight.

Paris, are you taking me?

Yes, of course I am.

Oh Madame, Paris, I knew a
lovely Frenchman when I was 18,

I wonder.

Do not stand there doing
nothing, pack up my things!

Why are we leaving in such a hurry?

Mind your own business.

Master coming?

Stop asking questions, will
you stop asking questions?

What's the matter with you?

Stand to attention.

Now present.

Look out sir!


Shariat, you'll be
arrested for attacking

a superior officer.

Arrest that man.

I'll take him to the guard room.

The guard room quick, March!

Change the guard.

What's this?

We found this on the guard,
a revolutionary pamphlet.

Right now.

Where'd you get
this, who gave it to you?

Nobody sir, I picked it up myself,

they were scattered in the courtyard.

And why didn't you deliver
it to your superior officer?

I'm sorry sir I didn't
know it was important.

I couldn't know what it was, I can't read.

Nonsense, you would've
gotten somebody else to

read it for you, who was it?

No sir.

What do you mean no sir?

Answer my question who
read this paper to you?

I'm sorry sir I mean nobody sir.

I didn't show it to anyone, I thought

it was just scrap paper.

Then why'd you pick it up
and put it in your pocket?

To use for rolling cigarettes sir.

A very convenient idea, and suddenly you

change your mind and
attacked Captain Olinsky?

I did it because he
tried to steal my girl.

Something's happened.


Nicky has been attacked,
one of his men tried to.

Who did it?

The man your nurse was engaged to.

I knew something dreadful
would happen, oh why did

I ever have her in my house?

Keep calm.

Calm, I won't stop here another second,

why should I stay here
and face this scandal?

Where are you going.

I shall go to my father.

After that I'm going to get my divorce.

paper, how would you like

to smoke this brand of cigarettes?

I'm afraid it would be too explosive it.

Yes, this propaganda is dangerous,

we must stamp out this
unrest without hesitation.

The case of Jakob Shariat
will serve us with an example.

But in his case we cannot be
exactly sure that his defence

of jealousy cannot be justified.

I've heard rumours.

Nonsense this is
purely a political case.

There might be some truth in it.

It will and must be stopped.

Quite certainly, but
the whole case hinges upon

the correct evidence from
Captain Olinsky and the girl.

Leave it to me my dear major,

I will summon the girl immediately,

and interview her myself.

She's just a peasant girl.

And Captain Olinsky, will he verify it?

In his position, he will
give me every support.

Yes, yes I know about that, but you must

understand the truth, this crime

is nothing more or less
than a political one.

No, if I may say so sir, this attack

on me has no political
significance whatever.

But you will present yourself

when they found this pamphlet?

Yes, at the same time
it is my belief that

he attacked me for quite
a different reason.

It was jealousy.

Yes, I know that's his defence,

does he have any grounds for making it?

Well sir the girl he was going
to marry was employed by me

he may have imagined.

Exactly he may have imagined something.

Was there any ground for his suspicion?

Yes, sir.

You flirted with the girl no doubt.

It was more than that sir.

Yes I know, was she your mistress?

No sir.

That's all I want to know.

I have prepared a statement
and I want you to sign it.

Listen, I deny the charge made by

Jakob Shariat that the woman

Maria Krasnova was my mistress.

In my opinion the attempt
on my life was made

for political reasons.

But I have no proof sir!

Captain Olinsky, you have
my word, do you disbelieve me?

No sir.

Then sign.

The case will proceed, along
with the lines indicated.

Come in.

Are you Maria Krasnova?


Were you ever employed
in the house of Olinsky?

Yes I was.

You were?

Well, if this isn't my lucky day.

Here we are.

What is this untidy thing?

Well if you'd spent
18 months in my pocket

you'd be a bit untidy
yourself, it is a summon.

What for?

You're called as a witness

in the case of high
treason against a soldier

by the name of Jakob Shariat.


Yes, sign please.


Hey there Nicky, walking
around this place is like

spending Saturday
afternoon in the graveyard.

Come on you old devil, let's play 100 up.

No thanks.

Oh, it's like that is it?

It's like what?

Look here Nicky you've got
to pull yourself together.

Oh leave me alone will you.

Not until I've got
some sense out of you,

I'm talking to you as
your best friend now.

Why everyone from the General downwards

have noticed how much you've walked.

Why should I care what they've noticed?

You've got to care man!

You've got a grand future before you,

don't chuck it away.

Why did I sign that statement?

Because it was the truth.

Oh no, it was really a
lie, and that man's going

to his death because I signed it.

He's going to his death
because he attacked you.

Yes, but why did he attack me?

Because he was a revolutionary.

Oh rot!

Now let me at least be honest with you

if with nobody else, he
didn't break the law I did,

I stole his woman that's
the oldest law in the world.

Well, my most charming young lady

won't you sit down?

Thank you.

And to think that only a few nights ago

I was in the theatre
admired you're dancing

very much indeed, I
never imagined you were

the person we were looking for,

why did you change your name?

Why did you hide yourself?

I didn't know you were looking for me.

I left before it happened.

Why does he want to see you again?

I don't know, I wish
he'd hurry up though.

But what about Jakob
Shariat, what has he done?

Tell me everything.

He made an attempt on the
life of his superior officer.

Captain Olinsky?


So, what made him do that?

Oh just a bit of political
enthusiasm as we found out.

Jakob, political, oh it's impossible.

I know Jakob well enough
to tell you that that he,

that he had no idea about politics,

he was never interested in them,

oh it's ridiculous, what
has he said to that?

The crazy fellow tried to persuade us

that he did it out of jealousy,
of course that's absurd.

He had no proof whatsoever,
no, no, it's clearly

a political matter.

You don't believe me, read this.

The charge made by Jakob Shariat,

that the woman Maria Karsnova

was my mistress, in my opinion the attempt

on my life was made for political
reasons, Nikolai Olinsky.

So that's how it is?

Before you came in I
thought we might meet

some ignorant peasant girl who might

make things difficult for us.

In what way?

Well if you support Jakob Shariat,

that he was actuated by
jealousy it means the end of.

Captain Olinsky's career,

and of course we're also in a position

to make it the end of your career.

Show the lady out.

Yes sir.

Good day.

And don't forget what I said to you.

Maria, I've got to talk to you,

well can't you spare me a moment?

Maria, why don't you answer me?

I hate you.


This way.


You've been a long time coming.

I wanted to come before,
as soon as I heard,

but I couldn't get permission.

I've come to tell you
that you mustn't be afraid

of the trial tomorrow
everything will be alright.

And after it's over, even
if I have to wait a little,

I'll wait for you,

we'll be together again,

we'll start a new life together.

Oh shut up.

What do you think I am blind?

Look at yourself, your
dress, your whole style,

everything, and what
about your profession?

If I get off and go back to the village

I'm gonna get a decent
girl for a wife, you hear?

A decent girl I said!

I don't want your pity either,

you didn't come here to help me,

you came here to show
me how grand you are.

Who asked you to come here?

I don't regret that I came here Jakob.

I understand you.

We've never understood each other.

You are right, we must look
like each other in ourselves,

when I said I would
wait for you I meant it,

and I will wait, if you want me still?

Do you think I want another man's?

You are mistaken Jakob I never was.

Ah that makes no difference to me now.

I wanted to kill him
because I was jealous.

I hated him, but I wouldn't do it now,

because I don't love you anymore.

You see Maria, I've had plenty
of time to think things over

and I know now that we
don't belong to each other,

you aren't the same Maria that I knew in

the village, you aren't meant for me.

Oh I don't blame you much
now because I don't care.

But I want to tell you that

that swine Olinsky played a dirty

trick on me and if you.

You're unjust Jakob.

Olinsky's a good man.

Maria you said we
mustn't lie to each other.

Alright, you love him don't you?

Yes I do.

Then that settles it.

Yes, yes, yes, the
court is not interested

in your love affair, you are charged with

a very serious crime, you tell
us the motive was jealousy,

I tell you it was nothing of the sort,

for the 10th time I ask
you to explain this!

I can't.

It was in your possession.


I found it!

Found it an incitement to mutiny?

I know nothing about it.

An engaging innocence.

The court will form its own opinion.

Gentlemen, you have heard
the prisoner's evidence.

His accusation against Captain Olinsky

was founded on what?

The gossip of the half-witted porter.

You have heard this witness examined

by the defending counsel
and cross-examined by me.

I think you will agree that the testimony

was not impressive and against
it we have three things.

This incriminating document

found in the prisoners possession,

and the most audacious piece of mischief

I have never read.

To my mind it is conclusive,

as I believe it will be to yours.

We have also Captain
Olinsky's signed statement,

he is a man of honour.

You will be able to weigh his
word against the prisoner's.

And last I shall submit
to you the evidence

of Maria Krasnova the
celebrated artist, a lady

on this banner heavy impedance to produce

in the hope of saving his skin.

I the courts to call Maria Krasnova.

Call Maria Krasnova.

Order in the court!

Maria Krasnova!

Your name?

Maria Krasnova.

Your age?


Married or single?


Proceed counsellor.

You are Maria Krasnova,
the celebrated dancer?

I am the dancer.

You know the prisoner?


You were engaged to him.


You know Captain Olinsky?


You were employed in his house?


Quite so,

now, as to the prisoner, you know that he

is charged with a very serious crime,

an assault on Captain Olinsky?

In his defence he shamelessly says that

the motive was your association
with Captain Olinsky.

He says that, I know.

Where as we believe, I may say we know,

it would have been political.

This pamphlet, you have seen it?


Right, now I want you to
tell the court what you know

of the prisoner's political
activities in such matters.

His activities?

Yes, oh come, you know this man well?

Very well.

Well then you must know something

of his political opinion?

Jakob has no opinions.

Come, come, we
understand your reluctance,

but I'm afraid you must tell me.

Tell you what?

Maria Krasnova you are
a an intelligent woman.

Thank you.

And this is a court of justice

I'm glad.

If you please,

again, what knowledge have you

of the prisoners political activities?


Jakob knows no more about
politics than a coal.

Then how do you explain this?

I don't, in any case you
could make nothing of it.

He cannot read.

That has nothing to do with it.

I see.

Obviously someone else
could read it for him.

Obviously, but even then
he wouldn't understand it.

That's your opinion.

Of an intelligent
woman I think you said.

Well perhaps I was mistaken.

Now let us turn to a matter in which

your intelligence is not at stake,

to a matter of fact within your knowledge.

You know that the prisoner
has accused you of an intrigue

with your employer, you know
that Captain Olinsky denies it.

I know.

And you deny this intrigue?

Well you see.

Yes or no?

But it's not so easy for me.

It is perfectly easy to speak the truth.

That is just what is not easy.


The prisoner has said
shameful things about you.

My information is that you deny them,

I ask you to confirm it!

I see no difficulty here.

I do not wish to confirm it.

You do not wish to, what
are you talking about?

You don't seem to
understand it is suggested

that you were your employer's mistress!

I know.

What do you mean you
know, will you answer my

question yes or no?

Very well then,


I was his mistress.

This is outrageous!


Gentlemen, I apologise
to you for insulting

you with this woman's evidence.

The court must have been insane

to rely on this drab of a
dancer, a common property

with no morals.

Stop it, stop it I tell you!

Captain Olinsky, this
statement it is your evidence

placed before the court, repeat it!

That statement was a lie.

What she says is true.

Clear the court.

Clear the court!

In the name of his majesty the Czar

and the purity of regulations

this court will try the case
of Private Jakob Shariat.

The court after careful
consideration has decided

to take a lenient view,

we sentence you to two years imprisonment,

but taking into account the time

you've already spent in
detention, you are free.

Call Captain Olinsky.

Captain Olinsky.

You held the regiment up to ridicule,

not to say dishonour.

For such an officer there
is no place in the service.

Your resignation will be accepted.

Maria, why did you say that in there?

'Cause in our hearts,

it was true.