Two-Minute Warning (1976) - full transcript

A psychotic sniper plans a massive killing spree in a Los Angeles football stadium during a major championship game. The police, led by Captain Peter Holly (Charlton Heston) and SWAT commander Sergeant Button (John Cassavetes), learn of the plot and rush to the scene. Still, they may be too late, as an all-star cast finds itself lined up in the sights of a gun-toting madman.


Aaah! Aaah!


[Whispering] Charlie?


Come back to bed,
Charlie. I'm lonely.

- I need some loving.
- Come on, it's Sunday, for god's sake.

- Are you religious?
- Championship Sunday.

Come on back to bed, Charlie.

- [Chuckle]
- I can't. Team meeting, 7:30.

Then kiss my ass!

I'd love to. Just
not enough time.

Are you checking
out, sir? I'll get your bill.

Are you okay?


Are you okay?

As a person or as a quarterback?

As a person, I'm delighted to
make more money than the president.

As a quarterback, I don't know.

I may have the heart of a lion but
these knees belong to medical science.

Those knees...
were okay last night.

Everything was okay last night.

Here's your change, sir.

27, 28, 29, 30.
And your receipt.

Thank you for staying with us. Please
come again the next time you're in L.A.


Good morning,
boys. Good morning!

- Sam? Sam?
- I need seven more men.

It's 8:00 a.m. Wait your turn.

- Give us your phone number!
- I'll give it to you.

Captain, Sam's asking for
seven more men at the Coliseum.

I've got 150 men around
the Coliseum pulling traffic.

Let somebody... Excuse me.
Somebody find me ten men for that,

and maybe he can have
seven for the Coliseum.

[Radio]...tension in the Mid-East,
according to sources. At the U.N...

[Radio]...the councilwoman
believes action by property owners...

may provide some
taxpayer relief.

It's a beautiful sunny
day here in the Southland.

Perfect weather for this afternoon's
Championship Ten contest.

With details and a roundup of
sports news, here's Fred Gallagher.

[Fred] It'll be Baltimore and Los
Angeles before a capacity crowd...

90,000 plus at the
L.A. Coliseum...

and millions more
on national TV...

Anticipating the most evenly
matched championship game in history.

The pivotal performer, Baltimore's
quarterback Charlie Tyler,

hoping to nurse his bandaged
knees through just one more game.


[Choking, Coughing]




Psia krew! Ty chcesz moja zone?

- Tutaj jest twoje jedyne serce.
- I'm gonna kill you!

You chickenshit son-of-a-bitch!

R20-David to all S.W.A.T. units.

It's a code 4. We have
the suspect in custody.

- Do you mind if I ride alongside?
- It's a free country.

[Radio: Gallagher] We'll have
live updates throughout the game.

I'll be back in 30 minutes with
more from the world of sports.

Checking the weather,
slightly warmer...

with light to moderate smog
and some evening low clouds.

Hello, Bob. How you doing?

Charlie, you old horse!
How the hell are you?

Good to see you.

- How you feeling?
- Feel great.

- Can you use the ticket?
- Sure. It's a big game today.

- I want you there.
- I'll be there.

It's a long time since
Boston College, huh?

I was on the same
plane with you.

I couldn't help but notice
how attractive you are.

You have a very beautiful mouth.

So do you, but it's big.

- Go away, lady, or I'll call a cop.
- I am a cop.

Then kiss me. I'm
crazy about cops.

Let's get a room.

We came 3,000 miles
to see a ball game.

- Let's see the ball game.
- Let's get a room.

What's the morning line?

Baltimore minus two points.

Where'd the two points
come from since yesterday?

Tyler's knee? You sure?

Thank you.

They say Tyler's
knee's as good as new.

You gonna bet Baltimore?

They're full of shit!

Okay, that's enough.

Tyler's knee is mush.
Trainer's a buddy of mine.

Hello, Max? Stu, Stu Fablue.

Listen, I want L.A.
plus two points, right?

Give me Los Angeles
plus two points for 30 grand.

That's what I said,
Max. 30 grand.

[Radio]...trend is expected
to continue on Wall Street...

following heavy trading...

spurred by a hike
in the prime rate...

and the report of
another monthly gain...

- Are you sore at me?
- Forget it.

- You are.
- Why the hell should I be sore at you?

You came on with
every guy on the airplane.

If it wasn't the pilot, it was
the guy across the aisle...

and some poor son of a bitch
that couldn't speak English.

Why can't you sit and
pay attention to me?

I didn't mean anything.
I was being friendly.

Hey, taxi!

Get in.

5, 4, 3, 2...

A long pass... touchdown!

That's enough, Michael!

You're really testing
me, aren't you?

- Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.
- Oh, very cute.

- Nothing to eat till we get there.
- How long will it be?

Who wants a mint?
You want a mint?

- Nobody gets a mint.
- He loves them.

I don't want him
to have that stuff.

Just one, Michael. It's just one
mint. Watch where you're going.

They can each have a mint.
Michael, stop being depressed.

You can spend your life in a dentist's
chair, but don't wish it on the kids.

- I gotta go to the bathroom, dad.
- So do I.

- Come on.
- Ahh.

Michael, you're not
going to get to me.

Let's hear it for your father.

Mr. Sandman,
there's a call for you.

- I'm sorry. It's on 7-3-6.
- That's all right.

- Here, buy yourself a mountain.
- Thank you.

Hello. Sandman here.

Hello, Mr. Green. How are you?

No trouble at
all. I'll be right up.

Honey, a friend wants to see me.

I'll be right back.

Why don't you go into the gift
shop and buy yourself a little goody.

But first, come here.


All right, here we go!

Go! Go, baby!

Got it! Baltimore 46, L.A. 0.

Don't put this down.

[Radio] Fire units standing by where a
construction crew broke a gas pipeline.

No evacuation is underway, but
residents are being asked to shut off...

Is Mr. Green in?

- What do you say, Stu?
- Mr. Green. Hey, Manny!

You look great.
What can I do for you?

For starters, pay me
the 28 G's you owe me.

No sweat! I'll have that for
you Wednesday night, honest.

Stu, I'd like that money in my
pocket before you make any new bets.

- You understand?
- Yeah, but I can't do that, Mr. Green.

I'll have it for you
Wednesday night.

Drinks will be on me Wednesday
night. What's the matter?

- What are you doing? Don't! No!
- Are you afraid?

Mr. Green!

Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh, God!

Please? Please?
Mr. Green, don't let...

Hail Mary, full of grace.

I hear you been spreading
money around town, Stu.

Money you don't got!

What the hell you wanna
do a thing like that for?

You listen. I hope you picked
the right team today, Stu.

If I don't get that 28
G's before sundown,

you're gonna take another trip out the
window and nobody holds the ankles.

You got it?

- I got it. I got it.
- Get out.

[Michael] Here's
a place to park.

It's $5.00. It's crazy.

You want to walk a mile?

Good morning, Ross. How are you?

Hi, Ginny, a little coffee.

- What do you say?
- My wife call?

Teddy, the hat.

We can't change anything
now. You know what time it is.

Pre-game's 12:45.

The lenses we talked
about yesterday...

have been changed,
16 to 1, from 5 and 8...

with the elements
that you ordered.

[Radio] Only three lives lost in
the crash of the Czech airliner...

when it put down in the
lake near the Austrian border.

The California Highway Patrol...

has declared a Sig-Alert on
the northbound Harbor Freeway.

[Radio] the CHP is suggesting...

motorists take surface streets
where possible for 45 minutes.

That location again...

- John, would you watch it?
- Sorry, Mom.


- Want a potato chip?
- No, thanks.

- You better get those kids in to lunch.
- John? Robert?

Come on in.

- You hungry?
- Yeah.

Me too.

Robert, this isn't for
you. It's for everybody.


John, this is a
good one for you.

Is she cute?

- Huh?
- Not bad.


[Radio] The council okay
of the 6 1/2% pay hike...

brings to a close
the tense situation...

which had negotiators almost at
an impasse over contract agreement.

A settlement is being ironed
out by federal mediators...

on a three-year contract.

- I'm sorry.
- Going to the game?

- What seat are you in?
- I don't know.

- Really? Aw, come on.
- Yeah. Have a good day.

Okay. Hey, wait up!

Come on, lover.
Get your act together.

Will you guys wait for
me? Gimme a break.

Coliseum, please.

- Well, should be a good day.
- I hope so.

Parker, John, Larry,
zoom all the way in.

- 12, 35, 15.
- Everything's looking good.

I don't have a picture
from the blimp yet.

- Can you see?
- Mm-hmm.

When are you gonna
get this guy a haircut?

He looks like a hippie.

How can you see?
I don't understand it.

- I can see.
- "I can see."

- So can you. Everybody can see.
- Don't be wise, all right?

Keep moving, folks. Step
right through any gate.

Have your tickets ready.

Souvenir programs.
Get your programs here.

I need a picture from
the rubber rocket.

Ted, check with the
microwave on the tower.

Frank, you and Howard stand by.

This is the Goodyear
Blimp. Do you read?

Gary, pan across the
city. Go into the stadium.

Atta-boy. That looks good.

Frank, you and Howard stand
by. We're checking lenses.


One-two, three-four...

[Barking, Growling]

Tickets, let me have 'em.

Come on, kids.
Right through here.

Keep moving, lady.
Tickets, please.

- Souvenirs. Hats, pennants.
- Can I have a pennant?

Michael, get them a pennant.

- How much? Give me two of 'em.
- Two bucks.

Can I have a hat?

- How much does that come?
- How 'bout a hat?

I want a hat! I want a hat!

- Can we get a hat?
- No hats, I said. All right?

I don't want a hat, buddy.

- He wants you to have a hat.
- I don't want a hat.


My daddy lost his job and
he doesn't have any money.


Baby, come here.

- How much are the hats?
- $5.00 each.

Give me four of them.

- Get your hats and pennants right here.
- Robbery, buddy.

Thank you.

- Hey, you all right?
- Mm-hmm.

Folks, step right up!

[Announcer] Today's game is a
sellout. Please sit in your assigned seats.

Show your ticket
stubs to the ushers.

Governor Ogden, is it true
you and Governor Diller...

- are going to sit together?
- I should hope so.

Governor and Mrs.
Diller are here in honor...

of Mrs. Ogden, myself
and the state of California.

Which I consider mighty hospitable
since Baltimore is gonna win.

Do you mind, lady?
Do you mind, lady!

I need this. You've
got bony knees.

Excuse me.

Sam, 20 men?
That's two full squads.

I know you've got a
big crowd, but how...

Come on, I've got two governors,

seven senators, two astronauts.

I've even got an Arab oil prince with
nothing to do today but watch a game.

I just hope the Israeli
council general watches TV.

- The president might be here
at halftime.
- I thought that was off.

- They might put it on again.
- Everybody wants his picture
in the paper.

I'll see what I can do
with the other divisions.

I'll call Metro. Maybe
they can spare somebody.

[Announcer] First-aid
stations and lost-and-found...

are located on the mezzanine
level by stair number six.

Come in on line
three, will you, baby?

- Give me a time check.
- I've got video.

If you want to take
one, now's the time.

This way. A couple more steps.

Watch it, huh? Let's go.

[Barker] Right this way.
Get one for your lover.

Oh, excuse me!

- You okay.
- I'm all right.

Howard, stand by.
Listen to Stan's count.

Stand by to fade up. Hit
the matte and fade up.

Go, Howard!

[Howard Cosell] Live from Los
Angeles Memorial Coliseum...

it's Championship Ten,
L.A. against Baltimore.

I'm Howard Cosell
along with Frank Gifford.

We don't have to build
this one up for you.

The title game
for all the marbles.

More than 91,000 people watching
most closely the opposition quarterbacks.

Here's Giff to tell
you about them.

Charlie Tyler, we
watched him for years.

He's in his 13th season.

Will those two
bad knees hold up?

Stand by for the
next. Lloyd Braun.

It's up. Stand by for his shot.

When it comes up,
lay a matte in there.

[Frank Gifford] His counterpart,
a youngster, Lloyd Braun.

He's only 24 years old but he had an
incredible second half of the season...

to become the first black to
lead a team to the championship.

[Radio] Both teams are
statistically very close.

A field goal could
be the deciding factor.

In case of a tie, we go
into sudden-death overtime.

[Cosell] to the
right of your screen.

45 years of age,
out of Wisconsin.

Never made it big as a
player, but as a coach...

- Hi.
- Hi.

- [Gifford] Number 16, Charlie Tyler.
- Drop it.

- And head coach Dan Edwards.
- And take two.

- Mike Robbins is starting today.
- Mike Robbins.

Who's Mike Robbins?

Quarterback, I think.

Flanker back.

I hear Charlie Tyler's
knees are really bad.

They could go at any time.

Baltimore has to win.
We came all this way.

They'll win.

Did you bet on the game?

We've been living
together for five years.

Of course, I bet on the game.

[Gifford] Our national anthem...

will be sung by the well-known
TV personality Merv Griffin.

♪ Oh, say can you see ♪

♪ By the dawn's early light ♪

♪ What so proudly we hailed ♪

♪ At the twilight's
last gleaming ♪

♪ Whose broad
stripes and bright stars ♪

♪ Through the perilous fight ♪

♪ O'er the ramparts we watched ♪

- Honey.
- Hi, honey.

- Hungry?
- Yeah, medium. Okay?

- Gimme it!
- Mommy, he took the ball!

- Is my hamburger ready?
- Not yet.

♪ Gave proof through the night ♪

♪ That our flag
was still there ♪

♪ Oh, say does
that star-spangled ♪

♪ Banner yet wave ♪

♪ O'er the land of the free ♪

♪ And the home of the brave ♪♪

- Gave him a standing ovation.
- I think we've had enough of this.



[Announcer] The referee for
today's game will be John Sheldon.


[Cosell] one different
from the other,

but each most
successful at his trade.

[Gifford] Ken Gibson
will end the long wait.


[Gifford] Taken at the
10-yard line, at the 20...

[Announcer] 1st and
10, Baltimore, at their 28.

[Cosell] One might have suspected that
61, Brickman, would be leading the charge.

He's a superb player
on the special teams.

[Announcer] Baltimore's ball, 2nd
down and 2 on their 36-yard line.

You got the play
all the way, Bob.

3... 19. Hut.

[Gifford] Gilmore has the
ball. It'll be a touchdown.

Atta-way, baby!

I can't believe it!

You guys don't learn
and you asked for it.

[Gifford] For the
conversion, Jeff Brewer.

Holding is Charlie Tyler.

It's good and Baltimore
has a 7-0 lead.

Oh, shit!

- Who scored?
- Baltimore. 7-0.

Hell of a run.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, ladies.

I'm sorry.

Father... you're
sitting on my jacket!

Oh. I'm sorry.

- I don't believe a man can't feel it.
- What's the score?

I'm losing. I mean,
Los Angeles is losing.

Baltimore, 7-0.

- What are you looking at me
like that for?
- Are you all right?

Father, I got a bundle
riding on Los Angeles.

They look like shit!
Excuse me, Father.

You want to do me a favor?

- Put in a prayer for Los Angeles.
- I'm for both sides.

You guys are
always for both sides.

Do me a favor. Put
in a little extra for L.A.

I need it.

I really could use
it, honest to God.

I sure could use it.

Here's the rundown on that
shooting on Sunset this morning.

- Good game. Looks bad for L.A. though.
- Yeah.

That was a sniper working
out of the 12th floor of a hotel.

A single shot from a
high-powered rifle through the heart.

Married. Two kids.

Who the hell'd want to kill an
assistant professor of botany?

Who knows. Some nut, I guess.

- Jeff Brewer kicks off for Baltimore.
- Oh, shit!

[Gifford]...looking for that
gap and he's taken down.

Some nut looking for
target practice probably.

About the only thing we
know is that he was white.

That's a big help. White, black...
that doesn't take you anyplace.

The thing with these
freaks is, you got no M.O.

You've got nothing.

At least it didn't
happen in our division.

[Announcer] Los Angeles
ball on the 27-yard line.


- It's my first game.
- My name's Al.

You know, somebody's
about to get hurt.

If they send that guy over
tackle again, they'll nail him.

[Announcer] L.A., 2nd down,
2 yards to go from their 35.

- [Whistle]
- That's the end of the first quarter.

- Great seats, huh?
- Jeffrey always goes first class.

Way to go, Jeff!

- Are you a doctor?
- Yeah. How'd you know?

Dirty shoes and
clean, white hands.

- A lot of guys have clean hands.
- Not that clean.

It must've taken you ten
years to get 'em that clean.

What, are you in a
commercial or what?


Come on, get going, get going.

[Announcer] L.A. ball on
their own 35, 2nd down and 3.

Hut! Hut.

- What happened to our defense?
- Maybe it's back in Baltimore.

What's happened
to our secondary?

Dave White should never
have caught that pass.

- Bet you $5.00
L.A. comes back with another pass.
- Ed, you're on.

Save your money.
L.A.'s gonna fumble.


All right!

[Announcer] L.A. fumble.
Baltimore's ball at midfield.

I can't stand this.
They're falling apart.

- I gotta get a beer. Would you like one?
- I'd love one.

- Make it two, John.
- Jeff.

- Right, Jeff.
- Thanks, Jeffrey.


- What happened?
- L.A. fumbled, Baltimore recovered.

Mmm. Jeffrey's very orderly.
He can't stand fumbles.

My roommate stood
him up for this game.

He wouldn't dare be
seen beside an empty seat.

- He leaves you beside one, huh?
- Not exactly.

16. Hut. Come on, let's go.

Hey, look at that!

Would you like a drink, honey?


Very kind of you.

Thank you.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Go in tighter. Tighten it down.

Stay with 16, Tyler, he's down.

- Let me see the glasses.
- In a second.

Let me see. C'mon.

Hurry. Let me see.

[Announcer] Number
7, Vince Strohm...

replaces Charlie Tyler at
quarterback for Baltimore.

3... 15. Hut, hut!

[Gifford] Randy Powell has the
ball out of bounds at the 5-yard line.

Taken out of
bounds by Jerry Aker.

[Announcer] Strohm to Powell,
complete on the 5-yard line.

Now, that was a play!

[Announcer] Baltimore
13, Los Angeles 0.

The plane arrives at 2:20.

It'll come right here,
about a quarter of 3:00.

They'll be at gate 14.

[Chanting] Block that
kick! Block that kick!

[Announcer] Clock is stopped
with 41 seconds left in the half.

Take six. Look at the coach.

[Cosell] Look at Vandeveer,
known for a violent temper.

He's manifesting it
in front of the players.

[Gifford] Baltimore, 14-0.

I can't believe the way L.A. is
playing. I don't believe you guys!

[Announcer] Jeff Brewer
kicking off for Baltimore.

You're doing a helluva job too.

Do me a favor. Stop praying.

[Gifford] Brewer will
kick off for Baltimore.

- Take seven for the kick.
- Stay with him.

[Gifford] He has good
protection. He's out to the 25.

- Stay with it.
- All the way, not too tight.

It looks like he's
going all the way.

Vandeveer, you asshole!

Don't go for a field goal
when you're 14 points behind!

What are you lookin'
at? Turn around.

What happened?

L.A. at the 29, 1st
down, only seconds left.

Hell, they should go for it.

14-3 is better than 14-0.
He's gotta get some points.

Aw, come on!


[Announcer] That's the end of
the first half. Baltimore 14, L.A. 3.

- I hate football.
- I don't like it much myself.

You don't? Why did you come?

- To meet you. It was destiny!
- I'm serious.

Take out some of those
monitors. We're going away.

- Get me a hot dog.
- Seven, six, five, four...

Come up on chroma key
and matte. Go, Howard.

[Cosell] The halftime
score, Baltimore 14, L.A. 3.

- To tell the truth, I prefer chess.
- Chess?

- Are you any good?
- I was a prodigy.

When I was 7 years old,

I played 20 adults

How'd you do?

I lost every game.
I was only seven!

Hey, Ben Casey, it's halftime.

The players have left.
Hang on to your stethoscope.

Watch the band.
We gotta get out.

Excuse me. Are you all right?

That's okay. I enjoyed it.

Thank you, sir.

- Lemme have one.
- All that's left is one.

♪ Oh, it's beer, beer, beer ♪

♪ That makes you wanna
cheer on the farm, on the farm ♪

- Ooh!
- Excuse me. You all right?

I'm fine, thank you.

- What the hell you doing?
- Sorry.

Tried to pick my pocket.

He's got a crowd
shot. Go to Parker.

Give me a pan around the crowd.

He is not Charlie Tyler.

Hey, hey! Look what he's got!

[Cosell] She's a
fixture at every game.

Get her phone
number. Get off of her.

♪ Baltimore ♪

♪ Our Baltimore ♪

♪ Stars ♪♪

- Look, dad, a blimp.
- Huh?

- Where?
- Up there.

I bring you to a game and
you're looking in the sky?

Stay wide in there.
Baltimore's option.

They're gonna kick off,
defend the right goal.

Go in tight on the receivers.

Come up on the blimp.

[Gifford] From the Goodyear
Blimp over the Coliseum,

a good look at 90,000 fans...

who stand their way in
for football's annual classic.

The second half is under
way. Receiving is Los Angeles.

Back to kick the
ball, George Ryan.

Take seven.
Seven's got the kick.

Jesus, find out
about that blimp.

- You talking to 'em?
- An injury on the field.

- Take nine. Looks good.
- Nine's up.

The blimp is breaking up!

What's the matter with
maintenance? We need it!

Tell the schmuck to stay awake!

There it goes again!

Hold it down! Quiet!

Tell 'em to pan
down and lock it off.

Right where it's at,
lock it off! Work on it.

- We're trying.
- We don't have it for awhile.

We're on camera
ten. Set it down.

- Get closer.
- I'm comin' in.

Isn't that the roof
above the scoreboard?

Oh, my god.

Jesus Christ!

Pan off it quick!

Don't go back to that
shot unless I tell you.

Just stay off it! Move!

What's that?

Repeat! Repeat!

- What's going on?
- They want us in the TV truck.

[Announcer] L.A. 1st down
on Baltimore's 47-yard line.


- You wanna see me?
- No, Ted did.

- You wanna see me?
- There's something I wanna show you.

We spotted this. I thought
you should look at it.

- See up there? There's a guy.
- Where?

- Up there, see?
- I see.

Do you keep a man
up there for security?

- Nobody's allowed up there.
- He's got a rifle.

Right in front of him. See it?

Can we get a better
shot of the blimp?

Hold that shot.

Take the blimp and
put it to the monitor.

Oh, yeah. Jesus!

[Gifford] They're starting to
move, to show the ground game...

that got them here
in the first place.

[Indistinct: Camera Directions]

[Cosell] and a word
about Dave White,

a brilliant blocker who
paves the way for Stallmaster.

He's gained 900 yards
on his own this year.

A good power back
out of Miami of Ohio,

the famed breeding
ground of coaches.

- Could it be secret service?
- No, no, no.

You tell that guy in the
blimp to keep his mouth shut...

because all kinds of
hell could break loose.

[Andy] Cover the
show for a minute.

- Where's the phone?
- Use this private line.

- Touchdown, Los Angeles.
- There you go!

- Now they're back in it.
- [Ringing]

- Holly.
- Sam McKeever.

We spotted a guy with a
gun above the scoreboard.

- Is he shooting?
- No, but get him.

- The president's on his way.
- I'll meet you at the player's entrance.

I'll take care of the motorcade.

I want a list of all
the VIPs at the game.

Gallagher, get in here.

Larrabee, that's a roger.

Sir, we're going to
have to abort our arrival.

Wait, the score is 14-10!

I'm sorry, but our security's
been compromised.

Aw, shit!

[Announcer] 1st and 10
for L.A. at the Baltimore 46.

Hey, Pete.

You can't see
him. He's up there.

- I wonder how many others there are.
- Why?

How do you get up there?

See that ladder? You have to
go across the arches to get to it.

- What's underneath?
- A room behind the scoreboard.

- Anybody in there?
- It's all remote control.

Can you get through the ceiling?

There's no hatch. The
ceiling is 18" cement.

Christ, he really picked it.

- What are we gonna do?
- I wanna have a look at him.

- You think there's other guys with him?
- How the hell do I know?

[Indistinct: Camera Directions]

Take ten and matte.

All right, camera eight to...

Can I help you?

I'm Capt. Holly. Go
about your business.

- Any changes?
- No, sir.

Give me a shot of
the guy on the roof.

Give us Gary on the monitor.

It's a modified Remington 742.

- It's got a scope.
- I can see that.

That rifle comes
with a four-shot clip.

That magazine's gotta
hold 20 or 30 rounds.

Get out of the way! This
is a championship game!

Look, this is police business.

Don't push me or you'll
be damn sorry, clear?

[Gifford] Charlie Tyler,
you have to admire him.

Take four. Now, matte.

We gotta find somebody who
knows the layout of these cables.

Paul, wait. I want
to talk with you.

Hey, you in the gray suit!

Get away from there.

Police business. We gotta patch
a monitor into your blimp line.

- You can't screw around
with that during the game.
- The hell I can't!

- Did you see anybody up on
that roof this morning?
- No, sir.

"No, sir," huh? Did you know there's
a man up there now with a gun?


- How the hell did he get there?
- That's what I'm asking you.

Now... I didn't see nobody.

The flags were up before 10:00, the
door was locked and the dogs are there.

- What dogs?
- The watch dogs.

We let them out at night,
pen 'em up during the day.

- He could have been up there all night?
- That's right.

No way! That door's
my responsibility!

- I always lock it!
- You're sure?

You're not gonna
hang this on me.

I've been chief of maintenance
too long for that bullshit.

- I know that door was locked!
- Bullshit.

If I find out he slipped through your
gates, you're gonna have a lot of trouble.

- If he's there because of you...
- Take it easy!

- Nobody's trying to blame anybody.
- The hell he ain't!

Will you calm down. Goddammit!

Hold it!

You locked the door
when you finished?

Damn right. I
always do! I told you.

- Bull!
- Come on.

If the president doesn't show,
maybe he won't do anything.

I'm not gonna hang
around to find out.

- You're as bad as the guy in the truck.
- We're going to the roof.

- What are you doing here?
- Same as everybody.

- Watching the ball game.
- Have a good day.

- What have you got in mind?
- Evacuating the Coliseum.

You can't be serious.

You're lookin' at
100,000 people.

It's my responsibility to see none
of them gets killed... yours too.

You can't even
see him from here.

Nothing personal, but you don't
have the authority to clear this place.

Bullshit! I'm gonna
have to call in S.W.A.T.

Imagine if that bastard...

opens up on this crowd
with an automatic weapon.

Oh, my God. That's Paul!

[Holly] Crazy son of a bitch!

Capt. Holly, there's a
man climbing the ladder.

I see him.

Jesus, God, no.

Callaway, anybody
else in the truck see that?

Just Ted here and
the guy in the blimp.

- Where is he now?
- Where he was before.

Keep on him.

[Announcer] Gibson intercepts
and returns the ball to the 41.

- Thank you.
- Skoal!

He's a charmer. Make sure
his hair doesn't fall in your drink.

- I gotta call S.W.A.T.
- Let me get a doctor to see about Paul.

[Announcer] L.A.
ball at midfield,

2nd down, one yard to go.

C'mon, Pete, let
me get a doctor.

I'm not gonna do anything
to stir that clown up.

I don't know how I'll get
S.W.A.T. here with a low profile.

I thought you were captain.

Rank doesn't cut ice with S.W.A.T.
They got their own chain of command.

Cmdr. Three to 3-L-90.

All other units
stay off tac-two.

I want S.W.A.T. units at
the swim area, gate 14.

I want three ambulances. Kill the
siren two blocks from the Coliseum.

- Will not get this play off.
- [Ringing]

That's the end
of the 3rd quarter,

- Los Angeles trailing Baltimore 14-10.
- Hello?

- Chris, it's the desk.
- [Cosell] There's no question...

about the brilliance
of young Braun's

performance in the
quarterback position today.

I remarked earlier that you had
to give a great deal of the credit...

- Hello, Button.
- to the fiery, sometimes
violent coach George Vandeveer,

- Yeah.
- Who's right there talking.

- Yeah, okay. Right.
- Now you see a different Vandeveer.

He senses that his club is
assuming control of this ball game.

- With the 4th quarter coming up,
there's enough time.
- Will you be home for dinner?

Be careful.

What the hell's he doing
just sitting up there?

Did you call the mayor's office?

- Nah, he's watching the game.
- He's in there?

- Why isn't he on the list?
- Somebody goofed.

[Announcer] 1st and
10 at the Baltimore 39.

Pass is complete
at the 32-yard line.

L.A. 2nd down, 3 yards to go.

Who's in command?

Sgt. Button, in that green car.

Button, Capt. Holly,
Southwest Division.

I know.

We've got a male Caucasian on top
the scoreboard with a semiautomatic rifle.

- Got a felony on him?
- That's why you're here.

217. He butt-stroked a
man off a 60-foot ladder.

I wanna get this cleaned
up before he starts shooting.

- You ready to turn this over to us?
- No, I'm not.

I'll let you know. Get your
men cranked up and stand by.

[Announcer] Los
Angeles, 10 yards to go...

- Beck?
- Yeah?

Where's that truck?

It rolled out ten minutes
ago. Should be here.

We have a few crowd
considerations, about 100,000 of them.

I'd just as soon you didn't
let your people run around...

with those M-16s like a
bunch of storm troopers.

That's not exactly
what I had in mind.

The situation is
a little futzed up,

but I'd like to put men
overlooking the suspect...

on those light towers.

Sounds good. Go with it.

Sgt. Button, Sam McKeever,
Coliseum manager.

Can I borrow this map?

We have a male Caucasian
on the tower over the arch.

He's armed with a
semiautomatic rifle.

He's already butt-stroked
a man off a 60-foot ladder.

He can shoot into
the crowd at any time.

I'd like to protect our asses
in a high-ground position.

- Garrison, Rose, give us some cover.
- Right.

Becker and McCoy,
you're SWAT One.

You'll be positioned in the light tower
overlooking the suspect's location.

- Pratt and Sutherland.
- Yo!

You're SWAT Two, your position
will be the southeast tower...

overlooking the
suspect's location.

We have over 90,000
people in that Coliseum.

There'll be no firing
without my direct orders.

It hasn't been
turned over to us yet.

I'm putting you in positions...

so that when it is
turned over, we can go.

Move your asses. Let's go.

- How about that?
- Go on!

Great work. You're
prayin' like a "champeen."

[Announcer] The conversion
is good. L.A. 17, Baltimore 14.


This is a football game, not a
single's bar. Watch it and shut up.

If nothin' goes wrong,
you won't believe this,

but you're sittin' next
to a very rich man!

He's been there the whole
game, never fired a shot.

As long as we get
him before he starts.

It's the automatic
weapon that worries me.

If you don't waste him with the
first shot, he could spray the crowd.

Any one of my men can
take out an eye at 200 yards.

I don't doubt it. Do you
expect him to stand and smile?

- Let me worry about that.
- That's why you're here.

Get your men ready to move but
it's no go 'til we get all the VIPs out.

- The VIPs.
- The probable targets.

Bullshit! Everybody's
a probable target!

Sergeant, move your men.

Make it on my shit list here.

Give him a hand. Keep it moving.

Move... on the double!

Take these men to section
28. Don't go that way.

Go that way. Code two, move it!

Okay, on me. Move, move, move.

[Walkie-Talkie] Six
minutes, twenty seconds.

We've got doctors now.

Let's not leave 'em bunched up.
Move one under the scoreboard.

- Keep it out of sight.
- What about Paul?

I'm sending Angelo and
Pikowsky up to the press box...

to keep an eye on things,
weapons out of sight.

You're Scout One. Move!
Brooker, Harmel, Gilmore! Front!

See if you can gain access to that
room on the north end of the peristyle.

[Announcer] 1st and
10 on Baltimore's 31.

You have any architectural
plans, blueprints?

In the office.

Fuller, Beck, Weiber! Front!

- Go with Mr...
- McKeever.

Find a structural way
to reach the suspect.

- We're ready.
- Don't forget about Paul.

That's the man that got
butt-stroked. He's still lying up there.

Got a doctor? We'll put
a flag vest on his ass.

Isn't that dangerous, sending
a civilian through a kill zone?

The whole place is a kill zone.

[Announcer] 4th down, 8
yards to go on the Baltimore 29.

- What did you do that for?
- You're not paying attention to me.

I came 3,000 miles. I'm paying
attention to the ball game.

I see the game but I'm
paying attention to you.

Have your bartender
cut you off, will you?

I got you covered.

Scout One. We're in position.

Let's go, boys! You go that way.

- Come with me.
- [Announcer] 1st down, 10 yards to go.

I'm gonna get up there,

- tie the rope off and send it down.
- Yeah.

You all right? Huh?

Yeah, I'm okay. Go ahead.


What are you guys doin'?

- Water and power department.
- Huh?

Water and power. Good-bye!

[Announcer] 2nd down, 7
yards to go, L.A. from their 37.

You all set?

- I'll go up, tie it off, drop a line.
- Let's go.

[Announcer] 3rd down, one
yard to go for Los Angeles.


[Growling, Barking]

Grab the back of my harness.

- What's this?
- That's the scoreboard.

- How do we get inside?
- Up the staircase to the scoreboard.

Be careful. There's
25,000 volts up there.

[Announcer] 2nd down and 4
yards to go for Los Angeles...

at the Baltimore 48-yard line.

[Indistinct Noise]


[Announcer] Time-out
for measurement.

Go ahead.

[Announcer] 1st and 10 for
L.A. on the Baltimore 44-yard line.

- The door.
- [Rattling Continues]

Safety switches, you dumb shit.

[Announcer] 2nd down and 2
yards to go for Los Angeles...

on the Baltimore 36.

[Indistinct Noises]

[Announcer] Los Angeles fumbled.

Baltimore recovers on
the 30-yard line. 1st and 10.


[Button] How high is
that wall? About five feet?

[Holly] That's my guess.

What's inside that tower?

A bare cement room with a
ladder running up the tower.

He's got a goddamn bunker.

With that scope, he
has his pick of the bunch.

- I figure the president.
- He's not coming now.

- Don't have to worry.
- How did you know?

An announcement on the radio.

I told McKeever
to keep that quiet!

That clown's got a radio.
Now he probably knows.

Don't try to get logical
about these kooks.

You never know who he's after.
Half the time he doesn't know.

He's waiting 'til the end of the
game. He'll get away in the confusion.

There's no way down
except that ladder.

[Button] Maybe he's waiting to
see what happens in the game,

like who wins or loses.

That's how crazy
these people are.

[Andy] Okay, we're
on camera two.

He's got a crowd shot.

Give me a pan around the crowd.


Your men have it clear?
They have to hold fire.

I'll be a son of a bitch
if I send those men up...

wondering what it is
they're supposed to be doing.

What is it with you? You can't
wait to crank up those M-16s?

I didn't put that man up there.

If there's a chance to
get him down, I say take it.

Dragging him down in a garbage
bag may be your idea of routine.

You're good at it.

But I'm the peace
officer and it scares me.

Let's not get too
nervous about it.

I'll give you your shot.

We're coming up on
the two-minute warning.

Have your people in place. When
the whistle blows, it's your ball game.


We're set to move in.

- Did you get the mayor out?
- Haven't found him.

What are you
standing around for?

What happens if the nut starts
shooting before the end of the game?

When he starts, S.W.A.T. goes.

S.W.A.T. Six to Commander.

- [Holly] What's he doing?
- The suspect's up, walking around.

He's not carrying his rifle.

R20-David, are you in position?

- Where you been?
- I stopped for beer. Want one?

Smart ass. Get
your safety line on.

- Cmdr. Three to S.W.A.T. Six.
- S.W.A.T. Six, go.

- What's his position?
- He's got the clip in...

but he's hunched
over like he's praying.

Go, defense! Defense, let's go!

Block that kick!
Block that kick!

Hut! Hut!

- Aaah!
- [Announcer] The field goal is good.

The score is tied, 17-17.

[Man] Come on, shut
up. Aren't you watching?

This is section 10. We
have a man down in row 41.

Sam, we got a man
down, section 10, row 41.

He's lying in the aisle.

I knew you could do it!
I knew you could do it!

We got it tied up. One more!

- How about another drink, baby?
- No thanks, baby.

Your missus sure
knows a lot about football.

She's not my missus.

[Announcer] One minute,
two seconds left in the game.

Still nervous?

That's right.

We're gonna wait. Don't get
itchy. He could be a drunk.

Pete? McKeever.

It's a heart attack.

Mr. Mayor, I want you and your
wife to get out of your seats now.

You too. Right now. Come on.

Jesus Christ Almighty!

Sorry, Father.

There's something
I gotta tell you.

I'm in deep shit!
Excuse the expression.

I got L.A. and two points.

If Baltimore wins,
there's this guy.

He's gonna kill me.

[Man] Come on, Braun,
throw a pass for me!

[Man] Run that
ball! Run that ball!

[Man] Ha! He threw it!

- Sutherland?
- Yo.

- Get a glimpse of that turkey yet?
- Barely the top of his head.

I got a lousy shot.

[Announcer] Braun
carries the ball for 15 yards.

It is 3rd and 9 at
the 26-yard line.

Take a look at the
northwest tower.

I see somebody moving around.

[Mike] Yep, another
asshole up there too.

Scout One to R20-David.

Observe additional
suspect on northwest tower.

Description as follows:
male, Caucasian,

30 years, long hair,
wearing blue jacket...

and has a knapsack at his feet.

Roger, copied. Could
be a professional.


[Announcer] Sanchez
downed at the 13-yard line.

Baltimore ball, 1st and 10.

What do you want us to do?

We have it under control.
Give me 15 seconds.

[Announcer] 3rd
down, 4 yards to go.

What the hell you
doing up there?

Relax. Don't worry. Just relax.

You wanna see the game,
get in a seat. I'll call the cops.

I ain't bothering nobody.

- Peddle your peanuts.
- Come on, get down.

Just relax. I ain't
bothering you.

I'm gonna call the
cops. I'm warning you.

Take the peanuts and stick 'em.

[Man] What's going on?

Relax. Take it easy.

Watch the ball game.
It's a good game.

Get down!

What are you doing?

Big, tough guy.

Official police business.
Move it, sir. Outside!

Let's go.

All clear.

Out the door.


Take it easy.

[Announcer] 2nd
down and 7 yards to go.

Who's your friend up there?

- God...
- How much are they paying you?

- How much?
- What are you talking about?

Who's your friend? How
much they paying you?

- Where do you come from?
- Denver.

He's clean.

Get this asshole out of here.

Come on.

S.W.A.T. Six to all
units. The suspect is up.

Is he holding the rifle?

[S.W.A.T. Six] Yes,
he's holding the rifle.

It's a pass. He got nailed.

S.W.A.T. Six to all units.
We have lost our blimp picture.

Lost the what? Say
again. You broke up.

I repeat, we have
lost our blimp picture.

What's going on? I thought
you had the problem solved.

- So did we!
- Come on, do something... now!

R20-David to all S.W.A.T. units.

Be advised blimp picture out.

Hey, there he is!

- Can you get him?
- Got him in the cross hairs.

This is S.W.A.T. One.
We see him clearly now.

[McCoy] Goddammit, he's down.

R20-David, he's back down.

[Announcer] 1st down, Baltimore.

Susan, do something for me.

Tell me if you see something
just above that scoreboard.

- Uh-uh.
- Nothing out of the ordinary?

I don't see anything. Why?

Nothing. I'll be
back in a second.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing.

- You want me to come?
- No. Enjoy the game.

Have you seen a policeman?

S.W.A.T. Six, can
you see him yet?

Not yet, Captain.

Heading over the roof.


Excuse me.

Do you guys keep a man
above the scoreboard?

Why do you want to know?

I think I saw someone
up there with a rifle.

[Announcer] Pass is incomplete.
4th down, 2 yards to go.

- All right!
- Block that kick!

[Announcer] Fair catch
on the 18-yard line.

What's the matter with you?

Why do you take such pleasure
in telling people we're not married?

I don't take pleasure in that.

- You always...
- I'm not aware of it.

- You're not aware of anything.
- I'm aware of one thing.

If you don't like it, you
can get the hell out.

Aw, Jan. Janet!


Take your hands off me.

Car salesman.

We checked the microwave
dish down here and it's fine.

- You checked the transmitter?
- What the hell for?

- That's where the problem is.
- What's the suspect doing?

Told ya I'd get ya a
seat. How do you like it?

I'd like it more if asshole
would stick his head up.

Asshole is gonna have
his day messed up.

[Crowd] Go, go, go, go!

Air Three, orbit
higher, for Christ's sake.

Hut! Hut!

I saw him through my binoculars
towards the end of the half.

What exactly did you see?

I told you, a man with a rifle.

Uh, looked to be a
carbine or something.

- Did you tell anyone?
- No. Why?

What's going on? What, uh...

What's happening?
You know already?

- Would you kindly come with us?
- What for?

We'd like to ask
you some questions.

Okay, but be straight with me,

'cause I have my family with me.

- It'll only take a minute.
- I want to cooperate.

I would like to make sure
that my family is all right.

- Then I'll come back.
- It's just down the stairs.

- I wanna go to my family.
- We just wanna ask questions.

- Let go.
- Take it easy.

We need you as a
witness. It's an investigation.

- Get to it.
- Take it easy, mister!

[Andy] All the
way in. You got it.

[Technician] It's the microwave
amplifier. We're working on it.

Take three, Ron. Keep
me 'til the commercial.

All right, tell me, why
are you doing this...

and why are you doing it now?

I don't give a damn about
this game. I care about us.

What are you talking
about? You got "us."

No. There's no such thing as
"us" when somebody can say,

"If you don't like
it, you can get out."

That's not the first
time you've said that.

All right.

I don't know.

Are we together or aren't we?


I don't want to be in the
position that every time we fight...

you tell me to get out.

[Indistinct Chatter]

It will be perfect. I
don't believe you guys.

[Andy] Yeah, Gary,
what do you see?

He's still crouched
down near the wall.

You son of a
bitch, just stay put.

[Announcer] Time out on the
field. That is the two-minute warning.

That's the two-minute.

Yeah, I know, I know.

[Andy] Five, four, three,

two, one, we're away.

Commander Three to R20-David.

- R20-David, go.
- It's all yours, Sergeant.

R20-David to
S.W.A.T. One and Two.

[Button] We have a green light.
Repeat, we have a green light.

Let's go.

He's up!

You know I care
about you, don't you?

More than anything in
the world, I care about you.

- You know that.
- I know that.

And I love ya. You
know that too, don't ya?

Then why are you doing this?

- I don't know.
- You wanna get married?

You wanna get married?

I can't read your mind.
Open your mouth, say so.

You wanna get married? Come on.

- Yes, I really do.
- So do I.


Let's go to Vegas right now.

I hate for ya to miss
the end of the game.

You mean you don't wanna
miss the end of the game.

- Well, perhaps...
- Wanna go to Vegas or watch the game?

- Can't we do both?
- Don't start with me.

- You have beautiful blue eyes.
- You've got a big mouth.

We'll watch the end of the game.

- What a way to spend a honeymoon.
- We're not married yet.

- Block that kick!
- Block that kick!

[Announcer] Baltimore's
field goal attempt is blocked.

Los Angeles takes over
on their own 20-yard line.

R20-David to Air Three.
Take a flyby in the northeast.

I don't want his attention
on this side of the roof.

Know the first thing I'm
gonna do after we're married?

- What?
- I'm gonna buy you a used car.


- Officer! A man's down!
- [Janet] Help!

Help him! For
God's sake, help him!


[Announcer] Los Angeles ball,
2nd down and 10 yards to go.

Pete! Get up here!

Come on!

[Technician] I got it.

All units, we got our
blimp picture back.

The suspect's up, armed
and at the north side.

[Decker] He's zeroing in on us!

Roy's been hit. He's
hanging from the line.

I want somebody to
cut him down quick.

Get up here quick!

- What penalty?
- Hold it.

- Get that man in an ambulance.
- We sent for paramedics.

Move him now! Keep
these people outta sight.

Get down at the end.
Miss, come with me.

Miss, come on! Here's your coat.

Clipping penalty.

[Announcer] The ball is being
spotted on the 37-yard line of Baltimore.

1st down, Los Angeles.

Downing, Fuller, give us cover.

Porter, Cleever,
we're the entry team.

[Crowd] Defense,
defense, defense!

[Indistinct Chatter]

[Announcer] 2nd down
and 10 yards to go.

Just show me a piece and
I'll blow your fucking head off.

Good-bye, asshole.

[Gifford] Intended for Gary Stone.
Beautiful coverage by Baltimore.

So the youngster who led
the league in receptions...

again having a very
disappointing day.

[Cosell] One of the most
spectacular stories in the league.

First round draft choice
out of Washington State.

Led the league in
receptions the past two years.

[Gifford] Braun looking over a 2nd
down and 10, directing this attack.

They were ineffective
in the first half.

Splitting wide receivers,
the tight end in close.

Braun back, looking...

I can't believe that I'm in!

Here we go! I don't believe it!




Let's go.

[Gunshots, Screaming]



Help me, please!

Command Post to all
units. People are rioting.

Jeffrey! Jeffrey!

- Where you going, Captain?
- Shut up.


- What are you doing here?
- Damned if I know.

- How bad you hit?
- I'm all right.

Jeffrey! Jeffrey!

Jeffrey! [Screaming]

Jeffrey! Jeffrey!

Smoke bomb. Know
how to use this?

I remember. Just give it here.

Wait five seconds. We'll
go in on a crisscross pattern.

Somebody help me!

Hold on! Hold on!

Hold tight!

Don't be afraid.

Put your hand around me, okay?

Rest completely on me.

Lucy, everything's
gonna be okay.

Lucy, everything's all right.

It's okay. It's all right.

It's all right. Lucy, Lucy.

- All right, we're ready.
- Go.

One, two,

three, four, five.


No! No, no! No, no!


I'll kill you, you
son of a bitch.

Move! Get out of my way!


All right, pal.
That's all there is.

Drop the rifle and come down.

Come on, you bastard, move.


Got a piece here.

Get his dying declaration.

Listen to me. You're dying.

Tell me who sent you.
Where'd you get that gun?

Who were you trying
to get? Come on.

His name's Carl Cook, a
transient from out of state.

Cook, talk to me, you
miserable son of a bitch.

Where did you get that gun?
Who were you trying to get?

Answer me, you son of a
bitch. Who were you trying to kill?

Don't hurt me. Don't hurt me.




[Man] Any doctors in the
crowd? Please check in over here.

Additional first aid stations
are outside gates 15, 19 and 27.

Keep the area around
the ambulances clear.

First aid stations are
outside the turnstile area.


- Is she all right?
- Just a shoulder wound.

Move, move. We
got to put her in.

- Where are you taking her?
- USC Medical Center.

- [Sobbing]
- Get in.


Is that...

- His name's Carl Cook.
- Who the hell was he?

I don't know anything
more about him, Sam.

You'll be hearing a lot
more about him on television:

where he went to school,
his nice mom, his pet dog,

his old gym teacher,
the body count...

and how the cops
didn't have to kill him.

- Should a doctor look at that yet?
- It's no big deal.

Don't be a hero. I'll drop
you off at the hospital.

Come on.