Two-Legged Horse (2008) - full transcript

A father who has a young son with one leg and no other household members must go to India for some weeks. He hires another boy for a dollar a day to carry the son around on his back, to the school or to whatever whims may occur to the son. Actually the son is so skilled in jumping at really great speed, that he does not need any help or any "horse". The son's whims include not only verbal and physical abuse, but also repeated "horse fights" where "the horse" will continually be knocked down. Even "the horse's" tender feelings for a child girl beggar are exploited and mocked. Because of the brutal and degrading treatment "the horse" will become more and more similar to a real horse.


I want a boy. One dollar a day.

A clean, strong boy.

I only need one boy.

How much will you pay?

How much will you pay, sir?

Only one boy!

Only one boy!


Come and see

the boys I've brought you.

Bend down, like a camel.

I'm fast.

I'm agile, take me.

Look well and choose.
See what fine boys they are.

Dad, this one's too skinny.

His bones stick into me.

Look, son, this boy's strong.
He's a good ride.

Hold on tight.

His breath stinks!

Put me down there. Put me down there.

Didn't I tell you to wash your mouths?
Get lost!

Boys, I want a strong lad

who can run like a horse.

Choose me!

I just need one.

Not that one. He's too small.

No way, he's too small.

This boy's father is taking
his daughter to India for treatment.

I want a strong boy
who can run like a cart horse.

Take me!
I can do it!

What's your name?


Come here.

You're lucky to make a dollar a day.

My dad chose you.

Let's see if you can take me to school.

You're lucky to make a dollar a day.

What about us?

God is kind. Only the Devil despairs.

You'll find work too.

God bless you!

May God heal your daughter.

Mirvais, I leave my son with you.

Be calm. Don't cry, my son.

Don't cry.

Mirvais will take care of you
until I return.

Dad! Do you hear me weeping?

Put me there.

2 plus 2 equals...

5 plus 5 equals...

6 plus 6 equals...

Where have you been?

My dad's away

and this boy got lost
on the way to school.

If you're late again, I won't let you in.

Yes, sir.

May I go to the toilet, sir?


Where are you, boy?

Come here.

Boy, come here!

1 plus 1 equals...

I wrote your name, donkey.

You wrote my name?

If you hadn't come, my dad
would've taken me to India.

Your donkey has no hooves.

He's a horse. Not a donkey.

A horse?

You want to race?

The loser buys ice cream for all.

I'm not a donkey or a horse, master.

I'm here to work. I'm going home.

Why are you leaving? We're playing.

My father left me with you.

How much will you pay, master?

If you win I'll pay you. Ready?

I can't.

Get up!

Get up, my horse.
I'll buy you ice cream.

Idiots! My horse has only two legs

otherwise he'd win.

When will my father come back?

A few days have already passed.
He'll be back in 40 days.

Move! Move!


Scratch my back.
Clean it with your nails.

Gently, gently.

More gently.

Greetings, master of the house.

Come here, boy. Take your money. Go home.

I'm talking to you.

Take your money and go home.

Your father sent a letter.
He says: "Your sister will be well soon."

Lady! Let's clean the house.

This boy has no mother.
Let us clean his house.

I make a dollar a day!

I'm going.

Go slowly, you'll get tired.

We'll be late for school, master.

There's no school today.
Let's walk around.

Are you sure?


Come here, boy.

Write 1...

plus 1... equals two.

If you minus 1, it equals 1.

If we win I'll pay you at home.

Whoever wants to fight me, come forward.

My horse is strong.
Who wants to fight me?

Shut up!

I don't like you.
I'll tell Mirvais to buy me a wheelchair.

Idiot! I don't want you any more. Get lost!

You go.

It's my house. You have to go.

You didn't fight well. You broke my head.

Look at me.

I'll tell Mirvais to throw you out.

It's not up to you. I won't go.

- It's not up to me?
- No.

I'll tell Mirvais to buy me
a wheelchair instead of you.

Are you happy with this boy?

Throw him out, Mirvais.
Buy me a wheelchair instead.

Mirvais. Throw him out.
Buy me a wheelchair instead.

I'll buy you a tricycle.

I carry you on my back and run.

I wash your clothes, but you hit me.

You grab me by the throat and choke me.

Get out!

You weren't nice.

You hurt my feet.

You have no feet. You can't walk.

You ate five carrots.
I didn't eat anything.

But you did! You ate!

Don't kick me out!
You can't kick me out!

You ate bread and grew fat.

Too heavy to carry. You...

I wipe your nose. I wash your body.
And your face.

Didn't I wash you today?

But you hit me.

I run with you on my back
but you keep eating bread.

You're heavy.

For the sake of God, don't throw me out.

Don't throw me out.

I'll smash your teeth.


You're the donkey.

Leave here.

Go. Get out.


Didn't you throw me off
and break my head?

You want to do the same today?
My head hurts.

Get lost, donkey!

Master, let me push your tricycle.

You put me in a fight and broke my head.

It still hurts.

Why are you still here?

Go away, jackass!

Come here, my horse.

Give me that stone.

No, no. Give me the big one.

Bring it here.

Bring it. Good, my horse.

Why are you still here?

Let me carry you on my back, master.

Give me that stone.

No. The other one.

Bring the big one.

Go before I break your head, jackass!

For God's sake, keep me, master!

I'll carry you on my back.

Get lost, idiot!

I won't break your head again.

Don't touch my tricycle!

Your hands are filthy.

- Take me to my class, friend.
- Not my business.

- Take me to class, please.
- Not my business.

- Friend!
- Leave me alone.

Boy, take me.


- My friend...
- Not my business.

- My friend...
- Not my business.

Pay attention...

Boy, bring my tricycle.

Everyone's gone. I'm all alone.

Thank you. Wait here.
My friend's over there.


Look at me!

Get me down. Come here!

Come, my horse!

Hey, my horse!

Look at me.

I'll give you my life, Dad.
I'll give you my sea of tears.

Can you hear me, Dad?

Why are you crying, master?

Why are you so upset?

Has someone upset you?

Who owns the two moving spiders?

Have you seen the spiders?

There are two.

Who owns the one that moves alone?

It's mine.

Yours, master?

Yes, they're my spiders.

Will you give me one?

Take the dad and I'll keep the mum.

You take the dad, I'll take the mum.

I wash your body.

I carry you on my back and run.

I wash your clothes.

Won't you give me one?

I'll keep the mum, you take the dad.

Sharpen your swords, lads.

Go, my horse.

Shut up, boys!

Shut up, idiots!

Get up, my horse.

One more time!

Get up, my horse.

Get up! One more time!

You're driving me crazy!

Once more, my horse!

Two ice creams.
My dad will pay when he's back.

Why don't you eat, my horse?

Why don't you eat, my horse?

My family is hungry.

Spare some coins.

Girl, take it.

God bless you.

Go faster!

Go faster!

No, master.

Why not?

She chose me first.
She can't fall in love with two.

She is mine.

We can share her love together.

Why not?

Because she chose me first.

She can't choose two.
Only one, master.

I gave you my spider,
but you won't give me the beggar girl?

She's not bread to cut in half
for each of us.

She's not a spider,
the dad yours and the mum mine.

Then get lost.
We're not friends any more.

Get me down!

You're crazy. Jackass!

Rogue! Jackass!

Idiot! Beast!

Rogue! Beast!

Greetings, master of the house.

Where's the beggar girl, sir?

Where's the beggar girl, sir?

Behind the tree.

Spare some money, I'll pray for you.

Look at me.

Here's money. Pray.

Here's money. Pray.


Where are you going?


I won't carry you any more.

Where are you going?

Why are you leaving me alone?


Stop! Why are you leaving me alone?

Why are you leaving me alone?

My father left me with you.

Don't leave me alone.

Where are you going?
My father left me with you.

Why are you leaving me alone?

My father told you to look after me.

He left me with you.

Don't leave me alone! My God!

Don't leave me alone.
My dad left me with you.

Stop! I'll kill you!

I'll hand you over to the police.

Stop! I'll kill you!

If I catch you, I'll kill you!

Stop, my horse!

Stop, my horse!

Stop, my horse!

Stop, my horse!

Stop, my horse!


Stop, my horse!

Stand up, my horse.

Can you run like a horse?

Yes, master.

Can you run like a wolf?

Yes, master.

Let's go.

My mother was beautiful
like the beggar girl.

She was a beggar with the gypsies.

My dad found her and married her.

Everybody made fun of them.

My mum and dad left town
to live together.

Then the war started.

My mother trod on a mine,
she died and I was cut in half.

Pour some water on the grave of my legs,
my horse.

My mother died
and I was left without legs.

Where are you, Mum?

Pour some water

on the grave of my legs, my horse.

If I had my legs I'd be taller than you.

Will you rent your horse
for 20 rupees? (40 cents)

Not even for 2000 rupees.
My horse is strong.

I'll rent your horse for 20 rupees.

Forget 20 rupees. 100 rupees.

A donkey fare is 20 rupees.

No, 40 rupees. Cash.

Bend, my horse. Bend.

Give me money. It'll be a blessing.

If you fall, it's your own risk.

I'll give it to beggars,
in honour of my mother.

Older ones, 30 rupees.

Come on, kids, it's a bargain.

How much?

30 rupees.

10 rupees.

30 rupees.

Come on! I'm giving a discount.

Little ones, 20 rupees.

Bigger ones, 30 rupees.

Come on, it's a bargain!

I brought a saddle for him.
I'll ride for free.

He looks very beautiful.
I'll ride first.

Get up, my horse.

Let's go.

I'll pay 200 rupees
if his heels sound like horseshoes.


200 rupees if his heels sound
like horseshoes.

Eat, it's good.

Do you want to ride my horse
and see how he neighs?


Girl, look at me. Here's money.

Look, girl. Money.

Here's money.

If you want more, follow me.

I'll give you lots of money.

I'll pay later, OK?

Don't ruin my horse.

Shut up.

Pull the left ear, he'll go left.

Pull the right ear and he'll go right.

Do you understand or not?



Look at me. Hey him to move.

Yes, that's it. Bravo.

Pull both ears and go.

Say halt and he'll stop.

Don't you get it, kid?

You broke my horse.

Say halt and he'll stop

Pay the fare.

Eat it.

Mirvais will bring you a present.

Eat, that's good.

Eat the straw.


Greetings, master.
I've brought you both presents.

How beautiful!

I searched the whole town to find it.

Do you like it?

Take the horse head with you.
You'll get used to it.

Come early in the morning
and take your master to school.

I want a boy. One dollar a day.

A clean, strong boy.