Turist (2021) - full transcript

December 2020. Former police officer Grisha Dmitriev arrives in the Central African Republic with a small group of Russian instructors. Grisha's assignment does not seem complicated, because the instructors' tasks are only to teach the local army soldiers the basics of tactics and methods of fighting. However, everything goes wrong from the start. Several bandit groups march on the capital to stage a coup d'Start in the country. Russian instructors together with their charges fight back against the bandits. But for Grisha, who has never taken part in military operations, this business trip turns into a living hell.

Since 1960, after gaining independence.

In central Africa, wars and bloody conflicts practically did not stop.

Kindled up, including by various gangs, formations.

For the first time, in 2021, they were stopped.

Dedicated to the soldiers-liberators.


- Kuban-Limon. - Kuban at the reception.

We have guests. About forty, armed.


Kuban Diesel, I see a column of motorcyclists with AK RPG weapons.

Accepted, hold the position.

Accepted. Kuban missile, Kuban!

Kuban at the reception.

I see motorcycles, about twenty and about fifty infantry.

Accepted. Act as appropriate.

Fuck! Stretch out!

I'm here, guys.

Diesel, you have to leave!

Well, here you are at home.

- Healthy. - Healthy bro.

- Well, how are you? - Yes, good.

- Hot. How are you at home? - Dubak.

- Seven hours flew, I can't stand it. - Healthy.

Damn, fifty years younger, fir trees.

- Don't forget the young one. - Eh, young people, come on soon!


- Yes, all ours are here. - Like he said, he was going to.

Come on, come on.

Come on, let's help.

So now we are going to the headquarters, on Kandyra, for instructions.

Then, as usual, to the coastal base.

- Eh, young people, who am I performing here for? - Sorry.

- Callsign. - Pioneer.

I then took the stone in my hand, and answered the old ones.

You must understand that I am not sua, I am a Soviet pioneer ..

I didn’t forget to take a tie, huh?

- And what, we have a holiday planned? - No, they have elections here soon.

I explain the rules.

Our task here is solely the training of the servicemen of the local army.

You will teach them the basics of tactics. Combat methods.

Or, more precisely, to teach local fighters from which end to approach the machine.

Everyone was given a weapon. But you can use it only in the event of a direct threat to life.

But I hope that there will be no such cases until the end of your trip.

Further. Do not thump at the base.

Do not offend civilians. In sexual relations

do not enter with the local flora and fauna.

And further. For those who are here for the first time.

Central Africa is a land of opportunity.

And everyone now has the opportunity to come back.

While the board is refueling, you can have time.

I understood. Guys, if there are no more questions, we load into the Urals.

Good luck!

- Hello. - Hello, Antoine, this is Maxim.

Are your people ready?

Yes, everything is as agreed, everything is in order.

Then collect them. You should be in the capital in a week.

Do not worry. We'll be there sooner.

Get out of here. Why are you still here?

We are sleeping. I do not want to leave.

Go away. I don't need you here!

Faster, faster. Get moving.

I want each of you to understand that this is our territory.

Tondero is nobody to us. He sits in Bangui and thinks he can tell us.

But he is not a king to decide. We must decide how we live.

We'll go and get what is rightfully ours. We're going to Bangui.

There's a lot of people. They have a lot of money.

They have a lot of gold. All of this will be yours.

I promise you that for a year you will kill, rob and rape.

Let's go and take what we want. Let's go to Bangui!


Let's go!

- Antoine. - Yes?

- I won't go. - Why?

- My son got sick. - Your son?

- Yes. - Yes, son, this is important.

- Come home. - Thanks.

Thanks a lot.

Well, why froze? Do not be shy, meet Bokassa, the first emperor.

Forty years ago, as they overthrew them, they have had continuous wars since then.

Catch up!

- I wish you good health! - First time here?

- Yes. - Healthy.

- In what unit did you serve? - In the police, they fired.

It happens. Did you take part in the hostilities?

- No. - Well done.

And sometimes heroes come across. One came, he says, knocked out twenty-seven tanks.

Well, I’m in my head, let's twist where we had such a Kursk Bulge recently.

It turned out to be in a computer game.

Two days later I asked to go home.

- Wan, what about the car? - We do, we do.

- Come on, we’ll go to town in the evening. - Good good.

And I was kind of told that there is no fighting here.

Now not, but the local barmaley have a tradition,

as soon as the election, immediately fireworks with shooting begin.

And you, if you are afraid,

can you go home right away?


- Do you speak French? - Yes, I taught at school.

Yenisei, when are we taking medicines to the base?

Now I'll come to your medical unit, we'll talk there.

- Let's. - Resolve the question: Can you change the callsign?

- What is your callsign? - Pioneer.

- Well, you'll be a tourist. - Why is it a tourist?

That's why. It doesn't look like you came here to work.

Did you want to change? I changed everything.

- Where did you get so much? - So we are here for three months.

I know.

From experience, two pairs of socks, maximum three. Wear it during the day and wash it in the evening.

Although see for yourself, I also brought two bags on my first business trip.

- Enjoy Your Bath. - What are you? The kid is great. A!

He takes care of his comrades. If he dies, we will get everything.

What did you pick up there, well?

Count it up, I took the shoes, well, you let me listen.

Where did you come from? Crap...

- From the police. - Where?

Is it a cop?

Su..a, I hate cops.


- In short ... - Bon appetit.

And I have one big guy there, a hundred and a half for sure.

Well, in general, I decided to show a couple of shots on it.

Well, I had it with all the carcass and landed, then he apologized very much.

Well, everything is clear with you. What about the Pencil case?

Pencil case, painter again?

Already hesitated, for the fifth time in two months.

- Bon Appetit everyone. - Mutually.

“Meeting at sixteen at headquarters. - Good.

- By the way, Pencil case. -What? - Have you heard the new order about the painter?


Who has been ill three times with a painter,

early retirement and allowances. Sergei, tell me.

Yeah, and also an annual sanatorium.

And a free trip to Somalia.

- Dimon, did you get cartridges for your group? - Was getting.

Hey Tourist ... Are you a Tourist with us now?

You will receive cartridges, look, a new development.

Phosphoric ones, ask them to give you the same.

And there are no such people to shoot from around the corner? The police gave us out.

- Did you get the medicine from the doctor, smart guy? - No.

Prevention from painters. Well, you ask these normal ones, how are they ...

sodium picasulfate.

There that, those who do not know, he gives all sorts of nonsense, they do not even work.


Give the fighter the medicine.


- What to whom? - Give the guy the wheels from the painters.

At, hold, reception once a week.

Only they don’t help them.

I was told there are others, sodium picasulfate.

First voyage? It's clear.

Why are you sitting? Go to the treatment room.

In short, picasulfate won't help you. You will get into the first batch,

everything will happen by itself.

The thrush will give it so that mum does not grieve, I will answer you.

Picasulfate is a laxative.




What's the news?

I negotiated with the leaders of several factions

on joining the coalition of patriots "For Change".

They are ready to support you.

I think, a day before the elections, Bangui will be completely under our control.

It's great that you know how to think, Maxim.

But we do not need forecasts, but specifics.

Now about two thousand fighters are going to Bangui.

In addition, we have our own people in many cities.

So there is no one to stop us.

Is this specifics enough for you?

Don't consider us idiots. This is not the first time we have gone to the capital.

What about the Russians?

What to say about the Russians? They're just training the local army.

Still, I advise you to think about it. How many are there now in the country?

Something less than two hundred. Not long ago, ten more people arrived.

You want to say that a couple of thousand of our fighters,

will not cope with two hundred Russians?

I am confident in our victory. In your victory.

Yenisei is in touch. What do you have?

- Yenisei-Efir, Yenisei-Efir. - In touch.

A kilometer north of the position are seen

the movement of armed people from the locals.

- Towards the village of Boda. - The number?

About fifty, AK and RPG weapons.

- Enisey-Voice. - In touch.

Watching armed civilians near the village of Boali.

Armed with AK and RPG.

The number is not yet clear. Probably heading for a hydroelectric power station.

- Enisey-Ugru. - Yenisei is in touch.

- Do you have some movement there too? - Yes sir.

A column of militants at the crossroads to the north of our position.

About four dozen, armed, I see Kalash, about five RPGs,

pickup with machine gun 12/7.

Accepted, stay in position.

Hence, the situation is as follows:

Everyone is undergoing additional training next week.

By the way, in the next draft there will be not only the soldiers of the local FAKA army,

but also police and gendarmerie officers.

Oh, we just have a police officer lying around,

- Let him tell you how to catch bandits in the jungle. - Layout, tie it up.

- Kuban to Yenisei. - Kuban at the reception.

- Come to me promptly. - Accepted.

Wait here, I'll be quick.

Sit down.

In general, so. Gather everyone who arrived yesterday, go to Bangasa.

To the FOK base, you are the senior of the group.

And in connection with what such urgency? They didn’t even get a briefing.

Here they will pass, and for one of the local fighters you will train.

Allow me? Fresh intelligence.


I see, then. Hope for the locals?

Listen, Sergei, well, it's clear with the boys,

until they get used to it, they have nothing to do here.

Bangasu is far away, there is hardly anything there.

But why the hell am I going there? I am needed here, on the spot.

He send a Corvette, his arm is broken.

If the Corvette breaks his arm here, he will break his hr..n on the way.

No, Zhenya, go, I will be calmer this way.

This is kasawa.

Flour from the root of cassava, here with grub x .. new.

- They make cakes from her, taste for an amateur. - Clear.

- How long will we have to go? - Are you tired or what?

Maybe call a taxi for you, huh?

Relax, tourist, we'll be there in two days.

Look. Look!

Let's go, it's all right.

Rob! Kill!

Take whatever you want! It's all yours!


Rape, you are allowed everything!

Drive everyone to church.

All inside! Everybody to the church! I'll delay them!

Stop! Do not do that! Please!

Listen to me carefully, I will not speak for a long time.

Who is ready to come with us and take Bungy, that man

and he will receive weapons, and everything necessary. Who is with me?


Good. Kill them all.

- Greetings. - Hello.

It seems that we are surrounded by kind, wonderful people, slowly squeezing the ring.


My boys just reported that in Bossembel, Mbaik

a group of militants recruits youth. Here and here.

I could tell you by phone.

- And I wanted to talk in person. - Oh, personally?

Maybe it's time to somehow react to this?

Or will we continue to sit on f .. e exactly?

Let me remind you again.

Our task here is exclusively to train local fighters.

- We have no right. - Oh, well, yes.

While these freaks will kill the peace, and then they will arrange a complete tryndets in the capital.

And we will spread our hands and say: "We had no right." So what?

Hey, what have you come here? To measure your pants?

Do you think I give a shit ... for that?

Only we are guests here.

And we cannot make decisions on our own initiative.

You must understand, the very first militant we killed

and an international conflict will begin.

That's it! Then prove that it was an action movie.

Our friends abroad will say that it was a civilian,

and it was you who threw the machine gun at him.

Okay, yell hare. Let's think something.

Court, all the information on the local military fighters.

- Let them make a decision. - Understood.

I wish you health, Mr. President.

Mr. President, according to our information, the coalition includes

members of all major groups,

including Celica and Antibalaka.

Obviously, the goal of the rebels is to take the capital

into the ring, to arrange a blockade and disrupt the elections.

They come from several directions, recruit young people,

residents of several villages were killed.

Mr. President, I think the minesca UN forces will help us.

After all, protecting civilians and keeping the peace,

it is their direct responsibility.

When the militants took over the capital seven years ago,

the peacekeepers did not help, they are unlikely to help now.

I don't want war anymore.

I will turn to our friends for help.

- Report to me every hour according to the situation. - Yes, Mr. President.

Says he's tasked with notifying us

due to the difficult situation, President Touader decided

will ask for help from Russia, Rwanda.

Our countries have promised to provide all kinds of support.

Says Rwanda will help defend the capital,

but outside of Bangui they are very hopeful

that we will help their soldiers to organize the defense competently.

And at the same time, they will not mind if foreign citizens,

will leave Central Africa and will treat this with understanding.

All clear.

If the bandits come to the capital, there will be a disaster.

Translate for him: Don't be nervous, everything will be fine.


- Stop! Stop! - All right, guys, we've arrived.

- Well, here we are in Bangasu, the ass of the world. - Well, yes.

Well, I wouldn't say that.



Not a base, but some kind of entrance yard. Come in whoever you want.

He asks what you just said.

Tell him that they are very hospitable.

Oh..no fortifiers.

- Saturn-Yenisei. - Saturn at the reception.

How is your environment?

On the outskirts of Mbaiki, near a palm plant, fire contact with the enemy.

There was an attempt to break the road to Bangui.

FOCA forces will withdraw with our support.

- The number of the enemy? - So far it has not been possible to establish.

But about fifty.

- Losses? - Ours do not, FOK has three three hundredths,

All the lungs, the BRDM is still out of order, we are holding on for now.

- Yeniessey-Bele. - Yenisei is in touch.

At Bossembele, together with the FOKA fighters, they organized an ambush.

They stopped a small group of militants.

Two dozen dugs, surrendered without a fight.

Accepted, in touch.

S..a, the creatures are finished, but, I would have buried them alive.

- Look what they are doing. - They are rubbing somewhere nearby.

One hundred pounds. Enisey-Mikhalych.

- In touch. - Here, near Yaloka, the militants killed ten peaceful people.

- I will find these freaks - I will personally degrease. - Accepted.



Yenisei is in touch.

Grimari was repulsed by an attack on the FOKA checkpoint,

twenty dugs with RPG machine guns.

They tried to break through to Sibyu, they recaptured everyone.

- Are there any losses? - No, everything is okay.


- Bon Appetit. -Mutually. - Yes thank you.

Hey, tourist, did they flood you out of the cop?

Did you take money?

Or drunkenness?

Why are you silent?

- I asked you a question. - Layout, tie it up.

- Why are you sticking to the guy? She wants to. - He will. -And why did I ask such a thing?

Let him answer.

Or flunked someone?

- Fuck you. - What did you say?

Guys, good. So-so-so, good guys!


All, in the peepers played, calmed down.

Layout, breathe.

That everything will be fine, fine.

Right now, we're walking like a herd of hippos.


Breathe out, he's a good man.

We served in the same regiment, he was a group commander.

I think prayer is unlikely to help in our affairs.

As far as I know, things are not going very well so far.

And you told me that there would be no problems from the Russians.

I warned that the Russians would be in our way very much.

It seems that this is their national peculiarity - to interfere with everyone.

I'm sure these are just not big difficulties and my people will be able to solve them.

I just want to give you some tips:

They will help you get the results that you and me need.

And what do you want to advise me?

Russians are the cement that unites FOKA.

As long as there is cement, the sand will not crumble.

Remove the Russians and FOKA will run.

You understand that you are more experienced and stronger than army men.

The Russians know how to fight and, unfortunately, they do it well.

They cannot be defeated by force alone.

What do you specifically suggest?

We need at least one small victory over the Russians,

about which the world media would write.

Everyone should start talking about the fact that the Russians are fleeing, and better, they are giving up.

Do you think this will be enough?

No, but one small victory plus thousands of mercenaries from Chad.

This will definitely be enough.

Hold your hands so I can see.

Ammo boxes, weapons - take out whatever you have.

- Do you have any weapons, cartridges? - No, no, don't kill.

- Yes? - Antoine, how are you?

Everything is fine with me, in a couple of days we will be in Bang.

Shut up!

- You must go to Bangasu. - Why should I go there?

It's on the other side. Do you want to deceive me?

If you want your money, then do what I say.

Says their intelligence spotted Chad's militants.

About a thousand people in military uniform without insignia.

- We crossed the border in the Muan Sido area. - Your mother.

We missed you yet.

Says you promised to help.

Tell him if we promised, then we will help.


- In touch, Pamir. - Second, this is the seventh.

- Well, how is your situation there? - Stably tense. We hold on.

Yes? And I was informed that you need help.

Hold on? Well then hold on.

We will be there in a week or two and will replace you. Come on, see you later.

Bumblebee, have you forgotten anything?

Yes, everything is in place. It sucks that there is an arms embargo.

Anything above fourteenth and a half caliber is prohibited.

I know we can handle it.

Get out of the way, we didn't come for you.

To defend the base along the perimeter, you need to organize firing points.

What do you think will work?

Well, it always worked, the main thing is to speak convincingly.

Local, then so.

All this...

All on..r will tear.

For coconuts, these ... how are they ...

Goat, goat too ...

In no case.

Well, then, that's all.

Do not be shy. In my opinion, they ... but did not understand.

They wouldn't go to check, there are no mines.

Chief, he's from this village.

- So what? - I'm a local, from the village.

- OK. “The Russians have planted mines here.

- Village? - Yes Yes.

Show me, show me.

They planted mines here and here.

- Here and here? - Yes.

Got it, take it away.

Hey! These to me.


My son, please!

Please, my son!

Is he your son?

My son, give your son, don’t! Please.

I will give you my son if you do as I tell you.

Kuban! Kuban! Well, we have a problem.

Here is a woman asking her son to save her.

In short, it looks like they shot us an arrow.

Don't yell! Well, in the sense not an arrow, but a rendezvous in a local way.

Calm down, boy, calm down.

When, you see, they are going with the flag, so they will not immediately kill.

Stand still here.

Asks, are we Russians?

Tell him, let him return the child to the mother, then we will talk.

More confident, duelist.

- If we agree, he will let him go. - So, we will not agree.



Madam, stand.


Go, run to your mother.

Small, faster, faster.

He says he did as we asked.

He does not want to fight with us, so he came with a white flag.

He offers to leave the base, we do not touch them, but they do us.

He says that this is their showdown with the army, invites us not to meddle in them.

Ask him his name.

- Antoine. - Antokha, then.

Listen, Anton.

Take yours.

- Why are you silent? Translate. - Yes .. I am thinking how to translate it correctly.

It’s not necessary, as it is correct, it is necessary that this ram should get it.

We will not agree with you. Understood?

Come on, be careful.

Go, go, go.


Says Russians give up.

- One hundred twenty-eighth. - What?

One hundred and twenty-eighth people tell me the same thing.

Calm, calm, tourist, everything.

Kuban - Lemon.

- Kuban, at the reception. - Our friends have some interesting movement here.

They drag boxes from the building into a box.

- I'll figure it out. - Accepted.

Hey, what's going on here?

He says that he equips firing points.

We decided to bring the boxes with cartridges closer to the points.

Tell him that there is a group of militants somewhere nearby.

Most likely there will be an attempt to occupy the base.

They are ready to repel the attack, they are counting very much on our help.

He is grateful that we are helping his country.

Take positions. Keep south, we are north.

Kuban to all: We are taking up positions for battle.

We are holding the northern part of the base.

The layout is yes. Tourist number two to the Model.

Kuban-Maketu. What the hell do I need him here?

Do you want to discuss this topic with me?


Hey, bring some water.

So there are four more bottles.

Your number is the second, bring it in, nothing else is required of you.

Kuban took pity on you, the second number to the machine-gun crew, of course, lafa, what is there.

And this, hey, find water and salt there or fill up with aspirin.

Fuck you.

I hear everything.

Kuban-all: Do not open the fire.

- We work only in response. - Module yes.

Lemon -yes.

Kuban-Limonu: The locals are dumping.

- In what sense? - In direct.

Oh, the phenomenon of the tourist to the people.

I already thought you ran away with the locals. Have you brought water?

- No. - Yo-mine, too, God sent a helper.

You'd better take diapers instead of socks.

- Listen .. - I'm listening.

- Enough. - Oh, how gentle we are.

All to lie down, is the fish inspection working? Do you have all such girls in your cop?

S..a, what women don’t give you, did you decide to get me?

Lie! Danger. - Sat down, I said.

- Is everything OK? - Yes, everything is fine.

So, we miss sitting.

- And how are you? - Fine.

- Kuban-Limon. - At the reception.

We have guests.

- Four dozen snouts. - Accepted.

Gathered here.

Where is the radio?

Hey, me too ... warrior ...

Kuban-all: Do not open the fire, we work only in response.

We are waiting, let them come closer. This is me, Kuban.


- Well, what? How are you doing here? - Crawling, assholes.

Who opened fire?


- I left. - Understood!

Empty, change!


I'm here, guys.

Kuban is here!


- I'm for the machine gun! - Try!

Model-Kuban: I see about twenty motorcycles

and about fifty infantry!

Accepted, act according to the situation.


Front! Front fucking stretch!

- Kuban-Limon. - Kuban at the reception.

They retreated.

Kuban accepted.

O! Great!

And what? We are not welcome here, or what?

Where is the bread and salt, the local amateur ensemble?

So you call in in a week, everything will be.

Okay, let's go tell me.

- What do you have, why and why. - Let's.

Several groups are working against us now.

Up to two hundred militants in the direction Boale-Bossembele,

about the same on the Bococa-Boda direction.

We are holding the Sibu-Bambari line in the north-east.

There, according to local intelligence, militants from Chad moved forward.

This is all, of course, good, but only so far this is work according to the situation.

And in this case, we have a chance to do everything.

Yes? Well, excuse me, I actually had other tasks here.

And this is not a salary issue.

I'm not presenting anything to you, so don't strain.

So it means:

Tomorrow you bring the leadership of all local security officials here.

It is necessary to organize a joint operational headquarters

to coordinate further actions, this is the first.

Am I bothering you?

Second, for the next two days, there will be three hundred of our fighters, plus equipment,

therefore identify points requiring further enhancement.

Here you set tasks.

Just think like the enemy

then you will immediately understand where the main blows will go.

Yes, and contact the Yenisei. I think he also has his own considerations.

"I'm listening." - Palmyra, the militants attacked the FOCA base in Bangas.

- Accepted. - What is there?

Attack on the FOK base on Bangasu.

- Are we there? - Yes, there are only ours.

The locals piled up our eleven people.

Nah .. do they need this base? Seven hundred kilometers from the capital?

I think like getting out on the road to Bombari.

I tell you, think like the enemy.

Why do they need this base, eh? Our main forces are in the capital.

And we will not have time to transfer them there quickly.

- So what? - And the fact that this base is easy prey.

And if the militants take it, this will be their first victory.

Yes, squeezed the base in Russian.

- It will be possible to announce it loudly. - Yes, well done, you think.

- Yes .. - Image is everything, thirst is nothing.

- Decide, we left. - Where?

Study the situation on the ground.

Hey, you’ll crawl under the arm again, I’ll shoot you in the leg.

So I wanted to help.

Here you will sit by the wall, you will sit, not shine. Understood?


- How are you? - Fine, we are coping.

You still have to take us out.

Guys, we need to look at the FOK position, find out who was shooting.

Does anybody want?

Kuban-Tourist: I can.

Okay, Lemon with the Tourist.

I'm coming.

Drink some water with an aspirin.

In the office.







Back control.




O yes..

Dad, dad, dad, everything is fine, rus.

Dad, dad, rus, put the barrel down.

Well done. Dad, it's okay guys.

All right, great. Tourist,

Tourist, translation is needed.

Tourist ...

Alpha, Alpha, we are Alpha.

Alpha, Alpha, we are Russian.

He is Russian, well done.


Tourist, this is flying.

Kuban-Limon: Why are we silent then?

We have three guys and a girl sergeant in the FOK position.

- And what are they doing there? - Come on translate.

He says that they stayed because they have to defend their homeland.

This makes me happy.

They say they are ready to defend themselves, only they have little ammunition.

The commander took everything.

Tell them, let them hold their positions and give them your BC,

- Let them work with a successful alarm. - Accepted.

- Hold positions. - All agreed? Go.

Hello, who is this?

This is the commander of a group of Russian instructors. I want to ask you for help.

Ten of my guys are now a kilometer away from you.

No, no, I can't help you. We are prohibited from interfering in hostilities.

This is a normal democratic process.

I am not asking to interfere.

I'm just asking you to accept my people at your base,

if the need arises.

If this is the only question, then we are ready to help.

One rule is that your people should be unarmed.

I'm understood, thank you.

Ram, damn it.,


It is very interesting.

Two hundred years ago we burned down their capital

a hundred years ago they helped us win the Marne and Verdun,

and now we are not like friends, but we are not enemies either.

I don’t know what I should do like a Frenchman.

But as a person, I am ready to help them.

Hey you.

I never received an answer to my question.

Why did they get you out of the cop?

Well, tell me.

Yes, there is nothing to tell.

My boyfriend's partner took the drug on his pocket, and I let him go.

And what, did you take a lot of money from him?

Not at all, I just felt sorry for the boy.

It will be hard for you in life.

Kuban-Limon: Tales of the 200s are being taken away.

I see we will not interfere. Maybe they'll pick it up and dump it.

- I'm listening. - This is Yenisei. What do you have?

- Until the silence. - Do you need help?

If you just throw up the BC.

Tomorrow at six in the morning a turntable with a BC will come out to you.

Estimated flight time four and a half hours

including refueling in Bombari.


If it gets very hot, go to the UN base, I have already agreed with them.

And one more nuance, they will not let you in with weapons.

- Do you suggest leaving the weapon at the base? - In no case.

The militants do not leave their weapons, act according to the situation.

Okay, accepted.

- And here are our counterparts. - Serious guys.

The seventh spotted a column from Chad, moving towards Sibut.

- The group of the seventh is working on the spot. - I get it, good news.

- What about Bangasu? - At night without incident.

- I'm sending the turntable there now with help. - Accepted.

Where did the rest of the bands go?

He says that he will tell everything.

So tell me, we are in a hurry.

Hey! Zhahni here.


- Kuban-Limon. - Kuban at the reception.

- What's happening? - RFG is still working on the position.

- Your mother. Can you support them? - With pleasure.

Small house, six acres, gardening,

the roof is rusty, a barn of three boards.

The apple tree bends under the apples,

and two pairs of five socks

dry on a rope by the barn.

Sprite bottle washstand.

The cat lies in the sun, tans.

The barn will not stand until spring.

Mother gathered in the garden

red currants.

Again the son left to fight.

- Kuban at the reception. - Changed position. -I took it.

Die for the homeland ..


Leaned over, leaned over settled

wire bolted fence.

In the photo wallpaper, the view is not local,

the sun-drenched sneeze of the snowy mountains.

An old cat named Vasily

sick, but still alive.

And float across the sky over Russia

and roofing felts clouds, roofing felts clouds.

Mother gathered in the garden.

Kuban-Mockup: I see a Tourist and a pickup truck on the road.

Red currant. Again the son left to fight -

to die for their homeland.

Mother gathered in the garden

red currants.

Again the son left to fight -

die for their homeland ..

- Kuban-Limon. - At the reception.

I go to the Tourist, cover it up.

- I'll follow him, cover it. - Where are you going? Stand.

Amateur ensemble.

Tourist, don't die yet.

Che, can we leave your girlfriend here? Kidding.

Hang on Tourist, everyone, let's go.

Go-go. Went!

- I got it, I got it. Are there any losses? - Yes.

Two three hundredths, sergeant FOKA, a girl and ours, our heavy one.

- Who? -Tourist. - Tourist?

Damn, I knew it.

Yenisei, yes he ... yes he destroyed a pickup truck with a machine gun

and pulled the wounded girl out.

Why are you trying to persuade me? I asked you to be careful.

Changed callsign, your mother. Nevermind.

A second ... In general, you will have a turntable in an hour and a half,

take your hero. Wait.


It is clear that the target of the militants is Bangui.

Our main task is not to let them go there.

Therefore, in all directions from the city

within a radius of 150-200 km, it is necessary to install reinforced block posts.

And to prevent the militants from gaining a foothold in settlements.

Further, in almost all cities, the militants have their own people.

Therefore, a separate task for the police and gendarmerie,

organize reinforced patrols.

And we must act especially carefully so as not to allow provocations.

And yet, my mosquito. Why are your fighters leaving positions?

Why have you caught the silence? This is the question.

Together we must find the answer.

It's me.

I collect my people and we all leave.

Then you and your people won't get money

I already told you.

Yes, I have us..t on your money, creature.

Trouble in Bangasu?

Not big, but I'll solve them.

Don't worry, they are already being resolved.

They are resolved.

They do, but without you, Maxim.

Kuban urgently! Information from the seventh.

The receptionist said that a group of mercenaries from Chad left for Bangasu this morning.

One hundred people. Most likely, they are already somewhere not far away.

So now you have the only reasonable option to leave the base.

Just don't be heroic, FOKA left and you go to the peacekeepers.

Not Yenisei, hell, I'm going out of here now. We'll fight back.

- Yes, and with FOK I have someone left. - You haven't forgotten about the Tourist?

Is the turntable where to sit?

Tell the pilot that I will provide a safe evacuation area.

- And I will pass the coordinates. - Kuban, don't be heroic.

No, you told me yourself: "Act according to the situation."

- So I am acting. - I got it, I got it. - Hang up.

- Great. - Great.

Urgently! At Bangasu, in the area of ​​the FOKA base, a group of mercenaries from Chad was seen.

Hey guys.

There, on Bangasu, the kneading is now starting, the Chadovs' boiks.

So we must hurry then, otherwise we will not be in time to the beginning.

No, guys, I'm not going to play the hero.

Climbing under the machine guns is so-so history.

Please listen to me.

Our guy is there, still alive, but with a high probability of moving to the 200th.

- And what do you suggest? - I'm not suggesting.

I want you to understand that in this case we will bury two.

- Him with you. - Convincingly.

Well, how are you, Tourist?

More water?

Fine, thank you.

Yes, well, nonsense ...

The turntable is on its way, now we will move you to another place, everything will be fine.

Hey, okay.

I am ...

Hey, can you come out?

Go out, well, breathe, "ale, ale."

- What's your name? - Grisha.

I’m Alexey, we’ve met.

Don't be angry with me, I wanted to apologize for what is there ... about the cops.

That's all ... don't be offended.

- Fine. - No, no, you ... you ..

I just want you to understand me.

I have a son Vitka

your age, well, maybe younger.

I'm constantly on the move,

in general, I did not finish it, he contacted some


In short, a year ago they didn’t share something there, they began to press Vitka.

Someone called the cops, they, of course,

arrived, but did not intervene.

I'm sorry.

There is no more Vitka.

And you are alive, so live. Understood?

Live, damn it.

Why are you here?

And you?

Do not know.

No, I know.

Americans were naughty, they are fighting for democracy,

and we are for justice.

What's alive?

Hold on Tourist.

Hold on, hold on Tourist, the spinner has come. We'll fly right now.

Come on, come on. Hello, hello, hello.

Grisha! Grisha!

Grisha, I thought Th.

You don't mind if I take your socks for myself, okay?


Into the bunker!

- Diesel, you have to leave. - Agree.

You have to leave!

Go away - hold on.


- Kuban, it's time to blame. - Set aside to cut.

In position!

I'm holding it!


Kuban, two shops left.

- Pear! - Here, what's wrong with the car?

Khan's battery.

Give up!

One hundred twenty-ninth.

Did you order pizza?

Do you have ovens there?

Oh, well done.

Open up.

This is for Sevastopol.

This way, this way.

Nothing, he will live more carefully.

Come on, are you ready? Have taken.


Come on, come on, come on. Be careful, he said.

How is Bangasu there?

- Everything is fine. - Hold on, hold on, bro.

Maxim, well what? What's the news?

Unfortunately, we will not have time to enter Bangui before the elections.

The Russians have created serious problems for us.

Plus they sent three hundred more people to the country.

Almost like three hundred Spartans.

This is not the kind of news I would like to hear.

Not at all the same.

But this does not mean that we have lost.

We simply did not manage to resolve the issue with the elections.

But now we are not limited to any dates.

A few bribes under the control of cities and the situation will change in our favor.

But to you, Mr. President.

Still a former president.

And I'm sure the future.

So, I think you'd better leave the country for your safety for now.

Security, let's go.


On, look.

- Enisey-Module. - Yenisei is in touch.

Here the militants sent a peace man against us with sticks,

probably thought that we would start working on them.

No victims?

Well, there are no civilians, they will be among the militants now.

“We know where they are stuck. - Accepted, work.

- Yenisei-Van. - Yenisei is in touch.

I have ten snouts here

repainted the cars for the UN, they wanted to break through the checkpoint.

We detained them.

Give them to the peacekeepers along with the machines, let them sort it out.


- Enisey-Voice. - Yenisei is in touch.

Mr. Touadere decided to support the fighters on Boali.

- Bold decision. - Only to the base, he may not get there.

The road is under fire by militants, and we have a car with flashing lights.

By car it is immediately clear who is driving it.

- This is worse. Is there a solution? - We'll decide right now.

Well, that's another matter, we accompany you further.


Mr. President, put on your bulletproof vest, it's not safe here.

I don't think I will need this.

Give it to the soldiers on the front line.

I want our families and our children to finally stop living in fear.

This is our main task.

We do not just have to, we must return a peaceful life to our country.

Among us were those who lost heart and left their positions.

But most of us gave a decisive rebuff to the enemy.

I have come to say thank you.

And I want each of you to understand

war for our country has become commonplace,

I don't want more suffering for my people.

We must stop this together.

- Well, come on, Grishan. - I can't do it yet.

Well, yes, the doctors forbade it, I understand. You need to recover now.

What did you want to meet?

Listen, well first of all

so the old man, if you judge, is his own fault, agree.

It's not just that I threw some gerych on this kid.

Do you know who his dad is? There is such a delicious amount of luminary.

And you let him go for some h..m.

Grishan, well, I had no other choice, either to drain you, or myself.

It's all?

Dmitry Palych, I'm sorry to distract you.

- My request to you is not big. - Do you see I'm talking to a friend?

- Let's solve everything later. - Sorry.

Grishan, do you remember Zheka from the central Ministry of Internal Affairs?

He is now in the head of the staff steers.

We rocked with him on your question for lived-were.

In short, you will meet with him, he will give you the whole alignment,

You will issue a position there, you will pass the commission

and welcome back to our glorious banners.

The topic is interesting, we will settle everything.

You won't be left without dough, believe me.

I am for justice.

"Dear friends, it is especially hot in the center of Africa on this auspicious day."

Come on?

"Today in the Central African Republic

the inauguration ceremony of Pasten Arcan Touadera took place.

Let us remind you that presidential elections were held in the republic in December,

according to the results of which the leader of the country was re-elected

the majority of citizens for a second term.

Peaceful holding of elections made possible

thanks to the participation of Russian instructors.

However, separate groups of militants,

are still trying to unleash a civil war.

However, now in the capital Bangui itself, a peaceful life now flows.

Thank you, Russia! Thank you, Russia! "

- Where are you going, Grishan? - Breathe air.

Grisha, why are you a Tourist by the way?

I fly to hell, but I like it here.