Turetskiy gambit (2005) - full transcript

The film is based on the second book from the Adventures of Erast Petrovich Fandorin series of novels written by the Russian author Boris Akunin. The film takes place in 1877 during the Russian-Turkish war. Erast Fandorin has just escaped from Turkish prison and is trying to get on the Russian side as soon as possible to give important information about the upcoming attack of the enemy. On his way he meets Varvara Suvorova, a young lady who is going to see her fiancée - a soldier of the Russian army. Erast also knows that there is a spy somewhere in the Russian army, everyone is under suspicion...

- Run!
- Leave it, Listvitsky, you'll just make things worse...


- Go home...

- Allah is gracious, Anwar-effendi. Welcome to Vidin.

There's blood on your sleeve. Have you injured yourself?

- I had to kill a Russian prisoner. He had seen my face.
I can't take risks. The stakes are too high.

Destroy the plate now!
- Don't you worry. Right this moment. Everything will be done.

Bring the photoplate into my study.
I'll destroy it personally.

Please, come into the house, Anwar-effendi.
Everything had been prepared as you wished.

- E2-E4...
- Will you not take a look at the board again? E7-E5...

- G2-G3...

- You are sacrificing the pawn, Effendi. But the laws of
hospitality do not permit me to take advantage of your negligence.

- Yusuf-pasha, the game of chess is like the game of war. And no
laws are applicable to war... Make your move, the pawn is yours.

- Where are the sentries?

- Please meet Colonel Ismail-bey, the personal aide-de-camp
of Field-Marshal Osman-pasha...

- I'm not familiar with details of your mission,
but you are a legendary man.

- I think I'll take your pawn anyway...

- Well now... You must make this move, I'll make another...
You move here - it's the only option you have.

And that's it, Honorable Yusuf-pasha, your game is lost.
And all because of a tiny pawn.

It's called 'gambit' - sacrificing the unimportant
to gain initiative. I'll do same to Russians.

Tomorrow Osman-pasha will capture Pleven
and flank the Russian troops.

Russians will attack Pleven and will be stuck there
for a long time. The offensive will be stopped.

- Of course, when Anwar-effendi himself takes
matters in hands there's no need to worry.

However, Effendi, it's time to pray.
Please proceed to this room - it's windows face Mecca.


FANDORIN (thinking):
- July the 2nd?... Well, it's today...

Osman-pasha flanks the Russian army
and captures Pleven...

Russians will move towards Pleven and will be stuck there
for an indefinite time - the offensive will be stopped...

It's called 'gambit' - sacrificing the unimportant
to gain initiative...

It's no less than 160 km from Vidin to Pleven...

Damn... Time to hurry...

- I told you it's a girl in disguise...

- She's with me. Take this...

Mademoiselle, mademoiselle...
You should have waited for your fianc? back home.

It's no Mayne Reid novel. The place is swarming with bashi-bazouks.

- But how?.. I mean, who told you...

- No suntan - it's one.
I can see the hair from under your hat - it's t-two.

Why would a Russian lady want to try get secretly into the army?
Romantic considerations. That's t-three.

The man with mustache that accompanied you and then disappeared
- was he your g-guide?

- Yes.
- And you naturally left all your possessions with him?

- Yes.
- Pretty stupid. That's four.

- Who are you? Where are you from?
- Erast Petrovich Fandorin. A Serbian volunteer. I have escaped from Turks.

- Varya... Suvorova Varvara Andreyevna.
Nice to meet you.

- What am I to do with you
Varvara Andreyevna Suvorova?

We need one more means of transportation...

- I need a donkey.
- 10 lira... - I don't have any money...

- Where's the donkey?
- One more time! - Donkey!

- I said, one more time!

White ears, red saddle.

- White ears, red saddle. Alright...
- You won the beast, didn't you? What's in your pocket? A revolver, yes?

- Unfortunately, my pocket is empty.
- And what if you haven't scared him off - that one with a bad eye?

- I never gamble with a person who can't be scared...

- But you had no money. What did you gamble on?
- You.

- ME?! You... you are an dishonorable rascal!

- I never lose when I gamble.
That's why I don't gamble at all. No fun...

- Snob!.. Arrogant snob!..

- You're comfortable? Use my robe.
- Don't you dare intruding my privacy!!!

If you think you are Don Quixote, I'm
no Sancha Panza. Give this mule to me!

Look at me, when a lady is talking to you!!!

- Get on the donkey.
- The hell I will!

- Get on!
- Over my dead body!

- Too late. They've spotted us.
- Who are they?

- Bashi-bazouks.

- Those who cut heads off?

- Too late! Stay quiet... Let's pretend we are simple
peasants - no sport for them.

- What's going to happen? Are we in trouble? Will they kill us?
- They won't if you keep silent. Low down your head...

- Get on the donkey. Let's move.
- Have you seen it? Have you?

- Yes, I've seen, they have a Russian officer -
We'll tell this to the nearest patrol.

- I mean the head!
- Get on the donkey! Quiet!

- Ouch!!!
- QIET!!!

- Mother... Mother...

- Yes! A girl!!!
- Look, sir, a golden medallion. With rubies...

- Rubies?

- Get on. Quick, I beg you...

Come on. Come on. Come on...
Please, quicker. They are catching up on us.

- Shoot, shoot! What's wrong?
- The gun is unloaded.

- Sabres ready! Follow me!

- They've got our officer!

- Are you Chetniks? I'd like to ask you
a couple of questions.

My name is Seumas McLaughlin, I work for The Daily Post.

- We are Russian. My name's Erast Fandorin, and my
companion is M-mademoiselle Suvorova.

- A lady...
- I'm traveling to find my fianc?. He serves at the HQ.

- Have you watched my kill? Like a lightning, eh?..
- True.

- Who's the gentleman with a hat?
- Monsieur d'Hevrais, he works for La Revue Parisienne, a star among French reporters.

The gentleman in white is Michel Soboleff - a great warrior.
He's been dispatched to HQ. And is truly bored without action.

Charles and I are interested in everything.
This is our first day at the front.

- Got away, sons of whores! Nice horses they have!
Turkish fucks!

- General, there are ladies in presence...
- Where?

- Let me introduce Madame Suvorova. She is secretly
heading to her fianc? at the camp.

- Mademoiselle...

- I am Charles d'Hevrais, a reporter.
There's blood on your face.

Here. That's better.

- How's the Captain? Dead?
- Looks dead to me...

- Hold on. "Looks dead, looks dead"...

Just a scratch... You are lucky, Captain.
Here, have a drink...

- Captain Perepelkin. Service of Supplies and Maintenance.
Your Excellency, at you service forever!

I thought we were deep within our own territory...
- You are stupid to ride alone. Get his wounds bandaged.

Halt! Tie him up. While he' still unconscious.

- Your Excellency...
- And who are you?

Romaev, get me some water...
- Titular Counselor Fandorin. I've escaped from t-the Turks.

I have information of utmost importance and s-secrecy.
- What kind of information?

- General, could we talk in private?..
- Nonsense. Speak.

- It's vital you occupy Pleven.
Osman-pasha's corps is moving there.

- What is he doing in that rat hole?
- I can tell this only at the HQ, General. Time is s-slipping away...

- Everyone's alive?
- Your Excellency, looks like we found Semenov of the 2nd Cossack Company.

- Time to hurry, General.
- Wait a second. Take fifty men and get to Pleven. Take a look what's going on there.

- Yes, sir.
- Take this bird to the counter-intelligence department. Titular Counselor, my ass...

- General! What can fifty men do against an army corps?

- Doesn't look like Semenov to me? Semenov had a snubbed nose.
- See, the nose... the birthmark... the missing tooth...

- Hey, mademoiselle... Mademoiselle...

- Warrant Officer, have you passed my message on? Time's running out.
One more hour and it's too late!

- Tell me, the man who called himself a "titular counselor"...
- Fandorin.

- Yes. Did he talk to bashi-bazouks in Turkish?
- Yes. He was a Turkish prisoner for 8 months...

- I don't give a damn what kind of lies he told you!
How did speak Turkish? Fluently?

- I can't remember! Perhaps not.
He stammers a lot.

- I'll cross-interview you both. Sit quiet.
Not a sound. Or you'll be sharing the basement with rats.

Officer on duty! Bring the prisoner in.

Lieutenant-Colonel Kazanzaki of the Gendarmes Corps.
Head of the Counter-Intelligence Unit.

Arrived yesterday.
Entered my duties immediately.

- Who, Your Excellency?

- The person calling himself a "titular counselor". Fandorin. Where is he?
- Everything is in my dispatch.

- Good day, Lavrentiy Arkadyevich!
- Fandorin! Nice to see you, Erast Petrovich!

- Come on, son, open the hatch. MOVE!
- Have you sent troops to Pleven?

- Here's the order. I just wanted to make sure it was you.
- I beg you, for Christ's sake, hurry up!

- Encrypt immediately and send it to General Kruedener's HQ via the field telegraph. Move!
- Yes, sir.

- Rumors are you were killed in Serbia...
Let me give you a hug, my friend...

- Yablokov! Encrypt this. ASAP!

By the way, someone wants to see you...
- Who? - Your bride... Well... Doesn't matter... Execute orders!

Hurry up, Yablokov! What's taking you so long?..
- Cryptogram # 3456...

- Have you seen him?
- No.

- Too bad... Too bad... The worst thing is that we lack
even his general description.

You know, Fandorin, I have a bad feeling.
This war has started out too smoothly.

- Yablokov!
- Luntz!

- Look, Yablokov... I have a message for you.
- Oh my God... Varenka...

- Bless you, Varvara Andreyevna.
- Who's there?

- Please meet Mademoiselle Suvorova. She came here
to find her fianc?. All dressed up and camouflaged.

- How do you do.
- How do you do... What fianc??

What have you heard, miss? She heard everything!
And it's totally classified!

I have to apologize, but due to
state security considerations

you have to spend the rest of the campaign
under home arrest.

- But I haven't even seen Petya.
- What? You'll see Petya after the war is over. Officer!

- I think it's enough to ask Varvara Andreyevna
to give her word of honor.

- I swear, not a word to anyone!
- Under my responsibility.

- Erast Petrovich, we can't take risks.
Can we trust a girl?

You know: "Long hair, small brain".

- That was mean!
- Lavrentiy Arkadyevich, I need an aid, male or female. Doesn't matter.

- There's Pleven... Everything is silent and calm...

- Varya... Varenka... I knew you'd come!
- Jesus, you look awful!

"Marlborough has gone to the war..."
- And you look like Gavroche.

"A cruise around the globe is nothing
compared to the trip we take together."

"My love for you is adoration..
My home is wherever you are."

Alright, I'll see tonight you at the reporters' club. It's fun.
- Petya, my love, I don't have...

- I knew you'd come!
- ...any money... Petya, where can I wash...wash up?


- Don't pay attention, it's alright... please come in...

- Romanian nobility is one of the oldest in Europe...

- Your Excellency, please let me
stay with you...

- D6, check.
- It's mate. - What did you expect?

- Your Excellency, you won't regret.
With my honor and life... I swear!

- Perepelkin, get lost. You're the HQ type.
Why would I need someone like you?

- Congratulations, Michel, with your new commanding post.
You're your own boss now.

- Ladies and gentlemen...
This is my bride.

- Varvara Andreyevna...
Varvara Andreyevna.

- Put out the lamps - we don't need them anymore.
Sun has risen!

- Bishop moves to F4. What, you didn't expect?..

- Mademoiselle, let me introduce myself, Colonel Mikhai Lukan, Romanian Army.
- Varya. Oh...

Come on, I'm not the Pope
to have my hands kissed.

- How do you do, General...
- Damn... It's... It's you?.. You!

- Monsieur d'Hevrais, didn't you recognize me?
- With difficulty, Madam. You looked terrific in boy's disguise as well.

But this dress...
- There's a professional dress-maker among the nurses...

- General, sir...
- Cut it... Gentlemen, me and Varvara...

- Andreyevna.
- I can remember her name without your help...

...are old acquaintances...
- May I invite you to the Romanian camp?.. It's much more fun over there.

- Mademoiselle, I'd be enchanted, if you'd call me
simply Charles.

- Just call me Michel.
- Your Excellency! You'll need your own HQ.

- It wasn't me who rescued you. The Cossacks did...
- Your Excellency, please...

- To hell with you! Hand me your written request.

Varvara Andreyevna, accept my apologies, last time I couldn't pay
you the required attention... In the heat of the battle, you know...

- So many stars...

- They say your sneeze can reach the skies from the northern
town of Murmansk. You can watch the heavenly lights there.

They are called 'aurora borealis'. And we're just killing time here.
Who'd want this rat hole?

-You are surrounded. Hand in your weapons.

- Alarm, brothers!!!
- Alarm! To arms...

- Breaking news, gentlemen, General Kruedener took Nikopol.
- Nikopol?.. Why Nikopol?..

You wanted to say P-pleven?
- No. Nikopol. I'll be the first to use the telegraph...

- Semyon, the map...

- Send the dispatch to the Romanian HQ a.s.a.p....
- It's a long way from Nikopol to Pleven...

- What are doing? Are you crazy?.. Get you hands off him!
Erast Petrovich, what's happening?

- Why are doing this?
- The cryptogram written by Mr. Yablokov had one word changed:

Nikopol instead of Pleven. That's why
General Kruedener moved into Nikopol,

while Osman-pasha's avant-guard troops
took unprotected Pleven.

- Osman took Pleven?
- Correct!

- I swear, my typing was correct. I honestly can't understand
how a 6-digit 'Pleven' could have turned into a 7-digit 'Nikopol'.

It's a mystery...
- Leave mysteries to girl scouts.

Where did you study cryptography?..
- Listen, Yablokov, did you ever leave the cryptography tent?

- No.
- Petya, did you go anywhere outside?

- No. It's strictly forbidden.

- Where did you study cryptography?!!

- Oh, Mr. Titular Counselor! Thanks to you my fifty men...
I'm heading for the HQ! If they don't let me... I'll go alone.

- Trouble again...
- Erast Petrovich!.. Where have you been?

Have you heard about Petya ... We must hurry, we must find
and capture that Anwar. Let's go!

- Excuse me, Varvara Andreyevna,
but I need time to think.

- Think? While you are racking your brains... Go to hell!..
I'll think of something myself. Petya, my love, I'll save you...

- May I take a look at cryptogram #3456-s?
- Impossible. Destroyed according to regulations.

- Does the register say who brought it?
- Of course...

Here. Volunteer Luntz.

- Luntz!
- Yes!

- What's this? Dark glasses?
You look like a monkey! Take them off!

- Sir, my eyes are very weak. They are affected
by sunlight and dust... The medic said it's okay.

- You're in the army, not at a spa, Mr. Volunteer.
Tidy up!

- Yes, sir...

- Look, what if we sneak into Pleven
and take a look at the Turks, eh?

You are from a neutral country
and protected by the Geneva Convention.

And me? I'll go with you as your companion!

Pleven? A splendid idea!
A reporter working both sides of the front...

But... How will we sneak around the Russian patrols?
- We'll work something out!

- But it's dangerous. They can easily shoot us.
- Are you scared?

- Have you heard?
- About what?

- You haven't! General and I are going to Plevna
on a reconnaissance mission.

What's that?

What kind of devil's teapot is this? The entire battery is at its position already!
- My receiver was fowled up...

- What receiver? Don't bullshit me...
- Varya?

- Hello, Mitenka!
- You? Glad to see you, Varvara Andreyevna!

- Please meet Charles. This is Mitenka Gridnev, a friend of mine. He is an engineer.
- I knew I'd see you here!

- Is this you famous monster-mobile?
- Yes, that's her...

- I'm trembling all over...
How can you be so cruel? Eh?

- Have you brought the money?
- Of course...

Look, let's talk about money later, alright?
- What do you mean 'later'?

- Please, I beg you, let's talk about money after!
- No way. No more 'after'!

- Damn!!!
- What?

- I beg you, don't ruin my life! It's my goddamn weakness...
- Damn you, Luntz, and your weakness...

I've wasted so much time! Army is not a whorehouse!
- What a shame! I'll be court-martialled...

- I'm not interested in your intimate life, Mr. Conspirator.
Do you remember cryptogram #3456-s?

- No!
- Sent at 3 o'clock!

- Yes, I do recall, it said 'extremely urgent'...
- Who brought it?

- Yablokov...
- Did you take it directly to the telegraph station? Did you go elsewhere?

- No. I brought it there and handed it over...
What's wrong, anyway?

- Did Yablokov ever leave his station?
- I don't know.

Oh, yes... he did leave ... there was message for him...
I gave it to him...

- Luntz, who gave you this message?

- Who brought the message?! The name! Give me the name!
- I don't know him...

- Have you seen him before?

- In the club...
- In the club? Reporters' club?

- I can't believe my eyes! Not a single patrol! I heard Asians are
irresponsible, but that's too much! Alright, shall we ride into Pleven?

Are you scared?
- Not a bit...

- My lady, what a splendid idea to come
and visit me. But aren't men's battles tiresome?

- Dear Ismail-bey, you can't imagine how boring it is at the Russian camp.
- I doubt that.

By the way, is 'Prokop' - my favorite cafe -
still there?

- Intact... But how can you be so sure
that war is going to end soon?

- I'm surprised Russians haven't
thrown me out of Pleven yet.

- I thought Osman-pasha's corps is here.
- Can you see it?

No, no. Osman-pasha's troops will arrive only tonight .
My force here is a single company of volunteers...

The war could have been a real holiday
with such beautiful women around...

- Mr. Smart Guy! 'A t-t-trap'!
Let's hope Anwar is fooled!.. You're as blind as a bat!!!

He followed you through the camp,
then across the hills... And you haven't spotted the tail!

- I think he was t-tailing Luntz, not me...
- What's wrong with you, Erast Petrovich? Foolish mistakes!

Anwar wins again and again!
- He's very cautious and extremely smart.

This time he'll surely kill you!

May be this is your plan?
That's why you joined the army?

You've found yourself a new bride -
in place of the one they killed ...The Death herself?...

- Lavrentiy Arkadyevich, how could you...
- Shut up!!! I need you alive...

Such tokens can easily
get you killed... Excuse me.

- Your Excellency!
- It's his plan - so report to him...

- There are shooters hidden underground
in a secret place. Care to see?

- Can we count on them?
- All are experienced warriors.

- Sir!
- Quiet, lads...

Quiet! I'll be here at midnight.
Don't sleep and don't smoke...

- 'A secret weapon', Sergey Konstantinovich,
might be a good bait, I think.

- This is a war between two sloths. That's what you should write.
- Your volunteers look very courageous...

- Oh, no... These are Anwar-effendi's bodyguards...

- Who?
- A V.I.P. from Istanbul.

A strange bird...
Coming and disappearing all the time...

- Thanks for coffee and baklava.
I must be going.

- It's very dangerous! The Russian camp is over there...

- Monsieur Effendi... Monsieur Effendi, wait...
I said wait!

Shoot, you're the marksman!!!
- I won't!.. He's too far anyway...

- Got him!!! Surrender, you rascal!!!

Get up! Get up, I say!

Alright! Charles, shoot him!

- Why would I? He's done nothing wrong.
- He's an enemy!

Give me your gun...
- No!

- Don't shoot! They've got Anwar-effendi!

- Run!.. Run!.. Run!..

- Flank them!
- To arms! Follow me!!!

- Give me your hand. Get on, quick...

You've compromised my reconnaissance mission
completely, Varvara Andreyevna...

- Everything will be perfect...

- ...Screw your steam pot!
- You can't stand in the way of technical progress!

- I've seen your Anwar!
- Seen him?

- We almost captured the bastard...
- Where did you see him?

- In Pleven. We shot his shoulder and tonight
we'll capture him. Won't me, Michel?

- Varenka, you are the Russian Joan of Arc...

- Dear Charles, a reporter MUST NEVER act like a spy!

- We'll catch Anwar and Petya will be released...
- Could you give more... details?

- You can read it in tomorrow's news.
Gosh, you're turning back into a monkey...

- Well, unlike me you look s-s-splendid...

- Hooray to Varvara Andreyevna Suvorova!
- Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Hooray!!!


Luntz... Luntz said he'd seen him at reporters' club...

At the club - one. In the field - two.
What could he hear about Pleven?


'It's vital you take Pleven.
Osman-pasha's corps is moving there...'

D'Hevrais heard it. Yes, he could.

The Spanish artist?

The Italian reporter?

No, impossible. Simply impossible.

- Varvara Andreyevna, I'm enchanted.

- What a jolly good company! Captain Count Zurov.
- Ippolit, how come!?

- Damn me!
I heard Turks boiled you alive!

You look awful, my friend, hard to recognize...
What's this?

Do you color your hair to look more dashing?
Well, we two have been through a lot, haven't we?...

My adventures are a separate story, strictly t?te-?-t?te.
Not for women's ears.

Well, you can guess the ending - lonely, no money
and heart-broken.

Gentlemen, how about a game of faro?
Crawl out of your corners and forget the chess...

Really, it's unpatriotic... Erast, you stay out of the game
- the devil himself watches over you...

- Alright, let's play awhile... Colonel Lukan...
To promote army camaraderie.

- Exactly... for camaraderie...
Low bets. 100 rubles for starters.

Well... Anybody else, gentlemen?..
Are you in?

- The press club has just turned into a gambling den...

FANDORIN THINKING: McLaughlin? What was McLaughlin
doing when I was telling Soboleff about Pleven?

McLaughlin heard what I said. Yes, he could.

- L-lavrentiy Arkadyevich? You're here?
- You were right - we got the bastard!

You know, I always get itchy before a fight.

He's been sniffing around for at least two hours. Take this.
He's not alone.

-There they are! Two of them!
- Hold on... There could be more...

- Colonel, no offence!
- Cheater!!!

- Such a beauty, mademoiselle... Nature...
By the way, would you like a bet?

If I guess who's the first to leave the tent

you kiss me. If I'm wrong -
I'll shave my head clean as a bashi-bazouk.

Hussar's word of honor! Come on! It's no risk for you.
There are about 30 men inside.

- So who is it going to be?

- Who? Colonel Sablin. No. McLaughlin.
No. Semyon the waiter - that's who!

It's a miracle!
- I hope it doesn't rain...

- It's a miracle! God's sign!

- You deserve a slap in the face.
I can see myself now - you're a cheater.

- Why? Mademoiselle, I'm as innocent as the Moon!

- Oh, what's up there?
- Where?

- It's a hot air balloon to coordinate artillery fire.
- A balloon... My God, it's so simple: use a spyglass and you can see everything...

- I could tell you so much about artillery fire...

- Where are the sentinels?

- Stay put! Or the girl's dead...
- An ass!? It's a trap!!!

- Don't move! Where are you going!

- Erast Petrovich...

- Quick!
- What's going on?

- Jump into the basket. Quick!

- Erast Petrovich, hurry...

Why aren't they shooting?
- They don't want any attention...

- Let's draw their attention.
- We can't. We have to get higher.

- Oh! Binoculars. 18-power?
- What? Yes...

- We can spot Anwar himself,
not just Turkish guns.

- My God, what's going on?

- Turks?
- Not yet.

- Don't shoot! Fandorin is up there! Alarm the troops,
quick, and follow the balloon. Move!

- There come the Turks.
- Turks? Then we can spot their positions.

- May I...
- There's an unfinished redoubt to the east...

- Varya...
- Nothing between the hills... Alright, there are the pickets!

- Varvara Andreyevna, it's too dangerous after all.
- Alright, one for me and one for you...

Varya?.. That was pretty unexpected...

Holy Mother!.. God, save us!..

Mitenka!!! Mitya, dear, help us!
We are drifting toward the Turks!

- Petrukha! Follow me!

- Varvara Andreyevna, hold fast!
Crawl over me!

- Petrukha! Full speed!

- God, where's he going?

Don't you dare touch me so unceremoniously!!

- Varvara Andreyevna, hold on...

- Petruhka! Back up, full speed!

- Mother! God, I'm scared!
- Hold on, Varvara Andreyevna!

- Oh, God! Erast Petrovich! Oh!
Don't look at me! Please, don't look up!

- ...two batteries are here. An unfinished redoubt - here,
at the eastern flank...

And there's nothing in between
these two hills.

A long narrow gorge leading directly into the town.
As far as the suburbs.

- It's the key to Pleven!
Absolute secrecy... is paramount...

I'll request medals both for you and Miss Suvorova.

- You'd better release her fianc?.
You know that Yablokov is not a traitor.

- Yes, I do... But criminal negligence is no better
than treason.

- Lavrentiy Arkadyevich, this information was acquired
through Miss Suvorova's efforts...

While we sit here and enjoy our tea,
Miss Suvorova is on a mission right now...

- That's it, gentlemen, I'm the first to finish...
- 'First to finish'... You've missed them all.

Thank you for a wonderful aide-de-camp,
Varvara Andreyevna...

- Varenka! Varya!
- Have you been released?

- Not... I still have to stay nights at the prison,
and work at the HQ during the day...

- You're a disgrace...

- I don't have much time. I gave a word of honor I'd return immediately...
- Well, thank God! Everything will be alright now...

- Gentlemen! I win!

- How come my "W" is worse than yours?

- I'm sure Varya's monogram should look like this!

However, to reconcile...
- Gentlemen, care for a drink?..

- ...I brought presents for everyone - personal flasks!
With gilded monograms! Erast is away again, son of a bitch...

'E.P.' for Eremey Perepelkin...
'M.S.' for Your Excellency...

- Semyon! Champagne for everyone!..

- No, no... I've brought some nice strong rum...

- Half a dozen for me. I pay!

- Lukan, you're like Count Monte Cristo -
you lose everyday without running out of money!

- I come from the richest family in Romania!!! Well, my goddess,
who gets the prize? Who's picnic are you joining?

- Tell me the truth, Colonel, you did know about the time of assault...
- I know a lot...

Carl, the Prince of Romania, has naturally asked my opinion
about the secret plan of action...

This is the 2nd Battalion of the Kostroma Regiment.
Flanking the Turks...

- Lieutenant... Madam, we're off to Pleven and back...
- Mademoiselle, please wait till were back...

- Alright. Champagne will be waiting for you.

- Assume formation!

- First company, form!

- Total stupidity...
- Why?

- I told Prince Carl that the plan was bad,
and the assault would fail.

His Excellency has agreed with me and Romanian troops
do not take part in today's combat.

- Cheer up, lads! Cheer up! The Turks aren't expecting us.
We'll attack them out of the blue.

- Stand up! Stand!
- They are shooting from behind the hills...

- Shrapnel!..

- Soldiers! Don't shoot!
Be brave! Hold the line!

- Brothers, we rely on you!..

- Close orders!..

- They have wiped out the entire corps! Like in a training!
The troops had no time to even approach the enemy...

- Come on, don't cry. Have a drink...

Although everyone thinks Lukan is a moron,
the Prince of Romania showed him the battle plan

and Lukan said nothing would work out...
- Oh, did he?

Have you heard it personally?
- Yes!

- Alright... That changes a lot...
- What does it change?

What?.. Why do you never finish what start saying?

- It's treason, Varvara Andreyevna.
- What treason?

- Alright. Colonel Lukan, not the smartest man,
predicts the defeat of the Russian army - that's one.

He's familiar with the battle plan - that's two.
The whole assault relied entirely on the flanking maneuver - that's three.

Our troops entered the gorge just to get under heavy fire
from three different directions - that's four.

- The Turks knew where and when to shoot...

- Alright, Varvara Andreyevna,
I must ask you of assistance...

- Anything!..
- It's not a pleasant mission, though...

Prince Carl and his entourage are leaving for
Bucharest during the truce.

I would like you to join them
at the Romanian capital... Well... To relax...

Try to learn more about Lukan.
He'll be definitely showing off for you...

You are a young and attractive lady...
-I can't believe what I hear... A compliment...

And such an exquisite one:
'An at-t-tractive lady'...

- Where's your fianc?? Such a nice young man.
- You think so?

- I assume it's unfair on my part
to affect your decision to get married...

- Excuse me?
- How about... a short romance before the wedding...

Just to make you feel like a woman...
I hope you understand me...

- Not really... I need air...
I have to tidy myself up...

No, don't follow me... I'll be back in a second...

- Waiter, bring the champagne!

- We don't have a single proof.
- By the way, Colonel Kazanzaki, an unpleasant person, but a good professional,

has searched Lukan's tent.
Alarming our Romanian allies. But getting results.

- Where did you find this?
- Inside the mattress, General, sir.

A childish hiding place. They think we are fools.

- Excuse me, what have you found?
- Money... Turkish... British...

A paper signed by the Sultan:

'The Bearer of this shall receive full and immediate assistance
from all Sultan's subjects irrespective of rank...'

General, sir, the experts have verified
authenticity of the signature and the seal.

Well, shall we seize him?
- No. We'll let him loose awhile.

We'll tail him and check out his contacts...
- Permission to leave, Lavrentiy Arkadyevich?

- Where? Why?
- It's vital we send a telegram to Miss Suvorova.

She doesn't know how dangerous this man is.
She can get r-reckless.

- 'Vienna Piano'... A diary.
All in Romanian...

- I knew... I had my suspicions...

- Really?
- Your eyes said so much when you left...

I waited a little...
To make it less obvious...

Each second seemed like an eternity...

I'm burning inside.
Come in to my arms, my little devil!

- Just a second.

I'm here.

You got me wrong!
- Wrong?!

- Help!
- I understand everything!..

No one can treat Lukan like this. Get out of my way!
- Let me go! Let me go!

- Bitch! Whore!
- Help! Help!

- Colonel, are you mad!
- Go to hell!

- She's a French harlot...
- I'll squeeze you like a bug!

- A duel! Now!
- With everyone at the same time? How nice of you...

- Make your pick. But it was me who called you a rascal.
- Excuse me, but it was me who punched him...

- Don't you think the abused party should choose?
- That's acceptable.

- Alright. If you want a showdown - let's do it.
One condition - we'll have one duel only.

With the man I choose. If I stay alive -
no further challenges.

- Don't worry, you won't stay alive...
- Perfect...

I pick the Captain.
- Me?

- Wasn't it you, Captain, who called me mad
down at the stairs?..

Gentlemen, let's move into the yard and shoot.
McLaughlin, will you be my second?

- You start walking toward each other when I say so.

Shoot at will.
But if you miss - please stay in the line of fire.


- Shoot immediately.
It's your only chance.

Good luck.

- Damn.


God hates sinners.

- A messenger from Soboleff!

- You shouldn't have brought me here.
- What is there to do at the camp?

Anwar is dead.
- You are wrong.

Do you remember how he used his double in Pleven?
Lukan is just another decoy.

- We've broken through! But we need more men!
I'm calling the reinforcements!

- Monsieur, a snapshot for the magazine...
- I'm in a hurry!..

- Ten to one on Russians!
- Ten? Alright! On Turks!

- I need a horse!
- Where are you going?

- That way.
- To Soboleff? But why?

- I don't know yet.

- Varvara. Would you like to use the telescope?
- Yes.

- Count Zurov with a message from Soboleff!..

- We took Pleven! We're defending the houses.
Look, we've got the Turkish flag!

I'll get the Kuban Regiment. If the Cossacks get there in time
the devil himself won't kick us out of Pleven!


- Give me a horse, quick!
- Captain, I'm with you!

- Victory!

Hey, are you crazy?..

- Your Majesty, we broke through to the center of Pleven.
I defended the town against Osman's hordes for two hours.

And you haven't sent me even a single regiment.
What should I make of that?

What should I make of that?!!

-Mikhail Dmitriyevich, I understand your anger...
If I knew, I would have sent all my reserves, not a single regiment.

But the news came too late.
- What do you mean too late?

Count Zurov, my aide-de-camp, have gotten through to you
around 6 pm...

- I assure you...
- I don't need your assurances! Zurov was seen at the HQ around 5:30 p.m.

I defended the town till 8.
I lost two thirds of my men!

- Your people will be awarded.
Congratulations with your promotion to Lieutenant-General.

As far as the lost messenger is concerned...
- Our best men are investigating the case.

- Please, mark everything you find with flags...

- Erast Petrovich!

- Sergey Konstantinovich...

Keep combing the area.
- Carry on!

- Here, Erast Petrovich, I've found him!
- Carry on with the search...

- 20 thousand dead. A catastrophe!
- Yes, we are stuck under Pleven. We need a siege.

- This where Kazanzaki attacked him.
And shot him.

Count Zurov was a warrior.
He managed to wound Kazanzaki in the shoulder,

Kazanzaki rode away, then he understood
there is no escape and shot himself.

- This Kazanzaki guy is crazy or what?
- Kazanzaki is a Turkish spy.

- He's the devil himself...

- Don't touch this! It's crime evidence...
Look at you, Fandorin!

You're as helpless as Miss Suvorova!

Miss, do I smell vodka?
Are you a drinker?

- I didn't drink - I just washed my face.
- With vodka?

- I thought there was water inside that flask in the bush...
- Madness...

- In the bush? A flask?

- Like this?
- The flask? Yes?

- Did you leave it where it was?
- I think so. Why?

- The monogram. Each flask had a monogram.
Zurov gave everyone a personal flask.

- What was that? A shot?

- Drive!

- Had yer hairs cut, ain't yer?
- Yes. At the hospital.

I was unconscious.
They cut everyone's hair there.

- Aye, lassie...
Varvara Andreyevna...

- Erast Petrovich, is it you?.. Lord, thanks...
How are you?

- Me? I've been r-released from the hospital recently. Like you.
- How do you do this?

- What? A peasant dialect? (mumbles like a peasant).
- Why are you here?

- I'm here... b-b-because I need your help.
- Of course! Anything!

- I... We must hurry.

Halt!.. That's him.
- What must I do?

- Just ask him about the news.
- Mister McLaughlin! It's me! I'm back!

- How do you, Mademoiselle Suvorova.
How are your injuries?

- Healed. Have heard news about Mr. Fandorin?
- He came back two days ago then disappeared again.

They haven't found Anwar yet...
Is short hair en vogue now?

- Yes.
- I don't like it.

- Why don't you join me. I have a thermal flask
with tea and cookies - the nurses gave them to me...

- Promise you won't tell a word until 10...
- Word of honor! What's up?

- I have the first hand information. Tonight at 10 p.m.
the Turks are starting negotiations at General Ganetsky's HQ.

Osman-pasha's initiative. They want to surrender.
- Really?

- No one... No one knows this aside from me.

I'll be at Ganetsky's. A historic moment...
- What if it's a set up?

- It's a reliable source.
Mademoiselle Varya, the siege is over!

- Damn! Ganetsky's corps is defending the southern route.
They spread thin there. We are loosing time...

Varvara Andreyevna, I'll be heading to Ganetsky's HQ, you go to Soboleff's...
- Dressed like this?

- Can you drive the carriage?
- I'm not sure...

- Be c-c-careful!
- You too.

- They are here!!! The Turkish negotiators are here!!!

- General, sir, I have an important message
from Marshal Osman-pasha.

- Please, come in, gentlemen.

- Tea?..
Sorry, sorry...

- I'm Colonel Ismail-bey, Marshal Osman-pasha's
aide-de-camp. He asked me to give you his sword.

- Very kind of you...

- I have an urgent message for the General...
It's a trap! The Turks are breaking through!

- Erast Petrovich, you know how things are - we've captured
Pleven. Constantinople is defenseless, however...

Britain is threatening us with war
and is about to start military actions...

We've decided to relay the following message
to Queen Victoria:

'A Turkish spy has compromised England's honor
presenting himself as a British subject...'

- Have they found McLaughlin?
- Not a trace...

It's clear now that he was the real
Anwar-effendi. Failure after failure...

- Cut the talk, Lavrentiy Arkadyevich.
- I'm sorry, Your Majesty...

You, Fandorin...
- You have to understand that the way you present the evidence,

your ability to convince, your overall manner after all,
will affect the outcome of this war.

We must to seed disaccord between Turkey and Britain.
God protect you, Fandorin. I trust you.

- Constantinople is in our grasp, our enemies
are fleeing. I would like to thank all of you...

Let's drink to our friend Charles -
the bravest reporter in the world!

And finally, gentlemen, let's drink to our inspiration,
muse and the guardian angel ... Here's to Varvara Andreyevna.


- Is war really over?
- Look. These are the Turkish negotiators...

There's no truce. But the shooting is over.
- And Fandorin is still not here...

- Think of this, a Russian general
entering the gate of Constantinople in all his glory...

- The army bureaucrats won't let me.
- I have an idea, gentlemen! Why don't we take a ride on a train?

The Turks will think their negotiators are coming back
and will let us through. It's going be hot news!

- Too risky!
- How many troops can we get on the train? Half a battalion maximum? Suicide!

- You are right, it's too damn risky...
- It's not the first time I violate orders to fight Turks...

Gentlemen! Attention!..

- Excuse me, gentlemen. I think we can't go into Constantinople.
The Turks will see there's too few of us and will crush us.

- Can we get off here? In Sultan-Kabuse?
We can make some noise there...

- That's my life - between a rock and a hard place...
Still alive, however... God is gracious...

I'm as lonely as a winter bear.
Sometimes my heart aches so much...

- You have such funny whiskers.
- My public image. Soboleff's exclusive trait.

Just a word from you and I'll shave them off.

- Well what?

- Damn me... Varvara Andreyevna,
make me happy, will you marry...

- The town of Sultan-Kabuse, Your Excellency.
We are here.

- Send in the scouts...
What's this?

- Bank of Sultan-Kabuse.
- Use it as the HQ.

Send the train back for more reinforcements.
Assign the sentries! Open the door.

We've waited for eight hours already...
- Sorry, Your Excellency, but the train is not here yet.

- Fandorin?
- How do you do, gentlemen!

- Erast Petrovich, how come?
- Why are you dressed as a Turk?

- I came from Constantinople. You must leave
immediately. You can't even imagine...

- Soboleff will never retreat.
- Nothing to retreat with. The train's gone...

- General, sir, do you understand what you have done?
- Kicked Sultan's ass, that's what I did.

- Looks more like you kicked our own Czar in the back. See?
- I do. Constantinople.

- No. Over there...
The British fleet...

According to the secret Anglo-Turkish treaty
if a single Russian soldier enters Constantinople

the British fleet will commence fire. Britain will declare war
on Russia. Our troops are tired and spread thin...

- Fandorin? God, I missed...
- What?..

- the details of your travel General Mizinov had told me.
He said you were in London.

- I was in Constantinople.
Excuse me.

General, we can't fight England.
A single mistake and we'll face another Crimean War.

- Damn! Let's retreat. Assemble the troops!

- How are the things in Constantinople? Have you exposed McLaughlin?
- McLaughlin is not Anwar.

- Really? So who is Anwar?
- There he is!

- Merhaba, Anwar-effendi.
- What?

- It's not funny.
- First I was suspicious about d'Hevrais...

- Me?..
- Yes.

But then it became perfectly clear that everything leads to one person.
But I didn't have enough proof.

- What person? Erast Petrovich, you are talking riddles.
- I was clueless myself for a very long time.

Not surprising. You are a master spy. First you disguised
yourself as a Russian POW.

To make it more convincing -
you shot yourself through the skin.

You heard me telling the General: 'You must occupy
Pleven immediately. Osman-pasha's corps is moving there.'

You replaced the cryptogram. You only had
to lure Yablokov out with a message.

Then you killed the only witness.

Then you set a trap for our troops,
staging the appearance of Anwar's double.

Before the second offensive you recruited
Colonel Lukan who lost all his money through gambling.

Then you cunningly killed him as well.

- Christ protected me. I'm no shooter.
- But your major trick was the murder of Zurov and Kazanzaki.

Pleven wasn't captured again. You waited
for the messenger in the bush.

Then you killed them both. Zurov was shot at blank point.
Then you finished off Kazanzaki by staging a suicide.

You almost enabled the Turks to break the siege,
when you told McLaughlin about Osman-pasha's plans to surrender.

Was it not for Varvara Andreyevna...
- Where is McLaughlin?

- Murdered. I'm sure you gave special instructions
about him to your men.

The body is either hidden or cut into pieces
to make its identification impossible.

- You don't have any proof. Yes, the Captain
could have done all this, but you lack evidence...

- No, I could not... I couldn't...
- You are right...

- I'm a war hero...
- ...I had no proof. But not this time!

Just one. But 100% solid.
Anwar's photograph...

Yusuf-pasha, the Governor of Vidin, promised you
to destroy the photo, but later decided...

to leave it as a token of your meeting...

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

- Smart decision. Or you might hurt the lady.

Too bad I didn't kill you before...
In that cave...

-Look, Perepelkin or Anwar... whoever you are... If she
gets a single scratch... I'll kill you with my bare hands...

- Why am I here?
- Don't worry, it'll be over soon...

You are the perfect candidate for a bait.
- What bait?

- I need Soboleff to stay here in
Sultan-Kabuse. It took me some effort to lure him out.

Soboleff likes to play a knight in shining armor.
He won't leave you here.

- Useless. There's steel inside.
- Bring me the dynamite!

- We can't or we'll blow up both of them...
- Fandorin, why couldn't find your Pasha earlier?

- Yusuf-pasha is not in Constantinople.
I wasted my time.

- Who is on the photo then?
- I was bluffing.

- And then?
- Sultan's Guards will be here in a short time.

So, the almighty Soboleff, the White General himself,
will be trapped and captured like a rat.

England will finally understand that Russia
is not as scary as it seems.

Turkey will get another chance at war.
The gambit will be over.

- Who?
- What.

They are here.

- Look out, the Turks are coming...
Can you hear me?!

- I'll save you, word of honor!

- Look out, the Turks are on the roof!

I hate waiting!

Five bullets...

- Form! Back up! Form!

- I need him alive...



- It's alright... it's alright!

Thank you...

- Did he pass out?
- No. You've broken the skull of the master spy.

- Me?
- Yes. Gold is a very heavy metal.

- Yes, yes, I remember... What's going on?
- It's too quiet.

No one's shooting.
-Who won?

- You move out of my way, yedryona mat ('Damn you')!

- Yedryona mat!...

- Well, it's over. Peace.
- So many have died...

Anwar played his gambit well.
I got a medal, while in reality I should have been...

- Don't torture yourself. If it wasn't you...
I'm afraid to think what would have happened to us.

- I... Mizinov told me the same.
Offering any reward I wish...

- What did you wish?
- Me? I haven't...

To leave. As far away as I can.
- Where to?

- Japan. It looks like the end of the world.
- Varya! They'll take me away without you.

- Just a minute.
- Farewell, Erast Petrovich.

- Good bye.
- Erast...

Erast Petrovich, why are you doing this?
It's now...

or never...
Never, do you realize?