Turbulence (1997) - full transcript

Ryan Weaver romances beautiful women before he kills them. Ryan is arrested, convicted, and is part of a Christmas Eve transfer of prisoners on a transcontinental 747 commercial flight. Other airlines at JFK may have holiday passengers waiting on stand-by, but this jumbo jet takes off with a lot of empty seats. Ryan and another prisoner overpower and kill their guards. The few civilian passengers are herded into a "pantry" on the plane and are not seen again until the end of the movie. Ryan eliminates the other prisoners and all the crew members except Teri Halloran. The remainder of the movie follows a "cat-and-mouse" game between Ryan and Teri on the 747.

- Merry Christmas.
- You, too.


Oh. Excuse me.

Got him.

Lieutenant, you were right.
He was in the toy store...

...And he bought
a stuffed animal.

He's on his way
to see a new girlfriend.

How can you be so sure?

I don't have to see her.
I know Weaver.

She's about 5'7 ", 5'8",

blonde, not the platinum kind.

She's about 125 pounds.

Probably a college graduate.

Definitely well-read.

Weaver likes to talk, and he
wants someone who can talk back.

You see that Teddy bear he's carrying?
What about it?

Murder comes next.
He's in the wooing phase.

I spent the last two years of my life
one step behind this son-of-a-bitch.

He's a piece of shit. Don't
you two ever forget it.

Look, lieutenant, this isn't L.A.
so just stay cool.

Hold it.
Hold up, guys.


Merry Christmas, Laura.

Oh, Ryan, he's so cute.
Yeah, I thought so, too.

I'm sorry about not
getting it wrapped.

I... I was just in such a
rush to get it to you.

No, you didn't have to wrap it.

I love it.

And I love you.

Come here.

Sit down.

You're the best thing that's
happened to me in a long time.

You know that?

Give me a kiss.

Down! Get down!

On the floor with your
hands behind your back!

Give 'em to me.

Give 'em to me.

Roll him over.

What's going on?

Take it easy. Easy.

Hello, Weaver.

What are you doing?

Now, what the hell's
the matter with you?

5'7" and blonde, huh?

That guy's
out of his mind.

Come on, get him on his feet.
Come on.

Merry Christmas.

Oh. Hi, ray.

I was, uh, expecting Stephen.

Mr. helfet, told me
to give you this.

Where is he?

Ah, he didn't stay.

Thank you, ray.

I did not get out of control.
They're exaggerating.

I did not beat him.

- I restrained him.
- We don't need another problem with you,

I've got enough to deal with here.

there will not be
an incident on the plane.

Well, that's because
you're not going.

You're not going, hines.
Alright. Alright, alright.

I'm coming back.

What are you,
my chaperon?

After what happened today?
Yeah, lieutenant, I am.


Is that thanks to me?

I'm going back
to L.A.

I'll be waiting
for you on the tarmac.

They won't let you fly
back with me, will they?

I don't want to
wait around.

You're always lying.

You know, I think a little
honesty would be good

for our relationship
right now. Don't you?

You should tell me something.

How'd you plant that
evidence in my car?

If it were true, what
difference would it make?

Knowing what you did?
I mean, you're a cop.

How... How do you look at
yourself in the mirror?

I like what I see.

I'm proud I got you
off the street.

Is it fame?

Is that why you screwed me?

Did you wanna solve one big
case before you retired?

You got your promotion. You
gonna write a book now?

You didn't even make
the evening news.

See? You watched.

I mean, this must
really burn your ass.

You go through all of this, you
track me down for two years

and you still get no respect.

L.A.'s a tough place
for a killer.

You have a lot of
competition out there.

You should've
killed a celebrity.

I never killed anybody.

And you know it.

Yeah, right.

Wow, look at this.

Boy, somebody really got
into the Christmas spirit.

It's so pretty.

Two crews made a bet over who
could do the best decorations.

- And this was the loser.
- You're kidding.

I'm so junior, I get all
the holiday flights.

Now, come on.
Only five passengers,

and we get to spend
Christmas in L.A.

Now, wait a minute. We
may have our hands full.

Yep, it's now 11 passengers.

Ooh, six more. It's
still a piece of cake.

No. Six men.
Faa 2-14.

Estimated flight time
to L.A. is

five hours, 49 minutes.

Could get a little
bumpy along the way.

So, who are these prisoners
we're transporting?

I don't know. One of
them is a bank robber.

The other one is the uh,

"lonely heart strangler."

Leave it to, Uncle Sam to
cast a cloud on Christmas.



When did that happen?

I don't know.

Did you flatten my coat?

I didn't flatten your...
No, no, no, no.

Sit there. I wanna
sit on the aisle.

I like to sit on the aisle.

I should sit on the aisle.

Please, don't argue.

Teri, I... I don't
want to hear you say

you were right all along.

You said I was
rushing in London.

No, you know, look.

At least you didn't do what I
did and marry the wrong guy

after a five-minute

You did that?
I did it twice.

I mean, I am just now
getting over the need

to make men happy.

It's pathetic.

You've got so much time. You've got
your whole career ahead of you.

You know? Really.

Just wait for the right
guy to come along.

Whoa, whoa.
Faa regulations.

Please step off the vehicle.
I'll stow it for you.

You live in L.A.?
My dad does.

Seats and lavatories clear.
Coming on board, now.

Merry Christmas.

Okay, you're four rows
down on the left.

I need a 28.8 Jack
immediately after takeoff.

Is that a problem?

Hey, captain.

You're late. I specifically
requested you be here

before the other
passengers were on board.

It was my understanding
the flight was almost empty.

I'm sorry.

I think you'll find
everything in order there.


Four weapons. That's it?
Nothing else?

I carry
a .38 backup.

It's not on the manifest.

Most pilots don't have
a problem with it.

I do.

If it's not on the manifest, it
has to ride up front with me.

I'm afraid you'll
have to hand it over.

What are you looking at?

Shut up.

I want the restraints kept
on for the entire flight.

We weren't planning
on taking them off.

Okay, let's go.

Come on.

Don't fucking push me, man.
Come on.

Stubbs, any more verbal
abuse, and I will gag you.


Excuse me, miss.
What's the movie?

It's a wonderful life.

Really? What's
the name of that song

that Jimmy Stewart was singing...
Come on.

With Donna Reed? They were
walking down... Let's go.

Main street.


Cool it.

Yeah, that place was great.
I loved it there...

medium long shot.
I mean, you never push...

Right here.

Middle seat. Middle seat.
Can I take this one?

Don't worry about the coat.
Just sit down.

Hey, you know, you really
shouldn't do that.

Shouldn't do what? Make eye
contact with these guys.

You never know what
they could be up to.

What did they do?

You know the guy with the dark hair?
The one who likes you?

He's a convicted serial killer.

Are you kidding?

He raped and killed five girls,

one of the maintenance
men told me.

Plus, he said that some cops,
'cause his cousin's one,

said that Weaver couldn't
have done it. Hmm.

A perfect argument for
capital punishment, huh?

He doesn't look like
a serial killer.

Did you ever see Ted Bundy?
What he looked like?

He was a real charmer. Mark harmon
played him in the TV movie.

Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the eastern
portion of New York state.

What's that?

If it's not on the manifest,
it's not on the airplane.

I swear, those guys have seen
too many dirty Harry movies.


- Doors?
- Closed.

Cabin preparation?

Call for pushback.

This one always sticks.

Season's greetings
from the cockpit.

We will fortunately be leaving New
York before this latest blizzard hits.

We still face a rough
ride due to weather.

Flight time is five
hours and 49 minutes.

It's about 20 minutes
longer than usual.

The latest Los Angeles weather is
overcast skies with rain showers.

Welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome aboard.

Whenever we fly, wherever we
fly, we at transcontinental

take time to ensure your safety,
we've posted the no smoking sign...

Federal law prohibits...

and lavatories.

And now, please fasten
your seat belts.

Put the metal into the buckle

and pull on the loose end
of the strap to tighten...

The 747200 is equipped...

The cabin crew
will now clean off...

Trans con 47 heavy,

you're cleared to
take off on 31, left

via the outer, hotel and zulu.

Your sequence is gonna be behind
the twa 10-11 on the hotel.

Roger, cleared to 31 left,
outer, hotel and zulu,

to follow twa 10-11.
Trans con 47 heavy.

Flight attendants, please
be seated for takeoff.

Trans con 47 heavy, condition
on hold, runway 31 left.

I hate these icy takeoffs.

Checklist is complete.

You're cleared for takeoff,
trans con 47 heavy.

Trans con
47 rolling.

Powers good, we have
four stable engines.

Trans con 47,
contact departure.

Have a good day.

trans con 47.

Thank you.

I'll flip you for lower business.
That's your section.

Yeah, normally, but
today's not a normal day.

Those prisoners
give me the creeps.

I would've thought you'd take
them as a sympathetic gesture.

Yeah, well.

I'm not as patient
as you are.

Heads or tails?


It'll take your mind
off Stephen.

Thanks a lot.

What would you like to drink?


Merry Christmas.

Can I get you
something to drink?

Orange juice, please.

What would you like?

What do you like?

I'll have the
complimentary champagne.

Like hell you will. Okay,
I'll have a bloody Mary.

Weaver. Hold the vodka, the
celery and the tabasco.

If you wanted a tomato juice,
why didn't you just say so?

What's your name?


I'll have whatever
you like, Teri. Okay?

Apple juice. That would be great.
Thank you.

Make that two.
Thank you.

Coke, please.

Okay, and what would you like?

I'd like to nail you, baby.

That's two strikes, stubbs.
One more, and I will gag you.

You got a short fuse, marshal.

It's gonna be a long flight.

Sorry about that, miss. He
won't be bothering you again.


Just bring me a coke.

Buffalo gals!

That's the song from
it's a wonderful life.

¶ Buffalo gals, won't you
come out tonight?

¶ Come out tonight
come out tonight ¶

that was... that was...
That was driving me crazy.

I dated a criminal once.
Only once?

He owned a used car lot.

They busted him for turning
back the odometers.

How could you trust
someone like that?

I figured I did the same thing

when I told him I was 21.

Trans con 47,
heavy radar contact

out at 7,000
cleared to 16,000 feet.

out at 7,000 to 16,000.

She is really cute.

Yeah, just your type.

I know it's meaningless
to mention,

but a detective planted the
evidence that convicted me.

You're innocent?
Yes, I am.

Duly noted.

Are you married?

Yeah, but I don't wear a ring
because I don't like jewelry.

You don't have to
defend yourself to me.

Was that a tough sell
to your wife?

The "I don't like
wearing jewelry" bit?

Weaver, I know you'd like
to entertain yourself

by engaging me in a
challenging conversation,

but I like to read on a plane.

Duly noted.

Hey, Aldo.

I watched inside edition last night.
How come you wasn't on it?

Because I was doing
Oprah instead.

Ooh, Oprah!

Didn't you get the message?
What message?

Hard copy called.

They did?

Hines, here.


Ah great,
you read my mind.

And served with
such style and grace.

Well, that's easy
after a zillion Miles.

Cream and sugar.

Skim milk and saccharine.

Oh, God. Why do I
do this to myself?

An old man trying to stay
fit in a young world.

Hey, you're supposed
to stick up for me.

I'm just looking at the clouds.
We heading into rain?

Yeah, three heavies
in front of us.

Reported serious turbulence.

We're changing altitude and
course, try to vector around it.

May put us 10 minutes
behind schedule or so.

Better let the crew know.

That is an easy order
on this flight.

Good evening, folks.
This is captain Powell.

We've had reports of rough
air west of our position.

We're gonna leave
the seat belt sign off

for the time being as we try
to steer clear of the weather.

However, I recommend that
while you're in your seats,

keep your seatbelts
fastened at all times.

Yes? I'll have the
steak, please.


Me, too.

Ten to one, one of them has a
heart attack before we land.

And what will you have?
What do you recommend?

The Turkey.

Okay. If that's what you like,
then that's what I'll have.

You got it.

But I'm a vegetarian.


- Okay.
- I'll have the same.

And what would you like, sir?

I've got to hit the head.

You went before we took off.

I gotta go again.

Let him go in his pants.

Come on, he's a human being.
He's not an animal.

Turn around. Mind
your own business.

It's your call, Marty,
but I say no.

Give the man his dignity.
That's not right.

Oh, damn!

You gonna behave yourself?

Well, what am I gonna
do with chains on?

Marty, don't be soft.

Don't tell me what to do, okay?

You both go with him
and stay with him.

Shit. Come on, man.

Move it.
Here, Billy Bob.


Good decision.
Shut up.


You know, I could
go too, Marty.

Okay, let's get this over with.

We'll all go before we eat.
Come on.

Thank you, but I'm
already potty trained.

You're going
to the bathroom, Ryan.

I don't have to go to the bathroom.
I'm fine.

No, no. We're going,
so you're going.

This is getting silly.

Now, I assure you, when it's time
for my bodily functions to kick in,

you'll be the second to know.

We're disturbing the passengers
every time we do this,

so we do it now!

What passengers?

I'm not gonna tell you
again, now let's go!


That was the captain's
seatbelt warning.

You will all have to
go back to your seats.

Uh, we're not done here, ma'am.

Well, from what I can see,
nobody has to do anything.

Now, the seatbelt light is on,
and you all have to sit down.

Okay, you heard the lady.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Okay, come on, we gotta
get back to our seats.

Be right out.

Come on.

I'm washing my hands.

This is captain Powell.

We can expect a rough ride
for the next 15 minutes.

We turned on the seatbelt sign,

so please return to your seats

and fasten your seatbelts.

What are you doing?

Hillbilly Bob.

Sir, you're going to have
to take your seats now.

Arquette, what's going on?

Let's zip it up!


What is it, Marty?
Stay where you are, Mike.

What was that?

Everybody down!

Weaver, don't get any ideas.

I wouldn't think of it. The
seatbelt sign is still on.

Let him go!

Back off!
Back off!

Now, you do what I tell
you or I'll kill him.

You do and you're a dead man.

I'm a dead man already.

Let him go!

I'm sorry.

This is really touching.

You boys wanna hug each other?

- Boo!
- Oh!

Now, let's get it.

Better check it out.

Get back!

Oh, my God!


Cleveland, this is
trans con 47 heavy.

We are declaring an emergency.

Losing cabin pressure, we'd
like to descend immediately.

Stand back!

Stand back!

Jet crossing traffic
directly below you.

Maintain your altitude.

Flight attendant
to flight deck.

Flight attendant to
flight deck, please!

Verify your cabin pressure,
if possible.

flight selected.

- Autopilot disengage.
- Autopilot disengage.

- Cabin pressure.
- Cabin pressure.

Trans con 47,
this is Cleveland,

state your altitude.

- Autopilot engage.
- Autopilot engage.

Trans con 47,
how do you read?

Watch it! Easy! Stay
where you are...

Oh, God! No!

Drop that gun!
No, marshal Dillon,

you throw down your gun.

Now you drop it,
or I'll do her.

Stubbs let her go.

Weaver, you stay out of this!

Let her go!

'Cause she give you
a fuckin' apple juice?

Look, stubbs, you put a
bullet through her head,

by the time it comes
out the other side,

you're gonna have five in you.

Is she okay?

You alright?


He won't shoot.

He goes to the pistol
range five times a month

and practices on cardboard versions
of you just for the hell of it.

Look at his face.

He wants to
take you out, stubbs.

Let her go, stubbs.

We need a hostage.

Wake up, stubbs.

We have a dozen
hostages already.

We already have the upper hand.

Don't do anything
stupid and give it back.

Take it easy.

Got it?

Give me your gun. Fuck you.
Get him to drop his.

Look, stubbs may be a moron,
but he's a professional.

He's not gonna let her go
until you're disarmed.

I'm not giving you my gun.
Why not?

I already have one.

I didn't see the need to wave
it around like an idiot.

We seem to have a surplus
of idiots on board already.

You okay?

You sure?

You lost, Douglas.

I'll take that, cowboy.

See, I am a professional.

listen to me...

You're not so
tough now, are you?

Look at me when I'm talking to you.

Okay. Let's have us a little
skydiving exhibition.

what are you doing?

This motherfucker's
getting out!

You can't open the door during the...
Shut up, Weaver!

Don't touch that door!

Sit down sugar.

Okay, asshole, open the door.

Open it and say Geronimo!

Well, all right, you
can say crazy horse.

Just open the fucking door!

No, she's telling you
the truth!

One, two, three!


Carl, get in...

Betty, follow me. We have
to notify the pilot.

Teri, get a pulse.

Maggie, he's still breathing.
Okay. He's alive.

Betty, get a blanket.

Bleeding to stop. We've
got to get this open.

What's the procedure here?

The co-pilot would make
an emergency landing.

I'll go to the flight deck.
You stay here and... I'll go.

Pressure. Pressure. Wait
a minute, you can't go.

You're not in charge. Look,
the most important thing

you can do right now
is save this man's life.

You're trained
for this, I'm not.

Here, use this, now we've gotta
work together. Carl, go with him.

Give me the keys
to the cockpit.

Come on. Here you go, Maggie.

It's fine.

Could you help me with my wife?
Please? Please?

It's weak,
but it's still going.

Betty, get some water, please.

We may need
some more blankets.

- American national 890,
- Cleveland center,

we've lost radio control
with trans con 47.

He's at your five o'clock, 15 Miles,
opposite direction, 2,00 above you.

Could you please
relay to him to contact

indy center now, on 128.3?
He's in distress.

American national 890.

Roger, Cleveland.

That's indy center
on 128.3.

Cleveland center,
American national 890.

No reply from trans con 47.

Do you have another frequency
you want us to try him on?

Negative, American
national 890.

Thanks for your help.

Cleveland, this is trans con

47 heavy. We are
declaring an emergency.

Losing cabin pressure, would
like to descend immediately.

Okay, we've lost all
communications with trans con 47.

The plane took a steep dive
right after this recording,

and it's since leveled off,
and seems to be steady.

And it's off the airway, and...

They've got major
storm activity ahead.

We've identified
its location on the map,

and the scanners are
indicating it's on autopilot.

If it continues on
its present heading.

All right. Notify the faa
and get me the uh...


Marcy, priority call.

Go and check.

How is he?

Oh, God.
This is bad.

What did Ted say?

He bumped his head
pretty bad, but he's okay.

He's got clearance, and
we'll be on the ground

in about
15-20 minutes.

Jesus, God.

What's the matter?


Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.

It's a wonderful life.

When we land,
what happens then?

I'll be transferred
back to death row.

And I'll wait
in my little cell,

until however long it takes.

Have you ever
been married, Teri?


I was engaged.

Was engaged?

He broke it off.

I always wanted to be married.

Have a family...

a kid.

I always wanted a son.

I don't know why I always
do this to myself.

Did you do what
they say you did?


No. I never
killed anyone.

Because what you did up
here, is save lives.

You saved my life.

That's not going to mean
anything down there.

In fact, they're going to think
I orchestrated the whole thing.

It is gonna matter.

You don't know the guy
that framed me, Teri.

Who's that?

They give you a last meal.

But you know what? I'm gonna
ask them for a last song.

Maybe if I keep a beat in my
head, it will distract me

when they strap me in,
stick the needle in my arm

and watch me die.

We're not descending.

Maybe he hasn't found
a good spot yet.

I'm gonna go up and check.

I'll be back down.

Trans con 47...

Los Angeles.
Do you copy?

Please respond...


Trans con 47,
do you read?

Please acknowledge on
emergency frequency 133.75.

I repeat, 133.75.

Trans con 47 heavy,
from company cmc,

we're assuming
lost communication.

If you read, squack ident...

7-700. Repeat, 7-700.

Trans con 47, this is the
trans con crisis center...

Once again...

Trans con 47...

Trans con 47 from cmc,

we've lost communication...

squack ident to
transporter code 7-700.

We show you tracking
jet 146 out of...

level 350, and we're
protecting the airspace ahead.


We're still not receiving
your transmissions.

Trans con four...

¶ deck the halls
with boughs of holly...

¶ ...fa LA LA LA LA LA... ¶

...Please respond...

Trans con 47, if you read,

acknowledge on
emergency frequency 133.75.

I repeat, 133.75.

Trans con 47, if you copy,
please acknowledge.

Bingo! Someone just
flashed his ident.

Okay, trans con 47. We got
you, we copy your ident.

Please contact on emergency
frequency 133.75.

I repeat, 133.75.

Brooks, what's the status
on those two prisoners?

Trans con 47, if you can
hear me, squawk ident.

Trans con 47, if you can
hear me, squawk ident.

I thought we had confirmation
of a gunshot slaying.

Are you positive? I
saw it clear as day.

Someone had to
have hit that switch.

Maybe it wasn't
one of the pilots.

Maybe someone hit it and didn't
know what they were doing.

What do you mean, not one of the pilots?
Who the hell is flying

the goddamn plane? Well, right
now the plane is on autopilot.

So just leave this to us.

Maybe they're trying to
communicate with us.

Maybe they can
hear the broadcast

and haven't figured
out how to work

the transmitter to respond.

We need an instructor
pilot in type.

Okay, I need
a 74720 right now!

Less than 500 Miles radius
from that trans con.

Tower air, 91, cmc,

captain bowen, you are
now linked for relay

on 133.75.

We'll by standing by.

Trans con 47, this is tower 91
on trans con crisis request.

If anyone can hear me,
press the ident button

on the far right
of the center console.

Repeat, find the ident button

on the center console. Far right
side about halfway up and press it.

Trans con 47, we've got you.
We copy your ident.

Well done,
tower 91.

Roger, cmc.

Good show, trans con 47.

Now we're going to find
the vhf-tuning panel

on the middle left side
of the center console.

It has two small
frequency windows

marked "active"
and "standby."

The active frequency
should read,

in green numbers.

About four inches below that

is a small switch
marked r-stroke t-int.

That's your transmit switch.

Now, whoever you are, position your
boom Mike in front of your mouth.

When I tell you, push
the r/t switch forward,

keep it there
and say your name,

then let go of that switch to listen.
Do it now.

My name is Teri.

Teri halloran.

Very pleased to meet you, Teri.

Captain Samuel bowen here.

Now, remember, when you
need to say something

push the rt switch up,

hold it there, talk,
then release it.

You got that?

Got it.

Trans con 47,
this is Rachel taper

from the trans con
crisis management center.

Are you a passenger or a...

I'm a flight attendant
based out of New York.

My employee number
is 1-0...

We don't need that
right now, miss halloran.

What is the status of
your flight crew? Dead.

Both are dead.

One of the prisoners escaped,
there was a shootout.

All the marshals are dead.
It's a mess.

What do I do? Teri, this
is Frank sinclair, FBI.

Who is actually
flying the aircraft?


I'm up here
all alone.

Where is the rest of
the cabin crew?

Down below with the other prisoner.
Ryan Weaver.

Oh, my God. Try and
keep her calm.

Is this plane
going to crash?

No, you are not gonna crash.

How do you know? Because
we're monitoring

your flight systems on the
central maintenance computer.

Yeah, but aren't we
heading into a storm?

Don't we have to land
this plane right now?

Teri, you've got to stay calm.

The most important thing for you to
do right now is to just stay calm.


I'm calm. Now what?

Whatever you do, don't touch
the autopilot switch.

I won't.

Now the good news
is that you are flying

the most sophisticated plane
that has ever been built.


But what if this
sophisticated plane

flies into
an unsophisticated storm?

I hear you, Teri,

but this plane has a
great track record.

Patch me through on a call to
the department of defense.

Teri, we need you to stay calm.

Yeah, calm.

That's me.

Hey Aldo, I gotta ask you a question.
Go ahead.

Internal affairs has been
asking everybody whether

we think you planted
the evidence.

What did you tell 'em? Well, I said no.
Fuck no.

I'd never tell 'em anything.
We're partners.

But I'm just curious. Did
you plant the Teddy bear

in Weaver's trunk?
You're damn right I did.

Hey, hines!

You got a telephone call! Sure.
Right after lunch.

This is somebody out at the
crisis control center at lax.

About Weaver.
Holy shit.

- Cmc to trans con.
- 47 heavy,

flight level 350,
tracking 245 degrees.

Approaching an area of severe
weather, enter 12:00, 200 Miles.

At her present ground
speed, we show her entering

the weather boundary
in two-three Miles.

I'd like you
back with the others.

We're heading into a storm.

And I'd like to hold on to
the gun, if you don't mind.

You don't like me, do you?

We were seated in your section,
but you made Teri wait on us.

Didn't you?

I thought it would take her
mind off her problems.

What problems?

She ended
a relationship recently.

You're very smart.

You didn't lie to me.

You could tell I can tell
when somebody's lying,

can't you, Maggie?

Can't you, Maggie?

You're sharp.
I noticed that.


When did you notice it?

Say it.
Don't be afraid.

When? Just say it.


you persuaded the other
agents to let the prisoner

go to the bathroom.

You were hoping
something might develop.

Come on.

Everybody back into the
crew bunk, please.

Everybody back

into the crew bunk. Round them up.
Let's go.

Come on, come on!
Let's go!

Everybody back into the crew cabin.
Let's go. Come on.

Come on.
Open the door, Maggie.

Go open the door.

Excuse me.

We can't all fit in here!
We'll fit!

All right. Keep moving.
Do something.

Yeah, do something.

Come on. Carl, do something.
You're the man.

Tell him. Come on.

Look, why don't we...

Get up.
Up the stairs.

Okay! All right. All right.
Get up!


Give me the key.

Those people did
nothing to hurt you.

Why hurt them?

What's your
favorite book, Maggie?

I read Stephen king.

You're alone a lot, aren't you?
What does that mean?

Men don't look at you anymore.

At least the ones
that you want.

Your plumbing's
getting rusty.

What do you have to look
forward to, Maggie?

You might be able to go
for it, but then what?

Can you kill?

I started with
squirrels and birds.

And then I moved on
to cats and girls.

If you can kill me,
Maggie, go for it.

What did you do with Teri?

I think it's you that you
should be concerned with.

Oh, God! No!

I don't like you,
either, Maggie.

You rub me
the wrong way.


Get in!

Okay, Teri. We need to
get you up to speed

on the operation of
the autoflight system,

specifically how to use the autopilot,
before we can begin to discuss your descent.

Discuss my what?

Teri, this is Rachel taper again.
Listen to me carefully.

We think that you might be
able to land this plane

if captain bowen
can talk you through it.

I'm gonna go downstairs and get
the senior flight attendant.

Teri, no.

Stay where you are.

We need you
to program the autopilot

so we can vector you around
the storm front ahead.

You've got a level six storm.

Is that a six on a
scale from one to 10?

No, Teri.

On a scale of one to six.

I'm going downstairs
to get Maggie.

She can handle this a
lot better than me.

Teri, no.
Stay where you are.

Do not leave the flight deck.

We have to stay in contact.


I'm hanging.

Cmc, Minneapolis center.

We show trans con 47
tracking jet airwave 60.

She's maintaining her
preprogrammed flight path.

Yeah, Los Angeles
police department, please.

Is this an emergency?
Yes, ma'am.

Rampart division.

Lieutenant, I have a call for you.
Yeah, I'll take it.

Hines. Don't you mean,
lieutenant hines?

How are you, Aldo?

Weaver. What's
going on up there?

Well, it wasn't a pretty scene.

The other prisoner broke chains,
killed the four marshals,

and I came in and saved the
day, and took care of him.


I heard you. You
don't believe me?

Where's the pilot?

They're dead.
Both of them.

So, who's in charge up here?


LAPD. Come on through, sir.

All right, Ryan.
You, you, wanna...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ryan. Now
Ryan and not Weaver, huh?

Well, that's an
improvement, isn't it?

You want to negotiate?

No, I don't.

I'm going to crash the plane.

All right, look. If, if
you land, we can talk.

Listen to me! Both
the pilots are dead.

There's nobody
flying this plane.

It's not gonna land.

Now, what do you
want to talk about?

What would you like
to talk about, hines?

Do you wanna talk about
getting me a new trial? Huh?

Do you want to talk
about you admitting

that you planted
that evidence on me?

Do you wanna talk about that?

Maybe you'd like to talk to
somebody else. Huh, Aldo?

The FBI's here.
Fuck the FBI!

I'm talking to you.

Where are you?

Sin, can you get this call
on the overhead speaker?


Lax, that's perfect.

What, are you the
authority on me, now?

Huh? Did you tell 'em
what I'm gonna do next?

Why don't you tell 'em?

What are you gonna do?

You're not listening
to me, hines.

You're not fucking
listening to me!

You don't want to talk
to me, that's fine.

Why don't you speak
to one of the FBI agents...

I'm not talking to anybody,

because this plane
isn't coming down.

I'm 35,000 feet
in the air with no pilot.

And even if I did get down,

what would I have to
look forward to? Huh?

All right, just,
just a second...

You'd have fucking
20 guns at my head

you'd bring me back to prison
to await my execution.

No. I'm smarter
than that,

and I'm fucking
smarter than you!

But we all know that, don't we?

We all know that because you

couldn't get me
without cheating.

You fucking cops
can't do anything

without cheating
and without beating.

Well, we caught you, didn't we?
No, you didn't get me!

How did you get me, hines?
I'm up here.

I'm up here, and
you're down there.

How did you get me?
How did you get me?

All right, calm down. No,
I'm not gonna calm down!

You got me mad now!

And I'm gonna go take
it out on somebody!

And you know what, hines? Her
blood is gonna be on your hands.

You got that?

Do you wanna be famous, Aldo?

I'm gonna make you
so fucking famous,

you make sure you're
wearing something bright

up on that tarmac,
because you're gonna be

the first fucking cop to die
with a plane up his ass!


Hello, this is
trans con 47.

What's happening? Are
you guys still there?

Yeah, Teri, we're here. Just
give us a minute, okay?




Teri, open the door.

Teri! Open the door!

Maggie's hurt, she fell
during the turbulence.

He's at the flight deck.

What? She bashed her head,

she's bleeding all over
the place, Teri.

She keeps calling for
ya, she needs you.

Teri! Teri, can you hear me?

You've got to change your course.
We don't care...

Teri! He's right
outside the door.

He says my friend, the
flight attendant, is hurt.

Teri, if you don't want
to come to the door,

you gotta give me
the first aid kit.

It's right next to the bunk.

it's by the bunk!

It's your
friend, Teri!

- Teri, this is hines.
- She's calling for you.

Lieutenant hines.
She needs you.

I'm the detective who arrested Weaver.
You cannot trust him.

Hurry, Teri, hurry!

Why didn't you tell me
the co-pilot was dead?

Oh, he died.

You knew he was dead.
No, no, I didn't, Teri.

He was breathing when I
put him into the bunk.

Oh, shit. Oh, shit. I
did everything I could.

This is bad.
This is bad.

- Whatever you do...
- Teri!

Do not open the door.

Remember when I was trying
to tell you downstairs?

You asked me what was
the, what was the matter?

I was trying to find a way to
tell you how bad it was, Teri!

Oh, God!

You told me we were landing.

I didn't know
what to say to you!

Okay, Teri, I didn't know what to say.
I'm sorry.

I mean, we've, we've
been through so much...

Teri, you must program the autopilot.
I'm sorry, Teri.

Teri, I'm sorry I lied to you.

Detect the motions
of the aircraft.

Captain bowen needs to know
them to be able to help you.

Do you understand? Teri!
Maggie's hurt really bad.

I'm going to do
everything I can.

I don't know what to
do, though, Teri.

Teri! She keeps calling for you.

Teri, are you there?

She's your friend.

All right,
let her bleed.

He says Maggie's hurt,
and it looks bad.

Now, I don't care how
charming you think he is.

He's a killer. But
she is my friend.

All right, listen.

You could both be in danger.

Get her to the flight
deck, but stay together.

Do you understand me?

Teri, are you there?





Please stop.


Trans con 47, this is...

We will continue to monitor.

Trans con 47, this is trans
con crisis management center.

Please respond.

This is trans cons crisis
management center. Please respond.

What's faa procedure in
a situation like this?

I don't think there's ever been
a situation quite like this.

It's got enough fuel to carry
it well beyond our coastline.

If we were handling this,

fewer lives would be
in jeopardy.

Meaning what, lieutenant?

Just what I said.

Here's who you're dealing with.

Male, Caucasian,
35, well-educated.

Raised by his aunt who
mysteriously disappeared

when he was 16.

Has raped and
strangled five women,

escaped while being transferred
to San Quentin two years ago,

finally recaptured
two days ago.

Was being transported to California
by four of your marshals.

We already have a comprehensive
interfax profile, thank you.

All right, guys. Can we focus
on the problem with the plane?

We can't just let it crash
into downtown Los Angeles.

Look, we've got
a level six storm ahead.

It's a good chance
everything else

will be a moot point
in about eight minutes.


Will this storm
delay our flight?

Are we going to be a
little late to the gate?


This is really
something, isn't it?

It doesn't look too good.

Where is everybody?

Where is everybody?

You know, I was kind of
wondering that myself.

I don't know.
They just disappeared.

It's kind of creepy, isn't it?

Why don't you sit down? Why?

Why? Or stand
if you want.

I don't like guns.

So, let me ask you something,

what's your favorite movie?

What's my favorite movie?
Yeah, what...

Look, don't answer a question
with a question, all right?

Only stupid people do that, and
you're obviously a very bright woman.

Now, what's your
favorite movie?

Gone with the wind.
Gone with the wind.

What's your favorite book?

Is this a test?

That's a question
with a question, Teri.

Come on.

I just want to
talk with you, okay?

Now, what's your favorite book?

Gone with the wind. Gone with...
so, it's book and movie.

Wow, you're a real
romantic, huh?

A romantic vegetarian
who likes apple juice.

Did you have pets when
you were growing up?

You like animals?

Yeah, I had a dachshund.

You mean one of those
hot dog, dogs?


Why a dachshund?

Because my father liked them,
and they were good with kids.


Don't give me an attitude.
I'm just talking to you.

So just talk to me normal.


Gosh, a guy can't even have
a conversation these days.

Now, did you like your father?

Did you get along with him? Why?

Yeah, we got along great.

Is he still alive?
Are your parents alive?

Oh, good.

Mine aren't.

Okay, um, here's a good one.

All right. You're...
A condemned inmate

on death row
awaiting your execution.

What five albums
would you pick?

What would you wanna listen to?

Or, just pick a song.

I don't think I'd be
in the mood for music.

Well, I don't think you know what
the fuck you'd be in the mood for.

Would you?

What would you spend
your last moments doing?

Uh... I, I...

I guess I'd like to see
my family and my friends.

And what if they
couldn't be here?

Then I'd wanna
make it right with God.

What if you didn't
believe in God?

I do believe in God.
You do?

Do you believe
in capital punishment?

What they're gonna do to me?


You wouldn't, though, would ya?

What does that mean? It's not who you are.
I mean, you're sweet.

Dachshunds, gone with the wind.

There's always hope,
isn't there?

What about sex?


Would you wanna have
sex on your last day?

I'm not going to tell you that,
because that's too personal.

So is murder.

Where's Maggie?

Don't get adversarial
with me, Teri.

You don't wanna do that.

Talk to me, Teri.

Talk to me. I haven't
had many partners.

Don't lie to me.

How old were you when
you first had sex?

Eighteen and a half.

Did you like it?


Was that hard?


Just simple little questions.

Don't get upset.
Everything's fine, okay?

Merry Christmas.


Maggie's in the bathroom.

She's in the bathroom?

Maggie's in the bathroom.


It must be the other one.

Hey, come here.

¶ Dashing through the snow

¶ laughing all the way... ¶

ah, ah, ah, no.
No, no, no, no! No!

Come here!
Come here!

Teri, come on!
Come on!



Please hold the oxygen mask
firmly against your face.

Place the strap
around your head.

can you hear me?

Is this stuff un-fucking
amazing or what?

Teri, you are one
exciting first date!

Are you all right!

Teri, Teri, hold on!

You're not having much luck
with men lately, are you, Teri?

Please, I'll do anything you say.
I don't want to land.

Got it? What about
everybody else?

I know you've got
them somewhere.

I don't want to
talk about them.

I really like you, Teri.

Then help me try and
land the plane.

Listen to me!

Let's enjoy our time
together now, okay?

Maybe we'll make it halfway
to Hawaii before we go down.

That would be
romantic, wouldn't it?

Wouldn't it?

No, I think that
would be a turnoff.

Well, I didn't like
gone with the wind.

It's all subjective.

You don't have to
force yourself on me.

You can have me.

If you help me land the plane

and let everybody live.

So I spare everyone,

and you give me a bigger bang

than the one I get from
crashing the plane, is that it?


We have a deal?

Want me?

Come on.

You see, right here. This
is what it's all about.

This is what's
it's about, look!

It's the thrill of the kill for me.
Just like the passengers.

I killed them all.

Go up to the crew cabin and look.
They're all dead.

It's a beautiful sight, Teri.
Go look.

It's time, Teri.

Teri, trans con crisis,
please respond.

Cmc to trans con
47, come in, please.

Teri, again.
Trans con crisis

trying to reach trans con 47.

If you read us, please come in.

Teri, this is trans con crisis
management center, please respond.

I'm back!

He wants
to crash the plane.

He wants to go out
in a blaze of glory!

He's crazy.
He killed Maggie!

I think he killed everybody.

Teri, do you have a weapon?

Is there anything on the flight
deck you can defend yourself with?


But he's gonna kill me.
That's what he wants.

Teri, lock the door.
Try and barricade it.

Get that fighter airborne now.
Yes, sir.

We're gonna have to shoot
it down over the desert

before it reaches Los Angeles.


You can't shoot
a commercial airliner.

Did you hear
what she just said?

He wants to crash
the plane into lax.

Now, do we have
any other option?

Teri, our monitoring
equipment shows

you leaving the west
edge of the weather.

We can begin to prep you for
the approach and descent now.

Your controls are going to need

your immediate attention
and execution.

Please, we're all right here.

The aircraft is doing
fine, and so are you.

¶ buffalo gal,
won't you come out tonight?

¶ Come out tonight Are
you with me, Teri?

¶ Come out tonight

¶ buffalo gal, won't you
come out tonight?

¶ Dance by the light
of the moon ¶


what's happening? Teri!

Okay. Who said this was
a non-smoking flight?



Is everything okay?


Come out, Teri!

Teri halloran,
FBI. Are you there?

¶ Buffalo gal, won't you
come out tonight?

¶ Come out tonight
come out tonight

¶ buffalo gal, won't you
come out tonight?

¶ Come out... ¶

come out, Teri!


Oh, my God!

She's got a fire. It's
on the gaps computer.

¶ Buffalo gal, won't you
come out tonight?

¶ Come out tonight
come out tonight

¶ Buffalo gal, won't you
come out tonight? ¶

Teri, we show you've got a
fire on the upper deck.

Can you confirm?

Come on.

Can you
confirm the fire?

Please respond.

Come on.

Trans con 47,
do you have a fire?

Come on.

do you read me?

Stay out
of the cockpit!

You hear me?

Come on, get downstairs!

Get downstairs! No!
Get out of my way!

Oh, Douglas' gun.
Now, I'm scared.

Do you have it
in you to kill me?

Huh? Don't wound me.

Shoot me in the
head or the heart!

Come on, Teri.

Shoot me.

Come on, kill me.

Come on.

Give me the gun! Give me the gun!
No, no!

This is how you do it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
Ahhh! No. Oh, God!

God dammit! Boom!

Bitch! Now,
get downstairs!

Get downstairs!
Come on.

Move, move!




Oh, you bitch!

Cmc, trans con 47,
you got to talk to me.

Excellent. Captain bowen's
down and standing by.

All right, Teri, I'm going
to turn you over to control,

who's gonna patch you
through to captain bowen.

Keep that f-14
on their tail.

Teri! Oh! Oh!

Teri! That's it.

Oh! I'm never flying
this airline again.

Captain bowen, you are now
uplinked to trans con 47.

Go ahead.

Teri, are you ready
to come down?


Okay. We're gonna land
using the autopilot,

you'll be glad to hear.

It's just below
the glare shield.

It says things like a stroke
t, arm, ias stroke mach...

Got it.

Good. Now, just to the
right of your knee,

you'll see a small TV screen

with buttons on either side.

That's the cdu display.

We'll use that to input data
into the flight computers.

What does it say now?

47 progress, and a
lot of other stuff.


We're going to be landing
on runway 25 left.

25 left. Got it.

Come on!

Okay, this is
the one good thing

you taught me, dad.

That fucking bitch!

Now press the button
marked depart/arrive.

It's in the top row of buttons

right in the middle,
below the screen,

and that will give you
the arrivals for lax.


Push the button to the
right of klax arrival.

Now push the button
beside 25 left,

and then push the button
marked "execute."


- Very good, Teri.
- Very good.

Now I'm going to get
you lined up for lax.

Come on.
Come on, son.

Come on, son. Oh, oh, yeah.
Oh yeah.

Come on, come on.

I'm a genius!
Oh, oh...

Come on, genius.
Come on! Come on!


That's it, that's it.

Oh, my leg!

On the left of the cdu screen,
do you see a list of words?


Those words
are navigation points

that define your
path to the airport.

Now, when you push
the top left button...

Look, can you talk any faster?
Right, right.

Push the top left button, then
push the button marked "execute."

Then the plane will start
turning to line up for landing.


Tower air from Los Angeles
flight tracking,

we show her turning left on a
preset heading for runway 25 left.

Any sign
of your friend, Weaver?

Not yet.


We're doing splendidly.

Time to drop the landing gear.

Now, this bit's noisy, okay?

Forward center panel,
right of center screen,

the handle with the
small wheel at the end,

pull it out towards you and
push it down until it locks.

How long till
we start our descent?

You're approaching the marker.
We'll begin it now.

The autopilots will do the
landing all by themselves,

but you'll have
to set them up. Okay?


Find the switches beneath
the glare shield labeled

left, center and right and
push the two that are not lit.


Hand on the
speed brake handle,

that's the big chap
next to your right knee.

Pull it up and back
just a hair.

You done that?
Got it.

Teri, right above you,
on the overhead panel.

See the landing lights?

Turn them all on.

There's seven minutes
to touchdown.

Leave her alone, she'll do
the rest all by herself.

You're just 20 Miles out.

Everything's looking rosy.

Okay. Okay.


Ah... all right, I need a volunteer
for a dangerous mission.

You, you, you.

Okay, you. Ow!

Ow! Whoa, whoa!

Okay. You can stay.

Sin, did you see that?
Yeah, I saw it.


We believe that Weaver's gained
access to the avionics bay.

What's the matter?

He's in the avionics bay,

screwing with the
circuitry of the plane.

All right, what's the
worst that can happen?

Disable the autopilot.

And then what?

Hines. Did you wear
something bright?

Hold on.
You still there?

Listen to me.
You listen to me.

After you got me mad,

I went and killed the
crew and the passengers.

So you better get
to confession.

The next sound you hear will be
me kicking out the autopilot.

I'll see you soon! Weaver.
Weaver, no!

No! Weaver!

Autopilot disengaged.

Oh, what happened?
I'm falling!

Help me!

Teri, you have to abort.
Repeat, abort!

Find the two go-around
switches on the floor,

number two
and three thrust levers.

- Push them.
- Twice. Repeat.

Find the two go-around
switches on the thrust levers.

I can't find them!
Yes, you can.

She's gonna slam right
into the crowne Plaza.

And if she clears that, she's
gonna hit the parking garage.

I got 'em!

- I got 'em!
- Well done, Teri!

Damn it!

¶ 'Tis the season to be jolly

¶ deck the halls
with boughs of holly

¶ tra LA LA LA LA
LA LA LA LA... ¶

oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

She's cleared
the buildings.

There's just one problem.

I think it's a Ford.

Okay, Teri.

The autopilot backup circuits
should have cycled by now.

autopilot switches.

Autopilot engaged.



Cmc, flight tracking,
she's losing altitude.

Three hundred feet
and sinking 500.

The truck's dragging her down.

You're stalling.

Teri, reach over to the
landing gear and pull it up.

No, no! She can't retract
the landing gear.

There's a fucking
truck caught on it.

Forget the landing gear Teri.

Do not touch the landing gear.

Push the thrust levers forward.

- Cmc flight tracking, she's.
- 300 feet and climbing out.

Patch me through to that f-14.
Yes, sir.

We can bring her back
around and try again.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

You've got a 747 beat to hell
by level six turbulence,

your flight crew is dead,

you've got an armed, convicted
serial killer loose on board,

eight passengers
have disappeared,

and your stewardess is locked
in the goddamn cockpit.

Have I left anything out?

Don't forget about the truck.

What's going on?
Shouldn't I turn around?

Cmc, flight tracking
from moondog,

I'm alongside her
at 9:00.

In tight.
Distance, 200 feet.

Speed to match. Roger.
Hold your position.

What's that plane
doing out there?

It's just there in case you
need assistance, Teri.

How could it assist me?

Just a precaution, Teri.
Don't worry about it.

Yeah, well, fuck precaution
and fuck you!


Okay, first.

My God,
she's turning it around.

How the fuck can
she turn it around?

She's only a stewardess
for God's sake.

She's a flight attendant.

Cmc, this is moondog.

Trans con 4-7
coming left.

Moondog maintaining position.

Okay, now listen up, everyone.

I'm coming back into L.A.
with or without you.

So you got two choices here.

You can either help me
land this plane

or you can prepare
for one major crash.

Notify the
department of defense.

This is it.
Yes, sir.

Wing commander, this is
special agent sinclair.

Arm your weapons
and prepare to fire.

I repeat, arm weapons
and prepare to fire.

Breaking left to rejoin.

The pilot?

The pilot that was outside
my flight deck window?

I don't know
if you can hear me.

I think you can.
I... I hope you can.

If you're supposed
to stop this plane.

I just hope you'll give
me another chance.

Target is in sight.

Just one more chance to show you
that I can get this thing down.

Look, I know
it's only one life up here

against, who knows how
many, if we crash.

But I can make this happen,

if you'd just give me
another chance.

Weapon systems
are armed and ready.

Standing by
for further instructions.

That's all I want
for Christmas.

It's all I want forever.

Cmc from moondog.

Reconfirm intent to fire.

Now, you listen to me, son.

None of us wants
to splash that plane.

But bringing her back in would be
risking thousands of other lives.

Now, you fire on that
target, that's an order.

My commander's gonna have
to authorize that, sir.

Target's approaching
a populated area

where debris
could hit the ground.

That's why it's important
that you don't waste time.

Fire on the target.

Say your prayers.

No, no, no!

Moondog, this is
commander rice.

Fire. That's an order.


Come on, asshole, get up!
I dare you! Come on!

No! No! No!

You gotta love her!

Oh, God.


Oh, God!

Come here, come here.

You're not gonna kill me.

You can't kill me.

'Cause you don't believe
in capital punishment.

I changed my mind.

Trans con 4-7,

your excess baggage
has been claimed.

You're clear to land.

Oh, perfect.


Yeah, I hear you, Teri.

Weaver is dead.

Copy that?

Yeah, Teri, I hear you.

Can captain bowen
hear me?

- I'm with you, Teri.
- Tell me what to do.

Find that arrival switch again.

Push it.

I pushed it.

Now push the button
beside runway 7, right,

and then execute.

Okay, lax arrival's up.
What next?

Find those switches below the glare
shield labeled lnav and vnav.

Push them both.

Just to the left
of those switches

is the airspeed control knob.

Dial in the speed
of 1-8-0.


Speed brakes armed.

Reduce speed to 156.


All right, Teri, you're
locked onto the glidescope.

The plane should
land itself now.

Whatever happens
don't touch the controls.

Got it!

Cmc flight tracking,

she's intercepted localizer 7
right slowing to 1-6-0 knots.

Everything's looking good.


All right!

I'm down! I'm down!


Set the parking brake, please.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

- Whoo!
- Yeah!

Red leader to team three,

we've located halloran, she may
know where the hostages are.

We're en route.

Miss halloran,
I am lieutenant hines.

You'd make a hell of a cop.

No, thanks.

Merry Christmas.

You too.

Captain bowen.

Captain halloran.