Tunnelen (2019) - full transcript

When a truck crashes inside a tunnel, people on their way home for Christmas are brutally trapped in a deadly fire. With a blizzard raging outside, and the first responders struggling to get to the accident, it's every man for himself.

Dad's not coming.

He's busy with Ingrid.
There will probably be a new family on me soon.

I don't think it's snowing on Christmas Eve.
It will be the first time in a long time.

Merry Christmas, Mom.

- I don't see a shit.
- But the road is there.

Stay focused and steady,
otherwise you get stuck.

Easy for you to say.
I still have to look down to gear.

Ivar? You totally have
lose control behind there?

I, no. The asshole spun off
column and past me.

- You have to stop him.
- I can't stop him.

- I ask Håkon to stop him.
- Let's see how far he gets.

It is mirrorless about 500 meters.

- The ass is going down there?
- People are coming.

The kids walk around and look at everything
and are happy.

- Did you hear that the storm was taking the Christmas tree?
- No?

Hello. It was Christian.
Have you talked to Elise?

It was so stressed last week.

Now it's only two days left. Just
drop it. It is fine by me.

- I like to be alone.
- Not on Christmas Eve.

I want you to be there.
I'll take it with Elise tonight.

Sure something has happened here.
I have to hang up. We talk.

Skjeggkre? No, I do not think so.

I had not sold an apartment
if I knew it was comfy.

Hi! You get me
out on the road again, right?

You can't drive past
when there is a column across the valley.

Oh, that was column? I'm bad
time. Must reach the Christmas ending.

- Hi. Are you okay?
- Yes.

Can't you just pull me out?
How much do you need for it?

I don't have time for that. But I can
call for salvage truck.

- Nice.
- You are here at your own risk.

But how long does it take?

Double guard. Have you never been free?

Andrea has reported moving here.
Only paperwork remains.

- Someone has to keep up with Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

- Drive carefully.
- Take a gingerbread.

It's fucking time-consuming!
Do we open the road?

I do not think so.

- Are you opening the road?
- Now it's black asphalt all the way.

- Did you see the scab over the chair?
- It must be snow.

We have to get people home for Christmas.
Now we do.

- Are you technically?
- Yes.

Just come!

You have one new message.

Hi Dad.
I'm standing at the grave of my mom.

Why do we always have to wait for you?

- Hi.
- Are you on your way?

I'm standing in the middle of the tunnel.
How are you?

- Stone? Hello?
- Hello?

Hello, this is Elise.
I can't take the phone now.

But leave a message
beeper. Good bye.

It's a Tesla. It has to burn.
We take double overtime.



- Remember to have your phone on!
- Don't you see it?

More snow has been reported. Tesla
not going through until tonight.

Did you lose?

Hi! Are you going over the field?

Hello, Vidde.
My name is Anatol.

My name is Tom. Hello.
Do you have good tires?

I'm not tired. I drive
kitchen. First time in Norway.

There is a lot of snow. We have to cross
the mountain before they close the roads.

You first.

Hello. Can I ride to Bergen?

I can't bring passengers
because of the load.

- He asks behind me.
- Yes, OK.

No hawkers.
I just drive alone.

... up to stiff breeze. Sleet and
snow showers in inner and higher regions.

In Møre og Romsdal western rigid
to strong breeze exposed places.

Yes, we salt both morning and evening.
We can withstand some traffic.

It's fine, that's it. Good bye.

- A storm has been reported.
- It may not hit us.

Forecasts are uncertain on how far
south it comes. We've done it before.

It's just luck. You know
how fast it changes up there.

Maybe it would have been better for you
being a meteorologist.

You have a holiday. Traffic is flowing.

There had been long queues
if we had closed the traffic now.

- Merry Christmas, Stein.
- Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Have fun with Ingrid,
your lucky bastard.

Yeah, damn it.
You're lucky, yes. Ingrid!

It's more than luck, it's Lotto!
Say it, "Yes, I'm lucky!"

Merry Christmas!


- Just give her the flowers.
- I have flowers for you.

We bought them on the way in.

- Hi, Mona.
- That's nice.

Can't you taste the glaze?
I added 50 liters to the market.

I should talk to Stein.
Do you know when he comes down?

He's on his way down.
I've talked to him. You're welcome!

There is not much snow this year.
You promised it to the Christmas market.

Do not pull the climate card.
There is plenty of snow in the mountains.

We hope for white Christmas.

Do you see?

Greet Stein and say
that I have to talk to him.

Leave message after the beep.
Good bye.

Hey, Elise. Did you get the message? The
would have been nice to have a chat.

I've been shopping for dinner,
then we'll see you at home in no time.

We drive in five minutes.
Five minutes.




She's waiting for you.


- Hi.
- So nice, then.

As long as I waited for you.

- I said I would come if I had time.
- You had time to come here, then.

How long do you hold your breath now?

Is it a new record?
Take my time.

I'm not ten years anymore. Shit in it.

Pull yourself together. Stop!

Hi! Are you hungry?

- What? What are you doing?
- He's trying to be funny.

- I'm trying to beat Elise.
- You're not even close.

Can I have a Christmas lunch?

No thanks.
Should you talk to me about something?

Yes. I can take it now.

Ingrid and I have been talking about Christmas.
It would have been nice if ...

... we celebrated Christmas together all three.

Don't you have anyone else to celebrate Christmas with?

- No, I actually haven't.
- Are you pregnant?


- It was just a suggestion, Elise.
- So now I'm going to get a new mom?

- You never talk about Mom anymore.
- We would love to talk more about Mom.

Should I just forget about Mommy?

Don't go, Mommy.

We shall never forget my mother.

You and I will never forget my mom.

But it's been three years.
We have to get on.

- I have to get on.
- Move on?

From everything we learned at the grief seminar,
is that what you pick up?

It's just Ingrid all the time.

- Elise. Where are you going?
- You and Ingrid can do that.


Just sit down.
We take the ticket afterwards.

It was a youth. I hope not
more are coming late.

welcome to
the express bus to Oslo.

The tour will take about seven hours.

I want to remind you to use
seatbelt. It is mandatory.

My name is Laila Ånes,
and I will get you safe.

- Harry's my hamster!
- I hate you!

Now you have to stop.
No one hates each other.

- It's not just your hamster.
- Mom, you said he was to me.

We have to share on him. Can you say
that it's both his hamster?

- Good morning.
- Good morning. Do you have Paracet?

- No, but I have travel sickness tablets.
- They don't help at Christmas.

- Are you nauseous?
- No.

- It's not lutefish today?
- Yes.

Do you know what happened last
did I take on a hawker?

You won't believe it!

Hello. Are you going to Oslo too?

- Christmas with Grandma.
- Fat. Are you okay, right?

I'm going to mom. Her trip this year.

She's got new kids,
and her type just loves Christmas.

Look at this.
So happy is my stepfather at Christmas.

Let's just pull up the Tesla.
It only takes a few minutes.

You have him all Christmas. That I have him
one day extra, you will endure it.

- Just pull it out, then I'll drive.
- No!

- Do you need help, or
- Why should we need help?

Because we piss sitting, right?

- I don't like tunnels. Do you?
- I was kind of raised here.

Empty! It's Anatol here.

Tom, are you there?

Last time, the hawker stole
from me. It is true!

Say something.
Don't want to hear the story?

She fucked and robbed me.


Empty! All right
What happened?

Medical emergency phone 113, that is
Marius. Who am I talking to?

Tom Hillestad. Solo accident in
The cave tunnel with a tanker truck.

- Are you hurt?
- No, but I'm blocking the road.

- Thoughts don't seem to leak.
- Is that gasoline you carry?

Hello? Empty?

We are on our way now. Yes.

- Oh!
- Oh!


Close tunnel. Close tunnel.

Do you know how many times
I've run this tunnel?

There is poor coverage. We drive in
in the tunnel now. The valley is open.


- A storm has been reported.
- Let's count on that.

I am 46 years old and have driven through
2 times a week since I was 16.

The most important thing is
why you ran the tunnel.

- Because you should visit a cute girl.
- Annette.

- Mia!
- Mia, of course.

And yeah, you two are sitting here
backseat. And the hamster Harry.

Oh no.


- I'm stuck!
- You have to get out of here.

It's not going!


Hi, Andrea from the Road Traffic Center.
Where in the tunnel are you?

Several miles inside. Maybe
two to three. I'm not sure.

OK. We take it easy.
The tunnel is nine kilometers long.

Did you drive in from the east or west?

Tom, do you see an emergency phone
or a fire extinguisher?

- If you take it down, I see where you are.
- I drove in from the field.

- I'm trying to get a wagon train past.
- No, don't let anyone pass.

Hello! Do you hear me?

What are you doing?
It's not my car! Turn!

They are driving. I try again.

Yes, try to get around me.

I've closed the tunnel,
but lost contact with the driver.

- Do you know where he stands in the tunnel?
- Two to three kilometers in from the east.

- There could be more.
- I alert the ambulance and the police.

- Is it column driving?
- No. An accident has probably happened.

- Then we will be sitting here for Christmas.
- One fat for me.

We stand out and see what happens.

- Don't we have a camera in the tunnel?
- No.

Only one webcam at exit east
at the column boom.

VTS. Egil Ramsvik.
Yes. The Storfjell tunnel is closed.

We have no record of
the extent of the accident.

Tom, are you there?

Marius, he drove in east at
12.11. When was the accident reported?

- We got message 12:14.
- Three minutes later.

We don't know how long after
the accident he called.

3.5 min reaction time ...

He kept the speed limit,
he is 2-3 km in.

Sierra 0-1 responds.
Stange Fire Department moves out.

- Come as soon as you can.
- We are there within 50 minutes.

It has been a tank car accident in
tunnel. It doesn't burn -

- but it's important that you get
the fire department up there.

Is Stange on the way?
They sit on the best equipment.

Yes, they are on their way.
But you have to cover the west side.

- Hello?
- Come on, Håkon!

- It's a trial. Do you hear me?
- Yes!

We believe in the tradition of Christmas
here in Vik along with the fifth class.

It's Christian.

According to the contingency plan
it's Stange's responsibility.

- It's a hell of a weather on the east side.
- Then we'll be the first person up.

She needs you to talk to her.

I try but don't get it.

Yes, you will.

- You made it with me.
- It was just luck.

- Christian.
- He really needs to talk to you.

- No.
- Give it to you, then.

- Stone.
- You're not giving up.

The Relief Corps needs you.
A tanker truck has been running in the wall.

- One new message.
- Hey, Elise. It's dad.

It's not me who decides everything.
We are. I lock myself in now.


I'm not getting any signal.

- It must be an accident.
- Can't we just hike out?

- Hi Dad.
- Hi.

- Don't have a Christmas break?
- It's me who called him in.

We need the best at work now.

Our mission is to get a fire truck up
to the tunnel.

I've talked to the police.
They are at least one hour away.

We are not waiting for them.

Have you talked to Stange Fire Department?
But are they informed?

The Road Traffic Center called me.
I do as they have requested.

Ivar! This is a rescue situation.
I have the command.

Stein, you're driving a car.

- Where's the rest of the crew?
- It's vacation. It's just us.

If it gets serious up there,
I need you.

Touch you.

If it is column queue, it blows
really up the hill.

But the mountain was open
when we drove up.

- Sara says she decides.
- Damn fuckin 'boy.

If you do not stop, you can go
all the way to grandma!

That's not law, Mom!

- We shouldn't just turn around, then?
- No.

- Do we have power?
- We have plenty of power.


Oh my God!

The fuck that narrowed it down.

- Where's the tanker?
- Here, I think. On the east side.

- What is it?
- Someone just took a fire extinguisher.

- On the west side? Is it burning?
- No.

The fire ventilation goes automatically,
when someone takes a fire extinguisher.

- Burning it, the sensors show it.
- OK. It doesn't burn.

I want to know exactly
where that tanker stands.

Yes? That is right.

Come on, Tom.

Hi, Marius. The fire ventilation was
just activated.

- Is it long until Stange is up?
- I need to hear. Hold line.

We had to help a guy who had
driven off the road. We'll fix this.

I need to fix it.
Yes, you say something there.

- I want brown Christmas soda!
- Now it's red Christmas noise.

Which expert did you talk to?
Was it the pest control?

OK. How many such wall gear found
you? 3-4 pieces?


But do you know what we are doing now?
You know what...

- I want brown Christmas soda.
- Now Joseph is drinking that shower.

And then God will hear nothing more
about Christmas noise. It'll be fine.

- Looks like they're struggling.
- A damn vintage car ticket.

Christian? Have you heard
from the road traffic control center?

No not yet.

Back as a rescuer now.
Why did you quit?

I promised Mona to take care of Elise.

- They can't go here.
- I'll tell them.

No no. Don't film.
You must go away.

Don't film.
Get in the cars and turn around.

Girls, you must not film.
Get in the cars.

- Everyone on the bus!
- It was no good.

- What was that sound?
- Get in the bus, everyone.

Stay in the seats.


- Hello? Can anyone hear me?
- Why don't you ride the bus?

- I can't turn around here.
- Then do something!

- You have to wait here.
- Listen to her! She is right!

- The smoke is deadly!
- We're dying!

Can anyone hear us?
There is fire in the tunnel.

What's that?

- Is it smoke?
- Yes. Impact on several sensors.

- The tanker?
- Probably, but I don't know.


There are multiple sensors in
tunnel. Both to the east and west.

- So it's burning now?
- No doubt.

I turn on the air ambulance,
but how high is the tunnel?

950 meters above sea level.

Stange Fire Department is coming
not enter.

- What's up?
- They don't come up on the east side.

The press is calling me down.
I need to know what to say.

- Road traffic central west.
- We stand in the Storfjelltunnel ...

What do they say?

It burns in a car further in.
So that's fine.

We have to turn on recycling, and so on
let's get out of here.

Is it dangerous?

No, it's fine. It's okay.

Mom, look!


- No, fuck, shut the door!
- He's burning. We must...

Just wait.

- What do we do now?
- Do not know.

All out of the car!

Out! Go out with my mom.
Go to Mom.

- Mom!
- I have you.

- Dad!
- David!


- Did you get the same?
- Yes.

- Have any of you seen Elise?
- I saw her in the swimming pool.

- OK.
- There is chaos in the tunnel.

Have you seen this?
It's utter chaos.


- Hello? Stone? Where are you?
- I'm on my way up to the tunnel.

- It may take a few hours.
- What happened?

Nobody knows.
You haven't seen anything about Elise?

If you drive up home only
to check?

Yes. I will.
Be careful, Stein.

- Damn. What happened?
- A tanker truck.

I go and hear with them.

- What should I do?
- Open the emergency control cabinet.

The crew from Vik is here
on the west side.

- Håkon! Crowbar!
- Coming!

- Are there more inside the tunnel?
- I have no idea. So nothing.

- There's a lot of people in there.
- You have to come in and help them.

We have to. Take care
he who comes there.

There are a lot of people inside the tunnel.
Are the fans going?

Fire ventilation is activated
heading west.

Against us?

According to the contingency plan, it should
evacuated from Stange.

- Entrance east.
- They sit on all the equipment.

- Are they in place?
- There has been a race in the countryside.

They are working their way through it now.

- And on this site is just us?
- Yes.

- Are you getting the emergency network?
- I can't get in touch.

- It never worked here.
- Turn the fan direction, then we go in.

Drive back, we have to change to drawer.

- Are they coming in?
- No, the smoke goes right towards them.

- They ask us to turn the fan direction.
- Do we know exactly where it is burning?

East. No doubt.

He cannot have come more than 3 km
before he hit the rock wall.

But a fire extinguisher was taken
down 2 km on the west side.

Where did the smoke first come from?

Smoke out, 12.52, exit east.

12.52, exit east.

- Exit west, then?
- Do not know. No witnesses.

- The smoke is rolling out from there too.
- Then we do not know where it burns.

There are no witnesses, but I am
sure it is 2-3 km from the east.

Those who want to go out west,
is trapped in the smoke.

300 bar.

They want to know exactly where it is burning
before turning the fans.

- Damn easy for them to say.
- There are people in there.

You have control out here. Ivar
and I go in and do a search.

10 minutes in, 10 minutes out.
You're not taking any chances in there.

HRS Rescue 8 west of the tunnel.
We fly in standby.


Hey, it's Elise.
I can't take the phone.

It's going well, this.

Here. Bring this one and you will lose
not the signal in there.

OK. We go in.

Merry Christmas.

- What are you doing?
- Self-storage.

- Will anyone come and help us?
- No one can run into the smoke.

We have to get out on our own.

- David, you have to try to call.
- Nothing works.

You have to try!
Come on, please!

But fuck, it's nothing!

- Try, hell!
- Stay there.


- Dad!
- Stand here. Take care of your sister.

- Mom!
- David!


- Follow closely.
- I see nothing.

I check the car.

Christian to Stein.
Do you get any heat stroke?

No temperature rise so far.
The fire must be further inside.

Do a search further east.


- What the hell?
- You should stick with me.

Just breathe calmly.
We go further in.

- Further in?
- We have to go further, Ivar.

Yes ... No, I can't do it anymore.

- Help me!
- Who are you?

- Anatol Kaminski, driver.
- Do you see the fire, Anatol?

I saw the thought explode. Big
explosion. My face melts.

- Where's the fire?
- Tom and I drove a maximum of 2 km.

Can't go anymore.
No air in here.

Listen to me, Anatol.
Find a car and settle in.

Put the air conditioner on recycling.

OK, everyone. Listen.
The fire is now confirmed by a witness.

2 km in from the east, 7 km from the west.

- Are we completely safe?
- Yes. I turn the fan direction.





My husband is dead.

My husband is dead.
Have you seen two little girls?


Do you hear me?
Having trouble in there?


To hell.
Get out.

Get water.

- Are you all right, Ivar?
- Yes.

- Won?
"I'm fine," I said.

Give him a few minutes.

Do you change the bottle? It is
tough in there, but no heat.

They have turned the fan direction and are sending
the smoke away from us.

- Are they going full speed now?
- Yes, 4 meters a second.

Can't they go faster?

- Ivar!
- I don't see a shit in there!

We should go with the others.
They are probably out of the tunnel.

- We are leaving. Come.
- It is 4-5 km to walk.

- We're being strangled.
- What the hell do you know about that?

- Let the adults talk.
- I know the tunnel.

- My dad works here.
- Listen to what she's saying!

Our Father, you who are in heaven.
Let your name be kept holy...

- Open up, damn it.
- Don't open!

Open, damn it!

Help me.

Sit back.

- I'm going out of here now!
- You can't go out in that smoke.


OK, you guys! Listen!

I know of a place where we can breathe.
A shelter.

... traffic accident with tanker truck
in the Storfjell tunnel.

- What fuel is there in the car?
- I can't comment on that now.

It's the worst time.
People are heading home for Christmas.

Laila. Laila, we're going now.
Laila, we're going now.

Do you join?

- There is a room 100 meters that way.
- We can't go any further.

- We can wait for help there.
- We have to get out of here!

Listen to me! Hold down, breathe
in the sweater and just follow me!


Hey Hey. I need to fix this.

Yes. I put off all Christmas for it.

The extent or number of people involved
I can't comment either.

What are you doing for something?
What are you doing?

Have you brought what is going on?

People are fighting for life up there.
You and I got away,

- maybe because of. an idiot like you.
Why are you scolding your son?

He's alive.

He's alive. You live.

... must keep a distance. The tunnel is
closed in both directions.

We will return when we have an overview
over the situation. Thanks.

There is fire in the Storfjell tunnel,
and a tanker truck is involved.

Recordings from before the fire started.
Filmed by someone who got out.

Come on. Take it. Take it.

- Take it.
- Hi.

Stone? Elise is in the tunnel.

She's in the tunnel.

- What do you mean?
- I saw a clip on TV.

Someone had filmed the queue in there.
She stood outside the bus.

I'm pretty sure
that it was her.

She got on the bus to Oslo.


- What's up? Are we going in?
- Yes.

Elise is in the tunnel.

- Do you get fire blankets and water?
- How many blankets?

- As many as you can.
- Okay.

- What the hell is he doing?
- Elise.

- Elise is in the tunnel.
- OMG!

Hello? Hi, my name is Elise Berge.

We have left the bus and are on our way
to a small room in the tunnel.

- What kind of room?
- A technical room.

The cave, they call it. Can you say
Stein Berge that we are in the cave?

The cave? Who is Stein Berge?
Is he a firefighter?

Elise? Hello are you there?

- What are you doing, Ivar?
- Turn the fans all the way up.

Calm, calm, calm.

- We don't know if they can stand it.
- Stone's in there now.

That's what they are made for.
It says here. Make a choice, somehow!

Come back, Stein. Stone!

Come on.

- There's a lot of smoke here.
- Yes, but there is much more out there.

Well, yes. In a few minutes it is
just as bad in here.


It's air. Here.

OK, but ...

There are more than you
who needs air!

Stein, do you hear me?
Come out again.

I move on to the technical room.
In the middle of the tunnel.

- Hello?
- The road traffic ...

- Hello? Hello, who is it?
- Can I talk to my mom?

- Mom.
- Hello?

- Hi. Who are you?
- Sara. Aren't you coming?

Hi, Sara. My name is Andrea. Is
your mom or dad nearby?

We can't find them.
It's just lots of smoke.

- We can't breathe.
- We? Who is "we", Sara?

- Martine. My little sister.
- Hi. Listen to me now.

Find a car and go into it.
Do you understand?

- Sara, is there a car nearby?
- She says we have to find a car.

Yes, any car.
Creep in and close all doors.

It is easier to breathe in there.
And don't go out.

Do you hear me, Sara?
Don't get out of the car.

Is it far?
I see nothing.

Sara, I know how you feel,
and it's OK to be scared.

I was also very scared once,
but it went okay.

Just listen to me. OK?
Then it will go perfectly well.

Sara? Are you there?
Do you hear me?

- Yes.
- We can go to the postman.

Hello? Martine?

- Who's the mailman? Sara?
- Wait, Martine!

- It is empty.
- What?

- It's empty of air.
- What?

- No, it ...
- Yes.

- I'm walking.
- What are you going to do?

I'll join. Wait!

- Hello?
- Wait. I have to join.

Hello ... Fuck.

Don't fucking open it
this door now ...


What is the plan?

In here.

Do you think anyone will find us here?

Dad's coming.

Have you talked to him?

How does he know where we are?

After all, you left without saying.

Here is an extra broadcast about the fire
in the Storfjell tunnel.

There is a great deal of smoke development
and long queues.

According to several sources
the express bus in the queue in the tunnel.

- Sogndal Fire Department is on its way.
- We're ready now.

You have to wait until it gets
proper to enter.

- Wait? We need to get in there.
- Yes, but we must have green light.

Stein, do you hear me? Stone?
We are not allowed to enter.

It was your mother who taught me
to swim. Did you know?

Do you call it swimming?

I call it dog swimming.

Are you a racist, or?

You kept a nice memory,
I remember.

Funny and sad.

I never did.

You don't know that until you've tried.

I hope you don't.

Where's Stein?

He drove in.

- Alone?
- Yes.

- Has he run in alone?
- Yes.

- Why are they doing nothing?
- We're driving in now.

- No, you're not going in there, Ivar.
- You no longer have the command.

I understand you want to come in,
but Sogndal is here soon.

- Soon? It's too late.
- You're not going in there.

- You don't decide!
- You ...

I just got you, Ivar.

Sogndal wants to talk to you.

Martine! Sara!

Are you here?






- Hi.
- Hi Hi Hi.

My girl.

OK. Breathe in this one. Like that. Breath.

Here. Put it on.



Findings of five survivors in the technical room
five km inside the tunnel.

Evacuees out west.

I hear you, Stein.
What about Elise?

- Did you find Elise?
- Elise is one of them.

She's alive.

Five survivors in the middle of the tunnel.
Stein Berge, Vik Auxiliary Corps, -

- is the only operative
in the tunnel now.

- Christian, Relief Corps.
- It's Andrea from VTS.

Are you in contact with a Stein Berge
inside the tunnel?

Yes, I have him in touch.

Come on!

- Stein, I have VTS on the thread.
- Stein answers.

- Stone? It's Andrea from VTS.
- I'm listening.

Do you have two girls with you?
8-9 years old?

- Go. There are no children here.
- I got a call.

An emergency phone in the technical room.
At the cave. Where you found Elise.

I asked the girls to sit down
in the nearest car.

They are all alone. Do you have the opportunity
to do a search?


Sara and Martine.

Sara and Martine.

Into the motorhome! Inn!

- You have to wear the mask.
- It's empty of air.

- Rafa, can you drive a car? This?
- Yes.

Don't you go out?

Rafa runs out.

I have broken my way. Follow the center strip,
then you are fine.

- We can wait for you here.
- No. You...

- You're driving Elise out of here.
- OK.

But I can't lose you now.
Please. Don't go.

There are two girls down here. I can
Don't go without trying.


I'm getting out of the car now.

You can do it here.
You can do it here.

I need to get your masks back.

I need your mask.
I need your mask.

- You're out soon.
- Dad!


- Drive.
- Yes, yes, yes.


Rafa, get the others out, OK?

What the hell are you doing?

I have to help Dad.

- Take this.
- Thanks.

I'll teach you how to swim when we
coming out. Seen on the outside.

Come on!

Sara! Martine!

Hello? Hello?

- Stein Berge here.
- Have you found Sara and Martine?

I have easy in all the cars in
area. They are not here.

Are you sure?
They may not have gone far.

There are not that many opportunities
here. I have to get out.

Go to the postman.

Stein, do you see a mail truck? They talked
about going to the postman.

There is no mail car here.
I have to get out of here now.

Wait. Stone.

Bring. Do you see a Bring car?
A green Bring car?

Stone? Stone? Stone?

Get out the stretcher!


- Martine? Martine?
- Don't go in!

- Take care of her.
- They're not there. Mia. Mia.

Come, come, come.

Are you okay?

I told them to stand.
I told them to stand still.

They do everything they can to find them.
They are looking for them.

I told them to stand still.

Have you seen my girls?

Mia, calm down now. Let go of him.

- Sit down here.
- I've lost my kids.

We'll find your kids.

Where's Elise?

Stein went on
to find two girls.

Elise went after him.

She went after him?

Sara? Martine?


Open the door. Come on!

Come on!

Hi, are you Sara?
Are you okay?

We need oxygen.

I've lost my kids.

Oh my God!


OK, come on. Come.

Come, come, come.


At a press conference he said
Transport Minister Viksen ...

What is going on?

We just have to wait.

Jump in.

Hi, Mona.


- Go with Mom.
- No. Mom is no longer here.

It's just you and me. Mom is dead.

- You have to bring the girls out.
- Dad.

- Go.
- No, Dad. Come on.

You can do it.

- Go.
- Come on, Dad. Come now.


Hello? Come on!

There are two little girls here.

The fire department is on its way.

Many believe the area should have been
closed due to weather.

- Is there anybody out there?
- Elise, do you hear me? Where are you?

Dad's dying in here!

Ivar! Elise, it's Ingrid.
Stay where you are. We're coming now.

Stop, stop, stop.



Elise, we're coming now.

Strange Fire Corps, we're through
the crash on Støylen.

Arrive at entrance east
in about ten minutes.


I beat your record.

You thought you could beat me.


Elise, press twice
if you hear me.

I see nothing.

Look at the road, you.

OMG. Shit.

Stay here. Spout and blink every minute.

- Ivar, I want to join you.
- You work for me.

Do as I say.
You stay here with Ingrid.

- What the hell are you doing?
- I'm not working for you.






Move, move.

Stein, Stein, Stein? Can you hear me?

Ivar, the mask. Ivar!
He's breathing.

- It is good.
- Mom.

We have to get out!

Take the bag. Take the bag.

Go to!

Over here! Hi?


No! No!




- Stone!
- Dad!

Stone? Stone?

Lift him up.

Are you okay?
OK. Up with him.

Where is Ivar?

Ivar? Ivar?

- Dad.
- Ivar.

Dad, come on.

- Dad, come on!
- Stein, we have to get out now!


The road is there even if you don't see it.

Stay focused and steady,
otherwise you get stuck.

No one is calling anymore.

- I was so scared.
- Got it. It goes well.

- We're not in the tunnel.
- It's in the news all the time.

We didn't get that far. I did not take
the chance to cross the mountain.

No one lights his lamp
and squeeze door.

Closed are all hearts and doors
for us in Bethlehem.

There are some
who will talk to you.

- That's Stein.
- Hey, Stein. Did you get the girls out?



There is one who would very much like to
talk to you.

Sara, is that you?

It was good to hear. Yes, yes.


Dad. Come.

Text: Jørn-Are Haugli Johansen
Scandinavian Text Service