Tunnel (2016) - full transcript

35 DAYS, A MAN'S DESPERATE STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE Jung-su, an ordinary car dealer, is his way home with a birthday cake for his daughter. As he drives into a tunnel, an unbelievable thing happens; the tunnel collapses on him. Minutes later, he realizes that he is completely caught in between the debris. Outside, this breaking news creates media frenzy and a thoughtless reporter even airs a live phone interview with Jung-su, using up his mobile phone batteries. An emergency response team is immediately organized to rescue him and tries to keep the media under control. As it becomes a national concern, the government promises full support for the rescue. While Jung-su struggles to survive, a series of ridiculous blunders delays the rescue operation and threatens his chances to make it out alive. Soon, he runs out of food, water, and phone batteries, making him totally incommunicado. Days pass without any success and people start to lose hope or interest in rescuing him. Having already passed the longest survival record for a disaster, hard decisions are forced on his family while no one knows whether Jung-su is dead or alive.

HA Jung-woo

Doona BAE

OH Dal-su

Take your time.

That's $97 for a full tank.

- But I said to put in $30.
- What?

I told you before
that I just want $30.

Oh, the old man's
done it again.

I'm sorry, sir.

His hearing's gone bad.

If you're going to work here,
you need to wear hearing aids!

Give it here, I'll do it.

I said I'll do it!

It's okay,
I'll need it eventually.

Charge the full amount.

Last time he put in diesel
by mistake, cost me $8,000.

- I see.
- So sorry.

Thank you.

Have a good day!

Take some water!

Yes, thank you.

We agreed on a deal last week,
but he keeps dragging it out.

I think he opened bidding
somewhere else.

Tunnel ahead.
Drive safely.

If this deal went through,
I was going to buy you a handbag.

Next time!

Don't waste money on that.

What about Su-jin's present?
Should we get a puppy?

We can't raise a puppy in that
tiny house.

Too much hair.

I don't know...

When will you be home?

Need to stop at the car center.

The horn is dead.

So when will you be home?

Approximately 5:59?
I got a cake.

- I'll call you right back!
- Okay.

Yes, sir!
Lee Jung-soo speaking.

No problem, I'm driving.
Go ahead.

I said I needed 10 rental cars.

But we're a bit short on cash.

So instead I'll take 8,

and can you throw in
3 of those kids' car seats?

Sir, my life's motto is
'three's a charm!'

I'll slash the price
and throw in extras!

It's all for the kids' safety.

Great to hear!

Then I'll take 8 cars.
Let's sign on Monday.

Thank you sir.
I'm at your service.

So how much would it be?

I'm not good with numbers.

After I pass this tunnel,
I'll stop the car and tell you.

Sure, call me.

Talk to you in a moment.
Thank you.

What the heck?


Emergency Assistance.


This is 911,
how may I help you?


I think... a tunnel collapsed.
I'm stuck underneath,


I can't hear you sir.
Can you speak louder?

Yes, sir.

- Hello?
- A tunnel collapsed!

Tunnel, tunnel!

You mean a rockslide
in a tunnel?

No, a tunnel collapsed,
just now.

It collapsed?

Yes, come here quickly.

Which tunnel do you mean?


- Hello?
- Hello?

Sir, which tunnel
are you talking about?

Sir, hello?

This is Hado Tunnel.
Hado Tunnel.

Hado Tunnel?

Hado Tunnel on Route 18?

Yes, right!

It keeps collapsing in here.
I'm trapped.

Hello? Hello?

911 Main Desk.

You mean
a rockslide fell on your car?

No, the tunnel collapsed.
I'm surrounded by rocks.

To what extent did it collapse?

Very much.

I'm buried.

Can you stop asking questions
and just come quickly?

Yes, yes.

What is your name, sir?

Lee Jung-soo.

Lee Jung-soo.
From Kia Motors.

How long will it take?

Mr. Lee Jung-soo...

With no traffic, 5 minutes.

Hello, sir?

Wait in a safe place.


Safe place, my ass...

If he'd only pumped $30
I'd have made it through, dammit.

How's it look?

Answer me.

Safety in Korea
has once again toppled.

This time, it's a tunnel.

A tunnel open for less than
a month has fully collapsed.

As you can see
the mountain has caved in,

with a transmission tower and other
structures bent over like sticks.

The tunnel's north entrance
was obliterated in the collapse,

while black soot has spewed from
the mouth of the south entrance.

With Hado New City yet to open,
traffic in the tunnel was light.

But a 911 call confirmed that
at least one person is trapped inside.

The caller was a 38-year old
car dealer from Hado City.

We repeat, the caller was
38-year old male Lee Jung-soo

who is currently trapped in the tunnel.

His condition is currently...

- Mr. Lee, we'd like to help you...
- Mr. Lee, please contact us ASAP

- Jung-soo I saw the TV report...
- Jung-soo, that isn't you is it?

Yes, hello?

Is this Mr. Lee Jung-soo?


You are currently
under the tunnel, correct?

Yes, are you here?

Hey, connect us!

This is SNC reporter Jo Yang-chul!
Our call is being broadcast live.

You approve, right?

This broadcast
will help secure your rescue.

Exclusive Call With Survivor

Given the extent of the collapse,

it appears the rescue could be
a long-term operation.

Do you have any food
to tide you over?

A long-term operation?
What are you talking about?

Haven't you received any
information about your rescue?

How long will it take?
You mean they can't come now?

It seems you haven't been
informed of the situation.

The south entrance is uncertain,

but the collapse erased any trace
of the Seoul-bound entrance.

Mr. Lee.
Tell us your feelings now.

Hey, where are they calling from?

I think they're in the van outside.

Then stop them!

What if his battery runs out?

Hey you!

Hang up the phone now!

You're putting him in danger!

We're on air now.

We'll be done in a moment.

Damned bastards.

Yes, go ahead.

- Yes, then-
- Hang up the phone now!

What are you doing now!


That's what I was going to ask.

The phone was cut off.
We'll attempt to re-connect...

I can't believe this.

What is wrong with you?

Raising hell
during a live broadcast?

That was the evening news!

What's more important,
the broadcast or a human life?


You can't answer
that simple question?

If his battery dies
because of you,

and the isolation
throws him into panic,

increased heart rate, shortness
of breath, constricted arteries!

If he goes into cardiac arrest,

then will you
take responsibility?

- For Mr. Lee...
- What the hell!

This is his lifeline!

If you call again,

I'll report you under article 18
clause 2 of the Media Ethics Law.

Please, don't call him.

And what's your car doing here?

Move it!

Hey, what is this car
doing here?

No entry!
Keep the cars out!

We can't even get our own cars in.

They've taken up all the spaces.

- Hey!
- Yes, sir.

- Charge this for me.
- Yes, sir.

Nice work.
Knowledge is power.

That shut them up, huh?

Media Ethics... what was that?

Oh, I just made that up.

It doesn't exist?

They didn't argue,
so I guess they don't know either.

Hey, give me the operation manual.

Clause 3. Definition of 'Collapse'
A 'collapse' is when, due to natural
or man-made causes...

There's no new one?

There's one that Americans use,
but it's still being translated.

Then translate this into English
and send it back.

A call from Lee Jung-soo.

Lower the blinds, quick!

Lower this too!

Mr. Lee?
Task Force Chief Kim Dae-kyung.

Why don't you answer the phone?


What's going on?
You said you'd rescue me soon.

You all contradict each other!

Mr. Lee, calm down
and listen...

Do I look calm?

Just tell me what the situation is.

Be straight with me, dammit!

Mr. Lee, if you do this
I can't talk to you.

Hey asshole, then
who the hell can I talk to?

Transfer me to the guy in charge!

Mr. Lee, I'm the guy in charge.

You need to speak with me.

Shit, then start talking.

Mr. Lee?

Before I talk,
you need to control your agitation.

I'm not agitated, tell me.

Do this, Mr. Lee.

Take a deep breath.

After me, one deep breath.

I took a breath.
Tell me.

Good, I'm Kim Dae-kyung,
in charge of the rescue.

Mr. Lee, how much is left
on your phone battery?

78%, why do you ask?

Yes, I'll be honest with you.

The situation is not so simple.

Of course we'll save you,

but it might take some time.

The Minister is coming.

- The Minister?
- Yes.

Do you have anything to eat
in the car?

Water, beverages,
or some kind of food?



Mr. Lee? Hello?


Mr. Lee, get a grip on yourself!
Mr. Lee!

Do you have water?
Answer me!

Two bottles of water
and a cake.

What size are the bottles?

Small 500 ml bottles,
and whipped cream cake.

The cake won't last long,
so eat it quickly.

The water is very important.

Plan to drink it over 7 days,
dividing it up in small portions.

And don't touch your lips
to the bottle.

Bacteria can pollute the water.

I have to stay here for a week?

We'll rescue you before
you drink all the water.

Mr. Lee, what did I say
about the water?

Don't touch to my lips,
and drink it over a week.

Very good,
that's perfect.

Mr. Lee,
can you describe your location?

How far did you drive
into the tunnel?

This is very
important information.

Yes, I drove in quite far.

There's a ceiling fan
in front of me.

What? A fan?

A fan fell on the car?

Hey, get the blueprints.

There's a fan above the car.
This is very important.

Put it there.

As we look... just a sec.

We've got blueprints...

it's ripped there.

We can still check it.

When you were driving,
did you see the exit?

No, I didn't.

Very good.

And do you remember
anything else?

After a curve, I drove in...

I don't know.

Okay, fine.

Mr. Lee, we'll talk
at noon each day.

Let's hang up for today.

Turn off your phone.

What was your name again?

I'm Kim Dae-kyung.

Tell me honestly.
Will you be able to rescue me?

We are the best in Korea
at rescue operations.

You will be out soon.

I'll see you when you come out.


Pin it down.

You dope.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

He's under one of five fans.


Oh, Se-hyun!

Darling, are you okay?
Are you hurt?

I'm fine.

How could this happen?

I'm really okay.
I'll be out soon.

They just told me
I'll be out in a week.

Don't worry.

Don't cry,
I'll be out soon.

They said to talk briefly
to save your battery.

What about Su-jin?
Does she know?

I said you were busy at work.

Want to talk to her?

Yes, put her on.

Just a sec.




I got you a cake but
I got delayed on the way home.

I can't make it,
I'm sorry.

Daddy I'm going to Grandma's,
you meet us there.

Bring the cake
and a present, a puppy!

Okay, I'll buy a puppy
and come home.


he's going to buy a puppy!

I'll leave her at Mom's
and come down.

No, just stay there.

I'll see you.



The tunnel is 1.9km long,

and we believe he's in
one of these five locations.

The shallowest point is over 100m.

Given the rocks, entering by
the south entrance might be best.

We'll send up the drones
to check it tomorrow.

Then proceed with the rescue
based on specialists' guidance.

Let's give it our best,
as if it were our own family.

I'd also recommend halting
construction on Hado Tunnel No. 2.

There's another tunnel?

It's under construction nearby,
they're blasting the final section.


It's quite removed from here,
it shouldn't be affected.

It needs to be finished quickly
before Hado New Town opens.

Then discuss it among yourselves.
Let's do our best.

- Can we take off now?
- Yes.

Wait, wait!

Need to put in my card.

God, they're obnoxious.

I'm ready.
Go ahead!

Can you sit down in the front?

- Sit, please!
- Just a little!

You're blocking our view.
Thank you.

Let's go.


You can take off now.


The press drones
mustn't collide with ours.

Keep a safe distance.


What's going on?

This is ridiculous.


What's going on?

Did it lose the signal?

It's not that far from here.

Usually the range is 5km,

but if something blocks the
radio waves it can shorten.

There's so much iron ore here.

Then, is there a
cable operated drone?

There's a robot for rail tracks,

but for this length we need
a custom model.

Send it by delivery bike.

Or should we go?
Where's the factory?

Ontario City.
In the US.

Dear me.

Oh, shit.

Hey, you stay here.

Are you okay on your own?


It's completely collapsed.

Your wife's on the phone.

Tell her I'll call back.
And don't beep the horn, okay?


That dumbass...

Has he gone crazy?


Sorry, I touched
the horn by mistake.

So sorry.


It's Lee Jung-soo!

Yes, Mr. Lee?

Did somebody come nearby?


I think I heard a car horn.
It beeped twice.


I can hear it!


me! It's me.

Does he hear this?

I just heard it five times now.

Yes, right.

Mr. Lee, we might meet
sooner than expected.

Oh thank you!

Mr. Lee!
Lie down as low as you can!

Hold tight!

What's going on?

Phone! Phone!


Chief! Chief!

- Chief, are you okay?
- Get a phone!


Mr. Lee, do you hear me?
Can you hear?

Yes, I can.

Are you all right?

It caved in a little bit
but I'm okay.

The tunnel collapsed a bit more
by the entrance.

I'm sorry.

It says #3 on the fan here.

No. 3.

But... shit.

Your wife...


Your wife is here.

Want to talk to her?

Put her on, please.

Honey, are you okay?

Did you eat breakfast?

You ask me that now?

I'm okay.

I'll call you back soon.
Have some breakfast.

Yesterday at 8:30am,

our rescue team determined
Lee's precise location.

We are now drilling towards Lee,
who is 180m underground.

We also plan to enter
the south entrance.

Lee's location / 1. Vertical excavation
2. Horizontal excavation

With our President's order
to use all the nation's power,

our government
is exerting its strength

to rescue Lee
as soon as possible.

Minister, this is Lee's wife.

Oh my.

- Please help us.
- Yes, don't worry.

Minister, please face front.


With a smile.

It's not done yet.

One, two, three!

3 days after collapse

8, 7, 6...

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


10, 9, 8...


Who is it?

You little mutt!

What are you doing there?



Is there anyone there?

I'm here,
in the car.

Are you hurt?

I'm stuck.

I can't move. Help me.

Just a minute.


Mister, you're there?
please don't go.

I'm not going.
I can't go anywhere.

There's another person here.

I'll come to you, wait.

Mister, you're coming?

Yes, I'm coming.
Just wait a minute.

What's wrong?

It's okay, I'm coming.

It's okay, nothing's wrong.

No, I'm fine now.

I'm on my way.

Oh that hurts.

I'm here.

You punk.

Oh, here you are.


I can't move.

- I'll come inside.
- Okay.

Move over, you.

I'll try lifting the rock.

Sorry for dawdling.

Wait a second.

It won't budge.

Are you okay?

Mister, the light.

- The light.
- Sorry.

I'm okay.

But I have a pain in my side.

Your side?
Shall I pull back your chair?

It won't move I think.

How long have we been here?

It's been 2 days and 7 hours.

What will happen to us?

Will we die?

No, the entire country is
mobilizing out there to save us.


Of course.

What a relief.

When can we get out?


I talked with them on the phone.
They said soon, just a few days.

But he's not hurt at all.

Tengie isn't hurt?

No, he looks good.

That's a relief.

What's this collar?

An anti-bark collar.



Tengie, come here.


I'm really sorry,


do you have any water?


It's in my car.
I'll get some.

How's that?

Just... a little more.

Drinking too much at once
isn't good,

so just wet your throat.

That's good.

- Mister.
- Yes?

Can you give Tengie a little too?

Just pour some in your hand.

Yes, of course.

Tengie, come here.
He'll give you water.

Wait! Not this way!

Go around.

This way, Tengie.

That's right.


- Mister?
- Good doggie.

Could you look for my phone?

Your phone?


It's not working.

It's off.

I'm really sorry.

But can I use your phone?

Just one call.

Yeah, sure.

I'll hold it for you.

Mom, it's me Mina.



A tunnel collapsed
and I'm trapped.


No, I'm not alone.
A man is with me.

Yes, don't worry.

He said we can get out
in a few days.

I miss you, Mom.

But Mom, I can't talk long.
I need to save the battery.

And please call my company
and explain things.

Don't cry, Mom.

Yes, I'm okay.

Mister, we'll be out by next week?

Yes, sure.

Mom, I'll be out next week.

So tell them I can attend
the workshop for new hires.

Oh right, and...

Your car is wrecked,
I'm sorry.

Yes, okay.

I'll call again.


- Mister?
- Yes?

My mom wants to talk to you.



Yes, I'm Lee Jung-soo
of Kia Motors. Hello.


I'll take good care of Mina,

and see her out safely,
don't worry.

Yes, she drank water,
she drank a lot.

Yes, yes...

Thank you, yes...

Mina, I brought these socks
for you to wear.

Since you cried,
I'll wipe your face a bit.


Oh my, it doesn't hurt?

Does this cut hurt?

No, it's fine.

- Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.

I reserved a motel room
and checked you in.

Thank you.

We're supposed to cover this,
but the payment takes time.

If you save your receipts,
we'll process it later.


- We've learned that...
- Good night.

...survivor Lee Jung-soo is sharing
the water that sustains his life.

We end this program
wishing for the safe return

of a man who kept his humanity
even in the darkest moment.

Thank you for your support.

Mister, what do you do?

My job?

Kia car dealer,
Hado Branch.

- 94.2 MHz, Classical Music Channel.
- Got it!

Wow, classical.

Not bad.
Calm the nerves, classical.

Do you like classical, Mina?

My first time listening
since high school.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

Mister, I'll sleep for a while.

Then I'll be in my car.

If you need anything call me.

And this...

The button is here.

Keep it turned off.
Save the battery.

I'll shine it for you as you go.

Thank you.

It was nice to meet you.

Mina, the light please.

Tengie is biting it.

Tengie, stop!

That dirty dog!

I'm home.

Daddy's coming soon.

Daddy's coming soon.

We'll eat it together.


My cake!

My cake!

You damned dog!

Son of a bitch!
What the hell?

You damned dog!
Damn you!

This cake...

Su-jin gave me this...
Son of a bitch, asshole!

Mister, what's wrong?

It was a dream.

A dream.

What the...

Have some eggs.

You don't need to do that.

Eat while it's warm.

Take a rest.

You're working
to save my husband.

- Thanks so much.
- It's the least I can do.

Thank you.


Rain's really coming down.

- Leave it, I'll get you.
- It's okay.

It's okay.

It's all right.


Mister... over here!


Will it be long before they come?

They'll be here soon.
Wait just a bit.

They promised they'd come.

Are you okay?

My side hurts so much.

And it's hard to breathe.


Try bearing it a bit longer.
I'll go call.


I'm sorry,
but do you have water?

I'm sorry.
I drank it all, didn't I?

No, it's okay.
I'll bring you some.

Wait a minute.

Luckily we have water.
I brought it.

Tengie, not today.

You understand?




You're scaring me.

Mina, I brought water.


I'll move this for you.

Mina, I'm sorry.

A study of the tunnel collapse
which claimed a life yesterday

is turning up evidence
of shoddy construction.

Plus, examinations of
121 other tunnels

revealed 78 instances of
shoddy construction,

causing a major stir.

There should be 10 lock bolts
per unit to prevent collapse.

But from the outside
they're not visible.

So who would bother
to do it properly?

Who in Korea
follows the field manual?

This was just bad luck,
don't you think?

You said you'd come
before the water ran out.

I'm... sorry.

You... can't save me,
can you?

We can save you.

We can definitely save you.

If you wait just a bit longer,
we'll be there.

You collected urine in the bottle?


- It comes out sterile, so...
- Have you ever tried it?

Sorry, I haven't.

9 days after collapse

Get out of here.

What's that?

Where'd you get that?

Since you ate my cake last time,

2 for me and 1 for you.

And my nose is bigger than yours,

so 4 for me, and this time 2.

Got it?
Okay, Tengie.

Eat up. Eat.

It's okay, don't be shy.

Eat your fill.

I guess dogs don't like salt.

Look over there.

Look over there. Hey!

It's here!

It's here!

You're not getting in here.

Let's take it off.

Wow, look at this...


Huh? You punk!


He won't bark.

Does this really work?


Can't you guys hide your poop,
like cats do?

Who's gonna clean up your mess?

Who? Huh?

I'm not gonna
drink yours, never.

How are things going?
How much did you dig?

The ground is hard
so we're a bit late,

but we should
reach you in 10 days.

At the tunnel entrance,

we did safety reinforcement work
and started excavating today.

22, 23, 24...


Ten days!

Mr. Lee, I...

drank urine.

But... why did you do that?

I felt bad telling you to do
something I never did.

Oh, and don't drink
as soon as it comes out.

Let it cool,
if possible.

You're a tremendous help,

You want a sip?


It's orange juice.

My body makes orange juice.

Amazing, huh?


I drank water!
I'm drinking water!

It tastes so sweet!

I'm totally fine now,
so eat your fill.


Talk to you later.


- Here you are.
- Thanks.

Are you okay?

I heard you drank urine.

How much did you have?

So he told you everything.

Well, a paper cup...

Not this size,
closer to his cup there.

Want some?

You have it.

As you all know,

we are the one radio station
to reach Lee Jung-soo in the tunnel.

If his phone dies
before he's rescued

we agreed to relay info
to Lee at 12 pm everyday.

We ask for our
listeners' understanding.

This is a piece of the tunnel.

It was drilled this morning.

If our team works
through the night,

we'll reach the tunnel floor
by tomorrow.

Lee Jung-soo will be out soon!

Thank you.

One day before rescue

Tomorrow I'll bring Daddy home.

And the puppy?

Wake up!

It's time to get ready.

I dozed off.
So tired.

It's a shame.

Almost a new Korean record.

The dept store in 1994 was 17 days.

Then would you
like to set a new record?

Out of the way.
Don't block the path!

What the...

What's the world record, anyway?

No idea.

Look up at the ceiling.

17 days after collapse

If something's about to fall,
then jump aside.

It's only 60cm wide,
so you won't need to move far.

Okay, thank you.
See you soon.

Guess it will come out here.

Let's get out of here.

Up, up.


We've got a fan blade
and asphalt.

So that means
we touched bottom, right?


We reached bottom.

What are you talking about?

We've got a piece of fan...

Bring the blueprints!

Something's not right.

Go check it out.

Mr. Lee?
You didn't see the drill?

No, I didn't.

- The two fans are still there?
- Yes, why?

I'll check something
and call you back.

Here it is.

What's this?

It was recorded during
the tunnel's opening.

- How many fans in total?
- Seven.

One's missing.

What is missing?

It's only six.

Oh shit.

What is this rubbish?

Hey, rewind it.


two, three




It said 7,
so we drilled at the 3rd.

When actually...

The blueprint is wrong?

Are you kidding me?

It can't be.


The engineer says
they installed 12 fans

in 2 rows at 6 locations.

Looks like they
got the wrong place.

- Really?
- Yes.

The last 17 days were wasted?


- It's Lee Jung-soo's wife.
- His wife.

Take a shot.

- Then how far away is he?
- About 150 meters.

We can't get there
from here.

Then we have to start again
from scratch?

When are you coming down?

I'm sorry.


We dug in the wrong place.

What are you talking about?

We confused the location...

and dug somewhere else.

What... somewhere else?

I'm so sorry.

Then what'll happen to me?

We'll restart the excavation
by the entrance, and...


We'll drill again from above...

Starting over?

We'll work as fast as we can.

Honey, are you okay?


What's wrong?

I can't breathe.

Try to calm down.
I'll put a doctor on.

Help me, here!

Something's wrong with him!

No, no!
My battery's gone.

This is the last time, Se-hyun.

My battery's gone.

Let me talk to Su-jin.

Hurry, put on Su-jin.

Su-jin's not here.

Honey, get ahold of yourself.

I can't stay here anymore.
I can't do it.

- Jung-soo!
- I can't do it.

Get ahold of yourself!
You need to try, okay?

Why do I have to do it?

I can't take it anymore.


Honey, hello?

Talk to me.


Look after Su-jin.
And take care of yourself.

What are you saying?

Se-hyun, I'm sorry.
I can't go on.

I can't...

Fine, you do that.

Go on and die.


But... if you let yourself die,

Su-jin and I will die, too!

If you go, we're all going!

This isn't just a threat.

Or... if you can,

for our sake just live.

Don't be weak and
say you'll die, just live.

Honey please hang on...


- Call a doctor!
- Hurry up!

Get a stretcher!

We asked for a snowplow
ages ago, why no answer?

The city streets are a mess.
We have no snowplow to send.

This should be your first priority!

We've had 50 accidents
here in just two days.

Some people died yesterday.

We're desperate here, too.

And I'm sorry to say this,

it's only one person there.

That one person!
He is still alive!

You know how long he's waited?

Please, I beg you.

Send us one snowplow!

Could Lee Jung-soo still be alive?

The Chilean miners lasted 69 days,

but that was 33 people
living together with a food supply.

The record for someone
alone with no food is 19 days.

The extreme anxiety, cold and
bodily injury make it even harder.

So, you think it unlikely?

Well, every situation
has its variables,

so I can't say
anything conclusive.

I see...

Today is Lee Jung-soo's 23rd day
under the tunnel.

It's been a week since
contact was lost.

With no idea of what
Lee has been through,

can any of us really judge?
It's something to consider.

We prefer to believe in hope
over statistics.

We'll hear a letter to
Lee Jung-soo from his wife.

These days Su-jin says
life is hard.

At her age, to say such things!

She says she hates preschool.

They're learning addition,
she doesn't like it.

Guess she's not good with numbers,
like you.

Suddenly today she said
she was most comfortable

when she was a baby
in my stomach.

So I told her to go back in.

She said she wanted to,
but she's too big now.

For Su-jin, who hates addition...

...we've prepared a pop song.

We ask the understanding of
our classical music lovers.

This is for Lee Jung-soo.

When I was just a girl,
I dreamed of flying

in a plane high above
the blue sky

While waiting for my dream
to come true

Then, how will the
excavation proceed?

Well, we're 200m from his location,

so at 15m per day
we'll reach him in two weeks.

After failing the first excavation...

Why did they call us here?

What the heck
are they doing?

Construction on Tunnel No. 2
has been halted 25 days.

With losses of $1.5 million a day,
that's $50 million to date.

Is it not possible to
restart construction?

Since explosives are required,

it could very well put
Lee Jung-soo in danger.

Then how long
do we have to wait?

We've kept our silence until now,

but remember when construction
stopped because of a salamander?

You know how much that cost
the nation's economy?

Because of a few salamanders?

Excuse me!

Excuse me!

Lee Jung-soo is a human,
not a salamander.

It's not an amphibian
under the tunnel, but a human.

A human.

Yes, but I never
claimed otherwise.

Perhaps, but you seem
to keep forgetting.

There's a human
trapped under there.

I'll do it.

How long do we have to do this?

You said it.
All to pull out a dead body.

Hey, how can you say that?

Everyone says there's no hope.

We're doing this for his family,
but even you feel the same.

No I don't.
Don't say that again, okay?

Go ahead.

Yes, yes...


Minister, someone died
at the rescue site.

I told you something
like this would happen.

Mom, is it hard
looking after Su-jin? Sorry...

You take care of yourself.

Are you eating enough?

Yes, I am.

Su-jin didn't go to preschool?


Why not?


What is it?

The kids must've heard
their moms talking,

and they teased Su-jin.

What'd they say?

That because of her dad...
someone died.

I couldn't help speaking my mind
to their moms.

Mom, don't send her there.
Wait until I'm back.

My son died because of you!

Because of you!
My son died...

My healthy son died trying to
get your husband's corpse.

I'm so sorry...

I'm so sorry...

65% support
construction on Tunnel 2

Agreement Form
Resumption of Construction

I understand your situation.

But as time passes
it gets harder for everyone.

The people say we should stop.
Over 65%.

Everyone is exhausted.

If you refuse to budge and
someone else is hurt, what then?

It's time to make a decision.

But tell me.

Yes, go ahead.

What if my husband
is still alive?

Wouldn't you feel sorry?

Stop the operation!


Are you listening?

It's Se-hyun.

I'm not sure
if you're listening.

It's cold there, right?

And you're hungry?

I signed a form today.

Tunnel No.2,
nearby there...

I agreed to let them
restart construction.

Which means they'll stop
the operation to rescue you.

They'll close it up.
The rescue's finished.

Don't wait...

No one's coming.

I'm so sorry to say this.

I'm so scared to say it.

Just in case...

Just in case
you're waiting without knowing...

that you might
keep waiting for us.

I'm sorry, honey.

But are you alive?

Everyone else says
you're not alive.

That you're dead.

I'm sorry.

But what if you're listening?

I'm so sorry to you.

I'm sorry, honey.

Jung-soo, honey...

I'm so sorry...



I'm alive...

I'm still alive...

Oh god...

I'm still alive...

Construction of Hado Tunnel No. 2,
halted for the rescue operation,

resumes today.

When completed, it will reduce
the drive to Seoul by 40 mins...

Chief, if you do this
I'll be fired!

It's been so long
since we drilled this,

the passage could be warped,
or there could be a crack.

It's dangerous, okay?

You don't need to do this!

I told him to wait.

Leaving him there is too mean.

I'll just check whether
he's alive or not.

Lower me down.

Maintain radio contact,
and come up at any trouble.


Almost there.

There'll be a bump,
so hang on tight.

Damn, tell me that sooner!

Hey, is someone down there?

Yes, he just needed
to check some...

Get him out quick!
They're starting to blast!


Don't radio me now.
You're causing interference.

You need to come up now.

A little longer,
just 5 minutes!

Close the cover,
you're coming up.

Mr. Lee!

Mr. Lee!

Mr. Lee!

Everyone's out!


You know
how expensive this is?

In all Korea
there are only a few!


Cut it out, will you?

Then treat the equipment
with care.



Stop everything!

Nobody move!
Stop everything!

Don't move up there!

Don't move! Stop!

I hear him.


Stop the detonation!

Lee Jung-soo is alive
in the tunnel!

Lee Jung-soo is alive!

Stop the detonation!
He's alive!

35 days after collapse


How do you feel now?

Give us a path!


I'm sorry.

Clear a path!

Step aside!

Why aren't the blades turning?

They said to wait.

Who? Why?

Just a minute!

The Minister is almost here.
Wait a moment and fly with her.

Have you gone mad?

I cleared it with the HQ.

She's arrived.

- Minister, please say a few words.
- Please.


Lee Jung-soo just said something!

What were his first words
to the world?

Please tell us!

We can't hear,
please say it loudly!

Yes, ah...

Please speak up!

All of you assholes fuck off!

...were his precise words.

Okay, let's go.

Let's lift it.




Lee Jung-soo's safe return
after 35 days

is all the more meaningful
for setting a world record.

But if there was a hole
in the rescue operation...

Expressing his deep emotion
to the nation,

Lee's thumbs-up is a show of thanks
to the government and the nation.

This was a day that
confirmed the saying

that the weight of a human life
outweighs the earth.

A human life is more valuable
than anything...

You can't park your car here.

Move the car!

I used profanity...

and defiled the honor...

...of public service.

Hey, why am I writing this?

They asked what he said,
so I repeated word for word.

Then why the written apology?

Why'd he have to swear...?


That was Shostakovich's
Violin Concerto No. 1.

Today Mr. Lee leaves the hospital.

Any more time down there
and I'd have composed a symphony.

For you, it's the end of a
truly long and difficult journey.

I hope you can enjoy everything
you've missed all this time.

Su-jin, go to bed early tonight.

Have a great night later.

- Is he nuts?
- Strange sense of humor.

They don't censor
that kind of thing?

Mom cooked beef ribs.
That okay?


Tunnel ahead.
Drive safely.

Oh, damn...