Tune in for Love (2019) - full transcript

In 1997 during the IMF crisis, two people meet while exchanging stories on a radio program. They fall in love, but can't quite seem to get the timing right.


[radio static]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[radio static]

[telephone rings]

[man 1 on radio]
Take care of it via phone or fax.

In economic news...

[woman 1 on radio]
Too bad. You wouldn't expect it.

But I bet
there are a lot of people like me.

[man 2 n radio] What's so hard about it?

[female radio host]
You're listening to Traffic News 57.

Right now, there's a slowdown
on Banpo-daero

to Seoul Saint Mary's Hospital
intersection on the southbound side.

So give yourself a little more time
to get to where you're going.

The 110 is very backed up right now

with an accident
on the right side of the road.

Seventh and eighth.

There is another accident there

so take the long way around
to get through downtown.

-Down to the 110.
-[Mi-su grunts]

[female anchor] When entering the 101,

keep in mind
that there is a little fender bender

on the right side of the road.

Stay in the left and keep going.

There's been an accident on Route 58,

and it's closed down to one lane.

Plan ahead
and use service roads if you can.

Plan ahead
and use service roads if you can.

-[door opens, closes]

Uh, I'm sorry, we're not open yet.

Are you looking for something specific?

Do you have anything with soybeans?

Tofu or...

Uh, well...

would soy milk work?


Yeah, sure, I'll take that.

[woman 2 on radio]
...regular scheduled program

after the tone.

How about... regular milk?

It has to have soybeans.

There's a grocery store up the street.

It'll have something with soybean.

[Yoo Yeol on radio]
Radio, love, and rockets.

Do you know what these three things
have in common?

They all use enormous amounts of energy
in the beginning to launch.

Hello, you're listening to Music Album.

I'm your new host, Yoo Yeol.

There's my miracle.

[Yoo Yeol on radio]
I'm delighted to be here.

And I'm so excited for you to...


[Yoo Yeol] This show is dedicated

to all those who loved.

[Yoo Yeol on radio]
...all of your stories.

[keys jangle]

[Eun-ja] That sounds like Yoo Yeol.
He must be hosting the morning show now.

I'm a huge fan of his.

Eun-ja, you see that guy over there?

He was just in here asking for tofu.

-[Eun-ja] Tofu?
-[Mi-su] Uh-huh.

He went into that store.

[Eun-ja] I bet he just got out of jail.

[Mi-su] No way. He's still in high school.

Oh, he's coming.


[light music]

[light music continues]

-[indistinct chatter]
-[students shouting]


[Eun-ja] Hey.

Oh, your mother's here.


-Okay, thank you.
-[cash register dings]

-[woman 1] Have a nice night.
-[Eun-ja] See you soon.

-Please come again.
-[woman 1] Okay.

[Eun-ja] Hey!

I told you not to come in today,
you need to focus on your exams.

[sighs deeply]

Let me.

Go inside, I'll take care of this.

Don't worry, I got it.

Like, really. It's not a problem.

I don't need to go to school.

What do you mean you don't need to go?

I dropped out.

Uh... Wait.

Did you really just get out?

Out of where?


I rather not talk about it.


All right, get to work.




[light music playing on radio]

[sighs deeply]

Hey, Tofu.

[Eun-ja] Tell us some stories
from when you were in the slammer.


[inhales deeply]

Okay, whatever.

[Eun-ja] There you go.

You two aren't related, are you?

We're not telling you.


I guess we don't look like each other.

[both chuckle]

I think...

she was just 18
when she started working here.

[Mi-su] She learned fast.

Learned how to knead bread dough
almost right away,

and she became as good as my mom.

Come on.

My mom relied on Eun-ja
especially after she got sick.

She is my family.


I should get the store ready
for the evening rush.

When I was at the juvenile center,

I always went to breakfast
at 9 a.m. sharp.

Every day, I'd hear the music
and think to myself,

"Oh, I'm still here."

[Hyeon-u] After I finish my breakfast
and return my tray,

I'd hear the reporter finish talking.

Then I knew...

it'd be about 9:50.

Prayed every day.

"Just get me out of here.


After my prayer, the radio show would end.

[Hyeon-u] And I would know...


will happen today.

[leaves rustling]

[Hyeon-u] Every day
was the exact same routine,

but one day, during my prayers,
I said this,

"God, let at least one thing

change by the time I leave this place.

I don't think...

I can go on if nothing has changed."

There's a grocery store up the street.
It'll have something with soybean.

[Yoo Yeol on radio]
Radio, love, and rockets.

Do you know what these three things
have in common?

They all use enormous amounts of energy
in the beginning to launch.

That's my miracle.

[Yoo Yeol on radio]
Hello, you're listening to Music Album.

I'm your new host, Yoo Yeol.

I see.

I guess you could think of it
as a miracle.

Miracles aren't that special.


[lively music playing]

[Yoo Yeol on radio]
On this gorgeous, sunny day,

sunlight streams on the window...

[Eun-ja] Can you get the curtains?

[Yoo Yeol on radio]
Hey, it's such a beautiful day.

Let's go do something fun.

Should we go somewhere we've never been,

and eat something
we've never tried before?

So, dear listeners, call me.

Tell me what you're gonna do
on this beautiful day.

-[Eun-ja] Do you want something to drink?
-[Yoo Yeol] My suggestion,

if you want it, go outside...

-[Eun-ja] You're here.



[Yoo Yeol on radio]
Today is a beautiful day.

[upbeat music]

[Hyeon-u] Mmm.

[can rattling]


Stay still.

[Hyeon-u] Uh, wait...

[Eun-ja] Tilt your head this way.

What are you going to do?


-Can you give me the mirror?
-[Eun-ja] t's fine.

Can you, please?

[Eun-ja] Calm down, it looks perfect.

Yes, perfect. Trust me on this.

[students chatter]

[students giggling]

[Hyeon-u] Hey.

-Hi, there.
-[student 1] Hi, hello.

-[student 2] Will you be here tomorrow?
-I'll be here.

[students giggling]

-[student 1] How about tomorrow?
-[student 2] And the day after that?


-Have a nice day!
-[students giggling]

[student 2] He talked to me.

-[Hyeon-u mumbles]
-[students giggling]

[Mi-su] Girls, you gotta go home.

Uh, hey, what year were you born?



Uh, well, me too.

I started school early.

My friends were born in '74.





[Hyeon-u grunting]

[continues grunting]

What's this?

[Hyeon-u] "I hate bread.
Bread, bread, bread."



I wrote it when I was a kid
and Mom was making me work.

I was so over bread.

I would've been so happy
if my parents had owned this place.


[rain pattering]

[a song about someone
waiting for his loved one]


I'm back.

Hey, you.

Oh, you're still here?


Have you ever seen anything this adorable?

Definitely not.

Christmas cupcakes. Looking good!

They're so cute.

Hey, Hyeon-u.

The Christmas tree is in that box.

[Mi-su] Could you take it out and dust it?

You can leave after that.

[Mi-su] Eun-ja, let me just wash my hands.

Okay, but he wants to help.


-Do you?

Let's try to boost our sales a bit.

-Just set it up outside.

Yes, ma'am.


You don't have to be so formal.

Most of my friends
are the same age as you.

[Eun-ja snickers]


[door closes]

[both laughing]

-[switch clicks]
-[Mi-su grunts]

[Hyeon-u] Wow.

My mom would always put
the Christmas tree outside,

so everyone could enjoy it.

[Christmas music playing]

[Mi-su chuckles]

It's pretty.

Oh, it's beautiful.

[Mi-su] They look so good.

-Come in, it's cold.

-[Eun-ja] Okay, those do look good there.
-[Mi-su] I knew it.

-[Eun-ja] Let's put that there.
-This one?

[Eun-ja] Yeah.

Can we take a picture?

A picture?

[Hyeon-u] Uh, yeah, of us three together.

With everything, even the cupcakes.

[Mi-su gasps]
That's a really good idea.

We should get all this in the picture.

[Eun-ja giggles]

-[Hyeon-u] Uh, we should give them names.
-[Mi-su] Huh?

Like, "Fly, Little Birdie" cupcake,

"An Old Memory" cupcake,

and "A Long Time Ago" cupcake.

[Eun-ja chuckles]
What are you talking about?

[Hyeon-u] There are music award shows
every year.

We should do the same for our cupcakes.

[Mi-su] I'll give the award
to whichever cupcake...

is the best singer.

[Eun-ja chuckling]
Sure, why not?

[Mi-su] But I'll have to taste
each one of these first.

[Christmas music playing]

[drill whirring]

Why do they have to start construction
right around Christmas?

This is usually our best time of year.

They're building apartments.

We'll get more customers soon.

[music intensifies]

[Eun-ja] Hey! That's too loud!

[motorcycle engine revving]

Good morning.

Hey, buddy. Merry Christmas.


What are you doing here?

Why are you here?

I got a job around here
because I ran away from home, all right?

[sighs deeply]

[Tae-seong] It's so freaking
cold out there.

I'll just hang out here for a bit.

[Tae-seong] Oh. This...

looks good.

Would you like a coffee with that?

I'm fine.

Probably should've waited
until the spring to run away.

This is brutal.

-I saved his ass.

I'm the one who got him out of jail.

And now, we run into each other
right before Christmas.

I didn't expect to see him here.

You know, if it weren't for me,

you'd be spending this Christmas
back in prison.

-[Tae-seong chuckles]
-[woman 2] Quack, quack, quack!

-Little duckies.

-Let me hear you.
-They're here.

-[Eun-ja] Duckies!
-[children quacking]

-Go on in.
-[children] Hello.

-[Eun-ja] Hello.
-[children] Hello!

Quack, quack, quack!

[Eun-ja] I'll give you one, hold on.

This one has chocolate buttons on the top.

[woman 2] Oh? Which one?

[horn honking]

Can't believe he still rides that scooter.

-[man 1] Yo! What took you so long?
-Dude, where were you?

Let me at least say hi to him first.

-What's up? I'm glad you're back.

[man 2] Yeah? Do you realize
what time it is?

I saw this all the way back
at the intersection down the road.

Did you know?

[man 2] Yeah, I did.
That's how I found the place.

[Tae-seong] We all did.
You're the only one who's late, dumbass.

-[man 1] What?
-Yeah, that's...

Take this and leave.

[man 2] Hey, we're helping you
with your sales.

We don't need your help.

-[man 2] Oh, yeah?
-Hey, let's talk outside.

-Come on.

-Why do we have to talk outside?
-We're just visiting our friend.

-[Eun-ja] Get out, all of you.
-[man 2] Forget it, let's go.

-[horn honking]
-[engine blaring]

Would it be possible
to get paid in advance?

[man 1] Hey, let's go already!
What are you doing in there?

-Come on!

[man 1] Hey, what are you doing?
Let's go! Get us out of here!

[man 2] Let's go!

Hurry up!

[horn honks]

They're not all bad.

-[horn honking]
-[man 1] We've gotta go!

Fuck, let's get out of here!


[horn honks]

[man 2] Let's go.

[engines revving]

[exhales sharply]

You think he's leaving for good?

[Eun-ja] Mm-hm.


You think he'll ever come back?

[Eun-ja] Hm.

He's too good-looking.



[man 1 and 2 groans]

Yo, what's that?

-Okay, I gotta take a piss.
-I gotta take it, my hands are shaking.

-[man 1] I really need to piss.
-[man 2] Yeah? No way.

-Tell this guy to drink!
-No, no, no.

-I can't, I can't.
-Guys, guys...

I would slur my words.

[Tae-seong] Have some kimchi.

-Don't let me off easy.
-[man 1] Hey!

I'm glad you're back.

Ah! Shut up.

[man 2] Calm down.


[man 3 laughing]


[gloomy music]

[man 4 clears throat]
Coming through.

[man 5] We can't call it a night just yet.

Oh, it's freezing.

-[man 5] What's this, a funeral?
-[man 4] Come on, let's go.

-[man 2] Easy.

[man 3] Hey, you fucking bastard!

[man 5] What?

-[man 3] What did you say?
-[man 5] Hey, calm down. What do you want?

[man 3] What did you say
as you were walking past me?

[man 6] Come on, what's wrong with you?

[man 3] What the fuck did you say?

[men] Come up, four down.

[man 2 grunts]

-[man 2] Oh!
-[man 1] Let's go, let's go.

[man 2] Hey, pass it. Pass the ball!

Hey, over here!

[man 3] I'm open.

[man 2] What was that? you suck.

-No, no, no. I'm open.
-[man 1] I'm wide open.

Over here!

-[man 3] Pass it.

-[man 2] What was that?

[foreboding music]


[crowd clamoring]

[man 7] Oh, my god. Let's go.

He pushed him. The guy just pushed him.

[man 8] He pushed him, I saw.
Did you see that?

That asshole pushed him!

[overlapping dialogue]

[man 3] Hey, fuck you!

[overlapping dialogue]

[man 3] Don't push me! Let go of me!

[somber music]

[somber music continues]


[Yoo Yeol] As the year comes to an end,

we often hope
that things would be different.

We say,

"I wish for only good things
to happen in the new year."

But remember, dear listener,

if the weather's always sunny,

our world would turn into a desert.

Snow and rain, they nourish the soil.

Without water,

all the plants and trees,
and eventually, everything

would wither and die.

So we'll make our wishes for the new year.

How about we change things up?

I'd like some good things
to happen in my life.

Some good is enough.

[teacher] What about the big companies?

You didn't get into any of them?

-[teacher] Hmm.

Your grades are pretty good.

Hiring managers used to line up
to recruit our students.

What's happening this year?


Let's see.

There are two places
where you can start working right away.

One of them...

Have you heard of the company, Gwangjang?

-Oh, what do they do?
-Newsletter editing.

This is a full-time position.

They're offering 15 million won a year.

-They're looking for a literature major...
-Ah, I see.

...from our school, so...
so you'll get the job.

The other option is...

a part-time job in radio.

It only goes for a couple of months.

[teacher] Oh, it's that show
hosted by Yoo Yeol.

[Mi-su humming]

[Mi-su and Hyeon-ju chuckles]

When you hear that melody, it's 9:20 a.m.

After that, he reads off a script
written by someone else.

And you can totally tell.

Ooh, then you hear the theme song
by Kim Kwang-jin at 10 a.m.

Okay, you need to take that job
at the radio station.

I know nothing about radio shows.

[Mi-su and Hyeon-ju] Hello.

[Mi-su] Forget it.

I'll just listen to the show
at a different job.

Oh, you know, fun fact.

Yoo Yeol started hosting the show
on October 1, 1994.


Stop. How in the world
could you remember something like that?

Yeah, I know, right?

After all this time.


[Mi-su] Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

You need a stable job.


No, it's "safe."

Okay, I know it's safer

than the part-time job
at the radio station.

Well, thanks.

[both chuckle]

[Mi-su sighs]

[Li-sik] I just think it's crazy
to have someone else

pack up your stuff for a move, you know?

The movers that packed your house for you,

they're all gonna go under.

They charge three times more
than what we do.

Why would anyone hire them?

Moving gives you a chance
to go through everything you own.

You could finally get rid
of the crap you never use.

-[Li-sik grunts]
-Give me that. It's heavy.

If you don't do it yourself,

how're you gonna know where everything is?

Right, totally.

-[Li-sik] Oh, man.
-[Hyeon-u] You're right.

What's with you, man?
You... You're so distracted.

Well, I'm pretty sure I've heard you
say that at least five times today.

You are the master of your own life.

That's why you need to pack
your own stuff, huh?

-[Hyeon-u snickers]

Here, take these to Mr. Kim's bookstore.

-Oh, these two?

[Eun-ja] I'm coming!

I gave you a little extra.

-This is so good.
-[Eun-ja chuckles]

-Isn't it? It's just for you.
-[Mi-su] Mm.

-[man 9] We're ready to pay.
-[Eun-ja] Of course.

Bye now.

[Eun-ja] Nine thousand won.

Thank you.

I just got a job.


-That's my girl.
-I'm gonna be a writer.

-[Eun-ja and Mi-su laughing]

Oh, sorry.

So, will you make a fortune

now that you've got yourself a job?

I'm gonna be super rich.

[Eun-ja chuckles]

That's nice.


-You paid my tuition fees.
-Enough, come on.


You spent that little bit
of savings you had

from the bakery on me.

We're family.

[Eun-ja giggles]

Thanks, Eun-ja.

Don't mention it.



That's my fat.

-All that good food.
-[both laughing]

I'm proud of you.

-Good evening.
-[man 10] Oh, you're back?



I'm back.

Hey, Hyeon-u.

Li-sik asked me to drop these off.


Good evening.

Oh, hi.

[Mr. Kim] Hyeon-u,
could you take my mother home?

[Mr. Kim's mother] Thank you.

I'm practically blind at night.

But I can see everything during the day.

[Hyeon-u] All right.

I'm serious.
My vision is just fine in the daytime.

-[both chuckle]

[Hyeon-u] What's with all these red flags?

[Mr. Kim's mother]
They're going to build apartments here.

[Hyeon-u] Oh.




I got a job.

I'll come back soon.

I'll do visit you, I promise.

[approaching footsteps]

[Hyeon-u] Mi-su?



Oh, Hyeon-u!

-[Mi-su] Who is she?
-Oh, uh...

Oh, good evening.

-Uh, she's...

So, do you...

Yes, I live here in this neighborhood.

Oh. Oh.

-Okay, yeah.
-[Mr. Kim's mother] Mm-hm.

I, uh...

I have to take her home first.

Uh, do you mind waiting here?

Oh, all right.

-[Hyeon-u] Don't go anywhere.
-[Mi-su] Get home safely.

[Mr. Kim's mother] Thank you.



-[Hyeon-u blows air]
-Did you run here?

-[Mi-su chuckles]

-Can you tell?
-[both chuckle]

How have you been?

I have some good news.

I got my GED.

You did?

You kept studying.


I'm impressed. I'm proud of you.

-Eun-ja's gonna be so happy.
-[both laugh]

Oh, she's running her own noodle shop.

I miss Eun-ja too.

If you happen to be free tomorrow,

how about we go see her?




I start my military service tomorrow.

Uh... Oh.


[Mi-su] You must be tired.

[Hyeon-u] No, I'm fine.

You don't need to walk me home.

It's okay.

[Mi-su] When I woke up this morning,

I never imagined my day
would end like this.

[Mi-su chuckles]

I'm so happy
I decided to visit the bakery.

It's like I got my own little miracle.

[both chuckling]

This is it. This is where I live.

-Right here?



Uh, thanks for walking me home.

Of course.

I'm happy...


...that I ran into you today.

Me too.


Be safe out there, okay?


Good night.
[chuckles softly]


[metal clanking]



I must be nervous.

I entered my number wrong.

Your number?

Yeah, I use my student ID number.

-It's the only thing i can remember.
-[lock clicks]

Oh, your school gives you a number.

Ah, it's not a big deal.

Are you cold?

[Hyeon-u] Hm?

Just wait here for a second.

Don't come in until I tell you to, okay?

All right.

[Mi-su grunting]


[utensils clank]

Come in.


This is all I've got in the house.

-[both gasping]

Are you okay?


-What... How did that happen?

-Uh, thanks.
-[both chuckle]

-I hope that they're...
-I got it. I got it.

Do you want... I can get you a new shirt.

[Mi-su] Hold on.


Hey, don't worry about it.


[both laughing]

[Mi-su grunts]


[Mi-su] This blanket looks thin,
but it'll keep you warm.

-[Hyeon-u grunting]

-[Mi-su laughing]

-[Hyeon-u chuckles]
-Oh, my god.

I'm sorry. You okay?

-Yeah, I'm fine.
-I didn't know you were behind me.

[Mi-su] Hyeon-u, is everything okay?

[Hyeon-u] Uh... yeah.


Those are Eun-ja's pajamas.

-[Mi-su laughing]

These are Eun-ja's?

Sorry. I'm sorry.


[both laughing]


[Mi-su] What's wrong?

-Is it the shirt?
-Uh, yeah.

Let me see.

[Hyeon-u] Uh...

-[breathes deeply]
-[flame crackles]

[Mi-su] All done.

[calm music]

[Mi-su] Hyeon-u.

Are you asleep?

[Hyeon-u] No.

That day...

I thought...

that I would never see you again, but...

I tried to...

wait for you.

[Hyeon-u] That day...

Back then...

we got into a fight with this drunk guy.

I was with Tae-seong.

[Hyeon-u sighs]

And, uh, my probation was revoked.


I had to go back to the juvenile center.

[Hyeon-u sighs]

I wanted to come back to the bakery.

So badly.

[Hyeon-u sighs deeply]

[Mi-su] Sleep tight.

[Hyeon-u] You too.

[computer chiming]

[keyboard keys clacking]




[keyboard keys clacking]






[Mi-su] Oh, I'm so tired this morning.

With you showing up,
and it being my first day of work...

...I barely slept.

[Hyeon-u chuckles]
Me neither.

[Mi-su] Here.

-[Hyeon-u] What is this?
-This is your new e-mail address.

-I made an account for you.
-Uh, okay.

You know how it works, right?

Just check your inbox for my e-mails.

And you have to write me back.

This way, we can stay in touch.

[Hyeon-u] Yeah.


Promise, I'm gonna come back.

[Mi-su] Okay. I'll be right here, waiting.


[sighs deeply]


[light music]

[light music continues]

[machines whirring]


This way.


[Mi-su] Good morning.

Good morning, how can I help you?

-I'm supposed to--
-[supervisor] Oh, are you Kim Mi-su?

-Ah, yes.
-I see.

-Well, it's very nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you too.

Uh, this here is Gwon Eun-su.

-And that's Kim Hyeon-suk.

-She'll be the one training you.
-Ah, thank you.

-[supervisor] Hyeon-suk.

Meet your successor.

Oh, hi. How are you?

-[supervisor] She'll take over from here.

[supervisor] Yeah.

Put these in your ears.





I forgot to write down the password.


You don't need to wear them right away.



[Eun-su] The earplugs.

Oh, yeah.


♪ When my loneliness grows ♪

♪ As much as my shadow has grown ♪

♪ My nostalgia ♪

♪ Takes me to that place ♪

♪ There, I find you ♪

♪ My prayer for wanting to be with you ♪

♪ And our last moment together ♪

♪ How come I haven't heard ♪

♪ Any news about you? ♪

♪ Perhaps you're too far away ♪

♪ By the riverside at sunset ♪

♪ Our old memories still breathe ♪

[Yoo Yeol on radio]
Someone named "Doughnut"

sent me a letter today.

"Dear Mr. Yoo,

I'm writing to you
because I won't be able to meet Tofu

even if he comes to visit me.

I'm moving away.

I've been sending e-mails to an account,

that he can't even check,
for several days now."

[knocks on door]

[Yoo Yeol on radio]
"The password is my student ID, Tofu!"

[Yoo Yeol chuckles]

I feel like this story is written in code.

You got things like,
"password," "student ID,"

"Tofu" and "Doughnut."

I wonder what these e-mails say.

I've been really curious now.

[Mi-su] Hi, Hyeon-u!

The last time we saw each other,

my nose was red from the cold weather.

But now, summer is in full swing.

I hear soldiers prefer the hot summer
to the cold winter.

Is that true?

How are you doing?

I hope you get to see this, eventually.

I've written you so many e-mails.



[engine revving]

[Yoo Yeol] As we barrel headfirst
into the 21st century,

what fascinating inventions
will be unfurled?

When I attended
an international exhibition

for future technologies,

this guy pulled out an amazing new gadget.

It was a phone
that had a digital camera inside.


we will all have a cell phone
and a camera small enough

to fit in our pockets.

When we think of it,

we can carry around an entire photo album
of all the people we love, everyday.

The future is mind-blowing.


[somber music]

[somber music continues]

[keyboard keys clacking]

[computer chimes]


[suspenseful music]

[Mi-su gasps]

[Hyeon-u] Hey, Mi-su. It's Hyeon-u.

I've finally figured out the password.

-You must be surprised.

[Hyeon-u] I went to your place,
but they said you've moved.

Excuse me!

Is that apartment for rent?

[Hyeon-u] You're probably wondering
how I figured out the password.

-What I did was...
-Here's the address.

What's the code for the door?


-[agent] 2-6-2-6-7-0.
-[landlady] Right, 6-7-0.


is this the last tenant's door code?

Hold on. Uh-huh...

[landlord] Yeah, I think so.

[Hyeon-u] I'll tell you how
when I see you.

Also, I've got something
I'd really like to show you.

Hi, can I use the computer?

[keyboard keys clacking]

[a song about confessing one's love]

[computer chimes]


[Hyeon-u] I got it.


[Hyeon-u sighs]




[light switch clicks]

[Mi-su] I'm so happy
that you're finally able

to figure out the password.

I even sent the story
to Yoo Yeol's radio show,

just to try and tell you the password.

E-mail me your phone number.

I'll call you sometime
between noon and one tomorrow.

[Tae-seong] Hey, Hyeon-u.

Hey, man.


Is this really it?
We get paid just to be here?

Yeah, just relax,
and, you know, walk around a bit.

That's what I've been doing all day.

Your form looks good.

[line ringing]

[cell phone ringing]

[Hyeon-u] Hello?

[Mi-su] Hyeon-u?

Yeah, it's me.

[Mi-su] How have you been?

[Hyeon-u] Well, you know me.

-Just hard at work.

[Mi-su] You're as positive as I remember.

Just hearing your voice
is brightening up my day.

[Hyeon-u] I miss you.

[Hyeon-u] Uh, what kind of work
are you doing these days?

[Mi-su] Well...

What kind of work do you think I do?

Uh, the kind of work you wanted to do.

[Hyeon-u] Eun-ja always say
you're such a great writer.

It's kind of related.

[Mi-su] I'll call you later.
Around 6 p.m., okay?

Oh, uh... Yeah.

[Hyeon-u] Uh, I'll be waiting
for your call.

I like to see you.




[line ringing]

[line continues ringing]

[automated voice]
The person you are trying to reach

is not available at this time.

Please leave a message after the tone.

[cell phone ringing]

[line ringing]

[automated voice]
The person you are trying to reach

-is not available...

[sighs deeply]

[man 11] Hey, look at this!

[policeman] Hey, please be quiet.

You took off with the membership fees,
which are four million won per person.

And there are over a hundred members.

These days, so many fitness clubs
change their names,

just so they can get new members
and can scam them.

Sir, we told you,
we don't know what happened.

[man 12] I don't know anything.
I just work there part-time.

[clears throat]

I, uh, really didn't do anything wrong.

When, when the fight broke out,

I, uh...

I didn't hit anyone.
I didn't even fight back.

Please, I'm in college now.

-I didn't do anything--
-Uh, I can't hear you. Speak up.


-[horn honks]


-[horn honks]

Hey, man, thanks for keeping me out of it.

-Hey, hold on.
-Where are you going?

Hey, let's grab a drink.

-Hey, man.
-Come on, man.

-Thanks for taking care of that.
-Hold up, hold up.

Hey, you know, I was just trying
to help you out, right?

Tae-seong stuck his neck out for you.

And he got you that job
'cause you said you needed some cash.

Dude, don't be so salty.

The owner lied to Tae-seong too.


Can you please just leave me alone?

[man 1] What the hell?

[Tae-seong] So you're just gonna ditch us?

-Where you going?

-[man 2] Yo.



[man 2] Fuck you. It's not like
Tae-seong did it on purpose.

[man 1] Hey, Hyeon-u!



[man 13] Hey, open up!

-[glass shatters]

[woman 3] Oh, watch out!

-What's going on?
-Getting away from us, huh?

-[woman 3] I want my money!
-[man 13] I want my money back.

[overlapping dialogue]






[Mi-su] Something must've come up.


I'm kinda thankful
that I didn't hear from you.

To tell you the truth,

I feel like a total loser these days.

I'm not really in the mood to catch up
and laugh with you

after all these years.

I hate myself.

I don't even want people to look at me.

I'm sad.


I made all these choices myself,
so why do I feel this way?

[keyboard keys clacking]

[Mi-su] There's only one thing
that made me happy recently.

You figuring out the password.

Thanks to you, I got to laugh
for the first time in a long time.

Hyeon-u, get in touch
when something good happens.


And I'll do the same.

[birds chirping]

[upbeat music]

♪ Why is it so hard to start the day ♪

♪ Should I take it easy
With a cup of coffee ♪

♪ A grateful cup of coffee
That can wake me up ♪

♪ The smell of freesias
When I walk out the door ♪

[Yoo Yeol] All right, dear listeners.

Today, we're gonna do something
to fulfill our intellectual curiosity.

In this segment,
we're gonna learn about a new book

and meet its author. Mr. Jeong Su-man,

the author
of Charming People and Their Travels,

is in the studio.

-Good morning!
-[Su-man] Hi.

I'm Jeong Su-man, the author
of Charming People, Their Travels.

[Yoo Yeol] You know,
I couldn't help but notice.

Are you feeling
a little nervous right now?

[Su-man] Well, this is my first time
on a radio station.

[Yoo Yeol] Uh-huh.

[Su-man] I drank so much water
that I have to keep going to the restroom.

[Yoo Yeol] Oh, I see.

Mi-su, you're allowed to talk here.


-[Mi-su] Oh.

Come on, don't be so shy.

Well, I thought maybe the microphone
would pick me up.

Your friend's pretty funny.

I swear, when I imagined...

Yoo Yeol's studio,

I always pictured it
looking very different.

I thought he looked out an actual window,

because he was always so detailed
with his descriptions.

[both chuckle]

Uh, can I give them the, uh...

[clears throat]

I brought these for you.


[Jong-u] Look who's back. It's Mi-su.


-I'm back.
-Oh, nice work, Mi-su.

Mr. Jeong sounded so nervous on the show.

[manager] He made me nervous.

-I know, right.
-[manager] Hm.


-Did you take some photos?
-Yeah, I did.

If my mom hadn't shown up out of nowhere

and taken up half my day,

I could've made it to the radio station.

[Jong-u and Mi-su chuckle]

See if you could give him more interviews.

-Sure, okay.
-I'm serious.

[Mi-su] I'm on it.

-I'll give you a bonus.
-Yes, sir.

I know you're all talk.

[Jong-u and Mi-su chuckle]

Back to work.

[manager] Okay, see you later.


Hey, who's moving into the space upstairs?

[manager] I'm not sure.

They make movies or something like that.

The boss knows one of them.


They're just some college kids
working on a project.

Apparently, their goal
is to make their dreams come true.

[manager] That's been everyone's obsession
since the World Cup, hasn't it?



[Jong-u humming]

-What are you doing here?

Oh, I've been waiting for you.

[Mi-su chuckles]
Did something happen?

[Jong-u] Something amazing.

-[Mi-su] Oh?
-Come on.


-No, it's okay. Have a good night.
-No, no, no, come on.

-I have to take you somewhere.
-[Mi-su laughs]

-[Mi-su] Where?
-Come on.

Let's go.


[Jong-u tutting]


-Did you see it?
-See what?

Oh, you don't see it?




-Is that our book?
-[Jong-u laughs]

The book we published
has made it to number six.



Congratulations, this is huge.

Oh, come on.
After all this work, that's it, huh?

I've never seen you more stressed out.

You acted like the whole world
was coming to an end.

Come on, let it out. Show me how you feel.


The book I published
made it to number six!

Yeah! Whoo!


-[Jong-u] This is awesome!

-[Mi-su shouts]
-This is awesome!

-This is awesome! Number six!

-[both laughing]

You did good.

[Mi-su sighs]

[upbeat music playing on radio]

[Yoo Yeol on radio]
As I sit in this new studio

overlooking Yeouido Park,

the sunlight, uh, feels so strong,

yet it holds me in its warmth.

And I'm reminded
how lucky I am, dear listeners.

So, I want all of you to think about

someone you may have left behind.

Somebody special in your life.

Sounds like he got his window.

[Yoo Yeol on radio]
Think of them and let the sun

-carry your thoughts to them.

[Yoo Yeol] On this beautiful day.

From this day forward,
Yoo Yeol's Music Album...

-Good morning!
-...will be broadcast

from an open studio,
overlooking the splendid park.

Where the sun filters through the trees.

It's gonna be hard for me to focus
on the show today.

I'll be too busy gazing on my window.

And to all of you out there,

Yoo Yeol's Music Album
is starting right now.

[Mi-su gasps]


When I first started this company,

it was just a place for me
and a couple friends

to work on projects for fun.

But in just two years,

we've managed to publish
a best-selling book.

Let this not be our last.

-[all laugh]

♪ Perhaps ♪

♪ We were longing for each other ♪

-[Mi-su] Have a good night.
-Oh, thank you.

[indistinct chatter]

♪ We may have failed
To notice one another ♪

♪ While strolling along the same street ♪

♪ And walked past each other ♪

♪ We might have regretted our decision ♪

♪ At the moment ♪

♪ When we were exchanging
Our last farewell ♪

♪ Because I'm timid ♪

♪ I'm afraid
We might walk past each other ♪

♪ Once ♪


looks like we meet again.


nice to see you.


I should be heading home.


There's something I like to show you.

♪ If the thought ♪

♪ That you're all alone ♪

♪ Makes your heart ache as well ♪

♪ Every time you head out the door ♪


[children giggling]

♪ You're probably keeping it
All bottled up inside ♪

♪ Like a fool ♪

♪ Mmm... ♪

Wait right here.

[door opens]

[door closes]

-[Hyeon-u] Hmm...


[light switch clicks]


[Hyeon-u] Uh, wait, it's...

-[light switch clicks]

Why are we here?

[Hyeon-u] I'm renting this place.


No, I mean...

How is this possible?

[Hyeon-u] Oh.

Well, I've always liked this apartment.

It was available and within my budget.

So I signed the lease.

When I saw you today,

I didn't know what to say at first,

because there are so many things
I wanna tell you,

but I can't remember any of them.

[Mi-su] I'm glad to see you again.

-[Hyeon-u laughs]

[Hyeon-u] Uh, nothing.



[both chuckle]

I think we should make some kimchi stew.

Uh, okay.

Kimchi stew and, uh, stir-fried pork.

Yeah, let's make omelet rice too.
I know how.

That'll be too much work.

I'll do it. Just go relax.

No way, that's too much for one person.

We should've bought minced garlic.

This is just...

-I'll mince the garlic.
-Are you sure? 'Cause...

-[Hyeon-u] I'll do it.
-That's a lot of garlic.

-I'll mince all the garlic.

Are you sure you wanna do everything
by yourself?

Yeah, go take a shower.

All right, then.

[Mi-su] Hyeon-u,
did you turn on the water?


[Mi-su] Are you running the water
in the kitchen?


[Mi-su] If you do that,
the water turns ice cold.

[water trickling]

[faucet squeaking]



Thanks for cooking.


[Mi-su gasps]

Is it good?

Mm, mm-hm.

This is so good.


[Mi-su slurps, chuckles]

When I was living here,

there was a huge patch of mold
on that wall.

So, you had no idea that...

if you run the kitchen sink,
the shower gets cold?

I mean, I get it because you live alone.

I guess you've never brought
a girlfriend back here before.

I'm not gonna tell you.
Just eat your food.


I am eating.

[cell phone chiming]

One sec.

[chiming continues]


What are all these?



[Hyeon-u] I only have
a handful of happy memories.

But some of them,

I just can't recall the details.

They don't even feel like they're my own.

I almost can't believe
that those things actually happened to me.

I took those photos so I wouldn't forget.


-You scared me.

You take good care of me.


[sighs deeply]

Are you still scared of me?


You were scared of me when we first met.


How about now?


Still not scared?

[both chuckle]

[both panting]

[children giggling]

[child 1] Try and catch me!

[both chuckle]

[both laughing]

♪ Do you feel my love? ♪

[both chuckling]

♪ Even though ♪

♪ I'm hiding it from you ♪

♪ If you can feel it ♪

♪ Does it mean
You're hiding your feelings too? ♪

♪ Do you feel my love? ♪

[Hyeon-u and Mi-su chuckle]

♪ When did you ♪

♪ Find out? ♪

♪ If you feel the same way ♪

♪ Please ♪


Are you done yet?

Did you finish your book?

I have about three pages left.

You're a slow reader.

Back when you were a kid,

did you ride motorcycles around
like these punks do?

I have, in the past.

[Mi-su] Hm. Mm-hm.

With a girl sitting on the back?



You're such a liar.


[Mi-su chuckling]

Oh, stop.

You finished? Give me that.


[Mi-su] I don't wanna see
Eun-ja like this.

My mom really cared about her.

She wanted Eun-ja to marry a nice man,

and start a family of her own.

I told her to follow her heart
and not settle,

but she insisted she wanted to marry
that old man with a kid.

Go on in. I'll wait here.

Can't you just come with me?


Come on, let's go.


Maybe next time.

Go on.

All right.

-Just go.
-[both laughing]

[Mi-su] No, I'm just gonna wait here.

-[Hyeon-u] Let's just go together, hm?

[Hyeon-u sighs]


Have a seat anywhere.




Is that you?

[Hyeon-u] Yes, Eun-ja. It's me.

Oh, my god. Tofu! Tofu!

[both laughing]


Oh, I can't believe it.

You're even more handsome than I remember.

-Oh, my god!

Here, have a seat.

Sit, sit.

How did you find me?

Uh, Mi-su, uh...

She didn't want to come, right?


[child 2] Miss Eun-ja.

She's... She's in trouble.

-[child 2] She's gonna get beat-up!

-[Eun-ja's daughter groaning]
-Stop! Stop!

-Come here.

-[Mi-su] Let go!

-Say you're sorry. Do it.

-[approaching footsteps]


[Eun-ja's daughter] I'm sorry.

-She's here.
-Hey, who is this?


What? Who am I?

You little...

-[Eun-ja] Mi-su...

-You shouldn't have to deal with this.

You pretending you don't recognize me?


I caught her smoking.

Your stepmom
is the best chef in the world,

but she's stuck
in that restaurant all day long

making noodle soup because of you,
you understand?

We'll talk later.

-Everything's fine.
-Don't do this.

It's okay.

I've missed you.

[Mi-su] Why do you let her
treat you this way?

Where's the Eun-ja I know?

She would've never let this happen.


[Hyeon-u clears throat]

[Eun-ja] All right, dinner is served.

This is two-year-old kimchi.

I only serve this to a few special people.

You can take some home with you.

-[Eun-ja chuckles]

You can have more after you finish this.


-Looks good.

Thank you for the food.

[Hyeon-u clears throat]


[Eun-ja chuckles]

-You like it?
-Yup. Delicious.

-The soup is amazing.
-[Eun-ja] Do you want more pepper?


Try it with the kimchi.

Don't you think it's weird that Eun-ja

didn't even ask
if we're seeing each other?

-I mean, she doesn't have to.

I just wonder why she didn't bring it up.

Honestly, it doesn't matter to me.


We can be together or take it slow,
it's whatever you want.

So it's up to me what we do, huh?

Are you sure you want me
to make this decision?










-[keyboard keys clacking]



[Mi-su] What are you doing?


I'm getting ready to develop the film,
but it's kinda tricky.

[camera rattles, whirrs]

[Mi-su] Hey, Hyeon-u.

What do you think about
this Pepsi T-shirt that I'm wearing?

I think it looks great on you.

So then will you give it to me
if I say that I want it?


[Mi-su] Smile.


What? What?

[Mi-su] Hey, I have a question for you.

-How is it...

that you have such an adorable smile?


Is that a genuine smile?

Or is he just trying really hard?

I ask this, because,

when you feel like a loser,
everyone else also looks...

like a loser,
and your whole world looks like shit.


I'd want more from life
if I had more to begin with.

There are very few things in this life
that I hold dear.


But I'm staring at one right now.


Go on.

To me, at least...

you're the most wonderful...

beautiful person in the whole world.



That's so sweet.

This coffee's so sugary, I feel dizzy.

Coffee is best when it's sweet.

[light music]

[light music continues]

[Hyeon-u sighs]

You go ahead.

[Hyeon-u] What?

I'll be right up, okay?


Do you wanna get married?


I guess this is how guys feel.

I said that without even realizing
what I was saying.

I'm just kidding,
so just forget what you heard.


-Let's go inside.

[switch clicks]

[Jong-u] In your old neighborhood,

there was an apartment complex over here.

And the hair salon was here.

There's a real estate agency
where the bakery used to be.

Uh, if you turn right
at the corner of the convenience store

and keep walking,

you get to the old corner store, remember?

Uh, I'm sorry, what are you trying to say?

Didn't I...

Didn't I tell you?

Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you.

I've decided to buy this store.

Gonna open a bakery there,
and it will offer cooking classes.

The classroom should be fairly large,

the store has a good amount of space.

You could help me.



What do you... you think?

[both laughing]

I promise to make you smile every day.

If that's what you want.


-You sound so cheesy right now.
-[both laughing]

[Mi-su gasps]



I'm returning these.

-You can just leave them there.
-[Hyeon chuckles]

-Have a good one.
-You too.

[cell phone buzzing]

[buzzing continues]


[cell phone buzzing]

[buzzing continues]


Why didn't you answer my calls?

[somber music]

[Tae-seong] I guess you're too busy
living a normal life.

You know, today's the ten-year anniversary
of Jeong-hyeop's death, huh?

You, of all people,
should pay your respects.

We're leaving in the afternoon.
We'll wait for you.

Come on, make it quick.

Hey, don't tell me what to do, okay?

-You didn't do anything today.
-Yo, why me? What's the matter with you?

Can one of you just do it? I'm tired.

Rock, paper, scissors.

-Rock, paper, scissors.
-Real men use their fists.

-Okay, okay, okay.
-Everyone, put your hand in.

One, two, three.

-[man 3] Hey, are you playing?
-Let's play without him, come on.

Okay, you ready?

-One, two, three, shoot!
-[all] Shoot!

-One, two, three, shoot!
-[all] Shoot!

[man 3] Goddamn it!

-[woman 4] Hey!
-[man 3] Oh, shit!

[woman 4] You...

[both sigh]

[man 3] Fuck! Guys, she saw me.

What do you want?

I got my GED and went to college.

I got a job in the city.

If Jeong-hyeop were alive,

he would have graduated
and be working too.

The fact that you and your friends
aren't behind bars...

that makes me sick to my stomach.

You don't deserve a good life.

-[paper rustling]
-You guys should be locked up

so you can never do this to anyone again.

[Hyeon-u] It was an accident.

I beg you, forgive me.

Please, I'm sorry.


I don't care.

When you die, apologize to him yourself.

[gate slams]

See you around.

[cell phone buzzing]

[buzzing continues]

[seatbelt clicks]

Ah, shit.

[line ringing]

Where are you?
I'm waiting for you outside,

it's about to rain.

[Tae-seong] Are you Hyeon-u's girlfriend?


Who is this? Who am I talking to?

[Tae-seong] He left his phone in my car.


Why was he in your...

Tell me where you are.

I'll bring it to you.

[Tae-seong] Oh, yeah.

Aren't you that girl from the bakery?

Not that Hyeon-u would tell me anyway.

[water trickling]


[door opens, closes]


There it is.

[Hyeon-u sighs]

What did you do... today?


I went to my aunt's place
to see my grandma.

Well, I wish that you had told me.


I got distracted.

-[Hyeon-u] I'll be right back.

[Mi-su] Okay.

[Gi-seok] Hyeon-u.

We have to move.

Jong-u's starting
a new business or something.

Uh, where are we gonna go?


I'm getting so tired of this.

The movie is never gonna get made.

We can't afford to keep jumping
from office to office.

It's just setting back our timeline.

Pretty messed up, don't you think?

Uh, what about the radio station?

Think that'll be okay with you

working there?

[Jong-u] Hey.

So, uh, have you started looking
for a new office?

No, not yet.
[clears throat]

I see. Sorry it happened this way.

[Jong-u] You'll be fine, though.

You're still young,
you have time to start over.


You know what, I gotta get outta here.


[Go-seok] See you later.

[sighs deeply]


What was Mi-su like when you knew her?

[Jong-u] Was she pretty then too?

She's always been cranky, right?

I don't know.


[children giggling]

-[child 3] Wow.
-[child 4] Hey!

Hey, stop it! It's really dangerous.

[instructor] Hey, kids. Be careful.

[child 3] Yes, sir.


[Tae-seong] You scared me.

[light music]

[Tae song sighs]
This is it.

[gate creaks]



-Thank you.


-Is it good?
-[Hyeon-u] It's great.


-You should eat.

I went to see...

Jeong-hyeop's sister has moved away.


How do you know that?

Well, they're gone.

I spoke to her neighbors,
but none of them know where she went.


You don't need to go
and visit her anymore.

That was the last time--

How did you find out about him?

Tae-seong told me.


[sighs deeply]

[spoon clanks]



I thought everything was okay now.

What's okay about this?

Tell me, how is this okay?

It will never go away.

You know everything.

-[Hyeon-u sighs]
-[Mi-su whimpers]

Don't go.

You don't have to.


Couldn't you...

Couldn't you...

have been the one person that didn't know?

Why do you have to go searching for this?

How could I not?

You were never gonna tell me.



I'll forget everything.

I'll forget about all of it,

and you should forget everything
I told you.

What should I pray for now?


I always prayed for God
to please just let me live a normal life.

To take this all away.



when will you be okay?

When will you stop running?



[Mi-su] You smell just like
those assholes, you know that?

You smell like an ashtray!

[continues sobbing]

-[glass shatters]

[car alarm blaring]

[horn honking]


[horn honking]


Have you lost your fucking mind?

What the hell?


The owner of the dojo
won't be happy, right?

You better get out of here.

Are you insane?




You say you're my best friend, yeah?

Is life just a game to you?

[both breathing heavily]

No, I take life very seriously.
People die playing games.

"Playing games"?

You really think that's what happened?

You were there with us.

Whether we were beating someone up
or stealing stuff.

But do you ever stop to think about us?

None of us are okay.

[Hyeon-u scoffs]

You know...

I think it's kinda fucked up.

We all made the same mistake,

but I feel like only you are forgiven.

-Why do you think that is, hm?

Is it because you think you're better?

Shut the fuck up,
you know that's not true.

Maybe you should take a look
at yourself in the mirror.

You were the one who let him die.

[car approaching]

-[Hyeon-u grunts]
-[Tae-seong groans]


[both grunting]

[Hyeon-u] Son of a bitch!

-[both grunting]

[both panting]

-[Hyeon-u grunting]

-[Tae-seong yells]
-[Hyeon-u grunts]

[horn honking]

[Tae-seong and Hyeon-u panting]

[Hyeon-u sniffles]



[coughs, spits]

[Hyeon-u pants]

-[Eun-ja's daughter gasps]


Are you hurt?


[Eun-ja's daughter]
Can I ask you something?

Are you and Mi-su...

really seeing each other?


I'm gonna ask you something, okay?


Why are you always so mean to your mom?


Why would you ask me that?

What if she stops supporting you?




That won't happen.


I'm all that she has in this world.


are you two seeing each other?

You're not, right?

[Eun-ja] Who's there?

There she is.

[Eun-ja] Hyeon-u, is that you?


What's happened?

I came by 'cause I was hungry.

I'm glad you did.

Eat up.

[utensils clinking]

Thank you, Eun-ja.


It's so good.

[Eun-ja chuckles]

[switch clicks]

[somber music]

[door thuds]

[knob rattling]

[car door lock clicks]

[Jong-u] What the...

-How's it going?

Uh, good.

What's up?

I left something in the office.

Do you mind if I go and get it?

Uh, well, I'm busy now.

Tell me what it is.
I'll give it to you when I can.

Uh, well...

It's the photo. The one on Mi-su.


That photo.

-It's at my place.

I'm really sorry. I just thought...

I thought you threw it out.


You're a piece of shit.


I think you're a good guy.

But you're too serious and gloomy,

and so is Mi-su.

I think she needs someone

who can bring some happiness
back into her life.


We all need to have some fun.

[engine revving]

[approaching footsteps]


[knocking on window]

Are you going to see Mi-su?


If I follow your car,
will you take me to her?


You're gonna follow me?

Good luck with that, kid.

[engine revving]


♪ As darkness befalls me quietly ♪

-[woman 5] Slow down!
-[woman 6] Where's he going?

[woman 5] Told him to slow down.

♪ I dream of the first day of spring ♪

♪ I can't see you ♪

♪ Since you are ♪

♪ So far away ♪

♪ But I still tend my flower garden ♪

♪ Autumn is nearing its end ♪

♪ And winter is coming ♪

♪ But I won't forget
The spring sunshine... ♪

[Hyeon-u] Mi-su!

♪ Snow is falling hard ♪

[Jong-u] Get in.

♪ And vanquish
Even the slightest bit of sunlight ♪

♪ But in the faraway land,
Spring resides ♪

♪ Oh, love ♪



He is really, uh... something.

[Jong-u] Should I pull over?






[continues panting]

[sighs deeply]

[Mi-su gasps]

I love you, Mi-su.

[Hyeon-u] I love you.





Don't run after us.

Please don't, okay, hm?

You'll get hurt.

[somber music]

[Mi-su sobs]




[engine revs]


[Eun-ja] Why do you wanna have soju
with doughnuts?

No reason.

I just haven't had doughnuts
in a long time.

I hope they taste good.

I didn't have all the...

proper ingredients.

[Mi-su chuckles]

Well, they look great. Thank you.

-Eat up.



You see? Nothing like the old days.



Everything in the world has changed

except for these doughnuts.


-Same taste?

[both chuckle]

Hang on, let me just...

You can't eat doughnuts without coffee.

I'll go make some.

[Eun-ja laughing]

What's wrong?


I was just thinking about the old days.

You know, when...

the guy who loved tofu was around.


[sighs deeply]

Hyeon-u promised me he'd be back...

and open a bakery for me.


[Eun-ja] The other day.

It looked like he had been
punched in the face.

He just had some food and left.

[Eun-ja] Apparently,
I had told him that I trusted him.

He said I told him that years ago.

I don't even remember.

His grandmother, his aunt, his teacher.

No one believed him.

But I said that to him back then.

I have no memory of saying that.

But he still remembered
after all these years.

[somber music]



[crowd cheering]

-[man 14] What did he say?
-[woman 7] We're keeping this.

Keep this.
But he said this part, instead of here.

-[man 14] Yeah.

[woman 7] Remember the ones
about hiking in England?

[man 14] Oh, yeah, okay. Right.

I made a change here.

-Uh, Hyeon-u.

-You can go in now and set up.
-Okay, thanks.

It's a twin story.

-Mm-hm. Hey.
-[Yoo Yeol] Sounds good.


[Yoo Yeol] Twins. Okay.

-[Yoo Yeol] Come in.

Oh, it's nice to meet you.

Oh, that must be the camera
for the livestream.

But why exactly we have to offer
video footage of a radio show?

Uh, well, the camera
will take a bunch of screenshots,

then we'll put them together
to look like a video.

-One image after another...
-[Yoo Yeol] Mm-hm.

so it'll look different
than what you're used to.


Well, today is the first day
of our video stream.

Is there a name you'd like me to mention?


Whose name comes to mind?

It could be someone you barely know,
someone you miss,

or someone that you see every day

but just can't stop thinking about.

Kim Se-in, Gwon Ye-ji, Park Song-i.


Kim Mi-su.

The names that we cherish in our hearts
are like our diaries, journals.

The very records of our lives.

When I feel the warm sunshine,
and see the beautiful greenery,

I can't help but think of the thousands
of cherished names

and memories in my heart.

This is Yoo Yeol's Music Album.

And to all you lovers out there,
this song's for you.

[a song to console someone
who just lost a loved one]



[crowd cheering]

-[crowd cheering]


Hyeon-u! You were so good!


[light music]



Subtitle translation by Liya Choi

Ripped and synced by
gabbyu's subs