Tumultes (1990) - full transcript

A death in the family. Patrick dies and his three sisters gather at their parents' home in Normandy. Anne, the oldest, is steady, married with two children, showing little emotion. Isabelle, who's cut herself off from her family for eight years, returns from Paris. Claude, Patrick's twin and still a student, grieves for her other half. Along with their parents, each must face family grievances first before they can grieve together for Patrick. Then comes the revelation of how he died, and new feelings come to the fore. Can a death help a family to heal, coax an aging mother back to sanity, bring a couple into each other's arms, and enable two sisters to grow?


"Saint Vaast..."




What do they have?

"Plaice, conger eel..."

It won't do.

"St. Brieuc."



Who's at Fécamp?


What does he say?

"He's all smiles!"

Get the mullet and squid...
Have it loaded by 9.

"If there's cod..."

"...shall I send it?"

Not over 18.

Watch the scallops.
I have a buyer.

- And anglers...?
- Too expensive at 60!

And below?

Wait for me, I'm on my way.


...it hurts!

I don't want it!

Drink it, mum...
It'll help.

Go get Patrick, I want him.

I'll get dad.

Leave him alone, he's working!

I want my son.

Drink your drops...
He'll soon be here.

You liar!

You rotten liar!

Patrick will never come!

You know, Ann...

...pain exhausts me.

I feel so alive...

...yet so ashamed.

You'll be sleeping now.

It won't bring back my son...

- Send it all to Paris?
- Yes.

Call Trévozan and see
if he can get us later...

- Hello!
Hello, Robin!

Thanks". I'll be back.

- How is she?
- With all these drops...sound asleep!

Go fetch Isabel at the station,
I just couldn't wake up Claude!

Never mind, I'll go.

Coffee'll work wonders!


How nice!

No real coffee...?
You're getting into bad habits!

Any milk?

How's mum?

She woke up at three...

Get some sleep, Ann.

You look awful...
on the verge of collapse!

I'll be fine.

Yeah...you're always fine!

Particularly when you're not!


Hello, kid!

Let me drive.

- You're dead beat!
- Never mind, it'll do me good!

I haven't seen the sea for ages...

I can't.

I can't...see them,
talk, explain!

- I'm all in...l can't!
- But they need you, Isabel.

You don't have to account
for anything!

- Do try, mum's not well.
- Neither am l...!

Yeah, we're all lost!

Except Ann, I guess...
flawless Ann!

- She tries...always steady.
- No wonder!

It's no use...
It's been so long.

They've become so alien to me'

They never understood me.

I spoil it all!

My man left...
My job's a mess.

You're not here on trial...
but because we need you...

to say we're together...
and always will.

Even far away, anywhere!

We are a family...
a family indeed!

At least we try!

But what will I tell them?


You're here..,that's all!

Go wash your hands...
they're dirty.

Where are the twins?
Always hatching...!

Incredible! My four children
are will-d-the-wisps!

And you...
impatiently waiting.

By the way, Isabel...

You'll make your first
communion this year.

And don't reply...
no more quibbling!

Hello, mum!

Seems to be the fashion...

Always crying.“
as if it helped!

I forgive you...
this once !

I'm worried about you.

Always the eccentric...
you'll burn your fingers!

I can see". I'm not daft!


...the twins are getting
to be different?

It'll be easier
when they separate.

Particularly for Claude...
she still a baby!

I'm going down...
You must sleep.


I thought you were smarter
than your sister.

She gives me drops...
which land in the pot plants!

I must keep on the watch.

This is no time to sleep!

Now go...go!

Bring the last digits.“

And the laser outputs.

No, not those...
the TIF ones!

We'll just reset it all...
it won't take long.

It'll be ready in time!

Can't talk to you now.

I must go... kisses!

Don't forget my helmet!



You can have them for 26,50.
How many do you want?

200, rig ht!
That's settled.

You'll certainly get them
by tomorrow.

They will never steal these
from me...they're mine!

Those are our two hands.

He had them made
at the fair last year...

What must we do...?

Burn everything.

- It's his belongings.
- But he's my brother too!

I no longer know him...
I wish I did.

Too late isn't it?
You lost him a long time ago.

You left!

I didn't.'.l withdrew!

Were you closer to him
because you lived by his side?

My poor Ann".
"by" doesn't mean "close"!


...Do it for me'

Scouring his life
won't bring him back.

When you both left, you thought:

"It will be easier for them,
they're twins!"

But we wanted to share with you.

So...we missed you.

Enough, girls!

Patrick hates his room
being searched!

Out, pilferers!
Go tidy up your own room!

She's mad!

I can't bear it!

I'm not mad, my baby...my love.

I have checked Time...

...made life eternal.

Here, you belong to me forever.

Your childhood is mine!

Move over, I'll do it'

Without kindling,
it won't work...there!

Your wound is deeper...

For us, he is gone.

For you...

...it's a betrayal.

He wouldn't see it that way.


...l wish I still were
the baby twin...

-...born three minutes later.
- No...sooner!

The first one out is the baby!

You still are the baby...

...my baby.

Your sisters are so woman-like."

...l don't understand them.

They've swiftly gone
into the realm of mystery...

- Tonight, we dine on sweets!
- Apple pie, mousse...


Is my pie a success?

You couldn't spoil it
even if you wanted to!

What wine would you like?

Granny's white Monbazillac,

- Please, mum...!
- No, let me do it.

Patrick's coming.

He'll be glad to see
the whole family!

Can't you make it?

We are six...


L'll cut 12 parts...
two for each person!

Tomorrow...do take the girls
to the market.

I've no stuff left.“

I'm ashamed of my frozen food!


You lug around some bag!

Whatever the journey,
I take everything...

...not to feel uprooted!

Even here?

Mostly here!

I thought I'd walk in...
and erase 8 years of rubbish!

Silly isn't it?

My room's been redone!

Come on! Mum kept your things...

wand Ann did your bed
in your favourite colour!

And...where's my patchwork?

In my room.

Help yourself!

I'm being fleeced overnight!

Going to bed!

I'll leave the door open
so we can talk.

I know Patrick is dead'

Let us not mourn...
nor break our hearts.

There is no sin...
nor guilty ones.

The girls are back...

We will be strong.

Life gives us no other choice.

Anything to eat...?

What about the bread cutter
that used to cut our fingers?

I'm tall enough now
for your hiding place!

Where's my cracked cup?
Mum must've thrown it away!

You and your lists...!

The larder is empty.

Nowadays...your mother
no longer cooks.

- She's a frozen-food adept!
- Poor dad!

I'll be back for a cup of coffee.


...take over, I must go home.

This was a rainy Sunday
when no one stays at home...

Children are after
some misdeed to do...

Ann, you'd burn your hair
with mum's curling tongs.

Isabel harped on
calling you nicknames.

The twins were playing tig
in the lounge...

“scaring mum dead for her curios!

I was going to do some tidying.

Patrick came...

...started asking me questions,
rummaging about...

...reading addresses,
picking photos.

The he said:


"...do keep it all..."

",..the family."


",..if we die.,."

"...they will know we existed."

Tell us some more.

One day, I took him to the warehouse.

He was then older...

He was 14 or 15.

I kept blaming him
for not taking an interest in it

So...l was telling him
about work there...

...the packaging and freezing.

And he...

...said hello to everybody.

He knew them all...
their names, wives, kids!

Their whole lives!

It was a lesson to me.

I wish he were here...
to give me more lessons.

Not very chearful, am I?

It's hard on you and mum...

I keep talking about myself.

Not about you...
about Patrick.

It feels good...
that way he still is with us.

Talking is easy...too late!

Isabel, please!

It's all bullshit!
Fact is, there's one empty seat!

Haven't we missed yours...?

Patrick, Claude...
mum and dad?

Well, have you?

This is about love...

...not about setting accounts!

- Hello, Pierre!
- Hello!

There's a surprise for you.


...let's go tell mum.

You've finally settled...
good Doctor Nadeau and his wife!

I'm still single and you...


- ...tell me about you.
- Nothing unusual to say.

A hard-working young man
forsaken by his lady...

And when she returns,
his love is dead.

How could he have loved her?

So, he marries
the chemist daughter.

Go see mummy...
I'm not in the mood for this.

I know...Patrick!

This is self pity
and it annoys me'

I know no other feeling.

You do...but you won't!

Or maybe you've forgotten.

I want to see you again.

Here I am!

You know what I mean.

We cannot let mum
remain alone.

- There's dad.
- It's not his job.

We must discuss it
with my husband.

There goes...
Duty must be fulfilled!

We must take care of mummy
because she took care of us!

Dad will look after her...
but what about him?


Have you forgotten
Ann's earnest, stern words...

...masking her love?
You know what she's like!

To settle things, I'll stay.
I can manage right now'

Though my blue prince
is waiting for me!

Do tell us, girl!

Come on!

Speak up...
we're listening!

He is handsome...

...tall, intelligent.“

-and we're madly in love!
- Tell him to come here!

- We must see him!
- Maybe...!

- We'll see your lover boy!
- She usually hides them!

Well, there was Patrick
and he wouldn't...

-I'm sure he sees us...
- I can almost hear his laugh!

Remember he would nip our dresses
to make rags for his bike?

And search our room
for love letters?

- As if you didn't!
- Only when he did!

You devious thing!

He'd call me..,“wise Ann"!

"Isabel the rebel"
was no better!

Anyway...twins are winners!

A pink one, a green one,
two blues...!

I can't sleep...

I knew you'd be here.

You know...

I keep hearing his laughter,
behind me.

I keep myself
from turning round.

It would be awful
to see he's not there.


We had no right to come here.

He would take off the ladder
and stay up there ages.

And you cried down here!

I believed you expected
from me what I couldn't give.

I had a grudge against you...

...for loving you
without being able to say it.

And because you easily
forgot me.

I should've been here.

Not stayed...but been here.

To keep the songs".
and games we played as children.

The smiles and birthdays.

The parties...like today's!

Didn't mum look lovely?

Yet things topple...

What shall we do
of our sorrow...

...forever sorrowful?

They are not sad.

They are landmarks
of affection...

...of emotion.

Patrick is within us
and will be forever.


- Do you think they...?
- Who...mum and dad?

You're going too far!

I'm hungry, shall we...?

Get on with it, Robin.


A letter for Patrick...
please mail it, will you?

We're making your bed...

Isabel worries me.

When will she make up her mind
and eat some solid stuff?

She had some bread
with powder chocolate.

What's this nonsense
about powder chocolate?

That's all she had for a week!

Well, I'm certainly not
going to feed a child...

...in her condition
on chocolate!

I always had to force her...

...to swallow
her baby food!

Come now...

...to bed.

Let's go to the Italian.

We'll have some black olives, and...

and some mozzarella.

- Same old tastes!
-l'm too old to change!

- And some coppa too!
- Right.

You went so soon...

...so wrongly.

Let's have some "butterfly" pasta.


And some farfalle too!

Without his death,
would you be back?

Don't ask such questions!

- I am back.
- No you're not.

You're here as a duty
because your brother's dead...

-...and the family needs you.
- What's wrong with it?

I need my daughter...
not your pity.


Are you really back...

...or just to offer condolences?

- You're talking about my brother!
- No...about you.

Only about you!

Why have you come?

Dad...l love you.

See? No harm in saying it!

Come with me.

I was afraid
it might've closed down!


I'd like some "Chypre"
toilet water.

And...chewing gum
and liquorice.

Shag and...cigarette paper.

- Will you manage...?
- Going to see Louis?

I'll manage.


I preferred you with braids'

For your wedding, Patrick
did me a headdress I hated.

He said you were pregnant...
were you?

Certainly not!

I even was a virgin!

Patrick needed emergencies
when one left the family!

- What is Isabel up to?
- Shopping with dad.

In Paris, I mean...do y'know?


She just told me.“

...things are messy with her guy,
whose name I don't even know!

Was Yves the first one?


And then...'

Then I had two kids.

Don't play dumb!

Give me a drag.


Never been unfaithful?


I love him.

He's strong, reliable, comforting.

Trite, isn't it?

To you, I've always been "wise Ann".

You see.._...

...l cannot express myself,
I've nothing to claim.

I love peace and quiet...

...a tidy home...

...well provided larders."

...making jams for my kids
and seeing them grow up.“

...feeling useful and alive.

With them...old age is no wrong.

Hardships inhibit me.

Harsh words frighten me'

Then my thoughts
will not come out...

...and my words are harsh.

I keep my hands busy.“
and cling to daily chores.

I'm afraid of...

...loving too hard
and loosing everything.

As the eldest
I meant to protect you.

I believe mummy
to be delicate.

Dad is always busy...

And you...are so young.

I feel so guilty...

...because Patrick needed me.

I may be wrong but...

...my family gives sense
to my life.

It's bust...no use!

- Did you call Robert?
- He's not free until Friday.

Dan and Phil
will share the deliveries.

Driving all night“!
Did you warn the wives?

Give them some fish.

L'll clean up.“
Meet me at the office.

Always a handsome man.

Weren't you asleep?

I pretended
to watch you.

Nice smell.

-Isabel bought me some cologne.

she hasn't forgotten, see?

We don't forget the scent
of our first man!

See you later.

No other woman?

What do you think?

- Was it painful?
- No...downright plain'

- Did they cheat?
- Not even that.

And if I played it
in a single bid?

- And shatter my heart?
- Depends on your cards.

I have
an ace and a queen left.

I had one...and lost it!

Hold your cards tight...
they might blow away.

Hold them too tight...
they'll wither.

A game of chance.

Shall we play?

Yes...and cheat too!

This time, I'll win.

And if pass?

I'll give you credit.

On 20 years?

Mortgage your hearts!

I've no other left!

You must have a joker
up your sleeve.

I wouldn't!

Who knows?

You own the cards.

I only play with you.

All right...You win.

Didn't we say 20 years?

I'm looking at someone
I will never see...

“never again!

What time will you be here?


Was that Yves?

-...Coming tomorrow?
- No, the day after tomorrow.

It's useless!

Anyway it's a rotten year!

-'Night, I'm going to bed.
- Me too!

Go to bed, Dad.

You'll see Bruno in the morning,
he's bound to be late.

Is the blue room ready?


Oh sorry!

He's sleeping with you!

Was my map easy to follow?

- I am glad to see you.
- So am I!

- This is Bruno.
- Good evening!

Would you like a bite?
Make him some coffee.

No thanks, I'm fine.

He must be dead!

Good night!

We'll get acquainted tomorrow.

-L'm starving! Anything to eat?
- Yes, come on.

Want this?

Come now.

Your father's?

We'll see about it
tomorrow morning.

- Alexis finished the job.
- What did he think of it?


It's at the printer's.


How are things here?


I should've come at once.

- You won't leave me?
- Never ever!

Come now...

- Rather narrow bed...l
- Well...

- It wasn't meant for...
- For what?

Isabel, I can tell no one
what Yves told me on the phone...

Neither to Claude,
losing more than a brother...

...and whose life
is split up forever...

...nor to mummy, on the verge
of madness since his death...

- maybe a prey to it forever -

...nor to dad
whose silent sorrow appals me.

I turn to you...

...in spite of our quarrels
and our clashes...

...for you will find
the right, appeasing lies...

...and help me keep the secret.

Do help me, Isabel,
I cannot stand it anymore'

I cannot bear it on my own.

Patrick's commited suicide.

So that's it...
just a whim of fate?

You make a puppet
out of Patrick!

I'll protect our parents
even against your will.

- It won't bring back Patrick!
- Don't you owe it to him?

An accident is so obliging
to everyone!

One can pity...
and shed a tear'

While a suicide...

...arouses you...

...upsets you!

What call did we miss?

One feels guilty!

I won't discuss it.
As the eldest, I'll decide.

I could do without
the privilege!

But must mum pay for his death...

...and dad doubt himself forever?

I must think of their sorrow.

What matters which way he died?

How he must have suffered...

...and backed out many a time!

...and seen Claude's face...!

- Do think of the living ones!
- No.

Patrick gave up on his life...
No message, no summing up...

...for us to make up!

But endless questions for mum
and dad...is that what you want?

You refuse the real questions...
yet they're there!

They worry you so much
you cannot share them.

His choice wasn't meant
against us...maybe.

He paid for his freedom
with his life.

He wants us to understand...

...to forgive him...

To respect him anyway!

Whatever the price for us!

Let's go back.

Let us wait for Yves...

We were five
and made sandcastles.

He shielded me from the wind...

...and blew the sand off my face.

He untangled my hair...
and licked the salt of my hands.

Can he have forgotten it?

What will you do...
take the boat in?

I'll leave it here.

He would've wanted that.

As for the sailors lost at sea.

It's so pathetic, so absurd!

A wasted ship...
papers, numbers, a file!

Nothing else remains
of my son's life.

The Lord.“

Don't insist!
l won't believe in Him now!

We've been friends for long.

Well, be my friend...
not the priest.

There's your wife...

Don't ask me...

...l don't know.

Her sorrow is so...

I thought
she wouldn't bear it.

But she takes refuge
elsewhere...l don't know.

The girls have a rough time of it.

They're great...
I love them!

I love them so much!

Ann won't tell them
he killed himself.

- I won't!
- What's all this?

She wants you to say
it was an accident!

I won't lie to your parents,

Wake up!

You're no longer children shielding
your kid brother's silly pranks.

It's his suicide, see?

Not to mummy!

You're mad!
We can't tell mummy!


Mum is too frail.

She's mad with grief.

But only she can really
help dad.

She loves Patrick too much
to think ill of him.

What if she broke up?

Well, then?

I must protect them.

And betray them?

It's unbearable, see?

Would they suffer more?

I just can't.

What bothers you...losing
your peace of mind?

You're revolting.

I was there the first day
and saw their pain!

You're all unfair!

The truth might relieve them.

Might as well lock them up...

...because sooner or later...

...they'll meet a friend of Patrick's.

And then...

I stayed at his place...

...an old doorless shack
where people came and went.

They'd already packed
his things for me.

We didn't speak of him.

The why and how.“
things I feared.

They only told me
of their life.

And his too...

...a quiet, peaceful life'

They said Patrick
spoke of you...

...of Claude!

Of your childhood.

I waited...

...for the papers.

They took care of me
as a friend.

When I left...

...they took me to the airport
and gave me presents...

...for all of you.

They spoke as if he were alive.

Just gone back home."

...on short leave...

...not a long one...

Why did he shoot himself...
in a foreign land?

With people
who do not speak our language?

Who couldn't help!

I'm back from a nightmare...
it was an ordeal.

I had forgotten...

...you, the children...

I could understand Patrick's act...

...in my mind,
but my body rebelled.

Now, I am here...

...SO are YOU.

And I need you.

I've junked everything!

I never wanted things
to work.

I had an old longing...

I've never been called
"an old longing"!

It's difficult enough!

Do stop talking...
explaining things away!

It's not that easy!

It is.

If you're so sure."

Of course I am...
Just trust me!

I cannot trust people.

I've always tried
to make it on my own.

No advice, no explanations!

Life wasn't easy here!

I was jealous because
you were a family.

You got on together...

There was always you...
and the others!

Your Your complicity...your laughs!


...l was mad at you.

You despised the things
I was jealous of!

I was jealous too.

I thought they excluded me.“

...but now I see
I never left them.


Give me time.

Are you asking me?

I need time on my own.

I'm very, very patient.

Good! I need it...
very, very much.

I don't feel like
going through his things.

Thank you
for all you've done.

I like you being in the family.

Thank you'

It's a selfish feeling!

One can rely on you!

Do not blame him...
He was faithful to himself.

Why was he so harsh
on himself?

I don't blame him,
I admire him.

He checked Time's course...


...go to him, he needs you.

If only I had save him...

...from the world's violence.

Will you ever forgive me?

You couldn't save him from himself.

I should've understood.

If he had known I was there...
he would never have left.

If he'd felt me watching...
he wouldn't have closed his eyes.

Now, I'm at a loss...

We have nothing to forgive...
each other...

We have to live.“

It's hard without him.

He smashed his head
against the skies...

...on a blank wall.



A good price!

We can have a sale
this weekend.

Keep in touch.

Adrian...the waste carpet!

Make up your mind...
we'll save time!

I've been too busy.

I'll take care of it.

Goodbye, father!

Bye...God bless you!

You too, father!

No ceremony for Patrick...
and no sermon.

He wouldn't want it.

Just a few words.

For his mother."
and those who loved him.

As a friend...
leave aside your homilies!

You're sulking...

Aren't you sulking?

You left me alone...

...so lonely.

What shall I do now?

How shall I live?
You don't care!

You never cared
when I was sad!

You said..,“lt'll pass!"

Not anymore"!

How could you...?

You had no right"!

You selfish coward...

...l'll never forgive you.

Never ever!

Why didn't you ask me?

You wanted to manage on your own...

...well you did!

You avoid me...

"but I'll find you
and you'll pay for it!

I swear it!

Stop it!

I still see Patrick,
standing on the jetty, out there...

...impatient at the slow-rising tide,
keeping him from sailing away.

When you gave him his boat...
he came to see me.

He said:
"I'll call it...“ANISCLA"!"

"ANISCLA"...What did it mean?

The I saw...

Ann...lsabel...and Claude.

His sisters, his family."

...so precious to him,
so alive in him.

He was a sailor in his way.

And even if his name is not
among the sailors lost at sea...

...engraved with those
the sea took from us...

...you may be assured,
you, his family...

...his mortal name will be
forever in our hearts.

We all can hardly understand."

...and accept
such an early death...

...such a sudden withering
of a budding life!


...we may turn to the Lord...

...who knew Himself
an outrageous death on the cross!

We ask Him
to receive Patrick...

...our brother, our son.

He who rules
for all times to come...Amen!

If I stay awhile...
will you have me?

And you...

...will you have a mother
who was "your enemy"?

I want you all..'even if
I never make up for past times!

I'll love you twice as hard!

Doctor's Pierre prescription?

- Making fun of me?
- No...

It makes me happy.

Be fair to Ann.

I didn't say...!

Your thoughts are loud!

Why don't you both
keep an open mind...just once?

You tell her.

I have no problems with her.

Ok.'.l'll try.

- But...
- No "buts"!

Don't lose the battle.

We were not meant to be sisters.

Be friends then!

Can I help you?

It's all right.

- Are you ready?
- No...but I'm in no hurry'

- Are you staying on...?
- For a while...

- Does this go there?
- Yes, dirty linen.

You might come and see
your nephews...

- They'd never recognize me now.
- Of course they would!

They've seen your photos.

I do have plenty of things
to tell them now.

I'm no good with babies!

How's the house getting on?

Nice...though still there's
still plenty to do.

While they're still youngs.

- We need a guest room.
-l'd stay at the hotel!

Of course not!
You'll have one of the boys' room!

They'll fight for the honour!

We'll manage
if you bring a friend.

Don't worry!

When will you come back?
I might still be here.

- Not before school holidays.
- Of course not, I forgot!

How's school?

Eric's doing fine'

I have to keep an eye on schoolwork

Don't you have to go back
to Paris for your job?

I'm freelance.

And I can always send
my papers from here!

I always envied you...!

For writing on beauty products?
I've done nothing else...

...but beauty!

Never mind...

...l'd love to read your papers!

I'll bring you some.

I'll feel so proud!

I'll let you get on with it.

- Do come soon...
- I will!

Could you drop me at Pierre's?

Of course! I'll be down...

Be careful!

Don't worry...
I'll call you from Paris.

Tell Pierre I'm fine
and thank him.

Do come in February...
your father needs it.