Tumsa Nahin Dekha (1957) - full transcript

Twenty years ago, after killing his brother, Sardar Rajpal flees from his hometown in Shillong and re-locates in the rural area of Assam along with his adopted daughter, Meena. He asks his wife, Kamla, to send their son, Shankar, so that he can employ him and get him married to Meena. Shankar arrives and he is welcomed by Sardar who employs him and introduces him to Meena. A few days another young man shows up at his door claiming that he is Kamla's son. A baffled Sardar also welcomes him, and puts both the young men under observation in order to find who the real Shankar is. The question remains why would anyone want to impersonate Shankar, and what will happen to Sardar himself after the Police catch up with him for killing his brother 20 years ago.

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Meena, Meena?

- Yes father?
- What are you doing, dear?

It's my friend, Shobha's
birthday day after tomorrow.

- I have to go to the city.
- City?

- Should I not go?
- It's not that.

I thought, with your studies over...

you won't have anything
to do with the city.

- Leaving me alone...
- It's just for two days.

Two days? Meena, if your
father was alive...

even he would not love
you as much as I do.

I know. Since I grew up,
I treat you as my world.

If my leaving hurts you so
much, I won't go.

No dear, do go.

- But when you mention the city...
- Your heart becomes restless.

But why, father? I'm sure you're
hiding something from me.

- What's in the city?
- Looters.

- Looters?
- Yes.

Those who loot the happiness
of innocent people.

The city where you're going
snatched my happiness.

What are you saying, father?

Yes dear, even I used
to live in the city once.

But then, my name was not
Sardar Rajpal, but only Gopal.

I had a home, a loving wife,
and a beautiful son, Shankar.

Then fate took a turn.

Those who I considered friends
turned out to be deceivers.

Amar and Vishnu were two brothers
who looted all my wealth.

Then came the night whose memory
torments me even today.

No! Don't do that Amar.
Vishnu, don't do that.

You two brothers are my friends.

You've been looting me for months.

I had pawned my wife's jewelry
and brought this money.

You looted even this? Return
this money or I'll be ruined.

- Get lost!
- Vishnu, you're my friend.

Please don't ruin me.
Please explain to Amar.

Actually, brother is a dimwit.

Don't worry, you have this ring.

Stake it, maybe your destiny shines.

- What say, brother?
- Not a bad idea.

You rascal! Scoundrel! Looter!

Beware! Don't let him go.

I'll teach you a lesson!

- Brother!
- Move!

Stop, I said stop!



- What happened?
- Don't touch me, Kamla.

Or my sins may rub off on you.
I'm a murderer.


- I killed Amarnath.
- What are you saying?

I'm stating a fact.

I'm a murderer, a criminal.

Kamla, I'm handing Shankar
over to you.

I'll take him
back from you one day.

- Where is Gopal?
- Where is Gopal?

You cannot hide him. He has killed
my brother. I will have him hanged!

He can't escape now.

Even if he does,
you two will not.

The neighbours tried to save Gopal's
wife Kamladevi and his son, Shankar...

but the whole house had caught fire
and it wasn't possible to enter.

The whole house was gutted and
neither mother nor son were ever found.

No! This cannot happen.
This is not possible.

The whole world believes
they're dead, but not I.

I roamed every city and village,
but couldn't find Kamla or Shankar.

Dejected, I wanted to end my life,
when God sent you.

You were an orphan,
and I had no one, either.

I gathered you in my arms and came
and settled in the jungles of Assam.

I earned back my lost wealth
but lost my peace of mind forever.

You suffered such a huge sorrow,
and I don't even know.

What was the point telling you?

And look how your smiling eyes
are brimmed with tears now.

Take, wipe your tears.

Now get ready to go to the city.

And yes dear, since you're going
to the city, do me a favor.

That rascal Bhola and his men
have started stealing openly.

To protect our land and animals,
I need two such men...

who know horse riding and shooting.

They'll be paid a salary of Rs. 300.

Since you're going to the city,
place an advertisement.


I have an excellent idea. We can find
your wife and son by placing an ad.

With an ad,
even my enemies can find me.

Why do you have to give your name?

Place the ad under the name
you're known as, Sardar Rajpal.

But then, how will my wife
and son know it's my ad?


Father, how did
you address your wife?

I used to call her Kamlu.

Use that name in the ad. God willing,
your message will reach your wife.

And my son, Shankar.


He must have grown up now.

These lovely youthful persons,
without drinking

Are lighting lamps in the way

I wonder for who among them am I

I wonder who among them is for me

For me, for me!

All are beautiful,
all are young

To whom do I lose my heart?

All of them can be
the guest of my heart

Who all can I call?

These lovely youthful persons,
without drinking

Are lighting lamps in the way

I wonder for who among them am I

I wonder who among them is for me

For me, for me!

I was crazy for love

So I became desperate

She was away from my sight

So I committed the crime

These lovely youthful persons,
without drinking

Are lighting lamps in the way

I wonder for who among them am I

I wonder who among them is for me

For me, for me!

- Uncle!
- Shankar, what about your job?

I'm just waiting for war to begin.

As soon as the war bugle sounds,
I'll be called back to my old job.

- The military again?
- Army life is great.

What style! What grandeur!
The last time I went to Burma...

I know that, but just think how long
your old mother will sew clothes...

- to run the house?
- That's what I came to tell her.


- Where'd you get this?
- Don't ask where and how I got it...

but it's honest money.

- Have you been to a race course?
- No.

What a strange place it is.

Horses run on one side, and asses
scream on the other, 'come on, come on!'

And sometimes, even God listens
to those asses. God, you are great!

Just let me see you once, husband.
I am holding my breath..

for just one glimpse.

Worshiping your husband?

Whether you get angry, or feel happy,
but when I see you worshiping him...

- I get very angry.
- He is my husband, and your father.

A man who can lose his innocent
wife's jewelry in gambling...

who can leave her to suffer...

who can make his little kid
helpless, homeless...

is not anyone's husband,
nor anyone's father.

You're foolish. That's why you
speak like that about him.

What do you know what
tragedy befell him.

Whether I know that or not, I do
know what you and I have suffered.

Every kid in the neighbourhood
shunned me as I was a murderer's son.

They turned away from me,
taking me to be a criminal's son.

And this man, he cared
so much for his life...

he didn't bother to check
whether we were dead or alive.

What does he know where we are?

Who knows what he suffered? I'm sure
even his heart must be desperate for us.

He must be looking for us.
We will surely find him one day.

The day we do, you'll have to choose
between your husband and your son.

That's my final decision, mom.

Needed, two men to look
after an estate.

Must know horse riding and
shooting. Meet on this address...

Sardar Rajpal, Sunanagar,
Ghatpur, Assam.

To my Kamlu, wherever you are.

20 years ago,
the treasure I gave you...

it's time you returned it to me.

Bring my son and come to me
as soon as possible.

Sardar Rajpal,
Sunanagar, Ghatpur, Assam.

You answered my prayer.
Thank you, God.

- Saw this ad?
- I just read it.

I suspect this man.

Write to the Ghatpur police station
and find out who this Rajpal is.

- I want information immediately.
- Yes sir.

I found him! I found him!

- Who?
- My enemy, and your uncle's killer.

Read the newspaper.

He's placed two ads.

The first calls for two
caretakers for his estate.

The other is in his wife,
Kamla's name...

who he often
called Kamlu in my presence.

But perhaps he doesn't know
that his wife and son are long dead.

I still remember that night.

My young brother's dead body
was lying on the cold floor...

and the killer had run away.

With shivering hands, I touched
his blood and swore to take revenge.

Sohan, that day has come today.

I have to settle an old score.

- What are you doing?
- Informing the police about the killer.

Daddy, you'll inform the police,
Gopal will be arrested and hanged.

- What will you gain by his death?
- What nonsense are you talking?

Just think. A man has looked
for his son for 20 years.

He has gathered wealth
for his son with hard work and toil.

Before dying, he wants to
hand over his wealth to his son.

If he comes to know his son
is dead...

why will he fear the gallows,
why will he rue death?

What are you trying to say?
I don't understand anything.

There can be a bigger punishment
than the gallows, and that is...

that his enemy takes
away his hard earned wealth.

The enemy from whom he is hiding.

- How is that possible?
- Very easily.

From Gopal's ad, it is obvious he
believes his wife and son are alive.

But they both are dead.
Yet, one man will come to Gopal...

posing as his son. Who he will
hand over his entire wealth to.

- Who?
- Me.

I had lost hope, but seeing
your message, I have found new life.

Husband, I had promised that the
day I learned you were alive...

I'd go on a pilgrimage
before meeting you.

But Shankar isn't coming with me.

I'm sending your son, Shankar, to you.

But what's sad is that he
has no love lost for you.

He's developed a hatred for you
because of all the problems we endured.

I haven't been able to eliminate
the hatred from his heart until today.

He's not coming to you as your son,
but in response to your ad for a job.

If he learns you're his father,
he won't stay a minute longer.

Here, this is a recommendation
letter addressed to Mr. Rajpal.

Rasiklal has written this letter.

- Seeing this letter, he'll immediately
give you the job. - Really?

And listen, write to me as
soon as you get the job.

I'll come to you immediately.

You'll get a place to stay.

Mom, you're acting so happy,
like I'm not getting a job of Rs. 300...

but some huge inheritance.

God willing, that's what will happen.

Now hurry up, it's time for the train.

- Enough. Go.
- Loafer!


- How are you?
- I'm fine.

- Where are you going?
- To Sitapur, for a holiday. And you?

Sunanagar, back home.
I was afraid it's a night journey.

I wonder who I'll get for company.
But it will be fun now.

Just unpack my bedding.
I'll buy some magazines and return.

Come soon.

- Sister!
- Ramu?

- Sister, father met with an accident.
- Oh God, how did that happen?

Ask all that later.
You can't go now.

Come soon, he won't live long now.

How nice! I turned my back, and you
switched off the light and went to sleep.

You can't sleep so soon.
I have a lot to say to you.

Will you pull back your blanket,
or do you want a thrashing?

Just you wait!
I know how to make you get up.


You rascal, scoundrel, loafer!

I've put them all
in another compartment.

I am an ordinary man,
an artist, lover of beauty.

Just you wait! I'll pull the chain
and get you arrested.

Arrested? Perhaps you think
this is a ladies compartment.

Maybe not, but you have misbehaved
with me, you are after me.

You pulled my blanket,
and I misbehaved?

I thought it was my friend,
and you pretended to sleep.

I won't travel on this train.
You'll have to vacate this compartment.

Madam, I've paid first class fare.
I didn't get in ticketless.

Let me see who makes
me leave the compartment.

Pull the chain. But remember,
the fine is only Rs. 50.

And sometimes,
you even have to go to jail.

- Pull the chain.
- Okay.

Why, don't have courage? I knew you
wouldn't be able to pull the chain.

Just think,
what a strange meeting this is.

We'll talk the rest during day.
And remember...

Hey, I've hired that horse cart.
You can't go in that.

My luggage reached here before you.

Coachman, put my luggage in.

Don't you dare! If you put her
luggage in the cart...

I'll pull off your long moustache!

What are you doing! The fight is
between you two, why hurt my moustache?

I'm a military man,
I attack the moustache first.

You won't dare.

Don't worry, put my luggage in,
or I'll make mince of you!

- Madam has a meat shop.
- What are you doing? Why do you fight?

Where do you want to go?

- I want to go to Ghatpur.
- And you?

Where do you want to go?

Ha! Finally!

I wanted to go somewhere else...

else, but I'll go to Ghatpur now.

- What is your name?
- Prem Kumar.

I'm a born lover.
Worshiping beauty is my job.

- Tell me, will I get a job?
- Sure.

- Coachman, how far is Ghatpur?
- 20 miles.

20 miles! Oh my God! Do we have
to shake like this until evening?

Do you like music?

I do, but how can I sing
in your presence?

- Ask madam to sing.
- What say, madam?

Madam is in a bad mood.
I think you should sing.

Don't you dare sing. Just quietly
move on or you've had it from me!

What a dull person you.
Don't sing, don't talk about love.

How will we kill time?
Coachman, sing!

- He won't dare!
- No sir, I will not sing!

Though I have seen many beauties...

but not anyone like you

Oh, your look, oh, your style!

Who wouldn't swoon?

Are they your tresses,
or dark clouds?

Are they your eyes,
or lightning?

I wonder who will be slain

Though I have seen many beauties...

but not anyone like you

You are beautiful,
the weather is beautiful

My heart is
not in my control today

The paths are silent

The heartbeats are inebriated

I am on a high without drinking

Though I have seen many beauties..

but not anyone like you

If you don't speak to me...

I will not die

Are you a fairy,
or some divine beauty?

Why are you so proud?

Try listening to someone sometime

Though I have seen many beauties...

but not anyone like you

Every kid has left.

Remember, if I don't reach Ghatpur
by evening, you've had it!

You don't know who I am.

Who are you? Are you some big shot?
Why are you harassing a poor man?

Just let me reach Ghatpur.
I'll teach you such a lesson...

- you'll remember all your life.
- Promise?

Oh great! She didn't even pay me.

You're so worried about the fare?

I know, she took your
very precious thing.

- Your precious heart.
- You understood a little too much.

- Repair the wheel soon, or...
- My moustache will be gone.

One didn't pay me,
and the other is after my moustache.


- Why did you stop?
- There's a storm ahead.

- It's dangerous to keep moving.
- Then I'll get drenched here all night?

A Colonel's bungalow is ahead,
I'll drop you there. Get down.


- Who are you?
- Isn't Colonel home?

Look, I was going home, but the storm
came along. Let me stay here tonight.

Brother, she's well known here.
Let her spend the night here.

Alright, come in.

Thank you, madam.


Change your clothes and go to sleep.
And leave early morning. Okay?


Oh God! The Colonel has come!
I'm doomed!

Colonel has come?

Where are you barging in?
Who are you?

- You didn't recognise me?
- No.

He didn't recognise me.
Didn't I tell you?

You were right.

Don't worry friend, Colonel knows
me very well. He's my very...

Old friend. You studied together.
Have you even seen him?

What are you saying? I'm a military man.
I saved his life in the last war.

He's right. I even saw
his picture in the newspaper.

Didn't you? Tell this idiot.

Did you hear? And listen, inform the
Colonel of our arrival in the morning.

I don't like it alone here.

Understood. You also stay here.

Me too? You mean, there's
someone else here, too?

Yes, a very old friend
of the Colonel.

What a strange coincidence. Even if
we met, it's at the Colonel's home.

Yes, it's a strange coincidence.

It's good you met me or,
without the Colonel I wouldn't like it here.

Yes. I 'm very tired now.
I'll speak to you in the morning.

Coachman, here's your fare.

And get the cart tomorrow morning
before the Colonel arrives.

Good bye, sir.

Caretaker, get my luggage. Come on!

What rude behavior is that?

I am sending your son to you.
He's not coming to meet his father...

but in response to the ad
for a job.

Despite being alive,
Shankar cannot harm me.

Kamla's letter will prove
that I am Gopal's son.

If anyone can stall our success,
it is Kamla.

So the moment you get my letter,
go to her house, and forever...

Yours, Sohan.

Hey! My clothes?

The brazen fellow!
I'll teach him a lesson!

You brazen girl!
I'll teach you a lesson!

You rascal!
Won't you stop your stupid acts?

I'm asking you that! You think you
can get away with anything with me?

And you can get away with anything
with me? I'll have you skinned alive.

I'll have you hanged upside down.

I can get very angry.
Where are my clothes?

You steal my clothes,
and then accuse me?

What do I want with your clothes?
- What do I want with yours?

- What do I know? - What do I know?
- You won't say? - You won't say?

I ask, why did you open the
bungalow without my orders?

I have already shot you twice?
Where are those two?

- I'll kill you!
- But Colonel, wait! Listen to me.

- My gun is loaded.
- And I have turned cold.

Stop your nonsense,
and say your last prayer.

Who is this? Come out!
Come out, or I'll shoot you.


What is this I'm seeing?

A woman and a man in my bungalow?
That too, in semi-nude state?

Such shamelessness? Such brazenness?

Who are you two?
Tell me, or I'll shoot you both!

She, I don't know her.
- What?

- She, is my wife. Right?
- Yes...wife.

- Oh, you mean wife.
- Yes, life partner.

But why are you in this state?

Actually, our clothes got
stolen last night.

Stolen! I'll kill him! Caretaker,
find the thief, or I'll shoot you.

Go to my room, take some clothes
from my wardrobe and wear them.

- Go soon.
- Thank you.

Colonel, we'll join you soon.
Shall we go, darling?

You rascal! You take
advantage of the situation?

- ls this how you talk to you husband?
- Husband?

You aren't fit to even
polish my shoes.

You're right.
I just cannot polish.

You seem to love
each other very much.

You can assume we are two
bodies and one soul.

It's about love, Colonel.
Actually, we had a love marriage.

Not my foot, love marriage.

- Now tell me, what do you want?
- We first want some clothes.

What behavior is this? I'm not
some thief, but a respectable man.

Sir, he's the same man
who stole the clothes.

Colonel, there is no need to shoot
him. We'll hand him over to the police.

Lock him up. I'll decide about
him after I return from the city.

You're leaving, Colonel?

Oh yes, I'll send
my coach back tomorrow.

- Goodbye sir.
- Get lost!

- You're great, Colonel! Right darling?
- Darling indeed!

- What is it?
- A man has come.

He asked me to give you this letter.

If he comes to know you're his father,
he won't stay a minute with you.

So until I return, keep this a secret.

My son! My Shankar!

But he shouldn't learn I'm his father.

- Hello.
- Bless you, son.

Sit down.

You also sit down.

- You've brought this letter?
- Yes.

- What's your name?
- Shankar.

The man whose
recommendation letter you brought...

he has done me many favors.

- I can't refuse his word.
- Should I assume I have the job?

Of course. If you work well,
I won't treat you as an employee...

but love you like a father
loves his son.

- Father's love?
- What's the matter?

I've never experienced a father's
love, nor ever wish to.

Forget all that.
Tell me what I will have to do.

About 10 miles away from here
is my village, and a huge stable.

Your duty will only
be to oversee.

You take a bath and eat something.
Then come with me.

I found my clothes, but the
recommendation letter you gave me...

I don't know where it got lost.

So send me another letter
as soon as possible.

Only then will I proceed from here.
Your son, Shankar.

- Please post this letter quickly.
- Okay.

And until I receive the reply,
I'll have to stay here.

Whether its reply comes or not, as soon
as Colonel's cart comes, I'll leave.

Leaving your husband behind?
Remember, you'll burn in the fires of hell.

There's a limit to one's cheapness.

I've never hated anyone
as much as I hate you.

Honestly? A big philosopher has said
that hate is the first step to love.

Not a philosopher,
he must be a nut like you.


Your wife seems to be very hot headed.
You just can't control her.

Yes. Look what the world has come to.

Damn the world! What is a man
who can't control his wife?

- Only if she's my wife.
- She's not your wife?

- Shall I tell you an idea?
- Tell me.

- First open this door.
- No, you're good where you are.

You're very mean.
As if I'll run away.

- Even I am a respectable man.
- Oh yes, it's obvious from your face.

From my stomach.

Sir, the Colonel has sent
the horse cart for you.

- Take me along.
- Shut-up!

Very good, but we aren't
ready to go yet.

I am.


Coachman, don't you dare take my
wife without my permission.

Sir, I'm driving the coach.
To stop your wife is your job.

Hey, listen!

'She left, leaving my hand'

Mr. Warve, the Shillong police
wants a complete report...

on the famous planter, Sardar Rajpal.

Make enquiries sright away
and give me a report.

- What happened?
- Come quickly. Master is very angry.

Come with me.

- What happened, sir?
- I bought this cow for Rs. 1000.

- Lt was fed poisonous grass.
- Who fed it?

- Who can it be other than Bhola.
- Who is Bhola?

You'll soon know. Let's go!

What are you saying, sir? They are
thousands, and we're only a handful.

Shut-up! It's because of you cowards
that Bhola has become so strong.

Let's go!

Bhola, present yourself!

Don't hide your face
like a coward, Bhola.

If you're brave, come before me.
I've come to talk to you.

I knew you were a coward.
You will never face me.

Bhola, stop! He will shoot you.
He will shed your blood.

Move aside, Seema.
The enemy has called me a coward.

I want to see who
the coward is today.

I am Bhola.
If I didn't respect your age...

I'd challenge you to a dual.

So tell your dogs to drop
their guns and confront me.

And then watch Bhola's bravery.

I've seen a thousand
examples of your bravery.

Attacking in the middle of
the night is not bravery.

I'll call it that when you come in
broad daylight after notifying me.

Even that desire of yours will
be fulfilled one day, Sardar Rajpal.

The day is not far off
when I'll be carrying that gun.

Then I won't come in the dark
of night, but in broad daylight...

and inform you first.

I'll be waiting.
But until then, understand this.

Hereafter, if you or your men step
on my land, you'll be dead.

Your land? Because you paid
the government a little money...

and got documents
written in your name?

Thousands of such documents cannot
make that land yours, Sardar.

That land is ours.
We've tilled it with our blood.

Go smell its soil. You'll get
the smell of our blood from it.


You didn't inform me of your
arrival, nor called for a coach.

Just don't ask me how I got here.
You know, I met a loafer on the way.

- Loafer?
- Yes. He said he'll come to Ghatpur.

- Let him come, I'll bury him alive.
- Even I desire that.

If I tell you everything,
you'll be shocked.

And if I tell you something,
you'll be even more shocked.



- Didn't I tell you?
- But father, where is he?

I gave him our farm house
to live in.

You don't know how happy I am!

But father, how long will you keep
it a secret that you're his father?

We have to keep it secret,
or he'll leave immediately.

Whether he treats me as his father
or not, but it is enough for me...

that my son is with me.

Now I have just one desire.

The day for which I reared you,
that day has arrived, Meena.

I want to see you as a bride.
My Shankar's bride.

She felt embarrassed.

I have seen many beauties...

but not anyone like you

Oh your look, oh your style!

Who would not swoon?

Are they your tresses,
or dark clouds?

Are they your eyes, or lightning?

I wonder who will be slain

I have seen many beauties...

but not anyone like you

- I was saying...
- What time is it?

- It's past 12.
- 12?

Okay, good night.

- I'm pleased to meet you.
- Me too.

- Good night.
- Good night.

This is Sardar Rajpal's bungalow.

- You know him?
- Very few people have seen him.

But I've heard he is a
very cruel man.

Wherever I go, I only find
cruel men, not any babes.

Johnny, you get the luggage.
I'll go and check.

I must say the world is round!
Wherever I go, I meet you.

- You're looking for a job, too?
- Wait! I'll teach you a lesson.

Father, father!

Sir, it's a good chance.
Let's escape.

The girl who is so cruel.
Even her father must be a Hitler.

- Who are you?
- I've come to meet Sardar Rajpal.

- That's me. State your business?
- Oh, it's you? Hello.

We've come in response to your ad.
I mean, Johnny and me.

And your friend has
written this letter for you.

- What's your mother's name?
- Kamladevi.

- And yours?
- Shankar.

And your father?

Look, if you want to hire me,
take a test of my capability.

Why ask the names of my ancestors?

Why is that necessary?
I won't give my father's name.

Father, he's the loafer who harassed me.

The same words, the same handwriting.

- One of them is an impostor.
- He's the impostor, father.

- But he brought Kamla's letter.
- Father, they can't both be your son.

One of them has been
sent by my enemy, Vishnu.

- We have to find him.
- How?

I'll write to Kamla
for pictures of Shankar.

We'll have to keep them both
here until then. Come.

Listen! What are you doing?

Perhaps you don't need me.

He's pretending.

- Listen son.
- Don't call me son.

Except for my mother,
no one else can call me son.

He knows Shankar hates
his father. The cheat!

Look Shankar, if you leave like that,
my friend will get annoyed with me.

I needed farm hands. I have
appointed one, the other is you.

- And third is me.
- You can leave.

What! Shankar?

- Who is the first man you appointed?
- Even he is from the city.

Coincidentally, his name is Shankar, too.

Then you should have worded your ad,
'needed, Shankars'.

Shankar, you put your luggage away.
I'll tell you about your job later.

Come dear.

- Get the luggage.
- I'm no servant.

- I'm a respectable man.
- What did you say?

The facts.
You got a job. What do I get?

Come on! You and me are not two.

Until you send me Shankar's picture,
I can't discover who the enemy is.

Send Shankar's picture immediately.

This letter is for Shankar.

I informed him about
my going on a pilgrimage.

Mail it off, or he'll be worried.

Don't worry, I'll have it posted.

Let's check your aim.


And you?

Great! You're wonderful.
You seem to be a great marksman.

I haven't counted, but many
have been the target of my bullet.

- What do you mean?
- I mean, I've been in the military.

I'll make soup.

- Come, Meena.
- Yes father.

- What's the matter, sir?
- ls this Kamladevi's home?

Yes, but she left
on a pilgrimage today.

- Pilgrimage? Where?
- She didn't tell me that.

She just said she'll
be away for 2-3 months.

Then she'll go to Ghatpur, Assam.

- 2-3 months?
- What is the matter?

Nothing. Thank you very much.

Say something. He's dumb.

Father, come, breakfast is ready.

I'm not hungry. You eat.

What's wrong with you? Since they've
come you've not been eating well.

What's the problem?

You cannot judge my pain.

Just think.
My son has come after 20 years.

But I can neither recognise him,
nor embrace him.

How unfortunate I am.

Don't be sad, father.
This secret will be exposed one day.

Forget that. Your friends
were going to come today.

Yes, they'll come for some time,
then they'll leave.

- Have you arranged a meal for them?
- Yes.

- Come, let's have breakfast.
- You go. I'll come soon.

Hear this.

'My heart wished I get
everything I desire'

'That I just take two steps
towards my goal'

'And see my destination right there'

Wow! Wow!

- Hear another one.
- Yes.

'This bunch of stars...'

Sorry for the interruption,
but you're reciting it wrong.

It's not bunch of stars,
it's a cluster of stars.

- Who is this brazen man?
- Just wait.

Who are you? Come here.

Hello. I am
Jerumal Aryapremi Lahormal.

I'm a born poet.
I live in the neighboring colony.

I was passing by here. Hearing your
wrong recital, I couldn't take it.

- That's why I interrupted.
- He seems to be arrogant.

Wait, I'll teach him a lesson.

- May I leave now?
- Wait.

Mr. Premi, you seem to be
very proud of your poetry.

- I am.
- Will you compete?

- What competition?
- Couplet against couplet.

- But I compose romantic poetry.
- As do I.

That's nice. But my
poetry needs accompanied music.

If these beautiful faces dance before
my eyes, my poetry can break records.

Very well, there will
be music, and also dance.

- Begin.
- No, you start first.


I've come a long way to meet you

Don't stay silent, say something

ls it day or night?

Why treat me as a guest?

Millions of beauties hover around me

I'm unmatched!

I've come a long way to meet you

Don't stay silent, say something

ls it day or night?

Get up and see what
lovely sights there are here

Stop feeling shy.
Why act like that?

What did you say?
I was feeling shy just like that

I'm unmatched!

I've come a long way to meet you

Don't stay silent, say something

ls it day or night?

I come across such sights everyday

Dark tresses on the face

Let someone cast a spell on you.
Then I'll question you

Whether it is day or night

Why treat me as a guest?

Millions of beauties hover around me

I'm unmatched!

I've come a long way to meet you

Don't stay silent, say something

ls it day or night?

Why treat me as a guest?

Millions of beauties hover around me

I'm unmatched!

You were great, Mr. Premi.

Mr. Premi, you really were good.

It's your appreciation,
or I'm not that good.

Good bye.

- Who is he?
- A brazen fellow.

Let's go.

When I got your letter,
Kamla had left on a pilgrimage.

I think our plan has gone haywire.

Come back as soon as
you get my letter.

If you do a job for me,
I'll load you with money.

Tell me.

A lady named Kamla is going
to come from the city in a few days.

She has to be stopped
from meeting Sardar Rajpal.

That's no big deal.
I'll put two men on the job.

The moment she arrives,
she'll be finished.

You're a useful man. Take.

Go to the post office every day
from today.

I should get every letter
addressed to Shankar.

Rest assured.

I want to talk to you.

- What's the matter?
- I want a few days leave.

- Leave?
- Yes. I got my mother's letter.

She left alone on a pilgrimage. I'm
very worried. I want to bring her back.

- Show me the letter.
- Look.

If she's coming here after the pilgrimage,
why do you have to go?

- But I...
- Okay, I'll talk to you later.

This is my mother's letter.
I recognize my mother's handwriting.

- Give me that letter.
- Why?

That's not your letter, it's mine.
I know my mother's handwriting.

So what are you saying? I don't
recognize my mother's handwriting?

- Give me the letter.
- No.

What a stupid man you are. You're
saying my mother's letter is yours.

- What are you up to?
- Damn that!

Get this clear, mister. This is your
first mistake, which I'm forgiving.

Next time you touch my mother's
letter, I'll break your hands.

Break my hands indeed!

For a minute I was sure
he was my son.

But this letter, both were
ready to die for it.

- I don't know what to do.
- I have an idea.

We must search their quarters.
We'll surely find something there.

Shankar, you came at the right time.
This girl was stealing grass.

When I caught her,
she attacked me with a sickle.

Girl, it's pointless fighting now.
You'll be punished for stealing.

- We'll hand you over to the police.
- Why hand her over to the police?

We can punish her for this crime.
Girl, get up.

Take, take!

Turn, turn!

Take this, run, run!

Shankar, I won't allow this.

Don't try to stop her, understand?

Run away, girl!

It's not so easy to stop me. Move
aside! Hey girl, stop, or I'll shoot.

Let the girl go,
or I'll blow your brains out.

Run away girl.
He won't harm you.

- What does that mean? She was stealing.
- She's been punished for it.

Shankar, you're supporting the enemies.
The consequences won't be good.

- I'm not afraid of threats.
- That will be decided tomorrow.

Wasn't I good?

Perhaps you don't know
the gun wasn't loaded.

What's surprising is that he
not only helped the girl steal...

but when I tried to catch her,
he aimed the gun at me.

Don't worry,
I'll question him right now.

Answer. Why did you fight with him
and let that tribal girl go?

Because she already had more
punishment than she deserved.

- Who punished her?
- My friend, Mr. Shankar.

What punishment?

- Shall I tell him?
- Yes, tell him. What can you say?

Only that I had heard that lust
turns a man into an animal.

I witnessed it myself last night.

If taking the law into your
hands wasn't a crime...

I'd make your hot blood go so cold,
you'd remember it all your life.

You did try your best, when you had
turned from a human to a fiend...

and when I tried to catch your lover,
you aimed your gun at me.

Great! Heard that, Johnny? How foolish
he is, is obvious from his face.

Sir, if you want the proof of truth,
I can bring that tribal girl to you.

I have other ways to learn the truth.

Let's go, Meena.

And what's worse is that
he put all the blame on me.

You have to come with me
to Sardar Rajpal and give proof.

I can' go there. Bhola won't let me go.

- I'll come and tell Bhola.
- Don't ever make that mistake.

If you step on our land,
our people will kill you.

- Why?
- Because you're Sardar Rajpal's man.

- Your madam is coming.
- Madam?

Seema, will you do me a favor?
Will you love me?

Only for a while, just as a pretense,
to make someone jealous.


- Has she come?
- Yes.

- What's she doing?
- She's watching.

- ls she jealous?
- Yes.

- ls she dying?
- She is.

- What's she doing now?
- Watching secretly.

Oh hiding woman, appear

Don't torment me
by hiding like that

Rays from the sun,
wind from the cloud...

how long can they hide, tell me?

Oh hiding woman, appear

If this is not defeat of your
attitude, what is it?

If coming running to me is
not love, what is it?

Why are you standing
surprised far away?

Don't bite your finger

Oh hiding woman, appear

Don't torment me
by hiding like that

Rays from the sun,
wind from the cloud...

how long can they hide, tell me?

Oh hiding woman, appear

Your flying tresses cling
to my heart

I see your eyes meeting mine

Don't drop your hair on your cheeks

You are a beauty, I am handsome

Oh hiding woman, appear

Don't torment me
by hiding like that

Rays from the sun,
wind from the cloud...

how long can they hide, tell me?

Oh hiding woman, appear

- Father.
- What is it?

I found this letter
written by Kamladevi.

She has perhaps
left on a pilgrimage.

That means until she returns,
I won't learn who is my son.

I know who he is,
but you're not ready to believe.

Maybe you're right,
but I want proof.

Just let me get proof.
Then watch what I do to the impostor.

- Who is he? Who is he?
- How do I know?

Until now, despite your coldness,
your hatred, I respected you.

But not any more.

Who asked you to come here and search
my room? Who do you think I am?

A thief, bandit?

You know very well.

If it was a man in your place,...

I'd teach him a lesson
he'd remember all his life.

You came for this? Take it away!

I wonder whose picture it is.
I've never seen or met him.

If you don't know about this picture,
how did it get in your suitcase?

How do I know where it came from?
And if it did, what's the crime?

Even you have that much sense.

If I have to steal,
I'll steal something precious.

Not a sick picture.

Go and tell your father...

I don't give a damn for a job
where I'm suspected of being a thief.

I'm waiting for my mom.
I'll leave as soon as she comes.

If you care for your
daughter's life...

either send Rs. 10000 to Bhola
before sunrise tomorrow...

or send that rascal,
whose name is Shankar...

who tried to molest Bhola's
fiancée, Seema.

If you don't do either of the two, you'll
not even see your daughter's dead face.

Get out of here, you rascal!
And go and tell Bhola...

I'll burn down his entire
colony by tomorrow morning.

I'll take revenge of one Meena,
with thousands of lives.

Bhola has said that if you attack us,
your daughter will be killed.

- You scoundrel!
- Sir!

Don't think money is
more dear to me than Meena's life.

Rs. 10000 isn't a big amount for me.
But it will be a humiliation.

Sir, you don't have to give money.
Bhola wants to take revenge from me.

- I'm ready to go there.
- No, he won't spare you.

Saving my master's daughter's life,
even if I lose my life I don't mind.

No, that's not possible.

- There's no other option.
- I'll think of an option

Come with me.

But why did Bhola do this?
What does he want?

His man brought a message today...

saying if I didn't pay him Rs. 10000
by tomorrow morning...

or if I don't send that rascal,
who tried to molest Seema...

Meena won't come back.

So what have you decided?

Will you send money or the
Shankar who misbehaved with Seema?

- Not money, not Shankar.
- We're going to take Meena.

Then even if we
have to lose our lives.

Let's go!

Shankar, listen!

They're informing Bhola of our arrival.

- March forward!
- No sir.

Marching forward will be pushing
them towards death.

Even if we kill a few with our guns,
Meena won't survive.

Sir, it is wise that we accept defeat.

I'll reclaim every penny
of the Rs. 10000 from Bhola.

Ganesh, tell Bhola
I'm ready to pay the money.

Wait! There is no
need to say anything.

- I'll bring Meena.
- Shankar! Where are you going?

They'll kill you.

Shankar, stop!
Why are you moving towards death?

I have come to meet Bhola.
Where is your Chief?

What do you want?
Bhola is standing before you.

I've come to take Sardar Rajpal's
daughter, Meena.

- Have you brought the money?
- No.

- Name?
- Shankar.

- What are you doing! Put away the axe.
- Move aside! I'll kill him!

But he isn't who you think.

He's a different Shankar.
He's the one who saved me that night.

- He's our friend.
- Friend?


- Can you trust his friendship?
- Yes.

- Pardon me. We are friends from today.
- So can I take Meena with me?

No. Sardar Rajpal's man
misbehaved with my fiancée.

Until I take revenge,
Meena won't go anywhere.

ls this how you repay a favor?

I staked my life and saved
your fiancee's honor...

and this is how you show gratitude?
By capturing my fiancée?

- Your fiancée?
- Of course.

She is Sardar Rajpal's daughter,
but she is my fiancée...

my future wife.

- So you're her would be husband?
- Yes, husband.

You cannot confine his fiancée.

He's our friend.

Friend, I never ignore what Seema
says. You may take your fiancee.

She's your fiancée.

- Okay Bhola, we're leaving.
- Not yet.


We're getting married today.

And any friend leaving before the
occasion is considered inauspicious.

You'll take your beloved
only after our marriage now.

After marriage?

- And that too,
carrying her in your arms. - Ln arms?

Johnny, go to Sardar Rajpal and tell
him we'll come after the marriage.

Had you not been there today,
I'd probably not survive.

But why did you do this?
What if I hadn't reached in time?

- Bhola would have killed me?
- Killed you indeed!

You didn't give a thought to
what Meena would suffer.

She wouldn't shed a tear
over my death.

What are you saying!

Seema, I treat you like my sister.
I cannot lie to you.

Meena is neither my fiancée,
nor my future wife.

The truth is, she thinks
I'm a thief, a bandit.

- Bandit?
- She came to search my room.

She didn't find anything else,
just one picture.

I don't know whose picture it is,
or how it reached my trunk.

- And then?
- Then...

the bonds my heart had made
broke forever.

Anyway, forget all that.

This gift is for you from your
brother on your wedding.

Hey, what are you doing!
Bhola said don't put me down on the way...

or the Gods will get angry.

At least walk with me,
or they'll kidnap me again.

Let them.
I won't come to take you again.


Very angry?

If I didn't care for your father,
I'd never come to take you ever.


'Oh heart breaker,
watch where you're going'

'Even I am lying in your way'

Great! You're thinking of a new
plan to show me down.

- Oh, the misunderstanding!
- I'm not foolish, madam.

Innocent faces don't deceive me.


- Hold my hand.
- No.

- Then I'm not coming.
- Don't come.

Wild animals will devour me here.

They aren't so foolish.
They get fresh meat here.

Meena, what happened? Open your
eyes. Where did the snake bite you?

I belong to you, Meena.
Please open your eyes for God's sake.

Meena, my Meena, open your eyes.

- I'll do everything you say.
- Promise?

Look, I swear, I am telling you

Even you will feel jealous,
regret being annoyed with me

The night is young,
the atmosphere alluring

The moonlight romantic,
the winds chilly

I am alone, you are alone,
I am telling you

Even you will feel jealous,
regret being annoyed with me

Look, I swear, I am telling you

Even you will feel jealous,
regret being annoyed with me

Go if you want to.
Even I am leaving

Whether you come or not,
I won't regret it

I am alone, you are alone,
I am telling you

Even you will feel jealous,
regret being annoyed with me

Look, I swear, I am telling you

Even you will feel jealous,
regret being annoyed with me

Why do you keep swearing?

I have stopped, now tell me

Don't walk with attitude,
don't walk with pride, I'm telling you

Even you will feel jealous,
regret being annoyed with me

Look, I swear, I am telling you

Even you will feel jealous,
regret being annoyed with me

- Master has come.
- Who? Daddy?

- Yes, your father.
- Where is he?

Ln your cottage.
He's waiting for you. Come now.

How long will you
play this dangerous game?

Gopal will come to know one day.


No Sohan, I cannot leave
you here even for a minute.

There's still time.
I can inform the police.

My brother's killer will
be on the gallows.

- What you want will happen.
- Then come. I've brought a coach.

Not now, give me two more days.
Then watch what happens.

- What will happen?
- What you want.

Sardar Rajpal will be on the gallows.

- Father!
- Meena, my child!

Bravo son. I'll always remember
your bravery of today.

- What reward do you want?
- I don't need a reward, sir.

I already have my reward.

Meena, I feel he is my Shankar.
He is my son.

- What do you think?
- The same as you think.

Earlier, I did doubt it,
but now I'm sure he's your son.

Whenever I look at him,
I feel overwhelmed with love for him.

- I hope he is my son.
- God willing, that's what it will be.

- That's what it will be.
- You're crying?


Your tears reveal your
heart's feelings, Meena.

You have fallen in love with him?

That's not right, dear.
Who knows? He may not be my son.

No father, he's definitely your son.
I have complete faith.

I can't make my decisions
on your faith.

Remember, if he's not my son,
I won't care for your feelings.

Along with my enemy,
I will even throttle your love.

From the CID report we know...

that Sardar Rajpal came
from Shillong 20 years ago.

He lives here with his adopted
daughter. He doesn't mix with anybody.

Lt seems he is hiding some secret
from his past from the people...

which may perhaps ruin his life.

We're keeping watch on him
and are awaiting your orders.


Shankar, you haven't told me
anything about yourself.

What's there to tell?

The usual about your family,
your siblings, your parents.

I just have a mother,
nobody else.

And father?

Forget this subject.
Talk about something else.

No, I want to know everything.

I must know all about your past.

So before making any decision about
me, you want to know about my family...

and my position.

- It's not that, Shankar.
- Lt is so.

Hear who I am. I'm the son
of a gambler and a murderer.

I can hide it from the world,
but not from you.

I share the blood of a gambler,
a murderer, a fugitive from the law.

Shankar, you don't know
how happy I am today. How happy!

You mean you don't
feel sad learning all this?

No Shankar, I love bad people.

You mean, I'm bad?

A red cap on the head,
a silk handkerchief in your hand

Oh, I have no words for you

Your fair cheeks,
and ruffled tresses on them

Oh, I have no words for you

My heart, oh my darling,
where are you stealing and going

Lost in a high

To steal your heart, I neither have
the daring, nor the right age

Your alluring gait,
like a drooping branch

Oh, I have no words for you

A red cap on the head,
a silk handkerchief in your hand

Oh, I have no words for you

Why do you hold your heart?

What is it? Tell me too

What do I tell you
from such a distance?

Come close to me

Your charming gait dazzles everyone

Oh, I have no words for you

Your fair cheeks,
and ruffled tresses on them

Oh, I have no words for you

I had the desire to
at least become a flower...

and kiss your tresses

My only desire is that I take
your name and go on a high

Your alluring gait,
like a drooping branch

Oh, I have no words for you

A red cap on the head,
a silk handkerchief in your hand

Oh, I have no words for you

Your fair cheeks,
and ruffled tresses on them

Oh, I have no words for you.

- Who?
- I don't know, sir.

- But he's sitting in Shankar's cottage.
- Which Shankar?

The one who had got Meena
released from Bhola's custody.

I became suspicious because
he slipped away on seeing me.

- How old is he?
- About your age, sir.

And he also limps, sir.


Look sir.

Dear Sohan, don't worry on not
finding me here when you return.

Because a man here has seen me.

My staying here is risky.

The plan we have made is perfect.
Kill my brother's killer tonight.

I'll come and get you tomorrow.
Your father, Vishnu.

What happened?

- Tell me something.
- What?

- I belong to you, Shankar.
- Then why fear?

If you aren't who I think you are...
Make me believe what I am assuming.

I am who your heart says I am.

I'm the one who your heart loves.

- Father! What are you doing!
- Move aside!

Ganesh, take away the rascal
and put him in the dungeon.

If he escapes, I'll kill you.


Let him go. He's innocent.

If you knew that,
there'd be no problem.

Meena, I had a dream.

Like someone is whipping me.

But how did I bleed?

An innocent man's blood talks, father.

God is taking revenge
of an innocent man from you.

You are calling a sinner
and a rascal, innocent?

Yes, he is innocent.
And the proof of it is this blood...

which has bled from your heart
and reached your lips.

What is wrong with you, Meena?
He is after my blood.

If that were true,
you'd be sleeping peacefully.

Your body wouldn't get flogged.

Shankar's torment wouldn't torment you.

Your love can mislead you, not me.

I've seen Vishnu in his cottage
with my own eyes.

Couldn't the other Shankar
have brought Vishnu there?

Ganesh brought me the news.

How much money does it take
to buy off Ganesh?

And this letter, which states
the conspiracy of my murder?

Nothing in the world
can prove otherwise...

because it is written on him
that he's your son.

See this blood. Lt is the same
which you shed with your whip.

- Your own blood.
- Meena!

Shedding his son's blood,
a father can never sleep peacefully.

This is only the first night.
Hereafter, every night you'll be whipped.

Even your mouth will bleed
like Shankar's.

You go and keep a watch on
the other Shankar's cottage

As soon as I play the mouth organ,
know that Shankar has been released.

It'll just be a few days, daddy.

Then this land will belong to us.
The tea estates will belong to us.

All of the wealth Gopal has
earned will be ours.

I don't want wealth, I want the
blood of my brother's murderer.

Even that day isn't far. The gallows rope
is almost around Gopal's neck.

Everything has an appropriate time, daddy.

And one has to wait until
the right time comes.

- And as soon as the time comes...
- Leave me!

You rascal! Let me go.
Shankar will kill you!

- Sir, we have a problem.
- What happened?

Bhola released
Shankar and took him away.

What! He released Shankar?

There's no time to think now, Sohan.
We can't continue this act any longer.

Before Gopal comes to know and
escapes, we must inform the police.

You want to lose a won battle?

The decision will go
in my favor tomorrow.

And you want me
to escape like a coward?

- It's the path of ruin.
- Maybe your ruin, not mine!

- Ganesh, you have to do a job.
- Tell me.

Go to Sardar Rajpal tomorrow,
and tell him...

- When did this happen?
- This morning.

Meena came with Bhola and his men
and released Shankar and left.

That means that rascal will
go and inform his father, Vishnu.

And then the police.
Ganesh, where is Shankar?

- He must be in his cottage.
- Go send him here quickly.

Foolish girl,
I don't rue that you cheated me.

What I regret is that you will
suffer with him.

But why did you leave Meena there?
Why didn't you bring her along?

I wonder what she must be suffering.

That fiend must be
punishing her because of me.

- Where are you going?
- To bring Meena.

And settle scores with Sardar Rajpal.

Let's go.

Where is sir?

When you get my letter,
I will have gone very far from you.

I kept this a secret from
you until today. I am your father.

I am accused of murder.
I am going to atone for it.

My enemy has learned I'm here.

Before the police come to know,
I'm going to surrender myself to them.

This house and
the entire estate is yours.

Ganesh, we have succeeded.
All this property is mine!

I am your boss from today,
Sardar Sohan!

And I am your slave.

Go and bring my daddy and Meena here.

I want to celebrate today,
in praise of Sardar Rajpal!

These ads appeared
in the newspaper last month.

From the police report, it's obvious
that Sardar Rajpal is fugitive Gopal...

who the police have been looking for.

He had changed his name and
appearance, and thought...

he could deceive the law.

But the sharp eyes of the
police finally found him.

Here's his arrest warrant.
Leave immediately.

Take the help of the local police
and arrest him immediately.

Madam, you take rest here for some
time while I give water to the horse.

Kamla, my wife?

Your coming with me isn't proper, Bhola.

Your life could be at risk.
There's still time. Go back.

Bhola is not a coward, friend. I have
spent all my life playing with death.

Bhola, look there!
That's my mother!

- Mother!
- Child!

Look mom, my friend and the chief
here, Bhola, has come to welcome you.

- Coachman! How are you?
- Hello sir.


What happened to you?
How did you hurt your head?

That's my earnings.
The reward for my hard work.

What are you saying!
Who beat you?

The one you sent me to for a job.

How is that possible?
How did you harm him?

I don't know mom,
but I surely will one day.

And that day, instead of him,
the whip will be in my hand.

That day has come, Shankar.
Take this whip.

Fulfill your desire. Shed my blood.

Wound me. If I so much as complain,
you can spit in my face.

Take it, Bhola.

Your act cannot impress me, Rajpal.

I will take revenge. I surely will!
Of the injustice done to me.

I will kill you!

Stop Shankar!
Or a son may beat his father.

- Mom, what are you saying?
- Yes, he is your father.

The father who you hate,
but yet you are his son.

His blood runs in your veins.

Even if a father kills his son,
the mother spares him.

But the day a son beats his father,
she curses the day she sired such a son.

Where are you going?

You'll remember mom, I told you...

the day you find your husband, you'll
have to choose between him and your son.

I know what your decision is.
So I am leaving you before you make it.

So that you aren't blamed
for your decision.

Shankar, stop my son!

I know I've been very unfair to you.

But remember, if your body was
wounded, my heart was.

If your body has bled,
my heart has.

If your body has suffered pain,
my soul has.

And destiny is to be blamed for it.

What can be more unfortunate that a
father humiliate and throw out his son...

and hand over his entire wealth to his
enemy's son, assuming him to be his son.

- What are you saying?
- I'm speaking the truth, Kamla.

Vishnu and Sohan laid
this trap and looted me.

But my game isn't over yet.
I have yet to strike.

Husband! Where are you going?
You are alone, they are so many.

I have always fought my life's
battles alone. I have no one.

I'm asking you for the last time.
Are you coming to the city or not?

You're too much, father.
What's the hurry?

We succeeded with great difficulty.
Don't you want me to enjoy my success?

Enjoy as much as you want in the
city. Staying back here is risky.

What risk? You're such a sissy.

Oh my God!

Sardar Rajpal! Get the guns!

Where are you running? The game isn't
over yet. Play the final round.


Shankar will come here soon.
Let's go!

Leave me, you rascal!

- Come!
- Leave me!

Look, your father
has paid for his crimes.

- At least forgive him now.
- Dad.

I don't regret even dying now.
I found my Shankar.


Don't worry about me.

My life is over.

Go and save Meena. That rascal
took her in his car and escaped.

- Ln a car?
- Don't worry, Sardar Rajpal.

Bhola will stake his life
and bring Meena back.

Let's go, friend.

Forgive me Kamla,
I wasn't worthy of you.

The man you are looking for is me.

Go clear the road.

- Stay here!
- Leave me!

If you move even two steps ahead,
I'll throw the girl in the gorge.

If you care for Meena's life,
leave here now.

It's not so easy to
win against me, Shankar.

I'll die, but take along
your beloved too.

Don't move forward!

Though I have seen many beauties

But not anyone like you