Tumbleweed Tango (2013) - full transcript

A balloon dog is lost in a world of danger. One wrong step and his dancing days are done. Only love, and tango, can possibly save him.

Production/ Executive Producer Phil HWANG

Co-presented by
CHO Sung-kyu, KIM Myung-eun, PARK Gyu-sik

IM Chang-jung

AN Nae-sang, CHUNG Sung-hwa

SON Eun-seo, JAE Wook


Come out here!

Why are you crapping here
when the next stall is empty?

Why don't you use the empty stall?


You're not from
around here, are you?

I'm Park Changsu.

Don't you know me?

Never been to this
neighborhood before?

This stall belongs to me,

Take your business elsewhere.
Come out, okay?

Hey, hurry up and get out.

I'm counting to ten.
If you don't come out,

you'll get wet,
dirt bag.

One, two, three, four.

Hey, you didn't flush.

What great manners,
you freak.

Who is this?
The world's greatest waitress.

It's been a while.

Hey, Changsu.
I guess you've been busy.

I haven't seen you around.

I've been busy preparing
for my business.

Come by sometime.

I have a delivery to get to.
See you.


That fox.

Wake up.

Don't you get
that I'm a total bachelor?

She's five years older than me.

Even she has a kid in high school...

What do you take this
Park Changsu for? Jeez.

Why are you hitting my head?

Who am I? Who am I?

When you came into this world
with a runny nose,

who took you in and fed you? Who?

I don't know.
I got here on my own, damn it.

Why'd you hit my head...

Damn it!
It really hurts.


I thought you were
getting out on Thursday.

What day is today?

It's... Thursday.

You little shit,
I can't believe you.

All caught up in that girl, you son of a...

What do you think you're doing?

Need another hit and bang?

I'm sorry.

Wait, lady.

Can you bring some tofu?

- Okay.
- Tofu?

Are you freaking crazy?

If I have tofu, I'll lose all my jobs, you moron.

Oh, right.

Anyway, finish your food.

You are like the wind

You left me in tears
You are like the wind

Shoot. This is embarrassing.
Never seen someone taking a piss?

Move along.

Freaking embarrassing.
Making me feel like crap.

No sense of manners.

Hey, motherfucker!


Fine, I'm crazy.
You jerk!

Wait and see what I do to you.

Well, she's great.

Killer body.
Shit, she has a man.

Get in.

You think I'll believe you?

Watching a couple fight
is always a great show.

So you'll tell everyone?

What? You don't think I can?

It'll be the end of both of us.

I'll tell the chairman everything.

Tell him what?

All I've done is slept
with you a few times.

Do you love me?

Don't touch me, you jerk!


What's that scumbag doing?

Crazy jerk!
How dare you touch me?

Is there a guy yet
who hit woman?

That's it.
Go ahead and get revenge.

Who's this scumbag?

Hey, look here.

Aren't you going overboard?

She's a woman.

Mind your own business.

You're not such a nice guy, are you?

By the looks of your outfit,
you must be some kind of crook.

Do crooks beat up a woman
these days?


Don't get into trouble away
from home.

Help her up and get out of here.

So what if you stare at me.

This little scumbag...


We can't let both of us die.

You should rest at home.

How dare you hit me
when my guard is down!

That scumbag got away, did he?

This is so embarrassing.

I've been had by some loser
who isn't even a real gangster.

Hold on.

Doesn't this belong to you?

Lady, this is worth $1,000!

My neck freaking hurts,
and this is embarrassing.

I'm leaving this here.

I'm not going
to be responsible for this.

I didn't take it,


Where am I, anyway?

Here you go.

Please get some water.Oh,

Here you are.

That little sucker
is such a wimp.

Who are you?


Who the heck are you?

I've been...

Go away.


I said go away.

I think you've drunk too much.

How much?

How much is the bill?

32 bucks.

- I'll pay you tomorrow.
- Huh?

- I'll pay tomorrow.
- Okay then.


She's gone.


The girl sitting here.

Yeah, she left.

She left her lighter.

Did she leave right after I did?

She left with the guys
at the other table.


How could you let her
leave with losers like them?

Don't you know how
dangerous it is here?

She didn't come here.

Not here?


So you did it?

Why'd you bring her to your home,

not a motel?

Girls never put out the day
they break up.

Who are you?

You piece of dust.
Shut up and clean the place.

So you did it?


So you've finally become a real man?

The real thing is so much better, isn't it?

Park Changsu, you've finally done it?

Oh, I don't know. It's just...
Well, it was just...

No, they never do it
on the day they broke up.

Hey, Miss Jang,Come here.
Oh, hi there.

Let me tell you something funny.

Hey, you jerk. Stop it.

Let me tell you a joke
that goes like this...

Hello, boss.

Hi. Changsu is here.

I already took a 10% commission.


Aren't you going to count it?

I'm sure it's all here.

Okay then.

Don't lose all of that money
on a single poker game, you hear?

You're not young anymore.
It's time you came to your senses.

You can't spend your entire life
living in jail for other people.

I got it.

Hey, come here

I have a great deal waiting for us.

There's nothing for you to do

but let me borrow your name.

The guys are checking out the market.

After three months of operation,
they'll disappear.

Then the victims will sue,

and that buys us five months.

So you can get some rest,

and then two years of prison time.

Two years is too long.

Is it?

It's better to do a few
six-month sentences.

But you'll get a lump sum.

- Okay, I'll think about it.

- Good.
- Come out later.

- Okay.
- I'll buy you dinner.

- Sangtae, let's go.

She's pretty, too.

She's much prettier than her.

That's impossible.

No one is more beautiful
than my Natasha.

Do her boobs bounce
up and down?

Don't call them boobs.

You crazy kid.

Try some of this.

You're the crazy kid.

Why don't you
just give me instead?

- Right. No.

- Give it.

Go and get me two Red bulls.

What will I do with him?
He's just clueless.

- Is it drugged?
- Shoot.

Sangtae, actually,
I couldn't do it last night.


I told you not to ask me twice
when I tell you something.

No, I couldn't.

You retard. You took her home,
but you couldn't do anything?

It's not like that.

She's too good for me.

I don't know why you had such
a useless moment of self-realization.

In the end, she's just a woman.

It's because you didn't see her.

Hey, when I first saw her,

I thought it was a freaking dream.

You should've had that dream
for your own last night.


What would you know?

I was just happy for
sleeping in the same room.

That's a pathetic excuse, you dork.


What did you say?

I'm sorry.

Since I've been away,
you think you got this town?

- I'm sorry.
- You little twerp.

Did you leave the lights on?

Someone is in there.


This isn't a home fit for
a human being.

I've been cleaning all day
with no end in sight.


What kind of a guy are you?

You're pretty shameless.

After making me clean all day long,

the least you can do is thank me.

Oh, yes. Thank you.

But why are you cleaning
when it'll just get dirty again?

Well, where are you?

If you knew where I was,
would you rush over here?

If you can find me,
come to get me, sucker.

Where are you?

Well, where are you?

What a crazy jerk.

I'm hungry.

The call earlier was from
the guy yesterday, right?

The guy who punched me
and ran away.

If he came after me with a knife,

would you be able to protect me?


The guy from yesterday?

Tell him to come.

Do you have his number?

Call him now and tell him

to try his luck here.

I'll show him.

Mister, who are you exactly?

The refrigerator is totally empty
with no water to drink.

The dishes look like
they haven't been used.

Mister, are you a spy?


That's a false accusation.

Don't you know how serious that is?

It's 10 years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

That's a big crime, calumny.

I've studied a bit of law.

So you're a con man.

Why would you say that of all things?

This town is so trashy.

but I like it,
because it's human.

Be careful!
It's not that wide you think.

Living in the world is harder than we think.

I don't know how you
met a guy like him.

Everyone, regardless of
how they look,

has worries on their mind.

And that's life, isn't it?

Are you patronizing me?

I'm not that pathetic woman

who needs someone like you
to feel sorry.

I'm fine now.

Do something funny.


Just amuse me.

Shall I tell you a funny story?

Show me with your body.


You're surrounded now.

Shrimp chips.


You are so poor at...

Rock, paper, scissors.



Rock, paper, scissors.


Move your hand to your mouth.

I have no family name.

Well, I do have one.

Park Changsu.

The director of the orphanage
gave me his family name.

It's not my real one.

I'm just Changsu.

This kid has no family name, either.

Who is it?

Then, is that kid's birthday
May 5, too?

Isn't there a hotel
around here?

No, there isn't.

Then, I'll have to sleep here
another night.

Come and sleep over here.

You can sleep up here.
It's cold.

Are you scared of me?

You've been talking
down to me.

But I'm quite old.

Then talk down to me, too.

I won't eat you up.

If we're together,
we'll both be warm.

I should go.

No, no. I'll go up.


you're very nice.

You want to hold me, right?

You can hold me if you want.

I'm just kidding.
Why are you shaking?

I don't think this is...
I'll get on top of you
if you keep this up.

Shall we run far away
and live together?

She left.

What are you doing there?

Morning exercise.

You thought I'd left?

Didn't you see my bag inside?

If it's inside,
I haven't left.

What are you doing?
Breakfast is ready.

Yes, I'm coming.

Let's go eat.

Aren't you eating with me?

I'll eat later.

Thanks for the food.

What's your relationship
with him?


The guy who hit
you yesterday.

He's no one.

Want me to get rid of him?

Where are you going?

I'm not going anywhere.

Get your papers ready
so that we can begin.

I'm not doing it.

I'm not doing it anymore.

Did you take drugs or
something last night?

What's wrong with you?

Why are you grinning
and acting crazy?

Don't grin.

Hey, you can go straight
to the place.


Wrap it well.

The woman receiving this
is really classy.

How much is this?

This diamond?

It's a bit expensive.

More than this?

Yes, twice more...

Then give this to me.

Don't worry about the money.

Okay. This one?

This isn't right.
What's the ring for?

You had to rot in jail for six months
to afford a single ring.

For a woman you just
spent one night with.

If I'd known this, I should've
been born as a hot woman.

Don't talk crap.

You'll give it to her in the bag?

Why not?

Are you crazy?
No one gives a present like that.

Oh, brother.

You take the ring out of there
and put it on her finger,
while you're kneeling.

I know that, you dork.
It's obvious.

Everyone knows that.

Crazy jerk.

You should present it in the box.

I'm only giving her
the ring, you idiot.

Stop acting like you know everything.
I already thought it out.

I'll suddenly take the ring out and
put it on her finger,

and it'll move her heart.

Then she'll be very surprised.

I'd be very surprised
if I were a woman.

I put in a whole lot of liver.

Thank you.

Changsu, why do you
look so good today?

Did you eat something good?

I think I'm going to get married.

What? What did you just say?

And I don't have a mother, so...

Who is it? Who's the girl?

Oh, my Changsu is getting married.

It's not going to be a wedding,
just more like a dinner.

Hey, hey, hey. You're going
to be a human being now.

Changsu, I never thought
you would meet a nice girl.

I guess you've gotten lucky after all.



I have some warm sausage.

It has intestines and liver inside.

I brought everything you like.

Come out, Miyeon!

You can't be sleeping when
you're the one who asked for food.


What's this?

This is blood.

What's with this?

What is this?

What's going on?


You can't be like this.

No, this can't be true.

Oh, Miyeon, Miyeon. Miyeon!

You did the right thing.

Congratulations, sir.

Good work.

Are you staking out or something?

Eat something.


Inspector Kim came to the office
during the day.

He asked about you.

Why didn't you tell him
I was here?

You could've gotten prize money
for telling on me.

How can you say that to me?

Well, shit. You and I aren't
blood relatives, and if I want,

we can live like strangers.

Maybe I should just
make money off you.

Let's go to the police station.

Go where?

I'm going to tell them
what I saw.

Why should I hide here
when I didn't kill her?

What will you tell them?
What are you going to say?

You're about to be blamed
for everything.

You have a long criminal record,

and your house is full of evidence.

If you go to the police station,
the cops will only thank you.

If you go now, you'll never
enjoy your freedom ever again.

I can just tell them that
I didn't freaking kill her!

I'm going crazy.

Why did that girl have to die
at my house?

Who is it?

He's a neighborhood thug
from Incheon's Chinatown.

Why did she die at his house?

Bring him to me.
Don't kill him.

I want him alive.

I lost my bankbook.

Yes, this is your ID card.

Sir, can you wait a moment?

Damn it!
I'm dead. Shit!


Do you know the Jiseong clan?

You know, the gang that's
sweeping the nation?

They're going nuts to find you.

They've even asked some losers
about you.

There's a bounty for anyone
who gets their hands on you.

What do I have to do with them?

You know the answer to that.

It's about the girl.

She was the boss' girlfriend.
Is this a freaking surprise?

And I heard that
the boss is ruthless.

We're here.
You can get out.

You'll be safe here
for the time being.

How did you know
about this place?

I know some girls
who don't like motel.

Fucking here is awesome.

Let's have a cup of coffee.

Are you still playing
with cigarettes?

This is quite profitable.

The unit price has gone up.
This is the way to go.


Did you ask for me?

What happened to the casino
at Bando Hotel?

I sold the shares.

On your own?

You were at the institution.

So I had no other choice.


Fine, you did well.

You can leave.
I'm sure you're busy.

What is wrong with you?

Is it that hard to catch some thug?

I'm sorry.

Try harder.

Have you been checking up on me?

Make a wise choice.

Ending up dead
only takes a moment.

You know him, don't you?

I really don't know him.

Don't lie to me.
He came here all the time.

How do you expect me to remember
all the people that come here?

I think it'll be okay.

And above?

I checked the opposite side.
There's no one.

Yes, sir.

We're tracking him down.

Yes, yes.

I was surprised
seeing those jerks go in.

They were like undercover cops.
Those guys...

I was just blown away.

- Sangtae, if you were a woman...
- Yeah.

What would be your password?


I've tried it already.


Whose phone is that?

It's her phone, isn't it?

Why did you take
a dead woman's phone?

Throw it away.

It's just that...

I'm worried
about your safety.

Hey, let's stop the search.

It's like looking for a needle
in a haystack.

It's been an hour already.

Changsu, is her name
Kim Seonhee?

She's really pretty.

Hey. Hey, man.

Oh, it's her!

Shit, she's hot.


Was the password right?


Let's go, then.

What are you staring at?

She won't come back to life.

Just be yourself.

Remember your motto in life?

You wanted to live a cowardly life
to survive a very long time.

That's true.

But I came to think...

I never wanted to be born,

and I've never done anything
what I wanted in my own life.

It's always been
for everyone else.

I should freaking die the way I want.

That's what I've been thinking.

I don't know who the hell

ruined my life,

but I want to die
on my own terms.

I don't care if I regret it later,

but once, just this once.

Let me do
what I want to do.

It's your favorite drink.

Take your hands off
the Mapo development project.


Jeonghak is on the case.

Was that your own decision again?

I'm sorry.

If it's not final,
let Mr. Kim take over.

Do you think
he can handle it?

Are you upset?

No, I think it's
the right decision.

This guy's been working
for me for 10 years.

He's really good with his job.

- Drink up.
- Yes.

To Dongin Primary School.


Have a seat.

We should've kept in touch.

Did you cut all ties
now that you're a cop?

I don't remember your face.

Who remembers everything
from primary school?

That's what it's supposed to be like.

Do you remember everything
from primary school?


Do you remember anything?

I remember.

See? There's nothing.
She's just joking around.

This is the phone number
that reported me?

Call the number.
Wait a second.

Give it to me.

You have to be grateful to me.

Do you know how much
I spent to get this...

Wait a second.

Hello and thank you very much
- for calling Ocean Nightclub.

- Hello?

Why haven't you been around?

Busy with business?

Do you know me?

Sure. Last time you came,
I brought you a lot of girls.

Don't you remember?

It's my first time here.

Huh? Why are you saying that?

I remember
all the good-looking guys.

- Yongpil.
- Yes, sir.

Where do you live?

What are you doing?

Shit, what's up?
What's wrong with me?

Who are you?

Don't you know me?

Who the heck are you?

Are you crazy?
Why are you tying me up?

Let me go, you jerks!

Who the heck are you guys?
What are you doing?

What's up?
What's going on?
Let me go...

Hey! You.

Did you report a murder recently?


I know.
I'm working right now!

That boss is making me do crap.

Even if I get fired, I can
just get a different job.

Hey, I have to hang up.
I'm hanging up.


Yes, hello?
Is this the police station?

What is this?

What a freaking...

You make me surprised.

Who are you?

Get up, jerk.

Hey. Hey.
What is this thing?

Who sent you?

Hey. Do you know me?

You rat.

Hey, do you know me?

Who sent you?

Who's out there?

What is it?

Get in now!

You stop!

The Mercedes Benz.
It's him, it's that guy.

The guy who hit me before.
It's him. It's him.

You should've looked for it.

I couldn't find it.

I looked everywhere,
even your clothes and the closet.

It could've fallen on the floor.
I'll look for it.

The ring doesn't
have an owner now.

Why do you want to find it?

What is it?
Someone was here.

Let's go.



Get away from me!

Okay now, you son of a...

Get away from me!


- You, fucking...
- You come here.

Snap out of it. Hurry!

Hey, where's my bag?

- Bag?
- Yeah.

I moved it to the back storage.

Hey, why'd you take it all the
way there? You little son of a...

That's all for today.

Wrap it up now. If anyone
mentions wiping this place out...


Hey, just...


- How have you been?
- Hello.

Will you put this
on here?

Yes, sir.

- I'm going. See you.
- Bye.

That's $3.

I see.

Hey, have a drink.

Let's just go to the guy
who can get you on a stowaway boat.

I don't think there's
any other way out.

The kimchi is great.
There must be a secret recipe.

The kimchi that lady makes
is so good.

It's not like other kimchi.

She is worried about you.

How's she doing?

I'm having a really
hard time, too.

Guys are roaming the streets
to try and catch you.

Your photo is all over the place.

I feel like people are following me.

How long will you be living like this?

Hey, you jerk.
I'm just going to...

It's really delicious.

With your cooking, you should open
a big restaurant in downtown.

I guess he doesn't
eat here anymore.

He's my friend.

I haven't seen him lately.

What is it?

Where were you?

I forgot something.

Where are you going?

I'll go get some more soju.

Forget about soju.
I don't want to drink.

What's with your face?

Were you in another fight?

You're too old to be
getting into fistfights.

Little rascal.

I'm going to visit Jaewuk.

Who's Jaewuk?
The son of the old geezer?

He went to the police station.

Since he has no guardian,
I have to go instead.

I'm his parent.

Is he an orphan?


- I'll be back.
- Okay.

I'll be right back.

This kid has no last name, either.

Does his birthday fall on May 5th, too?

Got it.

He's like a sleeping baby.

I wonder if he knows how
he looks when he sleeps.

Playing around...

There's nothing useful around here.

Just look at the dust on the window.

What is this basket?

He has so many lighters.
He's selling them?

Hee Coffeehouse, Sook Coffeehouse
Min, Young, Gom Coffeehouse...

Huh, he's living in Coffeehouse? Um...

I still like him somehow.

Sit down, you.


I don't think you need
to worry about him.



Yes, we're still tracking him down.

I think we'll catch him soon.

Yes, sir.

Why did you kill
such a nice, pretty girl?

I didn't kill her.
Please believe me.

I told you already.
Please call the cops.

This is going to hurt a bit.

You should've known who
she was before you killed her.

You'll need two fingers to eat.
The choice is yours.

What will it be?

I'll save your thumb
and index finger.

Just kill me.
Why don't you just kill me?

I didn't kill her!
Just kill me instead!

I'll do it step by step.

You must have 200 bones.

Just hang in there
and you'll win.

Save me. I killed her!

I did it. I killed her.

I did it. I killed her.

Why did you kill her?

I choked her
with my own two hands.

You stabbed her.

Right, I stabbed her neck
with a knife.

I killed her,
so please save me.

You must be very hungry, Changsu.

The kids should've fed you.

If you keep denying it,
your neck is next.

Just think of it as bad luck.

I stabbed her with my knife
because I got mad.

Who messed him up?
What's going on?

I beat him a few times
because I got angry.

Everyone, outside.

It's just the two of us here.
No one else is listening.

If you tell me the truth,
you can live.

In fact, I...

I want to live.

I'm sure you do.

Did you kill her?

I just...

Take him.

Are you Park Changsu?

You're under arrest for murder.

You have the right
to remain silent,

and you have the
right to an attorney.

Are you a cop?

Get up.

Do you know
that I killed someone?
Be quiet.

Am I going to the police station?

If you beat up the suspect like that,
it makes trouble for us.

I killed her.

Am I heading
to the police station now?

I killed her, you jerks!

I killed her!
All of you, I killed her!

I'm going to kill you all!

Do you want to die?
I'm going to the police station.

I killed her!
I killed her!

Why did you do that?

Do you think I got to where I am
without knowing what I know?

Your leg...

Is this what you called
we're brother?

Do you think
you're still my brother?

I freaking missed you.

Why did it take so long
to come to see me?

You jerk.
I thought you'd changed.

If you had been a day later,
I was going to sever ties with you.

How's it going?

This is my home ground.

The guy with the biggest crime
is the leader here.

It's really cool.

I can't forget my roots.

That's a relief.

I'm sorry.

About what?

Deokhee came in a week ago.

I heard about your wedding date.

I don't think I can go
to your freaking wedding.

Even if I can't make it,
I'll give you the most cash.

Just so you know.

That's not necessary.

Are you looking down on me
just because I'm in jail?

Did you know that a cigarette
costs more than gold here?

I'm selling cigarettes wholesale.

In a year, I'll be able to buy a house.

It's nothing.

I'll get a new house

for you and your wife,
so just you wait.

You little rascal.

It's not an empty promise.

Did you ever see me
break a promise?

Time's almost up.
Say your goodbyes.



I did it. I told on you.

Forget it. Just leave.
Don't talk about it.

Hold on.
I want to say I'm sorry.

I was too scared.

I know I was shameless, but...

Changsu, I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

So sorry.

Did you get permission
to do business?



I have a good news.

What is it?

I think I can buy you a house.

I don't need a house.
Just worry about yourself.

Hey, I'm talking here.

As a man, you have to
hit the jackpot in your life, jerk.

Maybe you saved your manhood
at the bank.

Let me see. Huh?

Let me see
if you're still man enough.

Let me take a look.

Changsu, you haven't changed a bit.
Have a drink.


I won't be living my life
the same way.

A man should
freaking do something.

Boss of Jiseong clan
goes missing

Jiseong clan's successor
Kim Doseok takes control

Kim Doseok booked on charges
of corruption in casino management

Kim Doseok released
from prison after just four years

Is this Chairman Kim Doseok's room?

Chairman Kim

I'm a very close friend
of Chairman. Ask him.

Chairman Kim,
you know me, right?

Chairman Kim, don't you know me?
Chairman Kim.

Don't you know Miyeon?
You know Miyeon.

- Take him out.
- You jerk. You know Miyeon.

It's sweet.

You've become quite a great person.

I really didn't find my leg's
inconvenient when I was in prison.

But now that I'm out,
it's a bother to be outside without this.

The world has gotten
so much better.

Can I have a cigarette?

I don't want anything much.

I did have my rates.

And if you can pay me well,
I'll disappear nice and clean.

I know you're a busy person.
I've taken up too much of your time.

It's just one case.
You can't have two culprits, can you?

I've taken the punishment,
so it's time to pay me.

Play this.

If you do this, do you think
you'll win against the chairman?

You should go home early.

This must be your summer home.

It's quite the palace.

Thank you for inviting me here.

I really am humbled, sir.

You got ahold of something good.

There's one motto I have in life.

It's to live a cowardly life.

But after living my life,

I became a coward to myself.

And that really was embarrassing.

You're such a great man.

You may not
understand a guy like me.

Where is it?

Why are you in such a hurry?

Give me a million dollars.

And you do realize
this isn't the original.

If something happens to me,
all the world will hear the recording.

You've learned a bit
about the world, I see.

I know how to make a deal.

I don't think it's such a big request.

I know it's not
such a big deal to you.

Is this the original
what you said?

It was sent by delivery.

Also, here's a letter
to the police detective.

Do you think I got to where I am
without much?

What will it be?

Do you think

I came here
without thinking of death?


Forget about
the funds in China.

You know my investment
in the South American mine?

Withdraw ten million dollars.

I heard that gold prices are high
in Hong Kong.

Invest all of it in gold.

Do what you want
with the merchandise from Japan.

Something shorter than 16cm
won't reach the heart.

Do you see what's in the safe?

Drink this, and it's all yours.

Did you ever see a mouse
hold a grudge against a cat?

You have to try to escape.

If you take on the cat,
it'll only benefit the cat.

I think you lost this time.

If you drink,
I'll let you go in peace.

Thank you.

Thank you for keeping
my dignity.

Jerk, hit me more.

Is that your best punch?

Hit me some more.

Hit me more.
You son of a...

How dare you try to fight me?

More, more!
Why is your punch so weak?

You're such a pussy.

More, more.
Son of a bitch!

More, more.

You're nothing to me.

How dare you,
son of a bitch!


You can only protect
your pride if you're strong.

Do you jerks know
what that is?

How dare a guy without a leg
try to take me on?

Such a clueless jerk.

It's already started.

You smoke fancy cigarettes, sir.

You should've known that
your cigarette was poisoned.

I told you not to hit women.

Now you're getting punished,
you son of a bitch.

The cigarette tastes nice.

It's yours.


I've gotten rid of everyone
who's been bullying you.

Aren't you happy I'm here?

I'm happy
you're next to me.

Let's run far away now.

Miyeon. Miyeon.

Miyeon, I took down everyone
who had bothered you.

Lee Miyeon didn't have any connection
so it was taken out.

Where did you go
after calling me here?

You don't even have a mobile.

I felt rushed.

Why are you so happy suddenly?

Let's go somewhere
to get a cool drink.

That sounds great.

I know a bar with hot girls.

I don't go to bars anymore.
That's so tacky. Don't do that.

Why are you so happy?
Did you take drugs? Uh?

Producer NA Hyun-jun

Cinematography SUNG Seung-taek
Light YOON Kyung-hyun

Production Design JUNG Hyun-chul
Sound KIM Shin-yong

Costume HAN Myung-sook, YANG Min-hye
Make-up/Hair KIM Hyun-kyung

Music KIM Joon-suk(Movie Closer)
Edit KYUNG Min-ho

Sound Supervisor PARK Duk-soo(Storm)
DI KIM Il-kwang(SDL)

CG KIM Young-ah(CJ
Powercast Art & Technology)
Action BAEK Kyung-chan(Mongdol Action)

Casting KWAK Young-min
Adapt SUN Wook-hyun, HA Sung-ran,
JANG Woo-young, KIM Jin-ho

Second Director LEE Jung-hak
Production Manager KIM Jin-yong