Tulpan (2008) - full transcript

On the steppes of Kazakhstan, Asa lives in a yurt with his sister Samal, her husband Ondas, and their three children. Ondas is a herdsman, tough and strong. It's dry, dusty, and windy; too many lambs are stillborn. Against this backdrop, Asa, a dreamer who's slight of build and recently finished with a stint in the Russian Navy, tries to establish a life on the steppes. He, his friend Boni, and Ondas call on Tulpan, the only single girl in the area. The men talk to her parents while she listens out of sight. Her answer and Asa's later trips to talk to her form an arc of hope against the harsh land. Is this the place of Asa's dreams? What about the other lambs?

There's also a sea horse.

It's so small.
With a head like a horse,

but a body like a camel.

It swims like a twig, very slowly.

It swims like a twig,
and eats only teeny tiny things.

These things
arejust like flies are to us.

When a tiny being appears,

it eats it right away.

Ever seen a shark?

But I've seen worse: an octopus.

It's a big hunk ofmeat.
And slimy, like a brain.

Not one bone.
Long tentacles like hoses.

Like human arms, but longer.

And on each one
there's a suction cup.

It grabs a person and draws him in.

Then you've got to bite it
between the eyes.

Ifyou're off byjust a hair,
it's over. You're dinner.

Ifyou bite that spot,
the tentacles go limp.

But ifyou miss the right spot,

it squeezes you
and sucks blood out through your mouth.

It gobbles you right up.

It gets you for good.

Happened once when...

He's a sailor in the Pacific Fleet.

Top marks in basic training.

Two long-distance voyages.
Deep sea dives.

Doesn't drink.

He's my wife's brother.

Came from Russia, from Sakhalin.

Does he have any decorations?

Your daughter has a beautiful name.

A rare name.


...you have a girl,
and we have a guy.

Two halves. It wouldn't be bad
to unite them into a whole.

From our side, as a start, ten sheep
and this small token from the groom.

How about that?

I'll bring more music for the wedding!

Look around, Boni,
what beauty!

Spur on your horses, Kazakhs!
Long live Kazakhstan!

Turn do wn the music!

I 5.3/0' turn do wn the music!

Attention all sailors!

Here I'll put myyurt!

My flock here!


She d/dn'z' like you!


You didn 't impress her!

How's that?

Shejust didn't likeyou.

She told her mother:
“Big ears.“

That's it.
There are no more girls here.

Asa, I'm riding on my horse!

You have nice ears!

Maybe you said something wrong?

Sit and drink!

What could I've said wrong?

I described the octopus's weak point
and the sawfish.

Are we going to Almaty?

Everything as usual.

Are we off to Almaty then?

Maybe you should have
left out the octopus?


And what were they doing?

We'll go soon.

Want some bread?
-And Tulpan?

How many times do I have to tell you?
I didn't see her.

I was sitting here.
She was behind the curtains.

They didn't even show her.

What could I've said wrong?

Ride to Almaty!
Offyou go. Quick!

I don't get it then.

You have to go back!
Right, Ondas?

I'm not going to that little fool!

I said, I'm not going!

Quit it!

Quit singing, I said!

Let her sing.

This isn't the big city
to be singing at the table.

Drinkyour tea and stop playing!

Put your spoon this way!

Not like that, like this!

Nuka, run over here!

Your horse wants a drink.

Run to me!
Let's give it a drink!

Get that one!

Fuck it!
Don't run!

The black one!

Don't run, I said!

Calm down!

Why so wild?
Are you deaf?

One sheep's already gotten away!

Round 'em up!

I know!

This /5 Kazakh Rad/0.

Get out!

Maha, don't tease the puppy!

Beke, give the cows water.
The tractor's here.

One second.

Hold your head high
independent country.'

Good morning.
Domestic ne ws.

The Kazakh parliament
has discussed the realization...

of our president Nursu/tan Nazarba ye 1/';
program "/(azakhstan 2030

Do you hear me?
Get moving!



The fifth already.

Let's move out, Boni!

When are we moving?
-No time. Later.

Pour some more!

It's full!

Get away, Nuka!

Let's go!

Get out ofthere!

Did you bring what I asked?

Where is it?


They didn't have caramel?

How much?
-700 tenge.

That's expensive.

I'll have ten.
-just take these, all right?

Are we going or what?
-Right away.

You're a fool!
-Need any cucumbers?

I've told you a hundred times:
Turn offyour stupid music!

And get this pornography
out ofthe tractor!

Okay! But it's really art!

Where have you driven them to now?

Don't you understand Kazakh?


Another lamb died?
-Still got 50 pregnant ones.

But why has another one died?

No grass or they'rejust weak.
First-time mothers. I don't get it.

You're moving soon.
But you need lambs being born!

It's in God's hands.

Listen, may God grant you
no less than last year!

You're responsible for every lamb.

I'll send a vet to examine the sheep.

You've gotten the hang ofthings!

Comrade Boss, give me a flock!
Please. You promised!

Don't start again!

I've told you many times:
Get married, get a flock.

No wife, no flock!

Who can I marry here? The sheep?
They're the only thing around!

Search! Everybody gets married.
-But I've looked everywhere!

This is the Betpak, you know!
An unmarried herdsman can't survive here!

Somebody's got to cook, wash clothes.
You won't last a week here!

No wife, no flock!
End ofdiscussion!

Are ducklings in fashion in the city?

There aren't any more girls here!
Got it?

There are only three yurts on the
whole steppe! What can I do about it?

That's it then!

He won't give me the flock
without a wife!

Come with me, willyou?

Screw it all!
How can I convince you?

Quit it, Boni!

But seriously!

We'll rent an apartment
for both of us. It'll be cheaper.


At worst, we'll get a room.
In a dorm.

There are tons of babes there!
We'll meet them.

It's in the city after all, man!

And don't worry
about finding work!

Take the weak sheep to the pen!

And you, get to work!
-This is an industryvehicle,

not a cattle wagon!

All they know is sheep!

Let's go. It'll be easier
to find work there together!

I don't need your city!
Got it?

Comrade Boss!


Domestic news!

The program ofour president,
Nursultan Nazarbayev...

to make Kazakhstan a developed
country with clean air and clear water...

is being fulfilled successfully,
lawmakers noted.

Look what a big blackheadl

Ondas, we have to buy the children
new shoes for school.


The fate of Kazakhstan's
Kashagan oil field...

was discussed at the economic
forum in Switzerland.

Several countries
are to participate in its development...

which will make Kazakhstan
one ofthe five largest oil-producers.

What a memory!
Maybe he'll be a senior accountant!

Stop it, I'm reciting the news!

Shut up!

Cultural news.

Russian Radio:
In the Petropavlovsk Theater...

Shut up, I said!

I want to, too!

In the Petropavlovsk Theater
the premiere ofthe play...

“A Ray of Light at Night“ was held.
"I catch your glance excitedly.“

-well done!

Ondas, look at his leg.

Ondas, look here!
-What's wrong?

He runs around wild, that's all!

The dumber they are,
the harder they fall.

I don't see his guts hanging out!

Are you starting again?

I asked you not to!

Don't you see he's trying?
-I see he's trying! Trying all wrong!

Only his mouth works.

You're pampering him!
It's ridiculous!

Don't forget he's my brother!
-So what?

He has nobody except for us!
-Should we cradle him in our arms?

We started scraping and bowing!
-He's gone through a lot!

As ifwe have nothing to do!

I promise he'll stop!

Why does he hate me?

For what, Samal?
-lt's not so.

What did I do?
-He doesn't hate you.

Maybe I'm to blame for coming?

Tell me?

Am I in the way?

Well, am I?
-Not at all.

Ifl'm intheway,
I'll sleep on the steppe!

I'll ask him to go with you
to see that girl again.

I don't need anything!
-Do you want me to?

I wouldn't go with him for anything!

What's a sailor to do?
I see him on the bottom, not breathing.

I swim down and pull him
to the surface.

Something grabs my legs
and starts to squeeze.

I feel something pulling me underwater,
tentacles squeezing me.

My bones are already cracking.
I'm losing consciousness.

I look up, and in the darkness
two red eyes appear.

There's nothing I can do.

I try to escape...
But those eyes are moving in...

ljerk backwards,
but this mouth keeps coming closer!


We don't get it.
We've come here, traveled all day.

Top marks in basic training.

Two arms and two legs.

What do ears have to do with it?

Or is ityou who are against him?

Be honest!

Tell us now, Grandpa!

Right, here's to peace on earth!

Why are you silent?

Are you against him?

We are not against him.

Tulpan doesn't like him.

We can't force her.

We are cultured people.

My father was a bookkeeper.

Well then!

Look! He's a prince!

Like our president!

Take your glasses!

Sit down!

What is there to look at?

Everything's clear.

Asa, it's okay.

Asa has even smaller ears!

From this side.

Even the prince has big ears!

Sit down.

Let Tulpan come out and speak for herself.
-Have her come out!


Go tell her, her father is calling!

Stubborn woman!

The daughter isjust like you!

“To the city, to the city!“

“To college!“

Who needs her there?

Be realistic.
Foolish old woman!

Is he an African Prince?

-All right. One second.

Where are you going?

He doesn't even have ajob!
How many times do I have to tell you:

Our daughter
with an unemployed man?

You're the fool!

Let's go!

Were go;
sit, “g?

On your feet!

Let's move!

Asa, let's go.

We've traveled all day.

We're not leaving so easily.

Asa wants to ask Tulpan himself.


You won't marry her offeasilyl
-I know. He's a good boy.

The city is all drunks and druggies!


...it's me, Asa.

I wanted to askyou:

Are you enrolling in college?

Which one?

Is that your dream?


Do you want to see my dream?


There's a tradition: Each sailor
draws his dream on his collar.

This is my dream.

My chance, Tulpan,
to change my life.

Can you see it?

It's my dream to build
a little corner of paradise like this.

Under the starry skies
ofthe Kazakh steppe.

I'll have everything there.

A white yurt with patterns on it
like this...

a TV, my own farm.

Itwill be mine, Tulpan,
doyou understand?

Why are you silent?

Hey what do you want?

Tulpan, talkto me.

Don't turn away.
Look at mejust once.

Do you like me even a little bit?

Do you hearme?

Marry me, Tulpan.

You have nothing right now.
Neither do I.

But together, we'll get a flock,
we'll make it big.

And build a fairytale life here.

What do you need the city for?
It's hard there, too.

Well live differently, rich and happy.
Not like others here.

Then I'll buy the flock
and start our own farm...

Like in the west.
It's called a ranch.

YOU can do a correspondence course.

DO YOU agree?

Take your gift and your friend
and leave!

Let's go.

What did she say?


God, is she beautiful!

Don't call her back!

Don't spoil her!

Maha, darling, come in!

Don't be angry at Papa.

You can sing in the yurt.

Come in.

Oh, God!

We have to do something, Ondas.

Can't Asa graze
the pregnant sheep by the pen?


Huh? Ondas?


Breaking news: A strong earthquake
occurred yesterday injapan:

seven points on the Richter scale!

Todayyou're going to help Asa!

Nuka is stealing my radio!
-Stop it! Help him!

Uncle Asa!

Come here!

I'll graze them myself.
You helpyour mama!

Uncle Asa!

Uncle Asa!

Are we going to Almaty?

I have a big car!

Whoa, what a cool bike! I'll drive around
my ranch on one like it.

Check it out.

Good stuff, eh?

Easy there, don't tear it!

You ripped out such a nice girl, man!

What a super house!


I saw one like that in Sakhalin.

That thing there
is a solar panel.japanese!

Damn, nirvana!

When I make it big,
first I'll buy one ofthose solar panels.

So I'll have electricity.

Imagine Boni, my own yurt
and electricity all the time!

It's 500 kilometers to the city,
you'll bust it on the way.

I'll get it here.

And when I've got my own farm,
I'll put in water as well.

And a satellite dish.

There'll be 900 channels.

Picture it!
The steppe and 900 channels!

I'll do everything different here.

Inhale deeper.

It's great, yeah?

Don't get upset.


Is she here?
I'm looking for her!


Is she sick?

Don't move!

You'll be okay!

Well done!

It's alive!

Alive, alive, alive!


Quicker, there's no heartbeat.
-lt stinks!

Fuck! Go away!

Look! Saliva!

Maybe blow some more?

It's useless.

Put out the lamp.


Please speak to the boss
once more about our moving.

Well, what?

Is she there?


She runs after us for a 100 kilometers,
never lets up.

Hold still!

Let's drive her away.

Drive her away?

Think about what you're saying.

She'll get pissed off
and bite everybody!

Have a look at what camels can do.
She is his mother.

Look here.

Look at that.

Get the sheep!


What's the point ofthis work?

You treat them, and they bite you!

Let's go, move it!

Well, what?

Is she there?

They'rejust hungry.
They're not sick.

She's gone.

You sure?

They need some grass, that's all!

Have some tea.

All right, prepare to move out!

To the old place.
I'll send a tractor!

-Let's go, move it!

You 're not going!

Now what?

Let's have the lambs!


You're not getting a bonus anyway!

I'm a monster!

Are we moving?

When will we go?

He said pack up.

This is Kazakh radio!
International news!

Wait, Beke!
Maha, sing!

Today it's allowed!
Right, Ondas?

All right, sing.

Don't play at the table!
How many times do I have to tell you?

Ondas, let's sing!

Come on, Ondas!

Let's go, Beke.

Beke, you're coming with me today.

You graze the pregnant sheep.

And you stay home
and help Samal. Got it?

Why don't I get to go?

Why can't I go?

I said no.
That means no!

Why are you always giving me orders?

Who are you to give orders?

I'm a sailor and a herdsman
just like you! Got it?

You a herdsman?

I worked five years to get a flock!

Where is the lost sheep?
You a herdsman? You're a kid!

Who's a kid?

Who's a kid? You tell me?

I'm sick ofyour orders!

Who are you to give me orders?

Am lyour slave?

I'm sick ofyou and your steppe!

I'm leaving!

Go where you want!

I'm sick ofyour dust, your shit.

I'm sick ofyour poor life!

City boy!
-Old man!

I'm not going to live likeyoul

You're a herdsman!
-l'm not staying here another minute!


Get it? I'm gone!

Stand up.


Don't die.

Silly thing.

Attention all sailors!
Boni has found a girl!

Let's move!

Where were you?
I've been looking foryou all day!

Getyour uniform!

Look, a live one was born!
-On the double.

I keep saying, this is not a cattle wagon!
-Help me!

Why do you dump everything
into the salon!

I haul food here!

Stop, cucumbers!
-Hold it! Careful, the lamb!

The geologist's cousin is visiting.

Hold it!

Double D! Imagine!

-The photos!

She's already cooked besbarma/