Tuli (2005) - full transcript

Tuli (Filipino for circumcise) is the story of Daisy's life in an isolated Philippine province. Daisy's father is responsible for the circumcision of almost all the males in town. Daisy's father is also a drunkard who abuses his wife and Daisy; this is making Daisy hate her father and all men. Her father forces her into an arranged marriage, but she doesn't want to marry the man her father chose for her. Meanwhile, Daisy's best friend is also suffering. Tradition in this isolated Philippine town dictates that Daisy must succeed her father as the town's official circumciser. must be the town's official circumciser. Daisy challenges the status quo and rebels against everything that she hates--and a young man defends her. Tuli is also the story of two best friends who deepen their relationship beyond friendship and a young man willing to give Daisy everything he has. In this rite-of-passage tale Daisy tells her brutal and painful story - Tuli.

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Ka Malteng, Dad wants to give you this.

Wow, there's a lot of you.

Which one of you are
going to get circumcised?

All of us!

Well, have your skin been pulled out?

Yes, we are done!

Let me see.

You are right.

This one is starting to branch out.

Whose kid are you?

Ka Domeng's, the one who builds
the artesian well.

I see.

Damn, the gills are darkening.
Whose kid are you?

My father is Kamael.

Golly, Kamael!

I used to be with him in a cabaret.

Is your father still shuffling?


Ricardo, your father? Still auctioning?

What's that?

Well! Because you're all uncircumcised.
You, let's start the circumcision.

Go down the stream, so they would soften.

Please don't.


Come here.

Here's the hammer.

You'll be the one to hit.

What? Let them do it.
It's embarrassing.

What's embarrassing?
Someday you'll hold one too!


What? Do you want me to
slingshot you an inch-pin?

Well, you station yourself here.

Oh, who'll I truncate first?


How brave! Okay, let's see.

Oh, alright. Start chewing the leaf.

Okay, chew.

Daisy, when I say hit, hit, okay?

So, are you ready?


What's your name?


What's your full name?

Benigno Dumilat!


Benigno Dumilat!


Oh! Spit.

Damn it! Why did you swallow?!

What's your name?


What's your full name?

Santiago Maghilod.


Spit it out! Here, here.


So, what's your name?


What's your full name?

Rafael Bobochok.


Rafael Bobochok!


What's your name?

Your name!


What's your full name?

Puroy Seles Poroburaod!


Father! I'm circumcised.

Come here! Let me see.


Inyang! Come here.
Benigno is already circumcised.

Scatter this tomorrow morning son!

Before covering it up with gauze.

What for?

To dry the wound.

Just a few days you'll see!
It will be very handsome.

Inyang! What is this woman?
Can't get in one call.


What took you so long?

This Pio. I'm still looking
for the my old skirt.

Skirt?! What's your child?

Let down his husbandry?
Get my white brief.

The loose one.

Yeah, yeah, I'll look for it.

Father! Now that I'm circumcised,
am I going to get taller?

Yes! That's for sure son!

It's like the wind blew you.
Including that!

Father, father! I'm circumcised.

There! Beautiful!

Paeng, my son! Don't show it to women yet.


Just! If you want that to get swollen.

Why will it get swollen?

Fool! It will be swollen. Dumb.

Hey, Bokchok!

Get my pants in the wardrobe.

You keep interrupting.

Doesn't do anything but fuss.

Paeng, you are now a man.

Miss Upeng!

How's the newly circumcised?

Here, I'm boiling guava leaves.

That's good.

That's how I recovered.

Goodbye! Miss Upeng.
I'm just going to do my rounds.


Puroy! Son!

Here. Sterilize that, okay?

I'll just let it cool down.

Oh no. It won't work if it's luke warm.

Afterwards, sprinkle it with sawdust, okay?


Alright, move there for awhile.
This is hot.

What? What happened?!

Oh Lord! My young one.
You got burnt?

Rita! Rita!


Malteng, wait.

Behave, I'll wipe you.

My wife's so kind. Thoughtful.

Wait, wait, where are you going?

Stay here! Stay here for awhile.
Accompany me.

I'll boil you some water.

Why?! You want to scald me with hot water?

Why? Do you find me stinky?

Aren't you, deeply in
love with me back then?

Right? Don't you really
like this? You animal!

Malteng, you're just drunk.

Drunk?! Why? I was
drunk when you forced me!


Enough, Daisy might hear you.

So what if Daisy hears me?
It's true anyway! Right?


Your father's a descendant
of forced marriage!

Hey, isn't that true?

Your father just forced me!

I wanted someone else.
Damn! But I married you?!

- Enough, Malteng.
- Hey, neighbors! There in the plains!

You know, right?
Purita just forced me!

Well, if you were pointed with a trigger,
will you say no?

- Malteng, Enough?!
- Father!

So this, this Daisy I'm
not sure if she's mine

because I was drunk then!

Father, enough!
Please be ashamed.

What?! You're yelling at me?! How dare you!

Malteng! Malteng! Enough!

How dare you! How dare you!

You know how to talk back now?

Malteng, enough! What's wrong with you?!


Malteng, please stop!
What's wrong with you?

You both are the same!

You and your daughter are the same!

You sluts! Naughty!

Malteng, enough!


Enough please, have mercy with
the kid, Malteng!

How dare you!


Calm down, Mother.

Let's play houses.

You're the mother and I'm the father.

You be the mother then I'll be the father.


You! Why are you always late?

Latuwat? Latuwat.
Is someone home?

Can we have guava leaves for washing?

Hey, Nanding! Give me some leaves!

When are you going to get circumcised?

After a year.

Oh no! Ka Malteng is coming here,

he is angry at kids who are uncircumcised.

Maybe you're scared?!

Say that your penis is small!

That's why you don't want
to show it to Ka Malteng.

Look at mine, it's big!

Damn these kids!

You're strained
but you got the nerves to judge!

What if I burn your eggs with Alhambra!

Latuwa, please give us guava leaves.

Alright! Damn it! Hurry up!

I'll put it in the jar!


Didn't I order you?

Go home early so you could start the fire.

You can't follow simple things?

Who's the king of this house?

Sir Maldito Dimagiba.


Maldito Dimagiba.


Maldito Dimagiba.


Maldito Dimagiba.


Maldito Dimagiba.

Maldito Dimagiba!


Maldito Dimagiba!


How much is that?

Five pesos.

Your donuts look big.

Still warm? Yes, they're big.

It's big and it's still hot. How much?

How much is one piece?

It's a good thing to be drunk,

the bread is made better.

Yes, you're right.

Grandma Tuwa is trying amulets again!

It's Good Friday today!
The charm is more powerful.

This one is more than 90, right?

Look at it, it's stronger than a carabao.

When the dead Christ passes
by in front of their house,

the procession is divided.

There's a white horse that comes out

and suddenly disappears.

Let's go.

Excuse us.


The most high.

King of the world!

The one who created the sun,
the wind, and water!

Revoke the thirst of the land,

divide the warmth of the wind,

conceive it with the cold!

The blazing heaven!

Nanding, what happened to you?

Why are you laying here?

Why is there blood on your face?

You're annoying! Do you have your period?

No! I'm pissed at home.

No wonder. Why don't you get married,

so you can leave your home?

Who am I going to marry in the village?

All the men here
are rascals, if not, drunkards.

What about Beneng?

Doesn't he have a small crush on you?

Beneng! Daisy Dumilat.

What about you?

Miss Maria Cecilia Bobochok Buraot!

It's pungent!

Weren't you there when
Puroy got circumcised?

They made me the one to hammer.


Did you see how it looked like?

How does it look like?

I didn't look.

What? Is that possible?

How did you see? What?
Is Puroy's big?

Puroy's was dark.

Beneng's was crooked.

Ago's was looking up.

And your big brother, Paeng's was soft.


Let me play.

Looks like your playmate's getting sleepy.

Let it sleep.

Grandma, is it true that every Good Friday,

the Christ is dead?

The power of the amulet
is getting stronger.

According to the story, yes.

Grandma, is it true that
you have an amulet?

In what book did you read that?

That's the news going around here.

Grandpa passed it to you before he died.

So what if there is?

Grandma, you have an amulet?

Do you really want to know?


Defeat me in sungka.

Then I'll tell you

about the amulet of your Grandpa Nando.

During the war,

your Grandpa Nando

became the leader of the guerillas.

When the Japanese came here,

they searched every house.

They found a fierce bow-legged.

They stole the rice,

pigs, chickens.

And they ran off in different directions.

Run here, run there.

The old and young,

they were all afraid.

Unfortunate for the young lady.

What the people don't know,

your Granda Nando has a power.

The sword!

The sword...

is used in the temple of
power in your body.

Where is the power coming from, Grandma?

The amulet came from the heart of a banana.

Every night of Good Friday,

if you wait for the leak of the dew,

From the heart of the banana

and it dripped on your mouth...

That's the sign that you are blessed.

But not all will receive.

Only those who are deserving.

How can you be deserving?

If you have a great mission with life

and if you're mistreated,

And don't have the strength to fight,

My father told me,

My grandpa has an amulet.

One black stone that fell from space.

At the feet of the highlands,

to test his amulet.

All the bad elements
came out from the woods.

Folklore Giant?

Giant, tikbalang,
manananggal, tiyanak.

What did he do? He flew?


And then he took the butcher's knife

and swinged it in the wind.

Even if it was far. It hit them.

Each one that was hit had disappeared.

Where's the amulet?

Didn't your father inherit it?

It didn't work.


My grandpa was dying
when he passed his amulet.

He told me.

If he spits out the amulet,
Father had to swallow it afterwards.

He wasn't able to swallow it right away?

My father was a snob.

Could you imagine that
he washed the stone first,

because there was phlegm covering it.


Because I inherited the power,
I will succeed!


Here's yours.


There's more.

That's yours.

Good evening, Miss Purita,
just visiting Daisy.

Good evening to you too, Beneng.

Good evening!

Just wait, okay?

- Ka Manteng good evening.
- It's already night time.


Tell Pio to visit here in Paltok.

So that we can have a drink.

Of course.

Is the one I circumcise already a cock?

Of course, yes, sir.

Let me see so that I can scale it.

Oh, you're right.

Come in, come in.

These guys are already big.

Your body is getting bigger, Ka Malting.

It's okay, it's okay.

Sit, sit down.


Good evening to you, Daisy.

You don't have to do this.

We will be punished again.

What did you say?

I'm gonna close the door.

What for?

Don't close it
so the guests will have some air.

Entertain our guests, okay?

I'll go ahead, I have
to do some things.

Sure, Ka Marting.

How are you Daisy?

We are very happy here.

Anyway, our captain prepared
a unique sinakulo.

Let's join.

Just go without me,
I don't want to stay late at night.

Come on, join with us.

Bochok has someone with her,

she's going to be the Sta. Elena.

Yeah, yes.

If you are thinking how you will get home.

I will be the one to bring you home.

No, it's okay,
you might encounter some bad elements.

I might have some conscience with you.

Pio and I talked.

You and Beneng are getting along well.

That's good so that
we will now be in-laws.

Father, that's not one of my plans.

Even in my dreams, I haven't
thought of Beneng as my husband.

What plans?!

What else are you looking for to him?

He's gonna inherit a big land for farming.

Father, I'm the one to choose
who's going to be my husband.

What you? Damn.

Why? Do you think I'm the one who chose
whose going to be my wife?

Malting, please don't fight
in front of the food.

Daisy, enough.


For me,

my decision is final.


Killl! Kill!


What did he do wrong?

We caught him stealing.

And the punishment for him is death.

Kill! Kill!

Kill that girl, kill!
Kill her!


He's the first one to throw.

I don't see any sins that he made.

Put him in the cross…

Set Barabas free.

If that's what your judge is.

I should wash my hands.

If you're the real son of Lord, why don't
you tell him to come down and save us?

Fear what you are saying.

This person didn't do anything wrong.


In my death.

Remember me.

I'm telling you this now.

I'll be with you in the paradise.


Nanding is still uncircumcised!

Damn Nanding, you're still uncircumcised!


Nanding is uncircumcised!


Hey let's go! He's uncircumcised.

Christ is still uncircumcised!

What did you do to my sister?

Hey, bro! Enough!

What is this?!

That's enough!

Your child is a bastard!
Got Botchok pregnant.

I'm going to marry her anyway!

You should. You're rowdy!

Enough, bro!

What is happening here?

Please respect my home.

You didn't even respect
the Holy Week!

Continue the ball!

With the letter I!
Two Marias kneeling! Double two.


This is bingo! Bingo!

It's time.

It's Good Friday today.

The 13th.

Open the palm of nature.

Where the power sleeps.


You deserve to have one.


Look for the tree.

There's the biggest heart,


Hey, Daisy.

Were you able to buy?


The alcohol. Were you able to buy?

With that condition?

It will no longer have an effect on you.

What did you say?

What did you say?

You are already fighting back?


You can already fight back?

Can you already fight me?

- Okay.
- I don't fight a drunk person.

- Malteng!
- Just try,

so I could bring you
back to where you belong.

- Damn you.
- What's wrong with you two?

I am just asking that girl.

- I did answer you.
- Enough.

Look at how she answers.

Daisy, get inside.

Why will I get inside?

It should be him,
so he could no longer cause trouble.

Malting! Malting.

Malting, oh my goodness.

What is happening to you?

Daisy, help your father.

Because he keeps on drinking.

Let's go.

Get out.


Hey, brother-in-law.




How dare he.

He suddenly left without saying anything.

I already warned you.

I told you, those men are useless.

I love him.

Love? Are you dumb?

You are so dumb.

He left you, right?

What should I do now?

What do you mean, what will you do now?

Then, nothing.

You can't follow him wherever he is.


Stop crying.

What do you want, my child? Bottle of milk?

You are really crazy, all the time.

What do you want?

I'll replace Puroy.


I'll make you my wife.

What? I don't understand.

I'll make you my wife.

Let's show those men here,

that our lives won't just depend
on their balls.

How will you make me your wife?

May I come in?

Of course.

I have something to give you.

What's that?

That's special
because I personally made that.

Hey, thank you.
You should have not bothered.

That's more delicious than the longer one.

♪ Life in the world is truly a mystery. ♪

♪ Sometimes it's gladness,
later with suffering. ♪

♪ It's difficult to think,
it's difficult to solve. ♪

♪ My heart that loves ♪

♪ only you. ♪

♪ Life in the world is truly a mystery. ♪

♪ Sometimes it's gladness,
later with suffering. ♪

♪ It's difficult to think,
it's difficult to solve. ♪

♪ My heart that loves ♪

♪ only you. ♪

Tell me if it's painful.

Ka Malteng, are you drinking alcohol?

Day and night.

What's my illness?

What I'm seeing is,

you have the symptoms of cirrhosis.

It's the failure of the liver.

It is because of over drinking of alcohol.

Doctor, is it dangerous?

We need to have it checked.

So we could be sure.

For now, he needs to rest.

And Ka Malteng,
don't drink alcohol anymore.

Not even a drop.

To whom did this come from?

From Puroy, Puroy.

From Puroy?

- Bastard, come here!
- Father.

- You are making me a fool.
- Father.

You're a bastard.

- You have another man again.
- Father, I'm not doing anything wrong.

You are like changing sanitary pads.

You are like changing sanitary pads.

Father, enough please.

Your sister, the summer is not yet over,

yet already getting itchy.

- Hand me that scissors.
- I'm not doing anything wrong.

Father, don't.

Father, don't.

- Father.
- Help me.


Help me.

Father, I don't have...

Father, don't. Not my hair please.

If your mother was alive,

She might have killed you.

Father, enough please.


Enough, please.

He was supposed to make me bald.

Maybe, you have done something wrong?

Well, okay.

If you want, you can live here
for the meantime.

Thank you.

Let's play.

Let's play.



I am the father, you are the mother.

Daisy, your father already left us.

Maybe, they heard us last night.

I'm feeling guilty, again.


Did we do something bad?

But, you did not feel guilty
when you did it with Puroy.

It's not like that.

It was different.

It's different because he's a man.

Stop that.

Don't be like that.

I also like it.

If you want,
we could start living together.

Even my mother would curse me.


I already love you.

Hey, may I see your scar on your butt.

My butt is smooth.

- Oh really? No, it's not.
- I peeped a while ago.

- I saw it.
- Enough.

There's none. My butt is clean.

I don't want anymore.

I don't want anymore.

- There's none.
- Yes, there is.

What does it look like?

Shame on you! No, it's not.

Look at Mother.

She's crying again.

Widows are really like that.

They don't forget easily.

Let's make her happy.

Don't, let it be.

That would pass.

What I mean,

let's give her something
that would entertain her.


Why don't you give her a grandchild?


What? I will make you pregnant?

You'll be pregnant.

Can you stop, please.

I am really serious.

You know what, my father.

When he knew that I
was going to be pregnant.

He didn't really get mad.

Because, he thought
he's going to have a grandchild.

Like a consolation.


Immaculate Conception?


Aren't there other men in the lowland?

And just a child.

No marriage.
No exasperation.

Think about it first.

And besides, I won't be jealous.

Good morning, Grandma Tuwa.

Good morning.

May the Creator bless you.

Is Nanding there?

At home.

Why? Do you need something?

I would just like to borrow
a tool for the stove.

You better hurry up.

I know he'll be hunting.

You might not be able to catch him.



I'll be frank.

I need a child.

And I have chosen you to be the father.


What will you do with the child?

Take care of him. Raise him.

I beg you, don't make it hard for me.

Don't worry.

No one will know.

I will not chase after you.

Just give me a child.

I will no longer bother you.

Maybe you are just being enchanted
by the amulet.

What are you talking about?

Why me?

You are the only one
that my father has not circumcised.

Because of that.

You should be the one.

One more. You are
the foe of Benny, right?



They want to make me a wife, get pregnant.

Be the first, before he does.

I have something to ask you.

I hope you won't get mad.

Go on.

Why didn't you have circumcision?

Whatever your reason is,
I would understand.

I have witnessed
how my father was betrayed and killed.

There were two bandits.

Both were armed with bolos.

They thrust him without mercy at the back.

He was gushing blood.

It pooled on the ground,

flowing towards my feet.

Well, bro. I'll prove to you
that Daisy is a real woman.

I can have her say, "Yes" tonight.

It's up to you, bro.

Father has high blood pressure.

I told you.

Do an evil action.


I can get her because of my great skill.

Alright, alright.

It's up to you.

♪ In your arms, ♪

♪ sadness is perished. ♪

♪ All my distress were changed. ♪

♪ Every time I kiss ♪

♪ your fragrant cheek, ♪

♪ As if I'm stepping in heaven. ♪

Your pregnancy is the issue
in the lowlands.

Who's the father, Daisy?

I don't understand you anymore.

It's Nanding.


Who is Nanding?

The grandson of Grandma Tuwa.

The one who was undressed
during the Passion play.

The uncircumcised.



I am not ashamed of my situation right now.

I may have not chosen to be a woman.

I want to feel how to be a mother.

Like you, loving, caring.

I want, I want to experience

singing a lullaby to a sleeping child.

To wake up in the morning.

I want to see the smile of
a child caressing.

To be a mother

even without a husband.

And we will be happier here.

If there is a kid.

I would choose Nanding.

Because he is different

among other men here in the lowland.

Your son was greeted by someone.

By whom?

Two women.

Have you and your son gone to Paltok?


I can't be wrong.

The alum is saying of
two women from Paltok.

This is what my reading is.

Have some bread and rice cake.

Hey, grandchildren, the plague is there.

Get inside. Sickness is very
rampant nowadays. Quick.

So, is it unsalable today?

No one wants to buy from us.

My God, Ondoy.

My God.

Neighbors, help me.

My son is having convulsions.

Help me, Ondoy is having convulsions.

Neighbors, help me!
Ondoy is having convulsions.

Wait for me for a while.
Let me handle my daughter.

Mother, Botchok.

There are people coming.


Captain, what's the problem?

Can't you see?

The whole barrio
is against their relationship.

Botchok, you better get down there.

Do you want me to go up there?

Friend Filemon,
maybe we can talk about this.

Hey, consensual mother.

You are the reason
why children are getting sick here.

Hey, talkative mother.

We don't know what you are talking about.

What, you don't know?

You lesbian. You made Botchok your wife.

You brought bad luck here.

We just got affected by
the punishment of God.

That's right, that's right.

Quiet, enough.

Nothing can be resolved without talking.

Aling Purita, I agree with them.

This chaos will not end,
unless you return Botchok.

Father, I love Daisy.

Leave us alone.

What love?

If that was a man,
I could have allowed you.

Botchok, come with us.

We know that Puroy has hurt you.

But, there are lots of men there.

Daisy, don't worry.

We will not know whoever had you pregnant.

Right, my fellows?


You fool.

You don't really care
whoever the father of my child is.

You just want to be pregnant by anyone.

And you want us to just keep quiet.

You did not respect
the memory of Ka Malteng.


Come here. I'll kill you.

- Get out of my way.
- No!


I'm going to get my daughter.

Botchok, get down,
bastard, you both are pigs.

What? You will not go down?

You bastard.

- Get out.
- Ouch!

No! Daisy, help me.



Let's go home.

Paeng, Paeng.

Daisy, Daisy, let's talk.

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy, no.


Hey, uncircumcised. Do not interfere.

Before you could be a hero.

Be circumcised first.

This Nanding interfered.

Go back to your grandmother.

The cow's milk might get spoiled.


it's Nanding's right to protect
his child and the mother.

You are uncircumcised.

Nanding, you are the culprit.

Yes, captain.


Is there anyone else?

Could it be Botchok?

My goodness.
We have nothing to argue about here.

Well, well. All of you,
go back to the lowland.

People who are stroke with lightning.

Grandma, thank you for the amulet.

It was a great help for me.

Whatever you have done that was surprising,

it was because of your inborn skill.

I placed the amulet here.

But this,

has the power.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,

Now and at the hour of our death.

Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.

Mother, I apologize.

You don't have to explain, my child.

I don't need to hear it.

Just follow what's in your heart.

Don't be controlled, don't be forced.

And with your beauty,
what else would a mother look for.

And with interest.

Blessed art thou amongst women,

and blessed is the fruit of
thy womb, Jesus.

Mom Purita, Mom Purita.

Nanding, you got a son.

That would make many women cry.

He is still small, but it's already big.

Like the father.

Who's the mother?

I am.

The father?

I am.

What am I?


The name of the Father, of the Son,

and of the Holy Spirit.

I am baptizing you,
Ferdinand Magellan Bukalon IV.

♪ Sleep now, little child. ♪

♪ Close your eyes. ♪

♪ The storm is far, it will pour to the moon. ♪