Tuff Turf (1985) - full transcript

At the start of his senior year in high school, Morgan's father has lost his company, so the family moves from Connecticut, where they've been in the yacht club, to an apartment in the San Fernando Valley. Morgan has grown up in the shadow of his high-achieving older brother, and he seems to have a knack for getting into trouble. He also has a stubborn streak, so when he finds himself attracted to Frankie, the girlfriend of the leader of a local gang of youthful thugs, he can't stop himself from pushing her for a relationship. The thug thinks of Frankie as his property and sees the cool, urbane Morgan as dead meat. Is this a struggle to the death?

♪ These are the secrets. ♪

♪ Of the night. ♪

♪ The stories are hidden. ♪

♪ From our sight. ♪

♪ It dances deep. ♪

♪ Within the wind. ♪

♪ As shadows fade. ♪

♪ The fight begins. ♪

♪ Love, love takes it
Love, love breaks it. ♪

♪ Love, love hates promises
made in the dark. ♪

♪ Love, love takes it
Love, love breaks it. ♪

♪ Love, love hates promises
made in the dark. ♪

♪ The hour's late
The time draws near. ♪

♪ It stirs the dreams
hides my fears. ♪

♪ Love, love takes it
Love, love breaks it. ♪

♪ Love, love hates promises
made in the dark. ♪

♪ Love, love takes it
Love, love breaks it. ♪

♪ Love, love hates promises
made in the dark ♪

Eddie? Eddie?

Excuse me, sir.
Do you have change for a five?


Yo' yo, yo, yo. Come on.
Come on. Mick. Mick.

It's a little late for you
to be out alone, isn't it?

Well, I'm, uh, not alone.

You're here.

That's right.

But I wouldn't be if my car wasn't
in the shop. You know how it is.

Let's go inside
and have a drink.

I'll call a cab.

It's in my pocket...
Left-hand pocket.


She's pretty, isn't she?

- Be bop a Lula She's my baby.
- Yo, Nick!

Be bop a Lula Thanks.

Rain from heaven.

You sprayed it in my eyes!

Nick, you all right, man?
I can't see!

Nick' I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.

Jesus Christ.

I'm blind.
Sorry, man.

- You're a real samurai, you know.
- Get out of here!

Did you get the money?
Mickey, shut up for once.

Well, of course
I'm worried, Brian.

You know what your brother
did with his last term.

And what I hear about
the new school'

it's only gonna positively
reinforce all of his old bad habits.

And this neighborhood
isn't any help either.

Because it just gives him
an excuse to fail.

That's terrific.

No, no, no, don't bring anything.
Just yourself.

- Yeah.
- Tell me all about...


How was the night?
Not bad.

Hey, there you are. First day at
a new school. You ready for it?

Aren't I always?
I guess.

You'd better get going.
It's getting late. Sleep well, Dad.


I stood there I waited.

For those high school days.

Little bit.

I feel this whole world's on fire
and I don't wanna get real burned.

But I'm not gonna stand
in line no more

I'm gonna step out.

Oh, God' I swear I would just love to
find that guy from last night.

I would just take that... Watch your
mouth, scumbag, will ya?

Hey, you watch your mouth.

Hey, lust puppy.

Lust puppy?



Hey, you.
Get over here.

There's no bike riding
on campus.

I was just hoping I could take
a quick ride through history.

- You can pick it up after school. Park it in the rack.
- Yes, sir.

Frankie, come on, all right.
I'll be there.

Walk it over!

Ever shoot anybody
with that thing?

All right,
no drinking on campus.

Nick, think we ought to do it?

Hey, just chill.
Chill, man.

I think we're going to school.


Miss Wright.
Morning, Howard.

My mother said it was okay for me to
stay out of biology class today...

on account
of my sinus condition.

All those chemicals
kind of makes me sick.

Then have your mother
take the class.

We have to have someone
sitting in your chair. But...

You'll be late for class, Howard.
Aw, man!

Hey, babe.
Mmm, mama. What's up?

Not much. How you doing? Good.

What's his story?

Who cares?
His ass is grass now.

Let me have your blade.

You'll never use it. Come on.
Maybe I wanna clean my teeth.

Let me have it.

- Be careful.
- Hiller.


Come into my office.


You mind taking those off?

I like to see
who I'm talking to.

Shakespeare, huh?

Actually, I don't know
why I'm surprised.

Your records show a good
aptitude for reading and writing.

Going to do anything with it?

Excuse me?

I don't know.

Look, Morgan,

you've had a good education in one of
the best prep schools in this country.

And if you chose
to throw it away, well,

luckily that's no concern
of mine at this point.

What is my concern
is your present attitude,

which is my way of saying that I won't
tolerate any of your past bullshit.

Including your rooftop...

rock concerts
in-between the classes.

You see, I have a lot of trouble dealing
with the real losers here at Lawson.

I don't want to waste a lot
of energy with a good imitation.

Yes, sir.

Good. All right.

You'd better hustle out of here
before you miss your first class.

And so the original pioneers
settled the territory...

building towns on the lands
they claimed.

But there were men who lived
outside the law.

Men who took away the things the
settlers had worked so hard to build.

The settlers themselves
were no match for these outlaws,

and so a new breed was born.

Known as the "gunfighters,"
they brought a new code...

of honor and justice
to the Old west.

A code written in their blood and of
the blood of the outlaws they faced.

Bat Masterson.
Wyatt Earp.

- Whoa. State of the art.
- Class, that's enough.

Ed' will you please watch
the film and pay attention?

Sorry, man. I never had it
out of my pocket before.

Yeah? Well, why don't you learn how to
use it before you cut your balls off?

No settler could remain in
those days without taking sides.

Problems, Jimmy?

No, uh... No problems.

Can't get the damn thing closed.

Looking back, one is struck
by the fact that even though...

specific crimes
are frequently forgotten,

the romantic pageantry remains.

- Here. You're gonna need it.
- Why?

Take it. It's all over the
school about you and Nick Hauser.

Heads up, Jimmy.
Heads up.

Something important,
Mr. Parker?

Yeah. I was telling Morgan
about this book I read.

- Which one?
- Call of the Wild.

And, um, what was your reaction to
this once-in-a-lifetime experience?

I didn't get it.

But I liked the dog.

History books are filled
with stories about lands...

bought and paid for with the blood of
the men and women who claimed them.

When someone took a stand,
they very often paid with their life,

whether outlaw or gunfighter.

The cost was always high.

And many lives were given by those
who shaped our beloved country...

during this turbulent
and historic era.


What's up' man?
You like music?

Yeah, I like music.

Wanna come see my band tonight?
Sure. Where?

Go down here, down this main drag,
past all the sleazy porno shops.

Okay. It's on the left-hand side.
You can't miss it.

Porno shops?
I'll be there. Good.

All right, let's get this thing rolling!
Come on, man.

Yo, Nick!
Be bop a Lula.

He just missed 'em, man.

This must be recess, right?

Yo, Morgan.
Yo! Wait up.

Listen, man. You're heading towards
trouble. That's Nick Hauser.

They're playing with my bike.
I'm just trying to save your life.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Nice hood ornament you got there.

Hey, don't mess with them.
They'll break your legs.

There he is. There he is.
Right there.

Hi there.

God, a real man wouldn't
jump out of the way.


It's John Wayne.

Guy's got a damn death wish.

Eddie, there he goes, man.

Watch out.
He's gonna kiss you.

This is a very nice bike.
Very nice. We like it.

We're just taking it for a test run.
You don't mind? Wanna make sure it works.

Rain from heaven, maricon.

Hey. Look at this guy.

I think he's got the measles
or something.

Come on! Show us!

So, what do you think?
Should we let him have it?

What? I said,
should we let him have it?

You want your bike back?

Huh? Hey, bebop.

You want your bike back?

What do you think?
Should I give him his bike back here?

Make him pay!

Should I give him his bike back?
I said, should I give him his bike back?

Give it back to him, Nick.
Keep it.

There it is.

Come on.


You look beautiful like that.
Red really looks great on you.

Oh, shit.

It was a nice bike!

Hey, you guys... you guys are bad.
This was a nice bike.

Used to be.


Hey' I'm sorry, man.

I guess training was over.

Hey, he said he was sorry.

Life's a bitch' pal.

Party's over.


Hi, honey.
How was the first day?


What happened to your bike?


Your bike is in pieces and
you tell me nothing happened?

All right, Morgan,
if it's starting all over again...

It's not starting again,
okay? It was an accident.

All right?
No, it's not all right.

Who's gonna pay for that?

- Did you at least find out if they have any insurance?
- Insurance?

This isn't Connecticut!
No one has insurance around here.

Oh, now they don't even have insurance.
That's wonderful!

Hey, hey' what's going in here?

That's what I'm trying
to find out.

It seems that we had a little
accident with Morgan's bike.

Oh, boy.
Can you fix it?

As soon as I learn to walk
on water I'll get on it.

Don't you take that tone
of voice with your father!

That bike cost $500!
No shit.

Morgan. You handle this.
I don't want any more to do with it.

What the hell am I
supposed to say to that?

I've been at this thing
for two hours.

You might be a little more
understanding of her.

Well, Dad, you know,
I've been working on that my whole life.

It's too late.

To fall in love with Sharon Tate.

But it's too soon.

But the bull is gonna dance in
the brain of Reverend Moon.

I think that it's time that you're
startin' to think about getting by.

But I have that need
to go out and find.

Somebody to love.

Very kind. Thank you.
Thank you very much!

It's too late.

There's no one left
that I even wanna imitate.

But it's too soon to ask me for
the words I want carved on my tomb.

So I think that it's time.

That you're all startin'
to think about gettin' by.

But I have that need
to go and rely on.

Somebody to love.

You just don't know

I'm here to give you my heart
and you want some fashion show.

So I think it's time.

'Cause I think
it's too easy to rely.

On worshiping devils
and strangers in bed.

Though they do get good drugs
and they do give good head.

Please, God, if You're up there,
just let him see me.

Come on, Ronnie.
Jimmy isn't your type.

Maybe if you moved the hair out of
your eyes, you'd see how wrong you are.

Pain in my heart, there he is.

Thank you. Thank you.

We'll be back in a bit with more
tales from the crypt. Thank you.

Nice dress.

So where's he from?

What do you do for fun back there?

Met at the Yacht Club
every Sunday.

Is he serious?
Never as far as I can tell.

I was, actually.

Have a good set.
All right.

Excuse me.

One, two, three, four!

Hey' let go of me.

Who do you think you are, huh?

Let go of me! Not until you
tell me what your name is.

That's my business.

Bobby takes the gas
Pedal to the floor.

The voices He hears the voices.

Coming from the traffic
Coming from the cube.

Like the cry of babies
passing through a tube.

Voices run inside you.

There's gonna be trouble.

Jill breathes carbon
trailing from the bus.

It's like staring
in the eyes of Lazarus.

The voices She hears the voices.

Like a starving whisper
no one ever heard.

Like an epileptic hummingbird.

Let me go!
The voices She hears the voices.

Coming from the traffic
Coming from the cube.

Like the cry of babies
passing through a tube.

Voices run inside you.

Sal and Liz sitting at the zoo.

Sal says I do but, Liz, do you.

Yo, man, look at that.
Talk about balls.

You don't understand.
Then enlighten me.

They hear all the voices.

Coming from the traffic
Coming from the cube.

Like the cry of babies
passing through a tube.

Voices run inside you.


Morgan, please.

Nick. Nick!
Yo! Yo!

- Stop it!
- Yo, that's Frankie man.

Let me go!

The voices She hears the voices.

Coming from the traffic
Coming from the cube.

Like the cry of babies
passing through a tube.

- Voices run inside you.
- Go ahead, go!

Shit, man.
Hey, Nick!

- Get that asshole, will ya.
- What? Oh, man.

Get out of my way.

Get out of my way, fag!
Move, man.

Move. Get out of my way.
Get out of here. Move!


What is she doing?
I don't know.

Get off me, man!

You having a nice time?

You take her home!
The dance is over.

Like the cry of babies
passing through a tube.

The voices run inside you.

Hey, wait.
Hey, wait!

We're gonna serve
this dude now, man.

Come on!

Just when I thought we were
getting to be good friends.

Come on. Come on.

There's something wrong with this guy.
What's wrong with you?

I should just ice
your ass right now.


Why? 'Cause I danced
with one of your boyfriends?

That's some funny stuff.

You owe me.

Where are those keys, huh?

You like that, don't ya?

It's a little payment
for services rendered.

Oh, yeah. If I ever
catch you near Frankie again,

I'll take you out so fast you
won't even have time to spit.

Look at me.
Look at me, man.

Remember this' maricon.

You'll feel better
in the morning.

Hit it, man!

This is a bad car, Nick.
We should have done this a long time ago.

Yo, yo, yo, man.
This is just like in that movie.

Glad you could make it.

God, I can't believe
they took your car.

I don't own a car, man.

Ah, shit, Nick.

I'm telling you, man,
he's right behind us, Nick.

What are we gonna say?

Ah, shit, take this man.
Where am I gonna put it?

Put it under the seat!

That's the first place
he's gonna check, man.

Nick, what are you gonna tell 'em?
Shut up.

Don't smile, Frankie.
You know, you may be smart, Hiller,

but you're dead meat
when Nick gets out of jail.

Well, Frankie, I thought you were going
with such a nice, respectable guy.

Yeah? Bye.

So there I was in front of
the review board.

Now, Mom, I am talking
about the entire review board.

Shaking... Shaking like
a bloody idiot.

At one point, I was shaking so bad,
I was gonna rattle right off the platform.

It doesn't matter. Anyway,
you still finished fourth in your class.

Wait and see. In no time, you're going
to be the best lawyer in the country.

Well, now, I wouldn't go that far.
Golden boy, how you doing?

All right. How are you? Okay.

- You in for the weekend?
- More or less.

- Can I borrow your car tonight?
- Um, I don't know, Morgan.

I was thinking of taking Mom out
to a movie until Dad gets home.

Well, I won't be gone long, Brian.
I know that.

And under any other circumstances,
I'd let you have that car in a shot.

Forget it.


I'll take care of this.

Morgan? Morgan,
will you just cool out?

Give Mom a break.
Just as soon as she gives me one.

She already has,
and look what you've done with it.

What do you mean by that, Brian?

I mean you cause trouble
wherever you go.

And Mother and Dad have spent a fortune
in trying to keep you in decent schools,

and all you can do is screw up.

Brian, I'm real sorry.

But you know I never wanted to go to any of
those goddamn schools in the first place.

How are you?

Oh, man.

How you doing? Where the hell
did you get Nick's car, man?

His bro called my bro. Wanted him to
come pick it up and he wasn't home.

So, here I am.

Your pants are still dry.

Here, let me give you a ride.

I think I'd like to drive.

Don't you trust
my driving expertise?

Yeah, but it's always
been like that, you know.

If I didn't follow my big brother
Brian's lead, I was invisible.

Yeah? It was the same
with my family, you know,

except my ma wouldn't let me join a gang
because Donnie got his ass kicked so bad,

so she just outlawed it.

Yeah. What happens
if you break tradition?

I don't know.
I don't wanna find out.

I think this is one
of Nick's favorites.

I don't know. If you ask me,
he's either the toughest guy at Lawson,

or the stupidest.

No way. He went to one of those
brain factories back East,

and I mean the guy's head
is totally crammed.

- Yeah, with bullshit.
- What's the matter with her?

She's pining 'cause
Nick's still in the cooler.

You know how she gets
when she isn't getting any.

Yeah, well, if you ask me she's
got the hots for you-know-who.

I saw the way she was dancing
with him the other night.

Body heat on contact.

And I mean sizzling.

Let's go, Ron.

- I think the air's getting a little thick around here.
- Frankie, I'm not finished yet.

Oh? You are now.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Forget it, man. She's bad news.

Come on. I just wanna talk to her, man.
She belongs to Nick.

Come on, Jimmy.
Lincoln freed the slaves.

All I wanna do is talk to her.
All I wanna do is live.

Hey, Nick's out.
Come on.

Get in the back, Jimmy.
Get in the back. No!

I'll get in the back.

Hello, Frankie.

Thank you, God!

What do you do
when opposites attract.

What do you do
when opposites attract.

What do you do
when opposites attract.

What do you do.

What can you do
when your worlds collide.

Come on, Frankie.
Don't be mad.

Lovers seek a new sensation.

You know, Frankie'
all I wanna do is talk to you.

I just spent the last 20 minutes
telling you I got nothing to say to you.

You got it? Now let me out!
Let her out, man.

I just wanna work this out.
I just wanna talk to you, you know.

Work it out, Frankie.
Go for it!

Go for it?
We got nothing to go for?

Look, you blew it
and now you have to pay.

Come on, Frankie. Come on.
You don't mean that.

Yes, she does.
No, she doesn't.

Just stay out of...

Nice smile.


But it still doesn't change nothing
between us. I don't know about that.

I got a smile. I figure if I wait
long enough, I can... Get lucky?

Don't hold your breath, Morgan.

Oh, gonna break the rules.

Oh, gonna change the news.

Oh, gonna take a chance
with the possibilities.

Possibilities Possibilities.

What do you do
when opposites attract.

Like it or not
it's a natural reaction.

Lovers seek a new sensation.

Wow, man, where are we?
Other side of the world, man.

Oh, Chateaubriand.

Look at that one.

I can't believe it.
It's outrageous. Oh' my God.

Possibilities Possibilities.

This is amazing.
Look at the size of that one!

Wow! Check out that lawn!
It's a block long of perfect green.

It's a golf course, Ron.

Ron, you're an inspiration.

Tee-off time, huh?

No, I think we're gonna eat.

What, you have a rich
uncle or something? No.

It's Friday, juniors night.

These places are all the same.

I suppose they won't mind
if I don't wear my furs.

Come on. Just straighten up your clothes.
Jimmy, do up your shirt.

- I'll handle the rest.
- Am I completely hopeless?

Of course not. Just don't say anything but
"fabulous" unless they put a gun to your head.

Why? 'Cause you just
got in from Europe.

You don't know how to
say anything else. Okay.

Come on, Frankie.
Come on. Come on.

Here, put that on.

This thing is so heavy, Morgan.

Here, hold this for me.

I'll fix your button.

That looks good.
Want some lipstick?

No thanks.
Oh, come on.

All right, fine.

Put these on.
Do I look okay?

Come on. Let's go.

Here you go. Look bored. That won't be
hard for Frankie. She's always bored.

It's only good for about 20 minutes.
So eat fast. Come on.

Well, shake it up baby,
now Shake it up, baby.

- Twist and shout.
- Twist and shout.

Come on, come on come on,
baby, now Come on, baby.

- Let's work it on out.
- Work it on out.

Work it on out work it on out



Haven't seen 'em in years.
How are you anyway?

Come on, Frankie.

Young man?
Young man?

Young man!

I need to see your, uh'
membership card, please.

Oh, God, Reynolds, I'm glad it's you.
I feel such the fool.

I left it down in my locker with my tennis
rags. It's still stuck with the racket.

I'm sure Patty and Alan will vouch for us.
Love your suit.

Tre fabulouso.

Wow, this is great!
Shake it up, baby, now.

Oh, God.
You know what to do.

Hey. Everybody's
staring at me.

Yes, they are. Well,
what's happening here now is' you see,

the girls are wondering
where they've seen you before.

The guys are wondering
why the hell they haven't.

Well, shake it' shake it
shake it, baby, now

Chuck wagon. Chuckie wagon.
I like that.

Come on.
Let's eat.

I was just walking by and I just saw this
beautiful aura coming up over both of you.

I just wanted to come by and share that.
That's a great shirt.

Can you believe this place?
There's not a zit in the house.

You kind of look like a Gary.
Can I call you Gary?

You mean Frankie.
I can't believe you guys don't know her.

You mix the wrong things,
this is really not gonna come together...

and you're gonna wind up launching
your lunch all over the damn place.

In from Europe for two weeks.
Very high concept, guys.

Don't let them fool you.

Of course size matters.
This is the '80s.

Anyway, what I'm saying is you should
watch what you eat. You know what I mean?

The cracked crab is to die for.
The dill sauce is what makes it.

I'm not talking about size in bed.
We're all the same size in bed.

Good evening. Does the word phrase "beautiful,
beautiful hair" mean anything to you?

It's got a certain je Ne sais
quoil can't quite figure out.

I think it's the sherry, but I'm not sure.
I'm dying to find out.

This isn't a fashion statement.
It's a sweater.

She had the most gorgeous boyfriend.
He was incredible. Stunning.

But did you ever see those
little cocktail wieners?

You know the ones?
The real, little tiny ones?

Of course, the finger sandwiches,
you can never go wrong with them.

If I'm having a small party,
25, 30 people,

you get the watercress,
slice the purple onion very thin'

touch of butter, cut the crust
off the bread, you got it made.

We are working currently
with Barry Manilow.

You know him?
I know Barry very well.

You figure you're gonna wrap it up
in wax paper, toss it in the fridge,

you got it the next day
for brunch with bloodies.

At first, I gagged.

But after a while
it was really easy.

But you guys swallow it, don't you?

I'd like to say in all sincerity,
this is the most fun I've ever had.

You're a fantastic crowd.
I'm having a terrific...

That couple over there. Bet you came
in a B.M.W. tonight, didn't you?

I came in a B.M.W. once.

Ronnie, what is this?

Who cares? Just eat it.
You'll never see it again.

I'm not gonna eat it.
You eat it. No' no.

Jimmy, give me some... Oh, no.

Put some in your bag
and head towards the door.

Can you sing?

Okay, sit on the piano
and look pretty.

Work it on out Work it on out.

You know you look so good
Look so good.

You really got me
going now Got me going.

Just like I knew that
you would Knew you would.

Take it home.

We're gonna take a break now.
You're a fantastic audience.

We'll be right back.
Thank you very much.

And we're gonna entertain you
while they do.

I feel the thunder.

I feel the pain.

I know the struggles you keep.

The nights in the rain.

I feel your face.

I hear your eyes.

I know the nights that
you cried It's Morgan.

But still we survived
He's crazy.

I walk the night

- I walk the night.
- Well, my darling, would you care to dance?

Fighting the darkness
that breaks our hearts.

We hold each other tight.

I walk the night.

I walk the night.

Fighting the darkness
that breaks our hearts.

We hold each other.


I feel your tears.

I touch your smile.

We lick our wounds till
light rips through the night.

We walk the night.

We walk the night.

Fighting the darkness
that breaks our hearts.

We hold each other tight.

We walk the night.

We walk the night.

We walk the night
He's so unbelievable.

We walk the night.

We walk the night.

You are not now,
nor were you ever members of this club.

Well, how about that, Frankie?

Come on.

You know, I feel like we're a
million miles away from home.

Well, it's just
the other side of the hill.


What did you mean
when you sang that song?

Just what I said.

It's funny.

I never heard a guy
say anything like that before.

Nick never needs anyone,
you know.

Well, I... think
he needs you.

So what's the story with you?

I mean, uh, were you really
rich before you moved here,

or is that just another one
of Ronnie's famous rumors?


We were doing all right.

Then my father
lost his business.

Are you gonna go back there?
I mean' to college and stuff?

No, I wasn't planning on it.

What about you?
Are you gonna go for the scholastic gold?

Are you kidding?
I'd be lucky if I graduate.

No, I'll probably just get married.
You don't need college for that.

Your parents happy about that?

My dad is.

My mom died of cancer last year.



feel like dancing?

Yeah, I feel like dancing.

Ladies and gentlemen,

fasten your seat belts
and hold on to your bobby socks.

The Club '60s is proud to present the
toughest band on the turf or in the surf.

Those soul generators,
those rock innovators,

Jack Mack and the Heart Attack.


You got the kind of love
make a man lose his mind.

You got that
little something, babe.

That lets me know
that you're mine.

You look so good.

Yeah, you're looking good
I knew that you would.

When you call my name, baby
You call me Mr. Clean.

Gonna give you loving
like you ain't never seen.

You look so good.

Yeah, you're looking good.

I knew that you would.

Baby, you look good.

You know you lookin' good.

Lookin' good as you would.

Mama, get your mojo.

Papa, get your gun.

Oh, baby
I wanna be your son-in-law.

You looking good.

You're looking good Oh, baby.

Knew that you would.

'Cause it's all right
Clap them hands.

It's all right.

I can't tell you
how good you look, baby.

You're drivin' me crazy,
crazy crazy, crazy' crazy.

Oh, baby you look so fine.


Thank you.

Yeah. We're gonna slow it down
just a little bit.

Cool it out. Get some
of the heat out of this room.

Hey, Eddie.

He's taking a long time.

What do you mean you had to go?
What does that mean?

Just what I said, all right?

Just what you said!
Don't... Don't you... Don't you lie to me.

I'm not lying to you. And if you
ever touch me like that again, Nick,

I swear you'll wish to God
you never set eyes on me.

You got it?
You got it?


Damn it!

I'm sorry.

Come on.
I said I'm sorry.

This makes me crazy. How do you think I felt
knowing you were out with this jerk-off?

Well, don't take it
out on me, all right?

I know. I know.
I said I'm sorry.

Come on. Come on.

I really missed you.
I can't look at you. God!

What do you mean
you can't look at me?

Come here.

Don't say that.

You're not gonna
kiss me now, hmm?

Frankie, come on.

Nick, put me down, all right?

Now what's the matter?

Don't be so rough!

I thought you liked it rough.

Look, we don't do it...

until I say it's okay, remember?

Now's not okay, all right?


What? What are you doing?
Not now.

Hey, turn it up!

That's a classic tune, huh?

What's up, maricon?


Oh. Come on.

All right.

Come on, maricon.
Show us you're a man.

Stay down, man.

All right. All right.
All right.

All right, man.
All right.

Okay. Come on.



I don't know.

I thought you were a smart guy.

That... is for
being stupid...

and messing around
with my property.

Let's go.


Hi. Oh, you have
some more of that?

No, that's it.
Nice try.

How's it going?
Oh, it's not bad.

Actually, California
real estate laws...

are remarkably similar
to Connecticut's. Good.

I don't think the test
is going to be any problem.

Morgan home yet?
Haven't seen him.

He's probably out
with his friends.



I'll check on him.

Good God.
Are you all right?

Yes, I'm all right.

What happened?

Same thing that always happens.

I screwed up.

You wanna talk about it?

Look, Morgan. I know that this
move has been difficult for you.

It hasn't been easy
for any of us.

I'd like to think that
if you're having problems,

you'd come and talk
to me about it.

And say what, Dad?
The prodigal son's in trouble again?

He can't cut it, rich or poor.

Come on, Dad. You know,
we've been through this. I'm not Brian.

I can't live my life like that.

All right. Knock it off! Just...
Just cut out that self-pitying crap.

I don't want you to be Brian.
I want you to be you.

All right.
So you screwed up.

So what? I expect you
to make mistakes.

That's what life's all about,
for God's sakes.

How else are you gonna learn who
you are and what you believe in?

What do I do right now?

Right now you do
what you really wanna do.

Do whatever it is you...

That you know is right,
that you believe in.

That's all.
And feel good about it.

Look, son.

Life isn't a problem to be solved.
It's a mystery to be lived.

So live it.

You're a good man.

You are, you know.

Give yourself a break.

Take it easy on yourself.

We're gonna eat in about a half
hour if you wanna come down.

Where's Morgan?
He's lying down.

What's the matter?
Is something wrong?

Nothing he can't handle.
What's for dinner?

New England clam chowder.

Fabulous, fabulous.
And you?

Oh, wonderful, darling.

No, really, I'd love to make it
for some lobster tonight,

but we've been having so much of it at home
that I'm afraid it's coming out of our ears.

What's a girl to do?

Looks like I died.

Definitely not.

Nick's on his way over.


No, probably
never get laid anyway.

Oh, no!


Hello, Frankie.

Turn it off! Turn it off?
You can't just turn this off.

Listen to it.

You might just like it.
Please turn it off.

Frankie, I thought
you wanted more.

This isn't exactly
what I had it mind.

Morgan, what are you doing?


What are you doing?

Climbing up the stairs.
Please don't.

Why not?

After the locker room today...
Oh, my God.

Wounds of love, Frankie.

Gimme a break.
I am.

Morgan, I'm serious.

Frankie, what's so
unreasonable about knowing me?


And everything. Morgan,
look, you gotta go, okay?

Well, I don't wanna go
till you explain to me.

What's there to explain?

I'm here and you're there.
We don't fit.

You know, all I'm asking for
is a shot, Frankie.

It's not going to
change anything.

It could.

It could. A chance
is worth everything.

Frankie, get out here!
Now do you see why you have to go?

I'm coming!

Come to my house for dinner
tomorrow night. No way!

Hey, Frankie!
Forget it.

Want me to get that?
All right.

Come on! I'm coming.
I'll be there.

It's for you. Read it' really.
Read it. Now go, Morgan!

Go! Get out of here!

I'm coming! God.
Come on!

What are you doing in here?

Can't a girl have
any privacy around here?

Yeah, but not when
we wanna celebrate.

That's right.

It's not every night I get asked for
my baby's hand. You gonna open that?


Can you believe this?

And he said yes.
I'm so happy, sweetheart.

How do you open this stuff?

I only wish Mama were here
to celebrate with us.

There we go.

Morgan! Morgan!
Wait up!

Hey, Jimmy!

Isn't it great?
You did all the work yourself?

Yeah, just about.
It's tremendous!

Yeah. It's got your name on it.
It's really great.

It's yours.

Consolation prize.

Consolation for what?

I love this guy!
Good attitude, man.

Hell, they're not going to get married
till after graduation anyway, right?

- Check it out.
- What are you talking about?

Nick's marrying Frankie.
Isn't that what we're talking about?

I can't believe it.

Where are you going?

Hey, you on the bike, hey!

Go get him, copper!

So, are you gonna get a ring?

If you do,
get it at Woolworth's.

Susie Ristelli got hers there.
It almost looks like the real thing.

I saw it. It really does.
It's amazing.

I wanna get one.
Frankie, I just heard...

I wanna talk to you.

He's crazy.

Wow. Total romance.

I thought you were coming
for dinner tonight. I am!


When, Frankie?
After the wedding?

Come on. You don't have
to be a piece of his turf.

Look. I'm not his. I can make my
own choices, Morgan. I'll be there.

Go easy on him tonight, Page.
This means a lot to him.


So did that girl he brought home
for Easter last year, remember?

She was so stoned, all she could do was look
at the peas and say, "Wow, they're so green."

She was kinda cute.

No, really, this is different.

He's really trying.

So am I.

I'll get it.

C-Come on in.
Come on in.

Oh, I, uh,

I brought your book.
How'd you like it?

It was good.
A little crazy.

I never met anybody
that felt things that way.


Well, are we gonna
stand here all night?

Thank you.

Oh, thank you.

You know, I think you would have really enjoyed
spending time with us in Connecticut, Frankie.

There was always so much to do.

Our house was right on the Sound.
Skiing, boating.

Morgan was quite a good
yachtsman in his own way.

You were.

Don't you think he was
better than Brian, David?


I think so.

If only he would put
a little heart into it.

Of course, none of that
matters very much now.

I mean, since we've moved.

What a pretty picture.

What's with Frankie, man?
Get outta here.

Get outta here, I said, Eddie.

Get outta here.

You lived in the Los Angeles area
all your life, Frankie? Yeah.

I mean, uh, yes, sir,
my whole life.

Well, then you must have been to
the Huntington Gardens. Have you?

Oh' I hear the roses
are absolutely fabulous.

I don't think that Frankie goes
for things like that very much.

She spends most of
her spare time reading.

Oh, well, since you've
never been there either,

maybe we should go together
one of these days.

We'll bring your mother along.
We'll make a day of it.

I mean, if she likes roses.
Does she?

Oh, don't worry about that.
It's all right. These things happen.

You'd better get into the kitchen, put
some cold water on that before it stains.

It's all right.

Her mother's dead.

I didn't know that.

How was I supposed to know that?

Let me see.
It's ruined.

Here, let me... Look. Why don't you
just go talk about roses or something?

Frankie, she didn't mean
anything by it.

Right' Morgan.


Morgan, I'm sorry.

Frankie! Frankie!

Excuse me!

I promised Ronnie I'd meet her at
Woolworth's to look at wedding rings.

You know, Frankie,
you don't belong to Nick.

Well, maybe not,
but I don't belong to you either.

Can we take him out now?

No, he's later.

I gotta go see
my girlfriend now.

Hi, baby.

Where you going?

I've been looking
all over the place for you.


You're missing your mama
again, aren't you?

Come here.
Come here.

Why don't you come with us?

Come on. Come on.

Teddy sniffing glue
he was 12 years old.

Fell from the roof
on east two-nine

Kathy was 11
when she pulled the plug

I'm sorry, Nick.
I'm just so... Check that out.

I know. No, come on.
Come on. Gimme a kiss.

Just kiss me.
A good one.

Yo, man, gimme that bottle.

Come on. Here.

It won't go on, man.

That'll clear things up, right?




So, what do you think?

You guys feel like, uh,
kicking up a little dust or what?

Yeah, man.
It's about time.

I'm serious.
Jesus Christ.

Yo, let's hit Feather's pad.

Some bitchin' proof And Herbie said
Tony, can you fly.

But Tony couldn't fly Tony died.

Those are people who died, died.

Those are people who died, died.

They were all my friends
and they just died

Mary took a dry dive
from a hotel room

Bobby hung himself
from his cell in the tombs

Judy jumped in front
of a subway train

Eddie got slit
in the jugular vein.

And, Eddie, I miss you
more than all the others.

And I salute you, brother.

Those are people who died, died.

Those are people who died, died.

They were all my friends
and they just died.

Yo, Nick. How much longer are
we gonna be doing this, man?

We've been driving around
for hours, bro.

That's right, and we're gonna keep on driving
until I find what we're looking for.

I hope you find it soon, man,
'cause I'm about to pee in my pants.

So, shoot it out the window, man.
Christ, just use your head.

Not a bad idea.
Hold onto this, bro.

Chill out.
All right, move.

This guy needs a lifestyle. Yo!

Good news, America.
Coming through.

Hey, it's chilly out here.

Died, died Those are
people who died, died.

Those are people who died, died.

They were all my friends,
and they just died.

Oh' shit! I can't believe this.
We're running out of gas.

What? I said,
we're running out of gas.

Here, uh'

why don't you take this watch
and go ask that cabdriver...

if he'll trade it in
for a little change?

I gave you this watch, Nick.
Don't you have any money?

If I did' I wouldn't
ask you to trade it.

Come on.

Uh, I can't do it, Nick.

I mean, I'd rather walk than
trade in this watch, you know?

I mean' I gave it to you,
you know?

That's nice.
But why can't you do it, really?

Why? 'Cause that's
Hiller's father, huh?

Is that why?
Is that why?

Come on. Come on.
I asked you a question.

Come on!

Well, maybe you should have thought of all
that before you became involved in this.

Now go out there.

Frankie, I said go out there.

I said go out there.
Now get out there!

You've got to get out of here.
Please listen to me. You gotta go!

Calm down. I don't think you understand.
You gotta go!

Nick, let's go.
Nick, let's go.

Nick, come on.
Let's go, man!

It'll be okay, Nick.

Come on!



Don't worry.
He's very strong.




I'm so sorry.

It's all right.
The doctor says he'll be all right.


It's a bad one.

Yeah, I know.
I can feel it clear into next week.

Want me to stop?

No. No. Sorry.

I just keep hearing that...

That gun go off
over and over again.

It hurts so bad.

How do you deal with it?

I don't know.
I don't.

No, I just...

keep exploding.

Wreaking havoc
on everyone's lives.

I, uh,

thought things were supposed
to be easy when you had money.

Yeah, if you don't
take it seriously.

How do you do that?

By letting it go.

I don't think you can
hold on to anything...

until you let it go.

Sure, honey, I understand.

Of course, I just
want you to be happy.

It's just that I thought that
you and Nick... Nick what?

Nick what?
You bitch! You bitch!

I saw you! I saw you!

- Hey, what are you doing?
- Get off of me!

You don't own me, you bastard!

You don't own me!
You don't own me!

Let me go!
Put me down!

How can you do this?

How can you do this?

You don't even care!

Nick, no, please!

Call your boyfriend.
Come on.

Nick, please, don't! Call him!
I want you to call him.

Call him.
I said call him!


Morgan, stay away from him.
He'll kill you.

I swear to God he'll
kill you, Morgan.

Hey, Bebop, you listen to me.

Nobody takes anything
that I own. Nobody!

I'll kill her first, man.
You got that?

You be at the warehouse
in 20 minutes.

You got that?



I wanna talk to you.

How's Dad? He's a little bit better.
He asked about you.

Now, are you gonna tell me what kind of
trouble you're in before the police get here?


It's nothing I can't handle.

I am just trying... Morgan,
don't walk away from me!

What do you want, Brian, huh?

Why don't you tell me
what a waste my life is, huh?

Or give me a lecture
on the rules of the game.

Well, I hate to tell you, big brother,
but the rules have changed a little.

You leave this house,
I'll have you picked up within 24 hours.

Great. I can use all the
help I can get tonight.

Get the hell
out of my way, Brian.

Chico, Se pase.

Is Jimmy here? Is Jimmy here?
Over here. No.

- Do you know where he is?
- Yeah.

Probably out with Ronnie
getting his chain pulled.

If you see him, give him this.

Donnie, all right? Yeah, yeah.
What is this, your will?


Hey, Nick.
This is bullshit, man.

How much longer
are we gonna have to wait?

Shut up, asshole!

I swear to God I'll kill you
if you mess this up, Mickey.

No one says a word.
You got that?

Bernie, go back to where
I told you, all right?


Come here.

Come on, little puppy dog.

Come on, puppy.


Sit down.

Oh, that's a good girl.

I don't even know who you are.

Like, I can't even
look at your face.

Get that faggot!

Come on!

You crazy?



Shit, dog, come on!

Let him go.

Move back, Nick.
Move back, I said!

I said move back!

Okay. You're right.

You're right. I...

Look, look, look.
It's over.

It was all for you.

You didn't do it for me.
It's your whole life!

How many bullets
are left, huh, Nick?

Enough for Morgan?

My father?
Frankie, come on.

For anyone who isn't part of your turf?
Come on.

How many, huh?

Excuse me? Huh?

Come on. Let's go.

Morgan, watch out!

♪ J.B., is that who
I think that is? ♪

♪ Is that that same woman
I saw the other night, man? ♪

♪ Everybody's got a treat. ♪

♪ Move the tables.
I think I need an ambulance! ♪

♪ 'Cause this girl is fine! ♪

♪ I'm gonna tell you,
something baby. Whew! ♪

♪ You're the reason all the boy
come back for more. ♪

♪ It's the way you do the shake
Baby, get out on the floor. ♪

♪ See this?
The band starts cookin'. ♪

♪ When they see you lookin'
so fine. ♪

♪ Whoo! ♪

♪ I say I never seen a red dress
contest in my time. ♪

♪ Yeah, I tell you what. ♪

♪ You're more than a beauty queen. ♪

♪ You're the best-looking thing
that I've ever seen. ♪

♪ You're so T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ Oh, you're so tuff, baby. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ Sure enough Whoo! ♪

♪ Lines around the block don't
make no difference to me. ♪

♪ Know what I mean? See. ♪

♪ I can't wait forever
to get one dance Whoo! ♪

♪ But while my heart's beating backbeat,
my soul is singing sweet romance. ♪

♪ State-of-the-arts. ♪

♪ You're more than
a dream come true. ♪

♪ My wildest fantasy
can't hold a candle to you. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff ♪

♪ I mean you're looking
so tuff, tuff, baby. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff ♪

♪ I love you, love you
love you, love you. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ You're so tuff now ♪

♪ I don't mean it rough when I say. ♪

♪ Whoo! ♪

♪ I swear when
she walked in the room... ♪

♪ I could not believe my eyes. ♪

♪ Do me a favor,
would you, please? ♪

♪ What'd I miss?
Oh, my God. She's calling me. ♪

♪ Go down there and tell her
I wanna talk to her. ♪

♪ All right. J.B.,
don't mess this up, boy. ♪

♪ I love ya Yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ Mmm, you're lookin' so good. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni Night and day. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ My baby!
Whoo! ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ Yeah, you're so tuff, baby ♪

♪ I don't mean it rough when I say. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ Whew, God you're
lookin' so fine, yeah. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ Mama' Mama, Mama, Mama
take me all night long. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah some good lovin' ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ Oh, you're so tuff now, baby ♪

♪ I don't mean it rough when I say. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ Whoo!
You're looking so good. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ My, my, my, my my, my, my baby. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah
I really like it, honey. ♪

♪ T-U-F-F You're so tuff. ♪

♪ You're so tuff, honey. ♪

♪ I don't mean it rough when I say. ♪

♪ You're so tuff ♪