Tuesday, After Christmas (2010) - full transcript

Paul Hanganu loves two women. Adriana his wife and the mother of their daughter, the woman with whom he's shared the thrills of the past ten years, and Raluca the woman who has made him redefine himself. He has to leave one of them before Christmas.

Tuesday, After Christmas

- It's really off.
- What is?

Can't you see?

It's ugly.

Normally, one has a big one, a
smaller one and an even smaller one.


Aesthetically pleasing.

Wherever did I find you, you aesthete?

Wherever did I find you,
with these mutant toes?!

You're clueless. This is a sign,
of virility in men.

So what is it in women?

Still a sign of virility.

So, see? I'm right.

As a woman, I'm better off without.

Your index toe is the mark of
an artistic temperament.

Of the creator type.

I don't know, in my book,
it's a sign I've got a big dick.

I've seen bigger.

Wherever did you see
such big ones?

Back home, on the beach,
in Constanta.

So did you see them, too?


What ever did you see?

- "Big dicks!"
- You chatterbox, you!

Yes, mutant.

Let me see...

Paula, quit your smoking, Paula!

Oh, right you are. C'mon,
let me have a smoke.

- Just one ciggie, babe!
- No...

Why are you upsetting me?

Can't you see what it does,
to your teeth?

Don't you call me in for a,
plaque removal. I'm not coming.

If you keep smoking like a mad man...

- Oh, no. I just had one. No.
- What do you mean you just had one?

Should be about 4 months now. Five.

- We'll do it next time you bring Mara.
- You've already taken her measurements.

Give me the braces, and we're through.

Don't change the topic.

Promise me you'll quit on Christmas.

As a present...

For your gal.

What's smoking got to do
with Christmas?

I told you I just can't do it.

Come on, love... How come I did it?

Well, I just can't.

I'll ask Santa to bring me
a man with more willpower.

Go ahead.

Hasn't anybody told you that
he doesn't exist?

I don't know. He came by my place
and left a present for you.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

- It's 'cause I've been a good boy
- You haven't been all that good.

You've tricked Santa this year.

I didn't get anything for my mom.

- Never mind, there's still time.
- Not really.

Her birthday is
the day after tomorrow.

Damn, that's right.

Many happy returns.


So you're going and leaving me alone.

Maybe something from Channel, to coax
her out of that Laura Biagiotti of hers.

So you're going away
and leaving me alone, huh?

Yeah, I'm leaving.

I'm leaving 'cause I promised her, too.

Do you know how long it's been
since I was last home?

Weren't you there now, in October?

How long did I stay? Barely two days.

I came back quickly, 'cause you were
driving me crazy with your calls.

Well, missing you was killing me!

I know what was killing you...

"Missing you..."

You Celentano!

I've got an Italian version, too.

Oh, yeah? Let's hear it, then.

I'm not in the italian mood today..

What are you getting Mara?

We were thinking of a snowboard.

For her to go down the slopes
with her old man.

Very nice.

Too bad you don't want me
to teach you.

Yeah Paul, I'll come with you
to Kaprun.

You tell Adriana that someone else
I will be joining you there.

Maybe you can put an extra bed
in your room.

Where do you think you're going?

We can go to the mountains whenever
you want to. But you just don't.

Yes, I do.

You do?


All right, then.

No, please, don't.


Really now, open the windows, please...

Come on, seriously!
Leave me alone, don't be a cow!

No! Cut it out!

Cut it out, I can't take it anymore!

I told you to carpet this place.

Lift me up.


I nearly broke my tailbone...

I'm sitting up straight...

No, seriously...
I'll slap you!

I just wanted to give you this.
And I'm injured, too.

Oh, good grief, you...

You stupid cow.

See what you did there? Huh?

You latin lover...

Hooch, give me my cigarettes, please.

What're these?

Your cigarettes.



Come here for a second, please.

- It's great.
- Isn't it?

I'll go look for some shoes, too,
and that's it, Santa's come for me.

I like this... patterned one.

I want to get that one for my sis.

It won't fit her. You get it.

- You think?
- Definitely.

It's a bit stretchy and it'll give.

Well, we'll see...

See? That's why it's better for you
to get stuff for yourself.

I'll take it and we'll see.

- Check these out, see if they fit.
- What's up with these?

Your folks gave me some money
to get you new boots.

Come on, Adriana,
what's with this nonsense?

What do you want me to do Paul,
argue with them?

Try them on, it won't kill you.

Just be thankful they didn't buy
them themselves.

Here, hold this.

And please act surprised when
you get them.

- Oh, I'll act up all right!
- That's the spirit!

On the one hand we give them money,

and they give it to us to get boots.

Is this it?

No. He's looking for a smaller one.

This one's 130 and it's too long.

It's got pink, she'll like it.

Will we ever get out of this
pink phase?

- Do they fit?
- Perfect!

I can climb mountains now!

Here, this is the only small board
we've got.

And it's the last one.

No. We'll keep looking.

There's nowhere else to look.

It's the only place left with kid's boards.

We'll give it some more thought.

OK, you call me...

Then let's get her one from Austria.

- We'll find her another gift for now.
- What else?

I don't know, we'll look around.

Girlie, we're not going to look for
anything else.

Seriously, what else?

We said we'd get her a board,
let's get her a board!

She even wrote Santa about it.

- We can't just change our minds.
- I'm not going to put

a skeleton board
under the Christmas tree.


I'm very impressed...
What did the guy tell you?

But I never told him there was
a fixed interest rate.

Man, does this guy think
we're all morons?!

He should thank the bank.

Show him the file.

Don't these people ever watch TV?

No, you're going to take the file
from Carmen and go over to him.

She will give it to you.

Well, what could I tell him
that you couldn't?

All right, forget it.

Tell him I'll stop by his place
and talk to him.

Yeah... thank you so much
for you help...

Come on, bye.


We'll just have to get this pink one.

We'll drop it off at my parents'.

All right.

And if it's too tall,
it'll fit her next year.

It'll just be a bit tougher for her
to steer.

But she'll get used to it.

You like 'em?

I'm smitten.

- Where's mommy?
- She's on the phone

with... Salrom.

With "Salrrrom"?

File no. 7. 800. 077

regarding Court ruling

no. 1.000. 200. 077

- Careful, you'll break it like this.
- No, I won't!

- Yes, you will...
- No, I won't.

I told you we'd open a can of worms.


Will she take him out and feed him?

It's out of the question.

That's what I told her, too.

Santa won't bring her another pet.

She already has Coco
and she needs to take care of him.

So then why do you give me
the "meaning" routine?

Anyway, this Santa business won't
hold out for much longer.

- Mommins!
- Yes, honey!

We're out of liquid soap!

OK, honey. Use the regular one.

- Is there any left?
- Yes.

She doesn't believes that
Santa gets her letters.

Last year she wanted a talking parrot

and Coco just cackles.

Santa's not what he used to be...

What were you talking about?

I was just telling mom about a movie.

What kind of movie?

A movie for grown-ups.

OK then...

If you don't tell me,

I won't tell you other stuff either.

What other stuff?


- Do you have something to tell us?
- No.

- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.

Then start eating and shut up.

- Did you wash your hands?
- Yes.

Let me see.

What's with the grass?

I'm not a giraffe,
I won't eat this thing.

No, you're a goat, not a giraffe...

Not even that...

See, I put in some spinach for you...
rocket salad...

Come on, eat. Please.

I'd rather have a cream cheese sandwich.

Make yourself a cheese sandwich,
there isn't any left anyway...

- Oh, give me a break...
- Make one with butter.

Cream cheese is better.

You want some cheese?


I was thinking of buying
a Christmas present for Mara.


That's what I'd like to do.

I could give it to her at the clinic.
That way it won't cause any trouble.

- Well, no. What's the point
- Why?

It's not about the trouble. It just,
doesn't make any sense for now.

It's my pleasure.

There'll be plenty of opportunities.


- Do you think it's inappropriate?
- What is?

- This present thing.
- God forbid.

Because if you don't agree,
I'll do whatever you tell me to.

You get to have the last say.

Don't worry about it.

Then you give them to her.

I hope she likes them
and I hope they fit.

Wow, they're awesome!

I'll have you know I asked around,
I didn't just wing it.

Let me kiss you for her.

Thank you, Santa!

Don't forget to put them
under the Christmas tree.

They've got some pink, too...

Real cool.

Are you staying on for lunch?

No. I've got to split.

- Is it four o'clock already?
- Yes.

Hurry on home
to the wife and kids, then.

Am I interfering with your schedule?

Why wouldn't you, Paul?

- Single woman, beautiful...
- Who is it?

Don't you worry, there are always
a couple of guys warming up.

Well, introduce me to them, then.

Next time I get the chance.

By all means.

That's it, then...

- What's that?
- Santa's come to our place, too.

Why do you do stuff like this?

- What?
- You know I can't go.

Why? They're for the 23rd.

Yes, Paul. They're for the 23rd.

I'll be in Constanta on the 23rd.

Well, didn't you say you were going
to go there now, for her birthday?

So what am I going to do, Paul, mess
around on the road on Christmas Eve?

I can't.

This is the kind of thing I'd rather
we decided upon together.

Yeah, OK, make a big fuss 'cause I
got you a couple of concert tickets.

- I thought I'd surprise you.
- You'd better not start with this.

You don't want to, we won't go
and that's that. Big deal.

But it's a shame, though...

You're something else...

C'mon, scram!

I'll see you tomorrow.

Tomorrow's the last time
I see you this year.

Good thing I'll be rid of you.

Rid of me...

I forgot...

- So why did you two argue?
- Because she stole my cow pen.

- But are you sure she stole it?
- Yeah.

Because mine used to keep jamming and
then the next day she wrote with it.

And it kept jamming. Just like mine.

And she said it was brand new.

But I know she took it from me.

Come on, now, quit pouting.

I didn't like this Alexia anyway.

She's mean and she's a jerk.

Mind your language.

I even moved out of our desk.
Let her share a desk with Steffi.

- Are the two of them friends now?
- Yeah...

And they keep saying
gross stuff about me.

She's very mean and a big jerk, too...

I told you to mind your language.

So, with whom do you share your desk?

- With Bogdan Dema.
- With whom?

With Bogdan Dema.

Is that the one who...

Is that the one who was
at your birthday...

- ... and did the cake thing?
- No... He's this new kid.

- Oh, so it's a different kid?
- Yeah.

So what kind of gross things
are they saying about you?

That I cheat on the math tests,
and that I eat boogers, and stuff...

Yes, Mom.

What are you two doing?

We just left school and we're
on our way to get the x-ray.


Well, the bailiffs are on strike,
so we've all gone home.

So they just went on strike,
without any sort of notice?

Yeah. At a quarter to two,
with a full courtroom.

You tell me...

So what are you going to do now,
hit the gym?

No, I was thinking to join you
at the dentist's office,

and then we could all go
to your parents' place.

How are you doing there, sweetie?
Are you nervous, baby?

Are you coming with us, too, Mom?

I sure am.
To see how brave you are.

But I don't think she's going to get
her braces put in today.

That's what you told me.

No, I said I was going over
to the dentist's, but...

I don't know the exact procedure
for today.

Yes... We'll see.

As you wish, but we can stop by
afterwards and pick you up from home.

No, it's all right, I'll join you.

Tell me the exact address.

I don't think there's any point...
It's behind Hala Traian.

It's this old, four-storied building.
Popa Soare 45.

OK, I got it.

Don't rush. We'll get there in
about an hour or so.

All right, then... See you there.

- Kisses, you two!
- Bye-bye.

- Bye, Mom.
- Bye-bye, baby...


- Hey! How's it going, princess?
- I brought in the x-rays!

- You're here already.
- Yeah. I got here five minutes ago.

Look at those nice pictures...

- Look how good I look here!
- Yeah... You're gorgeous.

Did you have a hard time
finding the place?

No, not at all. I know the area,
I sometimes drop by to see Jeni.

- So her office is around here.
- Right next to the restaurant.

Oh, look, baby, your hair looks
really great in this one.

Oh my God, what crocodile did
they take a picture of here?

Oh, my, you gave me such a fright!

- How are you?
- I'm beat...

- Did you talk to them?
- Yeah, she's got someone inside.

So, tell me, baby...
Were you scared?

No. They put this thing on my
forehead, for a couple of times.

Then they put this other thing
on my nose, like a sort of laser...

and then they put a vest on me, see?

And it was too heavy,

So I sat down on a chair.

Then they put these plastic
spoons in my mouth...

Oh, Mr. Hanganu, the pleasure.

Did you bring the patient in?

Let me introduce you to my wife.

- Adriana Hanganu.
- Mircea Dumbraveanu, glad to meet you.

You know Mara.

- Sure I do. How's it going, Missy?
- Fine.

"Fine". Brief and to the point.

That's how she usually communicates.

- Mommy, let me show you something!
- Please excuse me.

I can't really tell who she looks like.

She's taken after both of us,
so that we don't get upset.

She's real cute...

- How you doin', man?
- Working, what else?

I'm staying on to help Raluca,
Marcela had to go earlier.

How's the house doing?

The house is the problem.

I mean, I've built it,
I've put up the roof...

But that's it.
The money pipe stopped running.

- You've exceeded your budget.
- Really bad.

So what can you do?
Just be patient...

I might pay you a visit after all.

Maybe you can help me scrape up
another line of credit.

- You got the first one from...
- From BRD.

- What, is there anything wrong?
- No, it's all right...

It'll be one year this January.

Then, I'll be expecting you.

Bring the paperwork for your loan.

I don't want to take out another loan
but I don't have a choice.

This house knocked me out...

Look who's here...

- How are you, pretty girl?
- Fine.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- With the patient...

Very nice. Come on in please.

I'll be there in a second.

- Did you bring the file, too?
- Yes.

Mara, where'd you put the file?

Oopsie! It's on the table.

Can I take that laser gun?

A bit later.

You can ask Daddy to make you ride
the elevator a bit, if you want to.

Yeah! Please, Daddy, will you?

Just a bit. We don't want
to break anything...

Oh... This is so great!
I can even go to sleep.

We'll leave you here.

That's enough.

It's morning already!

I don't know if you're up to speed
with Mara's issues.

Sort of...

- Or how much Mr. Hanganu told you.
- He's told me some things.

As much as I could remember.

I'll run you through the whole thing
once again, then.

Mara's got a slight under-bite.

That's it...

Come closer, please.

Close it.

This is particularly apparent
if you look at the molar teeth.

Those are the first
permanent molars...

...to emerge behind the baby teeth.

She hasn't gotten all
her permanent teeth yet.

We don't know how the other ones
will evolve...

but this is the mark of
a slight maxillary pressure

...the narrowing of the upper arch bone.

Her skeletal pattern is graded 3.
She has a slightly jutting mandible.

- But I'm in the fourth grade...
- Good for you.

Mara... let's see what the doctor
has to say, all right?

Bottom line...

Her superior arch bone is
insufficiently developed.

It needs to be stimulated...

...or her permanent teeth
will have no room.

I'm talking about her canines.
Please close it a bit, Mara.

Right now, her canine teeth
will emerge in vestibular position.

- They just jut forward like this...
- Yes.

These canine teeth are small...

She'll get a bigger set of canines,

- which will have no room to develop.
- But I won't get them now, am I?

No. When you get slightly older.

So, if we intervene now,

we can automatically solve the issues

with her entire upper arch...

- Excuse me.
- Of course.

Can I have the colored sheet?

- What did you say?
- That paper with the colored bears.

The colored bears...

They should be around here...

I had another girl in here earlier.

Here you go.

I knew there was a pink one, too!

- Take your time looking.
- Dad, should I get a dark pink?

I say purple.

Nope... Pink!

- What are you looking for?
- The removable braces...

I'll go check in the other room.

- I found them.
- Should I fix you some molding?

Not right now. A bit later.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it.

So, long story short, it's too early
for fixed braces.

We don't have all
our permanent teeth yet,

so we'll put her
a pair of removable braces.

This is a sample...

It's not a new piece, but an example
of what we're talking about.

- I hope it turns out to be efficient.
- I think it will.

Removable braces can stimulate
transversal development.

- It was supposed to be pink!
- Your braces are going to be pink.

I want a pink one...

We've got plenty of time,
I believe that it will prove efficient.

Later we might put in a spacer,
if we need...

What's a spacer?

- The spacer is the metallic butterfly.
- That really ugly one?

The ugly one, yes.
I showed you last time.

So how long does she have to wear it?

At least sixteen hours a day.

Wearing it at night alone
will not suffice.

Teeth have a natural tendency of
resuming their initial positioning.

I was actually asking for how long
will she need to wear it.

- No longer than one year.
- That long?

We could be looking at less time.
Her situation is not so complicated.

It seems a bit too long, seeing as
it's not really necessary.

I mean, it's not an emergency, is it?

Well... It's not mandatory
or compulsory but...

An under-bite can trigger
an abnormal development.

Her facial bones
might develop asymmetrically.

Obviously, it's your call.

I don't want to torture her
if there's no point to it.

- I'm telling you that there is a point.
- Mara.

- Do you want to get those braces?
- Yes.

- You do?
- Yes!

- Can you keep wearing 'em for a year?
- Yes.

- I don't want to hear any whining...
- Yes.

Mara! You'll wear it,
as long as you need to.

Even if some kid said
God-knows what.

Yes, I'll wear it. I like it!

She likes it.

Anyway, from what the doctor's said,
she won't even feel it after a week.

She will feel something,
it's only normal.

But, as time goes by,
she'll get used.

But she will have to wear it
nearly all day long.

I say we should have it put in now.
We don't want things to complicate.

Let's have it put in.

- Whatever you say.
- You know best.

Yes. Let's get to work then.

Who is our next patient?

Doctor, please take your seat...

I am a doctor, too!

We are going to get her dental
imprint for the braces now.

It will be ready in a couple of days.
Before Christmas.

One of you should bring Mara back in,

to teach you how to adjust it.

If I'm not here,
Mircea will show you what to do.

- We'll adjust it ourselves?
- It's simple. With a little key.

Well, I say we go out,
let the folks do their job.

Can we stay here and watch, too?

- Of course you can.
- Thanks.

- Are you comfortable?
- Yes.

Will I have a lisp?

Not right now. In a couple of days.

I'll test you with some spoons now.

I need to know if anything hurts,
or feels awkward, OK?

Are you going to talk like
Duffy Duck again?

A bit later.
All right now, open wide...

Is this all right?

Good girl. Open wide, now.

Why do you keep slamming it?

I've told you a thousand times.
Like this.

Look, nicely, like this.

Please remind Ica to give you
the marbles, all right?

- The yellow ones?
- The yellow ones tonight...

...and the blue ones in the morning.
Until Monday.

- Remind her, 'cause she forgets, OK?
- OK.

No drinking, no eating for half
an hour before and after the marbles.

All right. It's us!

- You won't forget, will you?
- No, but Ica doesn't give them to me

from the bottle cap,
but from her hand, not like you.

- Well, let's talk to her.
- I've told her before,

but she told me
that's the way to do it.

This was '91,
when I got into college.

I used to shave my head.

I don't believe it!

You were dating that guy,
the Timpuri Noi drummer, right?

- No, we were already going out.
- I broke up with Tobi a year before.

The punk! She used to change
her hair color every week.

Timpuri Noi is the band that plays
that "Father" song, right?

Come on, you guys, quit making
fun of me because I'm young.

By the way, guys, did you know that
Enrique's dad is a singer, too?

I heard a guy at the mall yesterday
telling another guy:

"Did you know that Enrique's dad
is also a singer."

- But did you know?
- What?

- That Enrique's dad...
- Enrique who?


That's enough, you'll
scare my girl away.

- I think we'll take my car after all.
- Why?

I don't think my board and Narcisa's
skis will fit inside your car.

Oh, come on. We'll cram them
in the top trunk.

I don't know, we'll see.

Suit yourselves...

We could've both driven
and not stop till Salzburg.

I wanted to go to Turda for New Year'
have my folks meet Cristi.

So we'd rather leave straight
from there on the 3rd, luggage and all.

Cristi says it's a bit early
for introductions. But...

Oh, now! Let your folks see
what a dependable fellow he is.

Paulie, you'd better behave...

- Are you from Turda?
- Yes.

- You can come, too, if you want to.
- No...

- We've got the little girl...
- It's complicated...

- The salmon pasta?
- For the young lady.

- Where's the toilet?
- Round the corner and up the stairs.

Hey, how are you?
I've called before.

I know. I'm really sorry,

but there was no way
I could've avoided it.

I know what you mean...

Oh, come on...

I'm well aware that it bothers you,
try as you might to...

Raluca, what are we talking about?
I'm not trying to excuse myself.

Because I have no reason
to excuse myself

I just wanted to tell you that
I felt like crap, too. That's it.

Because I was the one who...

Are you on your way right now?

Oh, I'm sorry.
Should I call you back later?

All right, then. As you wish.
We'll talk when you get back.


You can turn it up,
I'm basically not sleeping.

Humor me with a little massage?


What are you doing tomorrow?

The Salrom case was postponed, 'cause
Mrs. Lupea wanted it that way.

Lupea who?

That judge I challenged this spring.

I might see Cosmina.

Give her a kiss from me.

Aren't you going to join us?

I'll be in Constanta tomorrow.

What do those people want this time?
On a Saturday.

They want more...

God bless you.

What about Mara's piano class?

Wasn't that tomorrow afternoon?

- The piano lesson's on Monday, Paul.
- Yeah, that's right.

We need to give Mrs. Hershcovici
her money for this month, too.

I'll give it to her on Monday.

So how much did we pay
for the braces after all?

2700, including the treatment.

Did you pay for it?

No. We'll pay when we get it.

Never mind,
it's better to have it put in now.

You were right.

Oh, this is so good...

How long do you think
she'll stay in the picture?



I'm giving her a month or two.

I don't know how but he's managed to
stay on good terms with all of them.

Not with the last one he didn't.

- They had a nasty fight.
- I didn't know that.

Well, these things happen.

- She's kind of pretty, little Narcisa.
- Yeah.

Done, you're handsome.

How are you?

Well I haven't left yet.

Cosmina called me to tell me to
reschedule for two o'clock.


Well, I'm on the road.

I called earlier to ask if you want
something from the supermarket.

Oh, I don't know...

I could pick some stuff up
on my way back.

Well, I'll think about it
and text you a list.

Will you be late?

I don't know yet.
It's not that busy.


Guess what Christmas present
my sister is getting for her husband?

Tell me.

Hang on to your seat.

I'm hanging on to the wheel.

So check this out:
A 3.000 Euros telescope.

A Pentax.

Very nice.
Half a year's rent.

I think this is just...

3.330 Euros I think.
She sent the money in Belgium

to my cousin.
He'll buy it there.

What can you do about that...
gives you a mind-freeze.

I didn't even tell her anything
about it, believe me.

She won't listen anyway.

He's going to spy on the women
in the neighborhood.

You bet.

I don't know what she thinks she'll
accomplish with these presents?

To each his own...

You know he's just going to buy her
another CD Box-Set.


I said he's going to buy her
another set of music CDs.

"Best of Italian Music".

I can barely hear you?
Where are you?

It's this shitty car-kit.
I'm outside Lehliu.


All right, bye.

- C'mon, work well. Kiss.
- Kiss, bye-bye.

Good afternoon, ma'am.



Come on in. I think she's in the
bathroom, taking a shower.

I'm sorry to bother you. I called from
downstairs, but she didn't answer.

Ralu, Mr. Hanganu is here.

Come into the living room, please.

- Does Ralu know you are coming?
- What was that?

Does she know you're here?

No, I wanted to surprise her.

A slice of cake.

Thank you.

- Happy belated birthday.
- Thank you.

You've changed things around here.


It's very good.

What's going on in the capital?

It's crazy.

It's better not to leave the house this,
time of year.

If you can...

But can you?

I wanted to come to Bucharest too.

Ralu insisted to come home instead.

That's right.

She really wanted to be here for
your birthday.

I was talking about the holidays
just now.


How's your little girl?
I heard she's a sweetheart.

She is.

What can you do?
We all work for our kids.

You should know that I care
a lot about Raluca.

We see these things differently.
If you don't mind me saying so.

I don't mind. I just wanted
to tell you this.

Excuse me,
I have something on the stove.

- What is it with you here?
- I came to see you.


I wanted to see you.

We said we'd see each other on
Tuesday. Has anything happened?

No, I just wanted to surprise you.

I'm sorry you're not happy about it.

Of course I'm happy about it.

Are you?

I'm happy.

- Did you cut your hair?
- I had it fixed up a bit.

I liked it when it was
a bit longer, too.

You'll get used to it.

You're always getting nasty,
about new things.

I called you to tell you
Mr. Hanganu was here.

Still going out?

I think so. I don't know
right now.

Let's go to my room.

I open them, she closes them.

Leave Dori alone.
What have, you got against him?

- How long will you stay?
- I you want me to go, tell me.

I'm asking because
I'd like us to talk.

OK, let's talk.

That's why I told you on the phone
that I was coming back to Bucharest.

Well what was I supposed to do?
I couldn't stand being without you.

I've seen you,
now I can be on my way.

Where are you really right now?

What do you mean?

Where did you tell
the family you were?

I'm in Constanta.

Don't worry she hasn't figured it out.

And you think that's reassuring?

If you stay here overnight,
she's going to figure it out.

- Where did you find it?
- That's for me to know.

It's just like that one.

- She'd fed you cake.
- Yes.

I have been tossing and turning.

Me, too.

On a slow fire.

And I heard that upset voice
of yours over the phone, too.

Then you got me the watch,
to appease me.

Not true. I've got it a while back.

You got it...

Because you knew
the time would come.

- Such far sighted man.
- Not really.

For example, I forgot
about your mother.

- Good thing you didn't get her flowers.
- You think?

Maybe that would've softened
her up to me.

- She gave you a hard time?
- Yep.

What can you do?
She's awfully fond of you.

You do realize they had
big plans for me.

How about yourself?

What about me?

What plans do you have for yourself?

Paul, I love you and I care about you
very much. Those are my plans.


Of course I was taken a back by that
close encounter of the third kind.

It kind of hurt me.

I was determined to end it.

But you didn't.

I cried all night long like an idiot,
and I kept thinking about what to do.

Paula, Paula...

You've turned me into a weakling.

Me too...

I haven't been getting any
peace of mind either.

And now you feel better?

That's good...

I don't want to go through this
it ever again.

I know you don't want either...

But believe me, I don't handle
this things well.

I'm your lover, your Constanta client
I'm whatever you want me to be.

I try not to think about the other
woman in you life...

...but it's hard for me when I see her.

Yeah, I know.

I love you very much, believe me.

I don't want to hurt you.
That's the last thing I want.

It would've been so great
if we'd met ten years ago.

You were underage back then.

Eight years ago, then.

- Does it have ringtones?
- I don't think so.

Is the time set?

Yeah, I put in the batteries.

Mita is coming by to take me
out to eat at "On Plonge"...

Call her and tell her you'll be late.


- You come with us, too.
- I can't.

Have you made up your mind?
When are you coming back?

On Tuesday.

Thirty-six times.

- Ask Paul if you don't believe me.
- What?

How many times has Madalina
seen "The Hours"?

- Come again?
- I'm talking about Madi and that movie.

Oh. A whole lot of times.
What's up Cosmina?

Just getting ready to head home.

What are you doing, Paul?
Working on Christmas Eve, too?

Aren't does banks going to close
down already?

They forgot to ask
for your permission.

If you'd come home earlier,
we'd have eaten together.

I ate at Mc Donald's.

Cosmina got a really pretty
cap for Mara.


Board, gloves, cap...

- ... full gear.
- It's no big deal.

I just liked it 'cause it
had a tassel and strings.

Wouldn't you rather show it to me
than describe it?

It's on the couch.
I'll bring it to you.

I heard you bought Liviu
a spy glass.

It's a telescope, love. He's been
wanting it for a whole year.

Oh, it's gift wrapped.
Never mind don't open it.

So that's the trick? If one craves
for something for a year,

the wife gets it.

Oh, it's not like that, really.

If you don't speak your mind
you don't get anything.

For instance, I didn't
buy you anything.

From our side, we got you
a blouse, two sizes smaller.

You said you wanted
to shave some kilos off.

You're such a sweetheart.

Maybe we could all get together after
Christmas and swap presents then.

- Where are you spending it?
- At Liviu's folks'.

Did you fix things so that they'd send
the telescope to Breaza?

How are you shipping it in, by DHL,

Oh, you so get on my nerves.

- He's just acting all tough.
- Oh. We're well acquainted.

Well what shall I wish you?
Merry Christmas...

And maybe we'll get to see
more of each other next year.

- Sure!
- Great!

Come on, let me kiss you, too.

Give the astronomer a kiss, too.

Let's all have a better year...

Let's both be happier.
And more loved...

That's right.
Thanks for the treat...

...as your mother likes to say.

- Bye.
- Kiss-kiss.

Didn't I tell you I was
keeping the blouse for myself?


Now I'm going to have to look for a
bigger one.

I'm punishing you.
You're going with me.

- What, are you crabby?
- No, I'm just tired.

Well you can relax now.



Mom said we should
get a smaller one,

since we end up throwing
it away anyway.

I said, listen, Ica, we're not
getting it for ourselves,

it's for the little one.
She will enjoy it.

Never mind, we know who we're
dealing with here.

Same thing about the presents, too.

I thought I made myself
crystal clear.

We're already decided that Sant
was bringing her only a snowboard.

It was more than enough.

- Yeah, so?
- So what's with the synthesizer?

It's a Casio, it's very good.
She can use it to practice at home.

Yeah, you buy her all sorts of junk

and then wonder why she's
got an attitude.

It was my pleasure...

In that case,
please excuse me, Dad.

- So, is this one Dutch?
- It's from Denmark.

Watch out,
you're whistling again...

You're imagining things.

Look, mother asked me
to ask you...

We were thinking to get Adriana...

...a purse, for Christmas.

That would be swell.

Stop pulling those faces!
What were we supposed to get her?

A pair of boots...

You're being an ass.

- How much will that be?
- The gentleman already paid for it.

- Happy holidays!
- Merry Christmas.

- Leave it to me.
- I can help you, still...

No, nothing's come up so far.

Nothing I know of, at least.

On the third.

At your place?

Hold on, let me ask Paul.

Cosmina's asking if we're spending
New Year's with them.

He says we don't know yet.


I'll let you know tomorrow.

I'd like that, too.

What you've given it to him already?

So, was he delighted?

Maybe he'll discover a new galaxy.

Get a load of Paul, he says maybe
he's going to discover a new galaxy.


A black hole rather,
you never know.

OK, kiss-kiss, bye.

Why do you do stuff like this?

I'm really not up for it.

So you'd rather spend it
with Cristi and Narcisa?


Then we'll stay at home with Mara.

Great. Whatever you want.

What's up with you, love?


You're lying to me, I know it.
Look how tense you are.

It's as if you've swallowed
a coat hanger.

I'm very much in love.

I've met someone.

I'm very sorry...

- Oh, so that was it?
- Yes.

I'm very sorry, I wanted to tell you
a long time ago, but I couldn't.

So why are you telling me this now?

I kept hoping I'd get over it.
I didn't think it was serious, but...

I didn't get over it.

So, the time for this has come, too.

It could've never come.

Cut the crap, will you?

It couldn't not have come
'cause, it has...

Not even I know how.


The whole situation changes.

This woman,
she's younger, isn't she?

No, she's 26 years old. 27...

So, you eventually found
yourself a younger one.

Really ugly stuff.

You're a huge disappointment to me.

You're my biggest
disappointment ever...


I already got them.

On Sunday, yes.

Sunday around noon, for lunch.

OK then...

So this is it, then...

"You mind the home, you idiot",

"while I go out gallivanting
around town".

It's not like that.

I don't know what
you were imagining.

That I'd make friends with her
or that I'd turn a blind eye?

I wasn't imagining anything.
How could I?

That's why I told you.

But you did want it.

There's no way I could've wanted
anything like this.

So you didn't want it.
You only wanted her.

Adriana, I'm aware there
can be no other way.

Why not?

There are women witch don't make a
big fuss if the husband is cheating.

Is that what you were imagining?

I wasn't imagining anything,
that's why I confessed.

It seems fair to me like this.

So what, now you're expecting me
to congratulate you for being fair?

Good job, Paul, thank you for
telling me and for ruining my life.

Adriana, please...

You've ruined my life.
What, did I say something wrong?

What are you pleading
with me for, now?

I'm asking you to understand
that I'm shattered, too.

I'm torn to pieces right now.


Why are you so torn?

Because I don't want to hurt you.

And because I am very well aware
of what I am losing.


You're still the one
playing the victim.

No, I'm not.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Why are you putting on
the sad show here with me?

You're awfully lame, you know.

OK, I'm lame.

I told you I was sorry.

Do you want me to poke one of
my eyes out so you believe me?

What can I do now?
I can't pretend it never happened.

Let me see you telling Mara...

...that her father and her mother
are not together anymore.

We'll tell her together.

We're not doing anything
together anymore, Paul.

The instant you're with another
woman, you're no longer here.

We don't do stuff together.

'Cause we didn't sleep with
another woman together.

Or, what,
you didn't sleep with her?

OK, then. I'll tell her myself.

That her father no longer...

That daddy loves another woman
and that he can't live without her.


Please understand. It just happened.

It's not something I wanted.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

It's never happened to me!
I don't fuck married men.

I feel like bashing my head
against this heater,

for wasting my life with you.

- You never loved me.
- I did love you.

I know it sounds shitty,
but it's true.

It sounds really shitty, Paul.

If you loved me, you wouldn't
have broken our home.

You have a child, a family
and you two just shit on them!

You and that woman!

And now you're acting all
super-wise and shit with me...

Please, do calm down. You're only
making it worse for yourself.

Worse how, Paul?

- What could be worse than this?
- You're making it worse.

You fucking jerk!

Tell me, how long have you been
taking me for an idiot?

I just want you to tell for how long
have you been cheating on me?

- A few months.
- I see. How many months?

Nearly five.

- Since when, precisely?
- Since five months ago.

Since August.

Since July!

What were we doing in July?

Who is she?

It's Raluca.

Raluca who?

The dentist.

Is she the one with braces,
the one we took Mara to?

You took the child to have her
work on her mouth.

So what did you tell her?
Did you introduce them?

"Mara, here's your next mommy."

Cut it out!
I didn't tell Mara anything.

You're a liar and a sleaze and you
had her work on the child's mouth,

with the same hands with which
she gives you hand-jobs.

That's who you are!

What you're saying right now
is sleazier and uglier than that.


How she stood there,
telling me about those braces...


And I just stood there
like an idiot, listening to her.

With the child on the dentist chair.

How does this girl know
what's best for my child?

What do you mean?

You two aren't going
to make her wear any braces.

What do you mean?
That's her job.

Mara has a problem and
it needs to be taken care of.

So where did she get the money
to start that clinic of hers?

Oh, give me a break with that crap!

I am not cutting anything out, Paul!

I have the right to know, don't I?

I have the right to know
who you're fucking!

Well, then, ask me and I'll answer.
What do you want to know?

Give her a call, Paul.

Call her and tell her I found out.

She doesn't have to play
the fool anymore.

Call her!

Why aren't you calling her?

Call her, tell her I know.

- Where's that phone?
- Come on, cut it out...

What's her name?



Where's the R key
on this shitty phone?

- Fuck you and your Raluca.
- Give me the damn phone!

Call her, Paul.

Call her to tell her I found out.

- I will.
- That's right, great!

Or did you lie to her, too?
Does she know that you're married?

You know I didn't lie to her.
She knows that I'm married.

So she's talked you into
leaving your family.

On the contrary.
She's never even alluded to it.

You have such nice things
to say about her.

See, I'm all teary-eyed.

I'm just trying to tell you that I
was the one who took this decision.

She didn't pressure me in any way.

Please understand that.

Call her.

Call her!


Look, I just called to
let you know I told Adriana.

You fucking retarded shit-hole!

You goddamn jerk!

You... Let me go!

Let me go...

Let me go...

I want you to leave.

Go wherever you best see fit.

That's just what I need to do.

May I please have my keys?

Don't think you're taking my child
away from me, Paul.

I'll make sure you never
see the child again.

Have that girl make you one herself.

I don't know if that's what I want.

Hey, how are you?

I just got here.

No, it doesn't seem cold.

She wasn't there but she does know
I've started to move my stuff out.


Did you already promise you'd go?

I see.

No, 'cause I need to go see her,
and Mara, and my folks, too.

Can I throw away the coffee
in that polka-dot tin?

What do you mean you don't own one
if I'm holding it right now.

White, with some colored dots...

I thought it was just
some stale coffee.

Never mind, I'll put it
somewhere else.

I have to get the door for Cristi.

He's helping me assemble the locker.

Yeah, I bought it.

What was that?

Same as the other one.
Maybe in a slightly lighter shade.

Shall I put them up on the shelves?

Hold on a second.


Raluca says hello.

Hello... Ask her why
she doesn't have a Christmas tree.

You heard that?

She says you can buy one for her.

Listen, there's no point in me
clearing up room for clothes.

I think the best way is to let you
arrange things when you get back.

All right.

Well, I don't know.

If you head out here before lunch,
you'll catch me.

I have to be at my folks' around six.

The day after tomorrow?

I thought it was going
to be tomorrow.

No, there's no problem.
You come back whenever you can.

We'll talk around ten.

After your mom goes to sleep, yeah.

Come on. Bye. Bye.

Throw a beer my way, man.

"12:08 East Of Bucharest"

She got this one
at Carturesti Store.

- Could be.
- For sure.


It's done up pretty nicely,
but it's kind of small.

Well, now...

With the both of you living here...

- Yeah.
- Well, yeah.

As they say, the New Year
brought a change in your life.

Are we going to start putting
that locker together?

Let's finish our beers first,
relax a little.

- Adriana is not with you?
- I thought she'd be here by now.

When I talked to her
she was around Mosilor Street.

- Nucu! Let's set the table.
- Of course we will.

Come on, Mara, help me out, too.

- How are you, Dad?
- Fine, honey.

Are you setting the table?

She's helping me out.

How are you?

- All by yourself?
- Adriana's going to be here soon.

- Daddy do you want to see what I got?
- Show me!

I hope she hasn't found the presents.

Olguta came by yesterday
and she didn't come empty-handed.

Look what I got!

Wow, that's so neat.

- Noah's ark.
- It's not Noah's ark!

It's the Barbie Party Cruiser.
See, it even has an alarm.

And if you open it,
you find a disco ball.

- A black Barbie?
- No, she just has a tan!

- Grams, where's the bar?
- Wherever you left it, honey.

Oh, yeah...

Found it!

Look dad, a bar!

When you press this, it starts
to move. Can I have Barbie?

Listen to that lisp!

Why did you put those
wires on her teeth?

- You're so clueless!
- Don't you talk back like that.

Don't worry, Paul. Santa might
hear and decide not to come.

Look, she wants to have a pizza.

Feed her some.

Look, she's gotten all dirty.

I have Boeuf salad...

...some pressed cheese
and meats for starters.

For second course
some cabbage rolls.

I'll take them out of the oven.

You said you'd bring
a cake for dessert.

I hope Adriana hasn't forgotten.

I made some cookies just in case.

Take a look,
you're my food critic.

- Can I have one, too?
- What, honey-bunny?

- A cookie.
- After dinner, baby.

- But is Barbie allowed one now?
- Sure, Barbie is allowed.

It's good...

We have to remember to remove
the braces before dinner.

OK, but what about the presents?

Mother has to get here first, and
then presents will show up, too.

Mother will get here first,
and then Santa will come, too.

If we put the food on the table,
he'll get here faster.

Call Adriana, it's getting late.

Late for what?

- What's she doing right now anyway?
- She's gone to buy the cake.

I'm kind of hungry.

Mommy's coming!
Mommy's coming!

How are you, sweetheart?

I was about to say how you've grown
since I last saw you.

She's really changed, hasn't she?
I think she's gotten heavier.

Look who's here...

Have Ica and Nucu started
you on a fattening diet?

I'll take the wine
and the water now.

The presents?

In the pantry.

Don't forget to distract her.

I'll call her out on the balcony
to watch the fireworks.

Mom, look!

I saw it. Very nice.

I fail to see what's so nice about it.

It's pink, but you can't see it,
'cause it's inside.

Let your mom take her coat off.

But I want to show it to Mom, too.

I got the Barbie Party Cruiser,
with Barbie, a bar and a pool.

What did you get?

A Barbie boat from Olga.

Take this boat someplace else
honey, this is not playtime.

Do you want Santa to find us
unprepared like this?

Come on,
put it in grandma's room.

Oh, don't you have
a hard-knock life?

I'm not going to stay on for
too long. I'll let them know, too.

- I suppose you told them already.
- No. After the holidays.

Good thing you're concerned
with not ruining their joy.

You want me
to tell them right now?

I'd rather not tell you what
I want right now.

On a completely different topic,
I'm going to go in Austria with Mara.

So, you want us to tell Mara before.

You'll tell her when we both
agree it's best.

I don't want us to pretend that
nothing happened.

But I don't want you to
traumatize her either.

When she finds out,
what exactly she finds out...

We'll see...

So you're saying we shouldn't
call off the holiday.

We, Paul, are calling off absolutely
everything concerning the two of us.

If I'm going,
I'm doing it for Mara.

That's what I was talking about, too.

I'd better put this in a cup, right?

Leave it like that.

It's for the stuffed eggs.

Ica! Nucu said "buzz off."

I'm going to teach
this Nucu a lesson.

- Should we take out the presents now?
- We will, Mother, be patient.

It's as if you were the children here...

All right... You don't have to
take that tone with me.

I'm going to need your written
agreement for Austria.

When the divorce is final and
the Court entrusts the child to me,

you won't need to do that anymore.

I understand.

Till then, that's where we stand.

All right, then. Bottom line.

Not tomorrow, nor
the day after tomorrow...

Call me in the morning
of the 27'th.

We'll go to the notary and
you'll issue the statement for me.

And then we'll decide on what
and when you tell Mara.

- All right?
- Right...

Who could that be?

Probably the garbage men.

Who is it?

It's the carolers!

Paul! The presents!

That's all?

Do you know
"Let us praise the Lord?"