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Previously on "The Tudors"...

I demand to know whose
subjects are you:

The pope's, or mine?

Here is submission of the
clergy, to your majesty's will.

- The church is broken.
- If I would weep, sir thomas, I would weep

tears of blood.

His majesty clearly thinks that
you are destined for better things.

Which is why he has appointed you his
special envoy to the court of the emperor.

I've received a letter
from our friend Cranmer.

In Nurnberg, clergy
are allowed to marry.

And mr. Cranmer has taken
full advantage of that fact.

- Lady Elizabeth.
- What do you want?

You know what I want.

Are you really going to
marry mistress Boleyn?

I have it on very good authority that
she and Thomas Wyatt were once lovers.

- She denies it.
- Well, she would, wouldn't she?

I said she denies it!

What of this girl,
the king's whore?

Why doesn't someone
just get rid of her?

If you succeed, you will
be the beloved of god,

of his holiness,
and of the emperor.

There are rumours that your grace
secretly supports the queen.

- So what happened to you?
- I grew up.

I come to offer my resignation
for my post as chancellor.

I promise that I will never speak
publicly of your majesty's great matter.

I will hold you
to that promise.

We have a duty still to act in
the interests of christendom.

Whatever the cost.

I promise you that the thing I have so
longed for will be accomplished here.

Now, my love, let me conceive.
And we will have a son.

His majesty commands that
you be gone from this place.

Wherever I go,
I remain his wife.

I beseech your highness not to pursue
the path you seem to be taking.

Or you will surely follow Ahab,
who married the whore Jezebel!

The dogs will lick your blood!

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The Tudors - Season 02
Episode 03

- Pennington!
- Ah, the Southwells!

How's your master, Boleyn?

That's Lord Rochford
to you, Pennington.

Sir William Pennington
to you, Southwell.

And how is your master?
Master fucking Brandon?

Does he still persist in using the
most foul and abusive language

against my master's
daughter, Lady Anne.

- who is soon to be queen?
- The duke can speak for himself.

I'm asking you, Pennington!

His grace wants nothing to do with
the elevation of the king's whore!

Who's a whore?

- Let me pass!
- Not till you've paid for that.

Run! Fetch the duke! Go!

Father, I seek sanctuary
in this place.

Of course, my child.

Put up your swords, gentlemen.
This is a place of god.

Defend yourself, Pennington.

Dear god!

You dishonour the Boleyn
family whom you serve.

And you offend god by
offering violence here.

Stop it.

Stop now, for the
love of god!

Enough is enough!

You fool, Richard.
You've killed him!

Oh, my lord.

They've killed him.


Oh my lord, my lord, I beg
you, in the name of our lord.

One murder has been
committed here already.

You scum.

- Your grace, we...
- Shut up!

- You're both dead men.
- My lord, listen! I beg you.

Those who commit murder in church
are damned in the eyes of god.

This is your doing, Boleyn!

Lady Anne is not
to be disturbed.

Suddenly everyone is beating
a path to Lady Anne's door!

Why do you suppose
that is, mr. Wyatt?

Because everyone prefers a rising
sun to a setting sun, mr. Smeaton.

Now tell me, what are
you writing at the moment?

A satire.

You find all this funny?

Well, it has its funny side,
like all serious things.

For example and this will
make you laugh, Mark.

Mr. Cromwell just told me I've been
appointed to the privy council.

That's ridiculous.

Everything in
life is ridiculous.

And to suppose
otherwise is...

- It's human vanity.
- Mr. Wyatt.

My lady.

- You know what?
- No, I don't

I have a furious
hankering for apples,

such as I've never had before.
It started three days ago.


Yes! Apples.

The king told me it was a
sign I was pregnant, but

I said it was
nothing of the sort.

What was that about?

What news from france?

None to give your
majesty any satisfaction.

Although he promised to make representations
to the pope on your majesty's behalf.

King Francis did no such thing.

It doesn't matter.

What else should we have expected
from the king of France?

The fact is, I now have a good
reason... a very good reason,

not to wait for the pope's decision.

The annulment of my marriage
must be declared immediately.

Well, as your majesty is
head of the church now,

- you yourself could...
- No.

The annulment should still be decided
and declared by the church proper.

That is to say,
the Archbishop of Canterbury.

As your majesty knows, there
remains a vacancy for that position.

I think I know exactly who will suit.

Mr. Cranmer!


- Your belongings from Germany.
- Thank you.

If you could just...
thank you, sir. At last.


It's over now.

You're here.

I'm very relieved to see you, Thomas.
I thought I was going to die!

It's not the nicest way to travel,
even for an illegal wife!

It's over now.

You're here now.

Do you forgive me?


This is England?

This is England.

They want to make
Cranmer archbishop.

I wonder if the pope knows of
the reputation Cranmer has here

for being devoted heart and
soul to the lutheran movement.

He was once chaplain
to the Boleyns.

He ought to be required to take a special
oath not to meddle with the divorce.

Of course he'll meddle!
That's what they want!

They don't care about
holy curch anymore.

They don't even care
about the people.

The king, in his blindness,
fears no one but god.

I fear for the queen.

They say Anne Boleyn hates her
openly and her daughter, too.

She's made threats
against the child.

Those are
dangerous words.

Think also of the lives
of your own children.

What is this?

The bull "Sublimus Dei", holy father.

Remind me.

It forbids the enslavement of the
native peoples of the new world.

Then we sign it very willingly.
For the fact is, Campeggio,

that the kings of europe
have power but no morality.

I must act as
their conscience.

They are my wilful children
and I their father,

leading them along the
paths of righteousness.

So help me god.

And this?

The king of England asks your approval
to appoint a new archbishop of Canterbury,

after the death of
archbishop Warham.

And people say
he doesn't care!

- What is the name of the candidate?
- Thomas Cranmer.

What do we know of this Cranmer?

Virtually nothing.

He's an obscure cleric.
A nobody.

There are strong rumors that
he is a secret lutheran.

Then we should not approve
his appointment.

No. Not in my opinion,

And yet...

we want to give the english church
the opportunity to return

to its first allegiance,
and our true faith.

We want to please the king.

We want to make
him beholden to us.

What better way to please him than to
approve the appointment of a nobody?

After all,

what harm can a nobody
inflict upon our holy church?

Your grace.

We are most pleased to see
you confirmed as archbishop.

Your majesty, I confess I had some
scruples about accepting the office,

since I must receive
it at the pope's hand.

You are not beholden to Rome.

Only to god. And me.

And now, archbishop, as principle minister
of spiritual jurisdiction in our realm,

I ask you to determine
once and for all,

my great matter.

Whether or not my first
marriage was valid.

Majesty, I shall address the
question with the greatest urgency,

and presently pronounce my verdict.

- Mr. Cromwell.
- Majesty?

Since the departure of Thomas More,
England has lacked a chancellor.

I am trusting you to
fill that office.


Where is he? Where's Suffolk?

We are gathered here together,
in the sight of god almighty,

to join in holy matrimony,
this man and this woman.

And will you both answer that you will
keep all these coming days rightful,

with rightwiseness and
discretion, with mercy and truth.

So help you god.

Master Brereton.

It's no use. I failed.

And I can no longer
bear this place.

Then go where your heart tells you.

With god's blessing.

- My lady...
- The Duke of Suffolk.

Your grace.

My lady...

his majesty has ordered me here.
He's asked me to tell you...

He warns you not to try
to return to him...

since he is now married
to the Lady Anne.

From henceforth, you must substain
from using the title of queen.

You will now be referred to as
the princess dowager of Wales.

You must also cut your
household expenses.

In his generosity, the king
allows you to keep your property,

but will no longer pay
your servants' wages,

or your household expenses.

And what of my daughter?

- What of Mary? May I see her?
- Madam.

Forgive me.

You know something, mister Brandon?

If I had to choose between extreme
happiness and extreme sorrow...

I would always choose sorrow.

For when you are
happy you forget...

you forget about spiritual
things; you forget about god.

But in your sorrow...

he is always with you.

May lord bless you and
keep you, my lady.

As long as I live,
I will call myself

the queen of England.

- Deo gracias.
- Amen.

Your grace, I have some news.

I have learned that signor Cromwell is
to present another bill to parliament.

The act of restraint of appeals.

And under its innocuous title does it
conceal its most revolutionary intent.

What does it say?

"This realm of england is an empire,
"governed by one supreme head and king,

and owing no allegiance
except to god."

In future, all final appeals on spiritual
matters will be heard, not in Rome,

but in England, where the
king will now enjoy...

"plenary, whole and entire power, pre-eminence,
"authority, prerogative and jurisdiction."

Which means, I take it,

that the act prohibits the hearing of
the king's nullity suit by the pope.

And, by the same token,
bars the queen

- from appealing to the vatican against
any decision made here. - Exactly.

No english sovereign has ever
been granted such absolute power.

- Poor Katherine.
- It's worse.

- There are rumours that the king
has married Anne in secret. - No!

And that she is already with child.

Your eminences. At the conclusion of this
properly constituted ecclesiastical court,

I am ready to pronounce the
verdict agreed by us all.

It is a pity that certain persons
refused to come here and testify!

But that in itself holds no
bearing upon our conclusions.

Which are: That the union
between king Henry of England

and Katherine of Aragon is
declared null and void.

And therefore, that the king's marriage
to Anne Boleyn is declared both valid

and lawful, in the eyes of god.


- Elizabeth?
- Not that.

- Then what?
- I came on behalf of my lady,

though not with her permission.

Thomas, she is in a
most wretched way...

abandoned and betrayed.

It seems so cruel of the king
to humiliate her in every way,

pretending to marry that Harlot...


Did you not know?

The duke of Suffolk came to tell
her that the king has married...



But what can I do
about any of that?

You are now a privy councillor.

And a client of mister Cromwell. I thought
you could speak up for my mistress.

Mister Cromwell is the least likely
man to sympathise with your mistress.

You must know that, Elizabeth.

But what about you?

If you still have feelings for me,
you will speak out for her.

I'm sorry.

As the successor of st. Peter,

I do solemnly condemn the separation of the
king of England from Katherine of Aragon,

and his subsequent secret marriage,

which I declare null and void.

This matter,

of the validity of his
majesty's marriage,

can only be decided by the curia,
which has not yet reached its conclusion.

I will give the king until september
to take back his former wife...

on pain of excommunication,

which is separation
from holy church,

from communion,

and from god.

Thank you, your excellencies.
You may communicate my words

to your masters everywhere.

Come with me, master Brereton.

Holy father, this is the young english
gentleman I was telling you about,

who brought us the news
from the English court.

Master William Brereton.

My son.

We are grateful to you for bringing
news of these terrible events

and for all you tried
to do to prevent them.

I tried to rid you of her, but
unfortunately, holy father I failed.

Who knows, my son? God
works in mysterious ways.

Cardinal Campeggio tells me you want to stay
in Rome now, and not return to England.

Is that correct?

Yes, holy father.

I would rather remain with
the flock of the faithful.

Recently, master Brereton,

I have ordained a new and
very special holy order.

They are the militantis ecclesiae.
the soldiers of christ.

These jesuits, as they are
called, these soldiers,

will go where others fear,

where often they will
meet great danger,

in order to promote the catholic faith

and take the word of god
to heathens and heretics.

I see already your passion for
this cause, and I beg you,

join the order,

join the crusade against heresy,

and return to England,
even at the risk of martyrdom.

- Mister Cromwell.
- Majesty?

How are the preparations
for the coronation?

They're going well, majesty.

I want the people
to love their new queen

as I love her.

And if I can love her,

why shouldn't they?

I assure your majesty
they will love her,

and shall have every reason to do so.

Yes, I like it.

Madame la marquise.

No. Just sister.

How are you, sister?

How are both of you?

We are both very well.

Listen. The king and I have
visited a famous astrologer,

who confirmed what the physicians say,
and what I know in my heart:

That it's a boy.

The king is overjoyed.

He keeps wanting to tell people,
but I tell him not to.

Not yet anyway.

Come and look at these.

Mr. Holbein has been designing all kinds
of things for the coronation procession.

They're so beautiful.

Mr. Holbein is indeed a genius.

Are you scared?

Anne? What is it?

Oh, it's nothing. It's...

what's wrong, husband?

I'm going to have to attend on the king
and that bitch of his at her coronation.

What did Wolsey used to call her?

The black crow!

Can you not plead some indisposition?

I could...even though the king
has made me high constable for the day.

But if I did, his majesty would remove my head,
and then I should be genuinely indisposed.

Very well.

So keep your head.

It's a pretty head, in any case,
and I don't want to lose it either.

But store up your
knowledge and your anger.

Don't act impulsively,
it's always a mistake.

But one day, with others so
disposed, use them both,

and if you can,
bring her down and destroy her.

Hear ye, hear ye!

Make way for his gracious majesty,

King Henry, and the Lady Anne Boleyn,

Marquess of Pembroke!

Make way, make way!

Where are the crowds?

Where are the people?

- What the hell happened here?
- He's dead! Shot!

My god! Keep the procession moving.

I can't!

- What was that?
- An accident.

Nothing for your majesty
to be concerned about.

For nothing on earth
is going to spoil this day.

Veni, creator

spiritus mentus tuorum visita.

Imple superna gratia
quae tu creasti pectora.

Tu septiformis munere,

digitus paternae dexterae;

tu rite promissum patris,

sermone ditans guttura.

Accende lumen sensibus

infundem amorem cordibus

in firmans nostri corporis

virtute firmans perpeti.



Give it to me.

With this,

St Edward's crown,

I do solemnly crown you
queen of England.

And here...

are the two sceptres of the sovereign.


and grace

be to our queen Anne. May you prosper,

go forward,

and may you bear a new
son of the king's blood.

That was an assassination attempt.

either upon you or upon the queen.

- A groom was killed.
- Mm-hmm. Thank you, mr. Cromwell.

Sweetheart. How was that?
Did you like the city?

- Was not everything well done?
- Yes, it was beautiful.

But so few people!

And they kept their hats on
their heads. And no one shouted.

It was more like
a funeral than a parade.

You have a party to go to.

I want you to be happy.

I want you to smile.

Remember: You are my queen now.

I know.

- But...
- I said:

You are my queen.

Everyone is waiting for you.

I don't see Bishop Fisher here.

No, your majesty.

And where is sir Thomas Moore?

I don't see him here either.

Was he not invited?

He was most certainly invited,
your majesty.

Then he chose not to attend.

Hungry, ladies?

Your grace.

Since you were appointed
high constable today,

what happened in the
procession was your fault.

I want to know who fired that shot.

I am already endeavouring
to find out, my lord.

Oh, I sincerely trust
that you are, your grace.

I have not forgotten Pennington.

For I feel that was your fault.

Here's to the Boleyns.

The Boleyns!

And England's new queen!

Oh, Mary! And it's all for me!

How was the coronation?

It was a cold, meagre
and uncomfortable thing.

And your absence
was noted, sir Thomas.

How is her majesty
bearing up under all this?

I am no longer allowed to see her.

And it is increasingly difficult
for us to exchange letters.

I'm going to try and see her.

That would be so dangerous.

Even to speak a word in her
praise is to risk imprisonment.


I have been thinking
about the past,

when I believed the king
to be the most enlightened

and promising prince in christendom.

I was sure his reign
would be a golden age.

I had such high hopes...

Bishop Fisher has been
placed under house arrest.

You should beware yourself, Eustace.

You will all be honourable, discreet,

just and thrifty in your conduct.

You will present a
godly spectacle to others,

attend mass daily and
display a virtuous demeanour.

On pain of instant
dismissal and banishment,

you must not quarrel,


or say evil and lewd things.
Nor ever behave lewdly.

You will set a standard
for everyone else.

Do you understand?

Yes, your majesty.

And you don't go to brothels.

I will keep here a copy
of Tyndale's english bible.

All of you are free to read it, and
draw spiritual nourishment from it...

for the old days are gone.

Everything is changed now.

Thanks to his majesty,
you have all been delivered

from the darkness and bondage
of papal thraldom, idolatry and superstition.

This is a new beginning.

For me. For you.
And for England.


Lady Mary,

I have come to inform you
of the judgements made recently

by his grace, the archbishop
of canterbury.

His majesty's marriage to your mother
has been declared null and void.

Your mother was never legally
queen of England,

and must now accept the title
of dowager princess.

Just as you have no longer the
right to call yourself princess,

but from now on must be known
to all as lady Mary.

At the same time, his majesty's
recent marriage to queen Anne

has been declared
legal and valid.

Her coronation took place
in london this past week.

I know of no queen of England
save my mother.

And I will accept no other
queen, except my mother.

In which case, I have to tell you that
you are forbidden to communicate

in any way with your mother,
from this day forward.

May I not even write to her?

Not even a farewell note,

considering your...

Sir Thomas Moore,
my lady.

Sir Thomas.

Your majesty.

Forgive me for
receiving you like this,

but I do not feel well.

What you suffer is known to a great
many people, both here and abroad.

As is the injustice of it, as well as
the grace with which you endure it.

Now it seems...
I must cease to call myself queen...

Even though I was crowned so,
and anointed.

They say that if I refuse,

the king will withdraw his
fatherly love for my daughter.

I shall not yield,

neither for my daughter's sake
or anyone else's.

Not for a thousand deaths
would I consent to damn my soul,

or that of my husband the king.

Please forgive me again, sir Thomas.
I am not very used to visitors any more.

They are mostly
forbidden me.

How did you get

I wrote to mr. Cromwell

Then you are a brave man.

I'd be a coward
to do otherwise.

I cannot pretend to be detached
from these events.

I have been encouraging
your supporters in parliament,

and elsewhere,
to speak their minds

- and stand up for you.
- Thank you.

Sir Thomas. Thank you.




I can't. Not now.

While the baby...

Exquisite, isn't she?

Lady Eleanor Luke. Her family
has an estate in Oxfordshire.

Shall I talk to her
on your behalf?


How do you like life
at court, Mark?

- I feel... I feel twice fortunate, my lord.
- Twice?

Once for being allowed
to come here,

and twice for the patronage
of your family.

We like to
patronize artists.

Men of talent. The painter
Holbein stayed with us,

and my sister supports
many musicians and choirs.

Yes, well, your sister is quite
a talented musician herself...

as well as a very beautiful
young woman.

- Even though...
- Even though...?

Not as beautiful
as her brother.

What's this?

The final decision
of the curia in Rome.

They have found for Katherine.

They declare my new marriage invalid, and
any children produced from it, illegitimate.

The pope threatens
to excommunicate me

if I do not return to Katherine.

He's too late.

Hold on

Hold on. Hold on.

Hold on

How brave!

Here it comes.

And I want you to organize jousts, banquets
and masques to celebrate the birth of my son.

I can't decide whether
to call him Henry or Edward.

And I've already asked the french ambassador
to hold him at the font during his christening.

If he drops him, it's war.

It's here, it's here.

Push! Push.

- What is it? What's happened?
- Nothing! Nothing!

Your majesty has given birth
to a very healthy baby girl

And did you not find such
occurrences shocking, eminency?

Your majesty, I am a venetian.

I come from a city where all the men
are gamblers and all the women whores.

What is there to be
shocked about, huh?



I'm so sorry.

You and I are both young,

and by god's grace,
boys will follow.

- Lady Eleanor.
- Your majesty.

- Do you play chess?
- Yes, your majesty.

Come, let's play.

That's my first move.