Tubero (2022) - full transcript

A boring woman worries that her man would leave her, so she hires a plumber with ''extra service''. As she falls for him, she's torn between her boyfriend and her new found love.



- Love, your friends are just outside.
- Don't mind them.

By the way, love,
the carpenter texted

that some woods in the
house are infested with termites.

Tell him to apply a termiticide
to stop the spread of infestation.

It's okay. I already informed him.

And tell him to apply
a generous amount.

I'll drop by tomorrow
and give him money.

- No, love. Let me pay for it this time.
- I said I will handle it.

I'm the man. It's my obligation
to provide for us, okay?

Please give me what I want.

This will be quick.

- This will be quick.
- I'm not in the mood.

Love, I'm also tired.

Love, I don't want it.

Please, even just
for a few minutes.

Love, please.

Love, I'm tired. Stop it.

Love, please. I'm tired.

Ouch! Love!

I said I'm tired! Ouch!

Love, please.

Love, your friends
are here. Stop it!

Love! Stop it!

Make some moans to bring me
some pleasure. You're so frigid.

I said I'm not in the mood.

Fine! Enough!

It's been years already, but
you're still acting that way!

Everything depends on your mood!

Love, sorry. I'm really sorry.

Fix yourself.

My friends might
see you like that.

I'm sorry.

You're looking in low-end places

that's why you also
get cheap women.

Look at Paula.

She's not only beautiful,

but also caring.

Bro, not me.

I already have a girlfriend again.

Is she also good in the kitchen?

In household chores?

In the kitchen, in the bathroom…

And even on top of the table!

Have a shame on my fiancée.

She's not used to your vulgarity!


Love, the dinner is ready.

Caloy, Bryan, come on and eat.

Okay, love. We'll be right there.

Let's just continue this later.

Paula's dish might get cold.

You know for sure how
great she is in cooking.

That's how much
our friend loves you.

He's always proud of you.

He's giving you his all that's
why he has nothing left for others.

It means he has no time to
look for another woman, right?

This is my send-off celebration
and you're already drunk.

Love, we'll have dinner.

But can you get us
more drinks? Please?


Thank you!

Your fiancé is unbelievable.
He really lets you commute?

That's okay.

He needs to impress their captain
before boarding the ship for promotion.

Well, that's what he
really likes about you,

always a good follower.

I just hope that he's making up
to you by satisfying you in bed.


Maila, please lower your
voice. Someone might hear you.

We did it again last night.

Then, why don't you
have the after sex glow?

Maybe because it's just a quickie?

Besides, I'm not in the mood.

When are you going
to be in the mood?

Aren't you sexually
attracted to Logan anymore?

Or maybe you're no
longer sexually compatible?

Is that even more important
than my efforts for him?

In loving and taking care of him?

Maila, Logan
understands my limitations.

Madonna-whore syndrome.

He already perceives you
as his pure and loving fiancée,

so he doesn't wish
to ever degrade you.

Instead, he will look for his whore
to satisfy his sexual desires.

Look at me.

Dignified attorney
in the streets but still…

A slutty girlfriend in the sheets.

So, tell me, what should I do?

Do something crazy.

And look for a guy who can
give you so much pleasure.

I love Logan.

He's a good provider and
he has plans for our future.

You know what?

This is no big deal.

If you say so.

But if you don't want him
to look for another woman,

then push the envelope more.

If you're not in the mood, adjust.

You should take over the situation, so that
you're in control of your own pleasure.

You really have a foul mouth.

Alright. Class,
that's it for tonight.

Please don't forget
your paper next week.

And reminder, don't be late.

Class dismissed!

Bye, Ma'am!

Push the envelope more.

If you're not in the mood, adjust.

You should take over the situation, so that
you're in control of your own pleasure.


Hey, Caloy? Is Logan with you?


Oh, Paula! No.

Why? We don't have
any plans to meet.

He said you will spend
some time with your captain.

Oh, right! Yes,
we did that earlier.

Maybe he's on his way home.

Please keep me posted.

I've been trying to reach
him, I'm just worried.

Logan, it's my turn.

That's my girlfriend, remember?

Is that Bryan?

Caloy, is Logan with you?

Why did he call out Logan's name?

Caloy, answer me!

Caloy, are you all fooling me?!


Oh, please. Paula,
we can't do that to you.

Just calm down. He's on his way.


Logan! Don't you want it anymore?!

Let him be.

I'm your boyfriend,
you must please me.

- I knew it! Caloy was lying!
- Love?!

- Where is Caloy?! Caloy!
- We just had few drinks.

Logan, is that your girlfriend?

Will she join us?

Logan, what's the
meaning of this?!

You're all disgusting!

Don't make a scene here.

They might hear
you from other floors.

Fuck you!

Is this what I get after
being nice to you?!

- I said enough!
- You fucking betrayed me!

Fuck all of you!


Don't you feel disgusted
with what you've been doing?!

Paula, it's just sex.

And my friends know my
needs. They're just helping me.

They are helping you to cheat
on me using Bryan's girlfriend!

Their relationship is not serious!

So, it's just okay for
his friends to share?!

My gosh, Logan! I
thought you've changed!

But you've become even worse!

Before you criticize me, just remember
all the things I've done for you!

Actually, you're the one who has
shortcomings between the two of us.

Look, I love you.

I come home to you.

You're the one I'm going to marry.

I put all my money for the
renovation of the house you inherited

which will be our future home.

I just tried to do it
with another woman.

But why do I look
like an evil person?!

So, what do you want me to do?

Just close my eyes while
you're cheating on me?!

Paula, you're not
the real victim here.

It's not fair to wait for you
just when you feel like doing it

or just when you're available.

If you don't want me
to keep it a secret,

just let me do what I want.

We're already in this
relationship for five years.

Open relationships
are common these days.

Or swinging.

Maybe that could help us.

You know,

our relationship can be
destroyed if I agree to your terms.

Logan, please.

Please give me one more chance.

I will change.

I will fix myself for you.

I'll give you whatever you want.

Okay. Let's see when I get back.

But if nothing changes,

you should agree to my terms.

I love you, baby.


Keep quiet.

My officemates might hear you.

They just went out for lunch.


Logan already gave
me an ultimatum.

I should satisfy him, or it
will be an open relationship.

I knew this day would come.

So, what's your plan?


I don't know.


Do you think that the
cats on roofs read books?


They let their libido guide them.


Don't tell me I should
have sex with another man.

If I do that, I would
already be cheating.

Sex is just sex if there
are no emotions involved.

Do you want to lose Logan?

Think about it.

Then, get back to me. Okay?



Ma'am, go on.

I said don't call me "Ma'am" when
it's just the two of us, right?

Sorry, baby.






Ma'am, it's already full of
rust, that's why it's clogged.

I'll just check this closely,
if it needs to be replaced.


If only we could also
easily replace our spouses.

You know what, my wife
already wants to replace me.

But that's life.

Have some water.

Thank you.

Are you already married, Ma'am?

I have a fiancé.


Oh no. Don't get
married just like that.

It will only cause you problems.

It needs to be replaced, Ma'am.

Okay. I'll just get some money.

Feels hot, I do not.

It's all about sex.

Oh! That's for my research.

I'm actually a teacher.





just contact this number.

Is this yours?

Just in case you have a
special kind of pipe with clogs.

Well, obviously, I
can't handle that.

He is good and an expert
when it comes to clogs.

I'll come back later
with your change.


Remember the rumors before
that the signages of plumbers

on electrical posts
are for extra service?

What if...

Should I really
reach to that point?


No harm in trying.

Just be careful with
your nosy neighbors!

Bring him at your
under renovation house.

Good luck!

Hi, good evening!

There are problems with my pipe.

At 1529 Gemini St. Daang Bago.

By the way, I'm Paula Dimaagos.




Hi, I'm Gimo.

Sorry about earlier. I have a client,
so I wasn't able to reply properly.

Come in.

The “Plumber” just arrived!

What should I do?


Do you want some juice or water?

No, thanks.

I'm okay. I just came
here to unclog the pipe.

Oh? Are you okay?

Sorry, I'm not
really used to this.

Sorry about that.

I got used to not talking
to clients beforehand.

But actually, my godfather taught
me to establish rapport to people

for them to be
comfortable with me.

Your godfather during your
Baptism or is it a code name?

During Baptism. I
mean Confirmation.

I'm staying with him.

I learned from him
how to do carpentry,

machine repairs,

and even plumbing until
I have my own savings.

He already owns a car
wash and car repair shop.

He's my idol!

I see.


Do they know about your job?

I'm actually single.

But then, I don't have
my parents anymore.

How about you?

What's keeping you busy?

I'm an assistant
professor at a university.

I'm currently taking my Master's
degree in Behavioral Science.

And I'm also writing a book.

Assistant professor?


So, there's a main professor teaching
you whom you're assisting with?

You know what, you're funny.

Of all the things I've told you, you only
remembered about the “assistant” part.

That's just a term for
entry level professors.

In three years,

I can be promoted to associate
professor which has a higher salary.

I didn't know you're a big time!

Okay, let's be serious.

So, why do you need my services?

You don't look like someone
who's in need of my services.

Wait, are you having sexual
problems with your partner?

Fiancé, actually.

How did you know?

Well, that's one of
the usual reasons.

Maybe you're both getting bored.

He said I can't satisfy him.

Well, I'm doing this to
save my relationship.

Please don't judge me.

Honestly, everyone
has their flaws.

Besides, when you're with
me, there'll be no judgment.

And don't get pressured.

Let's take it slow.

Let's just do whatever
makes you comfortable.

First, you have to relax.

Feel every breath we take.

Don't be nervous.

Remember, the goal of sex is...



you should know
what you really want.

Focus on your own pleasure.

To where you want to be touched

and where you will get pleasure.

Is it here?


You should know what
your partner really wants.

After he has satisfied
your sexual desires,

It's your turn to
fulfill his needs.

What do you want?






Good morning!

Sorry if ever I have
forced you last night.

I wanted everything that happened.

Thank you for taking care of me.

We need to go.

The workers might
arrive anytime soon.


So, that's how it is.

I've never experienced
anything like that.

How big?

See this?

Oh my goodness!

It's been so long since
I've seen you this happy.

I didn't know all you need was wild
foreplay and a huge cock to enjoy sex.

I don't know.

The way Gimo touches
and takes control is different.

He's gentle, yet
he's so passionate.

Do you want to do it again?


Maila, please be honest
with me. Am I a bad person?

Can I do it again?

Technically, you're just doing
this to save your relationship.

If you enjoyed more
and had more pleasure,

you'll satisfy Logan even
more when he comes back.




Gimo, hello?

Sorry. Did I wake you up?

Do you have any
free time this week?

I'm embarrassed that I made
you go right away last time.

I want to cook for you.
What's your favorite dish?

Sour soup.

I'm free the next day.

Great! Hold on,

your girlfriend might get mad.

I'm not committed.

Besides, no one would take me
seriously if they knew what I'm doing.

You know, Gimo, the
right girl will understand.

Usually, they're
calling me to have sex.

But you're calling
for advice and dish.

You know what? It's
just either of the two.

It's either you're kind

or you were not satisfied with my services
that's why you'll just cook for me.

Hey, I'm really a kind person.

So, did you enjoy it?

Wow! You're phishing information.

But seriously, of course.

But not just with that.

Honestly, I enjoyed talking to
you and spending time with you.

Of course, I also enjoyed it.

With that kind of beauty?

If you could only see
yourself the way I see you.

Oh, you. Stop flattering me.

Your eyes and your smiles…

Are very expressive.

Your lips are very red.

Your neck and your nape are so attractive
while you're wetting in the kitchen.

I can still recall everything
when I was kissing you.

The warmth of your body
while we're in each other's arms.

You're looking at me
while I'm on top of you.

I can still hear your moans.


imagine that I'm there with you.

And my hands are caressing you,

going to your chest.

Going down and down…

And down there.

Just keep doing it
as long as you want.

Don't ever stop, Paula.

Paula, I'll wait for your text.

I can't wait to see you again.

Thank you!

Wow! This is good.



Where do you see yourself
five years from now?

I'm sure I have already finished
my Master's degree by then.

And by that time, I've
already published my book.

Of course. That's for sure.

You just don't know how much you amaze
me when you're on your online class

or when you're writing your book.

I just feel so proud that

I met someone who's not only
intellectual but also excellent.

You always flatter me.

How about you?

I hope by then I already
have my own business,

or I'm a co-owner of
my godfather's workshop.

I can make my simple
dream happen, right?


Of course.

That's what I like about you.

You're hardworking, determined
and you're not giving up.

I still have another one.

Never mind.

What is it?

It's nothing.

Oh, come on!

Tell me or else, I'll be upset.

I'm about to say that I also imagine the
two of us having a road trip together.

Then, we'll go driving
with my own car.

We will hold hands while
the windows are open.

But you're probably
married by then.

So, never mind.

Time flies so fast! I can't believe
it's been three months already.


I gave you an increase.

I remember I gave you
a late payment last time.

No need.

You've already helped me a lot.

Besides, I'm also earning in
the repair shop and car wash.

Just accept it and
add it to your savings.

Also, to make our
road trip happen sooner.

No judgments, remember?

The way I see you would never change
no matter what you do to earn money.

Just let me wash your car.

And get ready for tonight.

I'll be the one to
cook for our dinner.


Be there in a while. I'm
so excited for your dish.



Why do you look like
you've seen a ghost?

Drink some water.

Why didn't you tell me
that you'll be arriving today?

I miss you, love.

I'm happy you're back.






That's so appetizing.

Let me serve you.

No need.

Have a seat.

By the way, why are
you dressed earlier?

Are you going somewhere?

I'm just fitting it. I'm afraid it
might get old inside the cabinet.

You look so hungry, love.

This is your fault.

You made me so hungry.

Does it mean that we're okay now?


Why do you seem different?

You know very well that I'm
willing to do anything for you.

I told you, love. I
can really change.

Love, now that we're okay, maybe it's best
if we can start working on our future.

So, how is the house
renovation going?

Actually, it's almost done.

It's a bit messy but
we can already move in.

So, what are we waiting for?

Finally, the start of our forever.

I'll just get you some water.

Yes, please.

Your sour soup is so good!


Love, here.

Thank you.

You're welcome.


Sorry, bro. This is
all I can give you.

Just pay her right away, so
she would stop bothering you.

She's really asking for money
now that I have nothing left.

I really need to get that
promotion to have a bonus.

Where will you get the rest of it?

I'll go ahead.

Won't you join us?

Won't you?

As what you've said
Paula already changed.

Can you really say no to this?

You can watch.

Let's see how long can you resist.



Paula, please reply.



Hello, Paula?

How are you?

You haven't reached
out to me again.

Logan has returned, Gimo.

I'm sorry if it took a while
before I let you know.

But we can't see
each other anymore.

I can't thank you enough.

I was looking for a
solution to my problem but...

I've found more than that.

I've found a friend.

Someone who knew right from the
start that I only did this for Logan.

Gimo, we're now okay.

But this has to end.

Goodbye, Gimo.

At least you and
Logan are finally okay.

Who would have thought that hiring
someone for sex would do wonders for you?

Gimo is not just a sex worker.


Fine. Like what?

He's been my friend.

A friend who fucks you?!

Forget about it. It's over.



I feel like Logan is no
longer the problem here.

It's me who's longing
for something else.

And Gimo is the only one who could
give you what you're looking for?

I'm not really sure.

I feel like something's missing.

It feels different.


Here are the documents
from Atty. Buenaventura.

Put it here.

I thought you were
just “fuck buddies.”

Why does it seem more than that?

That's none of your business!

Just mind your own!

Let's just talk about Gimo.

What should I do?

We have already replaced
the old locks on the second floor.

Sorry, it's still a bit messy.

Actually, we want to move in now.

There are still a
lot of things to do.

Maybe you would like to look
for an all-around handyman

to make all the work easier.

I'm still waiting for the
reply of one of my workers.

Wouldn't it take us longer if
we're going to wait for him?

Oh, love.

I know someone.

Hold on.


Tell him that it was
me who referred him.


Why isn't it that hard?

Maybe you're not in the mood.

I'm just preoccupied.

Maybe we should
just do it next time.

If only I wasn't
your regular client,

I would have been mad
at you a long time ago.

You've been ignoring my
calls for quite some time.

Then now… This?

I'm really sorry about that.

Get dressed.

I'm going to take a shower.


You were referred by
Ma'am Paula Dimaagos.

As an all-around house handyman.

You may report at their
residence tomorrow.

I will be sending the address.

You seem young.

Are you skilled?

I need someone who can be trusted.

Sir, I'm already 27 years old.

I was working since I was young.

Besides being a skilled plumber,

I can also do the carpentry,

repair, basically everything.

Do you have your own family?

I need a stay-in handyman here.

You won't have any
problem with that.

That's good.

After all, women just
cause us problems at times.

Not everyone is lucky like me

who have someone like her.

I hope I could also have
someone like Ma'am.

Are you okay, love?

Okay, you're hired.

You may use the vacant room there.

You may use all the things here.

The TV, washing
machine, food in the fridge,

except for her.

She's off-limits.


Don't be late tomorrow.

This morning you
started at around 9 AM.

Sir, sorry if we were
late this morning.

But don't worry, it
won't happen again.

What's wrong with you, Gimo?!

You're here to work and not
to pull me whenever you want.

I'm sorry.

I just thought you missed me.

Of course not!

We are just in need of a handyman.

I wanted to help and
give you a job. That's it!

My godfather offered a big project at
the province but I chose this over that.

Then, you're just going
to treat me this way.

I just realized that
you're also a good liar.

Me? A liar?!

Then, why are you affected?

Your lips are
pouting terribly again.

Your mind is full of imaginations!

Let me go! Or else I'll scream!

I'm asking you…

Why did you ask me to come here?

Again, I just wanted to help.

If I know, you just
wanted to see me again.

I've been longing to
see you too, Paula.

Didn't you miss me?



Come in.

There you go.

Good thing we
have skillful workers.

They were able to retain
the original look of the house.


The first floor is already
livable after cleaning it.

For the second floor, maybe
it will take another month.

Are we back to being high school?

Do you think I can't notice
the way you look at each other?

Before, you're always
not in the mood.

But now, you have
two men in your life.

Keep your voice down.

Maila, it's as if you're telling me
that I intended to have them both.

Well, Logan is giving me everything,
especially when he came back.

I felt that he's really
making up to me.

But Gimo is such a sweet guy,

caring and most
of all, he listens.

You know what, you
won't look for another

if you're contented with
what you have, right?

So, you really
need to think about it

because the day might come
when you really need to choose.


Congrats on chapters one to three.

I emailed you my notes but
it's just for minor revisions.

It's my editor. My gosh!

My first three chapters passed!

Congrats! Finally, your
book is coming to a reality!

Thank you! But keep your tone
down. Logan is just in the room.

Is he the only achiever here?

It's not like that.

I just want him to get his
promotion before we celebrate.

What calls for a celebration?

Your fiancée is
soon-to-be a publish writer.

Oh, love, it's just the
first three chapters.

It's still a long way to go.

Congrats, love.

Thank you!

Have you cooked
already? I'm hungry.

Yes. I'll set the table for you.

Maila, stay here for lunch.

Next time. I still have
a meeting with a client.

Oh, okay. Bye!



Love, your phone is ringing!


Logan! Someone's calling.
It might be from work!




You can never hide from
me no matter where you go.

The money you sent is not enough!

Give me the rest or
else I will follow you.

Hello? Who's this?



Love, I've been calling you.

Your music is so loud.

Why are you drinking?


Is it wrong to unwind
a little? Right, Gimo?


Hold on.

Why is your phone under our bed?

How did you find it?
I've been looking for it.

Someone called asking for payment.

It's nothing.



Why are you not wearing our ring?

It's here,

so that it's closer to my heart.


This is the kind of woman
that you should be looking for.

She's not only beautiful,

but also great in bed!

Logan, you're drunk already.

Let's go inside and talk about
the person who's asking for money.

You're so annoying!
I told you it's nothing!

We're still drinking!

Okay, fine.

When you get promoted,
pay her right away, okay?

But I was not promoted!

So, what are you going to do?

Just because you'll
soon publish a book?


You've become so
arrogant already?!

Keep this in mind,

no one reads books anymore!

Gimo, please leave us.

Gimo, stay there!


Don't you want our plumber
to see your arrogance?!

Love, sorry. I didn't know that
you didn't get the promotion.

I will help. Besides,
I have savings.

So now, you're
also belittling me?!

Do you think I can't
handle my own problem?!

For the longest time
that we've been together,

you never had any problem

because I gave you everything!

And now that you've gained a small success,
you think you can do everything I've done?!

You're selfish!

Logan, you're getting out of hand!

Don't turn your back on
me! I'm still talking to you!

Don't you dare meddle between us!


Madam, are you okay?



I'm sorry about that. I snapped.

Why did you even meddle?

I will stay silent for
as long as you want.

But the moment I
see that you're hurting,

that's a different story.

Even if you have a
ring on your finger,

he has no right to
lay his hands on you.

Logan didn't mean to do that.

Even so.

If I'm your boyfriend,
I'll never hurt you

and I'll never make you cry.




Get back to sleep to
get rid of your hangover.



Love, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it.

I just don't want to
cause you any problem.

Logan, we're equal.

Let me help you if
you have any problem.

Love, I'm a man.

I can handle it on my own.

And please don't
touch my phone again.


It wasn't my intention.

I thought it was a call to
tell you that you're promoted.

Okay, it's over. Let's
just forget about it.

By the way, did something happen
last night that I don't remember?

Because my face really hurts.

Your face hit the floor
when you went unconscious.

You weren't careful when drinking.

Okay. Love, get dressed.

Just tell me whatever
you want in the mall.

I will buy everything
to make it up to you.

- I'll get dressed.
- Okay.


take a break.

Logan doesn't remember
that you punched him last night.

So, just don't mention it.

It seems like you've
shopped a lot earlier.

That is Logan's way
of making up to me.

I'm sorry. I can't
give you fancy things.

This is enough for me.

Honestly, sometimes I'm hoping
that you'll choose me in the end

even if I know that I'm a loser.

I'm not even part
of your plans, right?

So, please, just let me love you.

I'm sorry.

I got carried away.

I'm engaged. You know that.

Yes, I know.

That's why I'm contented
to be your listener,

your friend,

and your lover.

You know that it's
not like that, Gimo.

And you're more than that to me.

Love, where are you?

Are you done writing?

Be there in a minute.

Hey, Gimo!

Come, join us.

No thanks. You go ahead.

You should never refuse
the food being offered to you,

that's a sign of bad luck.

Love, please get a plate for Gimo.

What are you waiting for?

Stop staring at each
other, the food will get cold.

Dig in.

By the way, Gimo,

did you come inside
our room the other night?

Yes, sir.

I helped madam to carry you.

At least that gives me
a sense of assurance

that someone is helping my
fiancée when I'm not around.

I'll just have some bread.

I still have things to do.

This is enough. Thank you.


what are you trying
to imply to Gimo?

By the way, how did you meet him?

Aren't you the one
who recommended him?

From another plumber,

the one who was working in
our apartment before, remember?

Actually, Gimo is really a plumber
but he is really hardworking.

What I mean is,

how did you know that he's good?

Did you just guess?

Are you satisfied with his work?

Logan, what's your point?

Let me get this straight, Paula,

did you have sex with Gimo?

You have a very filthy mind!

No! Happy?!

Can you please stop
thinking that way?

You're my fiancé, remember?


who should it be? Hurry!

Who's the first person
that comes to your mind?

Maila, this is not a game!

It's not a game since it's
already getting serious.

Paula, you need to choose.

You know, I really don't need to.

Logan is my fiancé.

So, what's Gimo's
role in your life?

You also have
feelings for him, right?

See? You really have to choose.

If it's only about sex,

then by all means, even if you
have a threesome, it will be fine.

But we're talking
about your feelings here.

So, who would it be?

I don't know.

Of course, you do! Stupid!

Don't be scared of what
other people might think.

It's none of their business.

You can change the
course of your life.

What matters is who can
really make you happy.

Paula, more people would
get hurt in the long run.

Paula, Paula, Paula!

Paula, come on!
You need to wake up!

You need to fix this before
things get even worse.

It can't be.

Logan and I have been
together for five years now.

We're such a perfect
couple in everyone's eyes.

He never failed me.

He never neglected me.

He's not perfect and I
also have my own flaws.

But I also feel how deep
is Gimo's feelings for me.

He loves me without
asking anything in return.

He's reliable.

He's thoughtful.

He's not judging me.

He's trustworthy.

Paula, Paula!

Paula, come on! Who should it be?

Paula, you have to decide now who are you
going to choose between the two of them.




Those kids are so
cute! Who are they?

They are my colleague's children.

That's their mom.


Honestly, love,
I'm jealous of them.

After we get married,
let's have children.

The house will get messy

but that would be fun, right?


I love you, Paula.




I love you.

Please stay here till morning.

I can't.

Gimo, we can't do this anymore.

Is that so easy for you to let go?

Let's put an end to this.

I've already indulged
myself too much.

I don't want to hurt
Logan anymore.

How about me?

I don't want to give
you false hopes.

Gimo, let's end this.

Am I even complaining?


You can hurt me all you want if
that's the only way for you to stay.

We should have ended this
the moment Logan came back.

Am I forcing myself to you?

It's on you, Paula.

You know deep in your heart
that you also wanted to be with me.

Yes, I admit. I also
have feelings for you.

But Gimo, this is wrong.

You never heard anything from me.

I kept silent all along

as I watch the two of you together
even if it hurts me so bad.

Then, you'll just
throw it all away?



Gimo, if only our situation
had been different,

I would never let you go.

But I have to do what is right.

I have to stay with Logan
and build a future with him.

Gimo, I'm sorry.




You must be thinking
something deep.

I'm working on
a difficult chapter.

By the way,

have you seen Gimo?

I haven't seen him
since this morning.

Oh, Gimo?


He had a family emergency back in
the province. So, he needed to leave.

Don't worry, he only
left few things undone.

Besides, the contractor said that
he's sending someone tomorrow.


Just take some rest.

You're always welcome
in our workshop.

Thanks, godfather.

Next time, don't let your
emotions get into you.

You'll just end up getting hurt.

Just forget about her.

I've fallen deeply for her.

No matter what you do, you
can never measure up to her.

Love, have you seen
this viral bride? Look!

She chopped off her gown after the wedding
to wear for their honeymoon. How cute!

I was thinking what
should my gown look like?

Should it be long, short
or just the right length?

Do you think the church
will allow a short gown?

I won't give you what you want until
you give me the rest of the money.

I've already sent you a
large amount of money!

You're taking too
much advantage of me!

Love, by the way, my certificate of
“No Marriage Record” already arrived.

I wonder why they
didn't send yours.

I requested for both of
our certificates at once.

Anyway, have you
seen the house title?

You hide from us for so many
years, so stop complaining!

You're lucky that I'm not
showing up to your house!

Love, are you listening?

I don't know.

It's inside a brown envelope
with green sticky notes.

I said I haven't seen it!

And why are you suddenly
rushing the wedding?!

What's the rush?

This is actually part
of our plans, right?


Come here.

I'm just afraid that I couldn't afford
yet the kind of wedding that you deserve.

I want everyone to envy you.

Love, can we
postpone this wedding?



I'm planning to have an ocular
inspection of the churches.

Do you want to come with me?

Let's have a road trip.

Maila, are you listening?

Mike was upset.

He thinks that I'm keeping
our relationship a secret.

Anyway, I thought the
wedding plans are on hold?

I know Logan. He
changes his mind easily.

At least if he's in the mood
again, our wedding is ready.

Please be honest.

Are you rushing to get married to
patch up the memories of Gimo?

Of course not!

A week ago, Logan and I even talked
about our plans of having kids.

Do you think he has other reasons
why he suddenly changed his mind?

I don't know.

Maybe he's just overwhelmed
with the house renovation.

Are you sure about that?

I know that I made the right
decision in choosing him.

Love, what are you doing?


I'm just fixing something.
And I also washed the dishes.

Love, get some rest first because
later you'll get tired in bed.


Love, your phone is ringing!


George already received the title.

You've probably
received the money.

You better make sure
that this is a clean title.


Love, what are you
doing at the sink?

Are you married?


You must be dreaming.

Just answer me!


Three years?!

You got married in the
middle of our relationship?!

It was just a one time incident
but then, she got pregnant.

Her family forced me, so I
was left with no other choice.

Is she the woman
you're checking online?!

Are those your kids?!

A one time incident
but you had two kids?!

I wanted to annul her for a
long time but she didn't want to.

So, she's asking me a big
amount of money for her to agree.

Maybe you're not
providing for your kids!

Is that the reason why
you pawned the house title?!

How dare you, Logan!

It's been five years, Logan!

I've been considerate
of you for five long years!

I gave you everything!

And yet you made me your mistress!

I will sue you for stealing and pawning
the title that does not belong to you!

And don't expect that promotion because
I'm going to ruin your reputation!

Look at you now!
You're so arrogant!

I've done all of that for you! Then
now, you're blaming it all on me?!

You're just doing
that for yourself!

I thought because you were a good provider
and you have plans for our future,

everything will be okay.

But I was wrong.

Logan, for five fucking years,

I took care of you!

I even lost myself!

Is that all because of Gimo?!

Do you think I didn't notice
the way he looks at you?!

Don't you dare mention his name

because he's a better
man compared to you!

I loved you...

but you're also causing
me too much trouble!

I've never left you!

I stayed with you!

Then what?!

You would just threaten me?!

That's enough!

I said enough!



Damn you! You're an asshole!


Fucking asshole! Let me go!


Shut up!

Just shut up!



Yes. Okay.

I already contacted the
Pawnee of the house title.

I've informed him
what really happened.

We'll just get back to
him for the payment.

What's your plan with the house?

I'm going to sell it.

I'll just go back to
the old apartment.

Let's just wait for the report
of the medico legal expert.

But with my statement, it's very clear
that what you did was just a self-defense.

I'm the lawyer of Miss Dimaagos.

I'll answer any question
you have for her.


By the way, I'm… Paula?

I know who you are.

I think you're the one
who called Logan last time.

Janet, I'm sorry. If I only knew, I won't
take him from you and your children.

No. It's not your fault.

You're also a victim.

What happened to Logan

is not enough to make him pay for
everything that he has done to us.

So, what's your plan?

Are you going to
get back with him?

My children need their father.

How about you?

You're finally free.

What's your plan now?

Excuse me.

I've been looking for you.

Finally, you can now
have a peace of mind.

There's no more problem.

We're both free, Paula.

I also thought that way, but then…

I've been thinking about
what should be done.

But I just keep on
having the same answer.

You need some time
alone for yourself…

For you to be strong
and whole again.


You deserve to be loved
wholeheartedly and undivided.

And I can't give it to you now

after all that has happened.

I also wanted to give you everything
but I can't do that if this is all I am.

I hope the right time for
us would come someday.

I will pray that we would
see each other again

when we're both
ready for each other.



I'm so proud of you!

After all that you've been through,
you were able to write a book!

Thank you! Thanks to the both
of you for celebrating with me.

I really appreciate it.

Good thing, your friend here doesn't
hide our relationship anymore.

Because you already
finished your internship.

Besides, I realized that
it's none of their business

because what I
feel for you is true.

I love you!

I love you too, baby!

Sorry, PDA!

Mike has lots of friends who are
single. Do you want to meet them?

I'd rather have
“Books before boys”.

Why don't you call Gimo?!

I did. But I think he already
changed his number.

If we are really
meant for each other,

as he said, we will meet
again no matter what.

We'll just get some wine.

- Sure.
- Let's go!

Can you please sign my book?


You've changed your look.

My life has improved a little.

I was able to save some money for the
co-ownership of my godfather's businesses.

I'm really sorry if
it took me a while.

Your timing is just perfect.