Tuareg: The Desert Warrior (1984) - full transcript

In a desolate section of the Sahara once ruled by the French, two thirsty men stumble into the camp of a Tuareg warrior where they're given water and shelter. Soldiers from the new Arab government now arrive by Jeep and demand the two men be turned over to them. The warrior refuses, citing the sacred laws of hospitality. The soldiers shoot dead one of the men and carry off the other -- a political foe of the new government. The warrior mounts his camel and rides off to rescue his kidnapped guest.


Based on the novel "Tuareg"
by Alberto Vazquez Figueroa

The desert reclaims the desert zone.

The sands of its dunes
cover entire nations,

cities, oasis,
men and camels.

Only once, did a "great caravan"
dare to defy the desert,

crossing the "empty lands" of Tikdabra.

Lying in wait for the caravan
were thieves and cutthroats.

They committed a grave error,

because waiting for them
were the courageous Tuareg warriors,

who were acting as guides.

Yes, the warriors
of the people of the veil

overcame the Bedouin thieves.

It has been said that including
merchants, slaves and warriors,

there were more than
a thousand men in the caravan

and an untold number of camels,

bearing ivory, gold
and precious stones.

None of them survived.

Not even the Tuareg guides
who were the best in the desert.

The "great caravan" was devoured
by the "empty lands".

Since then,
no one has entered Tikdabra.

You're mistaken.

My husband, Gazel Sayah,

son of the wind,
was in the "empty lands".

And before him, his father
and his father's father.

I, Omar Tamin, can only tell
what I've heard

from the mouths of many
truthful men.

And it is this, no one has ever
returned from the "empty lands".

My wife speaks the truth.

I have journeyed in the "empty lands"
not once, but twice.

Why did you do it?

I was not searching
for the "great caravan".

The first time,
I was very young,

and only wanted to show that
I was worthy of the name Tuareg.

The second was when I wanted
to see if I were still

honorable to myself.

I would not like to return.

What is the sea?

They say it is like
a desert of water.

And it can fascinate,

and it can kill.

Is it as beautiful as they say?

No more beautiful
than the eyes of Laila.

Thank you,

for everything you've given me.

I have given you very little.

More than I deserve.

You gave me all the love, the respect
and the peace that I need.

And something that's worth more.

The pride of knowing
that you're my master.

The master of my soul,

my thoughts and desires.

Thank you, Gazel Sayah.

Thank you for having chosen me.


You do not drink!

You must save the water.

I must be inflexible with you.

Because the desert is
inflexible with us, the Tuareg.

But it also respects us.

Because it knows that
we can overcome it.

Out there any man
may die of thirst.

But not a Tuareg.

A Tuareg can become a stone.

Toughest of all desert plants.

Stones do not need
to breathe, to think,

Do not need a heart or blood.

A Tuareg can order his own heart
to stop beating.

Or his blood to stop flowing.

While he dreams of beautiful things.

His loved ones,
a well brimming over with water,

a fleet-footed mehari...

This is what keeps
his soul and spirit strong.

Now, drink if you must.

I can resist, father,
until tonight.

Amed! Amed!

No, mistress.
Let him fight.

Get up.

Two men are coming.


I am sorry if I frightened you.

I wish to thank you.

What is your name?

Gazel Sayah.
A Tuareg of the people of the veil.

These are my territories.

- And now you are my guests.
- Are we close to the frontier?


What frontier?

The deserd has no frontier.

The French do not need them since
they control the entire Sahara.

The French?
The French left many years ago.

Now we have our independence.

The desert is made up
of free nations.

- Don't you know that?
- No, I did not know.

Nor did I know
about your frontiers.

Who can draw a frontier
in the desert?

Who can stop men
from crossing it?


Here soldiers are swallowed up
by the sands.

Who is he?

An old sage, I think.

I met him on a trip.

We were travelling to Daizdabel,
when our truck broke down.

You are lying.
Daizdabel is far from here.

Too far.

Whoever you are,

you are my guests.

The slaves are uneasy, father.

They say your guests bring danger.

Danger for whom?

For everyone.
They have no names,

or faces,
like the devils of South.

Remember one thing, Amed,

hospitality is the first commandment
of a Tuareg.



Master! Soldiers!
Soldiers are coming!

As-salamu alaykum, Gazel.

Alaykum salam, Mubarrak.

We are searching for two men.

They are here.

You'll have to turn them over
to the captain.

- They are my guests.
- That's enough!

- Bring those men here.
- Do you not listen!?

They are my guests.

Hospitality is sacred among us.

It's a law older than the Koran.

I am the law here.

No other exists.

Our tradition is
one thousand years old.

Who are you to question it?

Leave my guests in peace.

Father! Father!

They have Amed!



You want me to blow his head off?

They are here, captain!


You murderer!

All right men!
Let's go!

No one could stop those men.
You did all you could.

Not enough.

I am obliged to follow them.

That is the law of a Tuareg.

An insult must always be avenged.

You have always mistrusted what comes
from the other side of the desert.

Like you, I feel
the spirits of the sands.

The gri-gri of misfortune.

Three times I have heard them.

When my father died,

when I was in the "empty lands"
of Tikdabra

and now.

If I do not return, Amed,

remember me as you see me now.

As a Tuareg who is faithful
to his friends and justice.

Come back to us.

Brake camp.

Take my family far from here.

To the Guelta Huaila.

It will be as you say, master.

You were restless all night.

It's the waiting, Aisha.

I know Gazel will come
to settle our account.

I am afraid this will unleash

a war between the families,

as in the past.

Tell him you were doing
what you had to do.

That is also a Tuareg's duty.

He will never understand.

- Maybe he might not come.
- He will come.


As-salamu alaykum.

You cover your face,

because you no longer
consider me a Tuareg.

- Why did you do it?
- The captain ordered me to.

I am an army guide,

I could not refuse.

A Tuareg can always refuse.

Do you no longer respect
your own customs?

Times change, laws change.

The desert never changes,

it is always the same.

Did those who came with you
have no honor?

- Where are they from?
- The Adoras army camp.

Lord, you are omnipotent.

Strongest and most just.

Nothing in heaven or on earth
can happen without you willing it.

Help your poor servant Gazel.

You who are strong,
you who are great.

You who are merciful.

Where is that son of a bitch?

I'll bet a week's pay
he'll kill him.

I'm betting on the big man too.

Hey, sergeant!


take your water and clear out.

- Water has no owner in the desert.
- Shut up.

You nomads are all troublemakers.


Here I go, captain.

Look out.

If the captain had his way,
you guys would be gutted.

Get your water and get out!

Yes, sir?

Did you kick that filthy Tuareg out?

Yes, sir.

- Why were the men fighting?
- Kafir, the one who is dead,

stole a package of cigarettes
from the big man.

You aren't soldiers.

You're rapists, murderers,

scum of the earth.

Maybe you're right, sir.
You want me to file a report?

Just look through his things,
and bring me anything of value.

Send his papers to his family.

If he's got any, that is.

Yes, sir.

Come on! Move it!

Get him out of here
before the flies eat us alive.

Corporal! Empty his blanket.
Bring me what you find.

If you shout, I will cut your throat.
Do you understand?

Why did you kill my guest?

Those were my orders.

The young one was to die,
but not the other.

The old man, who is he?


Don't you know who he is?

He's a murderer.

That's why the government
has put a prize on his head.

And you are risking
your life for him!

He was my guest.

But... a murderer...

all the same.

Only I have the right
to judge that.

- Where is he now?
- I don't know.

Where is he?

Gerifies fort.

The commander came to
take him there.


Don't go.
You are risking your life!

They'll kill you.
They'll kill you and your family.

He's a murderer.

You are the murderer.

They killed the captain!

That Tuareg, sergeant. I saw him
running out of here like a rabbit.

Of course it was a Tuareg, idiot.
He almost killed me too.

Bashir, bring some disinfectant
and bandages!

The sergeant's wounded!

Corporal, I want the men in combat uniform.
Ready in 10 minutes.

Food and water for a week.
Outfit three jeeps. Move it, your bastards!

Move it!

Amed, Said, Mussad!

You heard the sergeant!

- Where are we going, sir?
- There!

I know you are there, you
son of a desert fox! I'll get you!

In the gorge!

Step up!

Get away, Tuareg!

I'm gonna serve up your guts
to the crows. You hear me!

I'll kill you just as my name is Malik!
I'll kill you!

Let's go!

Let's go!

If we hurry we can shrink him run
and cut him off!

You'll pay for this!
You'll pay for this!

You goddamn son of a bloody camel!

And now what are we gonna do?
We can't get back this way.

No use my asking
if you got that Tuareg, sergeant.

- But you see, commander Razman...
- Forget it!

Tell me some other time how you managed
to get yourself trapped

in the only bottleneck in a 100 miles

of desert.

- Sergeant Arjinuk!
- Yes, sir?

- Alert the other patrols, ours and sergeant Malik's.
- Yes, sir.

We'll continue the search together.

- Sergeant.
- Yes, sir?

You entered my zone
without informing me.

And you didn't even alert me to
what happened in Adoras.

- You see, sir, I wanted...
- I know exactly what you wanted.

The credit for capturing the Tuareg
all by yourself.

But unluckily, or luckily for you,

general headquarters
happend to sent messages to me

to pass on to all garrisons in the area.

I radioed your post

and found out everything.

Sir, is that Tuareg
so damned important?


But the guest you took
away from him is.

Who is he, sir?

You mean you really don't know,

Naturally not.

They didn't trust you enough

to tell you the sort of a dirty work

they were having you do.

That man is the Ex-President

If he had escaped,

we'd have a government
in exile right now.

Do you have any idea
what's at stake here?

That Tuareg won't rest
until he frees him.

You don't look very happy
about this manhunt, sir.

I'd rather catch him myself than
have that pig of a sergeant kill him.

That Tuareg deserves more respect,
doesn't he, sir?

Yes, sergeant.

He did what was right
according to his laws.

Sergeant Malik,
he's heading for the Salt Lake.

You cover the north end
and pick him up if he gets across.

I'll take care of this side.

You see that, sir?

Our jeeps would sink
right down into that.

We'll continue on foot.

On foot, sir?

You'll pick us off one by one
before we get anywhere near him.

We cut off all points of access.

Thirst will make him give himself
up before long.

He will never give up.

My duty is to try.

Get the white flag ready.

You really think he'll let you
get near him, sir?

If he's like they say...


I'm opposite you
on the other side of the lake.

Have you seen the Tuareg?

Yeah, I can see him.

Stay there.

We'll outweigh him.
Over and out.

Receive. Over and out.


You heard him.
We got to stay here and rot,

so he won't escape this way.

Commander Razman's a real horse's ass.


What's the commander doing?

Has the commander arrived yet?


He's only got about another
half hour to go.

As-salam alaykum.

Do you have some water?

I do.

But it is for me.
You will drink when you return.

You're right.

I should have come better prepared.

I didn't realise the incredible
difference in temperature.

It's an oven out here.

Have you come to speak
of the weather?


I've came to ask you
to give yourself up.

You'll have a just trial.

No one needs judge my actions.

Hospitality is the first law
of a desert.

They are the ones
who'd broken it, not I.

But they are the government.

Don't you understand?

I do not understand the government
that breaks the law.

And it wants to punish me for it.

- It is stupid.
- Yes.


stupid and absurd...

But it's my duty...

to prevent more bloodshed.

Think about it.

Don't force me to kill you.

Do you really believe you could do it?

Rest a little, commander,
I'll take over.

What do you say, sergeant?

You think we could get close enough
to see what's happening?

If he's still alive,

he'll see us even in the dark.

They say Gazel never misses
with his rifle.

It's suicide.

I never thought a Tuareg was capable
of commiting a suicide.

He's dead. He must be dead!

It's been three days
since he's moved.

I know he doesn't have any water.

I saw he didn't.

I'm sorry, R'Orab.

I do not want to lose you, my friend.

But I have no other choice.

We're gonna waste another night
waiting around for that dumb picker?

I'm used to killing Bedouins, not
waiting around all night watching them.

Commander, commander,
can you read me? Over.

Yes, sergeant. I read you.

Have you seen the vultures?

Either the Tuareg or the camel has died.

Right. We'll have to know which one.

Are we gonna wait here
all our lives?

No, sergeant. Let's go on after him.

Over and out.

Do not move!

I do not want to kill anyone.

Now take off your clothes!

Do what he says.

I thought you were dead.

I know.

You will take me to the well
at Sidi-el-Madia.

No one will find me there.

And if I refuse?

Then I will have to kill you.

And one of your men will take me.

But do not be a fool.

You should know
when you have won or lost.

And you have lost.

Do what he says, commander.
It'll be better.

You will take your clothes off too.

Shall we go?

Well, let's go tell that horse's ass
of an officer that he's lost his medal.

Where could he've gone to?

The only well around here
is Sidi-el-Madia.

I don't care how much of a Tuareg
that son of a bitch is.

He's got to drink sometime.
Come on.

You say that I committed a crime.

And yet you cannot explain why.

We belong to different races.

We have different customs.

That's what we have to forget,
to become one people. The strong people.

Rich and united together.

You think that will be so simple?


It will take time.

We've won our freedom
just a few years ago.

It makes no sense to tear down
an old house

before building a new one.

And you call yourself soldiers.

I should have let you babies all alone.

I come back and find you up shit creek
with your balls hanging out.

We missed you, Malik.

One ass in a uniform is worth eight out!

I don't think we're gonna have
enough gas to reach the well.

- We are not going to the well.
- But you said...

Yes, I know.
The well lays in that direction.

We are going to those rocks
over there.

It's impossible to climb that.

I will climb it.

Gazel, the hunter.

You are proud of being
who you are, right?

Yes, you are not?

Well, not really.

I would prefer to be on your side.

But you can't build the country that way.

You talk too much.

Watch where you are driving.

Aren't you going to leave me
any water?

A little thirst should help you understand
how I felt on the Salt Lake.

But I'm too far away from my camp.

You should not move from here.

Set those uniforms on fire. They will see
the smoke and come for you.

Do I have your word you will do nothing
until I reach those rocks?

Good luck.

- What's wrong, my love?
- I'm sorry.

It's just that I feel this business with
the Tuareg is going to end disastrously.

And to top it all off, Abdul-el-Kebir
is mixed up in it too.

- He's alive?
- Unfortunately.

- And where no one can find him.
- Let's leave, Hassan.

If Abdul-el-Kebir returns to power,
they'll kill you.

Let's leave before it's too late.

Your excellency.

- What is it?
- I'm sorry, captain Razman is here.

How many men does it take for you
to get rid of one Bedouin? A division?

I didn't want to risk any lives,
your excellency.

That Tuareg has made us both
look ridiculous.

You, as a member of the armed forces

and me, as a governor of this province.

At the cost of ten, even a hundred soldiers,

that Tuareg should have been killed.

You are making it
into a political issue, governor.

Instead, I have to answer
for my men to my superiors.

You wouldn't by any chance
be one of those

who would like to see
Abdul-el-Kebir back in power?

They are offering money for your head.

Much money.

Do you know who wants to collect it?

None of our people will give you away.
That is our custom.

All nomads are praying
to Allah the merciful,

so that he will give you
aid and strength.

For us you are Gazel Sayah, the avenger.

Only you can return
Abdul-el-Kebir to us.

Is this guest of mine
really such a noble man?

It is he who gave us our freedom.

The most honest man among us.

How long will it take me
to reach Gerifies?

On my best mehari,
which is now yours, three days.

Nothing to report!

Nothing to report, major!

Headquarters insists we reienforce
our security measures.

That nomad would be crazier
than they are to attack this fortress.

If he knows Abdul is here, then...

The nomads always know everything
that goes on in the desert.

I know those ragged beggars alright.

They're arrogant and treacherous.

They run you before you know
what hits you.

I keep asking myself why they feel
so afraid of that little guy.

If he was my problem,
I'd know how to take care of him.

This little guy is already dangerous
the way he is, lieutenant.

And the last thing they want
is a martyr.

Take me to the prisoner.

Drop that knife!

For the last time...

Who paid you to kill captain Kaleb?

No one.

And why are you involved
with Abdul-el-Kebir?

He is my guest.

He isn't worth shit anymore!

You picked the wrong master, Tuareg.

Come on, speak.

Who is paying you?

I observe the law.

I am the law.

We are the law here.

- You are murderers.
- Shut up!

Shut up you piece of camel dung!

Let's go have a drink.

Call me when he comes to.

To hell with him.

What the shit of they're trying
to get out this guy?

Who knows?

It is natural to be afraid.

But you did not run,
and I am proud of you.

A Tuareg can become a stone.

A Tuareg can order his own heart
to stop beating.

Or his blood to stop flowing.

Hey, what's the matter with this guy?
He isn't dead, is he?

Don't be an ass.

Oh, so I'm an ass, am I?
Come here. Take a look.


Take the major here.

And the medic too, quickly!

Hurry, we are leaving.

You are...

There is a little time.
Get your things and follow me.

Where is the medic!

Let's go!

From the dungeon blocks!

Sound the alarm!

General alarm! General alarm!
See lock detention block 3.

General alarm! General alarm!
See lock detention block 3.

Prisoner escaped.
Repeating, prisoner escaped.

Prisoner escaped. Block all exits.

There are three camels.
Go and get them.

I will take you to safety.

I don't think there is
a safe place for me,

here, in my own country.

We will go further.

Beyond the "empty lands" of Tikdabra.


We lost their tracks
a mile from the post.

Our planes are still up
looking for them.

The tracks lead to North, toward the border,
minister Mandani.

There're three ways to reach it.
Abu Gaila,

the Guelta Abamar and the "empty lands"
of Tikdabra.

Finish, general Turkey.

Abu Gaila is a flat zone.

Jeeps could catch up to them
and the Tuareg knows it.

The Guelta is harder to reach, but it has
several obligatory points of passage.

We've already got them
under surveillance, minister.

And the Tuareg certainty must know this.

I say, gentlemen,

just who is this superman capable
to holding the entire country in check?

A man with perfect knowledge
of a desert, minister.

An exceptional man.

I think he'll try to reach the border
by crossing the "empty lands" of Tikdabra.

Nobody can survive that inferno.

What do you think, captain Razman?

If there is a way
to get through Tikdabra alive,

- Gazel is the only one who can do it.
- This, one must absolutely avoid.

I can try to intercept him, by stationing
troops on the other side of Tikdabra,

but it's a danger they cross the border.
We've risk an international incident.

General, if Abdul-el-Kebir
slips through our fingers now,

the country will have a war on its hands.

The soldiers are still looking for him,
day and night.

But they will never find him.

I, Omar Tamin, say that all
I have told you is a truth.

And that I have seen Gazel Sayah,
only six moons ago.

- Have you really seen him?
- Yes.


Your father's alive. He's alive!

- Is he really, mother?
- Yes, and soon he will be with us again.

I'm flying over quarter X-24.

Air search negative.

Can you really take power from them
if you reach the frontier?

I have no idea how things stand.

Or who is still faithful to my cause.

Or even if the French will support me.

It's strange...

The French.

I thew them out of the country.

And now they are the ones
who can give me the power.

Did the French imprison you too?

For eight years.

How long were you in prison
after you won?


Eight years with your enemies.

And fourteen years with your friends.

This I can not understand.

Don't ask me to explain
how the world works.

Twenty two years in prison,

to be four years in power.

It is not worth it.

No. It is not wort it.

Nothing is worth one day in prison.

Perhaps you are right.

Perhaps I am fighting
for the very same idea.

Reconnaissance planes
still have nothing to report.

What do we know about Tuareg's family?

They broke camp and disappeared.

Perhaps it'd be interesting to locate the family
and propose an exchange.

You'll handle that, general?

With all your respect, your excellency,

I don't think it would be honorable
to involve women and children in this.

I agree with the general. What kind
of reputation would that give the army?

May I remind you gentlemen, that the army's
reputation can't be any worse than is now.

At this very moment,

hundreds of nomads and Bedouins
are sitting round their campfires

talking about exploit of this great Tuareg.

I don't care how you do it,
but find me those two men!

Mother! Mother! Soldiers are comming!

- Amed, go inside the tent.
- No, mother, I stay with you.

Gazel Sayah, you know him?

He's my husband,
but he's not here.

- You'll have to come with us.
- Why?

Your husband
has became a dangerous criminal.

And the authorities believe

that the outrage people around here
will attack you.

Outrage people? What people?

There's no one within ten days
journey of this place.

I know he travels quickly
and I want to prevent incidents

that could lead to a tribal warfare.

You have five minutes
to get your stuff together.

- Puts them on the jeep.
- Mother! Mother!

We are wasting time, come on!


Eat this.

It is the best food in the world.

A camel keeps all of its
energy reserves in its hump.

- Does one have to eat it raw?
- Raw and freshly dead.

I can't.

Please, I can't.

You are weak!

Soon you will not be able
to stand on your feet

and I can not carry you
through the desert.

You must fight for your own life.

Do not force me to choose

whether I should let you die
and save myself

or die along with you.

I can overcome the "empty lands",

but I need you to help me.

I will help you.

My God.

This silence.


It's as if the world had come to an end.

The "empty lands".

The desert

within the desert.

Amed! Amed!


The "great caravan".

The desert always reclaims

what belongs to it.

Merciful one,

help me to understand.

Have you chosen me to succeed,

or my people had failed?

You're pretty.

Prettiest Tuareg woman I've ever seen.

Yeah, that's beautiful.

You knows how long it's been since

I've seen a naked woman?

That's all I've had all this time.

But now...

I have you!

I am the wife of Gazel Sayah.

If you touch me he will kill you!

You think so?

Maybe it's worth it.

You shouldn't build up your hopes.

I mean you might as well
consider yourself a widow.

Because the last I heard
your husband was lost

- in the "empty lands" of Tikdabra.
- You lie!

I'm telling you the truth.

Look, you have two ways:
willingly or not.

I'd like it if you cooperate.
It's more fun.

- Don't touch me.
- Why not?

- I want to be your friend.
- You're a pig!

It's not what you think, commander.

She came here because she wanted it.
She told me so!

- She wanted it!
- Is that true?

He told me that if I did not accept,

he would have handed my son
over to the soldiers.

Why have you done this?

Who are you?

A friend.

A friend of Gazel Sayah.

Mine now.

I'm gonna kill you, you desert rat!

Hey, you guys, let's have some fun
before we finish him off.

You are crossed the frontier!

Return to your own side
or we will open fire.

Let's finish it off
before we get out of here.

We have reached a new frontier.


You are now a free man.




My government's naming in my own
I bid you welcome to our country.

I never believed that there was anyone in the world
who could cross with those lands.

Avoid the Tikdabra.

What are you going to do now?

I have done what I must.

Now, I am returning home.

I've got some bad news for you,
Gazel Sayah.

The radio messages that we have picked up
say that your family has been arrested.

- Where are they?
- In the capital.

City where the president is.

Then I will take him a message.

Either he will free my family,
or I will kill him.

Do you need anything?
Water or supplies...


We'll wait until he wakes up?

He'll want to thank you.

He does not need to thank me.

He is your guest now.

Take better care of him than I did.

It's forbidden to veil your face.

They'll throw you in prison.

Especially now when the whole city
is closing with the president's police and soldiers.

Look. What did I tell you?

The president's police.

Be careful, they hate the Tuareg.

One of you has freed Abdul-el-Kebir.

Allah be merciful that Tuareg!

Because now, Abdul-el-Kebir is in Paris.

You know what that means? That we,
the people are behind him 100%,

and if Abdul-el-Kebir manages to return,
he'll show these filthy bastards.

They'll give this, (He'll get them)
and the president first of all.$

I would hide that gun better,
if I were you.

Hey, Tuareg!

We are behind you.

I want you to tell your president
something for me.

- Who are you?
- My name is Gazel Sayah.

Gazel Sayah!

Tell him that I will give him
one week to return my family.

Or I will kill him.

He has only one week.

It's unheard-of!

That blessed Tuareg is actually
sending threats to the president,

right here in the middle of the city!

And what are your men doing about it?

They have their hands full trying to
keep public order, excellency.

And if there is a revolt, as we fear,
we can't even depend upon the army.

How will I know? Look at these reports.

All these concerning
secret meetings in the garrison.

Have you at least have words from Paris?

The French are keeping Abdul-el-Kebir
in a hiding place in secret.

It'll be hard to eliminate him.

Just perfect. All we need is a Tuareg
who wants to murder a president.

- What is the sea?
- They say that it is like a desert of water.

and that it can fascinate
and that it can kill.

Is it as beautiful as they say?

No more beautiful
than the eyes of Laila.

One Tuareg in town dressed in black
just stick out like a sore thumb.

Use all the men you have and comb
the city until you find him.

Stay where you are
and don't try anything!

The government has been overthrown.

You're all confined to barracs
until further notice.

No, Mr. president.
The last we heard he has wounded.

I too am sorry.

He surely must be dead by now.

I understand, Lord.

You have given me life
on that I may carry out your justice.

Today is the great day for our country.

The moment we've all been waiting for
is almost here.

The people are acclaiming their liberate.

Streets are full of people
shouting the praises of their president

as he heads towards his residence
in an open car.

What a great hour
for the entire nation.

Together, the army and the people
are celebrating the newfound freedom.

Today is the time for jubilation
and hapiness of all.

At the very end of the avenue
we can now see the procession

moving through the enthusiastic crowd
waving flags.

Our beloved leader is happy to
sharing excitement of his people.

- Here he comes, here he comes! The president!
- Here comes the president!

You are...

You are...

You are...


I do not take it upon myself

to pass judgment as to what is truth
or what is false.

And it's your mind that has determined
all destinies since the beginning of time.

And only you see
the nature of truth.

You're all powerful.

And I am your servant.

Mother! Mother! He's back!

fansubbed by OK & A