Tu devi essere il lupo (2005) - full transcript

Why did you call us, Owl?

Bear has gone missing.

That wolf again! Darn him!

Who else could it be?

How can you be so sure?

Whoever enters the woods is lost.
It's all the wolf is waiting for.

Bear talked about that
too much lately.

But are you sure he met the wolf?

Stop this! You know
you must never go into the woods.

The path is obstructed
and it leads nowhere.

That's what Bear said too.

Nothing grows
at the foot of a volcano

and one day we'll end up
covered in lava.

We've lived here for centuries

and nothing bad
has ever happened to us.




Hello, Adar!


Sorry, Amandio, I didn't know you
were here, or I'd have knocked.

How are you?

What brings you here?

I came to feed Adar.

Why, where's Valentina?

She's left. Didn't you know?

Left? Where to?

I don't know, she left her keys with
the concierge. I thought you knew.

Is anything wrong?

Why that face?

I knew it was coming.

How come no school today?


- What's your name?
- Morelli, what's yours?


It's tough, eh?

- What is?
- Starting work so early.

It is for you too, I see.

- The Italian game?
- American.

You state your number and hole,
leaving 8 for last.

What if they catch you?

- Who?
- Your parents.

They've enough problems
between themselves...

If they catch me,
I'll say I'm traumatized.


They're breaking up.

- And you don't mind?
- Yes, I do mind.

It was about time.

Good morning.
Via Tonale, the top of the street.

Oalm down, Pito!

Oalm down!

You're becoming a rascal!

The plane, train, now a taxi...
What next?

If I use the image,
can I link it directly?

The difference of two powers
of equal positive exponent...

is divisible...

- .. by the sum of the powers.
- No!

- The bases, only...
- If the exponent is equal.

You see. You don't simplify.

How do you simplify 157 by 16?

There must be a calculation error,
that's the procedure.

We've gone wrong somewhere.

Oome on, try again!

I can't stand Battista any more!

He's had his father's garage a year,
but it feels like 30!

You said the same of his old man.
You're never satisfied.

He was an asshole
but he respected our work.

And he also taught me
everything I know.

Whereas thatjerk
just wants us to be fast.

He wastes our time on bullshit.

We have to paint his car
every two weeks.

Refuse to!

That idiot thinks if you work
in the office, you belong to him.

Now he wants us to campaign
for him in the elections!

Guess what he did. You know Mario,
who's worked there for years?

- Sheila's dad?
- He's moved him into the office.

To answer the phone

and write out invoices.

Wasn't he a whiz with lorries?


He wants him to retire early.

Have you any credit on your card?
I have to get a film for Vale.

- What will you punish her with now?
- "Sky Over Berlin".

How much do
colour prints cost?

It depends. Prints of what?

Wait, I'll go and get the film.

- Just a sec.
- Oan't you do it tomorrow?

There's only one photo
on focus in it.

I need 1,000 copies of it,
fast and cheap.

- A thousand?
- Yes.

- What do you want 1,000 for?
- Print them, then you'll find out.

You're asking a lot!

Blame it on me if Vale complains.

It is your fault.

What a surprise!

- I'm pleased you came.

Is anything wrong?

I can't work out what you're saying.

- He didn't turn up?


When spring arrives,
it's hard to resist.

Only the hare
and the mouse don't tire.

They pretend and they terrify us.

But the wolf already ate many.

Have you smelt the scent
when the wind blows from the south?

You know you can never come back,
it's all the wolf's waiting for.

You're all scared of the wolf

but is there anything more terrible
than remaining here?

I'd never seen Valentina
so happy.

A year ago I'd have bet
she'd never live with anyone.

Imagine my reaction when
she told me about your flat!

It's when she seems happy
that all hell can break loose!

That's the way she is.

When something nice could begin,
she runs away.

Is there something I don't know?

I wanted to surprise her

and I put a child's lamp
in the far room.

I wanted her to feel
everything was easy and nice.

I thought she was finally ready
to have a baby with me.

She didn't tell me anything.

She's not coming back.

I know her.

If there's one thing I hate,
it's when people are false.

You're not angry at me, are you?

I'm angry at Oarlo.

What's he done to you this time?

I'm sure that girl
goes in my bedroom.

I've found things out of place.

At least you talk to each other.

My father comes home from work,

if I'm lucky he talks about work,
if I'm not, he pisses me off.

Then he lies down on the sofa
and falls asleep.

Your problem is that you're jealous.

No way, don't be silly!

I wanted to come
to the club the other night.

Then I thought Oarlo needed
to spend some time with me,

so I didn't come.

What was the film like?

We didn't watch any film.

He didn't come till late at night.

It's probably a phase.

I sometimes think
it's better if I leave.

Where to?


But we're going this summer, right?

My parents have almost given in.

Have you spoken to Oarlo about it?

I don't want to go for holiday.

- I want to go there to stay.
- Oool!

With everyone going crazy
looking for us!

It's Monica. If you want,
I'll tell her I'm not going.

Do as you like.

Oome on, Vale, you come too.

- I don't like to leave you this way.
- Gio', leave me alone.


I've made you a copy
of Exhausted's OD.

You're strange, but I love you.

The other day
I took a photo of Vale.

What about it?

She looks so much like her mother.

Thank God she doesn't look like you!

Were you with her when she died?

Valentina had just been born.

Had you been together long?

- We'd just split up.
- Split up?

We'd known each other since
we were kids, it's hard to explain.

More than lovers we were siblings.

- Which of you broke it off?
- She did.

At least five times.

And every time I stopped her.

I couldn't even bear the idea.

It was hard for her too.

We weren't able
to fall in love with anyone else,

nor could we stay together.

So she'd give in, but every time
we got back together it was worse.

Then one day she just upped it
and went to London to a friend's.

I knew nothing about her for a year.

And how was Vale born?

Then she called me one day
and asked me to go and see her.

Athos, do you think Vale
is unhappy with me?

No, why?

No reason.


I waited for you outside school.

How did you get home?

Fancy something to eat?

If the sun comes out,
I'm going for a walk at the Oanonica.

Want to come?

If that bitch gives me another D
the day after tomorrow, it's the end.

- Why should she?
- Because she hates me.

And maths stinks,
like your risotto.

You'd better study today instead.

We'll postpone the walk.

Too late now, you said we would go.

Did we forget the teachers just said
your work is erratic?

What a pain!

They always say that.

Your work is erratic,
could do better...

They didn't say that about Marta.

Marta's a nerd!

You don't want a daughter like her!

The "Giro d'Italia" begins
and he's already in the lead.

It isn't a race!

She's right behind him!

- And he wins!
- What the hell are you saying?

The champion of Mortirolo!

- A champ, ladies and gentlemen.
- It's not fair!

The rivals are complaining,
but history has been made.

Athos says he wants to go away,

he can't take any more, he's stifled.

He says that every time
he's without a girlfriend.

I'll tell him that later.

Gio' and Monica...

want us to sign up
for salsa and merengue lessons.

Why don't you and Athos come too?

I already dance very well.
There's no need.

You do?

- No?
- No.


Have you ever thought
about going away?

- Where to?
- Just to get up and go some place.

Without me.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

You look tired, you know?


Who's Elena?

A friend.

Oome on!

- Are you leaving?
- Pardon?

I mean station...
I thought you were leaving.

Yes. Station... I am leaving.

- So you're not from Sondrio?
- No.


- Have you someone waiting?
- You're very reserved, aren't you?

I do this job to know people also.

In five minutes?

If you want, I'll take you to Sweden.

No, the station will do.

What mark?

Oonsidering the effort...

- D minus!
- D minus?

- 1,000 of them?
- Yes.

How are you, little witch?

Hadn't you buried
your paraglider?

Hurry up! Gi-o's waiting for me.

I asked how you were,
not to stress me out.

You're right,
but I'm on afternoon shift.

- How about you, monster?
- I feel like a god today!

- How did it turn out?
- How did you manage to take it?

- You know that...
- Really?

- What are you talking about?
- What are your plans?

- Where are they?
- There's one here.

The others are in the back.

I don't want Vale to see that stuff.

What? Let me see. What is it?

My boss's electoral campaign.

You work for a guy like this?

What crime am I about
to become an accomplice to?

Oatechism, exposure, you decide.

Will you let me in on this?


All right.

- Bye.
- Bye, Vale.


And now straight to the summit!

You are about to immortalize
the hero killing the dictator!

South-west wind, off we go!
Are you shooting?

You're going out live.

Has the accused anything to add?

I'm guilty!

You can fire me if you want.

It's raining.

- You've been asleep for an hour.
- What?

You were making groaning noises.

I had a strange dream.

I could hear your voice.

You were calling me.

I thought I was getting closer,

but your voice sounded
further away...

until I heard it no more.

I'm starved.

- Do you fancy a pizza?
- Yeah.

Have a shower and we'll go.


Who's that?