Tsunagu (2012) - full transcript

A grandmother has the ability to connect the living with the dead. However, this activity hinges on the willingness and acceptance of the dead subjects. She would like to pass on her ability to her grandson. As such, he is in training. Various folks avail themselves of this ability and chance, but there are also those who are skeptical.

tsunagu = an intermediary between the living and the dead

TSUNAGU ~ Until the Break of Dawn

{\i1}[ 300 people killed in attack ]{\i0}

{\i1}[ Tenement Building Fire in Shinjuku.
3 Unidentified Dead ]{\i0}

Not good!

No! We'll be late
for morning exercise!

Stop, stop!

What is it?

These residents forgot to turn off the tap.

On cold days, this might cause
dangerous ice on the road.

Misono, be quick!

Wait up, Arashi!


Morning. Did you read
about yesterday?

About the basketball?


5, 6, 7, 8...

1, 2...

You're at it again?

- fashion designer
- Ayumi's jacket is *Junya Watanabe, right?

fashion designer

I like *Rei Kawakubo designs for teenagers,

but Junya isn't bad...

Junya Watanabe, eh...

{\i1}[ Collision causing death ]{\i0}

What are you sighing at?

I have things to worry about.

What worry?

Tell me.

It's fine.

How's it fine?

{\i1}If there's anything...{\i0}


*group date

There's a *goukon today...

I'm counting on you.

Well, I...

So cool!

I like Ayumi.

Let's go!

- Hey, Arashi...
- What?

Introduce me to Ayumi?

Please, as a classmate...

But I've never spoken to him.

Who cares. Just help me.

{\i1}Everyone will die someday.{\i0}

{\i1}The place dead people go...{\i0}

{\i1}is invisible to us.{\i0}

{\i1}It's a different world.{\i0}

I'm back.

Welcome home.

Grandma, let me...


You're not okay with it?

It's no bother.

No need!

Well then...

When I'm gone, you'll be all alone.

What are you saying?

Grandma, you must stay healthy.


Young people...

Not again.

Young men are full of energy
to do God's work.

Don't be jealous.

Yes, no envy. None...

I'm going.

Excuse me, Tsuchiya-san.

May I have your contact details?



{\i1}Can you use Bluetooth?{\i0}

Are you Hatada-san?

I got your message.

I am the Connector.

You are?


The one who brings back dead people?


allowing the dead and living to meet

is my work.

Don't joke with me!

It was absurd from the start

when my mom insisted connectors exist.

How can we meet the dead?

Hey, what's your aim?

Is it money?

Robbing an old man?

I don't get compensation.

I won't rob you.

Tell me the name of whom you want to see.

Who is it?

Her name is Hatada Tsuru...

my mother who died a year ago.

Why do you want to see her?

I want to sell some land

but I don't know where
she put the certificate.

I understand.

I'll explain the rules.

The Connector negotiates
with the dead person

and arranges a meeting with you.

The living man commissioned by the Connector

has one chance in his life to meet the dead.

And the named deceased

has only one chance to meet the living.

You each get one chance.



think carefully about whom you wish to meet.

I said I want to meet Mother!

I understand.

But if the deceased refuses to meet you,

this one chance will be lost.

I see.

You'll say my mother refused to meet me,

then extort money from me.

I said I don't want money.

Don't try to trick me.

Do your parents know you're doing this?

Do they?

After I negotiate with Hatada Tsuru,

I will contact you.

It seems there's a person
called "the Connector"

who can allow us to meet the deceased.

{\i1}Sounds interesting!{\i0}

{\i1}Misono knows, eh...{\i0}

{\i1}That person does exist?{\i0}

It's just an urban legend.

{\i1}If it exists, it's cool.{\i0}

{\i1}Misono, what do you think?{\i0}

{\i1}I think it's Charlie Chaplin.{\i0}

{\i1}Chaplin's Misono's type, eh?{\i0}

Arashi Misa is really cute, eh...


Didn't you just see her?

Never mind, I'll give you Misa.

What are you saying?

Misono Natsu is mine.

Are you alright?

My right foot lost balance.
I'm fine.

Are you hurt?

Thank you.

Thank you.

What is it?

Are you... okay?

Fine, fine, fine.

It's alright.

It's alright. It's alright.

Daichi, lend me a hand.


Why didn't you tell us?

We could've had precious time with Grandma!

Be quiet!

You're no advocate.

I wish I'd known earlier
about Grandma's condition!

I'm the eldest son.

I did Grandma no wrong!


Hatada Tsuru-san knows about the meeting.

She'll choose a meeting date soon.

So you met my mom?

The dead only meet in moonlight.

23rd March is full moon.

I got it.

It's at Shinagawa Bund Hotel.

Is 6 pm okay?

That's fine.

Well then.

Grandma, you went to hospital today?

I sprained my ankle a bit

but a nice man helped me.

Grandma, see this...

This writing isn't the same.
When was it written?

{\i1\an8}Our mission is not
to convey the deceased's messages,
or insist on completing meetings.{\i0}

I don't remember.

But look closely...

Ask if you don't understand something.

This Hatada Tsuru-san

asked for a Connector's service
20 years ago.

Is that so?

There was a child with her then.



Do you really meet dead people?

Do you doubt me?

- No.
- Really?

Grandma, when did you start?

When I was married,

my brother passed me the ability.

Great-Uncle Akiyama?

It's been 50 years.

Fifty years...

Since I was marrying,
my brother passed the ability

to me for safekeeping.

Akiyama and I were always close.

Uncle Akiyama wasn't just a fortune-teller.

Right! Right! Right! Right!

Akiyama had to make money
for our household expenses.

Ayumi, you need to arrange
a meeting in a hotel.

I understand.

A Connector inherits this ability.

You won't be able to see the dead

unless you inherit the ability from me.

I can allow you to meet the deceased.

Is there anyone you want to meet?

I want to meet...

I want to meet...

Do your best!

This one will go in.

{\i1}Probably all parents are very gentle.{\i0}

Oh, you want curry rice today?


Ready to jump!


{\i1}Dad's hands were big.{\i0}


Thank you.

{\i1}Mother was a good cook.{\i0}

{\i1}Lunch in our house...{\i0}


{\i1}always included egg rice balls.{\i0}

{\i1}I drew us three.{\i0}

{\i1}That painting won a contest prize.{\i0}

{\i1}My parents were so happy.{\i0}

{\i1}But my parents...{\i0}


{\i1}suddenly one day...{\i0}

{\i1}left me behind.{\i0}

{\i1}I want to see mom and dad...{\i0}

{\i1}just to know why they left me behind.{\i0}

How long are you staying here?

This place is good for thinking, eh?

Get married fast and move out!

I'm not against it...

Being deprived can lead to the wrong things

that can make you go blind.

What does...?

Is it possible you

still can't forget that woman?

How can I?

It's been seven years.

Seven years...

I could have had a child in school by now.

In seven years of marriage,
a man can also kill his wife.

What nonsense?

After marriage, if the spouse
just disappears,

after seven years, you
can report it as legal death.



You should face reality.

You were fooled by that woman.

{\i1}Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard"...{\i0}

Who'd like the main role of Ranevskaya?





After senior graduation,

I want to perform on stage.

Misono, your words...

Rather than Ranevskaya,
you're more suited for Anya.

Suited or not, at least I can participate.

See, my mom told me...

"Rather than regret doing nothing,"

"it's better to try, then regret."

Why didn't you tell me before?

I felt awkward as your rival.


I can't just give up.

The afterlife...

Does it really exist?


Are you Hatada Tsuru-san?


Sorry to trouble you.

It's a while since I wore a kimono.

Does it look strange?


I never expected

I would be summoned.



Previously in your life,
you met a deceased person.

Yes, I was thankful.

You're welcome.


after my death,

someone still wants to see me.

They still value me.

Excuse me.

What is it?

Someone wants to see you.

Are you happy about that?

Of course.

I couldn't be happier.

Thanks for waiting.

So my mom will come here?

She's already is.



You can't fool me.


Even though it's a nice place...

it's at your expense.

Don't worry.

I don't charge a fee.

No fee?

So how'd you pay for this?

I'm certainly a Connector

but it's like volunteer work.



Is it fun to scam?

Do your parents know?

I don't have parents.


They died when I was small.


Tsuru-san is in room 901.

I'll wait in the lobby.

After you're done, call me.

You only have a short night
to meet Tsuru-san.

Though I don't know your aim,

I'm no fool.

It can't be true...

Are you my mom?

Stop talking nonsense. Come in.

I was called here at your request.

What a worthless boy.

It's not that I miss you.

I don't know where the land certificate is.

Are you really my mom?

It's too incredible.



Come sit nicely.


How... are you alive?

Don't talk like that.

You do know...

where the land certificate is.

Why'd you really come?


Were you aware of your illness?


never had courage to tell you.

I'm sorry.

So it's about that.

What do you mean?

I know you didn't tell me for my sake.

Though you mouth off,

you always think of others.


if you'd known, your last days
could've been different.

I was happy enough.


Having children and grand-children

made my life so happy.

You've been very upset?

You alone bore the burden...

I don't blame you.

It's something you decided.

I have no regrets.


Now you're convinced.

I'm embarrassed to tell you.

It's about Daichi.

What is it?

Daichi was closest to you.

After you were gone,

he's distant from everyone.

There's something I haven't told you.

20 years ago, I met your dad
through a Connector.

My dad?

I wanted him to see the new baby,

so I took Daichi along.

Your dad...

was so happy to see his grand-child.

He cried.

I felt I'd done right.

But this kid is smart.

I don't understand him.

But in any case,

your dad and I are proud of such a grandson.

Though he's not as strong as you,

he's better at talking.

He understands the world.

Is that so?

He's like you, willing to help others.

He inherited our Hatada genes

from my excellent first son.

You must take the initiative
to communicate with him.

Don't forget you're a parent.


Thank you for calling me.

Send my regards to everyone.



Thank you.

I got fooled...

into believing.

It was a good meeting.



Thank you.

Oh, I can't take...!

If you need anything,

contact me.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Grandma is great.


You're the real deal...

That's harsh.

But Hatada-san thanked me afterwards.

Isn't it a good thing?

Tsuru-san will rest in peace
with no regrets.

Oh, really?

Connector work isn't bad.

But I always feel

we can't help enough people.


The Connector is Akiyama family
power through generations.

We encountered all sorts of people.

I'll enjoy the food


Is that so?

Now you'll gradually

accumulate the experiences
to be a Connector.

There are still many things

I haven't told you.

Really so many...

{\i1}'A person in love'{\i0}

{\i1}'God in heaven, we're sinful'{\i0}

{\i1}Of course.{\i0}

{\i1}'God in heaven, we're sinful'{\i0}

{\i1}You suit the Ranevskaya part.{\i0}

{\i1}You'd pass the selection.{\i0}

{\i1}No matter how hard...{\i0}

compared to me...



{\i1}You'll shine on stage.{\i0}

{\i1}Shine brightly.{\i0}

{\i1}You need confidence.{\i0}

What are you staring at?

Hey, who's the person
you'd most like to see now?


Future girlfriend...

Good afternoon.

Thank you for last time.


May I sit beside you?


If I eat my snack here,

I might be scolded.

Would you like some?

I will.


It's going to rain.


Last time you asked if I was okay.

What did you mean?

I just feel you're worried.

Do you have someone you really want to meet?



'Please use your heart
to forgive me.'

'Dance with me now.'


'Talk to me, Gayev!'

'Say it quickly!'

{\i1}'I've bought the cherry orchard.'{\i0}

{\i1}'No! No!'{\i0}


Anya... Kato Megumi.


Protagonist Ranevskaya will be...

Misono Natsuko.


Sorry, please make these teas.



How do you meet the dead?

Why'd you ask?

No reason. I just want to know.

What is it?

It's a mirror.

The connector holds this mirror.

No, no! You can't see yet!

Connectors use this to call the deceased.

Only the owner of the mirror

can use it safely.

While the new Connector is learning,

they set a mirror contract.

By that time, the person
with the original contract

has lost his Connector ability.

- *relay race baton
- It's like passing a *baton between Connectors?

What's more...

no-one else can ever look at this mirror.

If someone else sees it,

the one who sees the mirror,
and the mirror's owner,

will both die.

You'd die?

How would you die?

I don't know, but it must be painful.

How scary.

Ayumi, if you replace me as a Connector,

giving you this mirror is my final job.

Today I gave someone your number.

'My Cherry Orchard!'

'Across the dark gloomy autumn and winter'

'you're full of vigour and happiness'

Misono, you really don't get the emotions.

I'm sorry.



'My Cherry Orchard'

One, two, three! One, two, three!

Alright! 10 minute break.


Hey, Arashi...


I gotta say something...

I want to apologize to you.

You and I aren't...

Why are you apologizing?

Obviously you're not sorry.

I'm not a fool!

If not for Misono,
the main role would be mine.

However hard she tries,
she doesn't compare with me.

This house forgot to turn off the tap.

On cold days, this might cause
dangerous ice on the road.

Good morning.

It seems to be true...

It can't be...


Good morning.


Misono had an accident
and was put in hospital.


May I please see Misono?



Because she was hit by a car,
you can't see her.


when she spoke in hospital...

"Arashi, why?", she said.

Arashi, what's this mean?

I don't know!

There was a slight conflict
over the acting role.

Maybe that's why.

Please excuse me.

'When life and death are connected'

'everything will be destroyed.'

'The sun is setting, everyone.'

Did you kill Misono?

You killed her, right?

You're the worst.

It's all your fault.

Murderer! Murderer!

You were friends.

Weren't you friends?

{\i1}"Arashi, why?" she said.{\i0}

It seems there's a person
called a 'Connector'.

Maybe Misono knows what I did.

If what Misono and the others said...

If what they said about the Connector...

Tsuchiya-san, isn't it?



Is it possible with a missing person?


The one I'd like to see is...

my missing fiancée from seven years ago.

What happened?

Her name is Hinata Kirari.

I met her nine years ago.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

It's bleeding.

I'm sorry.

It's better if you lie down.

It hurts.

It hurts.

I don't want to lie down.
I want to get up.

Sorry. Up...

Are you with her?


Can you go with me?


Our meeting was wonderful.

I'm sorry.

No. It's okay.


Eh, well...

Can you give me your contact details?

I'd like to thank you properly.

I came from a village
so I really don't know Tokyo.

You moved to Tokyo?

Yes. So I'm thankful to you.

I don't know anyone here.

How old are you?

Twenty years old.

I came to work in Tokyo.

Ah, it's like that...

But eating with you makes me happy.

Tsuchiya-san, you're a cool guy.

Cool guy? Me?

I like how you look.

Thank you.

Before our meeting, Kirari was different.

This is to thank you.

Well, let's go halves.

No. I really want to thank you.

Can you lend me 300 yen?

After a few dates...


It's my first time
eating something this good.

Is that right?

Kirari came to my house often.


I got my wages.

Money is important so...


I was hopelessly in love with Kirari.

Let's go.

Don't want to...

Don't want to?

Push me.

It's too big.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Soon after my marriage proposal...

Be careful.

After she left to travel with her friend,

she never came back.

My calls couldn't get through.

I was so worried,
I contacted her work place.

The friend meant to go with her
answered the phone.

I pleaded special circumstances,
and asked to check her address.

That address was a fake.

That's so...

Maybe she fooled me.


her expression as I proposed

didn't seem to be an act.

If she's alive and well, that's good enough.

But if she got in an accident or trouble...

I understand.

This may take some time

but I accept.


{\i1}This world and its problems are linked.{\i0}

Is it really a big job?

He wants to meet a missing person.


Her name is Hinata Kirari.

I see.

But to use a connector,

she should be dead, right?

I guess.

Either I find her or I don't.

But it's a blow for the living person.

You must eat the Konjac.

What's the most powerful ability?

It's the pleasure of being old,
and resting instead of working.

"When thinking of saying something"

"stay quiet".

Yes, quiet.

Say, do you know Arashi Misa?

She's in my class.

I got a phone call from her this morning.

She's looking for a Connector.


I want you to mediate.

But I...

This is an opportunity.

Fortunately I was home

and picked up the phone.

That's what happened.

Some people call so many times
and can't go through with it.

Only those who in real need of a Connector

have such a fate.

Isn't it unfair?

Ehm, well, yes, unfair...


What is it?

I am the Connector.


Thank you.

Your coat is Junya Watanabe.

You know that.

But I still like Kawakubo Rei's
teenage designs.


Even through a Connector,

the living and the dead
can meet just once, right?

And even if I want to meet her,
she might refuse, right?

That's correct.

Ah, well...

So, who do you want to meet?

Misono Natsu.

She died in an accident
of her way to school.

Did you know?


Why do you want to see her?

We were good friends!

If allowed, I'd like to see her

to tell her some things.

It's all so sudden.

Obviously we were good friends.

I see.

To die at your age is so pitiful.

Yes, it is pitiful.

But though someone our age died,

it's hard to relate to it.

Maybe because we're not used to it?

But isn't it too cruel?

It is a bit cruel.

But for other people, death comes slowly...

like it's avoiding us.

'Ah, my cherry orchard!'

'Through the gloomy autumn and winter'

'you're full of vigour filled with happiness.'

'If my heart and shoulders are removed'

'I will have forgotten my pure past.'

You interpreted the lines perfectly.

Misono would be very happy.

How so?

If she was able to see you,
she'd praise you happily.

I don't think so...

If you want, wear this.


That child would be happy.

I'm sorry.


I persuaded her to go for the lead role.

When I was young,
I experienced the same thing...



Rather than do nothing,

it's better to try than regret.

She couldn't resist me.

The unpleasantness was all my fault.

I am sorry...

Misono didn't want me to act.

Not at all.

I heard Misono say it before the audition.

She said I couldn't compare.

She said it laughing
and the other kids laughed too.

We weren't good friends to begin with.

We were both unpopular...

Selfish and temperamental...

Misono wouldn't say those kinds of words.

You might've been mistaken.

She claimed she couldn't compare to you.


You must've gotten it wrong.


Misono, she wants to see you.



Is she alright?

Only minor seizures.
She's asleep now.

Is that so...

You are old enough.

You have to keep learning.

I am.

What are you learning?

Stuff at school of course.

Right, right...

If you're not studying hard,

everyone will be worried.


Me, Aiko...

That's everyone...


How did my parents really die?

Did Dad really kill Mum then suicide?

That's just a rumour.

Nobody knows the truth.

Your parents were good people.

Then why'd they leave me?


What you see with your eyes
isn't necessarily the truth.

The important thing is

to see with your heart.

My heart?

Use your own heart.

Like this...

to see the truly important things.

Being a connector

doesn't always go smoothly.

I don't know if it's smooth.

Aiko loves to learn by herself.




I got a phone call saying you're sick.

I'm sorry for the trouble.

No trouble at all.

Don't over-exert yourself.


I'll be fine.


Misono's here now?


Your meeting time is till dawn.

After you're done, come and see me.

It's just me?


{\i1}What's Misono think of me?{\i0}

{\i1}Misono knows I killed her.{\i0}

{\i1}Yet she took the chance from the connector{\i0}

{\i1}to see me.{\i0}

{\i1}No use regretting.{\i0}

{\i1}Better to do it, then regret.{\i0}

You lost weight.

Come in.

Isn't Ayumi being the Connector incredible?

I didn't expect us to meet
this way; it's kinda sad.

But it's exciting to talk face to face.

Is that so?

Hey, Arashi.

You and Ayumi contacted each other...

Did he talk to you?

Of course.

But I told him nothing.

I don't have his number.

No good...

Did you talk to Ayumi?

A little bit.



Hey, Misono...


I heard you called my name in hospital.

"Arashi, why?"

Do you remember?

I don't remember...

Must be because I was arguing with you.

I was thinking about what you're doing.

{\i1}Misono doesn't know what I did.{\i0}

{\i1}She's unaware I wanted to kill her.{\i0}


Why'd you agree to see me?

Aren't we good friends?

I see...

Yes, we are.

{\i1}My good friend...{\i0}

{\i1}Now the truth is unspeakable.{\i0}

{\i1}That would be hurtful for her.{\i0}

I'm sorry.



I'm sorry...

What happened, Arashi?

I'm sorry...


I'm sorry...


I'm sorry...


I'm sorry...

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry...


Can you please ask Ayumi

if there's a message?

What message?

For me...

After you ask him...

remember to tell me next time.

I understand.


We'll meet again.

Eh? Don't you have more time?

She doesn't want me to see her disappear.

I see.

Misono wants me to ask you

if there's a message.

I promised to give her the message
when I see her next.

She said there was no ice on the road.


Misono wanted me to tell you.

At the end of today's meeting,

if you asked me about the message,

then that's it.

If you don't ask, I'll forget it.


{\i1}whatever I did, she knows...{\i0}

{\i1}But she didn't mention it...{\i0}

{\i1}She avoided that awful topic{\i0}

{\i1}by leaving a message...{\i0}

{\i1}after I can't say anything.{\i0}


Are you okay?


Let me go!


Let me go to Misono!

You can't! It's only once!


I beg you!

Misono gave me the chance to reconcile.

I ruined it!

Misono wanted to see...

Who she really wanted to see is not me!

Ara-san, are you okay?

Please, I want to go to Misono

and be with her when she disappears!

I beg you!

I beg you!

I'm sorry!

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!


The one before was my grandma.

So surprising!

I never expected to see you after I died.

Me too.

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry...

Sorry you didn't want to see your friend?


My fault...

Why am I crying?

I just...

feel very happy.

Ara-san wants to see you.

You met Arashi?


That's right.

There are things I'd like to say to her.

She said you two are best friends.

Is that so?


What is it?


What happens after this?




I will disappear, right?

Ayumi, you must live without regrets.

Maybe only I can say so.

Do what you want to do
when you're still alive.

I don't want regrets.

It's time for me to send in Arashi.


What is it?

I, well...

I felt Ayumi-kun...


You coat is so cool.

I always thought it was cool,
so I kept my eyes on you

when you walked into school in the morning.

Thank you.

Finally saying it feels good.

This coat is Junya Watanabe, right?


Although I prefer Rei Kawakubo
teenagers' one...

seeing you wearing
Junya Watanabe is not bad.

I always wanted to tell you.

Ara-san said the same thing.


Because you're good friends...

Arashi... already said it?

So in the end...

after my death...

she said those things?

When she came to me about seeing you,

she told me.


I need a favour.


Help me...

with a message?

In the end, what did that mean?

After Misono's meeting with Ara-san,

I felt very sorry.

Can there be meetings I arrange

that I regret.

Who would have known?

There are secrets you can't tell others.

Being a Connector is tiring.

It's a loss on my side.

A Connector has to face another's life.

Don't do it half-heartedly.

So many things you haven't told me,
no wonder I got tired.

If you don't want it, don't inherit it.

At the end of the next meeting,

decide if you want to inherit.

Then I can ask which person you want to see.



Do you want to see Dad?

That's up to you.

Let's go.


You and I are going to meet
a deceased person.





Good evening, Kuwamoto Teruko-san.


Tsuchiya Koichi wants to meet you.

Have you decided yet?

If I meet him,

my self living in his heart will die.


It doesn't matter if I've forgotten.

Even so...

I want to see him...

in order to allow him to move on.

I understand.

Grandma, Kirari-san...

Her real name is Kuwamoto Teruko.

She died in a ferry accident
seven years ago.


How's it feel?


Talking with the dead.


it's not like calling the soul
of the deceased.

Instead, I think it's like
a collection of human memories.

I also feel that.

Using this mirror to call the deceased...

In the end, it's not real.

I still do not know.

But being a Connector still has meaning.

In fact, dead people simply have no soul...

but live peacefully in another world.

To be able to meet them
is the wish of living people.

Those who are confused,

always hoping there will be God
or some particular person

to guide their path in life.

Are you saying Connectors exist
for that purpose?

Isn't that dishonouring the dead?

Do the dead and living co-exist?

So my parents could be said to be living.

That's it.

That's it.


{\i1}Mom and Dad...{\i0}

{\i1}faced Grandpa's opposition
to their marriage.{\i0}

{\i1}But they're dead now.{\i0}

{\i1}What caused that...{\i0}

They eloped and eventually
killed each other.

His father shouldn't rest in peace.

Seems Ryosuke was having an affair.

Someone saw him in a hotel in Touxing.

{\i1}The rumours about Mum and Dad
are frustrating.{\i0}

{\i1}Dad killed Mom{\i0}

{\i1}and then committed suicide.{\i0}

Hello, it's Tsuchiya.


What's the matter?

She wants to see you.


Hinata Kirari-san

wants to see you.

Her real name is Kuwamoto Teruko.

Seven years ago, she was in a ferry accident

and she died.



She's dead?

I'm very sorry.

This is the only thing I kept.

Are you looking forward...

to seeing Tsuchiya-san?

All I can do for him now

is to meet him through you.


I'd like to say a final goodbye to him.

I understand.

{\i1}The number you're dialing is switched off.{\i0}

How could this happen...

This is really troublesome...

Grandma, what should I do?

Asking me is useless.

He should be nearby.

You can only wait for him.

If he doesn't come today,
he'll regret it for a lifetime.

Grandma, it's okay.


It's okay.

I won't regret it.

I don't really know

if letting the dead and living meet
is right or wrong.

Even so...

As long as there is a chance...

Not here.



What's wrong?

Just something...

Come see our public performance
after the graduation ceremony.

This is for you.


Do you regret meeting Misono?

I don't regret meeting her.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Tsuchiya-san, let's go.

She's waiting for you.


I'm scared.


She's just as afraid as you are.

You have to see her.

If you don't, you'll regret it.


Because some people...

can't convey their thoughts for the dead,

it burdens them all their lives.

I've seen how painful that is.

You shouldn't make the same mistake.

But I...

I can't accept the fact she's dead.

Don't be stubborn!

There's still some time!

Did you consider her feelings
while she's waiting for you now?

For her...

For Kirari-san, today is the only day!


She knows you've waited seven years.

She wants to see you.

It's fine if you forget her
after you see her.

She wants you to look ahead.


She's the one in the most pain.

Go and see her.


I'm sorry I'm late.



I told you to be careful.

I am sorry.

I am sorry.

When we met, I was 18.

I see...

I hated staying in Kumamoto
countryside, so I ran off to Tokyo.

But I was lost here.

I wanted to find work quickly.

Are you okay?

That's when I met you.

For lying to you...

I'm really sorry.

It's alright.

I'd already decided

to tell you everything...

the next time.

That day...

you were going home to see your parents.

You told me...

I seemed really happy to go home.

Be careful on your way.

Before I took you to my house,

I wanted to apologize
for running away from home.

I wanted to show them your ring

and tell them I'm going to marry
Tsuchiya, a good man.

I'd show off to them.

So it was like that.


want to tell you about our first meeting.

Because you saved me,

I could never hate you.

If I hadn't met you,

it's likely I'd have ended up
in the sex industry.

But thanks to you, I didn't fall.

Thank you.


can't do anything for you.

From the beginning, I should've...

accepted everything about you.

Then you needn't have run away.

Ah, this is...

my happiest moment in life.

Because I really love you,

I felt guilty hiding my flaws.

It's not like that.

Be happy, okay?

I heard...

you've waited for me for seven years.

I really feel blessed.

I didn't say...

you should suffer by yourself for so long.

For falling in love with me and my lies...

Thank you.

So please don't wait for me anymore.

Although I... really wanted
to get married!

No-one else wants me.


It hurts.

Give me that hand.

It's almost time...


In the closet you let me use,

you know the two drawers underneath?


In there is my precious cookie tin

with my mom's knitted beanie and stuff.

Can you return those to my parents?

My last request...

I understand.

But I am sorry.


I didn't leave you anything.

I didn't want to let you down
but I had to tell you.

That's not a worry.

Sorry I have nothing to give you.

But I love you.

I also...

love you.

Thank you so much.

That's alright.

I'm glad I met Kirari.

I'm sorry for being so rude.


You got me here.

Thank you.

It's fine.



Please don't forget Kirari-san.

I will not forget her.

In here...

we'll always be together.

See you.

{\i1}People will die.{\i0}

{\i1}Where do the dead go?{\i0}

{\i1}It's right in front of us...{\i0}

{\i1}yet it's a different world.{\i0}

In this world we live in,
whenever we do something...

it feels like we're being watched.

In making choices,

we occasionally wonder,

what would a particular person do?

We might even incur their blame.

For our survival...

I believe we have their support

to be able to continue living.


It's the first time I ate something
so delicious.

You're lying.


Grandma, are you okay?


You've walked a lot.

I need to exercise.

About the Connector...


I've decided to do it.

Is that right?

Maybe... this is my mission.

A man's burden is god's gift.

Old souls celebrate
their final life experience

just to go to the true home.



There's one thing I want to tell you.

About Dad?

Dad was a Connector too, right?

Although it's only my guess...

Grandpa threw Dad out of the house.

For safety, you gave your Connector ability
to Dad.

That note on the diary was written by Dad.

Rumours say Dad was with a woman in a hotel.

But in fact, he was doing
a Connector's job, right?

You're right.

I once transferred my Connector ability
to Ryosuke.

It's my fault.



your parents...

When I transferred the ability...

I warned him...

not to mention it to his family
or anyone else.

I should have allowed Ryosuke

to tell Kasumi about it clearly.

She should have been given
a good explanation.

Then Kasumi wouldn't have doubted Ryosuke.

Kasumi... shouldn't have
looked at the mirror.

Two people wouldn't be dead.

I don't know exactly what happened...

But it was clearly painful.

Ayumi, I knew...


I must confess to you.


I'm sorry, Ayumi.

It's my fault...

I'm sorry...


Maybe Dad...

told Mum about the Connector.

Even if you'd forbidden it...

Dad would confess to Mom.

But Dad...

wouldn't want Mom to worry.

But how she saw the mirror
and died is a mystery.

After Grandpa passed away,

Dad regretted they'd been on bad terms.

I saw Mom and Dad suffer
from marrying for love

so I wanted to help Dad.

Mom also... wanted to help Dad...

by letting Dad see Grandpa again.

Mom trusted Dad.

Both of them...

were the kindest people.


Go for it!

Be sure to score!

Cheering for me...

Always supporting me...


it's not Grandma's fault.

Perhaps it's just my righteousness
and selfishness...


even so...

I still long for

the stories of the deceased
to be helpful to the living.

Whatever the truth...

I wish my beloved Grandma
never to tremble again.

No, don't you go!

I beg you to stay here for my salvation.

I beg you, do not go!

{\i1}Living people{\i0}

{\i1}are obliged to bear other people's dead.{\i0}

My life,

my youth, my happiness.





will go now.

{\i1}Let the dead benefit the living's existence.{\i0}

{\i1}Death cannot stop life going on.{\i0}

About Grandma...

I'm very sorry.

I'm going...

I'm going!

{\i1}Living persons{\i0}

{\i1}go on acting recklessly.{\i0}


{\i1}Some risks can't be avoided.{\i0}

Yes... wait on...


{\i1}they become sad again,{\i0}

{\i1}reckless again.{\i0}

{\i1}That's why...{\i0}

I can't see my parents.


I want to save my chance to see Grandma.

What a waste.

This is just the beginning of your life.

Although it's still early,

when I transfer my Connector ability
to someone,

I will let him see Grandma.

But by that time,

I might stumble on Grandpa along the way.

I haven't even stumbled on him.

Say no more.

I know...

Ayumi, 7 years old...

This is...

Your Grandpa kept this very carefully.

Grandpa did?

He was so happy, he showed the neighbours.

{\i1\an8}Memories of Children's
Summer Painting Competition{\i0}

He said it was his grandson.

Is that right?

Let's begin.

Put out your hand,


Close your eyes till I say
you can open them.

Is your mind clear?

Grandma, so all this time came to this?

Well, close your eyes.

Mom! Dad! Come here!

Hey, Ayumi!

That time the persons I love
disappeared from me...

is something I just can't see.

They're still here with me.

It's okay now, Ayumi.

What is the most powerful ability
in the world?

It is the pleasure to be old.

When I think of working,
I can choose to rest.

When I think of talking, I can stay quiet.

Only in despair is there hope.

Only those obedient and calm can cross over.

Young people are energetic.

Walk in God's path and don't be jealous.

Wanting to do something for someone else

is better than accepting others' kindness.

Until the old can no longer
do something for others,

be a good man.

A man's burden is God's gift.

Old souls celebrate
their final life experience

just to go to the true home.