Tsuma, Shogakusei ni Naru (2022) - full transcript

a husband and his daughter, who lost their beloved wife 10 years ago and lost the meaning of life, unexpectedly reunited with their wife. As his wife is reborn as a 10-year-old elementary school student, the family is reborn.


Good morning. It's 7 AM now.

Sunday, 20 March.

I wish you all have a wonderful one day ahead.

{\pos(944,95)}"20 March: Our wedding anniversary! - Takae"

Well then, let's listen to shima enaga song...

From now on, let's not keep looking at what we've lost...

...but at what Mama had given us and move on with our life, shall we?

I did nothing but receiving from her.

I couldn't give her anything in return.

♪ May today be a great day~


Good morning.

Do you remember what day today is?

Today will be the last.

Let's have a fun farewell.

It's the day of our 10th wedding anniversary since my wife passed away.

That day was the last day...

...my daughter and I spent together with my wife.

{\fad(1500,0)\pos(27,173)}My Wife Becomes an Elementary School Student

{\fad(1500,0)\pos(32,76)}English subtitle by: aoihachi

{\fad(500,0)\pos(1716,1059)}Final Episode

- Don't overboil it. Keep the texture right.
- Ah, okay.

- Don't simmer it any further once you add the miso.
- Ah, okay.

Geez, did you burn the salmon?

Hmm? Ouch!

- What are you doing? Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Let's eat.
- Let's eat.

Let's dig in.

Eating the breakfast you cooked...

What a wonderful way to start the day.

Hmm, it's delicious.

It's a little burnt, though.

Say, Mama.

Before, you said that today would be the last...

I met Marika-chan.

Missing someone...

...isn't something selfish.

You already woke up? How early.

Do you want some hot chocolate?

Let's add some marshmallow, okay?


I see. So Marika said that to you.

Just go, then.


I know you were thinking about me and Marika.

But to part with them that way didn't feel right for someone like you.

You should go meeting Niijima-san and Mai-san.

I will certainly...

...return Marika-chan to you.


Take care.

Marika-chan and Chika-san...

...had agreed...

...to give this one day to me.

We can do so many things in one day, right?

Yeah. We can do anything.

Today is our wedding anniversary, anyway.


After breakfast, let's go buying spring clothes, shall we?

Wow! Oh my, you look so cute!


- We'll take this one.
- Thank you.

Wow! Oh my, so cute!


- Excuse me, we're taking this one too.
- Okay.

Wow! Oh my, you look gorgeous!

Excuse me, we're taking the whole set.

- Okay.
- Keisuke.

- Keisuke.
- Yes!


- I accept your card.
- Installment, 5 months, please.

Mai, isn't that one-piece cute?

- Hey, it's too cute~
- Come on, I'm sure it suits you very well.

- Sorry, make it 7 months, please.
- Let's try it.

Look, it's so gorgeous, isn't it?

It's your birthstone, Mai.

The design is simple, so you can wear it with nearly anything, right?

Mama, the price is...

It certainly has too much zero...

What are you afraid of?

If you take a good care of it...

...you can wear it for many years. So it's a bargain, right?

Well, that's right, though...

It will still look good on her even when she's in her 30s.

We're taking this one.

Thank you very much.

Spring clothes are the best~

The color is beautiful.

Mai, make sure you hang them neatly, okay?


- Give it to me.
- Here.


Um... do we really have to do that today?

Ah, once the laundry is done, dry the clothes.

- Right now?
- Let's clean up the window screens too after that.

Right now?!

You'll keep postponing it otherwise.

I've told you, right? If you take a proper care of it...

...this house will stay in good condition even after many years.

Take a good care of it, okay?

Ah, going for shopping spree after so long...

...I'm so pumped~

You always know how to make everything fun, Mama.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Dad told me this before.

He said that I used to laugh a lot like you.

He's right! Did you forget that?

What do you want to do, Mama?


I'm always receiving from you, but I can't give you anything in return.

So let's do whatever you want to do. Anything.

Yeah. You can ask for anything.

Just anything, we'll make it come true.


Even if I tell you, I don't think you'll understand.

I want to be alone.


- Hmm?
- Long time no see.

Ah... we met at the barbecue...

I went to your office and they told me that you're here.


Mai, come on.

Are you okay?

I'm sorry... about before.

Once I can sort out my feelings, I'll tell you everything.

Can you wait a little longer?

I understand.

I seriously thought you hate me now.

That's impossible.

Thank goodness~

I'm so happy I can see the place where Mai and Renji-kun met before.

If Mama didn't come back...

...I'm sure I wouldn't join the company I'm working at now...

...and I wouldn't meet Renji-san.

I see...

Fate is a mysterious thing, isn't it?

- Here.
- Thank you.

Ah, thank you very much.

I know the area quite well, so I can show you around.

- Maybe we can find a playground for children.
- Thanks.

Actually, I want to play something.

- What is it?
- Let's pretend you go meeting your girlfriend's parents!

- What is that?
- It happens a lot, right?

You meet your girlfriend's parents and ask to marry her?

- Who will play it?
- You...

...Uncle Keisuke, and me.

I will play as Mai-chan's mother.

- Wait, Mama...
- I've always wanted to do that.

Come on, come on, come on, come on!

- And now she acts like a little girl...
- Yeah...

You said you'd do anything for me, right?


- It's okay, let's do it.
- Huh?

I can't turn down a child's request.


Ah, please do it in Showa style.

- Um, I don't quite understand what Showa style is...
- Huh?

- Excuse me.
- What, starting from there?


What should I say... Um...


I'm Aikawa Renji, who is now dating Mai-san.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Mai's mother.

I'm her father.



Um, well...

I really mean it, not as a part of the play.

- Huh?
- Huh?

I can't think of anyone other than Mai-san.

I don't want to think of anyone other than Mai-san.

I want to be with her forever, from now on and always.

I know I'm still immature...

...but I want to be able to stand on my own feet...

...and then, I'll surely make Mai-san happy.

That's why...


Um... Mother.

Let me marry Mai-san!


Please raise your head.

From now on...

...maybe you'll face a lot of hardships...

...and many unexpected things will happen.

But, together with Mai...

...please keep on searching...

...and finding many, many happiness along the way.

Please take care of my daughter.

You should consider it properly too.

- Huh?
- About Moriya-san.

- Moriya-san and I aren't...
- Don't just decide it yourself.

- Being stubborn makes you an old man.
- I'm already an old man, anyway.

One day, you'll realize the warmth of her feeling to you.

One day, you'll realize that you want to do something for her.

That kind of future isn't impossible, right?


Even just a little, please keep that thought in mind, okay?

- What did you talk with her about?
- Hmm?

It's always the same.

She's always worried about me and encourages me.

Since the first time we met...

- Huh? Dad?
- Ah, Mai.

- I leave Mama to you.
- Huh? Dad?

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

- Niijima-san?
- Moriya-san, I have a favor to ask you!

I know this is such an unreasonable request.

But no matter what, I want to do it today!

Niijima-san, please calm down.

What is it?

- My wife is back.
- Huh?

My late wife is back.

In the body of a little girl. In the body of Shiraishi Marika-san.

I know it must be hard to believe.

But my daughter and I know for sure that miracle is happening to us.

Today is the last day we can spend together with her.

Moriya-san, please, help me!

Marika-chan, long time no see.

Who are you?

It means that you like him so much, right?

You like him so much that you can even think of a future with him, right?

This manuscript I received from you...

- ...will be published on the next week issue.
- What?!

Ah... What? Next week?

Hayashi-sensei's failed to finish the next chapter.

So we want to publish your one-shot in replace.

Seriously? What... oh my.

Really? Hayashi-sensei? I see...

That's why, you need to fix it within today.

Huh? Today?

Please revise the composition and reduce 2 pages.

Fix some drawings and dialogues too.

Ah, okay. I'll fix it right away.

- Ah! T-The bubble tea...
- Are you okay?

Do it here!

If you run away again, I'll be doomed!


Ah. Finally he read them.

"I can't. I'm confined in the publisher now."


"It's how cold this world treats someone who once committed a sin..."

What is he talking about?

"Now, Mama..."

- Ah, wait.
- Hmm?

Ah, wait. Wait, please.

Um... ah...


Sorry for calling you suddenly like that.

Anyway, why are you here?

I saw you draw manga before.

Ah, I see.

You also like drawing manga, right?


I draw a manga about cat with my friend.

Ah... that was quite interesting.

Um, my name is Koga Yuri.

My one-shot will be published in the next week issue of "Weekly Adventure".

- What? Really?
- Huh?


That's amazing.

- I'll read it for sure.
- Okay.

Well then, bye-bye.

Yeah, bye-bye.


Are you sure you're okay with that?

Yeah. From now on too, please keep in touch with him.

- Sure.
- Ah, but never lend him any money.

I know.


Abandoning me today...

How could you do that to me, huh?

I'm sorry.

Well, come in.

Come on.

- Come on.
- Huh? What is it?



Please come in.

What is this all about?

I'm thinking of opening a restaurant today.

It's your dream, right?

I want to open my own restaurant someday.

I will cook using the vegetables I grow myself...

...and serve those to many people.

That will be great, right?

- Hello~
- Hello~

- Hello!
- Welcome.

- Sir, thank you for inviting us.
- I'm so happy you invite me!

- It's my day off today.
- This way~

- Excuse me~
- Excuse me~

- Wow, this is amazing!
- What a gorgeous room!

- Wow!
- Ah, the reserved seats.

- Wow, this is great...
- It looks like a real restaurant!

We meet again, huh? I guess we're kinda inseparable.

How fast. The guests are already coming.

What is it?


Will you cook for us?

Of course.

These tomatoes are really delicious. I'm sure she'll love them.

- Thank you very much.
- About the ingredients and tableware.

- Do you need anything else?
- No, no, everything is perfect.

- It's all thanks to you.
- Glad to hear that.


Ah, Uda-kun and Soejima-san are here too?

- Excuse me.
- It's an order from Chief Moriya.

- Is it good?
- Looks so good~

This is bagna, and this is cauda.

Really? I should memorize this~

It's bagna, and it's cauda.

- Isn't it actually bagna cauda?
- Mai, Mai.

Ah, Konomi.


Thank you.

You should eat a lot.

I won't let you go home until you're full.


- Moriya-san, please sit down.
- Thank you very much.


Ah, what do you want to drink?

She's amazing~

I can't believe Marika-chan is the chef today.

- She's so cool!
- More orders are coming.

- Okay~
- Ah, you own a Western restaurant, right?

- Yeah.
- Do you have any troubles?

Ah, it's too many to count.

I knew it.

So you're Niijima-san's colleagues.

- Yeah, we are.
- Ah, yeah.

I'm sure office workers have lots of troubles too.

Do you want to consult me about something?

- Hello.
- Ah, welcome.

This way.

You two look so good together, as always.

Who is he?

He's Niijima-san's daughter's boyfriend?

Ah, I see!

- Keisuke, be careful.
- Sure.

Okay, give it to me.


Wow, amazing!

We want some too!

- Amazing!
- Looks so good!

Thank you.

- Dad, where's the coffee?
- Ah, yeah, it's done.

Ah, thank you.

- Ouch!
- Ah!

- Geez, you're so careless!
- Are you okay, Niijima-san?

- Let's wipe it.
- Is it safe?

- Safe? You don't spill any?
- No, it's totally alright.

- Here, be careful.
- I thought you'd spill something...

- It's mine.
- Yeah.

It's spilled on the table, right?

Moriya-san... Ah, I'll make you some coffee again.

Me too, please make some too.

- You spilled this one.
- No, that's alright.

- How come?
- This one is alright too.

It's totally alright.

- You don't eat it?
- Ah, I will, wait, wait...

So fast!

I'll set the timer, okay?

Here we go.

Niijima-san, please sit there.

- Ah...
- Come on, hurry up.

Come on, Konomi, here.


Please come and visit us here again.

- Sure.
- Huh?

Keisuke-kun, you said...

Ah... I won't sell this house.

I will take a proper care of it and keep living here.

So this house will stay in good condition even after many years.

- Thank you for the meal.
- Nakamura-san. Nakamura-san.

- Thank you, see you.
- Thank you.

- Take care.
- Thank you for the meal.

- Thank you.
- I'll walk him out.

Thank you.

- Be careful. It's late.
- Yeah.

- Bye.
- Thank you for having me.

Take care.

I earned a lot from my life consultation session.

You're truly a goddess of fortune.

You finally realized it?

I hope I can see you again someday.


- Thank you for the meal.
- Thank you very much.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you very much.

- Moriya-san.
- Yes?

From now on too...

...please take care of Keisuke.

Every single menu...

...was truly full of love and so delicious.

Thank you for the meal.

Thank you for having me.

Excuse me.

Well then, thanks.


You gave me so much to bring home, sorry.

It's okay.

Um... about what I said this afternoon...

I'm really happy.

I'm home.

- Welcome back.
- Welcome back.

Ah, thank you.

It was a wonderful wedding anniversary.

You'll be fine now.


That's what I thought when I saw you two today.

With this...

I don't have any regret...

- Wait, I have.
- Huh?

- Oh my, I just remembered.
- Huh? About what?

I still have regret. A big one!

It's about our farm.

We grew a lot of veggies and herbs there carefully...

...but you neglected it for 10 years and it became totally dead.

You can do it someday when you feel like it.

Remove the weeds, cultivate the soil...

...and plant some seeds, okay?

Please do it, okay?


- Huh?
- We shouldn't postpone things.

No need to wait until 'someday'. Let's do it now.


Bring me there.

- Right now?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Thank you!

- Huh?
- Thank you.

Is this okay? Do we need something else?

- Habanero.
- Where to?

- Dad, you sit next to him.
- I'll show you the way.

25 years ago.

You ate my habanero meatball and got chocked, saying, "It's so spicy!".

That's when I thought...

..."Ah, if I create a family with this man, it will surely be warm".

And I was right.

I was truly happy to have you by my side.

Come on, don't show me that desperate-old-man face.

Someday, everyone will die anyway.

Until that time comes, live your life to the fullest, okay?



You said you couldn't give anything to me...

...but you're wrong about it.

Since the moment you were born...

...you've been giving me...

...many, many happiness in my life.

You always have such power inside you.

Don't forget it, okay?


I won't cry anymore.


...I want to show you my smiling face.

Thank you...

...for being my daughter.

I can see it clearly.

The bright future that waits ahead of you two.

Grow up well, okay?


I love you.

I love you.

Thank you for coming to see us once again.

Thank you, Takae.

Thank you for coming back to us.

Thank you...

...for being my wife.

Good night.

Good night.

Good morning...


I'm home.

Welcome back.

- Mama, what are you making?
- Omelet rice.

- Omelet rice?
- Yeah.




She changed her photo here.

She said...

..."You should have put a better photo here!", right?

She was mad about it.

So deep down, this is her favorite photo.

I guess so.

"Why do you keep wearing the same pajamas for 10 years? Have a good night sleep, wake up early, and have a wonderful one day ahead!"

You're good.

- Is this okay?
- Yeah!


Let's eat.

Let's eat.

My daughter made this for me.

You look so happy.

- Hmm~
- What's that book?

Ah, I'm learning Italian language now.

Italian language? But why?

I'm actually an Italian, you know.

- Senpai is in soccer club.
- Rion, let's be manager there.

- Me? Huh?
- You have secret intention for that, right?

- What do you mean?
- You know what I mean!

Ah, wait.

"No Side Quest by Koga Yuri"

Today's special dessert is Manda-a la mode.


I can see it. It's following you.

- A very bad one.
- Huh? Bad?

No, wait. Master, I'll pay you. Master...

My power alone won't be enough to fight against it.

No, wait, wait. I'll pay as much as you want...

- I'll pay, Master!
- My condolences.

- Huh?
- If possible...

...I hope I can see you again someday.

{\pos(964,943)}Mai! I'm sorry!

{\pos(964,943)}- Are you okay?
- Sorry.

{\pos(964,943)}Let's go, Renji-san.

{\pos(964,943)}You're out of breath!


{\pos(40,76)}Doko e mo yukanaide

{\pos(40,140)}Don't go anywhere

{\pos(40,76)}Kono ai no umi ni ukabi

{\pos(40,140)}Floating upon this sea of love

{\pos(40,76)}Yoake no you na

{\pos(40,140)}Just like the daybreak

{\pos(40,76)}Anata no soba ni itai

{\pos(40,140)}I want to be by your side

{\pos(40,76)}Komorebi yureru kage ni

{\pos(40,140)}In the swaying shadow drawn by the sunlight filtering through the trees

{\pos(40,76)}Anata wo omoidashite

{\pos(40,140)}I remember you

{\pos(40,76)}Koe ga kikoeru you na

{\pos(40,140)}As if I can hear your voice

{\pos(40,76)}Nukumori ni idakare

{\pos(40,140)}I am embraced in your warmth

{\pos(40,76)}Doko e mo yukanaide

{\pos(40,140)}Don't go anywhere

{\pos(40,76)}Kono ai no umi ni ukabi

{\pos(40,140)}Floating upon this sea of love

{\pos(40,76)}Yoake no you na

{\pos(40,140)}Just like the daybreak

{\pos(40,76)}Anata no soba ni itai

{\pos(40,140)}I want to be by your side

{\pos(40,76)}Koboreteyuku namida wa sono mama ni

{\pos(40,140)}My overflowing tears remain as they are

{\pos(40,76)}Ashita no yume

{\pos(40,140)}And tomorrow's dream

{\pos(40,76)}Anata ni terasarete kagayaiteiku

{\pos(40,140)}Is shining brightly over you

{\pos(40,76)}Tomoshibi odoru yoru wa

{\pos(40,140)}The night when the sea of light is dancing

{\pos(40,76)}Kanata ni omoihasete

{\pos(40,140)}Makes me think of that faraway place

{\pos(40,76)}Tenohira fureru you ni

{\pos(40,140)}Maybe I can touch the palm of your hands

{\pos(40,76)}Kokoro wo kasaneaetara

{\pos(40,140)}If I can feel what you feel in my heart

{\pos(40,76)}Doko e mo yukanaide

{\pos(40,140)}Don't go anywhere

{\pos(40,76)}Kono ai no umi ni ukabi

{\pos(40,140)}Floating upon this sea of love

{\pos(40,76)}Yoake no you na

{\pos(40,140)}Just like the daybreak

{\pos(40,76)}Anata no soba ni itai

{\pos(40,140)}I want to be by your side

{\pos(40,76)}Koboreteyuku namida wa sono mama ni

{\pos(40,140)}My overflowing tears remain as they are

{\pos(40,76)}Ashita no yume

{\pos(40,140)}And tomorrow's dream

{\pos(40,76)}Anata ni terasarete kagayaiteiku

{\pos(40,140)}Is shining brightly over you


{\pos(40,140)}Is shining brightly over you