Tsuki to kyabetsu (1996) - full transcript

(Fireworks) Hmm ...

Huh ...

(Radio: DJ) It's already changed

"Brains" is becoming a legendary band

Many fans were surprised by the sudden dissolution a year ago.

He came to this studio as a guest

There were rumors that the vocal fireworks solo debut

He is still silent

I want to see the singing voice of fireworks again

I don't think I'm the only one, but even in the Brains songs

Let's send this popular number

Illuminated by the moonlight (sound of turning off the radio)

♪ Illuminated by the moonlight

♪ You are too sad to smile

♪ What should I throw away to go far away?

♪ Don't dodge words

♪ I'm not fooling around

♪ Two people who don't want to cry They don't want to cry, right?

♪ Don't hesitate anymore

♪ I can't wait anymore

♪ I have to be with you

♪ There are many things I can't do

♪ (Harmonica performance)


♪ What is it for you?

♪ What is it for me

♪ If you can find even one, right now

What are you looking at

(Senior) Did you come?

I'm waiting for this new song

I wonder how long you kept me waiting


It's huge

Are you only making cabbage now?

I brought the biggest one among them.

Oh yeah, let's go


It was pretty fast Yeah, the highway was slow

What is your job?

The world doesn't move in the tray

Is it this year?

I can't drink at all this year

You can't do good food unless the time is ripe

With you

What time is it tomorrow with Mr. Kimura? Ah suitable

Take the cabbage, no more

Kimura-san, don't you think it's similar to cabbage?

Huh (shutter sound)

Am I not like this person?

♪ (playing an instrument)


(Kimura) Yes Hello

When did the fireworks arrive?

eh? what? Talk

Let's talk slowly

How is summer in Tokyo? Fireworks

You seem to be boiled alone

Hey here is one

Would you like to write a song for someone?

Somehow I'm holding a newcomer now

I want to be the second Brains

Would you like to produce it?

It's like having a monkey marathon, right?

As usual

Isn't it opening a new path for you?

I don't feel like writing songs for people

You said you wanted to break up and start over

I'm looking forward to what you will make

And one year

It's been another year and a half

I also want to change direction and think about it

(Kimura) One year seems to be long and short.

The cycle is changing around the world

I wonder if there is something I want to see ...

Even fireworks

Without a fireworks master

The fireworks season will end if you hit it hard!

(Car horn)


(Radio: Voice of a female announcer)

In addition to lectures and discussions

Yatsuka Town, where peony is produced

It is supposed to conduct a site visit

Next is the weather information

Large and strong typhoon No. 12 that went north on the Sea of ​​Japan

Landed in Hokkaido early this morning

I went to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in the afternoon

In various parts of northern Hokkaido

Due to heavy rain, damage such as landslides occurred one after another

The Japan Meteorological Agency continues to call for strict caution

Air flights to and from various parts of Hokkaido due to the landing of a typhoon

Almost canceled ... (sound of turning off the radio)

(Harmonica sound)

♪ (Harmonica performance this way)




It was bad to disturb

(Hibana) The bus is ...

eh? Ba ... If you get on the bus

I got here before I knew it


There will be a dance competition tomorrow

Review of it


I left my luggage on the bus


Your wallet

Ah ... but it's okay

I'll walk home

The wind looks good too

・ (Bus running noise)

(Engine start sound)

(Sound of pulling the side brake)

You still have to get on the bus

How should I return it? I'll do it

I will return what I borrowed properly



(The sound of the key falling)

Hmm ...


(Flowing sound)

Ah ... (sound of stopping water)

(Sound of noodles)




(Ignition sound of lighter)

·Good evening

・ I came to return the money

Good evening

I'm Hibana Hibana?

Hibana Fireworks Hibana

What are you

I also found a bag

I'm not a kid

I met the fireworks again

I wanted to say thank you

You're not doing anything

I just lent you money

I know why here

I'm a fan of fireworks so I know everything

My fans usually don't do this




・ ♪ I found a fairy in a pile of rubble

♪ I'm playing on a broken TV


·Nice to meet you

What the hell are you going to do

(Owl barks)

Stray dogs are better

Only tonight




(Sound of rolling paper)

(Sound hitting the wall)

・ (Bird bark)

Good morning

It's a good place here

I got up early in the morning so I went for a walk

I'm sorry, where do you think you are here?

Don't you know the fireworks house?

I was imagining what the fireworks were like for a year


The picture is good

Hey you

"The secret of the universe, honey, honey"

what? The secret of this universe is the fine honey.

Don't listen! It's weird ~

Is this me?

You're not


Lend me!

I'm sorry I stayed you

It's called fireworks because you get angry as if it's on fire right away.

Why do you have to say that?

Don't do anything extra

(Drawing sound)

(Cicada barks)


Don't be messing around


It ’s a fireworks cabbage.


I look good

It's cute cabbage

I hope you grow up quickly


Where are you going

There is a hill with a nice view over there

Didn't you go home?

There's a bear over there

(Sound of trampling)


There was such a thing

(Bird bark)

It feels good

♪ If you can communicate without saying anything

♪ Probably wonderful

♪ And the love that doesn't remain with you is over

♪ Let's throw away the superficial relationship tonight

Bad shit

What happened then?


When you listen to the fireworks song, look at the sky and listen

I feel like I'm with you

Fireworks are lonely


Palpitations are normal

However, my heartbeat became a little more intense

I wanted to dance with a fireworks song someday

My song?

It doesn't suit the dance

What I'm doing is creative dance You can dance freely with any song

How was the competition

Sorry ... Missing qualifying

I'm still not good at all



What are you picking up? This looks like fireworks

Get on it and go home

Will it be fixed? Yeah yeah

It will take time

You can be me, right?


It's fixed


Ahhh ... ah!

Dangerous ... the people at home will be worried

My mom tells me that I go to a lesson in Tokyo

What about school? Summer vacation

I won't disturb the fireworks

I think it's quite useful

Look! I'm in time

Is it really useless?


What if I still said I wouldn't go home?

You can't say that, why?

Go home! go back




Thank you

You are welcome

Ah ... huh ...

Hmm ...




♪ Illuminated by the moonlight

♪ You smile

♪ Too sad


Huh huh huh ...

After all ... After all it is useful

Bicycle, right?

You can stay

Yoisho Hey reverse

It's the opposite


That guy ...



After all go home! Yeah!



(Cicada barks)






There is also dressing


Meat isn't the only steak

What are you going to do with this?

This is good

There used to be an organ at home


♪ Fufufufunfunta tata tata tata tata tata

♪ Tata Tata Tata Tata

What is this song?

It's a fireworks song

Look at your finger

An organ that doesn't make a sound is like fireworks

I want to hear a new song soon

I can't do what I can't do I'm not trying to do it

To me

The fireworks song remains forever, you're over


You know eternity after you die


Yes last one! (Camera shutter sound)

Yes, thank you for your hard work (staffs) Thank you for your hard work

(Male) Thank you very much

I was able to take a good shot (male) Yes, when is it?

Well, let's check the whole thing early next week

Then thank you very much

(Kimura) Hello very much!

(Kimura) No ~ I haven't heard from you.

No no no (Kimura) No no ... Hey

Say hello to the photographer

(Musicians) Good morning

(Kimura) Then I'll ask Tsukamoto (Tsukamoto) Yes

(Kimura) They will make their debut this year.

Oh yeah ... oh yeah yeah


Do any work other than fireworks

I'll do anything if asked again ~

Oh, by the way, from that point on

Did you meet the fireworks? No no

I'm planning to go soon (Kimura) Oh

(Male) Good morning (Kimura) Ah ~

I can ask for something like this because I'm a lawyer

What I want him to give me a little

There is, but if it doesn't matter

Is that okay? Yeah

Then hey ...

It's a fan letter

Fireworks I don't have to read it now

The pressure around me is getting harder and harder

I think it's necessary to give a slightly different factor now

Kimura-san, why don't you go by yourself?

That's right

He's hard to talk to me

I see

Thank you for handing it over

Then if something changed to fireworks

Can you tell me Yeah

But what I say is

Please take a look slowly

Then please

I'm sorry

・ (Dog barking)

(Operation sound) (Noise from radio)

(Radio: Male Announcer) Expected to enter the storm zone this evening

Also, as the typhoon approaches

There is a risk of heavy rain on the Pacific side of western Japan ...

(Car engine stop sound)

Uh! Oh

(Fireworks / Rijin) Hahahaha Are you eating cabbage?

Oh, I'm eating cabbage this year ~

This time ...

This is it! Hahaha

Watermelon Kaou


After all this is cooler

Do you live too?

Then I'll live in Nepal (Rijin / Fireworks) Hahaha

Hibana! Watermelon is here

I'm not a watermelon

It's really called Hibana Ah ... Ask him

Hibana! I wonder if it was bad to come suddenly

If that's the case, he's better off

After all, I've settled down


That child or that guy is here again

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you

It became 30 on March 3rd of this year

It's the first time I've lived for 30 years and made my first face-to-face greeting on a wall

How about you Hibana-chan

I will be a memory too

Let's get along

Hey, don't get along suddenly

There are souvenirs as well as getting along

The one I bought when I went to Tibet before

Lipstick made of natural flowers It's overkill

Can I open it? OK

Sweet smell

It's cold and feels good ~

You can even go fishing

I wish I had brought a rod

Hibana is here too!

Good! What is that guy

Isn't it okay?


Say something like that ... No, really

really? Where? Ah over there

Oh ...

(Sound of the river)



Did you notice?


I suddenly fall down

How are you?

It's all right now

I'm not good at water because I've drowned

Hibana is also not good at it


The rice is ready, the watermelon is cold

♪ (Guitar and accordion performance) (Glass sound)



Hahaha! (Ribana / Hibana)

Hahaha (sound of rubbing a match)


Did it get heavier?

Doki! I was able to

It's beautiful

Who? It's fireworks

Haha ... You're not a watermelon

You don't have to ask hahaha

Hmm ... I was relieved

Hmm? what?

If the fireworks seem to be obsessed with strange kid

I thought I'd pull it back even with a few shots in my ass

I'm not a ghost

Recent high school students are like ghosts

I don't understand that point

Hibana is a good girl

Yes yes

I want to see you dancing

That's right

Haven't you seen it? Oh what is it

Take a look

(Bird bark)

The grass has grown

Yeot! Hmm ...


What's your real name?

What about Hibana fireworks?

It ’s embarrassing, so it ’s okay ...

I'm hibana as long as there are fireworks

What the hell


(Harmonica sound)


You said you wanted to dance with my song

Yeah, it's old, so I'll blow it


What do you like

♪ On a pile of rubble


(Harmonica sound)

let's go

♪ (Harmonica performance Youseito Ita Natsu)




Huh ... Yoisho

It's the first time that fireworks have invited me

not heavy? It's heavy!



(Sound of piano)

(Sound of piano)

(Bird bark)

(Sound of piano) ♪ Aaaaaaaaaaaaa

♪ Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa

♪ Woo

♪ (Piano performance)






♪ (Haming)






The summer vacation of fireworks is over

My summer vacation is about to end

Summer vacation

Summer vacation



Give me strength


Yes Hello

Aa Morisaki-san Good evening

Yeah I'm doing it


Last year's dance competition

It's a qualifying child

Um ... is this?

wait a minute

There is

Yeah tomorrow? It ’s good.

Yes then over here

Yes yes i understand

(Radio operation sound)

(Noise from the radio)

(Radio: Male Announcer) Due to a landslide caused by Typhoon No. 12.

A part of the Hokkaido Expressway, which was closed to traffic,

From this morning, face-to-face traffic with one lane above and below has started.

In addition, it was cut off due to flooding caused by a typhoon.

Railways and fixed-route buses in northern Hokkaido

Almost normal operation resumed

Next is typhoon information

According to the observation of the Japan Meteorological Agency

Medium-sized and strong typhoon No. 13 is as of 7:00 am

Located about 140km southeast of Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture

While developing, it is moving northwest at a speed of about 15 km / h.

(Morisaki) I'll be saved

Because the child who didn't pass the qualifying last year

This year is the grand prize

Because it was only taken from the qualifying

Lirenjun Dajinxing ハハハッ

How old is it? It's an exaggeration, it's the one pickled last year

(Morisaki) I like this casualness

Thank you


Ah ... delicious

Ah Morisaki-san?

Did this child participate this year?

Hmm ... I don't know

Because there are as many child stars as this

Hmm ...


Wait a minute

♪ (Piano performance)





♪ (Guitar performance) ♪ (Haming of two people)


Apparently the future doesn't work


I want to transpose


(Guitar sound)

You did this a while ago

What is that?

Heartbeat of the earth

The heartbeat of the earth ... ♪ (Guitar performance)

♪ (Haming)




Are you quitting now?



Is it cabbage after all?



It's a delicious cabbage


I hope the cabbage of fireworks grows quickly.


(Sound of tapping cabbage)

(Sound of shaking leaves)

It's like the sound of a bird flapping its wings

(Sound of shaking leaves)

I'm scared if all this flies and flies


(Sound of shaking leaves)

(rain sound)

What's wrong !?

Hey Hibana!

Hey Hibana! Wait


It's dangerous if you run so much



Is Hibana all right?

Hey (thunder)


Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Hey ... a little

Ah ... huh huh ...

Huh ... (squeezing clothes)

Huh ...


Ah ... Ah ...


Uh ... huh ...




do not forget me…



♪ (Piano performance)



♪ La la la la la la la la la la la

♪ Woo

♪ La la la la la la la la la la la

(Sound of piano)



It's done


Do you want to try it from the beginning?


Hmm ...

Let's go!



Ah ... for now

♪ Talala la la la

Please give me another one




Ah ... Mr. Rijin

I wonder why I came

What happened? I'm not fine

No, I'm fine in various places

Hello Hello

I brought an astronomical telescope

Eh !? Great souvenir

Hey, what kind of wind is it like to bring this?

Is it a celebration? celebration?

It looks like I've finally started making new songs

Haha Ichiban Crater

I made it look like I can see it, even in the daytime

Is it really?

Oh next person!

Then yes!

Then it's the second sly ...

Looked? This is

It ’s like crumbled okonomiyaki.

You can say that a rabbit is dancing or something like that

Hibana-chan Hey huhu

Hey, don't you have a hex wrench? Wow

Hex wrench

I'll see you for a moment

It looks so big

Hmm ...

The high school dance competition was lively again this year.

Everyone was doing their best because of their daily practice


It seems that only one child could not participate

The day the child was supposed to come to Tokyo

The bus stop along the river that the child was waiting for

Have a landslide

It was the day when a large typhoon hit Hokkaido.

When the child is found

Only the Walkman tape I was listening to before the accident

It seems that it was spinning all the time

That child

I'm a child named Hikari Goto

It's called Hikari no Sato, which is called Hikari no Sato.

I don't care about that

I've shot that girl before

At last year's competition

Try to crouch in the corner of the room

I was listening to music on my Walkman

Like believing in something

I was struck by the praying appearance

I released the shutter

If I meet the child someday

I wanted to say thank you

Have me take a picture like this ...

I'm sure it's the child who wants to say thank you

If you can ...

I want you to stay by the fireworks forever if you can

Summer vacation doesn't last forever ...


Hmm ... Hey hexagon Is this okay?

Oh, there was

I searched

Hmm? Is it a scope?

that? Why does this look upside down?



I'm just coming, I have a rush job

Then did you bother to bring it?

Yeah don't worry

It feels bad hahaha

Hey Hibana! I'm going home! Ah, okay, okay

Hibana! (Engine start sound)

I'm looking forward to the new song


♪ (Piano performance)



♪ (Piano performance) ♪ One more time

♪ Don't change the season

♪One more time

♪ It's a playful time

♪One more time

(2 people) ♪ Don't change the season

♪One more time

♪ It's a playful time




You sing, right? And always will be

Yeah sing





I want you to paint it on fireworks


(Sound of putting lipstick)


(Sound of removing lipstick)

(Sound of putting lipstick)





I'm sorry?

I can't stay anymore


I can't meet you

What does it mean?

I can't stay near the fireworks anymore

I don't know


I want to listen again



Thank you fireworks


Where are you going





(Voice of a man) "Please forgive me for a sudden letter."

"I was landslide caused by typhoon No. 12 the other day.

A mother who lost her 17-year-old daughter Hikari. "

"On August 16th, when the typhoon landed in Hokkaido

For qualifying for a dance competition in Tokyo

It was also the day when Hikari departed. "

"In the rain

My daughter is singing Fireworks' song

I smiled and went out. "

"At the age of 17, Hanari has a feeling for fireworks.

Fireworks' music and dance

It was all about being alive. "

"I just passed away."

"The enclosed notebook is Hikari's diary."

"You can have fireworks take care of you.

I think it ’s the happiest thing for my daughter ... ”

(Voice of Hibana) "May 10"

"Lessons for the competition begin"

"June 6"

"Ice cream-colored cool moon"

"I at school for my family"

"But I like myself the most when I'm with the fireworks song."

"Because I can be very honest."

"You can be alive when you touch the purity of fireworks.

I think it's okay to be straight. "

"I want to dance with a fireworks song"

(Voice of Hibana) "Summer moon seen from the bicycle returning from the pool"

"It's been over a year since the fireworks broke up Brains."

"It's about to be the third dance competition."

"I've grown 3 cm in the last year."

"Where and what are the fireworks doing at this moment?"

"I hope I'm in the middle of writing a new song in front of the piano."

"At the end of summer I will be 17 years old"

(Voice of Hibana) "Fireworks and Hibana Rika are the same."

"Fireworks Hikari Hanabi Hikari Fireworks Hikari"

"Yes, I'm just a momentary spark of fireworks."


(Sound of shaking leaves)


(Harmonica sound)

(Harmonica sound)

♪ (Piano performance One more time, One more chance)



♪ What more can I lose my heart?

♪ How much pain can I see you again

♪ One more time Don't change the season

♪ One more time It's a playful time

♪ I always broke first when I was sick

♪ The selfish personality made me even more lovable

♪ One more chance Being taken by memory

♪ One more chance I can't choose the next place

♪ I'm always looking for you

♪ Opposite home The window behind the alley I couldn't be here

♪ If your wish comes true, go to you right now

♪ There is nothing I can't do anymore

♪ I'll put it all on and hug you




♪ Anyone should be fine if you just want to dispel loneliness

♪ I can't stop myself because it's a night when the stars are about to fall

♪ One more time Don't change the season

♪ One more time It's a playful time

♪ I'm always looking for you

♪ I can't be here at the intersection or in my dreams

♪ If a miracle happens, I want to show you right now

♪ New morning I'm about to come

♪ The word "like" that I couldn't say


♪ Summer memories turn around

♪ The heartbeat that disappeared suddenly

♪ I'm always looking for you

♪ I couldn't come to this place in Sakuragicho, the city at dawn

♪ If your wish comes true, go to you right now

♪ There's nothing I can't do anymore I'll hug you over everything

♪ I'm always looking for your debris somewhere

♪ Destination store The corner of the newspaper It can't be in such a place

♪ If a miracle happens, I want to show you right now

♪ New morning The word "like" that I couldn't say from now on

♪ I'll always look for your smile somewhere

♪ I couldn't be here at the railroad crossing waiting for the express train

♪ If life repeats, go to you many times

♪ I don't have anything I want anymore

♪ Other important things besides you