Tsuchi (1939) - full transcript

But the merchant has only paid
on the interest.

That's gone on for two years already.
You have to get a bit crude now.

Additionally... Kawabata

has not paid the outstanding
interests yet.

So Kanji, what did you want actually?

Next year I'll pay my
farm lease, definitely.

And what do you want now?

I've heard they started
with threshing already.

Well, that's why you came here. Right,
you can start tomorrow immediately.

Thank you! I don?t even have money
anymore to buy salt

and I must earn a little on the side.

Oho! if you are not calm
you'll get corn to booze.

These big guys, when given two glasses,
they'll be done.

That is something I've tried often before.

Hey, it's been a while since we meet.

That was a bad thing.
What? That Oshina died?

Yes, that was bad thing but that Kanji guy
only told me when she was already dead.

What good would have it done then?

She was your only child.

He knew that I couldn?t make it
to Noda within a day.

But it really hit Kanji too.

It was only fall that he told me that
you can't get out of your old debts.

Debts, Debts? If only that would be
only my debts, that damned guy.

Right on, you're having a star of
a son in law there. What will you do?

Go back to Noda and work?

What about your bad joints?

Yes, when it gets cold...

Don't work with that pain in your joints.

Although you and Kanji are no match,

you better make sure that you
can find accommodation.

Otsugi, make sure you're not cooking too
much rice again. It's a waste, you know.

But I did it exactly like mother
... 7 parts barley

Father aren't we planting
potatoes this year?

They taste wonderful.

They cooked some today over there.
Don't we have some?

Grandfather is not home yet.
What might be going on?

What is he on about? It would be
wonderful if he stays with us.

He can not possibly work in
Noda anymore.

What is he supposed to do here?
We can't let him work in the fields.

It was him who wanted to leave back
then. Only his debts stayed with us.

You don't know
what burden he gave us.

If we'll never make it out of poverty
then it is only his fault.

Kanji, say it again! How much debts
did I leave you?

You're not able to, right?

You're saying that
everywhere you go, I don't like that.

And you were nothing but a farmhand.
You had nothing.

Oshina, you'd easily have a better man.
What are a few hundred yen debts?

Kanji, get some rest after the meal.
If you're going on too soon again...

Father, Father!

Grandfather tells he is going to
Noda. What should I do?

Kanji, you should make him stay.
He is way too old to work.

Everybody is talking about it
in the village.

See, I give you your pay for today.
Just go home immediately.

I think the old one would
prefer to be in Noda.

Sister, a policeman is here.

How will you prove that
the corn is from your field?

My corn has been well fertilized. So my
corn cobs are thicker than the others.

Is Kanji around?

No, Father is not here.

There he is. There he had it hidden.

That is my corn for sure.

There are no such corn cobs on his field
and he has not cut anything yet.

I already know that guy. He doesn't even
want to take care of his old father in law.

Ah, Otsugi. Come in. You've probably
heard already. It's a pity with Kanji.

Good evening.

Where is Father?

Don't worry. He is in the house.

It often can get unpleasant.

Please help him!
He cries out for Father the whole time.

You little fool. Otsugi, you'd do
everything for father?

You still have to cut the
corn on your fields tonight.

Yes, at once.

Don't cry. Father will be back soon.

Kanji, Kanji, come out.
Everything is alright.

The policeman has left.

Is it day or night?

What are you talking about?
It has gone dark yet.

I'm sorry

Nothing can be changed now anyway.
But take care in the future.

Otsugi was really worried
but the child is brave.

There that?s Kanji.

It seems like Kanji doesn't even
have firewood anymore

Right, driver, lets go!

Where do you want to go?

What do you have together?

This seems to be a good year
for silkworms.

There are girls gathering from
everywhere. Right, let's go

Goodbye, Hiko san.

The young girls all leave from here?

Ah, there is Otsugi

Yes that is her.

Where are you guys going?

We are off to Bushu

Are you going to the weaving mill?

Write us!

Otsugi, write us.

Otsugi, follow us later!

Yes after I know how to weave.

But if I work somewhere, how would
you be able to pay the debts?

Ridiculous! If you're working
a little money will come in.

You shouldn't have a life like that.
Even if I'd have to eat dirt.

Haven't you got any eggs left?

These are good eggs.

Otsugi take care that
you won't get scammed.

Here, I can do that! The scale
has been checked just before.

Take a look. Nothing is wrong.

It weighs exactly 40 Momme,
2 Fu makes 46 sen 8 rin 6 mo.

Father, did you buy fish?

Yokichi, dear boy go and wash them there.
I'll put them in the soup.

You must not tell dad.

Father, Sister, get me some sweets please.

Seeding rice plants has begun...

Otsugi, you cant seed like that.
You ought to do it like this.

Here, that?s what I should bring.

Let's have lunch break.

Father, that looks like fun.
I want to do that soon too.

The farmers pray to the skies for rain.

the soils are dry

I'll join you as soon as
I finished cleaning. Just go.

Grandfather, I've boiled some eggs.
Share them with Yokichi later.

That tastes lovely.

But father is always angry
when we eat eggs.

Is that so...


Father says the rice is
going quickly since you're here.

Rice is filled in bags and has to be
delivered to lord of the manor.

That is the pay for our labour
as we carried water busy.

We have been harvesting
more than the others.

If only that was all ours.
That would be great.

Don?t tell them there that our
harvest was that good.

I got it from Grandfather.

He seems drunk.

Father, he pays for the wine himself.
Let him have a glass.

It annoys me that I have to work for two.
And why? Just because of the debts.

Even if it is his own money...
to have wine already at lunchtime...

Let's wait another day. The rice
that we cultivated with such effort...

We shouldn't even think that.

Kanji, you did well this year.
Everything is fine and received well.

Congratulations. Otsugi did well as well,
you were the first this year.

That? It is a gift for you from
the lord of the manor.

Food is ready, come in.

Okune do you have some wine?

There is not more, but help yourself.

Otsugi, you've grown so much.

You look exactly
like your mother, don't you think Kanji?

Tell me, how much fabric is
needed for such a women?s belt?

Do you want to get one for Otsugi?

I'd like to...
she worked so hard... but...

Well that is nice, for a belt like that
you'd need 10 feet.

I only need the surface.

Well then 4 feet should be enough.

That is how much then?

The crape? It is cheaper now.

You might as well get it
for 12 to 13 sen per foot.

I thought it would be more expensive.

Father, watch out!

Otsugi, soon we will have
our own land. Go help.

Oh, I am truly drunk.

A wedding is held at a farmhouse

What the bride will look like?

Beautiful, certainly.

She will certainly wear make up.

Maybe she even carries make up with her.

Working here as maid today,
how embarrassing.

The bride will be even
more embarrassed than you.

You are not allowed to come in.

Father said that you
should come back soon.

What does he want?
It only starts now

Your father is strange. First he sends you
here and now he wants you back.

Today is a lucky day.
Otsugi stay here.

Yokichi, tell your sister to come here.
There you have 5 rin.

I've been there.

Father sent you there, right?

When it gets dark he gets worried.

He is worried that young people
are there too.

He wont let her out with others,
how people already gossip.

Here comes the bride!

In the small temple of the village

I'll join you later with Uhei.
Go ahead.

What are you doing?
Are you sick?

So, so. Everybody is in the temple.
Won't we join them?

Are you coming?

I haven't prepared rice and beans.
I didn't tell Otsugi.

What does that mean? There is time
for that tomorrow. Let's go!

Well old guy, let's take one.

No... better not.

Why not?
That makes us feel young again.

I wont be able to stop
once I've started.

It is not like in the old days.
It is expensive.

But the wine from the
temple brings good luck.

If Kanji treats you so badly...
why would you be fearful?

Kanji did earn well enough.
What does it matter.

I'd like to...

Otsugi is in the right age now too.
Why don't you marry her to someone?

Otsugi, I sent for you so often.
What are you doing?

If you're sitting here around here drunk
how can I sit at home calmly.

If only you'd come yourself. But you sent
Yokichi... They only laughed at him.

To give nothing to your father in law.
That damn guy, take it yourself.

He doesn't even talk to you.

If he doesn?t talk, make him talk.

Otsugi, take out the rice and beans.

Oh, I forgot that.
Tomorrow I'll give you some.

If I were some place else
I wouldn't need anything.

But it won?t work like this, Kanji!

The people of the village
look strange at you.

It doesn't help if you
keep your ears shut.



What is it?

We have to get up early tomorrow.
Get out Yokichi's bed.

Quickly make the beds.

If Father finds out you'll be in trouble.

I'd run away.
Roast some chestnuts for me.

Your fingers are trembling.
Let me do that.

You have to bite into them first.

That is your share. But you don?t
have any teeth. Are you able to bite?

There is Kanji's house.
Where is the fire?

Father! Father!

There, There. The fire is already reaching
the house of the lord of the manor.

We can't do anything for Kanji?s house.
Let's all go help the lord of the manor.

What a bunch of bad luck.
We have given them all something.

Yesterday evening you've been cold.
Is Yokichi awake? Is he burnt much?

All is good, Yokichi. Come over to us.
We get you some warm food.

Ah, those are good ones.
But they are frozen.

Did the lord of the manor send them?

We also burnt down the house of the lord
of the manor. What should we do now?

Father, what happened with the rice.

Ah right. Otsugi get me the hatchet.

Father, maybe there is some
unburnt rice in the midst.

Grandfather, how are you?
Are you in pain?

Ah that is much better!

What happened to the house?

We already built a new one,
we will take you there soon.

What new house did you build?

We built it from the ruins of the old one.
There are not brickearth walls in yet.


Grandfather I got you some rice.
Do you want me to make you some soup?

Grandfather, Otsugi did bring the rice
clandestinely. I've watched her.

What, you are not doing that?
The people in the village take care of me.

I'll visit the lord of the manor.
I'll be back soon.

Well, Uhei, how are you?
Are your burnt wounds any better?

Just be patient.
My magic will heal them quickly.

I got white salve.

That crud is not working.
My agents work better.

But the doctor gave me the salve.

As if it would heal with that.

Is Otsugi putting it on?

No, Father did that.

You never came here once to pray.

Now you are punished
and your house is burned down.

Father said that grandfather wont
come here because of his shame.

That is what he said?

Did Otsugi say the same?

No Otsugi didn't say anything.

When Otsugi visits grandfather
then father always gets angry

That Kanji, is one of a kind.

Grandfather give me 5 rin only.

I neither have a sen.

What will happen now?

Kanji wont have him back for sure.
I cant watch this calmly.

It is still his cranky father
I'll tell him.

You stay here, old one.

We will talk to Kanji.

You can't talk to Kanji with such anger.
There will only be fights.

If he still doesn't get it
then you can talk to him.

Everything is over for me. I don't feel
like touching the hatchet anymore.

That is just not right. We are all
humans and make mistakes.

I just don?t know what to do
or how to live on.

That might as well be the case but what
do you want to do with Uhei?

You can't let him lay in the temple.

You haven't even visited him once.

He has burns.

Yokichi lost half his face in the fire.
If only the old one did not cause this.

We only wanted your best and that is
why we gave him shelter at the temple.

What ever you say you've
got to take care of him.

Where shall we lay him?

What food shall we give him?

I don?t know how I should do it.

If only you are good to him
then we all will take care.

Since I've had him for a father-in-law
I have had nothing but misfortune

I took care of the debts, then scrimped
and saved money. Even worked for two...

Never have I eaten enough to be full

Despite all that I am burnt and
everything is gone. I cant get over that.

The guy still doesn't want to?
He is talking rubbish.

No food? No place to sleep?
Give him your food and your bed.

Your talk is cheap
because you're not hungry.

Right, let's go.
Thus you don?t want to take him.

Well, then join us to go to the
lord of the manor. Let him decide.

We will take care that you're
chased out of the village.

I don't know anymore what to do.
I feel like I am already dead.

Father, don't say such a thing.
I can't help you anymore either.

Back then you said that you want to go to
the weaving mill. It is a good time to go.

What do you want to do with the money?
I don't want now.

Thinking of grandfather
I cant leave here.

I feel like my head explodes.
Everything is lost.

Father, don?t think like that
I'll do everything to help you.

The field didn't burn.

You said everything is gone
but the field is still there.

Don't lose your will.
Stay strong.

We have to take care of the corn.

Open up!

Aha. The old one is not here again.

Uhei is not in the temple.

Open up!

What is the matter?

Uhei is missing from the temple.

Did he commit suicide?

He is not in Kanji's house
anyway we have to find him.

I will go.

You don't have to go
I'll go myself.

There is Kanji.
Why are you going?

That is all your fault.
You killed the old man.

Oh, Grandfather. What is it?
Come here, come here.

Yokichi, Grandfather is here. Go to
the main street. If you find father,

Tell him that grandfather
did come back.

You might feel sorry for him
but there is nothing to do.

Even if we find him in the river
he is dead already.

Dad! Dad!



Grandfather is here

He is in the house white as a ghost.

Grandfather you must not die.

Otsugi, rake the fire!

Yokichi, get his socks off
and rub his feet.