Tsatsiki, farsan och olivkriget (2015) - full transcript

Tsatsiki is an inquisitive boy with a Swedish mother, a faraway Greek father an a lot of questions. For example: where does he belong, and what's it like to fall in love? When summer arrives he can't wait to go to Greece, where he remembers, his father is a rich man with a hotel and an olive grove. As proof of his fatherly love he once promised Tsatsiki that it all will stay in the family, always. But things are different now. Crisis has struck and the hotel is empty. All the tourists are going to an all-inclusive resort where they have everything, except the real Greece. When Tsatsiki learns his dad might have to sell the hotel and orchard, he feels heartbroken and betrayed. Still, he can't believe there won't be a solution. Tsatsiki's mother has taught him never to give up, so with the fearless girl Alva and his best friend Hammar, from Sweden, he resolves to come up with a plan.

In our family every child gets,
when it is born

his own love tree.

Now you have one too.

So many kids.

When I was a little boy,
your grandpa and me were here often.

And I loved it.

Every time I come here,

I really miss him very, very much.

I miss him too.

Let's go.

So, your grandpa
kept telling me

Now it's my turn, to tell my son.

Tsatsiki, …

... never forget that these
olive trees are your family.

One day all of this will …

... belong to you.
- Wow!

But promise me like
I promised my dad

that no matter what happens, this
olive grove remains in the family.

I promise.

You promise?

You promise?

I promise!

Wow, you own a whole olive forest?

And look at my dad!
He owns almost all of Agios Ammos.

Gee, I'm happy!

It's grossly unfair.
My dad only works for a bank.

We always spend the holidays in Örebro.

Do you have your blog done?

I vlogged instead.

That has become super awesome!
- No

It has to be ready by tomorrow.
Here we go.

Hello! My name is Tsatsiki Johansson.

This is my vlog.

(I am eleven years old,
and that is not easy.

I am neither small nor large.

Some say that I was an accident,
because the sheath popped.

But mom says

I am emerged out of impetuous
intoxicating love.

In Greece I am a Greek,
in Sweden I am a Swede.

Sometimes I get
called "Greek Mix".

How do you know, who you are?)

Guess what?
- No What's up?

Promise you won't tell anyone.
- I swear.

I have hair now.

That is not true!
- Yes, honestly.


Did your dad send the tickets?

Don’t worry.
He keeps what he promises.

My dad promised me
a computer game.

He couldn't afford it.

But Yanis is stinking rich. He is
like a king in our village.

Mom, dance! - Where have you been?
I've called you a thousand times.

Sorry, my cell phone was on silent.

Why do you have a cell phone,
if you don't answer?

Lotta, stop worrying.

My name is "Mom".
How are you doing?

When you catch squid,
something dangerous may happen.

Please, Tsatsiki, stop it.

It may happen.

You may meet a shark or
getting water in the snorkel.

Then you shouldn't panic,
says dad.

He knows his way around.
- What do I know about?

Not you. Yanis!

Did he send the ticket?
- No, but that's not your problem.

Not in that tone with my wife.

She is more my mom than your wife.

You're doing math tomorrow.


Yourself "Oooh!"

Your wigs are crooked!

What's going on?
- No idea.

Yanis, now answer it!

Hurry up!

Aren’t you asleep yet?
- No

How's it going with your learning?
- I'm totally useless.

Stop it!
That you are not at all.

You are the best!

I'm the worst at math,
I don't dare to skate.

Everyone says I suck at soccer …

Don't pay any attention to them!

Not even my own dad
wants to deal with me.

He never answers.
- Then call again.

But that doesn't work.
I've tried it many times.

Do you know, Tsatsiki,
you always have to try everything,

no matter how impossible it seems.

I know.
- No kidding. Really!

You, mom?
- Hm?

It's not easy to have a father,
who lives so far away.

Sometimes I'm scared
that I lose him completely.

Who am I then?

You will always be Tsatsiki.

Tsatsiki Johansson. Hm?

I love you.

Around the world four times. Infinite.

And back again. I know.

No, to the corner, where the supermarket is.

Good night.
- Good night.


I think, I was right.

Tsatsiki! Tsatsiki!

What are you doing here?
- A ticket.

Do you know who this is for?
- For you.

Yes! There you see it, Hammar!

I knew, Yanis would send the tickets.

Tsatsiki, did you know
that I had tickets?

There you are!

High five, Retsina!

No! I want to come too.


Fine, but you're one day early.

Poli kala, poli kala!

Gee, am I excited!

Mom says, I have travel fever.

May I sleep with you?
- Uh.

Feel how warm I am.


Do you want to emigrate?

Mom packed.
- Oh, I see.

I think she has travel fever too.
What's for dinner?

- Uh!

- Yes.

How do you know, if you are in love?

Well, some things are just known.

Right down to the heart.

But how does it feel?
Just so I know!

It feels like you're invincible,

as if you could achieve anything in the world.

Something like that.

Then I've never been in love.

Tsatsiki, look!
Per Hammar makes a drop-in!


The tension is unbearable,
Hammar wants to drop-in.

But he hesitates.

He adjusts the board.

Is he really going to do it?


Here's the drop-in!

Here is the …


Per Hammar, is everything okay?

Crazy, how many people
shared my fall.

Cool that you posted it.
I am completely the star!

You are completely insane.

Do you have pain?

Do you have to go now?
- Yes.

Tsatsiki, come on!
Otherwise you will miss your flight.

Get well soon, Hammar.

I don't want to go without you.

Just vlog a lot!

Then it's like I'm there.


Why are we driving in Stavro's car?
Where is our car?

Sold. It was a junk car!

That’s why we’re driving
with Stavros' Greek Ferrari.

Hi Hammar!
Now I am in Greece.

In the land of kissing and pinching.
Here it is "poli kala" - super good.

Poli kala!

It is clear that he is Greek.
He's my son.

Look, Hammar! I'm home!

Our olive grove!

It is greater,
than I remembered him.


Are you happy?


I couldn't be happier.

Do you know why it's called 'Donkey shit alley'?

Because all the donkeys shit here.

This is Zorba.

Jassu, Tsatsiki!

Jassu! Look, Hammar.

This is Agios Ammos
the most beautiful village in the world!


This is the bird's nest man.
He's super nice!

Jassu, Tsatsiki!
- Jassu!

- Jassu!

(He hands her a Swedish crispbread)



Do you want to eat at grandma's?

Of course!
We're going home first, right?

Of course.

You speak our language well.

I practice a lot, every day.
It's getting better.

Who was that?
- Just a businessman.






Now I know,
that I'm finally home!

It's time,
to take care of the squids.

Thank you for coming to me
my squid fisher boy.

You have made my heart
bigger and stronger.

Lend me your hand.

Do you feel it beating?
Can you feel it?

When you are not here,
it skip's a beat,

because I miss you so much.

Mine too.

Thank you Grandma.


Where are all the tourists?

You know … We had it
quite difficult in Greece.

Economically - there is a financial crisis.

The same is in Agios Ammos.

Lots of people have lost
their money and their jobs.

But you're rich, aren't you?

Uh …

You're still the best dad in the world.

Stretch … and together.

Efcharisto! Bye-bye! Thank you.

You truly are Tsatsiki. Hello!
- Hello.

I am happy,
to finally get to know you!

I am Durga.

I am the yoga teacher in the village,
among other things.

Let’s see, give me your hand.


I see …

... that you will meet
a dark-haired stranger.

Mom, stop it!

There she is already, her name is Alvy!

Are you from Sweden

Yes. And my name is not Alvy
my name is Alva.

A - L - V - A. Alva.

And Alvy is not a Swede.
We are citizens of the world.

Do you live in the "Father and Son"?

We help in the hotel,
while your father is clearing everything.

What does he clear?

He has to tell you that himself.

We've taught him
the language so well. Right, Yanis?

It's getting better, every day.

Okay. I gotta go.

What kind of style is that?

Looks great.
I feel like a business man.

But … what's up?
Hey, where are you going!?

There is such a thing …

I have to go to Athens,
I have a meeting with the bank.

It is like … I may have to
sell the olive grove.

Are you serious?

I only have bills, bills, bills.

I have to try to pay for it.

But we swore
never to sell it!

I have no choice.
Debt increases every month.

Because of the interest …
It's complicated.

That's why I sell
because it is important to me,

that we try together
to be as positive as possible.

Don’t worry.

Tsatsiki: If I sell,
maybe things will get a lot better.



What did you expect?
How would you feel?

Hi, Hammar! I hope,
your leg is doing better again.

Can you break your heart too?

It almost feels like it.

Today I'm going to sleep with grandma.

Yanis is going to sell the olive grove.

He went to Athens.
I don't know, when he will come.

A squid fisher should be,
where there are squids.

What else is the point of that?

What's up?

Well. Not that great.

Do you want to eat?


Where have you been? I have
searched for you all day

Why that?
- I'll explain to you later. C'mon!

No, I want to stay here.

You have to come,
the sun is about to set.

- Jassu.


The time will come soon.

Look: I get
goosebumps every time.

Imagine being so sad
to cry like this for 20 years.

At that time her son drowned.

It's so sad.


I always come here,
when something is depressing me.

Then everything sad blows into the sea
and disappears,

when I hear her crying.

I have heard,
how Durga and Yanis spoke together.

He probably also must sell the hotel,
not just the olive grove.

Why that?

He has no guests.
They all go to the luxury hotel.

If he sells the hotel,
where should he live then?

In Athens, I think.
Like everyone, who moves away from here.

But where should I live then?
That needs to be avoided.

How, though?

Adults never listen to children.

Now Cosmo also wants to sell.

Do you own all of these trees?

Yes, they are my family.

She says, these trees have
experienced bad and good times.

And it was the olives that made sure

that your family survived.

As long as there is the olive grove
you will always find your way home.

What is she saying?

Why is she so sad?

She doesn't know, if you can afford
the guys to pick.

Grandma? I can pick!

Me too.

If we're still here then.

In case the olive grove is still here.

Come on, let's do something else.

We go that way.
- Where to?

No idea. That's the great thing!

Do you like melons?
- Who would not do that?

The dog is coming!
- What?


Run or it will eat you!

Alva, help me!

Help! Ow!

But now you were scared!

Stavros is a good friend.
I may always get something.

Wait, that was just kidding!


I’m sorry. Sorry!

I was terrified!

You should have seen your face.

He went skateboarding,
I filmed him on my cell phone.

He was just about to do a drop-in
with the skateboard.

He fell down
and broke his leg.

That's why he couldn't come.

What kind of madmen are they?
- Tourists.

Where are they going?

To the big luxury hotel.

They live there now,
no longer in Agios Ammos.

Do you want to go there?
- Sure.

Look, there is my secret beach.

You can only see him from the water.

Aha. - You have to jump off a rock
to get there.

You have to come with me.

May everyone go in here?
- No Hotel guests only.

But we are no hotel guests!

- Jassu, Alva.

- Jassu.

Now we are hotel guests.
- Do you know him?

He is the only one from Agios Ammos,
who got a job here.

Where are they going?

To ruins or to the city
to buy souvenirs.

One, two, three, four!

One, two, three, four, again!

One, two, three, four!

Up, up!

Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake!

Shake your body, baby!

They have everything here!
- Everything except Greece.

It's nice to be a tourist for once

and not to think about all the bad.

I think about it anyway.

I have to come up with something.

Durga says on the head
one can think best,

because the thoughts fall best.

Did already something come into your head?
No, not yet.


What's up?

We are in Greece.
Everyone here speaks LOUD.

Hi Hammar! Excuse me,
I don't vlog so much anymore.

I have little time.

I am thinking, how I can save
the olive grove and the hotel.

It's not just because of me,
but because of everything.

And Alva.

A girl that I met.

She is super cool.

Tomorrow we will go swimming at the diving rock.

Good night!

Can't you show it off first?


Now it's up to you!

To dare is the scariest thing!

After that, it's just fun!

Don't be sad.
Next time you will have the courage.

Swedish pizza.

Did she make pizza out of the crispbread?

Does it taste good?

Yes, it tastes good.

Poli kala.

We are very similar,
when you think about it. - Uh.

You are also a child of love,

that emerged out of intoxicating love.

These are the best children,
says mom. So do I.


What was going on?
- They're mad, because I don't dance with them.

Do we want to go to the cinema?

There's no cinema here.
- You believe that.

This is old Zorba's cinema.

You know, the one with the stick.

It's been closed forever.


Great, right?

A cinema is made to watch movies.

♪ We're sitting here,
watched by the stars

♪ And I feel we are part of it all

♪ There's a reason for us

♪ Being here
and we're anything but small

I love romantic movies.
You, too?

Now yes.

♪ Blue light coming through water

♪ Everything so soft and unreal

♪ I know over and over

♪ This is how you're making me feel

♪ You're making me feel
You're making me feel

Hello! I thought you were in Athens!

I'm back.

Are you still mad?

It makes no sense,
to ask for miracles! Stop it!

So what is that?

Can you help me tomorrow
with one thing?

Doing what?

I have to take pictures of the hotel.
For what?

I know, it makes you sad,

but I found a broker
to help with the sale.

We make it look,
as if our hotel was very popular.

But dad, it is popular!

Me and Alva love it.

But we have no guests.
Only this counts.


Okay, so try …

A little further in.

Tsatsiki! A little further!

Ain't it a lie, if we pretend,
as if the hotel was full?

It's a little lie.

But in war and in love
everything is allowed.

Try to splash yourselves wet
and play.

Alva, try looking happy!

How am I supposed to be happy,
when you sell my home

You do not understand it!

Alva! Alva …

It's not just your home!

I'm not happy either
that I have to sell it.


Can't we wait at least a bit?

Maybe we can think of something.
Mom says, you should never give up.

A broker is waiting in Athens.

Tsatsiki, pame!
- No, I'm not helping you!

You only think about yourself
and ruin the lives of others!

Where should we meet, when you sell?

Tsatsiki, you have to calm down!
- No, I'm not calming down.

I wished I never met you.

Maybe it's better,
not having a father.

Then you will not be disappointed.

Come on, I'll show you something.

These are my keepsakes
from the places, where we lived.

This one I got
from a guru in India.

But that's nice!

I got this from grandma and grandpa,
when I visited them in Sweden.

This one is from the first day in Agios Ammos.

I found this shell,
when we lived in Jamaica.

That's what I like most.

We're really together already.

May I come in?

Sorry for just making you sad.

This is the last thing I want.

I'm sorry, I said

I wished I had never come here.

I do not do that.

But you know that I have to go.

Can you … can you maybe
take care of grandma,

as long as I'm away


You don't really want to either.

I'll find a way
that you don't have to sell.

I promise.

Even if I had to stand for it
upside down for years.

Did already something come into your head?

No, not yet.

Mouth open!


He only stops, when he knows,
how to save us.

I should better help him.
- Do that.


Did something come into your head?
- Yes, perhaps.

Go on!

Ui, everything is turn…

You passed out.

We thought you were dying!
Do not ever do that again!

C'mon! Let everyone know.

My mom says, you should never
give up or believe those

who claim,
that you are not good enough.

Agios Ammos is great!

There is no place in the world,
which is so beautiful.

Where women and donkeys call their feelings
into the sunset.

Where bartenders wear
bird nests on their heads.

Where you can watch movies
under the stars.

Tourists would like all of that
just as much …

... as burger buffets,
water slides and kids clubs.

It's much cooler here,
because everything is real.

The most delicious food all over Greece
is available here.

You can buy melons,
swim in caves …

... and fall in love.

In Agios Ammos, I mean.

Mom is right:
We have to believe in ourselves.

When the tourists learn
that it's all here

they would much rather come here.

Then Yanis doesn't have to sell -
and neither do you.

He asks, how we can get them here.

We have to spice up the village.

We can advertise,
if everyone helps.


What? You have to try at least!

Otherwise we will lose everything,
even our roots. And then …

Then you'll never find your way back home.

Alle take part!


(Now there is movement
in the whole village.

They say, I was the spark.

Now everyone is on fire.

Suddenly everyone has ideas,
how to get tourists to us.

I'm scared that we will
not make it in time,

because dad already has a broker.

He didn't believe me,

when I said
that we don't have to sell.

Alva is right:
Parents never listen to their children.)


This feels wrong, Alvy.

We have no right
to interfere in Yanis' life.

It's time for us to move on.
- You can do that.

I'm sick of moving all the time.

I don't want to be a citizen of the world.

I wanna be normal.

You will never be normal.
- Yes, I can!

I wished, you were a normal mother.

I gave you the world!

Stop calling me Alvy!

Did you ever think
that I don't want the whole world,

but a normal home,
your and my home?


You can't even argue
like a normal mom!

I wonder how it is
to have a normal family.


Do you know, where the hotel
"Father and Son" is?

Yes! Past the harbor, along there.

Many thanks!

It's around the corner.
- Mom, that's that boy!

Uh, who else should I be?

Put on your backpack,
so that we can go.

Tourists are weird.
- (quietly) Tsatsiki!



You are here?
- Surprise!

Oh darling!

How can you get so big
in four weeks? And so pretty!

How I missed you!
- Why didn't you say anything?

We wanted to surprise you.
Poli kala!

Poli kala!

Come here, Alva.

These are Mom and Per Hammar.

Hello. Lotta.
- I'm Alva.

I'm Tsatsiki's best buddy.

I'm Tsatsiki's best buddy
and girlfriend.

But you can have only
one best buddy.

Oh well, you can have so many
best buddies as you want.

The more, the better.

You know the heart …

It … grows
and gets stronger through love.

That's true. True story.

We are together.

It's good that we came in time,

otherwise we would have missed the wedding.

Just gone well.
- Dinner! Dinner!


I told you,
my grandma loves to pinch.

Where are Göran and Retsina now?
- With Retsina's grandma.

I wanted to go on vacation

and spend valuable time
with my son.

Me too. Thus with you.

Really cool: just laze around
and catch squids every now and then.

But … I have no time,
to do a lot with you.

Why that?

We have a lot to do.

We have to organize signs,
prepare adventures …

design flyers …

What kind of flyers?
- Well, advertising for more tourists.


Stealing melons, diving rocks,
open-air cinema, hip-hop,

Greek dance and morning yoga.

What do you mean, Nail?
You're a tourist.

My name is not Nail!
My name is Hammar!

Okay, Screw.

But what do tourists like to do?

Bathing and catching squids!


- Hello! - Hello!

Who goes swimming?
- What? Me!

Okay, the last one in the water
is a lame donkey!

They do not understand,
how important this is. - No

People phone in like crazy
to book rooms.

That was the seventh call.

They always talk about a blog.
Does Yanis have a homepage?

Maybe it's the photos
that he made. - May be!

We'd better go.


Come out of the water
and please help us!

I'm certain.
I've seen her myself.

She couldn't go.
I think she was dead. At least!

(Man) I'm going to have a look.

The coast is clear.

Why are we not allowed to distribute flyers?

They don't want
that we snatch away their guests.

Let's split.

This is our ball.

We're playing right now.

You can play football at home.

- You can't steal melons there.

But in Agios Ammos.
- What’s that?

You haven't been there yet? That's too bad.

The best place in the world,
especially for children.

I know you from your vlog!

Did you see that?
- Everyone has. - Yes!

Ask your parents. Tomorrow it will start.

Sounds great!

Why did these people see my vlog?

Don't you ever go to your site?
It is quite popular!

Thank me.

What do you mean?

I had little to do in the hospital,

thus I shared
and commented - everywhere!

People keep it
for a awesome crime thriller:

Can you make it to save
your father's olive grove?

Dude, how cringy this is!
- This is mega cool!

Hello! Thanks for looking

and for keeping
fingers crossed for the rescue.

If you want to go to Agios Ammos,

book today with "Father and Son".

You will not regret it.

Here we go!

If that doesn't look great.

I’m so excited!

They are coming soon.
- Yeah, it's only 11 o'clock.

Tourists sleep longer in the morning.

Yes, or they just won't come.

Why would they?
They have pure luxury in the hotel.

Just say you'd rather live there?

Uh …

The signs up!

Hallo! Kommt her! Kommt her!

Yes, come here!

(disappointed) Oh …

What did he say?

That we're worse than the government,

because we give hope to people
and steal it again.

We have to bring the tourists,
otherwise we can give up.

You did that beautifully.
- But nobody comes.

You tried. That is what matters.

No! What matters is
that Alva has to move away

and that me and Yanis
never have a home again.

Okay, okay, I see.

No, only we understand.

Agios Ammos is just as important
for you like our home.

And Yanis is just as important
for you like me,

even if it sucks.

I want to be the most important thing for you.

No, me!

And me!


I don't believe it.


Come on!

Hey, go!

Come on!
- Hey, go!

Come on!

(Hammar) Go on!

Hey, go!

Hey, go!


A little bit more.
- Hey, go!

Come on!
- Hey, go!

There's a bus coming!
- Hide all of you! Hide!

Stop! Stop!

No understand!

Look at the engine.
Back of the truck.

Here! Little problem!

Uh, Ladies and Gentlemen, …
and kids.

As you can see,
we have a little problem.

That's going to take some time.
All day.

Fortunately the very best village
in the world lies right here,

the little way down.

There is everything,
what a tourist wants:

Good food.

Diving rocks, lonely beaches.

Greek craft.

And super cool adventures for kids!

Just follow me, this is the way.

I come along.

Yes, here!

You see? Little problem here?

You see?

Come on, this way!


Take a seat!

The best food in the world is here!

Who's going to steal melons?

Me! Hooray!

How great is that?

It couldn't be better.

Okay, let’s go.

I do not want.

Stay close to me.
I'm scared myself.


Does anyone have a Euro to throw in?
- Me!

One after the other.

Isn't she super cool?

Just wait until you fall in love
with someone so much.

I may already be.

Yanis will be happy.
And surprised. - And how.


And me?

What do I get out of it?
I've worked just as hard.

So what? Do you want money?

I want my best buddy back.
- But I'm here!


We’re having fun tomorrow.
We're playing Olive War.

I'm going to bed. Good night.

Okay. Now remember:

You may only take the olives
lying on the ground.

We split into two teams.


There are points,
if you catch the other team.

You must not aim at the head.
Are you ready? - Yes.

Ouch, I'll show you.



Cease fire!


Oh! I'm … I'm Geir Lyngsved.
I'm working here. - Tsatsiki.

Tsatsiki Johansson.


What are you doing here?
Do you understand me? - Uh-huh.

Ah, perfect, perfect. I am a broker.

Broker, do you understand?

And I am very happy.

I found a customer,
who wants to buy the olive grove,

to turn it into a golf course
or a water park.

What do you think?

A water park would be great, wouldn't it?

But wouldn't the trees be in the way?

The trees? Yes, yes, the trees.

We have to cut them all down.

We create a clear sea view
and so. That'll be perfect.

But these trees are my relatives.

It's a pity, because they have to go.

All trees have to go.
- This one is my great-grandma.

This is my grandpa.

He wouldn't like you here.

I do not do that either.

This tree is almost 1000 years old!

You don't cut olive trees.

Yes, Tsatsiki makes the announcements here!

Go away!

Now let's calm down
and I keep working.

Didn't you hear?
Go away! - No! Listen!

Go away! - Stop it, you snotty-nosed brats!

I'm going, but I'll be back.

We got rid of him.

Don’t worry.

I won't let them cut you down.

I better go home.

Yes! New record!


What's up?

What did you say, Hammar?
- Nothing.

Are you mad?

Why should I be mad?


Shall we go out tonight?

Just you and me?



But just the two of us.

Teach me to dance.

You like Alva more than me, don't you?
- No

It seems so.


Did you say dance?

Stop it!

Come on, my boy.


Let's go.

First love is so amazing.

You will fall in love
countless times more.

Why do you never understand
that I'm not like you?

You know, mom …

I don't want to move away.

You know that Tsatsiki is going home soon.

Sometimes I wish I was
gay, I love you so much.

I love you that much too.

Just a moment. I'll be right back.

"Father and Son". - Hello, Tsatsiki.
- Dad! - May I talk to Durga?

She's teaching right now.

You don't have to sell anymore!

I told you I'd come up with something.

There was such a guy in the olive grove …
- Listen, Tsatsiki.

There is a buyer and I want
you to stay out of it. Promise!

I promise.

What was it about?

The money shark from the olive grove
has a buyer.

He wants to buy the hotel
and the olive grove.

- I have to find Alva.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

And breathe.

Sorry, did you see Alva?

Alva? She left early.

- She wanted to be alone.

She does this, when she wants to think.

But I need her.
It is important.

What can I do?

I need help!

If Yanis sells the olive grove,
no good for Agios Ammos.

Please help! Otherwise they will cut
the olive trees. - What?

You drive Yanis' boat? Yes?

Are you sure about this?


I know you.
- At your service

Yanis asked me
to show you the village. - How nice.

The hotel is in the village, we have to turn around.

Yanis wanted you to see more
than just the village.

Relax, Geir.

That's wonderful.

We have all day.



Gentlemen, time for lunch.

Olives are served here
from your future golf course

as well as delicacies from Agios Ammos.
- I already love the island.

Geir, you come too!

Come on.

Geir, come on now!

Enjoy your meal!

Come back immediately!
- No!

For your information: hotel and
olive grove are not for sale!

I command you! Come back here!

Good bye.

Come back here!

- What? I don't understand you.

Come back here!

Come back here!

It's almost like a kidnapping.

"In war and in love
everything is allowed", says Yanis.

You have food, water and wine.

Come back here! Come back here!

Why do we have to look for Alva?

She will be back,
when she's finished pouting.

I know, where she is.
- Then let's go.

But you …
- What's up?

I have to do this alone.

You are not mad, are you?

No, it’s okay. I see.


Yeah, sure.

Otherwise I wouldn't be a best buddy.


On three.







To dare is the scary thing about it.


I dared!
I dared!

I knew you could do it.

Why did it take you so long
to come?

I had business to do.

I do not want to argue with you.

Neither do I with you.

But I get so mad at Hammar.
I do not even know why.

But he's my best buddy.

That too!

Yeah, I know.

I get sad,
because the summer will be over soon.

Then you will leave again.

Thank god you're back.

Something happens. Look!

Something bad happens there.

Here's for you. There you go.


Come and say hello!


I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Have you seen Tsatsiki?

No. I'm just coming
by ship from Athens.

So … what a son
we have, what? - Yeah, I know.

He is fantastic.

You don't have to sell! Look!

Wait, Tsatsiki!

Soon all our problems will be solved.

You are going to sell? Definitely?

Later, we'll talk about it later.

I gotta go.

That's enough. C'mon!

... extraordinarily beautiful object.

Then the time has come.

Yes, let's see then.

The sum is there.

As discussed.

Then I can …

Do not sign!


Even if you gave up, we don't!


You have to see when you've lost.

You did not lose!
Dont you see that?

When you are older, you will understand.

Then you will forgive me.
- Never.


Here! Here! Here it is!

We made money for you.

You don't have to sell.

This is fantastic,
but it is not enough for the bank.

It's too late.


Asbjörn has made a good offer for me

for the olive grove
and for the hotel.

"Father and Son" … will become a beautiful … golf hotel.

In the olive grove and also
on Stavros' orchard

a golf course will be built.

Agios Ammos is saved.

Everything will be perfect. For everyone!

Agios Ammos is …

... saved.

You told me something
did you forget that?

Do you take care of the olive trees,
then they take care of you.

Does it look like this village
needs a golf course?

He shouldn't be ashamed, because
his dad can't take care of him.

It's getting better.

I am not ashamed of you.

Except when you sell.

The olive grove is our family.

I had to promise
that it stays in the family.

I don't like to disturb the family reunion,
but I have to catch a ferry.

It would be nice, if we
sign quickly. - A second.

Do you know …

You can't come here
and just buy olive trees.

If you do that, children,

grandma and citizens of the world lose their hearts,
their roots and their home.

Yanis, come on!
Open your eyes!

The village is full of life.

I have accepted tons of bookings
for the hotel. - Wait a moment!

What happened?

Tsatsiki happened.

Don't be afraid, dad.

To dare is the scary thing about it,
after that it's pure fun!

I promise you that.

My son is right.

My son is right.

There are a lot of morons here.

It's not surprising that
the village is on the verge of bankruptcy,

if you let children decide.

Here we listen to those,
who have something to say.

It has nothing to do with age.

I'm sorry,
but it's like my son says.

The olive grove and the hotel
are no longer for sale.

I do not sell.
There is no deal.

I will not sell!
I will not sell!

I'll not sell!

There is no deal!

I will not sell.

That was beautiful.

I see him. He’s here.

He is like that!

I'm a squid fisher now too, right?

Sure you are.

Come on, Hammar!

Who is she talking to?
- With grandpa, of course!

He needs to know, how well everything is going.


May I talk to you?

I've thought of something.

What's up?

I want you to stay

and live with me.

Should I live here? Forever?

A squid fisher should live,
where there are squids.

Did you say yourself.

Lotta has had you for so long.

I am missing so much.

Isn't it our turn now, yours and mine?

Lend me your hand.

Do you feel it?

How it beats.
It hits really beating strongly.

But our hearts usually
skip a beat,

because we miss each other so much.

You and me are used to that.

But not me and mom.

One day it might be us,
then I can live with you.

When you get a little older.


(Urban Cone feat. Tove Lo:
"Come back to me")

♪ On the subway home
I lost you in a fever

♪ When did we grow old?
(When did we grow old?)

♪ A million things we've done,
we never stopped at nothing

♪ When did we grow old?
(When did we grow old?)

♪ Come, come, come back to me,
come back to me again

♪ Come, come, come back to me,
come back to me again

Jassu! It's me, Tsatsiki.

You want to know
that we made it.

The bank thinks that Yanis
can repay the loan.

It's like a fairy tale.

Yanis says it's a miracle.

(Urban Cone feat. Tove Lo:
"Come back to me")

♪ I've been yours for years
and now we're back at nothing

I believe that life
is like a Greek dance

and that we humans are all dancers.

Sometimes you dance into it,
sometimes you dance out.

Sometimes you dance alone,
and sometimes in a circle.

As long as I have my olive grove,

I am never afraid,
I can't find my way home.

Sometimes you dance very closely
with someone,

you are in love with.

Come along!

No, it’s okay.

Do you just dance!
- Per Hammar!

Don't you know anything?

That dancing as a threesome is the most fun?

(Urban Cone feat. Tove Lo:
"Come back to me")

Hello grandma!

Wonderful, wonderful!

Hello, Tsatsiki!
- Hi!

The rain has come
and the olives are ripe.

They are waiting for you.
Like me too.

Hello, Tsatsiki.

Hello! Hello, Durga!

I said that he will be back, didn't I?


Tsatsiki Johansson
will always be back.

Mom! Pack the suitcases!
The olives are ripe!

I have to call Hammar!

Yay, we're going to Greece.

Copyright Deutsche Untertitel: NDR 2018
English translation: PD