Tsatsiki, Mum and the Policeman (1999) - full transcript

Little Tsatsiki, son of a single mother in Sweden, has never met his father, a Greek fisherman. Tsatsiki befriends a nice but straight-laced motorcycle policeman renting one of their rooms and decices he is the right guy for his mother, an amateur rock singer in love with her band's bass player. To take a break from all this romantic hassle it's time for a holiday trip, and Tsatsiki and his mother end up in the very same Greek village where Tsatsiki was conceived a decade earlier.



42 seconds... Record!

- Where do you live?
- What?

- I have to talk to your dad.
- He lives in Greece.

- Your mother, then?
- She's probably busy.

You holding tight?

- Aren't we almost there?
- Yes.

- What?
- We passed it a while ago.

It means 'thanks' in Greek.

Hi, mum.

- Hey! Has it been raining?
- Turn down the bass.

Hi, little guy.

His name is Gran.

- He gave me a lift home.
- I found him alone at the pool.

He was standing at the bottom.
Probably sneaked in.

I broke the record, mum.

- Are you crazy!
- It'd be best if you kept him in check.

Thanks, I don't need the police.
You could have drowned!

Well... Bye kiddo.

- Thanks!
- I made 42 seconds, anyway.

Now we can go to Greece.


So, you got any other
surprises to offer?

Our teacher's having a baby,
so we're getting a new one tomorrow.

Really! Wild.
But, you're not eating anything.

I'm trying to!

Listen up...
I'm going to tickle you now.

Hello, I'm Sara Wall, n.

Maria Grynwall.

- There you are, yes.
- Per Hammar.

- Hello Per.
- Tsatsiki Johnson.

- Is your name Tsatsiki?
- It's Tobbe, but he's called Tsatsiki.

- I see... Your name's Tobias.

- What's your name, then?
- means 'yes' in Greek.

- Tsatsiki is a Greek food dish.
- His gather comes from Greece

That's Why he has such dark eyes.

I'm going to visit him soon.

Have you seen her legs?
What a lot of hair!

She must come from another planet.
Planet of the apes!

- What are you whispering about?
- He's whispering about Miss' legs.

- He thinks they're pretty.
- You think they're prettier!

Yes... maybe they aren't so bad.

- Hi, where are you going?
- To buy flippers.

For Greece!

You want it?
You can have it on one condition...

If you say your dad's a shit!

Say it! Say your dad's a shit!

You also looking for a hiding?

- Here are your books, Wille.
- Thanks.

- Miss! Miss!
- Run to teacher, go on!

Where'd she go?

Tstatsiki, Tstatsiki!
It's her, Hair!

What are you doing here?
There's nothing here for you.

- We're looking for a gift.
- For a woman.

- For my mother.
- Anything particular?

- Have you got flippers?
- No, but we have bikinis.

- This is nice.
- Yes, that's on sale.

This is perfect.

It's just a pity I don't have
that much money.

- How much do you have?
- He has 150 and it costs 200 crowns.

We'll do this. You borrow 50 crowns
and I get it back at school tomorrow.

Shall we do that?

- So, you want it as a gift?
- Yes, please.

I'd been saving
for those flippers for ages!

You like the bikini,
don't be upset.

Now I'll never get them.

Check if you find
returnable bottles.

- Look!
- Yes, one crown!

Hey, that's my bin!

- Give me the bottle!
- We found it first.

I need it more.


Get out of there.
Before I mash you up!

- Hi!
- Hello! Hi, kiddo.

- Do you want to help me carry?
- Okay.

One, two...
One, two... One, two...

- Where's it going?
- Into the house. I've rented the room.

Until I find my own place.

She's started an hotel.

You know, like a bed and breakfast.

- What's it? Efcha...

Wow, have you got a suit?

- Do you want to save these?
- Which?

No, I don't think I want to.

- Here. There's more here.
- Onions...

- Hi.
- Hi, mum, we're cleaning.

- Excuse me, but what are you up to?
- What?

- Are you throwing out our food?
- No, I'm just clearing out old stuff.

- Look for yourself.
- Look for yourself.

I see, you've
got home help.

- Who gave you permission?
- He doesn't need it.

He's with law and order.

- Didn't we agree to share facilities?
- Yes, share.

But don't think
you can do as you please!

I'm just cleaning up a little!
I mean...

No, out!
Out, I said!

Take your ugly jacket
and get lost!

- Thanks.
- It's not that bad. I'll sweep up!

- If you can lend me 50 crowns.
- What!