Tsatsiki: Friends Forever (2001) - full transcript

Tsatsiki's girlfriend breaks up with him, his best friends abandons him and the vacation to Greece, where his father lives, is at risk as his mother books a tour with her rock-band.

Hello! Sit down now, children.

Yesterday we talked about how
many people there are on the Earth.

~ Do you remember that?
~ Yes.

Now I wonder if someone can tell
me who of all these people...

is the loneliest?

~ Tsatsiki?
~ An astronaut in space, maybe?

Yes, although he'll be coming home again.

~ Miss, I know.
~ Yes, Per?

A footballer who's just missed
a penalty kick in a football game.

Maria, what do you think?

~ Someone in prison.
~ Yes.

Though a person who's in prison
can of course be visited by his family.

Yes, Willie?

Th-th-those who don't have any friends.


~ I have to go now.
~ Bye..


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This is Tsatsiki.

No, unfortunately she's busy
just at the moment.

Hey, kiddo! You old galoshes,
what's been happening?

That's Göran, Mom's boyfriend.
He's a policeman..

Me? Per Hammar. He's my best friend.

But I can't talk more now,
I want to be available for my girl.

Maria. Bye.

~ I didn't know you were coming home.
~ It's good to get out of uniform.

~ It's nice with eyeliner.
~ Who was it?

~ A journalist.
~ Leave off!

~ A journalist? Why didn't you do something?
~ You couldn't be bothered.

~ Do you want some grub?
~ No, I'm going to eat at Maria's.

Well, say hello for me.

~ You're not taking some flowers with you?
~ Nah.

If you're invited to your girlfriend's for dinner,
you should have flowers with you.

~ What for?
~ A tender gesture.

How long has it been since I got flowers?

~ I can't afford flowers.
~ Don't you get an allowance?

I have to save up for some flippers for Greece.
The old ones are too small.

He's no longer age seven.
He has to learn how to do this.

Imagine if I meet a stylish girl in the
street who asked home me to dinner...

so I went along and said:
"Sorry, I've got no money for flowers!

I have to save up for some flippers for Greece.
The old ones are too small."

Don't listen to them. Go on.
See you later.

~ Bye.
~ Say hello to Maria.


Hey, Maria, this is for you.

~ You can't come in.
~ You said I should come for dinner.

~ But you can't come in.
~ Why not?

Didn't you hear what I said?
You can't come in.

~ And by the way, it's over between us.
~ But I brought you flowers.

~ It's a tender gesture.
~ God, you're so childish.

Pot plants are for old folks.
And I don't believe in love any more.

But I am sure that the
Gold Goblin will be a surprise.

Don't forget he has Per Lennartsson
for a coach.

Yeah, but he'll finish again
on the home straight.

Hey, I have to stop,
I have important company.

Tsatsiki's here now with his flower.

I hope grandfather's fine.

Yeah, that I do, fine.


Yeah, nice print, eh?

~ Who was that?
~ My grandfather.

Torkel, Gymmen.


Krister. And Nisse.

~ Some lineup.
~ In New York.

~ How are you doing?
~ OK.

A little juice? Sit on the couch,
and so I will.

~ The flowers weren't for me, were they?
~ No.

Something wrong?

They were meant for Maria.
But she broke up with me.

~ You like her, right?
~ Yeah, a lot.

It's not always easy being in love.

~ How are things at home?
~ The usual. Mom works a lot.

~ What's Göran say?
~ It would be nice...

with a little less false enthusiasm
at times.

And he's tired of Mom's pasta salad.

He bought her a cookbook.
Even though I love pasta salad.

Your mom's beautiful and musical.

She got her musical talent from me,
but not her beauty.

That she got from your grandmother.

I can tell.

What do you mean, huh?

~ Huh? What do you mean by that?
~ Nothing much.

~ Ta-dah! Go ahead.
~ Thanks.

Yes, but when we say so. Well.

We have to go now.
Otherwise we'll be too late.

We'll sit and eat, me and my family.

That's what we do as a family,
sit and eat --- together.

~ Talk about how the day's been.
~ We're supposed to be on TV in half an hour.

How was your day?

How was your day, Tsatsiki?

Maria and I broke up
so I gave the flowers to Grandfather.

I'm not very hungry. Thanks for dinner.

Thanks for dinner.

We're running late.

Can't you go ahead? I'll catch up in a taxi.

~ But I'll be there on time, OK?
~ Half an hour.

~ In half an hour.
~ And don't forget the guitar.

Go on, will you?!

You know that I love you. Four times
around the Earth and back again.

~ Maria broke up with you?
~ She slammed the door in my face when I brought her flowers.

~ What did you say then?
~ Nothing.

She just thinks I'm childish.
Probably because I can't kiss.

Tsatsiki, come here.

You've grown up so suddenly.

~ Not fast enough for Maria.
~ You'll learn to kiss, you'll see.

Your father was a real super kisser.

~ But I've got to be able to do it now.
~ It'll happen by itself.

It's like when you learned how to swim.
It's more than just puckering the lips...

but also touching each other's tongue.
Maria might think so.

I'll tell you that when it comes to love...

it'll be a strong power throughout your body.

If you can't love, you might as well kiss a dog.

~ Or a parking meter.
~ A parking meter?

Mm. Listen, in three weeks we're
going to Greece: you and me and Göran.

We'll just swim and relax, and you can
hang out with your father and grandfather.

Your grandfather's starting to get old,
so we must be mindful of that.

Mom, you must really leave now,
or you'll be late.

Yeah, yeah.

You're the best I've got.



Last year Sally and Clive...

were on holiday...

I forgot to do my English for today.

Well, if you intend to be a professional
at Manchester United, it would be well...

if you put a bit more into your
English lessons.

I don't think they speak
Swedish over there.

~ They'll learn well when I get there.
~ Maria, can you read?

~ Maria isn't here today.
~ Oh, maybe she's sick.

Sara, then you can read.

Last year Sally and Clive were
on holiday with their parents.

~ What's wrong with you? Are you mad?
~ Maria broke up with me.

No way.

Maybe that's why she's not in
school today. Maybe she's sorry.

I don't think so.

You should concentrate more
on your football.

That's not quite as complicated as girls.

And when I become a professional soccer player,
I can get all the girls I want.

Look! You can win 5,000!

Imagine how much candy you
could buy with five thousand.

~ We'll have to sign up. When is it?
~ In August.

I'll be home from Greece by then.
Göran has professional rods we can borrow.

Tina, I've got a package from Mother.

I think I can guess what that is.

~ It looks like a bomb.
~ Yeah, it sure does.

But Mom wouldn't send a bomb,
would she?

But you're right, it's securely wrapped.

Göran got a package from his
mother up in Norrland.

Yeah, yeah.

I thought so.

Tina, look here.

Mom's lemon cake.

You could make something
like that sometime.

It's better than what you're buying.

I like the ICA's lemon cake.

I don't live in the north and I'm
actually quite happy with my local ICA.

It's not all that hard.

You buy some fruit and sugar and
molds, we're ready, and abracadabra.

It's more healthily. Tina, you could be
able to boil up your own marmalades.

Do you know how much junk you
can find in purchased cans? Huh?

Here. Preservative, potassium
sorbate, thickeners, pectin.

Seriously, do you think I'd
preserve my own jam?

~ Just like a housewife in Norrland.
~ You've never had the time.

~ When will the photographer be here?
~ Photographer?

Shit, I'd almost forgotten. Damn,
I can't look like this.

~ Mom's making some plates for Veckorevyn.
~ Oh yeah, that's right.

~ ICA's costs more.
~ Not at all.

Soon we'll be in Greece. Then
we'll have some time together. OK?

Hey, Göran...

Per Hammar and I are thinking
about entering the big fishing contest.

at the river.

You can win 5,000.

It's not that simple, you know.

You have to practice to be good
at fishing.

So it is with everything in life.
We have to practice.

If we don't practice, we don't get better.

~ How beautiful it is.
~ Easy, easy.

Yes, they're beautiful. But don't be fooled.

Look there, you see the metal?
See how it sneaks up...

it's beautiful bait?
But inside is the hook.

At once, once you've set the hook,
it can't get away.

What are you two talking about?
What's so important?

We're talking about fishing,
the art of fishing.

Hey, presto, you're stuck on the hook.

I see.

~ Am I good looking then?
~ No, you are wonderful.


~ Imagine if we win that 5,000.
~ Yeah, but we're going to have
to practice a bit more.

~ You, too, Per...
~ Yeah.

I was thinking...

~ Maybe we should practice kissing.
~ What, you want us to kiss?

~ No, we can invite someone to practice with us.
~ Like who, for example?

~ Elin and Sara might.
~ You're crazy.

You said that practice makes us
better. I must be a better kisser.

~ So Maria will want to get back together with me.
~ What would happen then?

Let's have a party at my place on Saturday.
Mom'll be away at Göteborg playing.

A kissing party. Sure, why not?

Tsatsiki, I've caught a whale,
or something big anyway.

What the hell is this?

This is no fucking Mallorca, this.

And you, you fucking don't try
to fish here. It is forbidden!

~ I throw small fish back in again.
~ And you're rude, too?

That was the limit.

I have worked here for 25 years
and I do not want any bloody bunch...

fishing hooligans who throw their
fucking fishing rods anywhere.

Don't get me wrong...I'm sorry.

~ W-what's Per H-hammar up to?
~ It's a secret.

~ H-he's talking about us.
~ Mm.

~ What did they say?
~ They'd think about it.

T-think about what??

They'll hold up one arm if they
don't want to come...

and hold up both if they do.

~ C-come where? W-what are you doing?
~ Quiet, Willie.

One arm, they're not coming.

But l-look, they're standing there with
two hands: one body with two arms.

Willie's right. They're coming!

Willie! Willie...!

~ Can I help you with anything?
~ No, I have to think first.

I'm having a party on Saturday and
I'm looking for some candy that is...

a little romantic.

~ A little romantic.
~ Yeah.

You can stay with my grandparents.

Mom and I have to work over the weekend.


So, in with you now.

Hey, Tsatsiki. Hey!

What a lot of candy!
Are you having a party?


When are they coming?

About ten seconds.

Five, four, three, two, one, zero.

There they are.

~ Sara isn't there.
~ What? Who IS there?

Shit, that's all.

Mona, Maria's new friend.

Hello, is anyone home?

~ Where's Sara?
~ At the beach with her folks.

So I brought Mona instead.

Are you going to open up sometime
or what? We're supposed to practice kissing.

It's better to let them in, since
we got candy and everything.

Besides, it's just for practice.

You know, what a feeling it is put
the cross in right and have it be a goal.

Do you like football, then?

No, what I like most is to ride.
Dad has actually promised me a horse.

Hey, Per...

~ Do you have any more popcorn?
~ I'll have to check.


There are girls who play soccer.

Come in now!

~ Look, I've scored some more popcorn.
~ I'm gorged.

~ A few more gummy bears then?
~ Nah, I don't want any more. Nothing.

~ How do you like music?
~ It's OK, you're so romantic.

~ Mm.
~ Very romantic.

Well, maybe.

Will there be something?

Tsatsiki, why isn't anything happening?
What are you thinking about?

~ A parking meter.
~ A parking meter?

~ Or a dog, a cute little dog.
~ Come, Elin, we're leaving now.

~ What just happened?
~ He called me a parking meter.

~ That's not what I meant.
~ You're crazy. Elin, come on, we're going.

We haven't had the hot chocolate yet.
And there's still lots of candy left.

~ He is the most childish thing I've ever met.
~ We can watch family videos from Greece.

We don't watch family videos. That's probably
the most boring thing there is on Earth.

Here's the beach. There's my grandfather.
He's getting very old, now.

~ Look how happy he is.
~ Hey, then.

~ It's too early to go.
~ Have fun watching the family video.

~ Parking meter? Why did you say that?
~ It just slipped out of me.

There's the sea.

~ Hey, who's she?
~ Elena, my cousin.

Her I'd like to practice with. Whoa...!

~ How was the party, then?
~ So-so.

~ A lot or a little?
~ A little more.

~ A little more. Sure.
~ Thanks.

Hey, this sausage casserole
I learned from a musician in Malmö.

~ His name is Putte Wickman.
~ Putte Wickman?

~ You know who that is?
~ Nah.

Sweden's best musician.
Oh oh oh! Jazz and blues.

~ Why did you leave, Grandpa?
~ Because those were different times.

There wasn't a lot of money.

So I got a good job so I could
have your mother.

~ That I do not regret.
~ My mother says that she has to play.

If not, she's wither like a flower without water.

You have to follow your dreams like
your mom does. It's really important.

One's dreams and one's conscience.

What went wrong at the party?

Nothing really. Not if I think about it.

Grandpa, you know what I think is important?

~ To have a friend.
~ I have thought that many times.

Without a friend, one is lost.

~ But you've got Per Hammar.
~ And Per Hammar has me.

~ Then toast it.
~ Cheers.

White shark. The man-eating shark.

Tsatsiki, come. H-hurry. Maria's sitting...

and t-talking shit over there on the stairs.

A parking meter.

Tsatsiki is so incredibly childish.
One would think that he's seven years old.

How could I be with him? Just thinking
about it makes me want to barf.

~ And he can't kiss.
~ Anyone can kiss if they want to.

A parking meter, right?

And he thinks that Sara is
the hottest next to me...

and his mom.

As for Maria, she's afraid of
the dark and believes in ghosts.

She used to borrow her sister's bra
and stuff it with cotton.

Do you know what he says
about Per Hammar, then?

Per Hammar usually wets his bed.

D-damn what that cow M-maria says.
Damn that c-cow.

Tsatsiki is in love with a parking meter.

~ Don't listen to them, Tsatsiki.
~ Wait! Per, wait!


Sorry. We kept on talking and so...

~ I know that was a really silly thing to say.
~ Yes, it sure was.

It was stupid shit!

~ How's it going?
~ Good, great.

~ Need some help?
~ Oh, no.

~ Wait, wait, don't interfere.
~ Hey, baby.

~ What are you doing?
~ There you are...!

This winter's supply of marmalade.
Without synthetic additives.

Tomorrow we bake bread, I bought flour.

We can bake it a month at a time,
because you can freeze it.

Just take it out the night before.

Here, can I taste it?

~ Mm, mm, wonderful, delicious. Here.
~ You think so?

You've saved on the sugar.
That's good. We eat too much sugar.

Sugar? The fruit contains sugar.

How acid.

If you make jam some other time
you can take out half the sugar. Fifty-fifty.

~ Fifty-fifty?
~ I'm just saying that's what Mom usually does.

~ Your mother...
~ You could have phoned Mom.

She could have told you how to do it.

First off, I'm not your mother...

Second, I'm not a housewife in Norrland,
I'm a musician in Stockholm.

I do what I can. Plinking on a guitar,
you know. It's my job, my life.

Third, I'm damned tired of running around...

doing things your mom did.

Fourth, I give a damn about
fifty-fifty and jam jars...

and pickled plums and strawberries...

and orange peels and currants.
Which all boil over.

Fifth, I'm not your mom.

I'll try not to repeat myself, so what
are you going to do about it?

And sixth...


And sixth, I'm pregnant.


It's a miracle.

~ Don't you think?
~ Oh, yeah.

~ It's absolutely wonderful.
~ You think so?

Honey, it's the most wonderful
that could have happened.

Should it be so damned difficult?

Aren't you happy that you're
going to be a big brother?

Only if you still love me as much.

Of course I will!

I'm more afraid that I won't love the
little boy in my stomach as much as you.

Oh, I had only thirty thousand? Check.

Göran is of course very happy
about becoming a papa.

But he's fine, he's known you since
you were seven, he'll be no different.

~ Really?
~ Yeah, it doesn't work that way.

Göran is your friend.

You can't get too much of friendship.
It's not like marmalade.

~ That's the beauty of friendship.
~ But you can lose a friend.

~ You're thinking of Maria?
~ Per Hammar.

~ What's up with Per Hammar?
~ We're not friends anymore.

Why not?


He just wants to play football
all the time.

Didn't you have plans with your
grandfather tomorrow? Mm?

Well, we're going to the Natural History
Museum and check out the dinosaurs.

Can't you invite Per Hammar then?
He'd probably think that was great.





~ You want to take me home?
~ No, Grandpa's coming to fetch me.

~ OK. But maybe tomorrow then?
~ Mm.

Nice! Hey, the ball...

~ Grandpa and I are going to a museum.
~ Good for you.

Want to come along?

Stop it!

Give it here!

Hey, Tsatsiki.

Hey, Grandpa.

So you are going to be a big brother
and me a grandfather for the second time.

Can we stop by Maria's to leave
her pencil case? She dropped it.

You'll have to give me directions.

~ What a nice house.
~ Mm.

~ You'll wait for me, Grandpa?
~ Sure, take your time.

~ We're in no hurry.
~ Good.

Do you have to argue on the balcony?
What do you think the neighbors will say?

They'll get over it. I'm tired of you
and your nagging.

~ Hey, Tsatsiki, is that you?
~ Is Maria home?

Yes, yes, wait here.

Maria! Tsatsiki's here.

~ I found your pencil case.
~ Thanks.

~ I'm going to Greece next week.
~ Have a nice trip.

You know, about the flowers...

Göran and Niclas said it was a
tender gesture.

~ I don't believe in love.
~ You really don't?

You are so amazingly childish.
You're going to Greece so you can tell me...

about what love is, if you think
you can figure it out down there.


I was here two months ago
with a woman named Sally.

It was closed then, too.

~ Grandpa...
~ Yeah?

What if you were to travel into space?
You know that time stands still in space?

Then wouldn't you get older and
then you could wait until I grew up.

~ Then you and I could be friends.
~ Yeah, but I thought we were already friends.

~ It's different when we're the same age.
~ But you've got Per Hammar.

Yeah, Per Hammar.

~ But he doesn't want to hang out with me.
~ Why not?

Because I told Maria that he wets the bed.

~ That wasn't very wise.
~ No, it was really stupid of me.

You need to apologize.
It's the only thing you can do.

~ And if that doesn't work, what then?
~ You'll have to wait until he needs you.

There will come a day when
we all need a friend.

Careful, it's expensive stuff there.

How are things going between
you and Per Hammar?

Hey, I've thought of one thing.

That fishing contest...

I thought you and I could go together.

~ It would be nice to be in it.
~ Can I borrow one of your rods, then?

I actually thought you could use this.

~ From me to you.
~ Oh, thanks!

I thought that since you're becoming a big
brother now, you'll need to learn to fish properly.

~ So you can teach your little brother.
~ What if I get a little sister instead?

It will be a boy. I can feel it in my
bones --- a big strong boy.

Let's not call him Retzina.

~ He's nice, huh --- Grandfather?
~ Mm.

~ And there's Elena.
~ Mmm, she's cute, huh?

~ A little...
~ A little? Yeah, very.

Super kisser.

The two children waited...

and waited and waited.

After...about two hours,
the plane landed.

Yes, Per, you know what I think
of your English skills.

~ Hey, Tsatsiki.
~ Hey.

Are you all right?

~ You have dirt in your cheek.
~ Oops.

~ Here!
~ Thanks.

~ Why didn't you come to the party?
~ I had to go with my mom and dad.

~ When do you head off to Greece?
~ On Thursday.

~ Maybe I can send you a postcard?
~ Yeah, and tell me how Maria feels.

Come on.

~ Tsatsiki, come here!
~ What is it?

A disgusting octopus.

Indescribably disgusting.

Put down the guitar!

~ Come and eat instead. It's Knäppgökar.
~ Come eat now.

What are you doing in there?

Now this is finished.

Now, Göran, you just fit right
over there...

I'll pass the pot over you. --- Tsatsiki!

Nah-Nah-nah, now we take it easy.

~ Oh, how nice
~ Here we go.

~ Putte Wickman.
~ Putte Wickman?

~ That was close.
~ Yeah. How much do you want?

~ Lots, pile it on.
~ Pile it on..

God, what a pleasure it is
to be able to get away a bit.

And be together at last.

Hey, Niclas.

Want some grub?

What is it, are you sick or what?

We're going on tour. To Japan.

~ Yeah, right.
~ Yeah!

~ You're joking.
~ Really.

~ Oh, you're pulling my leg.
~ All summer.

Let me check this.

Tina, we've made it.

Get it? It will be fantastic. We're going to Japan.

Do you know how many Japanese
people there are? It will be our breakthrough.

~ Wake up, Baby, we're going to Japan.
~ Hey, careful with the baby.

~ And, Göran, you're coming with us.
~ Why should I go?

Of course you're going.

Your lady's pregnant.
She needs a bodyguard.

Who else protects her during the
concerts? We'll take the whole bunch.

It's what we always dreamed of,
now it's a reality.

~ We're going to Japan! We're going to Japan!
~ Watch out, Baby!

~ This is a chance of a lifetime.
~ We were going to Greece!

I can't go along.

You can find someone else.
Stockholm is full of good musicians.

They'll be lining up to join...

Tina, damn it, we're a band.
If you don't go, none of us do.

Yes, but I've promised Tsatsiki.
Don't you see that?

His grandfather is sick and I've
promised that he'll see him this summer.

This is our big dream, our big chance,
don't you get it?


When I was young I declined
a people's park tour.

We could even have gotten close
to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

At that time I was damn good
at the trumpet.

~ I've regretted it all my life.
~ It's not about me.

That's exactly what it is.

Mom, I think you should go to Japan.

No way, you, I promised...

and so I have to keep it.

Grandpa can travel with me, if you
promise to send a postcard every week.

~ Thanks for the offer, Tsatsiki.
~ You'll get postcards every day.

~ Anders.
~ Yannis.


Dimitris wants to get up.

He says he wants to have a party.

A little too small.

What's on your mind, Grandpa?

Nothing. No, no. nothing.

~ What are you thinking?
~ I was so stupid about Per Hammar.

Listen here, Tsatsiki.

Sometimes you say things you should not.

Such is life.

Nobody is perfect, thankfully.


Sara wrote that Per Hammar
broke a leg in a football game.

~ Now he can't play.
~ Does he need the help of a friend?

~ What's Mom write, your mother?
~ She says she misses me.



~ Kalimera.
~ Kalimera.

Grandfather says he wants to
show you something...

before you leave for home,
up on the mountain.

Oh, sorry.





My mother writes that they're a
huge success in Japan.

How hot it is, I think I'll go out
and sit under the moon for a while.

~ Are you OK?
~ Sure.

I'll be back in a bit.

~ You're not afraid to be alone?
~ Nah.

~ Will you play your trumpet, Grandpa?
~ We'll see.

Maybe I should play some for
the dolphins. I'll leave the door open.




That's you, Elena.

Don't you think I know it's you, Elena?

~ Was it haunting you or me?
~ It was you who was the ghost.

~ I don't know what you're talking about.
~ I knew it was you. Just admit it.

Ghosts? Did you get sunstroke or something?
Should I call for the doctor, maybe?

~ What's that for?
~ A lamp I bought for my room.

The ugliest souvenir I've ever seen.

~ You're just jealous.
~ Not hardly.

~ It was you who was the ghost.
~ No.

~ Yeah.
~ No.

~ Yeah.
~ Shh! Listen.

Can you hear that?

What is it?

That's my grandfather.

How nice it sounds.


~ Here. Tsatsiki!
~ Elena?

~ Let me out!
~ Why are you locked up?

I haven't moved to Greece
just to peel potatoes.

But try telling that to my mother.
All the other girls do this...

but I'm not like them.
I was actually born in Sweden.

You must let me out,
I'm supposed to meet Georgios.

~ Who's Georgios?
~ My boyfriend, as you very well know.

~ You can't
~ Listen to me, you little pissant.

You don't have to unlock it,
just stand there and drop the key.

~ Drop a key, anyone could do that.
~ Yes, yes, exactly.

And if you drop the key, you can
go to dive from the rock with me.

It's our secret meeting place.





~ Guess who.
~ It's you, Elena.

~ How can you be so sure?
~ I can hear your voice.

Ghosts can take any voice they want.

~ Oh, stop it.
~ Come on.


Wait up.

Maybe this trip wasn't such a good idea.

It's important to him.
He has been very ill recently.

A snake! Look out, Tsatsiki!

~ What's grandfather saying?
~ Here's where he met my grandmother for the first time.

They fell in love with each other.

Grandfather was a partisan during the war.

My grandmother was, too, and they
fought for freedom together up here.

Love and friendship are the same thing.
Without love, no friendship...

and without friendship, no love.

~ Grandpa's heart isn't so strong anymore.
~ No, I know.

Elena, what's wrong?

He is just so happy. I could strangle him.

~ Who?
~ Don't you know?

Georgios? What has he done?

He is like an octopus.
He just wants to hold on and...

that's just not me.
I never want to see him again.

I'm not so happy, either.

I miss my mom,
Per Hammar, and Maria.


~ She broke up with me. I can't kiss.
~ That wasn't the reason.

~ It's not just about that.
~ What is it about, then?

You could hear what the grandfather
said. It's about friendship.

~ Without friendship, there's no love.
~ Without love, there's no kissing.

Hey...the way you like me.

You have to take it right from the start.

First you rub your noses against
each other. Like this.

That's how Eskimos kiss.

And you must show that you are friends.


The man whispers loving words to her.
Like this.

Words of love. Loving words.

And then hugging each other.

And...close your eyes.

The you kiss her gently on the eyelids.


on the neck.

And when you feel...

that you've really become good friends...

like this.

Then what?

It's grandfather.

He's dead.

Come here.

Why is a coffin lid at the door?

That's how you do this...

to show that someone in your
family has died.

~ We'll never see Grandfather again.
~ Of course we will --- in heaven.

I don't think so.

~ What do you think happens when we die?
~ I don't know.

Listen, Tsatsiki, Grandpa will always
be in your thoughts.

Are you ready? The Fishing Contest
begins soon.

We must be there early, so we
don't miss out on a place.

Hurry on now.

No, you go on ahead, I'll catch up.

I just have to fix one thing first.

Well, OK then. But I'll save you
a place down by the stream.


~ Excuse me, do you know where Per Hammar is?
~ Yeah, he's sitting by the bushes over there.

Oh, a salmon! Yes!


I thought I caught a salmon,
but it was just a roach.

~ This is for you.
~ Oh, thanks!

~ Where are we going?
~ To the stream.

I'll push you in there.

~ One, two, one, two.
~ Hurry! This is for 5,000 Kroner.

Careful of the bone.

~ I don't think we're going to win this contest.
~ That doesn't really matter.

~ Right, Per?
~ Nah.

And if we had won the 5.000, so we would
have stuffed ourselves to death on candy.

Welcome back.
Had a nice summer vacation?


And you've gotten so much bigger. It must
have been the sun which made you grow.

Today we'll just hand out new books
and talk about holidays.

But now we have to see
if everyone is here.

~ Per Hammar is missing.
~ He's got a broken leg...

in t-two places. H-he's in the h-hospital.

Yikes, that doesn't sound too good.

~ Elin has a new address, I can see.
~ Yes, we've moved to Östermalm.

To a bigger apartment,
because I've got a little brother.

~ Yes, Tsatsiki?
~ I'll have a little brother after Christmas.

~ Congratulations. Are you going to move?
~ Nah.

~ Maria has also moved.
~ Oh, and where do you live now?

~ Dalhemsvägen 32.
~ Excuse me, Maria, I missed that.

Dalhemsvägen 32 in Huddinge.

~ Now you can turn it off, Göran.
~ OK.

~ Ready?
~ Mm.

~ Oh!
~ Uh, oh.

~ That was really a successful purchase.
~ Yes, and so romantic.

~ OK. Good night.
~ Sleep well.

Hop into bed.

~ Good night, Sweetie.
~ Good night.

~ Mom?
~ Mm.

Maria's parents are divorced...

so she's moved out of town.

Maybe that's why she was
behaving so strangely, then.

Don't you think?

~ Sara said they don't even have furniture.
~ Sure they've got furniture.

Nutcase. Sleep well now.

~ Nighty night.
~ Nighty night.

If he can run and it's heavy at
the track on Saturday...

Then it's better to hedge in
the direction of Igor Brik.

Huh? Yes,
but talk to him about it then.

Yes, OK.

Will he get home?

Where's he going?
It's half past eleven.


Where are we going?

Take it easy.

I'll wait.




What...how amazed I am!

~ Maria.
~ Yeah?

You have a visitor.

We just moved in so it's still
a bit of a mess.

In Greece they don't have a lot of furniture.

What do you want?

I brought you something that
I bought in Greece.

Thank you. That was very...


Do I want to dance with you?

I really want to dance with you.

I'll pick you up on Saturday.

Count on it.

Hey, Sally.

Tell me, what is love, then?

~ There is no love without friendship.
~ Friendship?

Mm. First you must give a big hug.

Then like the Eskimos.

I think you're cute and I've
missed you so much.

Now you close your eyes.

And then?

Then my grandfather died.

Tina? Tina!

Hey, Baby. How are you?

Now it's calmed down again.

Oh, you're cold! You can go in and
warm up. There's food in the fridge.

Was it cold outside?

~ What's the food?
~ Yeah, uh...

I was so damn hungry,
but I saved half for you.

You can have the rest if you want,
no problem.

Thank you. Cool.

A little mood music?

It's time now.

~ Now?
~ Mmm.

~ But it couldn't be...
~ Göran, please call now.

Does it hurt?

Sometimes you're just so...

~ amazing...
~ Hey, it's time, we're giving birth now.

~ Super stupid!
~ Really? Really?

There's no place.

Yes, hello?

Maybe in Uppsala?
With luck there's one in Uppsala.

Really nice with a little holiday travel
first. What kind of country...

when you don't have room to
birth your own child?

What a shit country this is.

No! --- Yes, no, yes, I understand
that it's not your fault...

but what can I do?

I'll tell you what to do.
It should be like this...

I'm about to give birth!!!

It will probably be OK
in Uppsala, anyway.


~ No, wait!
~ Tsatsiki!

We must head over the North Bridge,

~ Niclas, we have to go over the North Bridge.
~ Yes, I know.

~ How the hell are you driving, anyway?
~ Sorry about that.

You do not run the red lights. If you drive
through a red light, I fuck you in right away.

~ Just so you know.
~ Yeah yeah yeah.

Damn, there are road works here, too.

It's not possible.

~ What's it mean when the arrow is pointing down.
~ The gas gauge.

Don't talk to me now, I have to
concentrate on driving.

Damn drunk!

~ It's not working anyway.
~ What?

Hang in there!

But that's not true! It fucking can't be true!

I guess the gas gauge wasn't
broken after all.

~ What are you talking about?
~ The gas gauge is OK.

This is a bloody nightmare!

~ Well, go, go, go!
~ We're in the soup, guy!

Yes, we can get an ambulance?
Yes, to West Bridge.

~ Göran.
~ What?

~ Can I help with anything?
~ No, it's probably best that you go on out.

Your mother's giving birth to your
baby brother.

Why aren't you dressed?
You're going to get a bit cold.

~ You can take my coat instead.
~ Then you'll just be cold.

It doesn't matter if I get cold,
just that you don't.

Otherwise I'll have a hell of life
from your mom.

You know how angry she gets.
Throwing stuff around and all that.

She has such a world-class temper.

Is it better that way?

There's not a lot more we can do.

Now we wait so God can do his thing.

Do you see what it says there?


Hey, Retzina.

~ Have you just woken up or what?
~ Yes, it was really late last night.

~ Hey, Retzina.
~ Hey, kids.

~ Wow, she's cute!
~ Look how small she is.

Go out and buy ice cream or
something instead.

Hey, Göran.


~ W-what a c-cute little s-sister you have.
~ Thanks.