Tryst (2005) - full transcript

When Bridget and Franklin take a road trip to rekindle their troubled relationship, they're inadvertently plunged into a nightmare of hidden identities and sexual mind games. Caught in a blinding snowstorm, they lose control of their car and run off the road. Lost in the night and in danger of freezing to death, the two are left with no choice but to abandon their car and seek shelter in a deserted hunting lodge. But they soon discover that they are not alone. Another man is there - a Frenchman, and only Bridget speaks French. His presence ignites Franklin's jealousy and soon the sexual tension has risen to the breaking point. The couple's relationship begins to unravel into a deadly game of cat and mouse as paranoia, fear, and violence spiral out of control, leaving them wondering if they can ever escape from Terror Lodge.

(solemn music)

- [Franklin] Are you okay?

It was a deer or something.

It wasn't my fault.

We're alright, okay?

It's okay.

I'm gonna see what the situation is, alright?

What are we gonna do?

Get my flashlight out of my bag.

(distant wind chimes)

Where are you going?

Wait, Bridget, wait.

What are we doing?

Look, baby, let's just go back to the car, alright?

It's stuck, and it's freezing out.

Come on, there's something up here.

(still music)

(wind chimes)

Hey, Brid.




(laughs) The side door was open.

Yeah, that's hilarious.

Any signs of life?


The power is shut off.

Anybody here?

This place is huge.

Well, looks like we're staying here tonight.

I kind of like this place, you know?

This might be just what we need.


Imagine the possibilities, huh?

How do you mean?

I don't know, we've got our pick of all these rooms.

I'm gonna go down on you.


It's freezing in here.

Oh, baby, it's not that cold.

Come on. I wanna make you feel good.

Alright, I get it.

Think we're both a little tired from the car ride, alright?

(still music)

(solemn music)

Oh, you goddamn common piece of shit.

(air whistling)




(French music)

Well, this is the last,

although I think some of it froze in the car.

I was getting worried about you.

You seen anyone out there?

Not really, no.

No cars or houses.

I think we're really on the boonies here.

We need to figure out a way to dig that car out.

If you never slow down writing that thing

you're gonna run out of pages before we get to the chalet.

I'll write slow.

What do you write in there?

I think you and I have trust.

It's a diary.

It's therapy, you should know that.

It's private.

Sometimes I think you spend more time

writing in that thing you do working out with me.

How we doing, baby?



Oh, shit!


(still music)


Anybody there?






Bridge, what are you doing?

Didn't you hear that?




Will you please get back in the house?


You need yo fucking relax!



Goddamn it.

What, what are we gonna do with the corkscrew?


I'm sorry.

That was an accident. I'm sorry.

Maybe if you didn't drink so much.

Maybe if I didn't drink so much what?


Well, I'll tell you what.

If I'm such a drunk, why don't you just leave?

I don't know, I ask myself that every fucking day.

I am sick of this shit, you know?

But treating me this way ...

We're gonna have this conversation, okay?

Therapist says I'm supposed to learn

how to express how I feel.

You know how I feel right now, this instant?

I feel like you're blaming me for killing our kid!

I feel like I wasn't driving that car,

like I wasn't drinking that night!

I didn't drive into a truck!

You told me to run the light.

Fuck you!


I'm sorry.

I can't bring him back.

What do I do?

(still music)



I got you.

It's alright.

(loud thump)

(expectant music)

(thrilling music)

(speaking French)

Stop it!

He's the concierge!

He's the caretaker!

(expectant music)

(speaking French)

(speaking French)

How is it?

It's definitely sprained but I think he'll be okay.

(speaking French)

He says you scared the shit out of him.

It was an accident, you know?

I mean, explain to him, like, the car and ...

We would have frozen to the death, we ...

(speaking French)

Wait, are you rolling a joint?

Do you ...?

No, no.


(speaking French)

What did you say?

I said your French is really coming along.


I am sorry.

I wanna give you some money for the trouble and the wine.

No, no, no.

(speaking French)

(air whistling)

(still music)

Don't you speak English?

Is there anybody there who can ...

(speaking French)

Yes, hello.

I'm sorry, I can't understand a word you're saying.

Just, one moment, okay?

One moment, please.

Bridge, can you talk to this guy?

I can't understand a word he's saying.


(speaking French)

Good? Thanks, baby.

You know, I'm not even gonna take that with us,

I just want this to be like you and me in the chalet.

(air whistling)

He's outside.


(speaking French)


(speaking French)




(speaking French)

Hey, Bridget?



That guy, the concierge,

just gave me a couple of dead rabbits.

Apparently he's coming over for dinner tonight?

Well, I ran into him when I was skiing.

I had a cup of coffee with him.

Wait, you went inside his place?

For a cup of coffee.

Anyways, he invited himself to dinner.

I don't know about this guy, Bridge.

What do you mean?

I think he's been out in the woods too long, you know?

He's got like a screw loose or something.

Just do me a favor, don't make any more plans, alright?

(woman moaning)

(still music)

(rhythmic music) (speaking French)

It's ready!

(rhythmic music)

He's pretty funny.


Give me a favor and serve this, would you?

I'm going to get some more wine.

(distant rhythmic music)

(Bridget laughing)

(speaking French)

(Bridget laughing)

(speaking French)

He wants to know what happened to the rabbits.

Well, we don't skin rabbits where we come from.

(speaking French)

- [Jean-Pierre] (speakin French)

So, what were you two giggling about?

He was telling me stories about some of the people

that stay here.

You wouldn't believe them.

Well, why don't you try me?

I mean, let's hear these stories.

(speaking French)

People here know how to have fun.

There was this couple that stayed here two winters ago.

She was very beautiful and he was a terrible lover.

(muted voice)

He would go on hunting and leave her alone.

And one day he didn't come back.

So he started sleeping with her.

What, that's it?

That's the story?

Wait ...

So you slept with the married woman?

It's much better when he tells it.

What happened to the guy?

(speaking French)

Oh, my God. He shot himself.

Because he fucked his wife?

(speaking French)

He got lost in the woods and was freezing to death.

He says freezing to death is very painful.

Well, you are right, Bridge.

That was hilarious.

This guy is a laugh riot.



Yeah, "salut".

Why can't you be nicer to him?

He's letting us stay here.

(speaking French)

No. No, "rest".


(speaking French)

He's gonna get some pot.

Why don't you go with him?

I'll stay and do the dishes.

That would be nice.

Do you think that you could help me

get my car out of the snow with your Jeep,

and we could hook up a ...

Tow my automobile?

Ah, yes, yes, yes. With the Jeep?

Pull it out of the ...

(speaking French)

Jeep automobile (speaking French)

Ah ...

Let's roll the joints at home, okay?

Can we wait until we get home?




(speaking French)

(both singing in French)

(speaking French)


Oh, shit!


Last one at the top is a loser, buddy.


Hey, hey. I wanna, I wanna ride the fast one.

Yeah, yeah. (speaking French)

Okay, alright. (speaking French)

- [Franklin] What do you do with this?

- [Bridget] What? No.

- [Franklin] (speaking French)

What is this?

Hey, the brakes?


Oh, shit.

- [Bridget] No! No!


Give me back my wife!




(chuckles) I think I'm stoned.

(speaking French)

(speaking French)

(speaking French)

I think we need some music.

(slow music)

I wanna do it with you right now.

You wanna do me?

(slow music)

I ...

Can I kiss your wife?

Yeah, that's good.

(slow music)




Fuck out!

(slow music)

I think you hurt him.

Please go ang get the fuck upstairs.

(slow music)

(Bridget screaming)

He's been out here all night.

Is he alive?

- [Bridget] It's just a small cut but I can't wake him up.

Alright, huh ...

We gotta get him to a hospital.

I can't find his keys.

(still music)

- [Franklin] There's no keys.

Help me carry him.

Alright, get the sled. The sled?

Yeah. We're gonna have to get him

through the woods somehow.

He's not coming back in that house,

so go get the sled!

(still music)

I think he's coming around.

Come on, get his fucking feet!


Okay, okay.

There's gotta be a spare set of keys

to that Jeep here somewhere.

(speaking French)

(speaking French) (speaking French)

- [Bridget] I don't think he has a set of spare keys.

Come on, they gotta be back up at the house somewhere.

Let's go find the keys and get him out of here.

- [Bridget] He's in shock, he has fever.

I'm not leaving him, okay?

Fine, fine!

(still music)

Ah! Fuck!

That took a while.

He's very sick.

He's got a concussion.

I looked everywhere,

I couldn't find the keys to that damn Jeep.

Look, I realize that I overreacted last night.

What? Nothing.

It's nothing.

I'm gonna go make breakfast for Jean-Pierre.

I'll be back later.

It sounds like you're getting to know him pretty well.

(still music)

(expectant music)

(rock music)


You startled me.

- [Franklin] How long I've been out?

- [Bridget] A while.

I bought groceries while you were sleeping.

We're out in the middle of nowhere.

I don't know, maybe this wasn't a great idea.

Don't be silly.

I took a shortcut.

You took a shortcut?

Great, now they're not gonna find us until spring.

(door shutting)

You taking a nap?

I'm sorry about last night.

You tried to apologize and I was missing.

We need to talk.

What are you doing?


I freaked out because I'm in love with you.

It's just a big mistake.

What's wrong?


What's wrong?


(speaking French)

(still music)

(speaking French)

Are you fucking my wife?


Do you love her?

Does she love you?

What you wanna know is if your wife loves you.

Put the gun back where you found it.

Oh, my God.

No, no.

What have you done?

Did you fuck him?

(still music)

I need you to prove something to me.

I need something to know that we are okay.

(still music)

(expectant music)


(expectant music)

(still music)

You know, I have this dream.

It's you and me on a porch,

lake-front property,

a couple of kids running around.

- [Bridget] That sounds great.

(still music)


(car engine starting)

Where are you going, Bridge?


Let me go!



Let me out!

I'll let you out when you tell me the truth.

- [Bridget] You scared me.

So, he said he would take me to the village.

He said he was getting weaker in there

and I left him against a tree and I kept walking

and I got lost.

Just, let me out, we can follow our footsteps back.

We can still save him.

He shot at me!

I barely got out of there alive!

- [Bridget] What?

Bridget, do you love me?

Why can't you just admit it?


For one fucking time!

- [Bridget] Let me out of here.

I need to hear it.

Say it.

I love you. No, you don't!

- [Bridget] What are you doing?

I can't feel my fingers!

How about page 45?

"Franklin is being an asshole.

"When will he learn?"

Here we go, 111.

"What is love? I don't know.

"Does anyone?

"I can't really say anymore if I've ever been in love.

"Maybe I just need people for a while.

"Maybe it's more selfish to love than not to".


What's all the stuff in French?

Why you write that?

I'll let you out, I want you to be honest with me first!


(door shutting)


Don't! What are you doing?




(active music)



Baby, let me in the car.


Come on, let me in! What are you doing?

Bridget! Bridget!


(still music)






Help, help me.

I'll go get help, okay?

I'll be back.

It's okay, you'll be okay.

Totally, totally be ...

I'm sorry!

I love you!



(still music)

Okay, okay.

(still music)

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

- [Bridget] Don't be silly. I took a shortcut.

Why can't you be nicer to him?

He's letting us stay here.

- [Franklin] It kind of sounds like you're getting

to know him pretty well.

- [Jean-Pierre] What you wanna know

is if your wife loves you.

- [Franklin] So, what happened to the guy?


(still music)

So, you're gonna hit my 40 or what?

(still music)




Help me!



Help me!




(solemn music)

(solemn music)