Tryna Come up (2020) - full transcript

Friends living in poverty that will do anything to make a better lifestyle when odds are against them.

I’ll meet you right there.

For how much this bitch
fighting for?

Ten stacks.

You mean 10,000?

Yeah, he going up forChampion.

The bitch better win.

You need to come bet with me.

You know, I got some tohold you
down,but I ain’t betting.

You know, that ain’t my thing.

Oh, man don’t make me.
Knuckle Head where you at?

Jamal what’sup?

Bitch I am looking at Chris
leaving out my spot with a bag

right now.I had
at least 20 in there.

Say no more. Hey did you know
Chris was out of jail?

I just heard that he got out
last week, why?

Man he broke
into the gambling shit.

I wonder who put him on,
on that.

I don’t know, go get him for me.

You know, I've got you.

Fuck, I need a smoke. Fuck that.

Ah, fuck man.
I'll call this nigga real quick.

I need some man [Indiscernible].

You know, some don’t like
that character.

Now where you at bro? I am on --
I had ran out of gas.

You at the crib, yeah?


I am about to pass through.

All right. Hurry up bro.
Some bullshitman.

Let me holler at you dawg.

What the fuck you

doing at my house,huh?

Put your clothes on bitch,
I ain’t got all day.

Cover that fatass stomach
up nigga.

Man hurry up.

get away, huh?

You lucky you got him.

If I got run him down,
I’ll gun him down.

Relax we're colleague

Put him in the trunk.

Lucky nigga, I could
kill you right now. Puss ass.

Whatever hommie.

Yeah, keep talking.

Hey bro what’s down
with all this shit,dawg?

Man you come home and fuck
with my little hommies man.

Say son whoever in the fuck
turning you that bitch ass

shit son, they're just trying
to make us jam dawg.

You heard me, you know,

a nigga don’t play
with you like that dawg.

So you [Indiscernible]
20 pounds of gas?

Um, dawg bro, you know that shit
had nothing to do

with you hommie.
Real talk dawglike,

but on a real how a nigga
supposed to eat out here

though dawg, with everybody
paying you dry out dawg.

Got a [Indiscernible]

dawg,shit different thing
as you go dawg,

you can’t be out here
doing stupid shit,

you fucking with family dawg.

You got to relax.

Stop moving your hands,
I’ll cut your stupid ass.

Man, where the weed at?

Hey man, shit in my
baby mamma trunk dawg.

You sure?

Yeah bro, it’s in her trunk.

Got get themfor me.
Bring TD with you.

I got you, bitch. Puss ass.

I don’t see why you-

Shut up bitch before
I pop your scared ass.

Who is it?

Oh, it’s me man, open the door.

Old fuck. Say it old man,
what’s up?


Close that door, you hear.

Yeah, it’s in the best

I'msitting chilling, man.So what
you got for me?

Man, man I got the gas, gas.

Let me see that.

Here check it out.

Oh,it's that cakey[Phonetic]

Don’t snort my shit man

I forget you though.

Oh, I thought you was giving it
to me,

since I lined you up
with a dealer.

Man, I'm supposed
to give you weed?

Damn,so now that’s how you done?

Oh, man.

When you came home B?

Last week dawg.

Who put you on
that list[Phonetic].

Nobody dawg.Some shit I just
run across, you heard me.

All right.

Yeah, bro.

Here you go B,
it’s all good I ain’t tripping.

Man, I needed this here, son.

I don't give my

I shit bro, you know,
what I am saying?

Thank you,dawg.
You put a nigga on a team, man.

Boy ain’t nobody fuck
with you like that.

Chill out Z.

[Indiscernible] at you.

He's all good.Make sure
that’s everything.

Man, leave nothing on me, dawg.

Yeah, everything in here.


Man, where the fuck you at?

FeBabe, I'm stuck in traffic.

How long are you going to be,
it’s fucking hot out here?

FeI don’t know.

What the fuck you mean,
you don’t know?

FeNone of these cars
in front of me are moving.

Man, hurry up.

FeHello. Hello.

Stupid ass girl, man.

Oh, Lord. Shit.

Oh, yeah, yeah,
you ain'tfucking with that.

Fucking with that,
fuck with that.

Oh, yeah.

That's that.
Got my fuck with you next week.

All right bro.

Keep it.

Mike lock that door.

Nice seeing you bro. What's up?

Hey you. Hey you?

What’s going on
with you brother?

Cool man, sit.

Mother fucker,
you for a second

you hear me.Everything here?

come fuck me [Indiscernible].

I bet.

Don't touch every
[Indiscernible] you hear me?


Oh, yeah.

That's everything?

That's for three, I'm going to
hit with the rest in a second.

All right. I'll go
if you hit me in for

you hit me up, you hear?

You're the man.

I bet bro.

I'm going fuck with you.

All right. Yeah, man.

Good luck man.

Hey, you're nut,where you at?

Huh? Leaving the barber
shop where you at?

Man, come pick me up
from work right quick.

All right, bitch I'm on the way.
I'm about to come right now.

I am about the old
Saint Bernard.

All right.

[TV Sound]
This fake ass nigga

ain’t even answering the phone.


what's up with the second?

What the fuck is you hiding for?

I don’t want anybody to see me.

This is where they'd be pumping
a lot of weed from.

In there?

How much you think
they got there?

At least some couple of stacks
and a few pounds.

You sure?

Didn’t they have someone
in the last lookout patrol?

Oh, and yeah, I'm still going
to need my cut too.

Oh, yeah, man, fucked up boy,
in that shit,

bitch you had me getting into it
with Knuckle Headnow.

I mean, fuck that nigga.

It’s like that?

You got it. I want to see them

smash their puss out.

Well, I don’t know bitch
what happened?

Nothing. I just don’t like
that fake ass nigga.

All right.

Bitch I'm going to go ahead
and see what’s up there, bro.

You know that nigga?


What’s up hommie, I want to

what you got, you hear me?I'm
trying to get my shit split,

a trim up or something,
you hear me?

No, but I take appointments

you hear me?Got
to set an appointment.


Appointment you say.

You know, you got
a number or something,

I can reach you on?

Yeah, I got a number.

How you found out
about the shop?

Just strolling through the area
you hear me,


Are you from around here?

Man, I ain’t from

partner. It's you Walt

Yeah, that would be me.

Hmm. I'm going to fuck
with your card.

All right, then.
Right, nigga, I'll go.

Hello.You’re not
missing me today?

I told you I was coming
to see you, you know.

I am coming
to see you today.

All right, whatever.

Don’t forget to bring
the money for my surgery.

God damn it, girl.

That’s all you think about is
money when you think about me?

You was supposed to bring it
over here the other day.

Hmm, I forgot bro.

Well, my consultation
is tomorrow

and I need it
to reserve my spot.

I got you, bro and all

give me one second.
All right, shit.

Let's see what [Indiscernible].
It’s that boy, what’s up fool.

Is that how [Indiscernible]
right there.

I'm cool.

Hey let me call you back bro.
Let me call you back girl.

All right, boy.Bye.


Man who that was Trina?

Yeah, bro.
This bitch gets on my nerve.

Nigga please, you know,
you’re in love.

Love? Boy you got me all
the way fucked up boy. Love?

Man there ain’t nothing wrong
with that, if you love.

Man it, pitch it boy.

I wouldn’t give a fuck
if you hit her.


For -- absolutely try it.
Fuck them. It's for absolutely.

Wish I [Indiscernible]

damn bitch.

Man, cool it man.

Yeah, man what the fuck,
you ride it to me.

Man, I let my girl
took my shit man,

her stupid ass stuck off
in traffic, man.

Traffic. Man.

Shh. That bitch

How long out here

I'll be waiting for?For fucking
30 minutes in this heat, man.

I'm hurt you drove

I'm not letting her messing
my shit, no more, man.

Well, she dead man.


Got it. I'm trying to
tell you this the someone

Look I came up on another one.

Yeah. I'm going to put up under
the same house from last time,

my nigga this one here
like five pounds of real shit.

The lick, yeah.

Three, I can pull out like three
in a possible, yeah.

Oh, yeah?

Let me see it.

We can go up for --
let me see, uh.

Let me see, we can go aHead
pick lucky seven.

I can do that.

I'm going to [Indiscernible].

Yeah, please. What you got?

Fe Girl, I got two.

You sure you got two?

Fe I got two.

Girl I got two, he got

you all, just going to talk
across the board the whole time.

Oh, man you still going to lose.

I'm going to do that

Can we get our shit together?

No, we're going
to go five with you.

Well, why you got
that ugly shit face boy?

Are you next?

You got big in for it?

Big facts.

Oh, I hate it. Oh, hell,
that was disrespectful.

FeGet it out of here.

Ah, you're doing
all that talk now.

Oh, no.
Smash them.

Oh, the group, my ass
is fucked up.

You look like you
all will be sick.

Yeah, bro you brought me
some shitty luck, man.

I wish you're proud of


No we got to let you.
Two for one.

You know,
what I'm talking about.


Hmm. Hmm.

Fe Get out of here.

You know, what I am
talking about.I'm hot.

FeGallop [Phonetic].

Yeah, hello.

Yeah, we're doing that.
I'm going to get the book.

Hello. What’s that

to me.

What do you all want?

That’s it,huh?
Oh, right.

Well,I'm want to meet you
in a minute


I leave out, you know,I'm

what I mean that shit.

All right, meet you in a few.
All right.

So how my cousin,
they’re doing with the weed?

Uh, he, hmm, he be doing
straight no lie.He

be doing
all right, for real.

He capping like two pounds
a week so he doing good dawg.

All right.That’s what he's up?

Let see, me and my little
partner was arguing about

who the best barber
in the city is you hear me?

Be real who do you think is
the best barber in the city is?

Say what now?

Who do you think the best barber
in the city is?

I don’t know. You're asking
the wrong person and honestly

I don’t care about G.

Man you act like you been
bald your whole life, son.

Just two years ago you were
rocking the flat top, the Bobby

Brown style.

Yeah, it was something serious.


I do little something
I had to sponge with it.

Yeah, don’t try
to finesse my mind.

My partner is the best barber
in the city,

my hommie is,
and you know.

Your partner?
How your partner the best?

He don’t even make no money,
and his shop may never pay.

Boy you stupid like them most.

That’s because
he book appointments,

we make money
differently over there.

All right.
Yeah, really?

Yeah, differently.

What you mean?
In a different way.

That's what I mean,
you know, what I'm saying.

I can call him up right now

and make him go
in his left drawer

and pull out 15 rags easily
on your stupid ass.

Look how stupid you sound,

ain’t no real barber
making that type of money.

If you only know
my G.If you only knew.

You don’t know shit
as it is.

Okay. That was [Indiscernible].

You better stop following
my post

off on Instagram. You-

Yeah, follow your host

you've been following
[Indiscernible] stars, you know?

I don't fuck with no stars.

What’s up yo?
What's up, man.

Following stars. What the fuck
you niggas talking about?

Don’t you worry about it,
don't worry about

do you got for me today?

The shit for usual,
just for your girl.Her sexy ass,

where she at bro?

None of your business.

That’s why them damn Victoria
Secret cataloguesbeen

coming in.That's
the wrong address anyway,

I'm watching

You know, how I get done.

Yeah, you're doing.

Try smoking.

Some [Indiscernible].

In your dream land.
Let me see it.

Try me you're shit, dawg.
You stay with that girl.

You know, I'm still
with that strong, Terry Crews.

You know, I [Indiscernible]
would it, did it?

Terry Crews.

Oh, oh, yeah.

That dance step,
we made that robot,

yeah.That’s the real shit
right there.

Yeah, I fucks with that.

He was the only, only male man

I know who smoke weed
and on the job, he breathe.

Let me tell you one thing.

Nigga,who the fuck goingto ride
on me around this mother fucker?

Man you [indiscernible]
by the rest in the hood.

Look how he dress,
does he look like

he gives a fuck
about the hood?

He got on tennis shoes,
Jordan’s, delivering mail.

He got what?
Nothing but-

Broke niggas ain’t got no job.

Get back to what I was doing,
you all niggas think

I'm just dropping
all the mail in the hood.

I am dropping off big.

I don't buy what he just said,

Yeah, that's my man.

You should

What's in there, bro?

You better stop dropping
of the wrong mail, dude.


Tell your girl to call me

I'm about to [Indiscernible]

I'm going to fuck
with you later your hear me?

Look,hey, look, look, hey

look.Don’t leave me here,
please bro

I ain’t got no
[Indiscernible] around.

Look, come sit with my girl
come on, please.

I'm only [Indiscernible].

That’s why I'm not giving you
no gas money at all.

You already owe me $10
for that bag of, uh,

a bag
and a dime, bro.

Hello. All right,give me
like 30 minutes,

I'm going to be on you.
All right. You found something?


Come on, let’s go I got
something to do.

Okay. How you doing?

What's in here?

Here you go.

Can I take that
bracelet as well?

Sure, that’s going to look nice
on this sexy ass.




About 800.


I got him. You know, he lying.

Come in here


you got to [Indiscernible].

Oh, man.

Man, what's up nigga?


Yeah. Oh, what's up man?

What's your point there,
right now?

What's your point there,
right now?

You made another point.

You know, what this is my

Don't even matter with
that daddy, right there.

Come on, right there,
right there.

Who got [Indiscernible].

You know, I got a $100
on you bitch, what's up?

Right there, right there --
I need two, man.

I [Indiscernible] all in there.
What the fuck [Indiscernible].

You're not, yeah, I'm not
fucking with that, you hear me?


I'm trying to get that two,
your ass is out.

I'm not fucking with that.
Grab that dice, come on.

Grab that dice. Grab my dice.
Grab my dice.

Yeah, what's up, what's up
again, nigga playing man?

This is ain't it bitch.

Want to fuck.

All right, you're going
to get the thing.

All right.

Come on bitch, yeah, time to go.
Let's go.

Well, let's go.

Uh-huh, let's go.

I'm going to fuck with you all,
do you hear me?

All right, dude. Be cool man.

I'm going to fuck
with you all

[Indiscernible] cool.

Fe What’s up girl?

Nothing. Long day.

Fe I know mine
has been long too.

Well, bitch guess what?

FeWhat is going on?

Guess who I've been
messing with?

Fe Jamal.

How the hell you know?

Fe I see the way you all looking
at each other all the time.

Don’t nothing get
past your nosey ass I tell you.

Fe I don’t know why you trying
to hide itbut, you know

fuck around huh?

What's that supposed to mean?

Fe They're boys.

This [Indiscernible]

he don’t give two fucks
and neither do I.

FeI heard that, and that
ain’tnone of my business.

All right, well then
let's get this

Head together then girl.

FeI got you.


Bless you. Fuck.


Hey. It's me B. Yeah, yeah.

Fe Where you at?

They’re pulling me over, yeah.

Girl, who that was?

Fe Girl I think
the police,them got Nut.

Oh, lord.

How you doing officer?

How you doing sir?
Hey, you know, why I stopped?

No, I don’t know.

You ran that stop sign
back there.

Hey put your hands
on the steering wheel,

you run that stop sign
back there.

Hey, step out
the vehicle for me.

Why I got to step out
the vehicle?

So I can see you, sir.
Step out the vehicle for me.

You're scaring me bro.

Hey, you smell that?

Yeah, you have anything
going illegal like


No. I'm serious bro.

You sure?


Don't cover my hand
that's your ass motherfucker.

All right, hands up man.
Hands up.

Bingo, jackpot.

Oh, what's you got?

Got us a live one.
He's got his warrant.

Oh, ho-ho. Watch your Head man.

Come on dawg, you serious bro?

Let's go baby.

Yeah, I'm serious,
you're in the back of the car.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Don't you want to make
this easy on yourself?

What do you mean easy on myself?

Where you get that shit from?

What shit?
What you talking about?


We don’t want to take your black
ass but we're going to take it.

Man, do what you all want
to do, man.

Oof, what are you a tough guy,
fuck it. Take a lick baby.

Yeah, I would.


What’s up boy?

Cool, man.

Got a sweet tooth,
huh?I'm speak to you,

now your cake now you're just
going to walk all the cake, huh?

How much? Yo,bam.Yo.

All right.Let me call you
back in an hour.

Bam what happened?

Man Nut is in jail.

Nut in jail?
Yeah. Yeah.

You're bailing him?

Yeah. Yeah..

No he's out of provision on.

Damn, all right, well keep me
posted I'm going to the gym.


Bro what this?

Bro, I know you aint mad.

No, is not, I'm not tripping
or nothing it’s just that,

that’s how it is?

Man, you know how it go?

Dam, what do I'mgoing to do
with all this money.

I'm going to fuck
with you all

with this money.It's on my butt
and I'm a dick, I'm shitting.

Oh, what's up with you bitch?

What’s up brother?
Give me the lights, huh?

Oh, I ain’t got
no lighter brother.

Well son check this out.
I found out where the money at.

How the fuck you know
where the money at?

It’s in the left drawer.
My source told me.

Your source?

My source on real talk.

Oh, we're going to get
that then.

I'm going to be
fucking with that.

Fucking with that.

I'm going to fuck him
for real dawg.

He's trying to play me.
Don't me.

Sexy ass.

Sure good.

Let me see?She's all right.

I got to get.

Hey, where you at?

I'm home, why what’s up?

Why what's up?

How the fuck you going
to be fucking with my partner?

What do you mean?

I can mess with whoever
I want to.

You can mess with who you --

bitch I need ever quarter
back from you, every dollar

I gave you,
I need that back ASAP.

You hear me?

Oh, this bitch
– you're trying to fuck aall?

Bitch you sent me
the voice mail?



Hello, Mr. Johnson,
how you doing man?

How you doing, man?

How you doing, bro?

I am doing good, man.Thanks
for asking,

man.I got a little problem
for you though.

What's that?

You want the good news
or the bad news?

All right, man.

I ain’t got the time
to be playing bro, what’s up?

Well, you know,
it'sa no win situation.

No win situation, but don't,

I'm paying
for the [Indiscernible]?

Right. But they're
offering you two years.

Come on man, I can’t do
two years right now bro.

Come on bro. For real.

Come on Mr. Johnson,You know
the DAknow

that you're having this case.

You're a convicted felon
with a file on.

If you take it to trial
you can get 10 years

and you had drugs
in the vehicle.

I mean the best thing
I can do right now

is request
for a 30 day extension.

I don’t want no extension bro,

like we’re not going to
turn myself in.

I mean, you can turn yourself
in on Monday, but-


I'm sure you need a little
more time, right?

I'm good man I got
everything setup.

But I'm just going
on Monday, man.

Try and get that
out the way, man,

I ain’t trying to play
with these people man.

All right, man, I'm going
to see you Monday then,

I'm going to fight my ass off.

Please do.Please do.

All right. All right, man.

Yeah, man. Thanks.

All right.
Sorry about the bad news.

All right, be safe man.

All right. Thank you.

When am I going
to see you again?

Oh, girl you're
going now already?

FeYeah, I got to work.

You're going to work already?

Fe Yes.

Girl what time you get off
from B?

Fe At six.

Six. Oh,Mandy [Phonetic].

Bring back some bread pan,
all right?

What's up?

Thank you, Jesus.

What’s up my G?

Because I'm poor.
Hold up, hold up,hold up me,

hold up.I'm going to see you
in the cash out in a few.

What the fuck? What’s up bro?

What's up, bro?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait.

Where my package at,
my package?

No package. I gave your mail,
that's what you got.

That’s all I you got
for you my nigga.

You're looking
for a package?

Yeah, it's like
five pound package.

Check up on another,
check or something,

I don’t fucking know.
Another truck?

Yeah. Other trucks
be having that shit.

I got to get to work bro.

Other trucks be having
that shit,

you serious?Man,oh, fuck.

FeBabe, what's wrong?

Fucking, he is smoking
right now, man.

Thinking about
all that bullshit man,

fucking people man,
for real, stupid man.

Fe Come on now babe
don’t do this

right now.
Don’t do this right now.

The slum be my three year man,
for real this, they got the kid,

bills and this fucking,
so what else they going to do?

Fe But we're in this together.

For I'm going – no.

Fe Babe, you know, I'm going
to be always be by your side.

I know, you hear me.
But, damn man.

Fe Babe, you know I'm going
to be always be by your side.

I know babe, man I'm --or

I'd be around
all fucking niggas all day.

Hell man.

FeCalm down.

Well good morning to you too.

Fe Good morning.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. You rest up?


You want to go for round two?

Fe Going, what?

Where Brie at?
She stayingby your mom?

FeYeah,I'm going to go
pick her up later.

You got a lot of stuff
to do today?

I'm still trying to fucking
figure it out man.

I probably chill in
for a little minute and.

probably hit a young

later on, go fuck with them
for a little minute,

you know, what I'm saying?

But I'm now

give this bro for real.
I need you to hold this dime.

I need you to hold that dime
for me until I get out.

Fe All right, it’s going to be
here when you get back.

Yeah. You sure?

Fe I'm sure.

All right you saying that shit,
girl, like a man

I'm letting you know now.


What you mean what?

You know, what I'm saying,
I don’t need nobody coming back

telling me how you're fucking
this nigga and fucking

with that nigga
and fucking this nigga-

Fe You think, I'm going
to cheat on you now?

I know, one thing, you better
not be sucking

another niggas dicks.

I don’t need to be worrying
about none of that.

That’s stressing
behind that shit

when I'm in there
like a man for real,

you got to hold a nigga now
or haveme looking stupid

while I am in there.
For real.

Fe All that’s going through
your motherfucking

Head but you're tripping.

Now I'm tripping. Stupid ass.

You didn't even take
the fucking bag in the back.

Boom, that’s what’s going
to happen to your blood.

Oh, who boss, I saw you coming.

Yeah, I bet you did.

Well, say you saw Dilla?

I ain’t talking to that bald
[Indiscernible] why, what’s up?

That bald boy ain't
answering that phone.

I saw [Indiscernible].

You finally got, every time you
right him hold,

you put a shit
on the side.

Yeah, I needed that.

Who that was, that walked out
the store with you?

That's one of Dilla’s partners.
Ain’t nobody important why?

I don’t like the way that nigga
looked at you

when you walked away.

That dumb scary ass nigga that
boy don’t going to play with me.

I'm just saying you want the bar
because I bought the whole bar.

Drink up to the new life.
I'm [Indiscernible]

go ahead hmm, hmm, hmm.

You look better than your
Instagram pictures.

FeGot you [Indiscernible].

You're so fine, you make
a nigga find a job.

You're soft as drugstore cotton,

I just swear to god,
I love you.

Fe Excuse me.
Oh, my G.

Dilla, I know you not here
playing with me, come back.

Who is this?
Damn bro?

Fe Who the fuck is that?

She's nobody, not -- come on.

Fe That’s not
even your lady.

Probably got a [Indiscernible]
with them, cheap ass boobs.

You fucking wife.
You fucking wife.

FeWell, send that bitch
to by your car then.

I'm staying though,
where you going,

no, you'regoing to go back
in and deal with this issue.


why you also get in my car,

what you mean? Hanging out
with somebody else.

Wait Dilla, come back,
you'reabout to get in my car.

I know you, I know
you fucking lying.

Girl please, don’t even go down.
My manI got him,

he just like a little
poke amazing race.

What man from the hood don’t?

But I'm just saying
you throwing shade, you know?

At least I got a man.

Bitch speaking of man,
I'm going to call you back.


What you doing?

Um, nothing much,
about to start cooking?

What you're cooking?

Your favorite meal.

What? Pork and beans, and wings?

Hey you know it. What time are
you going to be pulling through?

I'm pulling something up,

I’ll pass over there
a little later.

Boy, now you know
all that’s gone.

Damn, you smoked
all of that already?

What you think?

Dealing with your ass,
I gotto be high.

All right.

See you in a minute.

I got the keys.

What man?I don't know
with you bitch, I need a cutie.


I need QP, what’s wrong
with you?

Nothing I am straight, man.

Damn. What, what, what is this?


This is 607
motherfucking dollars.

My goddamn packs
are 850 deep shit.

Sir, I just bought one
from you for 700.

That’s all lies and garbage.

You didn’t get from shit
from me for no goddamn 700.

You know goddamn well
I got that Terry Crews.

As a matter of fact smell it.

Yeah, it’s way better
than what I had.

I bet it is, All right.
You taking a double L

for trying to cap that cheap ass
shitHeadtrying to selling.

Blackass weed.
Oh, bro.

Man you're right.

I still got
some of that shit left.

That the fuck you do, you better
sell some of that shit

in old country towns
like Hot

Coffee Mississippi,
something like that.

Well look, well look.
Here go another 30.

Fuck with your boy man.

You're full of shit,
you tore up for real.

Stay right there

Here you go bro,
get the fuck out of my porch.

Deep shit. Duck ass.

What’s wrong now Erica?

Where you at?

At home, Erica why?

Because I need pampers.

I have five left
and I told you yesterday

that I was running out.

Fuck, Erica, I forgot baby.

Just, just, just, just work
with me baby, I am sorry.

What the fuck you mean
you forgot?

How the fuck you forget
what your baby need.

Like you got to be
the worst nigga on earth,

for real, you really are.

You know what though that’s
my fault, that's my faultbecause

I should have never fucked with
a kid in the city nigga anyway.

Bitch, are you serious?
I fucking forgot.

I’ll come and bring
the fucking pampers.

Leave me the fuck alone.

It’s a motherfucking shame
that weed does more

for our baby than you do.

Chill the fuck out Erica.
I got a lot of shit on my mind.

I'm coming. Stupid ass woman
make me fucking see.

Bitch my fucking pussy hurt,
stupid asshole,

I ain’t got time for this shit.

Oh, Stu. Hey, Stu.
I'll let you pick.

What’s wrong him?

What's up?

Hi, what you're doing?

[Indiscernible] real quick man,
let me have a few minute.

Man, I'm so mother fucking
stressed out right now bro.

I'm in desperate need
of some fucking paper bro.

Oh, now you realized
Trump the president,

oh, you bitch you,
I need the money too.

Cuz, all jokes aside cuz,
I didn't lost my fucking gig,

my bitch Erica ain’t
making shit no better,

pressuring the fuck
out a nigga man.

Yeah, who you know got
some money


but you don't fuck
with it like that?

That’s the point nigga,
I really don’t know,

that’s why I came
to holler at you

and I got so much shit
on my plate,

I can’t even
fucking think straight bro.

Well look I got some shit
that I got working on with D

and the savages around
the corner do you hear me.

I'm going to send them
in the trap house and later

when they hit that bitch,

everything done.

I can’t put you on that dawg,
because you know that

do anything.

Cousin, come on man. Never
question a man’s capabilities

when his family’s
gotto eat bro.


As a matter of fact I think
I got us a prospect.

Oh, now you thinking, now you
using your Head[Indiscernible]

who is it?

He go by the name of Cubs.

Fat, flashy flamboyant
and his emo

was always fuck
these people that need job.


To be honest cuz.

I don’t even think the bitch ass
nigga needed the job.

Well you sound like

I bet you on this shit too.

Well call that nigga
set it up then.

[Game Sound]
Man who this?

It’s Mike man.

Mike from the warehouse man
killer Mike man.

Oh, what’s up with you dawg,
what you been up to bro?

Man just cool
and I can’t complain.

Yeah, man you still working
at the warehouse?

No, man. I left when
the bitch ass nigga

Travis became the manager man.

Travis, oh,Uncle Tom ass
nigga man.

Been trying to be the boss
riding on all niggas

and shit man.

On a real note, you still
be fucking with the good?

Hold up look, I'm going to
text you right quick,

call me right back
on that number.

All right, cool.What you talking

about a regular ass phone,

Hey, what's up bro?

You still be fucking
with the good?

Yeah man, it’s all good
what’s happening with you,

um, what you need?

How much your elbows go for?

Man, that is going to be 32.

I could fuck with that.
I could fuck with that.

Look, I'm about to go
drop my kids off right quick

and after I do that,
I can link up with you.

Yeah, most definitely. Got you.
Got you. Just hit me up.

Full of shit nigga.

What’s up with you dawg?
What’s happening man?

Don’t worry about that,
what's up? What’s good?

It’s all good.
Hey,your old lady inside?

Why are you worried
about my old lady?

Why are you worried about
my old lady bro? Freaking dicky.

Bitch, how are you're lady
caught up like that?

Have me get caught up
like what, cuz?

What the fuck
are you talking about?

Man all I see is Tasha
going off on the ground.

Oh, bro this bitch hell,
this bitch is tough

at project steps.
You serious?

Yeah, man.

Damn bro, fuck bro.
It's still up there?

Yeah, man. I gotmy little chick
take it down,

you know what I am saying?

Oh, so you-

I don’t care, hold up, so you
telling me you know this bitch

and you know her friend.

Man I took care of that for you.
I got to take the shit down.

Bro, I'm not eating
that whole booty again.

You see, what happen when you
eat them whore's booty son?

You shouldn’t have let her
stick a finger in your ass,

that’s what you should do.

Who told you about that?
Now, you sit [Indiscernible]

don’t worry about it.
You worry about the wrong thing.

I need a pound bro.

A pound of crawfish my nigga?

Don’t fucking come on me
nothing bro,

do you have the money
from the last pound I gave you?

No you don’t [Indiscernible]
fuck, man.

Look man it’s going to be
a little bumpy,

I am about to grab that,
go around that,

come in right back.
You know how we do?

I don’t know how
we do motherfucker.

All right, and you're
speaking foreign.

Yeah, that’s the tore up police
coming for your ass,

because you toreup right now.

I, I'm going to give you
this pound

but that mean you owe me
for two, all right?

One, two can you count?

Man, I got that.Man, I got that.

Whatever man.
I'm going to go get it.

Get that weed man.

Stay right there.

Man where the weed at?

Come on give me that.

He asked for it,
he got to get it.

Stay right there,all right?

Fucking shit.
What the fuck up I was.

I should have.

Come on man, hurry up, you wound
up like a project freak.

Come on man I got this man.

Hey listen to me,
all right?That come from, uh,

God dispensary,

he got one in heaven,he
wants his money.

Yeah. Yeah.
I'll be right back dawg.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, man.
Total fuck up.

So what you going to do Stu?

You going to knock
on this nigga door

and let this bad bitch
get in the car.

Bitch, you're stupid
or you're fucking dumb.

You going to let me
out of the car,

I'm going to go do the cut,
you get the fat bitch in the car

once you get him in the car,
give me a signal with the lights

then I'm going to come and
snatch his big ass out the car.

I ain’t playing with him.

You just hurry the fuck up,
you know this ain’t my name.

I got you.

I got you.Just make sure
that nobody ain’t watching.


Well, get this done quick,
bitch, I got you, I promise.


I won’t spook out on you,
I got you.

What’s happening with you dawg

how you've been?

I ain’t seen you
in a while dawg.

There ain't [Indiscernible].

Yeah, I could smell it.

Yeah, man.
They’re from G, you know

I got you brother.

There it's one of mine.

Oh, it’s that mother
fucking gas.

That fucking bitch.

Damn bro, damn bro.
How much it is again?

Thirty-two hundred, man.

Let me get you, wait up, just,
you know, what I'm saying?


I got you bro.
You can count my money.

Come here boy get the fuck
out of the car nigga.

Get the fuck out the car,
niggalay down, you know,

you know,
what the fuck you did, nigga.

Fuck man.

Come on man,
let's fucking go man.

Fucking nigga bitch, don’t move,
don’t say nothing bitch.

Don't fuck me man.

All right,go. All right.

Get the fuck up bitch. Go aHead.

Let’s go man, let’s go.

Man, fuck.

Hey, Mike lock
that door we closed.

Yes boss.

After you finish sweeping
you can leave, you hear me?


Man, answer the door?.

Open the fucking door
then Mike.

Yes, boss.

What’s happening man?
Get the door for a nigga man.

Yeah, let's [Indiscernible]
man freshen the nigga up.

Man, hey, hey.

What’s good with you man.

You got some color in your hair,
man [Indiscernible]

I'm trying to get
right for the night.

You already know I got you.

And that's a fact.

Let me hit you up.

That’s what’s right.

Can’t believe I am cutting you
for the last time.

Come on bro,
you act like a nigga

got life or something, huh?

I’ll be right back
on these streets.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. My man stop on nothing,
fuckingpeople, man.

Uh, for real.

Like a man [Indiscernible]

just don't want to get
no fucking on the stupid

ass jail store delivery

coming withdawg [Indiscernible]
I'm never going to be


dawg. I'm not going to be
a meanie out there.

Oh, my man.


What you need?

Uh, I'm good Jamal. Oh,Young?


You want something from the,

from the store
or you want something?

Who that is?Get's him going.

It’s Jamal. You hear me.

Horse shit, horse shit
say get some cigars, yeah,

I'm staying friends, I'm here.

All right.Hey give me,

and some gars. How much is it?
Man, give me two hens.All

right,we about to be on our way
over there now, you hear me?

About to get this shit for you

here, man.
All right.

All right.

All right. Boy.

You got me a yogurt?

Yeah, there with me bro.
Are you ready?


I'm starving man, I'm about to

I ain't tripping.

I say ride that dick

dab and thatnigga might buy you
a B but dab.

Lord it’s going down tonight.
It’s going down like my mom

on my dad
in a fucking Chaka Khan concert.

See Young call Dilla there, man.
See where he's at?

All right.
I'm going to get him none.

Hope they running.

I am hollering at everybody
on later tonight.

I am single. Who is this
hitting up my little phone?

That’s the hommies,
what’s popping?

Oh, where you at?

Now, I'm about 15 minutes
away from the shop.

What, what the boss
talking about?

Ah,the bitch, he’s up
in the chair right now.

Everybody else on the weed.

Boss,if you want
a haircut don’t be


Oh, man but he going on
that fucking crown bro

acting like a whole whore.
This nigga no Iain’t got no hair

Iain’t got that much hair
so what he crying about?

Man it hurt.
Everything hurt when you bald

even the motherfucking rain.

Hey,bitch, you act like
he got hair on his Head.

Man don’t be all day,
we waiting.

All right, bro
I'm going to holler at you.

Shit man. Shit out of here, bro.

Mike, open the door.

Got you, boss.

What’s up Mike?

What’s up Dilla?

What’s up, what’s up fellas?

Look that was [Indiscernible]
I'm cool what you got?

Yo, yo, yo ,yo, what the fuck?
Are you going to keep playing

pool and shit
or we going tonight?

What do you want to do tonight?

I'm not going clubbing tonight.
And I'm going to bring Mike.

The club.

The club. Yeah.

Fuckingclub, club.
You bought it?


Let’s go to the fucking club.

The club it is, we can go.


Man, where is the nigga at?

We outside.

I happen to see you.

There’s 10 of us.

Man, what this nigga want?

I'm about to come out right now.

All right.

Where's the nigga at?

He coming bro, he coming.

We're out here.All right,
bitch we walking out now.

You see this shit?

All right.

Looks good?

Everybody get out of here.

You got going all ready?

All right, man look,
I'm, I'm going to

catch up with you tomorrow,
you here?

Oh, I'm going to fuck with all.

I got them niggas, right there.

You know, I bought
the whole bottle of

twice, twice. You can hold up.

You want some

Oh, dude man.

Take that you fucking pot,
take that fucking chain up.

Nicepopping with you play buddy?

What's popping man?


Man, look I got a problem,
Ineed you to handle.


Man, I got a nigga,you hear,
I need you to touch you hear me?


Man some fuck ass
nigga man.I got

the nigga Instagram
right here man

messing with the nigga info.

Man, don’t do that.
Don’t send me that,

where this nigga stay at?

Nigga be at [Indiscernible]
Morrison and Reed,you hear me?


Kind of call you dick?

That stupid ass nigga
ain’t even got no car man.

Uh, nigga. All right, then.

Damn nigga, be no
fucking problem man,

the nigga [Indiscernible]
no leadership, you hear me?

All right. Yeah.
Doing max, you hear me?

All right.

You're looking about doing it
is going to be like five now

and five when it's done.

Yeah, why so fucking much man?

Do it yourself then.

No, come on man. Come on man,
you going to work with me

on this, yeah,
you know, what I'm saying?

Man, for on --
for real note dawg,

bullets and lawyers
is not fucking free.

And then they setting
crime cameras up everywhere,

that's [Indiscernible].

Man, you know, what

since you put it like that,
you right,

I'm not going
to say no more.

That’s five?

Yeah, that’s five, man.

Nigga, how you know
it’s actually five?

Man, come on man,
you hear me?You


what you're saying, man.
You herewith me now,

I was expecting you to do that,
you know what I'm saying?


All right.

Man you ain’t got to count
my money that's all I have dawg.

Nigga, I ain't --
I have to split the note.

Man, come on man, we’ve been
fucking around

like this, yeah man.

Man, it's always business.
Yeah, you right, you hear me?

I ain't never short changed you
on nothing we did my nigga.


Say I'm going to fuck you up

when brake tank
is over,what’s up?

How you looking like you
lost your best friend?

Hey, they got me dawg.

Got you out of what partner?


Everything, boy you have
nothing as it is.

Fuck you mean everything?
What you had bro?

Man a pound I got from you,like
half a pound of seven.

You ain’tget shit from me.

I am not taking no L’s
no more bro.

Who these niggas was?

Uh, nigga I used to work
with man.

I didn’t know
who the other man was.

You let your ex co-worker
rob you?

A nigga you punched
the clock with?

Where is the man from?
Where he from?

Man he from Kenny [Phonetic]

You let a nigga
from Kenny[Indiscernible]

rob you?From
Veteran's Highway

you serious right now?

Bitch I know you lying. You got
the game fucked up out here,

you a whole whore out here bro.

Oh, man, man.
What you standing here for?

Go find them people, what's
the fucking wrong with you?

This ain’t no fucking
unemployment line.

This ain’t no temp service.

Shit. Fuck.

Man, man, what’s popping B?

What’s up man,
what's going on bro?

Nothing man, chilling man.

What you all got for me now?

You already know,
I got the goodies,

you know I got the goodies,
you know I got the goodies.


Good, nice. Come on talk to me.

All right. All right.

What you got for me?

I'll give you 15 bags for that.

Man at least about 25
or better for this.

No, Tray, look bro this shit
is fake,

man.It’s not even real,
that’s G-SHOCK.

Huh, check the numbers.

Yeah. That’s G-SHOCKB.

Fuck man. Are you for real bro?

Yeah bro, you can keep that.

No, you can keep that.

No, no, no,
look I could take this.

I don’t know what to do
with that.

No, I'm going to give this to
my little cousin or something.

Tell me what you are
going to do with this?

I'm going to send this to Miami
to my boy up bro,

he going to take care of that.

All right, when you get with
your people you know, call me.

All right, Tray, I got you.

All right. Come on holler me.

What’s happening, cuz?
I'm surprised you hit me up.

You getting money
with Dilla now,

you don’t fuck with me no more.

Man I do hit you up.

Yeah, whatever.

Bitch ass nigga got me up
last night bro.

Yeah, what they got?

Man the book sackI
got two pounds in it.

You know who did it?

Yeah, man.
Dude used to work with me bro.

Man that’s fucked up.
So what you going to do?

Hey, you going to help me
look for a nigga?

Who, man I got to go somewhere
with my girl when she come home.

But look hit up later
on at night.

All right. All right.

All right, bro.

Here little nigga

I got something for you.What
you think about that?

Yeah, it's been nice.

Look, anybody ask where
that came from little nigga?

Yeah, I know,I know,I know,
I know, I found it.

All right.

You know, you got everybody
calling me lucky.

Ah, I like that fine
with shit.Keep it thick.

That’s all you got to do.
You hear me? All right.

Yeah, baby.

FeHey, daddy.

What you doing baby?

Nothing, just playing
on my laptop.

You miss me?


You miss me?


Then why haven’t you called me
in 10 minutes?

You should have called me
and told me, I miss you.

Where your mom at?

FeRight here.

Let me holler at her right fast.


You mean what girl, I know
you know what’s going on

but I got to go live
my own for a minute

but you need to take
that off and for real.

FeMan you sound stupid.
That’s no big deal for me.

How you going to get paid anyway

if I'm sitting
in the fucking jail?

FeThat's a big thing baby.

Well, fuck you.

Two thirty-eight.

It'll be fun if it was

Let me get 40 man.

You have a fucking twenty.

Let me get, let me get 40, 38.

Remember the [Indiscernible]?

Slim give this old dumb
half the ass nigga

a negative
10,that's 37 man.

That’s 37.

Man, count you chips man.

Yeah, 37 man.

That's 37.

Take your fucking L like
a man, man.

Yo, hold on, hold on,
I've got to see that.

Take him fucking out.
Take you out man.

What the fuck you nigga

did after the club
last night though man?

Man, when we left,
fuck they had police

everywhere.I think somebody
got smashed or something.

Is that all right?

We just had something to eat
and just, we just went in.

That might have happened
right after we left,

we had some good times.

Yeah, we did too
[Indiscernible] man.

I'm not [Indiscernible].

You did, you did, you did,
you did.

Pause, man there’s someone
at the door.

All right.

You're whooping his ass.

All right, there dude.

I have to go in [Indiscernible].

What's going on,
what's the matter?

Playing the games,
smoking you already knew.


What’s up DA?

You licking ass bitch.
What [Indiscernible]?

Smoking his gas.
I see.

Watching his get his ass

All right, what the fuck
you doing bro?

I ain't [Indiscernible].

That's all you want,
you're going to smoke too.

What’s up bro with that gas?

Man, I heard about youbro
got smashed last night?

Shit I ain't start,
I just seen him

nigga from, uh, up town.

Yeah, I was just talking
to Trent Slim about that shit.

Man, that's some nigga, there's
something about some nigga,

I don’t trust, you hear me?

Man, no nigga straight.
I been knowing that nigga since


[Indiscernible] boy you know
how the fuck you sound?

with your ass in --

you nigga [Indiscernible]
you get though.

Agree to that.

Don't touch that.

Come on, man. I'm trying
to bust that nigga ass.

He's your cousin anyway.

He about to take all your coins.

Where are you fuck?

What's up? What’s happening?

He was born aggressive.
He was born aggressive.

I mean, he's coming in why
the freaking shit, man.

Man pass the weed.

There you go bro.

What’s popping with you B?

Look good man.

I'm cool man. I got

you got

They're coming back.

What’s popping?

Fuck you tell me,
you constipated or something?

Nigga what the fuck
you looking at me for?

What's up man?


Why your shoulders so big?

Who winning?
That boy.

You already know.

What [Indiscernible]
coming back.

Man, they're down
like four touch downs.

Why you always got it on black?

Man, it ain'tno fucking game.
Watch this dude, touch down.

Oh, yeah. Yo.

Fuck all of them.

Stop playing brother,
for real that game over,

for real yeah,
you even letDilla play,

you know what I am saying?
Come holler at me dawg.

About to come fuck with you
right now brother.

Yeah, game over like
a motherfucker,

let's you going to play.

You, you want to over
kill the old man.

You already know.

Yeah, what’s happening old bro?

Yeah, man I'm about
to go lay down

for that little damn ass
shit dawg.

Well, granted put up dawg?

You know, I don't want you to go
and sit down for me

until I get out of this dawg.

All right.

For real.For real, uh.

I got you.

Why do you always got on black?

Why you minding my business?

[Voice Mail]
Bitch, I still can't believe

you doing this.

Man nigga, I'm even not trying
to think of that shit right now.

I already know.

I already stress my nigga out.

Man with all the shit
going on bro, for real

bro.If you all could use
this motherfucker bro,

for real bro, you need the code?

No, you know, you good baby.

Styles, I sweardawgain’t
too many niggas left,

that’s why I fuck with you son.

Like a man dawg.

For real.,
you know, what I mean.

Right at home bitch.

For real.

Who, that bitch is going to stay
right, where the fuck it's that.

Yeah [Indiscernible]

you got plan, you'll be weeks
in that bitch too.

Who is it?

Ms. Harris.

How you doing Ms. Harris?

You know you two weeks behind.

Damn, I know Ms. Harris.

And why you not answering
the phone?

Not answering the phone isn’t
going to solve your problem,

it’s going to make them worse.

And you know that’s not
how we handle business.

I lost my gig and shit been
kind of slow lately.

Everybody lose jobs, then get
better ones in the process.

I wish you heard
what happened to me.

Look I know you was
a good tenant when you had a job

but if you don’t have
both payments by the 5th

of next month,
I may have to evict your ass.

All right, thank you Ms. Harris.


Yo, where you at?

I'm at home, what’s good?

I'm about to come pass
over there.

I need to holler at you.

All right, hold on, fuck, man

I got some shit
to handle realquick.

All right, I'm just going
to spin back on you.

All right.

Jamal who the fuck that was --

you was on the phone
whispering too?

Ah, you fucking
tripping girl,got to go you

fucking assback to sleep.

You can fucking play with me
if you want to bitch,

I'm going to beat her ass,

I'm going to beat your ass
for fucking playing with me.

Ain’t no fucking

STDs coming in this
motherfucking bed, you tripping.

Stupid ass man,
all that fucking tripping.

All right, don't let me
fucking find out.


be tripping.

Fe Hello.

Okay, I'm going to be
waiting on you.



what’s popping out

in the world,oh,
you hear me?

I'm shit.

What's up nigga?

Man, I'm about to get kicked
the fuck out of the house man.

I need you.

Kick the fuck.What the fuck
you talking about,

boy what happened to your job?

Man I lost it man and Ms.
Harris ain’t trying to hear.

You lost your job

holler at home but look you
go holler at Mole,

you hear?Holler at Mole

he’s going to lineyou up,
you hear, you hear me?

All right.

You better [Indiscernible].

All right. I won't.Hey,
I'm 15 minutes away.

All right.

Yo, come in its open.
What’s up bitch?

Bitch, I need
to make some money.


Ms. Harris about to kick me
the fuck out.

How much you need?

I don’t need your money,
I need some weed,

I'm trying to come up
right fast.

Nigga, do you even know
how to hustle?

Man, do I look like
I am stupid or something?

Dawg, I'm just looking out
for your stupid ass

but you know
what it’s your lucky day.

I got a half a pound right here
you hear me, bring you 1200 bag.

Bitch I need this bag,
is it cool to use this bag?

Yeah, it’s cool. Be safe.


What's up bro?

Cool, what’s good?

I'm about to come fuck
with you all,

I got something
that I want to show you.

All right.Pull up then.

All right.

All right, bro. Where you at?
Come on, what you got?

Some shit.

Let me get, let me getthem
10, man, baby.

Let me get them 10 and baby.
Come on show me some 10.

Yeah, what’s happening bitch?

What’s going on?

Cool man. What's [Indiscernible]

What's up with you?


Man, fuck that game, let me
holler at you for something.

What's your problem bitch?

all right, I just brought that.

Oh, what that is?
That’s fucking

where you get this from?

Man, I need the rent
money man.Man,

I'm going
to get kicked out.

I can’t afford to go back
by my mom’s.

How much you want for it?

Fourteen hundred.

I got the cash at the house
you hear me,it's at home.

I want it though you hear me?
I want that.

All right. All right.
I'll be right back.

Come on boy.Hello what is there?

There’s nothing nigga
what’s down with it?

What’s up B,
what'syou been up to dawg?

Shit man, you wouldn’t
believe me if I tell you


Knuckle Head.
Man, are you serious?

Yeah, dawg for real.

All right kick,
so let me hear what you got.

Look, when Master P
had the hook up

I was learning how to cook up.

Put my gun in my backpack
and put the books up,

my nigga Mole just got the

hug the role. Dilla bought that

[Indiscernible] been clear to my

make sure I am safe,
I gave the safe to my nigga

Young. KnuckleHead,
KnuckleHeadhe stayed with a gun.

How can I have fun playing
basketball when niggas balling.

So I ball with the beat boys
on the corner.

I even had dreams
of becoming a lawyer.

But that the same bitches gave
me three likeit didn't cost me.

So I started breaking laws,
breaking into cars

I'mthe jail side stepping,
breaking niggas jaws.

Good boy.

I'm going to make them
get the fuckedup

fucked up.

That's style B, I like that.

They're not moving on my life

when I can come out,
you hear me?

That's the nigga
that were looking man,

Head stupid, right there.

I wonder what he plotting in his
Head right now.

I'm going to pull over son.Fuck
on over that boy.

Hey bitch.

Come on, come in
and look in here.

Where the fuck he hid that?

Man where the fuck,
where the fuck he hid it.

Man, fuck that.
We have found something better.

For real?

Oh, bitch. Come on, let’s go,
let's go.

Fe What’s up babe?

What’s up my

Fe I'm at home getting ready.

At home getting ready,

come on man I am
just calling you.

What you about to do?

FeI'm about to go
to a birthday dinner.

A birthday dinner, for who?

Fe A girl from the shop.

What girl from the shop?

Fe You don’t know her.
Hold on babe, hold on.

Hey babe, call me
right back okay?