Trying Grace (2021) - full transcript

African American church, with a Pastor's spouse dying of cancer. Pastor Robs constituent businesses to pay for wife's treatment.

I am a man

just like any other
i love my family

my wife is my backbone and my


is an angel when
tragedy strikes any


it leaves you with
a lot of questions

and very little answers

but what happens when
you leave god god

is the center of my life

and my wife has always
told me that god

never makes a mistake

so i won't say
that he did he just

misjudged me some
husbands and brothers

say they would do

anything for their
families anything to

save their lives

even risk their own well

i didn't say it i
never had to i just


ah come on now all right

so uh how's your
church man man we're

doing all right

we are doing all
right attendance and

membership is on
that steady incline

together which is always good so

yeah we can't complain
and your wife how

is she

she's holding on
she's holding on she's

a fighter

strong woman but a
fighter yes you know

that yes she is

have they given
you an update well

we got a call from
the insurance company

the other day good so they're

going ahead with the
procedure thank god

not exactly joe not exactly

i mean they said
they're canceling our


so they've worked
with us as long as

they could just
like that that's it

and just like that that's it

jt i'm sorry man god

i mean is there
anything i can do my


anything well i know
it sounds kind of

cliche but honestly
you guys agreeing

with us praying with us

that's what we really
need right now is

something nothing
short of a miracle no

doubt no doubt
we'll get that done

hey i know we're not
a big congregation

but we'll take up
donations every sunday

we'll do whatever
we can to get this

resolved man i really
appreciate that

thank you guys

hey you took care
of us and we needed

help right at least we can do

yeah that's true hey uh

how much is the surgery 120 000

at least

yeah yeah but

we're gonna do all
we can while we can


yeah yeah that's right

i only bring this
up because uh well

it's been an issue
in the past but right

but god's got this okay

i mean don't uh don't
rob peter to pay

paul okay

yeah we're gonna get
through this we're

gonna get through
it the right way

because god don't
make no mistakes

let me get this right
so you're saying

if my wife dies of cancer

this is part of god's plan

get real joe then
we're not just talking

about somebody
random we're talking

about my wife here

my wife it's okay
man calm down look

i'm sorry i i wasn't
trying to get you

riled up i just

just want to make
sure your head's on

straight man that's all

yeah yeah i'm good

i'm good i'm gonna be all right

but i'll tell you
what christina's

sister jessica

she's supposed to be
coming over to the

house and

we've got some shopping
to do christina

made me promise and
all this stuff so

i need to get going
well that sounds fun

yeah it'll be good
for you too to sort

of clear your mind to things

yeah yeah it will
are you all right

i'm good i'm good
brother i'll see you

you cannot be eating
all of this candy

you know i just
just let me eat it

what am i supposed
to eat when i get out

of here come on

i'm sure they'll
give you a list of

things that you can eat besides

i want my sister to
be healthy when she

gets out of here

please come on

okay so you know when
i get out of here

i'm your big sister right

which means guess
what what i'm still

your big sister so
share some of the

candy that bread

so how's your education going dr


sorry i'm just ready
to be done with all

things education

hold your horses baby
girl okay because


is not far off and
you have a lot of

decisions to make

i have time come on

it ain't never too
early to start making


good decisions
there are a lot of

successful people
out there who are

successful because they started

planning if you don't sound

like mama girl i know
that came out way

too easy god rest her soul

i bet she's up in
heaven telling all

kinds of stories

about you not you too

jess i'm serious
though i know i know

listen i have this under control

okay don't worry
about me okay okay

um so what's going
on with you and


we're okay um he actually

is on his way up here
we're gonna go run

some errands

errands for what running shoes

okay i'm sorry what
do you need running

shoes for

running obviously okay

yeah his major is
extra exercise science


He agreed to train
me oh train you

like touch you oh you
know what maybe it

should be a virtual list

let's talk about
virtual training you're


you know what that
man needs to get some

training and uh just stop

just stop


Hey how's my wife
going oh she's she's

good how's my husband

uh i'm okay i'm okay
i can't complain

jessica how are you

everything's peachy
that's good to hear

good to hear you about ready

yeah hello hi looks
like you two are

ready to go


don't worry mrs
thomas it'll all be

worth it

yeah you're right
thank you look at

these two people

my amazing husband
and my hard-headed

baby sister

they're here taking
care of me it's

beautiful thank you

hey marcus how are
you hey jessica

where have you been
i'm good thanks for

asking how's your
face jessica don't

ignore me where have you been

that's good i'm
glad to hear that

they're doing well
jessica i haven't

spoke to you in a
week where have you


you know i was just
thinking about your

mom it was something
that she was

jessica where have you been

i told you it's none
of your business

jessica look i i'm
just concerned about


i don't like when
you go away like this

we'll get used to it

it's gonna be this
way for a while

jessica what are you doing

ever since your sister
was admitted here

it's like you changed

why don't you just
come out and tell me

the truth why

huh so you can judge
me so you can tell

me how wrong i

am no so you can show me the way

jessica you know
i wouldn't do that


because this is
starting to sound an

awful lot like the last time

i'll always be here for you baby

whatever you decide

it's fine with me
you remember that

jessica please

no just good

you know how i feel
about that i don't

i don't because the
last time we talked

about that

you stormed out of
the house look i'm


i was young i didn't
know what to do

i did what i thought
was right but you

said it was okay

i said that to make you happy

it wasn't okay with
me you should have

said something

you don't blame me
for not speaking up

you you pushed me away

i didn't know what
to do you didn't try

it was my son too

i didn't want to walk away

i was worried about
our future i didn't

want to throw away our future

well you know what
you made a selfish

decision marcus and
now it's time for me

to make one

i'm not telling you anything

jessica come back jessica please


I can't believe they
found another one

you just keep fighting christina

we'll take care of the rest god

will take care of
the rest that's right

don't try to play god

do you hear me i
know i know we have a

terrible history
in this family of

people trying to

be god whenever
life gets rough i

remember what your
father said to me

right before he died

he said don't worry
about me god just

misses me more than
y'all ever could

you just take care
of my boy and now his

boy is taking care of me

how are we going to
pay for this without

the insurance

well the church took
up a donation and

they knew we were
in a tough spot and

they knew how hard this was and

they said they wanted
to help look look

see they sent me
down here to put this

towards the surgery

look what they did
for us justin that's

so sweet but

i don't i don't know
if that's gonna be

enough i

i know well it's
gonna happen every

sunday they're gonna
take up a donation

and it's

three different
churches they asked what

they could do and

i was just honest and
and i said this is

hard and we really really

need the money and
that's what they did

so god's blessing us baby

justin do you
think i'm gonna die

they said it's gotten
larger than the

last time they saw it and

i can't have people
giving money if i'm

just i'm just going
to end up saying

stop that don't
even think like that

god's not going to
do that he's not

going to take you

away from me you're all i've got

and said he's not
going to leave me and

your sister here by herself

besides i can't
handle her that's your


okay i needed that thank you

me too me too baby
well i'm gonna go

lock up the church
you get some rest


you nervous yes

but it has to be
done god understands


he does he does just think about


come on let's pray
jesus we just ask

that you're

with us through all
of this that you

forgive our sin

and you give us mercy
for today in jesus



scott it's the pastor

what the pastor he's the thief

come on sir why would
you say something

like that i mean he's a pastor

i'm serious jay why

well why not his wife's sick

he doesn't have the
money he needs it

so just because a
man's wife is sick and

he doesn't have money
doesn't mean he's

going to steal it

besides he's a pastor
i mean he's not

alone in his circumstances

the wall is full
of them take a look

around look

how many bible studies
did he have three

months ago please

would you listen to
me how many bible

studies did he have
three months ago


two right two and
how many did he have

last month

four and how many
what days is he

usually in the office

monday tuesday
thursday and friday but

when was he in the
office last month

monday and thursday
i want to bet that


Only has bible study
twice this month

so you think
there's some sort of

pattern to this there has to be

michelle so you
wanted to arrest the

pastor right now

off some suspicious
hunts that could be

a total joke

well what do we have
to lose our jobs i

mean look i'm getting
married next month

i can't afford to
get fired from this

case i mean

besides lisa's dad it's broke

who's gonna pay for
my wedding if i get

fired scott come
on we have one shot

yeah one shot at
finding a liable


look we can't play
russian roulette with

the pastor

and end up losing i mean look

this is ridiculous
michelle hey would

you trust me

i've got a foolproof
plan this is gonna


hey don't move

give us some cash
come on come on come

on come on come on
come on come on come


Come on


Yeah i still rep
them never catch me

switching probably changed

where's the officer
i money don't know

what you're talking
about well i'm

talking about preaching
now where's the


i have no idea what
you're talking about

we've been watching
you for a long time

we know you have it
now i'm gonna ask

you one

more time where's the
money what are you

doing get out of this church

get out god just please please

come on let's go

we're getting close real close

preacher you're a
different type of


but you're still a
criminal we don't

lock you up

a lot of nerve bringing
this young lady

into this

you're brave real brave

but you better get
out while you still


god don't let you
get away gonna be

another day scott

hey what was that
about what are you


you expected me to
be nice to a criminal

no one is a criminal
unless proven

guilty under a court of law

you are being soft
and you're being


are you coming or not

hey michelle how are you

not so good ah problem

can uh somebody
talk to me please

scott what happened

we were supposed to
follow two potential


scott decided to
chase him almost shot

one of them

i wasn't going to
shoot her i just

wanted to scare her brother

you you should have
never put a gun to

that girl's head that was wrong

i see where this is
no okay can someone


bring me out of the
dark here who did he

point a gun at

pastor thomas's sister-in-law

pastor thomas

chief go get y'all
you know she don't

play that right

you seem to be okay
with his actions no

no no

i actually wish i
could have seen the

look on the pastor's face

he was shaking i bet
he was what did you


So i walked up right
and i pulled my


man oh man tell me don't show me

jeez look i hope the
man gets what you


well we can't say
that until we catch

him and and prove him guilty

right scott i'll
make sure and do


to see he does listen
i'll be there to

catch you

anytime you mess that up again

something or
something let it out

i'm thinking i need
to be playing on the


that doesn't sound
like a good idea

don't you

think the pastor
won't recognize as you

that almost shot
his sister i didn't


you know what whatever
well no matter

what he'll notice you

besides i need you
here in this case

yeah but we can't
keep working the case

from the outside

i mean we need
someone on the inside

where the action is

i need to be inside
listen i get your

point that we need
someone in the church

why don't we plant
someone else you got

someone else in
mind oh i have the

perfect person in mind

come on follow me

and to what do i
owe this visit hey


how's the family
detective michelle i am

not in the move for
your exploratory


i have a repeated
robbery on my hands

that none of you can
seem to get a lead


And the two detectives plus one

who had the best
opportunity to nab

these crooks

are standing in my face

so what could you
two possibly have to

say that i would be willing

to hear nothing
ma'am we have an idea

we'd like to present
to you more like an


so is this gonna be
good i i don't think

i love it so what is it

well michelle levi
here would like to go

undercover at the church

to uh gain some
intel wait what i'll


yes yes i do detective levi

if this is your way
of getting more days

off it's about to happen

no no no chief i don't
want any days off

this was all michelle's idea

really michelle
when did you come up

with this idea

for weeks yes

michelle brought
this to us weeks ago


there's just there's a lot of

information that we
have that points to

the pastor

detective michelle i
don't know what you

have up your sleeve

but i can't run the
risk of you any of


being found out
but i want all the

details of this operation

don't leave any holes detective

no ma'am we won't all right

all right get out of here

oh and michelle

you know the worst
part of the night

shift what's that chief

your ideas

now aaron are we
going to make budget

with all this
expansion that we need

the way we've been
growing we know we

need a new nursery we're just at

capacity and we can't
hold them anymore

yes giving is up
currently we are 85

of our budget pastor
i don't know how

you do it but

these people love
you probably more so

your wife

i think definitely
more so my wife well

let's just keep
building on our end for

sure so tiffany give
us an update on the


well for starters
the switchboard is

about to call it quits

it's two cameras
not working and that

sound board is archaic

okay well thank you for being so


i'm just being honest
just stating the

facts okay

that's true but what
are we going to do

about it

well i asked aaron
for some funds and

she was saying that
it's not in the

budget it's not in the budget

is there any wiggle
room in this budget

honestly pastor no

we've used all of
our excess on that

nursery project

well maybe we can
fund that project with

the excess overflow

for this project i
mean but the only

problem with that
would be we'll be


because waiting
would mean that we

wouldn't be able to
livestream services

for at least

two to three weeks
and that's a good


so what are we gonna
do we're going to

trust god

that he's always
provided for me he's

always provided for my wife

and he's always
provided for my family

and i know if he's
done it for us

he's going to do it
for the church too

amen amen amen all
right now i want to

introduce you ladies to somebody

mr levi mr levi

is a carpenter by
trade and a handyman

of source isn't that
right mr levi yes

that's correct

my father owned a
carpentry shop and on

the side he taught a lot of

handyman stuff
and that's perfect

because we know we need that

around here so feel
free spruce up what

you see

any area that you
know needs a little

bit of extra love
and tender care

please do so whatever is in your


honestly and ladies
i want to ask you

this whatever he needs

make sure we have
his back okay okay oh

pastor by the way
a detective scott

stopped by the church
the other day he

said he had some
information he wanted

me to pass on to the
congregation okay

go ahead

well there have been
some robberies in

the city and the
police department is

working really hard
to try to figure

this thing out

detective scott said
the last robbery

happened closer to
our neighborhood and

he just wanted us
to know so that we

wouldn't be here so late

well they haven't
robbed any people have

they i thought it
was just businesses

well that's true and
i mentioned it to

him but detective
scott said that in

situations like this

you can never be too
careful people get

desperate so we
don't know what might


well we'll certainly
pass that along to

the church this
sunday but i wanted

y'all to meet mr levi so

thank you so much
for all you're doing

seriously it means a lot

pastor how's your
wife doing did she

ever get the gifts we sent

she got the flowers
the balloons and the


for sure so she says
thank you so much

and jess too she
wants to thank you all

for your generosity
it really means the

world well we sure
glad we could make

her smile because we
pray for every day

yes your wife is a
christian woman and

we know she believes
in the power of


yes yes she does she
is a strong woman

of faith for sure
well pastor are you

sure that she doesn't
want any company

i mean i would like
to get up there to

see you because i
know it gets pretty

lonely up there

yeah well honestly
she's not by herself

a lot so half of the
day she has tests

and all that kind
of stuff and then

when jess gets out
of class she goes up

there to be with her
and then when i get

off work we kind
of switch off so

she's honestly not
alone a lot by any

means and

listen she really
just doesn't want you

all to see her like this

so as soon as she
allows visitors

y'all will be the
first to know i

promise okay

okay pastor well
let's pray and let me

get you all out of
here to your families

lord we thank you so
much for all you're

doing in

and through our
church we ask that you

forgive our sins

and that you give
us new mercies every


in jesus name amen amen

ladies have a good
night good night

good night pastor hey

i'm sorry oh my
goodness uh just one

more thing what's going on man

aaron said uh the guy
or the detective's

name was scott right

i think that's
right did you hear

something different
no no i was just

wondering so that
i could remember to

call his name if i

see him here while
i'm working oh man

honestly i love that great idea

uh also basser you
think they'll catch


oh you know before he or she

or whoever it is like
hurt someone let's

be prayerful

and hope so you're right

have a good night you too levi

lord if there is any other way

hey doc okay so we
received the test


and it doesn't
look good we found

another brain tumor

another one can we
remove it safely

without damaging anything

yes i believe so
i believe so the

surgery doesn't have
to be done today

but definitely soon
as you know your

insurance won't
cover another surgery

like this

has the church been
able to raise any

more money pastor thomas

some some we we've
been able to get some


we'll have what we
need by the time of

the surgery okay good good good

there's still time
it doesn't have to be

done today but

definitely soon good luck

thank you

looks like somebody's
had a demotion

from detective

to the help thanks
dad good i'm glad

that worked out

come on he'll be back
sir right right um

he said he needed
to take his wife to


and then um he was
going to take a

donation down to the hospital

bingo no no bingo not yet

innocent until
proven well whatever


what's up i'm starting
to think some of

the members of the
church are catching

on to a few things

like what well for
one how many new

members just jump
right in and start

fixing things

these are things
that have been wrong

with this church
for a while now you

don't think it's

weird that i'm just
so willing to help

out secondly

i don't think these
people are stupid i

don't know how much
longer we can keep

this up

well good the quicker
we can get the

information the
quicker we can arrest

the truth and put them in jail

right well the last
time i was here

pastor and i were
the last to leave

now he sat in the
same spot where he

always sits only this time

he seemed to be more
protective of that

area if he stood up

he stood up right
here in front of the

podium and if he
moved he moved from

either one side of the other

as if he was trying
to protect something

something he may have forgot

to remove when
before the people got

here so you think
he's hiding here

but it's a bench let's open it

hold on why well
because i don't want to

be wrong

what if we open
that there's nothing

inside or what if he
knows about us and

he's been watching us or

what if he knows
about levi and it's a

setup we don't even
know what he's doing

with the money

who cares he's the
criminal not us wait


what has gotten
into you it's like

you've changed dude what

look you're taking
this way too personal

what did he do to you
huh it's something

you're not telling
me you need to stick

to your job

no you got something
against this man

don't you stay
out of my business

your business this
this entire case

is our business we
robbed my family


what yeah walked right in

and held him up at gunpoint when

last night

you know with all the
robberies going on

i typically stop by
my brother's stop

help him close it down

last night they told
me i had to leave

i told him i'd stay
they insisted that i


so i left look scott

you cannot take
this personal okay

think what will
happen if you take

matters into your own hands

hey listen we have a
duty to arrest them

bring them in that's it

we do our jobs and
we let god in the

courts do theirs levi
you laughed at me

when i told you i
pointed a gun at his


please listen to me

you should have
thought about that

before you laughed

look you two have got to go he's

probably on his way
back for bible study

i ain't going nowhere
i'm staying right

here listen to me
you're gonna blow this

entire thing

ruin all of our hard work

let the court try him first

think about your family

uh detectives i see
you've met her a

crown jewel mr levi
yes sir pastor uh we

just met actually

they got here not
too long after you

left and they were
asking me about the


oh has there been
more yes one earlier

this week even
closer to the church

yeah they've been
very very close to

home base

it's more like a
rookie mistake well mr

levi we'll just be
sure to make sure

we lock everything
up and secure the

grounds definitely

so uh detectives is
there anything else

as a matter of fact

no sir we'll be on
our way no rush on

our part

we've got bible studies
starting in just

a little bit and
y'all are more than

welcome to join us

sorry to disappoint
you i've got other


detective michelle actually i i

am interested what
time does it start in

about an hour or so

great i'll see you then

all right one more
verse before we get

out of here tonight
matthew 6 33 real

quick real quick it's

familiar to all of
us but i want to make

it real in our hearts today

the words of jesus
he says but seek ye


the kingdom of god
and his righteousness

and all these things will

be added unto you i
love this for a few

different reasons
because number one

he says seek ye first
the kingdom of god

put your eyes

on him just as he
did with peter when

peter steps out of the boat

when peter locks eyes with jesus

everything is okay

and we have to
remember that for our

heart as well

and then he says all
these things will

be added

un to you all things
not a few things

not certain things
not not some distant


all things amen i
want you guys to know

this and put it to practice

that god is able
he will provide in

every area

of your life amen
all right here we go

before we get out of
here before we get

out of here i want
to do one quick thing

i want to draw
attention to one of our

neighborhood's greatest assets

she's been sworn to
protect and serve

and she has certainly
done that church

will you just show the love

to detective michelle please

hey actually detective
michelle come

here come here come
on up here come on

up yeah come on

come on come on come
on come on we're

family here come on

uh you have anything
you want to say oh


Uh i'm a person of
very very few words

uh i just like to
take action and do my


so y'all have a good
night no no excuse


Detective um we
like to finish each

bible study with a
little bit of song

before we go to the house

oh would you like
to do the honors no

i don't think your
congregation wants to

hear that come on
detective come on we

listen to pastor every night

you can't be no worse than him

my goodness uh
what should i sing

hey whatever is on your heart

help me lord

i'm here again wondering

are you there they tell

me to trust your word

and that i can't be scared

and lord help me to be faithful

and help me to be sure that

you will be able
to get me off this


i know that you've provided

time and time before but my

confidence subsided
and i'm calling out

once more

and there is a place

where you can hide

when the world seems
to crush you and

there's nothing left inside

and there is a voice calling out

to you saying lay
down your burdens

with me you can't lose

and he's offering grace

he's offering
grace he's offering


let's pray let's get
out of here jesus

thank you so much

that you gave us
your promise of grace

that you've given us

your promise that
if we seek you you

will supply

all of our needs
jesus we ask you


forgive us of any
sins that might be in

our heart that should
not be there and

we ask

for new mercies
every day in jesus

mighty name everybody said

amen amen and amen
hey let's get out of


yo have a good night drive safe

drive safe y'all
be careful y'all be

careful you always
will have a good one

have a good one

so levi what's going on brother

everything okay

i just noticed something
wrong with this

bench here oh well

uh by all means let's
take a look at it

mr levi can i tell you something

a few things actually sure

go ahead i'm all ears

you know my wife is dying

she had a brain
tumor and they really

feel like they were
able to take care of


But now we just
got another report

saying there's
another one and they

think this one
could be cancerous

yeah you know my wife

and her sister
that's all i've got i

literally have no other family

they're all gone then

we keep hearing this
from the insurance

company that they've
worked with us

as long as they can

and the doctors won't
do anything until


Get either the
cash shop or a new

insurance which is impossible

so we sit there in
that doctor's office

and as i looked as
we're getting the

news and the doctors
saying there's

literally nothing
they can do they won't

even cover a test

i watched this
tears stream down my

wife's face

and i watched him
stream down jessica's


and i sat there and
did the thing that


good husband and any
good brother would


I took things into my own hands

and i started stealing the money

and i've almost got
enough to not just

cover the test

but to cover the
whole thing well you


man jessica she's so hardheaded

sometimes and she

kept asking all these
questions about it

what she could do to
help and what am i

doing to help and i
just couldn't lie to


and i told her
and then of course

she wanted to help
and she would always


let me do something
to save my sister's


but i i just i
couldn't i couldn't do

that because listen

i know the danger
that i'm putting

myself in

every time i have
to do that and i

couldn't even

thank to put her
in that situation

she insisted eventually i just

i gave in

we did it we did it together

we'd bring the money
here to the church

hide it right here
until we could safely

get it back to my
house and somehow get


Into our savings
account without causing

all these red
flags and alarms we

didn't want to go
through national bank

we went through a
local bank just trying


Cover our tracks
because it wasn't about


doing the crime
or being criminals

there's nothing about that it

it's about saving my wife's life

for her saving her sister's life

that's what it all comes down to

you know mr levi i really

hope all of this isn't in vain

we've worked so hard for this

we've just prayed
and asked god to show

my wife mercy

and you know for me

i've preached it a
lot god always gets

his man

and i'm hoping i
don't know i'm just

hoping he'll make some unusual

pardon for me and for once

just once he doesn't

because after all to save life

my wife's life

wow uh i don't know what to say

i'll tell you what say

your secret's safe with me

your secret safe with me

thank you mr levi it
sure doesn't mean a


pastor thomas yeah
why did you tell me



you'd be surprised
how much weight

secrets carry

brother i've carried
that one for a long

time and it almost

crushed me

let me ask you you
have any secrets like


well um yeah

yeah i do well let's
hear it it can't be

any worse than what
i just told you

come on

okay i've never been a handyman

this man you sure
fooled me oh i did

hey look that's uh
i gotta get out of

here gotta go pick up dinner

the lady's coming
over to fix dinner yes

sir hot little date huh

sir look it's been
so long i hope i

still know how to be polite

i'm sure you do
yeah i'm sure you do

thanks again man

i really appreciate
you letting me just

get that off my chest

uh pastor thomas yeah

why did you really tell me that

levi because even if that's true

they wouldn't believe
it coming from you

now you're absolutely
correct about that

good night man have a good night


you you and justin

you two of the
thieves you doing here

he's following me

just why did you
tell me why did you

tell me

you couldn't handle it

jessica you can't
steal from people and

expect yourself to

to just fix your
situation it's wrong oh

that's easy for you
to say my sister

she is dying she
needs this money

just what i do know
is that this is


how do you think
those families gonna

feel when they find
out that you've been

stealing from them

jessica how would
your sister feel

first of all the
people that we steal

money from they have
more than enough

they will do fine
without a few dollars

here and there

second of all my
sister is in the

hospital and she

is dying i think it'll
make her happy to

know that we would
do anything to save

her life

i'm telling her what
the two of you are

doing good

i'm glad you finally
want to be a man

i'm glad you finally

want to tell the
truth why don't you

start with telling
her how you got me

pregnant at a party one night

yeah why don't you
tell her that what


actually did was
rape because i was


then won't you tell her how you

convinced me to kill her nephew

her only nephew start
with that marcus

see we all struggle
with something

marcus the question
is do you have the

guts to expose it

i don't think you
do marcus do you

no you don't so

why don't you just
do what you do

tuck your tail and
run get out of here

jessica this has to
stop before i get


i gotta save my sister markets

i got it i don't
have anybody else

if anybody they're
all dead it's just me

and my sister marcus

she is all i got
i can't i can't be

without her

look jessica i know
you don't want to

hear this

but your sister's
in god's hands now

so what am i supposed
to do am i just

supposed to let

no watch my sister die

am i just supposed
to take this money

give it back

i can't do that jessica
this has to stop

it's wrong

god you weren't saying that

that's great what
is he doing here

jessica what is he doing here

what is he doing here
he he followed me

i didn't bring him i
promise jessica did

you two

no listen he he
didn't mean any harm

he he just she look
she's telling the


she didn't tell me
anything but i do

know what's going on here

jessica go home go home

it's all right just
leave us two here

so what are you gonna
do are you here to

turn this in

no sir i was hoping
you would do that


you're hoping i
would do that this is

real man

there's not any
hidden cameras there's

no surprises

this is a real gun
that's real money

and you're messing
with the real man

let me ask you some demarcus

you ever lost anybody
that you loved

of course i'm not talking

about some distant relative

that you barely knew
and saw every once

in a while

i'm talking about
somebody you laughed

with somebody you cried with

somebody you spent
your life with

have you ever lost
a family member like


yes and how did
that make you feel

i was upset hurt

i didn't know what
to do well you know

what pastor

that hurt it was
going to bring them


see i don't expect
you to understand

everything that
i'm going through

i'm losing my wife

and that very pain
that you're talking


i don't want to
experience because

marcus there is a fine line

between misery and pain and that

includes their lives

jessica could spend
the rest of her life

in prison

do you not care i got
a question for you


when you stand before
god and he asked


why did you let jessica help you

steal and rob from people

just to save a life
what will you say

i'll look back at
him in his face

and say lord you'll
have to ask her

no christina thomas

you have some company
okay sentiment

i don't i don't
know them christina

thomas this is
detective michelle

and detective levi
they have a few

questions that they

want to discuss with
you i'll be right

outside thank you

hello christina how
are you i'm okay how

are you

i'm fine fine thanks

look christina
i'm just gonna get

straight to the point
i know your rest

is really important
right now but

we know that your
husband has been

stealing money and
using it to pay for

your surgery coming up

and the easiest way
for us to just wait

excuse me now's not
the time to play


we know the entire
story we heard an

outright confession
from your husband

excuse me no my
husband would never do

anything like this

would be doing your
family a favor if

you would just tell the truth

we could end this
investigation and put

a criminal behind bars

what about the
families that he's

robbing to save you

what about the fear
that he's putting in

the hearts of
innocent people hey

my husband wouldn't
do anything like

this okay he's the
pastor of our church

he's a dedicated servant to our


he holds up countless
donations to help

people in need he would never do

anything like this

if he was so dedicated
to doing what's

right then why
wouldn't he go to the

church to help his family

he did

i was admitted
here two years ago

for a brain tumor and

at the time i was
working full time and

so was my husband

so we had insurance
to cover the surgery

then last year my father died

my husband then took
over as lead pastor

of our church

after that i had
to go back to the

doctor for headaches

and seizures

we no longer had the
insurance okay my

husband was just
working at the church

and i got laid off

so the idea came up
to get the church to

help its donations

of course i didn't
want him to take it

to the church

i was embarrassed
i felt responsible

but my husband is a
loving and trusting


and he insisted that
we allow the church

to help us

and after a long
conversation i i did i

let him take it to the church

and he said that they were doing

multiple donations

for this to pay for the surgery

so you clearly
have the wrong man

my husband would
never do anything like

this i don't believe it

his faith is way
too strong for that

christina there's
something we need to

tell you

the past couple of
months detective levi

has been

undercover at your
husband's church

disguised as a handyman

while his main focus
was to infiltrate

the congregation

and and figure out
what the pastor was

up to

we couldn't do
anything unless we had

hard evidence

and the other night
detective levi and

your husband

they were at the
church alone and he

told him everything

i know where the
money's being hidden as

well as the motive

christina i know
this is a really hard

time for you

but we have to bring
your husband and

your sister to
justice it's just not

fair for the many
people whose lives

have been threatened

what what we need from you is an


saying that you were
the recipient of

the money

the story that he
told as well as the

motive behind his decision

i know this is very
hard but we have to

bring this to an

end will you help us in this

get out what

i said get out
christina think about

this this isn't right

please just go

you know how difficult
it is to break

into this church

who are you and how
did you get in here

i walked in the back door

pastor daniels what
are you doing here

i'm trying to save you and your

brother-in-law's lives

joe get out of here
man before you get

yourself hurt

or killed jt what are you doing

i'm trying to save
her life what does it

look like i'm doing
and how long do you

think you can keep
this up before the

police figured it out

just long enough
till we get all the

money that's it

and then we'll be
done what do you want

joe i want you to stop

i think you know
the answer to that

let's go

just what are you doing

i've already told
you so why don't you

say what you're gonna say

so i can get back to
jessica because man

we've got work to do

you know what the
scripture said come on


really you know what
go ahead amuse me

with that please

scripture says that
when you have a

grievance with your
brother you're to go

to him first

so i'm here to see
if we can reach some

kind of common ground

do you think that included

or excluded a pastor
who's trying to


his dying wife jt trust god

trust that he knows
what he's doing he's

brought you shut up

okay god understands this

he doesn't want this
to happen he wants

us to grow together
and have a family


you don't understand
this man j.t i've

been there

i've seen what love
and passion can

drive a person to
do listen you don't

know there's pain
i've lost my wife

what us

i said i said i've lost my wife

before i moved here
a couple years ago

she had cancer
doctors gave her about

six months to live
i couldn't deal with


i knew there had to
be some way to make

her live longer

i had the same thoughts
you do stealing

doing whatever i
can to save her life

but i realized
something me rob and

stealing doing whatever

had nothing to do
with saving her life

but it had everything to do

with making sure that
someone else hurt

as much as i hurt

i covered up that
feeling of saving her


but i didn't go through
with it you know


the lord spoke to
me clearly and said

everyone will bear
their own cross in

their own appointed time

this this is your
time don't allow your

testimony to get lost

in your test stay faithful

so i i kept giving
i kept smiling

i kept on praying

and she died just like that

she died but jt

god had me

god carried me not
because i deserved it

because i had been
in pain we all had

pain though

he carried me because
i stayed faithful

stay faithful j.t stay


give me the god

i can't do that

all right leave me no choice

don't call me please
i can't let you do


i told you all god will provide

so pastor thomas
you're under arrest

excuse me

officer there has
to be a mistake you

have the wrong man

i'm trying to conduct
a meeting here and

obviously you all are
in the wrong place

so please get out of
this church this is

not right you have no evidence

you can't just
take a man in jail

because you think he's done

something i have the
warrant and all the

evidence i need right here

she's right we have
all the evidence

right here

meet detective levi
detective came over


i told you we were
getting close we have

your sister too let's go

what what no no

you have a right
to remain silent

anything you say

can be and will be
used against you when

i throw the law

you have a right
to an attorney you

confuse that right

we can provide one for you

what's my next case your honor

justin thomas case number 11694

thank you state
versus justin thomas

case 11694

you understand that
under state statute


you have been charged
with grand theft

and the second
degree yes your honor

you also understand
that this is a

second degree felony
that could cost

up to 15 years in
prison and a fine of

up to ten thousand dollars

yes your honor you
also understand that

you had a right
to a trial by jury

and upon receipt
of this letter you

waived that right

therefore moving
this case to a bench

trial hearing in
which i will be asking


reviewing evidence
and giving the

ultimate decision for this case

yes your honor also
the detectives who

had been

granted a search
warrant are here and

will provide testimony

and evidence that
is crucial to this


they are accompanied
by a lawyer that

was appointed by the
state furthermore

the request to
represent yourself in

this case has been granted

with all these things
being understood

are you prepared to
move forward in this


yes your honor in
the case of justin

thomas versus state

how do you plead not guilty

counselor you may
present your evidence

your honor in my hand
i hold the medical

bills for him as
christina thomas from

three years ago

when doctors found a
brain tumor and due

to the coverage of
the family's health


the surgery took place
and the tumor was


and in this hand i
hold current health

care records stating
that due to the

inability of the family

to keep up with
their current health

care payments second
tumor that was

found was unable to be removed

your honor this is
an affidavit from the

saint vincent's
accounting department

stating that large
sums of payments and


were received by the
hospital from the


of mr thomas over
the past few weeks in

order to pay for
the needed surgery


here's a recording of mr thomas

openly confessing his wrongdoing

he lied to me i was
just trying to save

my wife's life

don't you understand
that i was just

trying to save

her life her family
can't live without

you her my brother
for life because of

you we had to sell
the family business

that my grandfather started

you can't take
from one to give to

another we're in this
room no matter how

you try to dress it
up and make a new


it's still wrong you
may not have been

hurt anybody but you

did you did pastor

ordering the court order

counselor do you have
a closing argument

yes your honor i do
but before i do let

me first say that
the only reason i am

reading this

is at the request of
the what does that

senate mean

hello if you are
reading this letter

then the case is
already underway

let me first begin
by saying i love my

husband and my sister

i always have and
i always will i'm

writing this letter
because i was

approached by the detectives

present and asked to
submit an affidavit

concerning the receipt
of large sums of


for my surgery for
my husband and my


justin thomas and
jessica williams

and i was under the
impression that it

was donations from
the church that he

had collected

while under this
assumption i freely

accepted the money
and asked my husband

to thank the church
every time he came

with another donation

i know that my family
was wrong but they

were trying to save a life

my life haven't we
all done things to

save one that caused
the pain of another

even if it was
telling a small lie it

still hurt somebody

but just like this
case that doesn't

make it right to my
husband i know that

you love me

and you know that i
love you i know that

you were doing this
to save me and by

god i hope it works

i know that you are
going to be put away

for a long time and
i pray that god will

allow me to see you
one more time before

i have to say goodbye

to my sister jessica
i knew you wanted

to see your big sister happy

and after you have
served your sentence

i pray that god
will allow me to see

your smile one more time

i love you both
thank you for your


now everything is as
it should have been

from the beginning
in god's hands

keep praying for me
as i will you i love

you both

goodbye mr thomas

is there anything
you would like to say

no i hereby sentence
you to three years

in prison

you will be eligible
for parole after

one year of good conduct

i apologize for
interrupting who are you

i'm christina thomas's doctor

i have a piece of
information from mr

thomas i'm so sorry mr thomas

no mrs thomas passed
away a few moments


i'm so very sorry

ma'am i regret to
inform you that

your sister has passed away

no tell me is that
true no please no

god no among other things

god is a god of
order and justice

we can't go through
life trying to save

the ones we love by
hurting people we

don't know

god always has a way
of getting his man

or woman

one thing that i
learned is that we have

to be willing to
submit our lives to his


regardless of the
outcome we would


always remember
that we have to be

willing to trust
god no matter what

we think we have to
know that what he

deems as being the best outcome

is the right outcome
i had to learn that

although my wife
was important to me

everybody is
important to somebody

even as christians
we have to suffer the

consequences of

our actions our
punishment from god is

always far worse
than anything man can


we can't let revenge
take over our minds

always remember that
when you go to take

from someone else
because of what was

taken from you

you only take yourself
away from those

who love you

i hope that my testimony
has touched you

in some way

take care of yourselves and

i feel like a mannequin when i'm

battling demons
hounding like savages

i'm low low below
the averages i'm

supposed to be a
catalyst for change

rearranging things
but all this pain got

my weapon

aimed at my own brain

this word

she might get curved
all that commitment

for the bird