Tryam! Zdravstvuite! (1980) - full transcript

The Hare has a birthday today, and the Hedgehog collects daisies for him as a gift. At this time, Little Bear tells the Hedgehog about the fairyland of Tilimilitryamdia, which he invented the whole night. In this country, everyone says to each other "Tryam!", Which translates as "Hello!". Plucked daisies take the Bear and the Hedgehog to the sky, where they walk and jump in the clouds. Suddenly the Hedgehog and the Little Bear from the ground hail the Hare, who was looking for them all day long.

Tryam! Hello!

Today is Hare's Birthday.

If I give him a carrot for
a present... he will eat it.

And nothing will be left.

If I give him a cabbage... the same.

And what if I give him daisies?


Hi, Hedgehogie!


Listen, I have just created a new world!

Magical! Absolutely unique!

I have been creating it all night long.

Could barely pronounce its name in the end.


There everyone walks upside down.


I am picking daisies.

One - daisy, two - daisy...

Three - daisy.

Look! It is a song!

Five - daisy, six - daisy!

Seven - daisy!

Really! I should give
daisies to Hare, he li...


Get the fourth one.

Also, don't sing "seven -
daisy"! Sing "seven"! Got it?


Well, you sing "seven - daisy".

Yes, I do.

And we, in Tili-mili-tryamdia,
are singing...

Five - daisy, six - daisy, seven!

And why?

Nevermind... Let's go from the beginning.

One - daisy, two - daisy, three - daisy.

Five - daisy, six - daisy, seven - daisy!


I have told you a million times.
Not "seven - daisy", just "seven".

And why?

What why?

Why "just seven"?

Well, so that there would
be a song. Repeat it.

Well, so that there
would be a song, repeat it.

Let's give this song to Hare as a prese...


Have you picked up the forth one?


Okay. Let's do it again.


What are you looking at?


Okay. Let's begin!

One - daisy, two - daisy, three - daisy!

And I will get the forth one...

Five - daisy, six - daisy, seven!

And I have got the forth one!

Five - daisy, six - daisy, seven!

Eight, nine, ten...

Who is singing that?

It is me.

I thought it was not you.

Then, go on siging!

I can sing only till ten.

Then sing in Tili-mili-tryamdian!

How is it?

Very simple!

There is a daisy, here is a daisy... tryam!

Tryam! Cool!

Tryam is a daisy, everywhere is a daisy...




It is not in Tili-mili-tryamdian,
it is in Froggish.

It is okay...



One - croakie, two -
croakie, three - croakie!

Wait! We are not picking
croakies, we are picking craisies...

I mean, dais...

So what?! So what?!

The Tili-mili-tryamdian like them, right?



Listen, why don't we get lots and lots
of them... and go to Tili-mili-tryamdia?

We can speak their language already...

Look, what a perfect word - "tryam"!

The best word...

But what does it mean? Tryam...

In Tili-mili-tryamdian it means "hello".

Tryam! Hello!

And who will go to the
Hare's Birthday party?

We will. We will just come
back and immediately go.

We should invite him to come along.

He has never been to this Tili-mili...


We will come!

Tryam! Hello!

And give daisies to him.

Everyone will be happy to see us.

There will be dinner.

They will invite us to stay the night.

We will wake up in the morning and go back.

With Hare!

He will be so pleased...

Why don't you stop
bothering me with your Hare?

He is afraid of frogs!

Who?! Hare?! He is afraid of no one!

Without him I am not going!

I am the creator of Tili-mili-tryamdia.

And... and...

Whose friend are you? Hare's or mine?!

Yours... and Hare's.

And you are mine. Got it?

But you cannot be my friend
without being Hare's too. Got it?

And I... I...

Hedgehogie! Bear Cub!

I have been looking for you all day long!

Hmph! He has been looking for me!

Enjoy your frogies. I am going.

And... how... how about Tili-mili... tia?

Without me. With Hare.

The dinner has got cold, and
they are playing in the clouds.

Oh... someone is falling.

Urrra! We are saved!

Hare! Happy Birthday!

Here! Dry them up, and then in the winter you
will have a new sun-on-the-stem every day.

And I... And I...

I am giving you
Tili-mili-tryamdia. It is a world.

I am the creator.

Everyone is saying "Tryam! Hello!" there.

And walking upside down.

Passing the white apple of the moon,

Passing the red apple of the sun,

The clouds of the faraway lands.

Come to us and then go away again.

Oh, clouds, silver-maned horses,

Oh, clouds, why are you running so fast?

Please, don't look down on us,

But let us ride across the sky.

We will go far beyond the clouds,

Passing the fading stars,

One of them will fall down to us,

And stay like a daisy in our hands.

Oh, clouds, silver-maned horses,

Oh, clouds, why are you running so fast?

Please, don't look down on us,

But let us ride across the sky.