Try (2018) - full transcript

Two childhood friends, who have lived in New York for two years, meet again in this city to remember old times and decide the future of their friendship.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

Ranking of the best anecdotes
of Camila and Marcos

so when Marcos is crying in New York

he could dry his tears
with this ranking.

We have to say it quickly

because there is two percent left
and he has to go.

-Hurry up! One percent!

I had to give him a present
at school and the next year

-he gave it to someone else.
-Exactly! Number two,

once I was invited for lunch at her home
and I was so nervous

that I peeled a shrimp
with a knife and a fork.

Number three,

we did a duet in class
and Marcos did playback

because he couldn't stand the idea
of doing worse than me.

Worse than you…

One percent!

Four! We did theatre and dressed up
as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford

in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.

My sister's hamster, it was dead,
and I put it in a box with paprika?

Don't talk to me about it.

Number five: do you remember
when we fell out for six months

because you told me
I should work as a clown.

We need one more!

-It's not gonna work!
-Shut up!

Once we peed in the pool,
we were ten years old.

I still feel your heat.
To seal our friendship.

This is the best one.

This is the best one.

No, the time we showed
a porno movie

to my grandma with Alzheimer and she said:
"How beautiful, sweetheart!"

Well, have a nice trip!

Sorry for constantly writing to you and
phoning and sending so many voice mails.

But I'm quite nervous.

I only want you to call me
and tell me that everything is okay.

I can't wait to see you and go there.

Damn! It's all very hasty!

I know that we talked about it
and there was no problem,

but it was a long time ago
and I found this offer now

and I thought, "I have to take it!"

Sometimes these things show up
in front of you and you have to take them.

Nothing, call me!

See you in a few hours! Kisses.

Hi, Marquitos!

I guess you didn't see
any of the 847 messages I sent to you.

I'm at the airport!
I'm on my way to your house.

I have your address,
and if I catch you at home, great.

If I don't, don't worry,
I will have a drink

or go under a bridge in the meantime.

If you can, buy me a bag of chips, okay?

I'm starving!

A big hug that I'm going to
give to you in a second,

kiss, kiss, kiss, and kiss.

I'll take you to a theme park
and crush you on the camel game.

Did you get the tickets for the play?

-I'm going!
-Come on, get out!

Will I see your Willy at last?

Did you know that water runs out,

and that you'll leave
the future generations without water

and life because you always take baths?

I know. But I won't waste so much…

I imagine my fictional son
with no water and I feel bad,

and my grandchildren,

and my great-grandchildren.

But my imaginary love
only lasts until there.

From then on, I don't care what happens.

Did you hear it?

What? Nothing?


I'm about to leave, now or never.

Do you know you look like
the stalker of the play?

Thank you. Watch out!

What if we get drunk?

-Jagerbomb, baby?
-Not now, the trend is…

Thunder Bitch.

-Thunder Bitch.

Yes, bitch.

Why is the ceiling so close to my head?

Because you live on the clouds.

I'm far from them because
I live with my feet on the ground.

It's better that way.

Well, I have a lot of space.

You're so close to the ceiling,

that you don't have much space
between you and anything else.

Do you think there's a world
beyond this one?

That's what I think…

of your bullshit and your crazy ideas.

What I think is,
that I just want to fuck you,

and you do too, but you just talk and time
is running out and we're wasting it.

I don't want anyone to touch me.

I'm leaving, okay?

I'm leaving you.


And you won't see me again.

You love being alone.

I love being alone, that's right.

I give you two days and you'll call me.
Two days.

What for?

You're lost!

You're crazy!

I'll leave the house.

-I'll leave the house, and when…
-And when…

-And when…
-And when…

What are you doing with a selfie stick?

Are you a millennial?

It's a present from my sister,

she wants me to become an influencer
singing on the cruise ships.

Because of these antics

I'll end up falling off
the bike and breaking my mouth.

That would definitely
be a good viral.


Hey, Danny!

-Marcos, I think that guy is calling you.
-I know.

By the way, influencer, do you feel like
going out for dinner?

Yes! Where?

At my friend's restaurant,
so that you can meet them.

You will introduce me to society?
We'll have to go shopping.


-Are you ready?
-Wait, I bought you something.

Let's see.

I love it! That's crazy.

I have something for you, too.

Let's see.


I don't like the food.

Why don't you buy me a bag of chips?
Come on, Daddy!

Hi, how are you?
I'm fine.

I love you a cup.

I love you a cup.


Do I sleep with at night

Who do I sleep with at night

It's my secret, it's my secret

But if you insist, I will tell you

But if you insist, I will tell you


Lives within me

Fear lives within me

But only fear

But only fear


-What a nightmare!
-What a nightmare!


How is my traveler?

Very good, what about you?

About to explode, look!

He's so cute!

He moves a lot.
He kicks me so much!

Well, tell me how's it going
in the Big Apple.

What have you done?

We saw a play on Broadway.

We've been in Coney Island,
Times Square, Central Park,

and we have done a lot of things.
I don't know what else we will do.

Oh, and we were in a restaurant
of a friend of Marcos

and I sang, and it was amazing.

It was magic, you know?

Like it's what I was meant to do.

-It was the first time of my life that--
-And the cruise ship?


The cruise ship, have they called you?

No, why?

Because maybe you should begin thinking
about looking for another job.

Alicia, I'm on a trip.

And honestly, I don't feel like
fucking worrying about that now.

Can't we talk about normal things?

Like what we did,
how we are, if we're happy?

I don't know why we always
have to talk about the same shit.

Are you at the airport?

I'm going back home.
I'll have the baby there with Mom and Dad.

And Gerard?

We're splitting up, Camila.

I've been trying
to reach you all day.

I'm sorry, I was…

Another day, okay? Kisses.

-Have a nice trip.
-Bye, Camila.



How was my day?

Good, good, cooking dinner. Fucking good.

No, no.

It's just that I wasn't
expecting you for dinner.

Just that…

What should I expect after you
don't show up for two days?

No, I can't say that to him.

Yeah, you had so much to do.

Yeah, so much that you couldn't text me
or meet me for even two hours.

What were you doing, running?
Jogging, right?

No! It isn't normal
that you leave me like that

considering I came to see you. You!

You know how uncomfortable it is
for me to be here like this?


No, no, don't hug me!

Yeah, you're sorry.

That's the first time
I've heard you say it.

-Good evening.

I had a crazy day at work.
You can't imagine.

I didn't have time to do anything else.

I texted you a few times, did you see it?

I brought you some Chinese food.
I don't know if you want it.

I dropped by Chinatown
and I thought maybe…

What have you been up to?

What have you been up to?

Hmm, not that much.

I went out a few times.

But most of the time,
I've been here at home.

So, I've been rehearsing
and working on the project.

Shall we play some music?

Something happier?

It's what I have.

What is your plan for tomorrow?

Nothing, and you?

I'm going for an early run,
and after, I'll meet a guy from my play.

There's a scene we're not sure about,
and we want to take a look at it.

If you want, I can give you a hand
with something.

I don't know…

I think I'll go to a hotel.

-Right now.

-Right now?
-Yes, right now.

Wait, I didn't want to…


-Leave that, leave that.
-No, no, I don't want to disturb you.

You don't disturb me.

Look, you're not leaving now.
It's stupid, you're doing it for…

I'm not doing it for anything!


I don't care, I don't care!
Just don't leave today.

It's stupid. It's done.

It's done.

I'm not comfortable, okay?

And I don't like not being comfortable.

Do you understand?

Look, I've had a bad day
and the only thing is…

Tomorrow morning,

we'll go to have breakfast
at a great place in Manhattan…

and we'll plan the rest of the week.

And we'll see what we can do, okay?


Hello. Where are you?

Take a look!
Say hi to Auntie Cami!

How did it happen, all of a sudden?

I told you, he wanted to see
the world! Just like his aunt.

Shit, I'll come back soon!

You'll get to know him
when you get back.

By the way, is Marcos there?


Okay. And how are you?

Are you okay?

I'm very tired, but I'm fine.

Mom and Dad
are at the coffee shop right now.

It was so long, we've been here
since yesterday.

-Since yesterday? How come no one told me?
-I thought they would have.

What do you think about him?


Camila, time goes by so fast,
don't waste it.

Go out, have fun, meet people.

Don't let anything, absolutely anything,
prevent you from being happy.

Please. You're in New York!

Mom and Dad are back.
Do you want to talk to them?


-Good morning.

How was the audition?

Not that good,
unlike your night, right?

You already found a guy here?

-It's none of your fucking business.
-That's perfect for me, it's perfect.

And clean all this shit up, please!
Thank you.

Where are you going?

Working, Camila, I'm working.


-Is that funny?

It doesn't make me fucking laugh
that you see me dressed like this.

-Do you know that you screwed me up?
-Really, me?

Yes, you. Yes.

Marcos, why did you tell me to come?

You can't come 80 fucking days

and expect me to be with you
every single day.

-What do you want?

You have my house, do you want me
to take you by the hand?

To show you the city?

What am I supposed to expect
from this visit?

-Visit? What visit?
-Visit? What am I? Where am I?

-Camila, you are a fucking leech.

You are a fucking leech.

You know? I almost lost my job

because of going out with you
and getting piss drunk all the time.

-Of course you didn't know.

No, no, you can't tell me to come
and after two days just drop me,

like a kid who gets tired of everything
and gets tired of everyone…

No, don't go there,
because that is my problem,

and I'll solve it in my own way!

No, no.
It's a problem that affects everyone.

Can you be responsible for yourself?

Can you understand that I don't want
to be with you for a reason?

No, I can't understand it.

-Because nothing has happened.
-What's happened is that I got tired.

What a coincidence!
What a coincidence.

You know what?

One day, you will not have anyone.

One day you will need someone
and you will be alone.

When I need someone, I'll look for them.

No one will be by your side.

Because you just kick people out.

If someone drags me down
or is useless in my life,

I prefer to leave them behind.
I prefer to turn the page.

Marcos, we have
known each other since forever.

We've spent the best moments
of our lives together.

I can't just kick you out of my life.

It's been two years
since you've been in my life.

Marcos! Because if I kick you out,
I have nothing left.

Do you understand?

You don't have anything else?
I've built my life by myself.

-Alone, I'm okay alone. This is my life!
-That's fucking great.

You know what will happen?

One day, all that pride you have
is going to explode on your face!

Do you think you're a superior being
who doesn't need anyone else?

Camila, you haven't been in my life
for a long time.

-It's immaturity. You're immature.
-Don't try to get close to me again.

Relationships reorganize, okay?

When something stops working,
you put it back together and that's it.

-You can't just kick it to the curb!
-But our lives reorganized

a long time ago!

What the fuck is wrong inside of you?

What the hell do you care
what happens to me inside?