Truth or Double Dare (TODD) (2017) - full transcript

- Okay, I double dare you to

walk around naked.

- Ohh, come on.

- Gotta do it, gotta do it.

- You gotta.

- Is it true that back in college,

you and Stacey did it?

- Two weeks, two weeks.

- Is it true that
you lied about your test

to Miss Spanglish?

- How did that rumor get out?

- I know you did.

- Just take that cat
and throw him over the bridge.

I'll do it.

- No you don't.

- She's such a bitch.

- So it wasn't just me.

Is it true you used to cut yourself

in Miss Taylor's class?

- You saw that?

- Loser.

- I dare you to
go cut Lexi's finger.

- Can you tell me what happened?



- It all started with a game

of Truth or Double Dare.

- Hey, Michelle.

- Hey.

- Missed you in physics study group.

- I'm sorry, I had a
tutoring session with Claudia

I completely forgot about.

- Yeah, you're the best tutor in class.

I wouldn't be able to pass without you.

- I'm sure you'll ace your final.

You have nothing to worry about.

- So you say.

- Your mother loves to brag
about her little Johnny,

who hasn't got anything short
of an A since kindergarten.

I'm sure you won't let
this one little test

get in the way of her gloating.

- All right, girls.

One, two, three, four.

- Yo, Rashad, what's up, man?

- My man, what's up, boy?

- What's up, buddy?

Man, you guys are looking
so good out there.

- Yeah, yeah, last game
of high school year, man,

we gotta look good, we
gotta stay sharp, you know.

Look at you, Mr. Humble.

- Okay, Okay, what's up,
Alex, what do you want, man?

- That how it's gonna be?

I know about the scouts
coming to the game.

- That doesn't mean
they're coming to see me.

- One, two.

Keep to the beat, and three, and four.

Start over, with steps one and two, and--

Ah, Egypt, get lost, girl, oh my God.

Oh, she's so annoying.

- Oh my God.

I love you so much,
we'll be together soon.

- You know you're gonna
have to stay in the gym.

Bulked up on protein shakes and shit.

- Yeah, dog, I got it man,
you know I got this, baby.

Wait, wait, wait, is that Claudia?

Bro, I don't know how you got
all that jelly and no toast.

- It's all mine.

- Y'all are never gonna
make it, I promise you.

♪ My first, my last ♪

♪ My everything ♪

♪ And the answer to ♪

♪ All my dreams ♪

- Oh my God, Chris Tucker, right?

- Barry White, dumbass.

- What's going on, baby?

- Nothing, we're just getting
ready for dance practice.

- Are you guys done
with the basketball gym,

because we totally need it now?

- You totally need it now.

Yeah, we're out, man, I got you.

- So you about to do
your little dance thing?

- Yeah, why, you gonna watch?

- You got me for five minutes.

Five minutes.

That's it.

Have fun.

- Oh my God.

Sorry, guys.

- Well, maybe I should
meet up with you tomorrow

and help you with your physics.

- Why not today?

- Promised Egypt I would
meet up with her later,

and if I don't, I will
not hear the end of it.

- All right, tomorrow it is.

But if you stand me up,

then you'll never hear the end of it.


- I'll see you tomorrow.

- Lucas, fix yourself,
man, you're saluting me.

- Sorry.

- It's all good, man, Egypt
has that effect on people.

Anyways, I want you to meet my friend.

- Oh, Felicia.

- Hi, Lucas.

- Oh, so y'all know each other already?

- Yeah, we have chemistry together.

And he has A lunch, his locker's in D pod.

He wears jeans on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays,

and his favorite color is green.

- Okay, well,

Ima let you have some privacy together.

Felicia, yell if you need me.

- Yeah, okay, bye.

- No, I am not telling you
what's on the chem final.

Because that's cheating, you're just gonna

have to go in there and
suffer like I did today.

Well then you're just
gonna have to suck it up.

Go on, test isn't gonna take itself.

Um, I have to go, I'll
call you back, okay?

- Alex.


- Really, guys?


- Damn, Michelle, can you go
wait in the house or something?

We're almost done.

- Lucas.

- Oh, sorry, Michelle, I
didn't mean to frighten you.

- What are you doing here?

- You forgot this at school.

- Thanks, um, thanks a lot.

- Is Egypt here?

- No she isn't, I'll
tell her you stopped by.

- Then why do you have her bag?

- She left it in my locker today.

I'm gonna give it to her later.

- I'll take it for you.

- I don't think that's the best idea.

I'll see you at school tomorrow, okay?

- Michelle!

- My God, Egypt, you scared
the daylights out of me.

- Why are you so jumpy?

- You and Lucas have it bad about jumping

out at me like that.

It's gonna catch up to
you one of these days.

- Wait, was Lucas here earlier?

- Lucas is the least of your worries.

- Egypt, ohhhh.

- You and Alex have to stop.

I don't wanna be around
when Claudia finds out.

- What do you mean when?

She's not gonna find out.

- Who the hell did that to you?

- Drive, Alex, drive!

Just drive!

- All right, I do feel kinda bad.

- No you don't.

- I don't.

Okay, let's go inside, I'm so hungry.

- Ah, no.

My dad is still pissed about finding you

in his bed with my brother.


- Whatever.

- Hey, E?

- Change of heart.

- Yeah, I just wanted to say,

stop screwing Alex on
the side of my house.

I mean it.

- Yo, Rashad.
- Yo, Rashad.

- Yo, you boys come to play, man?

Yo, Juan, let me holler
at you for a minute, man.

- Yeah, what's up, dude?

- That's what I wanna know.

- What you mean?

- Dog, nobody hits the gym
and is getting buff like this.

Man, what's up?

What's the secret?

All right, man, all right.

You gotta keep this on the down-low.

- Hey, yo, steroids?

That's against team policy, isn't it?

- Oh, it's against team policy?

What are you gonna do, rat on me?

Come on, it's the offseason.

I'm just trying to bulk up a little bit.

And, dude, you might wanna do the same.

Look a little lean here.

I could floss my teeth with those things.

They got some big dudes in the ACC.

- Yeah, I know, but I mean, is it safe?

I don't wanna end up with limp dick.

- No, no, man, you're good.

The little Juanito's doing
great, take my word for it.

You wanna feel?

- Get outta here, man.

- All right, so you want in on this?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- Lucas, what the hell?

- Will you be with me?

I love you, Egypt?

- Are you serious?

- Look, look, I've found someone,

and I like her, but I love you.

I love you so much, I always have.

You mean everything to me.

It's always been about you.

Just tell me you love me, Egypt, please.

- I would love for you to take a bath,

because, honestly, it smells like

you slept in horse shit last night.

And by the way, this whole us thing?

It's never gonna happen.

So just leave me alone.

- I love pizza day, it's my favorite.

- Especially with chocolate milk.


- What's his problem?

- Uh, probably something to do with Egypt.

I'll check on him later, are you okay?

- Yeah.

- Oh, LuLu, this is gonna be so wonderful.

Our room overlooks the ocean,

and there will be complimentary breakfast.

This is so perfect.

- Baby, please, talk to me.

What happened?

- My dad and I just,

we just got into an argument.

- And he hit you?

- Alex, no, it's not what you think.

It's just my dad.

- Yeah, man, it was another team.

It might be, what you
talking about, I killed it.

Hey, who's there?

Hey, man, let me call you
back, some crazy shit.

- I wanted to wait till graduation.

- What?


- It's me and you, forever.

- Baby, are you serious?

- Forever.

- Yes.


Oh my God.

- Hey, babe, look
what Chiggy just sent us.

- OMG, we are so there.


oh my God, I need to
book a hair appointment.

What am I gonna wear?

Oh shit.

You know what, Babe, I
need your credit card.

- Why?

- Well you don't expect me to go

in like old, raggedy clothes, do you?

- Geez, babe.

- Sorry, gotta get that fixed, huh?

Kind of excited to see the class of 2006

at Chiggy's party, what about you?

- What?

What are you talking about?

- You didn't check your email yet?

- Mm-mmm.

- Chiggy sent an invite.

See, look.

He's hosting the class of 2006.


- Hello?

- God, seriously.

- Yeah.

Yeah, it's good.

Reunion, this weekend?

Everybody gonna be there?

Wait, we talking about the class reunion?

I forgot, oh man, that's gonna be crazy.

Wait, the whole team?

All right, yeah, I'm there.

Send that invite, all right.

All right.

All right, babe, I'm back.

- Who was that?

You're not even gonna invite me?

- I'm inviting you back into the bed.

What are you talking about?

Why are you worried about that?

- You never take me anywhere.

All we do is come here and have sex.

- Oh man, man, man, man, man,

you wanna just talk
about it, or you wanna,

or you wanna get back to it?

- I'm done.

Find someone else to have sex with.

- Yeah.

♪ Running round the city,
feeling like Diddy ♪

♪ Bad bitch whipped me
1,000 pills in the titty ♪

♪ She's good by day but at
night she be stripping ♪

- Hey, I was listening to that.

I don't cut off T. Swift while
you're howling to it, huh?

Babe, what are you worried about?

Look, calm down, okay?

- I just don't feel right.

- Honey, I know what
you're thinking about.

What happened to Juan all those years ago

was terrible, but look, they
caught the guy, all right.

So you got nothing to worry about.

Michelle, it's just a party.

Look, at the very least
we show up, we show face,

and we leave if it gets awkward.

Can you do that for me?

- Fine, but half an hour and that's it.

- That's all I need.


- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.

- Great party, woo-hoo.

- I see Chiggy still knows
how to throw a party.

- Michelle, you're just
as stuck up as I remember.

- And half-naked
is still your style, huh?

- You're such a bitch.

John, is that you?

- It's good to see you again.

The years have been good to you.

- Wait, are you two like together now?

- Yep, he's all mine.

- Now that I think about,

there was a lot of flirting
going on back in the day.

Anyways, class of 2006, here we come.

♪ My best friend's girlfriend ♪

♪ That's a party now, that's a party now ♪

- Hey, so, no cellphones allowed inside.

But it's okay, Chiggy does not want

this party on social media,

no videos, no photos, none of that, okay?

So, if you need to use your phone,

you are more than
welcome to come back out.



Have fun.


- Hey, Rashad.

- What's up, man?

- Hey, Rashad, man, how's it going?

- Yo, how are you, man?

I see you got your Carlton Bay sweater on.

- You got jokes, huh?

Hey, everything's great.

We caught Egypt at the door.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, same old Egypt.

What's Michelle doing now?

- I've been telling her
for years she can't dance.

That's my baby girl, though.

- Wait, wait, wait, you
two are an item now?

When did that happen?

- Officially, after graduation,

but we were hanging out that whole year.

Listen, you know next
week is her birthday.

I'm gonna propose.

- Yo, dog, great news, man.

She's gonna make you one happy dude.

- I appreciate that.

She's an amazing woman.

Hey, but you, you're
the big basketball star.

- Aw, man, you know I don't play anymore.

- What, why?

- It's a long story, but you know what?

Follow me, this is what it's all about.

- What's up, baby, what's up now?

- Good to see you, man.

- Looking good, man.

- I try, you know, I try.

You guys are great.


- Alex.

- Hi.

It's good to see you.

- You look great.

- Thank you.

You look, just as beautiful as I remember.

Some party, huh?

- Egypt, OMG, how are you?

I love your skirt.

- Claudia, you're here.

I'm sorry, did you two come
together, or is it just

a coincidence that you
showed up at the same time?

- Hi, Claudia.

You guys look great.

OMG, this is beautiful.

- Thank you.

- I thought you guys were crazy to run off

and get married the way you did, but

looks like it all worked out.

I am so happy for you both.

- Me too, I think we should celebrate.

I'm gonna get us some shots.

And will you help me
with that in the kitchen?

- Hey, baby, I'll be right
back, would you like anything?

- Just hurry back to me.

- So married life?

- Y'all having a good time?

I said, are you y'all having a good time?

I'm gonna take you back to 2006.

- What's up, man?

- So what are we toasting to?

- Old friends.

- Old? Speak for yourself,
I look damn good.

- Her butt is so big, it was like--

- Claudia, remember me?

- Oh my God, I'll see
you later, I'm sorry.

Hey, Chiggy, oh my God.

- So, Alex, how's life?

- Life's good, no complaints.

How about you, who's the lucky guy

that's responsible for this glow I see?

- There's a guy.

He's tall.

Handsome, but he's married.

But I do tend to glow when he's around.

- I miss you too.

- How are you?

- I'm good, good, you smell good.

- Thank you.

Wow, what a great party,
and thanks for inviting us.

- Don't mention it.

It's always good to see
how much you've, grown.

- God, we're not 17 or 18 anymore.

- No we're not, no we are not.

Damn girl.

- God, you're too much, oh my God.

- So how's married life?

Are you starting to regret
choosing her over me yet?

- See that's what I admire about you.

Never afraid to say what's on your mind.

- You didn't answer my question.

- Married life's good, no complaints,

no drama.

Claudia keeps the castle intact.

I think most people would
say I live like a king.

- And what do you say?

- I'd say after everything
I've done, I'm one lucky guy.

- Good for you.


- I'll always love you, Egypt.

- Just go back to the party.

- Hey, I'm here, I'm
listening, talk to me.

- You know, I always thought you were one

of the prettiest girls in school, right?

- Oh stop.

- I tell the truth.

- Well I thought you
were too high to notice.

- Some things are
much too big not to notice.

- You're silly.

- Hoo.

- I can't do this right now, Alex.

- You know how I feel about you.

- I can't keep doing this
back and forth thing,

especially after what happened in Miami.

Does she even know?

- She doesn't need to.

That was our special
time, just me and you.

- Maybe you can be like that, but I can't.

- What are you saying, Egypt?

- You've played the fence for so long.

I'm done.

I have feelings too, Alex.

- So what, are these house
parties paying your bills?

- They used to.

Til I signed with Max Money Records.

- Shut up.

The Max Money?

- Uh-huh.
- Liar.

- Alexander Wallace.

My my, how fine you've gotten.

Do you wanna dance?

- They loved my demo.

- You're lying.

- And signed me a check right on the spot.

- No way, no, no no no no no.

That's huge.

Oh my God.

- How about you let me spend
some of this money on you?

- Why don't we go to a
quiet place and talk?

- Come on.

- Hell yeah.

Rack 'em up, let's go.

- You got this, you
got this, you got this.

It's all right, let's go, let's go.

- Oh.

- Calm down, calm down, let's go, come on.

- Let's go.

Drink it.

- Ahhhh.

- Really?

- You can do it, bad boy, you got it.

- Damn , get that.

- I like this, that's right, boy.

- Yes, domino, ha ha, ha ha ha, ha.

- How does he keep it doing that?

- Calm down, look, domino is
not a game of skill, okay?

It's a simple logarithm.

- Translation, Alex, he
counts dominoes, and cards.

That's why I don't play games with you.

- Really? Right under the bus.

Just lay me there, head-first, whoop.

- My pleasure, cheater.

- Pam.

- Egypt, look girl,
mimosas, my place, this weekend.

- Yes, of course, I'm so there.

- All right, bye.

- Hey, was that Pamela Walker?

- Yeah.

- How'd that happen?

You two used to fight like
every week in high school,

and now you're besties.

- No, we actually went to
the same acting program,

like the first two years of college.

She's really cool, we got pretty close.

- Maturity speaks volumes
of a person's character.

Good for you, Egypt.

- What are you trying to say, John?

That I didn't have any
character back in the day?

- Don't answer that, John, trust me.

- What?

- And then there was four.

- Chiggy.

- Wait, are we really
the only ones still here?

- Yeah, just about.

Alex, you lucky bastard.

- Why's that, Chig?

- You know Claudia's amazing, right?

She's in the kitchen
right now cleaning up,

and she's fine with it.

Y'all two gotta stay here til she's done.

- Well I'll tell you something, Chiggy.

I'm not cleaning shit.

In fact, you can go get me another drink.

And none of that cheap shit
you were giving everyone else.

I know you've got a bottle of Gray Goose

somewhere in this house.

- Fine, Egypt.

Y'all want something else?

- No thanks.

- Yeah, I'll take
whatever you bring, Egypt.

- Me too.

Don't normally drink, but tonight

is a exception, right?

- Okay.

- My man.

- Thanks, Chig.

- All right, wanna play another game?

- Let's do it.

♪ I wanna dance with somebody ♪

♪ I wanna eat wit ♪

- Fuck.


What are you trying to do, hmm?


- Hi, guys.

- Hi.

- All right, baby, well I think I'm gonna

go use the little girls' room.

I'll be right back, okay?

- Where the hell have you been?

- Can't say.

You know what I mean?

- No, we don't know what you mean, Rashad,

but please, feel free to enlighten us.

- Get the fuck outta my business.

Yo, y'all playing dominoes, who got next?

- Yeah, we're playing,
but you don't wanna play

with Bill Nye over
here, because he cheats.

- Yeah, I forgot
he counts cards and shit.

- Wait, you knew that?

- Yeah, of course.

I mean, sure, he loves dice too.

Yeah, he helped me get like $600

back in high school for basketball.

- What?

- You little embezzler.

- Oh, babes, we were children then.

I'm an honest man now.

- Yeah, right.
- Okay.

- Rashad?

- What's up, man?

- I got an idea.

You down for a couple rounds of Todd?

- Yeah, let's do it.

Let's go, I haven't played
that in years, let's do it.

- Wait, who the hell is Todd?

- It's not who, E.

- It's a what, it's a game.

Me and Alex used to play
Truth or Double Dare

back when we were kids.

Mother caught us doing a couple of things

that didn't work out,
that's just, you know.

So we had to change it up.

So we called it Todd, get it?

- Oh you're so lame.

Wait, where the hell is
Chiggy with my drink?

- Please, wait.

- Yeah, guys, aren't we a little
old to play Truth or Dare?

Why don't we just like drink
and watch a movie or something?

- Michelle, shut up.

This could actually be fun.

- Yeah, my girl, so let
me tell you the rules.

All right, so first
round, double dare only.

Gotta dare someone to do something,

and they have to do it.

If they don't do it, then
guess what, they're out.

First person dares the next person,

that person, so on and so forth.

Second round, truth.

Guess what, you gotta tell the truth,

the whole truth and nothing but the truth,

and if we catch you lying,

let them know what they won, Alex.

You take a shot.

All right, easy?

- Easy enough for me.

- Drinks, everybody.

- Ah, thank you.

There you go.

Hey, baby, you wanna play a couple rounds

of Truth or Double Dare with us?

- Yeah, deal me in.

- It's not a card game, babe.

- Oh.

- That's okay.

- Alex, the double dare's on you.

- All right, let's go.

- I dare you to

kiss me.

- No way.

Egypt, you're playing dirty, no.

- Babe, it's only Egypt, who cares?

- Yeah, Alex, it's just me.

- Ohhhh.

- Not cool, guys.

- Calm down, baby, it's
okay, it's only a kiss.

- Okay, fine, we're gonna
play dirty, let's play dirty.

Michelle, the double dare is on you.

- Fine, what you got?

- All right.

I double dare you

to grab Egypt's ass and squeeze it.

- I like that kinky stuff.

- Seriously, Alex, I didn't
dare you to kiss her.

- Yeah, well, you laughed,
so go ahead and squeeze it.


- You're a pervert.

- Me, no.

- Claudia, I double dare
you to grab Alex's testicles

and squeeze until he screams.

- Foul play, that's bullshit,
Michelle, and you know it.

- Rules are rules, ready, babe?

- Yeah, if
you would be so kind.

- Damn, baby, you've
been waiting to do that.

- I don't wanna get into.

Okay, so I choose, John.

- Bring it.

- I double dare you to
tell us one of Michelle's

dirty little secrets.

- Oh, now this is interesting.

- I'm not gonna do that.

- He's not gonna do that.

- Yes you can.

- Let's go.

- You heard the rules.

- Fine, Michelle was
arrested three years ago.

I'm not gonna say why,

but just know that she was.

- Girl gone bad.

- Yeah, my God.

- Michelle, I never
knew you had it in you.

- Fuck that, what happened?

- Egypt, the dare was to tell
a secret, not the details.

- You're such a wimp.

- Look, if Michelle wants
to tell you, she will, okay?

- Mr. Fine Print.

- That just leaves Shad.

- What you got, man?

- Okay, I, uh,

I double dare you

to kiss the green machine.

- Oh hell no, hell no.

- Oh my God.

- Just a little nickname that
we gave Claudia's big toe

when she caught gangrene.

- That's cold.

- Oh my God, that's like 10 years ago.

Can we be over it?

- I admit, it's awful
that he called it that.

So that's why I think this would be a good

opportunity for a little retribution.

- John, Ima kill you.

- I agree with John.

You were a little prick to me.

- Whip it out.

- Shad, Shad, Shad.

- Shad, Shad, Shad, Shad,

Shad, Shad, Shad, Shad.

- Come on, Claudia, you're taking forever.

Oh, oh, oh.

- Where's Chiggy, I need another drink.

- Me too, Chiggy.

- I have beautiful toes now.

- Now what?

- Yeah, who's next?

- It's Shad's turn.

- Oh my God!

Oh my God.

- What is it?

- What the fuck?

- He's not breathing.

- What do you mean he's not breathing?

- Michelle, he's not breathing?

Someone call 911.

- Where are the phones?

- What is it?

- It's time for Round Two, Truth.

If you don't play, you die.

- Who's got a phone?

- Chiggy has a phone.

Answer it, answer it.

- Are you ready to play?

- Who the fuck is this?

- If you leave, you die.

Go sit at the table and get ready to play.

- I'm out, man, I'm gone, I'm sorry.

- Rashad, no, you heard what they said.

If you leave, you die.

- I'm gonna go get him.

- This isn't real, this
isn't real, I pray to God.

- You play, you live.

If you lie, you die.

Who wants to go first?

- You're fucking sick.

- Egypt, does Rashad know

why he didn't make the
college basketball team?

- Bitch.

- Tell him, Egypt.

If you lie, you die.

The clock is ticking, you have one minute.

- What's he talking about, E?

- Man, listen,

check this out, man.

- All right.

- I got a scholarship,
full ride, North Carolina.

- Bro, seriously?

- Yes, sir.

- E, I know you can fucking hear me.

What the fuck is he talking about, E?

- Tell him, E, he said
one minute, just tell him.

- Fine.

I told Coach Corey you
were taking steroids.

There it is.

There it is.

- Why'd you fucking do that?

My fucking life depended
on that scholarship,

and you fucking ratted me out.

- Please.

You were the one that
sold me to your teammate

for those pills in the first place.

- All right, so you want in on this?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- Yeah, how much?

- No, it don't work like that.

I got a guy, I gotta give him a call.

But first,

you gotta do something for your boy.

- What's that, man, anything.

Let's do it.

- Juan told me everything.

After he raped me.

- What?
- What?

- Yeah, Alex, Juan.

He raped me.

- I didn't know that, I didn't.

- You only care about yourself.

You don't care about anybody else.

Did you ever bother asking why I was

so crucial to that transaction?

Of course you didn't.

Screw you, Rashad, I'm
glad you got rejected.

- The phone.

- Answer it.

- Very good, Egypt.

Now you, my dear, get to
choose the next player.

You have five seconds to decide.

Five, four.

- Come on, come on!

- Fine.

- Two.

- Claudia.

- The
plot thickens, Claudia.

Alex doesn't know about
Dr. Lemmon, does he?

But tell Alex why you
went to see Dr. Lemmon.

The clock starts now.

- Who's Dr. Lemmon.

Baby, we don't have
much time, just tell me!

- Okay.

- There's nothing you could
have done to justify this.

Your father is a dick.

- I'm pregnant.

That's when,

that's when he got mad and just

hit me, but it wasn't bad.

It was just.

- Fuck your father!

You never have to go back there again.

- Two months after we got married,

I found out about you and Egypt.

And I just, I was so mad and angry, I.

I got an abortion.

- Claudia.

You didn't.

- Alex, you were sleeping with that tramp

for the first five years of our marriage.

And then you lied about that
business deal in New York.

I knew you were in Miami with her.

You charged the room reservations

under my credit card, you idiot.

- Baby.

- Don't baby me.

And you even checked in
under Mr. and Mrs. Wallace.

And you lied to me about
those business meetings

and those late nights.

Tell me this, tell me, babe.

When you called me to say I love you,

were you laying in bed next to her?

Were you guys laughing at me?

- No.

- Claudia.

- Get the fuck, bitch, you
have nothing to say to me.

Nothing is holding me back
from kicking your fucking ass.

- Please, calm down.


- Oh God, no.

Answer it.

- Well played, Claudia.

Now you get to choose, who will it be?

Five seconds.

- Claudia, no.

- Five, four,


- John.

- Oh, ho,
that one will switch the mood.

Jonathan, you're a good guy,
but you are not perfect.

Does Michelle know how you got

that letter of recommendation?

Tell her, John, the clock starts now.

- No!

- Baby, nothing's gonna change us.

Just tell me.


- I can't talk about that, Shell.

- Baby.
- I can't!

- Come on, nothing's gonna
change us, just tell me.

- Your father knew how much I wanted that

Ivy League college education.

And I knew how much a
recommendation from him would do

for getting me that acceptance letter.

- Whatever, parents love to boast.

I'm sure if we asked your father,

Dr. Curtis, about your
academic accomplishments,

he'd give some long, intellectual lecture

about the brilliance of
his beautiful daughter.

My only concern is
getting past graduation,

so I can focus on more important things.

- It's okay.

- So, I let him.

- What?

Just say it.

- Your father performed oral sex on me.

- What?

- I know what that sounds like, babe,

but it's not like that, okay?

- You, you're fucking,

you're sick, you are sick.

You never even cared about me,

because you just cared about
the benefits of dating me.

- It's getting late.

We're having a dinner tomorrow night,

and I was wondering if you
and Dr. Curtis could come.

It's a big family dinner.

- Yeah, I'd love to,
just text me the details.

We'll be there.

- No wonder my father,

wait, wait, wait wait, wait.

That's not the only time it happened.

Is it?

Oh my God.

- Michelle, it's not like
I enjoyed it or something.

The first time it happened,
your father blackmailed me,

all right, and I was
afraid that if I stopped,

he would tell you, okay,
and I didn't wanna lose you.

- So you were just gonna,

you were just gonna
keep letting it happen?

Is that why we've never
been able to do it?

You told me you wanted
to wait until marriage.

You just wanted to trap me,
and then tell me, is that it?

- I swear, baby, that's
not what it's like.

What do you want, you son of a bitch?

What do you want with us?

- I want the truth.

- I'm not playing anymore, all right.

I'm not picking anyone.

- You have five seconds.

- John no.

- Michelle?

Oh, shit.


- Where's John, where's John, oh no.

What am I gonna do?

- We have to find John.

- Help, help, help!


Let go.


- I don't know who this
piece of shit is, man,

but he can't kill us all at the same time.

Listen, I say we all bail out

and get the fuck outta here, yo.

- Are you insane?

- Let's go.

- We are not leaving John like that!

- Fuck that, John left us!

- Egypt was right about you.

All you do is think about yourself.

- Come on, man.

- Listen!

There's three rooms
downstairs, two rooms upstairs.

Rashad and I will take downstairs.

You three go upstairs,
check the rooms, be careful,

stay together.

- We can't split, we can't.


- Listen to me, listen to me, listen.

When we get outta here,
I promise, I promise,

I'll make everything up to you.

- No.

Babe, I don't wanna.

- Let's go, go, go, go.

- Shhh.

- Let's go back.

Come on.

- You guys get
the rest of the rooms.

- No, they
told us not to split up.

- The quicker we do this,
the quicker we can leave.

- She's right.

Just check there, I'll check there.

- We'll meet right here when you're done.

- Come on.

- Okay.

- Shad, find a light.


- It's time to go, it's time to go.

Let's go, Alex, come on, man.

- We can't just leave him like that.

- What the fuck you mean?

He left us first, he
fucking left us first.

- We gotta figure something out.

- He's fucking dead, what the
fuck is there to figure out?

Why the fuck do you always have to be

the hero all the time, Alex?

Let's fucking go!

I'm outta here, man.

- I'm sorry, John.

- Shh, shh, it's just me, come on.

- Oh my God, oh my God.

Michelle, where's Egypt?

- In the other room.

Let's go find the guys.

They probably have John by now.

- Oh God.

- I'm sorry, John.


- Shh, where are they?


Where are they?

Oh my God.

Oh my God, no!

- Michelle, thank God.

Where's Claudia?

Where's Claudia?

- The killer got her.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Did you find John?

Where's John?

Is he okay?

- I'm sorry, John didn't make it.

- No.
- I'm sorry, Michelle.

- I'm so sorry.

- Oh God, John.


- Look at me, look at me.

We gotta get it together,
okay, we gotta get out of here.

Okay, look at me.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

- Okay, let's go.

- Alex.

- Who? Why?

- Ta-da!

- Alex, why couldn't you just love me,

the way I loved you?

I gave you all of me.

- All of her.

- And you abused it.

- Mm-mm-mm, ain't that a shame?

- I loved you, Egypt.

- Yeah, you loved me.

But you loved Claudia more.

- Mmm, right in the dick, son.

That's gotta hurt.

- And I was hoping Claudia would be last.

I had so much to say to her.

- You and Alex have to stop.

I don't wanna be around
when Claudia finds out.

- What do you mean when?

She's not gonna find out.

And by the way, Alex was mine first.

I go away to alternative
school for two weeks,

and when I come back, they're together.

She does not get to take
Alex from me like that.

- How?

We thought you were dead
when we couldn't find you.


- An easy mind is so easy to trick.

And I do mean easy.

- Ha ha ha.

- What did we ever do to you?

- Did I ever tell you that
Alex and I eloped in Miami?

He was gonna leave her, but he didn't.

- Nope.

- He went back to her, and then,

he calls me to tell me
that he made a mistake.

I loved Alex more than
anything in the entire world,

and he used me.

- Like a dirty dog, mmm.

- And, Rashad, oh God,
he knew Juan raped me.

The entire team knew, even Coach Corey.

Rashad just didn't wanna feel guilty.

You know.

Getting raped changes a person, Michelle.

- It can.

- Rashad had it coming.

- He did.

- Claudia, I just didn't like that bitch.

- I liked her.

- What about John?

You took John from me, why?

- Oh please, Michelle.

Your daddy's been sucking
his dick for years,

were you really gonna take him back?

- I wouldn't.

- I feel like, like I did you a favor.

- She really did, she really did.

And me and Chiggy, by the way,

we've been fucking since freshman year.

- Oh yeah, babe, I'm the man.

- What can I say, the dick
is just, it's amazing.

- You hear that?

I know you're dead, but
it's better than your dick.

- But every chess player has a pawn.

- Bitch.

- Gotta give it to him, though.

The way he put that game together.

It was brilliant.

Shit, even scared me.

And then there was you.

- I'm your best friend.

I never betrayed you.

- No.

But you were a constant reminder
of what I would never be.

You had John, you had your college career,

you had your rich dad and that big house.

- That wasn't my fault.

You know, my dad didn't want you around,

so I couldn't do anything.

- You left me.

Did you call me once?

Did you ever come to visit me? No.

It's like you just started this new life,

and all of a sudden, Egypt doesn't matter.

But, you had time to contact Alex.

- It wasn't like that.

- And that's what I thought.

Imagine my surprise when I
found out that Alex had a son.

Anthony Alexander.

What is he, 14 now?

- No, Egypt.

- Chiggy, God rest his
soul, he's been a busybody

these past few years.

I mean, tracking you guys down.

That couldn't have been an easy task.

And when he told me about
Alex Jr., I thought, no.

But then I started to think.

I did just a few minor calculations.

That would have put us
in what, ninth grade?

Wait, and then I remembered that,

you had the flu and you left that summer.

- It's not what you think.

- Bitch, you have no idea what I think.

But what I know is that
you went behind my back

and slept with my Alex and got pregnant.

And for that reason alone,

I'm gonna enjoy kicking your
ass right before I kill you.

Michelle, come on, really?

Just like in high school.

Where's your dad?

He's not here, is he?

Little Michelle.

- I don't know
what Lucas ever saw in you.

- Hey.

Everything's gonna be
perfect, you know that, right?

- Yeah.

- We have each other now, and
that's all we'll ever need.

- Lucas hung himself eight years ago.

Said he just couldn't live without her.

But he told me that you
were a good friend to him.

So thank you for that.

- Luke, I've known you since we were kids.

And you are one of the sweetest

and kindest guys I have ever known.

Not every girl deserves to
be with someone like you.

Especially someone who
doesn't deserve it anyway.

- Now I can be home with my Luke.

- No!

- Hello, Officer Morris, can
you tell me what happened?


Ma'am, can you hear me?

- It all started with the game

Truth or Double Dare.