Truth or Dare (2005) - full transcript

- They're so hot.
- Yeah.

Nice boobs!

My turn.

Truth Or Dare

- What's the matter, Ulla?
- I want to stay here this summer.

But honey, you know that I have to.
Otherwise we can't afford to do fun stuff.

But Uppsala is so boring!
I don't have anyone to play with.

Well, that's the way it is, whether you
like it or not. We're leaving tomorrow.

But Bengt and Leffe are
only here for a few more weeks.

- I think someone's in love!
- No, I'm not!

Chin up, honey. Here's your allowance.
Now don't spend it on anything stupid.

- Good day.
- Good day.

One creampuff, please.

She's cutting in line!

- One creampuff, please.
- I don't think she needs any more cream.

What's that?

I believe a certain girl needs to
have her mouth scrubbed with soap.

Oh I am so sorry.
I didn't mean to. Accidents happen.

I dare you to sneak
into the ladies' area.

Why would we want to do that?

- Do you think we don't dare?
- Maybe I do.

What do you want to bet?

My allowance, or maybe... a kiss.


Well, which one?

I guess we'll see.

I do want the money, but...

- I don't think I'll join.
- Come on, Leffe!

You have to think about your pig bank!
This way you'll never be a banker.

But you have to get through
all of it - past all those ladies -

all the way to the diving tower.

And you will join me!

Rumour has it that, a while ago,
some boys snuck into the ladies' area

and when they came back,
they no longer had any weiners!

The ladies had cut off their weiners

with a cleaver.

Yeah, right.
You don't believe that, do you?

You haven't changed your mind, right?
I don't know if it's a true story.


Remember the money, Leffe!

Swimsuits aren't allowed here.

I'm going to jump in.

What did I tell you? We made it!

- But you were pretty scared.
- No way!

So how do we get out of here?

No gentlemen allowed in here!

Not even gentlemen as tiny as you.

- It was they who wanted to go!
- How dare you blame others?

Shame on you! Now come with me.

You too!
We'll have a word with the manager.

And don't let me see you here again!

Not your hooligan friends, either.

That's real nice of you -
just leaving me there.

I'm sorry, Leffe.
We thought you could get away too.

What if I did something too?

It would have to be
something embarassing.

Quiet, Bengt.
Let Leffe decide.

That's a great idea, Leif.

How much is that doggie in the window?

The one with the waggley tail

Revenge is sweet.

Fucking kids!

Look at it! What was it? Here!

Where did they go?
Fucking kids!

Fucking kids!

Just you wait!

Some bloody kids
snuck into the ladies' area.

- Some really ill-bred brats.
- It's an outrage!

- Completely unacceptable!
- I'm sorry to hear that.

Darn brats.

To say the least!

So which one do you pick?

I want the money.

But I'll buy you an
ice cream tomorrow, if you want.

You're so sweet, Leffe.

Your allowance.

You have to share it then.

All right...
I'll take the kiss.

No big deal.

Thank you.

Don't mention it.
Let's do it again some time.


There sure are a
lot of old ladies around here.

Yeah, but they're good-looking.

I've got to go.
I'm selling lottery tickets today.


Oh no! Flat tire.

I'll see you tomorrow!

Nope. I have to go
with mom to Uppsala.


So I'll see you next summer.


How many swallows
do you think there are here?

Those are sea gulls.


Since you have...

a flat tire, I...

could give you a ride home.
If you wanna.

If you promise to ride carefully.

I'm a gentleman, aren't I?

Hold on now.

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