Truth or Dare (2013) - full transcript

Six college kids find internet stardom when they make "Truth or Dare" videos with a violent twist. It is all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play by his own rules.

We have all of our crew back
here again.

You folks already know John.

This is my lovely girlfriend,
Jennifer right there holding
the gun.

Thank you very much, baby.

My sister Courtney.


And the man of the hour, Tony.

Alright guys. For today's
episode of Truth or Dare...

We are going to play a slightly
altered version of Russian

We were going to play it the
old-fashioned way...

But Tony backed out because he
doesn't have the balls to aim
the gun at himself.

So I volunteered to shoot him.

Real funny.

Tony, stand still.

Dude, its easy for you to say.
You're not the one looking down
the barrel of a fucking gun,

Come on, stop it. If I keep
laughing then I am going to
lose aim.

And then we are just going to
take it all over again.

Yeah, you guys. Quit laughing.
Quit making her laugh.

I'm serious, shut the fuck up
right now!

Jen, could you just point that
thing off to the side a little
bit more, up higher?

I explained this to you
already. We don't aim it right,
it won't look real.

If it doesn't look real, we're
gonna lose audience.

He's right. I just have to aim
it at your face.

John, you know what. We should
do that, that, that, vampire
idea of Ray's.

That one is so good. Remember,
you loved it.

You were laughing about it for
like 20 minutes in the car the
other night.

Plus, that vampire stuff is so
hot right now, dude. Please!

No. I definitely think we need
to do this one. This one is
going to guarantee the greatest
number of views.

Tony, you gotta remember, more
views equal more money.

And besides, I'm kind of
enjoying watching you squirm a
little bit.

Could you not fucking point
that thing at me when I'm
talking to them?

Come on! We're going through
with this.

I'm not going to ask you again.
Stand still.

Jen, I can't do this. Look at
me right now, please. I am not
ready for this.

I'm begging you, stop! Please!


Thank you.

I'm gonna give you until the
count of three. One.

Whoa, wait! Are you firing on
three or right after?


I'm asking you a question, Jen!


I don't know what happened!

*Various News Anchor Dialogue *

The newest video from the Truth
or Daredevils...

My children should not be
watching people dying.

Currently making rounds, on the
talk show circuit, discussing
their controversial video.

Young college student.

So please give an extra warm
welcome to the multi-talented
members of the Truth or

Now, it's been a couple of
weeks since you uploaded the
video that shocked the world...

And catapulted you guys into

So this latest video is more
violent and it's really
different in tone from the

Well, Jen and I wanted to
produce a video that we could
get a couple thousand views.

I said, "Heck yeah let's do it!"

And you know Jen, she's a
really good girl.

My lawyer kept telling me they
couldn't convict me without
finding a body, but you never


Speaking of missing bodies, I
have one last guest for us

Please help me welcome, Tony!

I'm alive! Who knew?

Okay, Tony. Obviously we know
that you were not killed, or
actually even shot, so where
were you?

Just laying low, drinking beer,
living the dream.

Bobbi, it's just nice to know
that I'm important, you know.

And it's just nice to know that
everyone else is starting to
realize that too.

Keep it alive, because I am
going to open the floor for

Okay! Good. Because I've got a

I've been sending messages for
like weeks, like Facebook and

And like, Jen, I sent you a
letter. Why don't you respond
to your fans?

If we answered every email,
we'd never leave the house.

You're funny.

Don't laugh at me!

Look, I've supported you guys
since the very, very beginning,

I want to be a member of the
Truth or Daredevils. I'm not
going to back out on dares like
Tony does.

I can follow the rules, I
should be a member, you know,
I'm your guy, I'm your guy...

Okay, now I can join then,

Hey buddy, you know the rules!

Wait, no! I want to be on TV! I
want to be on TV! I want to be
a member of the group!

Get him out of here!

Put me in the next video!

What can we expect to see in
your next video?

Well, we don't want to give
away in spoilers, but what we
can tell you...

Is that you'll have another new
video before the end of the

And that its gonna rock!

More me!

I'm with the group! I'm with
the group!

Quit your whining or I'll do
more than just kick your ass
out of this studio.

Freaking pathetic!

I don't know, man. I mean,
there is no sign of
civilization for miles.

I mean, why would you buy
property in the middle of

This place was a bargain. You
know what? This is my house and
I'm a homeowner at 27.

How many people can say that?

Oh. We've been having some
issues with the plumbing, so if
you need to use the restroom...

You're probably going to have
to pop a squat outside.

The uh, plumbers will be here
in the morning.

I'm glad you spent so much
money on the place.

You may not like it, but I do.
And it's mine, understand?

I'm glad you like it, because
you're going to be living out
here for a very long time.

I mean, you're never going to
be sell it for anything. Who
the fuck would want to live out
in the middle of nowhere?

Hey, as long as John-boy keeps
this place stocked with booze,
who gives a shit?

Anyway, I figure we'll shoot
the next video in the new
setup. You guys are going to
love it.

Sounds good to me, baby

New setup?

You'll see.

So. Hope you guys all
remembered to bring your

I assumed you figured something
out, Courtney.

Oh yes, I have something great
to wear.

We have ours.

Well, I brought mine but Tony
didn't have any because he
likes to sleep naked.


Alright. We're gonna go change.

Lights and props are already
down there. Grab my laptop.

So. What do you think?

Oh, dude this is awesome. John,
you are a genious, man!

Babe, why didn't you tell me
about this?

This is not what I was expecting

Me neither, what's the point of
this exactly?

It's for our new video. I just
wanted a place we can film,

Well, plus a few of the fans
wrote some detailed letters
about how they didn't like the

They uh, it wasn't quite in
those words, they kept calling
it gay and kept calling Tony a


Not my words.

And, this is the best you could
come up with?

Look, if fans don't like it,
we'll change it for the next

Well, fucking-A, let's rage!

We have work to do. Remember,

Uh, is that a fucking revolver
on the table? You guys, I
thought we were done with the

It's Russian Roulette, round 2.
Only this time, we're gonna
play the right way. No backing
out of this video.

Well, the last time didn't

And why is that?

Because I didn't have any booze
in my system.

Yeah, that's definitely a first.

Too bad I won't be able to
shoot you in the face this

Well yeah, I went last time so,
someone else is going this
time, I'm looking at Ray.

Sorry, our fans enjoy seeing
you get shot. We have to give
them what they want.

Fine. Well, how are we even
going to do this?

The gun has a blank in it. So
it'll look like we're playing
for real.

And give us something to show
to the camera. Just don't press
it close to your head.

Wait, wait a minute. You said
blank. I mean, isn't the point
of a blank is that it shoots,

A blank still has gunpowder in
it, Tony. How do you think it
makes the noise, and the flash?


Alright, alright. Enough chit
chat. Let's get this thing

John, should we plan this out a
little bit better? I don't
know, it just..

We didn't plan the first one
and it worked out well.

Look, let's just upload this
Russian Roulette scene, and
we'll take it from there.

And we're rolling. Alright,
start the introduction.

Do I have to?

I'm not doing it.

I'll do it.

I meant I'm gonna start. I
always do, why would that
change now?

Welcome, to the next episode of
Truth or Dare, brought to you
by, The Truth or Daredevils.

So who's gonna get it this
week? You know...

A few of you guys mentioned
that we didn't quite play
Russian Roulette the right way.

You can thank Tony for that.

Shut up!

You asked for it. So keep
watching. Find out who's gonna
get it next.

Thank you, love.

And, one in the chamber. And
Tony's first.

Uh, why don't you go, guy?

Nope. Handle it.


That thing even on?

I already told you its
recording. Just man the fuck up.

I fucking hate you guys.

Now you go, big shot.

Yeah, yeah. Stand back and
watch. I'm not gonna waste as
much airtime as you did.


What the fuck was that?! What
the fuck was that?!

I'm so sorry!



What the fuck just happened?!
What the fuck, what the fuck,
what the fuck?!

What did you do?!

I didn't do anything! And it
was supposed to be a blank.

Tony, call an ambulance!

Courtney, it's not gonna bring
him back! Fuck!

I don't know what happened! It
was supposed to be a blank!

Well it wasn't!

I checked it before I put it in
the bag, and then I checked it
when I put it on the table, and
then I -

Oh, guys. You should have
totally told me we were going
to be wearing pajamas. I would
have totally worn mine.

I hate to waste tape.

And Jennifer, I'm a little
disappointed. You didn't wear
the cute little pink jam-jams...

The ones with the black polka
dots. Those are my favorites!

You don't know how excited I am
to play with you guys! I've
been waiting for this for so

That's the psycho from earlier.

The crazy audience member?

What was that? Ray, I'm no
longer an audience member.

What the fuck are you then?

I'm the new member of the Truth
or Daredevils! Yes!

Looks like John lost on round 1
of his turn already.

I love what he's done with the
place though.

Let me get you guys settled, so
we can carry on with the game.

I'm gonna need everyone to sit
on the ground, okay?
Criss-cross apple sauce. Just
like when we were kids.

I don't want to.

Ray! Right there, Ray.

Ray's a tough guy.

Jennifer, you can sit next to

Michelle, you get to complete
the circle. Right here.

Courtney, I'm gonna need you to
ziptie everyone's hands behind
their backs.

No, I can't.

Courtney, did you want me to
keep shooting John's corpse?


Seems kind of silly, doesn't it?



Should we play the game?


That a girl! That's great.

I've taken it upon myself. I've
brought a list of our rules...

And I'm gonna put em up here
just so everyone can see them
for reference. Okay?

Like I was saying earlier.
We're gonna play my version of
the game.

Which, it's pretty simple,
really. I get to ask you all of
the questions, which are of my

It's fair if you think about it.

What the fuck, dude? You killed

I didn't pull the trigger, he

That's some pretty fucked up
logic you got there, buddy.

Ray, perhaps you would like to
sit this one out?

Ah! Fuck!

I know, I forget how loud that

You didn't answer my question.

It's okay though. I'll ask it
again. Do you wanna play the
game with us or not?

Fine. I'll play.

Ok. Good, good, good, good,

If there's anyone else here
that would like to not play,
just tell me now.

Okay good. Ah, ah! Courtney,
since you're up, since John's
done playing the game...

Can you remove him from the
player's circle?

Come on.

Okay. Good. Courtney, I'm gonna
need you to, sit with the
group. Sit with the team!

Come on, let's play a game.
Come on.

Like I was saying, I get to ask
the pivotal question, as well
as the truth questions, and the
dares themselves.

You guys, of course, you guys
get to choose between truth or

So, shall we carry on? Are you
guys ready to play?

Okay, a rule I'd like to bring
to your attention, you guys...

If I ask a group question, I
expect a group answer.

So, let me ask again; are we
ready to play?

Yes, yes, yes, yes. We're ready
to play.

Thank you.


Now, when it's your turn. I'm
gonna untie you.

If you think about running, or
causing a scene, you'll be

If anyone escapes,
unfortunately, I'll be forced
to terminate the game abruptly.

What do you mean, terminate the

As in, nobody in this room,
will ever play again.

If you try to run, nobody will
have enough time to get back
here to save anyone.

This game, it doesn't belong to
us anymore. It belongs to the

We're here because of them, the

You're fucking insane.

Ray, if by insane, you mean I'm
a passionate, hungry artist,
then yes, yes I am.

Tony, you're up.


But, but my turn was right
before John's. Someone else
should go.

Truth or dare?

Pick truth. Its gotta be the
safe zone.

Okay. I think it's Tony's

Okay, okay, truth. Truth.

Thank you, Tony. Tony, what is
the age of the youngest woman
you've slept with?

Um, it was Natalie. Back in
high school. She was 16, I was


What you got there, buddy?

Wait, wait, don't!


What the fuck?

What the fuck is your problem?

I forgot to tell you guys. If
you answer a truth question
wrongly, you'll be penalized.

Ow! You fucking psychopath!

I told you the truth.

Oh really? What about the
tourist you were with like 17
days ago?

Wait, what?

I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about!

I know more than you think.
Remember that.

If you don't fess up, I'm gonna
tell the whole group here and
you'll be penalized.


Her name is Amber, and...

Ah! Okay! Okay! Fuck! Alright!

Her, her name is Amber! Her
name is Amber and I fucked her,
okay? I fucked her! Alright?

And she's only 13. And I didn't
know, cause when I met her she
said she was 15. She said she
was 15!

God, Tony.


How the hell could you do this?

She said she was 15.

That's still illegal, you sick

That's some shit, man.

How do you even know this?!

Ladies and gentlemen, Tony!
Courtney, its your turn.

Courtney, truth or dare?

I don't want to play.

Please, I don't want to play.

Okay! Truth! Truth!

Okay! This is a good one. Who
was the last person you had sex

It was John.

What are you doing?!

Don't touch her!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Okay. See, we got a bunch of
liars here and that's what you
get for lying.

I've known Courtney for years!
She would never cheat on John,
you creep!

I wouldn't be so quick to
judge, Jennifer. And my name's
Derik. With a "k."

She wasn't lying. Your rules
don't make any sense!

Rules, Jennifer. At least I
have rules!

Before I joined your group,
your game, it lacked structure.
It lacked realism.

I'm bringing both those to the
table and we're making the best
videos yet!

You should be thanking me. And
besides, I don't hear any
protests from Courtney.

What? What is he talking about?

I love Ray.

I know you do. He's your

Ray. I need to know what the
fuck is going on here, guys!

You wouldn't understand.

Try me!

Well, if you loved him the way
that I do, maybe you would know

Courtney?! He's my boyfriend.
What are you trying to say?!

Ray and I made love.



It's not what you think. Okay?
It's not what you think. We
were both really drunk, we were
at a bar.

Even if you're drunk, there has
to be some sort of a fucking

That goes off in your head that
says screwing a family member
is disgusting!

As it turns out, they've been
having a lot of sex.


Oh, they've made love, 7 times
in the last week.

I'm sure they've been doing
this since their childhood but
I don't know.

I've only been your number 1
fan for like, so long so I
don't know, who knows?

How could you?

I love him. I've always loved

And you guys thought I was the
messed up one. This is great!

We're in love.

Oh god! All of you are fucked
in the head.

You just don't understand. We
knew you wouldn't understand.

I love how you guys play the
game! Oh, this is so good!

You're up next, Ray!

Fuck you!

I'm sorry. We're not related,
so I don't think you'd be into
that type of thing!

I'm not playing your game, you
freak. I refuse to.

Oh, I'm the freak? That's
funny. See, we are playing our
game, and see here's the thing.

It's your turn. And you have to
play! Sorry I didn't make that
more clear.

Go ahead. Just shoot me. I dare

Ray, it's not your turn to ask
me a dare, my friend.

But, if you don't mind having a
bullet put in you? I'll keep
that in mind for next round.

Eenie, meenie, minie, moe.

No! Please play! You need to
play, please! Please, I need
you to play!

See Ray, I suspect that
Courtney doesn't have the same
affinity for being shot, as
you. Do you, Courtney?

No! Please! I already had my
turn! I played your game, I did
it the way you wanted to.

You're not playing by your own

Well see, the thing is, Ray
doesn't want to play so I had
to make an addendum to the

Okay, wait, wait, wait!

Ray, if you don't want to play,
I'm gonna have to have Courtney
sit out the rest of the game.

Okay! I'll play! I'll play, you
fuck! I'll play, I'll play!
Okay, just don't hurt her.

Ray, I love your spirit.

Don't be doing anything stupid.

Ray, truth or dare?


Ray, I dare you, to eat this

Fuck that! I choose truth

Ray, you've already chose, you
must complete the dare!

Please, baby! Please, just do
it, please just do it!

Okay, okay, okay okay! I'll do
it! I'll do it.

Go ahead, Ray.

Good job! That is the Truth or
Daredevil spirit!

Now Ray, please finish because
Jennifer is anxiously awaiting
her turn.

Good job, buddy!

I'm really starting to like you!

Okay great! That was great, Ray!

So now. Jennifer, if you don't

I'm gonna go ahead and upload
our most current truth or dare
video before we get to your

Okay, what's our team password
for the video page?

I don't know.

What's our fucking password?!

I don't know! I don't know!
They never gave it to me
because I don't; -

It's "Irish Jigsaw!"

Thank you, god get it together!

You guys, you know what, you
should really email me all of
the vital team info.

That way I can stay totally up
to date on everything that's
happening with the team.

Like for instance, if we decide
to incorporate costumes into
our next video.

God! It's going to be so

There we go. Okay.

I'm gonna let this upload while
we continue with our game,

So I took the liberty of buying
a second card so we can
continue with this.

That's gonna be a good shot.
Jennifer, you look great.

Jennifer, truth or dare?


What age did you first have sex?

Eleven. I was raped when I was

That is true! Good girl!

Don't look at me, Ray. Its not
like I had a choice.

Who did it?

It doesn't matter.

I'm, I'm sorry.

I don't need your sympathy!

I guess this game is completely

This game isn't rigged, okay!

Okay! Okay! Okay!

When you were playing with your
own rules, your game lacked
integrity, okay?


What I brought to the table, is
integrity. This is going to be
our most honest video, ever!


All you have to do is play by
the rules. This is serious,


Act like it! If you have a
stupid opinion, next time just
shut the fuck up!

Good job, Jen! At least
somebody knows how to play the

Alright, Michelle. Are we
having fun guys?

Michelle, truth or dare?


When you were born, what was
your full, legal name, Michelle?

Michelle Jean Lucas.

She answered your question, she
told the truth!

No, no, no, no!

God! Don't!

I told the truth! I told the


Michelle, you need to quit
lying so much.

There is no way that you know.

Know what?

It's called, truth or dare. How
many people do I have to stab
before you guys realize you
have to stop lying?

How the fuck, how the fuck do
you know?

When I said I was your biggest
fan, and I knew everything
about you guys, I meant it.

I was, I was... my first...
when I was born...

I was... when I was born...

My full name when I was born
was Michael Gene Lucas!

I don't get it.

You heard me.

Tony. She, she, she said
Michael. Tony, when the two of
you make love, do you always
have to use lube?

Well, yeah.

Why do you think she can't
naturally produce lubrication?
Or is it that you just can't
get her wet, big guy?

Well she said she had a medical

Does she use birth control?

Well no, but...

Oh what the fuck? What the
fuck?! God!

You don't understand! I was
supposed to be a girl!

You're right, I don't
understand because this shit
ain't right!

Fuck you! You fucking pedophile!

That was one time!

Fuck you! Fuck you.

Oh yeah, Tony. Only one time!


What about the 14 year old last

Or what is it you're expecting
to do with this 11 year old
that you've been chatting up
recently online?

God you people!

Alright, I might have a
problem. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Enough. We're losing some
momentum here. We need to get
on with our game.

You guys, you really gotta stop
lying to each other. That's no
way to treat your teammates.

So insensitive.

Oh yes! It's my turn!

Okay, for the time being, I'm
not gonna record my turn.

You know, we don't want to
confuse our fans by just going
ahead and putting me in the
latest video.

We're gonna wait until the
official press release.

Jennifer, why don't you ask the
pivotal question?

Truth or dare?

I'm gonna go with truth!


Quick, guys let's think of
something he doesn't know the
answer to!

Why are you doing this?

Dammit, Tony!

God, that's a good question,
Tony. Well, I think you already
know the answer to that.

You're a fucking moron, Tony.

I need to know why the fuck
he's doing this!

Who the fuck cares why he's
doing this, we need to get

Hey, hey, hey, guys! I'm right
here, I can hear everything
you're saying, okay?

It's my turn! Now, to answer
Tony's truth question.

As you guys know, I've always
been your #1 fan, there's not a
bigger fan than me. I've alway
been your #1 fan.

But now, now that I'm actually,
I'm a member, I'm a real member
of the Truth or Daredevils...

We're all in the same group.
Now that I'm a member, I'm here
to bring the truth to the fans.

The last video that you guys
did, it was fake, it was fake,
it wasn't even real. Nobody
here was even playing.

At least I'm showing how the
game is supposed to be played,

The fans, they want to see
reality. And that's what we're
gonna do.

We're gonna give the fans what
they desire! And, you know

Let's just go ahead, let's
prove my point. Let's see how
they're responding to the video.

Oh here it comes! You guys,
yes! Yes!

This is going to be our biggest
video yet! I mean...

You guys. The fans! They're
responding! They're responding!
They like this video!

Oh you guys, this is so
exciting! We're gonna have so
many views!

The fans, they're responding to
the realism.

They appreciate the structure I
brought to the game for sure,
look, it says so right there!

Oh... it's a good day!

You guys, we are doing so good.

And back to you, Tony. Truth or

Whatever one I pick is gonna
fucking suck... dare.

I dare you, to cut off your


I don't think you need me to
repeat the instructions.

Tony, it's like ripping off a
bandaid. The quicker you go,
the less painful it is.

Cutting off your nipple, is
nothing like ripping off a
fucking bandaid, dude! I can't
do this!

Do it.

Ah! Don't get any ideas. Just
complete the dare. You remember
the rules.

What are; you don't need to

Derik, I can't do this. Please,
can I, can I go, can I go with

I don't think you have any
other alternative.

Fuck! Fuck! This fucking sucks!

Just do it!

Ow! Ow! You're not getting the
other one, you're not getting
the other one, I can't do it.

Tony, sorry but I'm not
interested in doing anything
halfway, alright? And you
shouldn't be either!

I can't! I can't! I'm sorry, I

You need to do both.

It's not happening. No.

Put the knife down.


I said put the fucking knife


I'm gonna tie you up, like your
other teammates, okay?

Oh, okay.

Thank you, thank you, Derik.

Oh, you're welcome. No it's my,
it's my pleasure. I'm just
gonna have to help you out on
this one.

No! No! No! No!

Since you couldn't complete the
dare, I'm gonna have to finish
it for you.

Remember now. Don't move. The
less you move, the more likely
I am to get just the nipple,

Okay. Okay.

Okay. Here we go.

Oh fuck!

Oh! That was fun! I think this
is a great time to upload our
next clip, huh guys?

We already have over 430,000
views! Yes! Woo!

Let's go ahead and give
ourselves a big round of
applause for all of our hard

Yes! Okay!

What? I don't understand? I
don't fucking understand! What

They think our video is another

How ignorant can they be?

Do you actually believe our
fans would think that we would
hurt ourselves?

That's what happens when you
play the game for real.

Of course nothing is going to
happen when you don't put any
fucking bullets in the chamber!

Nobody plays Russian Roulette
unless you're a POW, you fuck!

I know all kinds of people that
play these games without
spreading the lies that your
people spread!

Lies? What lies?

You fucking told lies! You know
how I felt when I found out
your last video wasn't real?

What the fuck are you talking

When I saw the onscreen, the
perceived death that you guy
did, I commended you.

I mean, the fact that you guys
were willing to risk your
selves, to sacrifice yourselves
for your art. It was great.

What are you talking about? We
just make Youtube videos.

Just videos?


How can you call them "just
videos?" I have every piece of
merchandise of yours from your
online store.

Every newspaper clipping, every
photo of you guys out in

I have all of that. They're not
just videos. They're an
inspiration. Especially to me.

You are one twisted fuck. And
that says a lot coming from a
guy like me.

Why don't you get a life. Do
something with yourself. Get a

Although, I doubt you could
ever find anyone that would
fuck you.

You think that's funny? You
think that's funny?!

No, of course not.

I'd watch the way you choose
your fucking words! Remember
who's choosing your fucking
dares, okay?

I know.

Alright, good talk everyone...
okay let's play!

Okay, now back to Courtney.
Courtney, truth or dare?

You're just gonna stab me again
if I choose truth, right?


Dare! Okay. I've got a great
one for you... Tony!

What, what are you doing? What
are you doing, man?

Get up! Now, stand over there.


No! Please!

It's a bullet!


Look, it's a bullet!


Kiss it!


Kiss it for luck!


No! No! Please.

Stand still.


Okay, okay. Oh, this is going
to be fun. Okay.

Courtney, stand up. Stand up.

There you go.

Okay. Now Courtney, I'm gonna
give you the gun, okay? Don't
get any ideas.

Now take the gun.

I dare you to shoot that cup
off Tony's head.

Oh, fuck me!

If you don't complete the dare
though, you'll be the one with
the bullet in your head.

If I think you're intentionally
trying to miss, we'll just keep
shooting until you hit
something. Got it?

Oh, this is going to be fun!

Courtney, back to you. Truth or


I dare you to shoot that cup
off Tony's head.

Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Courtney, you can do this,
okay. You can do this.

I can't.

Do it!

Courtney just stay calm and aim
the gun at the cup! You got
this! You can do this!

Use both of your hands!

Okay, okay, okay.

You gotta stand still! Quite
moving around!

I got fucking stabbed in the

Alright, aim it higher! You
gotta aim it higher!

Come on!

You got this!


Okay, okay, okay!

Right there!

Guys I can't do it if you guys
are; - let me focus!


You did it! You did it!

Thank you!

Thank you for not killing me.

Well, that was sure
anti-climatic! Sit down.

Tony! Stay right there.

Okay! Okay!

Ray, truth or dare?

Don't pick dare, dude!


Why? God! What is wrong with

I need you to stand up, Ray.
Ray get up.

Right here.

Okay. Now it seemed a bit easy
for Courtney, so; -

Ray, I'm gonna change it up.

Oh, fuck you!

What the? That's not fair.

Well Ray, I don't think it's up
to you to decide what's fair or
not, okay?


Remember, even though you're
blindfolded, I've still got my
gun on your head, okay? So no
funny shit.

Okay, Ray. No funny stuff,
okay? Here's the gun.


Ray? Truth or dare?


Come on, Ray. Play the game!


There you go, Ray. You know
what to do. Shoot the cup off
of his head.

Derik, I can't do this.


I really can't. I can't do it.

Oh, yes you can.

I can't do it again.

Oh yes.

I don't wanna do it. Please.

You can. You can.


It's exciting! It's truth or

No, its not! Shit!

Not there, Ray! You've gotta
aim it higher! You're gonna
shoot him in the head!

Over to the left a little!

Come on! You're gonna blow his
freaking head off! What are you

Girls, you're gonna screw him
up! Leave him alone!

You want to live or don't you?

Everybody shut the fuck up!
Tony, you got the best sight on
this. I want you to tell me
where to aim.

Okay, come on. You gotta at
least; you're way off. Let me;
at least try here.

Alright Ray. Listen to me,
buddy. We're gonna do this.

Alright, here's what you gotta

Okay. Just raise the gun, up a
little higher. Now off to your
right. Your other right.

Okay, now down a little bit.
No, no, no, no, no, no! Up! Up!
Up! Up! Up! Up! Up!

Okay, right there. Right there.
Right there, perfect! Perfect,
Ray. Perfect.

Okay, I think I'm ready.
Alright. Oh shit.

Ray! You lowered your fucking;
- raise it up! Raise it up,

I'm gonna count down from 5.


Now over to your right.


Is it good?

Ray, up!


A little up higher, Ray!


What about now?


Holy shit! Ray, you did it! You
did it!

Holy shit!

Ray, you fucking did it!, baby!

Who would have thought all
those years of Duck Hunt paid
off, buddy!

I can't believe that shit
actually worked!

Enough, Ray! You need to sit
down now.

Good work, Ray! Good work, dude!

That was a good shot.

Okay, Jen. Truth or dare?

Jen, choose truth. You won last

Jen, truth. Truth.


God dammit!

What are you doing?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I'm gonna need you to get up,
we're gonna do the same thing.
Come over here.

Hey hey! You! Ah, ah, ah! You!
Get back there!

Yeah but I; -

Get back over there!

I went like three times maybe
we should have someone else go?

You're not done yet, party boy.

Man, are you sure you want me
to play, maybe the fans want to
see someone else? Derik?

Okay, the rules. Hold still.

Okay. Okay.

Right there.

I don't want to play anymore.

Oh what the fuck is that?

It's a shotgun!


Jennifer. Pick up the shotgun.
And don't do anything else but
the dare.

Hey Jen, Jen! Aim up! You gotta
aim up!

I want you to shoot that off
Tony's head.

Now, that's a 12 gauge shotgun.
It's got nine shells in it...

So its gonna kick an awful lot,
so you're gonna wanna adjust
your stance, okay?

I know you're a girl and you
probably haven't fired one of
these before so...

How old is the girl you're
chatting with online?


No, Jen! No!

I'm so sorry!

Yes! Yes! Jen! Jen, I love how
you play this game! Holy shit!
Oh my god!

We need a cheer! A Daredev; -
we'll come up with a cheer
later, that was awesome! That
was awesome.

Okay, I need you to sit down.
That was really good, Jen. That
was really good. Yes!

Okay. I'm gonna check how our
video is doing.

You guys! Oh my God! We, we
just passed a million views!

Yes! High five! Oh, okay. Yes!
Yes! Okay, let me read some of
our comments.

Mike from Ohio. He says this is
the best video we've done. I
know, Mike!

He says its better than any of
his videos he's done. You know,

And Neil from Arizona, he
thinks... he thinks the new
gore fx are even better than...

Those aren't effects! I'll show
you this! This is real! This is

That's real! Those are real!
Those are real! Is this real?!
Is this real?!


Is this real?! Is this real?!

Yes, it's real!

Is that real?!

He's killing us!

Is this real?!

Please help us!

Is this real?!


Is this real?! Is this cgi?!
Stupid people! You stupid

I'm giving you the reality you
want! This is all real!

Help! We are at 951 Durden Dr!

You're gonna be on tv, Ray!
Ray! Wake up, Ray! Ray! Wake
up! You're on tv! This is all

God, help us!

They're all back here! They're
dead! They're fucking dead!

Apparently we need to amp
things up!

Is that, is that what it's come
to? All they want is sex?
That's all they want is sex!

That's what this world has come
to! That's what this world has
come to!

You know what? Let's give em.
We'll 'em what they want. Let
me think.

You guys, I've got an idea.
Okay. I've got an idea.

Michelle! Get up, Michelle! Get
up! Get up! Ah!!!! Ah!!!

Wake up! Come on, come on.
We're gonna play the game.
We're gonna play the game.

My head hurts!

Get up!

Come on, come on. We're gonna
play the game. Come on, we're
gonna play the game.

Come on, come on. You're not
very tough for a boy.

Please stop. Stop!

Get up. Come on. Get up! Get
up! Get up! Get up!

Alright. This game is the best
yet. I thought of it. I've got
an idea. I've got an idea for
this round, okay?

And for this round, its my
turn! Its gonna be my turn

Umm, I'm gonna choose dare. I'm
gonna choose dare.

Tony lost on his round so, we
need to get him out of the
players circle. I'll just...

What is he doing?

Okay. What was I gonna do? Oh
yeah, I choose dare.

I dare Courtney to kiss me.

Don't touch me.

That's, that's, what, that's
what the fans want.


They want more sex, so...

What the hell was that?!

You're gonna regret that.
Remember who's running the game

Especially since you're up next!

Ladies and gentlemen. Courtney
chooses dare. Courtney, I dare
you to masturbate with this

What is wrong with you?

Wasn't it, wasn't it your turn?
Remember, because I just went.

Well you know what? I've
decided its the lightning
round. And like I said, you're
up first. Go.


You're up.

We're having trouble following
your game because you keep
changing the rules on us.

Okay, Jennifer. I know it's a
little hard to see the rules
right now, but how about this?

How about I just go ahead and
eliminate everyone else from
the game. And you can play by

Well, let's see. Who should I
start with first?

Derik, this isn't fair.

You want to talk about fair,
Ray?! All I ever wanted to do,
was have my own successful
Youtube Channel.

Well, as we know, it doesn't
really work that way, does it?!

Now, here I have my hands on a
record-breaking video, so if
anyone thinks what I'm doing
isn't fair...

Shut the fuck up!

Okay, okay, okay, shhhh. Just
don't point the gun. I'll do it.

Alright, great, great, great,
let's play! Let's play the game.

Get up. This is gonna be fun.
This is gonna be fun. Okay,
let's get right by the camera

Okay yeah. I'm gonna need you
to sit right here.

Okay, great. Alright, guys.

Oh that's, that's a nice shot.

Okay. Courtney chose dare.
Courtney, I dare you to
masturbate with that bottle.

Come on.

Come on, do it, do it, do it.

I can't. I can't. I can't do

Come on. This should be easy
for you. After all, you're the
one that's fucking around

Don't, talk to her like that.

What's that, Ray? You said you
wanna keep it in the family?

Go to hell!

Oh, did you just say you wanted
to help? Oh you guys, Ray wants
to help out on this one.

Oh, that's great! Oh, that's
great, Ray, thanks!

Woo! We gotta help her. Alright!

Now Ray, I know you're excited
from the recent developments in
the game, but remember, I'll
shoot you.

Stand up.

Come on. Come on, Ray. Right
here. Right here, let's play
the game.

Okay, Ray. I dare you to have
sex with Courtney with that

And Ray! You gotta complete the
dare! Otherwise, I'm shooting

Okay? Besides, this should be
familiar territory for you.

It's okay. It's okay. I'm gonna
go really gentle. Okay, it's
gonna be alright.

I'm so, so sorry.

Come on. Deeper, Ray. Deeper.

Why? Why isn't she coming, Ray?

Oh God, please just please;
please baby.

I can't do this anymore, I'm
sorry. I can't.

He's gonna kill us.

He's gonna kill all of us,
don't you get that? I don't
wanna kill the one I love.

Derik That's okay, I'll finish

No! We gotta do it! Baby, we
gotta finish it, we gotta
finish it! Please just go!

Okay! Okay! I'll do it! I'll do
it! I'll do it!

Do it, Ray.

Just do it, baby. Just do it.

Come on, Ray! I could do
better! Come on!

Oh my god, Ray! Somethings
wrong! Something is wrong! Ray!

Pull it out, Ray!

I can't! It's stuck!

Don't make me start counting!

No! Don't! Stop! Don't do it!
Don't do it! Don't pull it out!

I love you...

I love you...

I didn't, I didn't think that
would work!

I'm sorry... I'm sorry...

I guess Courtney's not playing

Whoops. Okay. Ray. Okay, Ray.
We need to carry on with our

Okay, Ray. I dare you to
perform oral sex on Courtney.


Ray, I dare you to go down on

I can't. This is fucking wrong,

Well, that hasn't stopped you
before, Ray.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Wait, wait, you never asked me
if I wanted truth or dare?

Ray! It's the lightning round!
Every turn's a dare! Come on,

Come on! Tick-tock, Ray.

Ray, she's already dead, okay.
You're not gonna hurt her.

I can't! I can't fucking do it!
It's so fucked up! I can't!

It's better than a bullet in
the head.

I'm sorry!

How much longer do I have to do

Til I say stop! Come on! Sex!

See! See! That's what you want.

Okay, Ray, I'm bored. You can

Come on, Ray. Good job.

I'm gonna check the latest
video. Ray, remove Courtney
from the player's circle.

Na ah ah! All of her. All of

There you go, Ray. Ray! This
video is incredible, Ray.

It's the best video. It's the
best video yet!

Okay, Ray. I'm need you to sit
back down. Come on.

Okay! Alright, back to the game!

Jennifer, I have a dare for you.


I dare you to take Michelle's
eye out with a corkscrew.

And I'm not waiting around on
this okay? I'd rather just
shoot you if you're holding up
the game!

I promise to be quick about it.

I'd rather have you shoot me,
than tear out my eye!

Oh yeah? Well I bet Jennifer
feels differently about that,
don't ya Jen?

Michelle! Michelle!


We don't exactly have a choice

Okay! Okay!

Okay, alright, well let's do
it. Come on, let's play the
game! Okay?

Let's see it, I'll even help.
I'll even help.

I'm sorry.

Okay. Left or right eye?

Does it matter? Just choose one!

Open your eye. I'll be quick, I

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

God! Great job, Jennifer!

Thanks for not wasting our time.

Okay, Michelle, you're up.

Come on.

Your eye is not the only thing
you lost you were born with.

Okay. Michelle, I dare you to
remove Ray's cancerous tumor.

What is he talking about?

I never, I never told you.

Hey, hey, hey! I can tell! Go!

Where is it?

One thing that Ray didn't share
with any of you, well, except
for his sister, lover,

Is that he has cancer in his,
in his right testicle.

Let's get this over with.

No, no, no!

Ray, we have to.

Ray stop fighting me or I'm
gonna end up cutting everything
off if you don't.

No! No!

Ray, stop, come on.

Get it over with! Do it!

I don't want to do this.

Ray, it's not the end of the
world, trust me.


Where did it go? Where'd it go?
You know those are a delicacy
in the Rockies.

Angle the knife up.

Do it!

Hey! That was awesome, though!
That was awesome!

Nice job, Michelle!


Thank you...

Oh, Ray. You quit.

Why'd you quit the game, Ray?

What the fuck happened?!

Oh good, you're awake! Let's
finish the game.

What did you do with Ray?

Well, right there. See, you
guys had ice in your cooler
upstairs, but the water's not
turned on yet...

So I had to use some sort of
liquid to jolt you awake.

Okay. Uh. It's my turn, isn't
it? I choose dare. Who has a
dare for me?

Go fucking stab yourself.

Ow! That fucking hurts.

Let's finish the game.

Jennifer, I dare you to remove
Michelle's kidney.

You sick son of a bitch. Do you
even care if she survives?

Care? Do I care? Nobody cares
more about this than me.

And besides, video never dies.
Now do it!

Where is your kidney?

Just look for the scar on my
back. I have one removed when I
was seven, just match it on the
other side.

What? How is she supposed to
survive with no kidneys?

Well! It might be nice to know
that patients can actually live
without kidneys for days, if
not weeks!

Do it! Finish the game!

I'm gonna do it on the count of
three, okay?




I'm gonna, I'm gonna pull it
out. Okay?

Okay! That was great! That was

Okay, Michelle. You're up. I
dare you to give Jennifer an

You're pregnant?

I'm a little sick of the knife
so, let's see what else I got.

I guess these will have to do!

Do it!

You still don't get it, do you?

I'm gonna have to do this

No! No! No! No! No! No!

Where is it? Where is it?

You never asked me what I did
to the man that raped me!

Good game.

Guess I'm gonna have to go find
a new team.

Derik, Derik! Tell me. What was
it like being the newest member
of the Truth or Daredevils?

You wanna know the truth?