Truth & Lies (2015) - full transcript

Teens band together to investigate the source of anonymous messages that threaten to expose their secrets.


Hey James.

See they got you working
the night shift.


What do you got?

Stay in the car Alison.


Did you forget?

I'm a cop too.

Chief is on his way down, okay?

Okay, good.

You don't want to do this.

You don't want to do this.

Not now.

What am I doing?



Come on.


What has gotten into you?


Alison, come on.







Honey? Are you okay?

I'm fine.

It was just a dream.

You sure?

Yeah, it's okay.

I'm sorry Mom.

Oh honey, you don't ever
have to apologize.

I just want to be sure
that you're okay.

I can't believe it's been
two years since the accident.

I miss Dad so much.

I know.

So do I.

So do I.

Alright, call me if you need
anything okay?

I'll be fine.

Thanks Mom.


Oh, there's Hannah.

Still your ex-bff?


Well, maybe the two of you
will be friends again someday.

Mm, not likely.

Bye Mom.

Thanks again for
the great morning.

Have a good day.

Those pants are so last year.

Somebody's hand-me-downs Taylor?

Back off Hannah.

What, are you going to call your
Mom and have me arrested?

My Mom's a cop.

What's yours again?

Oh, I remember.

The sleaziest date in town.


You are going to regret that,

Go tell the fashion police
when you file the report

about my wardrobe.





Watch out for trash.

That was intense.

What happened there?

Oh well you know Zach
used to be Taylor's boyfriend

before the accident.


Oh right.

I keep forgetting you
only transferred in this year.

Well, Taylor's Dad died
two years ago in a car crash.


Yeah, toasted two other people
as well.

Totally his fault.

That outta ruin your day.

Wanna hear the best part?

Word around town
was that Taylor's Dad

was doing Hannah's mom.

The mom is super hot by the way.

Anyway, Taylor's Dad
was on his way back

from doing Hannah's mom
when it happened.

Been bad blood between
Taylor and Hannah ever since.

Wait, bad blood
because of the rumour

or bad blood because
of the boyfriend steal?

Probably both but I mean
who knows with chicks, right?

Oh, by the way I got
your grade ready.

Right on.


Oh yeah, Brandon's the man.

Want to change your grade,

want to watch free porn or
download any movie you want?

He can do it.

No one in the school knows more

about computer wizardry than me.

I can shape destinies by pushing
the right buttons.



Hey I got to get to class
so see you guys later?

Take it easy.

Okay man.

Whoa, what's up?

I got dropped off
at the front today.

Hannah and Alexis?

And Zach.

Well screw them.

Don't give them
the satisfaction.

I held my own.

In front of them, anyway.

That's my girl.

So how was your trip?

Great weekend.

We crashed a rave.

There was lots of dancing
and some very cool people.

So tell me, did you have
a good time?

Oh yeah.

And did you get to see Sam?

I did, and we had
the perfect time.

Details, please!

And did you finally
get a picture

so I can see what this mystery
guy looks like?

Later, but I will say he is
a great kisser.

That's weird.


I don't know.

Someone's messing with me.

Well maybe you have
a secret admirer.

Know what?


What, you're a prophet?

You're sick, Hannah.



I'll be right there!

I totally don't get physics.

And why study the theories
of some guy

who died 500 years ago?

Physics are actually a part
of our everyday life.

I mean you've heard of
'for every action

there's an equal and opposite
reaction, ' right?

Well... yeah but I don't
really get it.

That is a classic example.

Hannah shakes her butt
and Zach comes running.

Seems more like Pavlov's dog
syndrome to me.

But I think I get where
you're going with this.

So if I were to pick up
this five pound book,

wind up and swing it
at 50 miles per hour,

hitting Hannah in the head,

she would hit the ground with
an equal and opposite force.

Think I might warm up
to physics after all.


I got the exact same message
last night.

It's creepy.

Well, I think it's Hannah.

Must be her idea of payback.

Maybe, but mine also said
a couple other weird things too

so I don't know.

But, if it is her, she's playing
innocent pretty well.

I hate her.

Your little text stunt was
pretty lame Hannah.

I'm not really sure what
you're trying to accomplish.

What are you talking about?

On second thought, who cares?

Barb and I have been getting
anonymous texts

and we're pretty sure
they're from you.

Why would I waste my time
texting you two losers?

Maybe you have a secret admirer.

Guess you're more popular
than I thought.

Don't give up, Taylor.

Maybe one day you'll have
a boyfriend again.

Well, I'd love to stay and
chat about your imaginary bf

but I have a lunch date
with my real one.



Save your breath.

She's not worth it.

Oh, I'll catch up with you
later, okay?


How you doing?


Time to hang out?


Although you run the risk
of being marked trash.

It's alright.

I think it's worth the risk.

I was heading outside
for some fresh air.

You want to come?

Yeah, that'd be nice.

The stench in here
is pretty thick.

You realize you probably
just killed any chance

you may have had of hanging
with the cool kids.

It's alright.

Like I said, if I happen to hang
with the cliques.

Just the ones I like I guess.

And you came here at the
beginning of the year right?

Yeah my Dad got transferred
for work this summer so...

So curse or...?

We'll have to see.

It's kind of soon to say.


Sorry I gotta run.

Friend in need.

Maybe we could grab a coffee,

go for a walk or hit
a movie sometime?


I'd like that.


See you later.



What's wrong?

I don't know if it's Hannah
or someone else

but I was talking on the phone
with Sam and I got a text in it

and it said whoever it was
was listening in on the call.

Can you guys give us a minute?

A minute please?

Are you serious?

They know what I do on weekends.

And there was even
some stuff about Sam

that was really private.

What kind of stuff?

I don't want to say, Taylor.

I'm too upset to talk about it.

But, this thing, it's not good.

I'm really freaking out.

Look, I can go to my Mom's
work after school

and see if there's any way

we can trace the identity
of the sender.

But, you're not going to get
her involved in this?

Don't worry.

I'm just going to find out
whatever information I can.

Okay and you promise you're
not going to tell your Mom

about anything,
like that it's me or...

Don't worry, Barb.

What's gotten into you?

Sorry, it's just...

Okay relax.

It's all good okay.

If I go in maybe we can figure
out who this jerk is.

Simple as that.

Okay. I just want
this to go away.

If your mom can do that
then sure.

It's going to be okay.

Come on.

Hi Mom!

Hey honey!

Come on in.

What a nice surprise.

So nice to see you.

What happening?

What's this?

Sherrie Makblar.


Mother of three.

Left her homeland five years ago

after her husband was killed
in the insurgence.

That's awful.


I'm going to find who did this.

I know you will.

So what brings you here?

I have a question for you.

Do you know if it's possible
to trace

internet text logs
and identities?

And this would be about...?

It's for a school project.

Well, it's not really my area
of expertise

but Detective Marco just
transferred here from Philly

and he did a lot of undercover
surveillance work.

He's the best we have when
it comes to electronic know-how.


Can you come here for a minute?


We'll see what he says.

What's up?

Hey Marco.

You know my daughter Taylor.



Taylor was just asking
if it's possible

to trace internet identities
from texts.


Well the short answer is yes,

the longer answer would
be complicated.

I mean it's easy enough
to retrieve the messages

but tracing them is a whole
other story.

Net traces you need
search warrants,

and computer wizards to work
their magic.

So this isn't something simple,

like anyone could
do the tracing?

No, no.

It's a little more complicated
than tracing

a phone number for instance.

You need resources, a
pretty savvy tech guy.

Tell you what.

I'm fighting the clock on
this case I'm working right now

but if you want,
I'll let your Mom know

when I have some extra time,
we can sit down

and I'll give you a
detailed explanation

of the whole process.

That'd be great.

Thank you.

You're welcome.
It's nice to meet you.

Thanks Marco.

I should get going.


Thanks Mom.

See you later.



No no no no.

Oh my god.

Oh come on!

Pick up, pick up, pick up.

You know what to do.

Leave a message.

Zach, call me back the second
you get this.

Oh my God.

Zach why didn't you
answer my calls

or return my messages
last night?

I bet you think this is funny,
don't you?

A videotape of you and me
having sex in the car...

Woah, woah, woah, woah!

Taylor! Taylor!

I got the same video last night.

I didn't post it.

Yeah right, then why didn't
you call me back?

I was with Hannah.

I couldn't exactly up
and call you.

Besides, I was going
to see you today.

Taylor, you know me.

I wouldn't do this.


I didn't do this I swear.

Then who did?

I don't know.

Do you know if anyone else
got it?

We would have heard about it
by now.

Trust me.

So I think it's just
the two of us.

If it wasn't you it must
have been Hannah.

No no, there's no way.

You know how jealous she gets.

She would never post something
like that.

If she even just saw that video
she would probably cut my...

I'm willing to take that risk.

Where is she?

I'm telling you she had
nothing to do with it,

and showing her that video
is going to set her off.

Well sorry if this is going
to put a kink

in your little fairy-tale

but I'm shutting that
bitch down.

She's gone too far.

What the hell?

Who is this?

Oh you bitch.

I've been looking for you.

I've been looking for you, too.


This is a new low even for you.

You have a lot of nerve.

I have a lot of nerve?

You and I hate each other,
that's the way we like it,

but bringing my mother
into this?

Your mother?

I know you think I pulled
some lame-ass text prank

the other day, which I already
told you I didn't.

But even if I did, you have
crossed the line.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

You're right Hannah,
I do hate you.

But this wasn't me.

I got a message
from that jerk too.

A video.

We need to figure out
who this is.


No way.


What's going on?

I just got another message
and he, she,

whatever is threatening
to expose me.

Expose you?

For what?

Barb what is it?

You know how you keep asking
me to show you a photo of Sam

but I keep saying I forgot
to take one?


Well, I do have a photo

but I don't want to show
it to you.

And there's a reason, I swear,

and I was going to tell you
when I was ready

but now it can't wait.

This is Sam.

Or... or... Samantha.


I'm gay.

That doesn't matter to me.

I don't care who you like
as long as you're happy.

Thanks Taylor, but I don't think
my parents would agree with you.

They would be devastated
and not to mention

that school is difficult enough
to deal with now,

but can you imagine what it'll
be like when everyone knows?

Whoever's doing this is sick.

We have to find out who
they are and stop them.

I know.

But I can't think of who'd
be horrible enough to do this.

And why?

I talked to my Mom
about tracing.

What did she say?

It's more difficult
than I thought.

But there's a detective
that's going to talk to me

more about it.

Okay great.

Whoever this is,
is creeping me out.


Hey Taylor, it's Cody.

I was wondering if maybe
you want to hang out later?

Hi Cody.

I'm actually out for lunch
with a friend right now.

Okay, well what about later?


Text me in a bit.

What's wrong?

I never gave him my number.


Do you think there's any chance

that he could be the creep
who's doing this?


I mean, he just asked
me out so...

it wouldn't really make sense.

Hey don't stress about this
Sam thing.

I promise you, you won't
have to tell your parents

before you're ready.


We'll figure this out, okay?


Hey Cody.

Can I ask you something?


Yeah, anything.

How did you get my number?

I have my sources but I've been
sworn to secrecy.

On the pain of death.

I want to know now or
this conversation is over.

I'm sorry; I was trying to
impress you with my ingenuity.



I bribed him for it
and he gave it to me.

Brandon. Figures.

Did you help yourself to any
more confidential information?

Look, I'm sorry.

I like you but I didn't mean
to overstep.

Actually, I'm sorry.

I'm just kind of freaked
out lately.

I've been getting
these weird messages.

Is that why you're upset that
I have your number?

You think I'm some kind
of cyber stalker?

No, no.

I don't think that.

But you can understand
why I'm being paranoid.


What are the messages?

If you don't mind me asking.

Some pretty awful stuff.

Let's talk about it over coffee.

Hey Mom!


What's up?

Is everything alright?

Yeah. Why?

You've been awfully quiet
the last few days

and I'm a detective
but a Mom first

and I know when something's
bothering you.

I'm okay.

I'm just tired.

You know, exams and everything.

You sure?


How's your case going?

Oh you know, just
interviewing witnesses

and narrowing down suspects.

Well they've got the right
detective on the job.

Alright well I'm going clean up a
couple hours here at the office

so if you need me,
this is where I'll be.

Thanks Mom.

We'll see you later.

Okay. Bye.

Hey Barb.

How's it going?

Okay, I guess.

I haven't gotten any weird
messages tonight.

Have you?

No. Nothing.

Hannah and Zach were sent
videos from the freak.


Is it bad?

Zach was sent the same one
as mine.

Someone filmed us making out
in his car.

Hannah's was about her Mom.

You know how her Mom is.

Then that means that Hannah
and Zach can't be Truth&Lies.


Maybe not.

They could just be setting
the whole thing up.

I don't get it.

Why now?

I don't know.

Taylor, I'm scared.

Me too.

But we shouldn't let
whoever's doing this know that.

See you at school tomorrow.

Okay, see ya.


Hey Taylor.


Hey, can I ask you something?

About what you said yesterday?


By any chance, was the person
sending you those messages

called Truth&Lies?


I got a text from them
last night.

Are you serious?


Is it bad?

You could say that.

Can we go somewhere private
and talk about it?



Alright, remember how I told
you we got transferred here

because of my Dad's work?

Well that was kind of a lie.

We actually got transferred
because of me.

I got in a little bit of trouble
with the police back home

and it got me expelled
so my parents figured

it was a good idea if I had
a fresh start in a new state

at my aunt's house.

Cody, don't have to tell me.

There was an assault charge.

I beat a guy up pretty bad.

Was it justified?

An older guy got my sister drunk
and well, you know.

She made me promise I
wouldn't tell our parents

and didn't want to get
the cops involved so...

What did you do?

Kicked his ass.

Put him in the hospital.


If I had an older brother, I'd
want him to do the same thing.

Cops got involved but
he wouldn't say anything.

I guess a few days
in the hospital

kind of set him straight.

They knew it was me but they
couldn't prove anything

so my Dad just thought it was a
good idea for me to come here

at least until things
died down a little.

Sorry I lied to you.

It's okay.

I understand.


Come on, let's go.

I'm watching you, Taylor.

How are you doing this?

There's a lot more
that I can do.

Why are you doing this?

Because you don't
understand hurt.

But you will and more.

You're crazy.

Just leave us alone.

I choose when I'm done.

There's more to do.

Leave me alone!

Wow, someone's having a bad day.


I just heard from
that freak again.

He phoned in on my computer
this time.

It's so creepy, he sounds
like Darth Vader.

He's threatening to do more.

Taylor I just got
another message.

He says he's going to kick
things up a notch.

We need to do something.

I think our best chance to stop
him is a united front.

What do you mean?

Well so far there are five of us
who have gotten messages

from him.

You, me, Hannah, Zach
and now Cody.

We need to put our heads
together and brainstorm.

You're my best friend and it
was hard enough for me

to share this with you.

There's no way I'm
letting them know.

Then everyone would.

You don't have to tell them

Just that you're on his list.

All five of us have something
we'd rather keep private

so no one will pry.

Trust me.

You really think this is
the best way?

I do.

I mean, teaming up with
Hannah is the last thing

I want to do.

I'm sure she won't be
thrilled about it either

but I don't see any
other option.

I'll see if I can set up a
meeting with everyone tomorrow.


Just let me know where and when.


You called us here.

What do you have to say?

Look Hannah.

We have a common enemy
that's a lot more serious

than our petty differences.

You think I want you nosing
around in my private business?

Look, no one needs to know
what the freak has on each other

but Taylor's right.

We need to work together
to find him.


Where do we start?

Do you know if anyone else
has been getting these messages?

Who would have the ability
to hack into our stuff

and spy on us?

There's only one person I can
think of who'd have that

kind of skill.


The other day he was
talking about

what a computer whiz he was,

that nobody was as
good as he was and that

he could shape destinies
with the push of a button.

Also he assembled a computer lab

which would give him access
to all of our info.

If he's half as good
as he says he

is, that would give him
a foot in.

Still can't imagine it would
be Brandon

but I vote we check him out.

What do you think Cody?

I agree.

I say we check out
the computer lab.

Cool, alright.

You guys can keep watch.

This way.

Hey hey hey.

Hey it's over here.

I watched Brandon push
it in once.

It's uh..


Check out his computers.

Jamie's that's the fifth
time you've missed class

this semester.

Once more and you're out.

Son of a bitch.

You find something?

Yeah, this little weasel's
got the whole school wired up

for picture and audio.

He's got cameras
and mics everywhere.

Looks like we found Truth&Lies.

This guy's sick.

There he is.

Oh damn.

Get out now.

He's on his way.

Shut it down.

What the hell's going on here?

Why don't you tell us
what the hell's going on.

I'm going to get security.

You're busted Brandon.

You've got surveillance
on the whole school.

From the principal's office,
to classes,

oh and best of all
the girls' locker room.

So no, I don't think
you're going to go to security.

You gonna tell me what you want?

This ends, here and now.

You delete any more video
footage you have on us,

and the texts and threats stop
or you're going down.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Texts and threats?

You're in no position to play
dumb with us, Brandon.

This little set up of yours

would definitely get
you expelled

and ruin any chance of you
getting a scholarship anywhere,

let alone that ivy league school
you think you're going to.

Do I really look like
the kind of person

that goes around
threatening people?


You look like the kind who
sits behind a computer

and does it.

You've been warned.


You okay?

Uh yeah.

You know if you need anything
just let me know.

Now you will learn from the pain
of others the consequences

of your actions.


He just sent me a text
saying my time is up.

He's going to out me on
every major social media

networking site from
Facebook to Instagram.

Okay don't panic.

So far he hasn't followed
through with any of his threats.

Okay just meet me
at Mario's please.

I just need to get out of
the house.

Give me 15, I'll see you there.


Taylor I'm scared.

My family will disown me and I'm
not ready for people to know.

Look, I don't think he's actually
going to go through with it.

Hello Barb! It's Showtime!

No, no, no, no...

No, no, no...

Oh, my god!

No, no, no...

What do I do?

It's everywhere!



Hey Taylor, what are you up to?

Not now, maybe later.

Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

That was close.

I saw everything.

Do you want me to call the cops?

No. I am okay.

Are you sure?

Yeah, thanks.

Barb pick up.

I'm going to call every
10 minutes

until you pick up this phone.

My life's over, Taylor.

It's over.

No, it's not.

It'll be okay.

This is awful but it's going
to be okay.

No it's not.

I can't face anyone,
especially at school.

Not even my parents.

I'm going to help you though
this, I promise.

No one can help me.

Are you at home?

Yeah, why?

Your parents there too?

No and I'm not going
to tell them

if that's what you're
getting at.

It's not what I'm saying.

I just don't want you to be
alone right now.

I'm going to come over, okay?



We'll talk about it tomorrow.

You don't understand,
I can't even face you.

I have to go.




What's going on?

Just some friend problems.


Well is your friend going
to be alright?

I think so.


Must be important if it can't
wait until morning.


We have a possible 10-56.

Juvenile female,
hanging by the balcony.

I'll be right there.

Couple came home.

Found their daughter hanging
from the balcony.

Looks like it could be
a suicide.

Hey Mom.

Where were ya?

I had a late call last night.

Taylor I have some bad news.

You're probably going
to want to sit down.


What is it?

You're scaring me.

Honey I just came
from Barb's house.

She committed suicide.

No! No!

No please don't say that.

No Mom no.


Sweetie I know that this is
really hard for you

but I need to talk to you
about Barb.

Try to figure out why
she did this.

Did anything happen recently
that may have caused her

to do something like this?

Last night Barb was outed.


Barb was gay.

I didn't even know
until two days ago.

She only told me

because someone was threatening
to make her secret public.

You know who this someone is?

She didn't know.

We didn't know.

How did they out her?

Social media.




They hit the computer
of everyone she knows

complete with video.

And that's who you were
talking to last night?

I begged her to let me come over
and talk to her.

She wouldn't let me.

I should have gone over anyway.


This is not your fault.

There's nothing you could have
done honey.

I can't believe you're gone.

Such a sad face.

A pleasure to speak again.

You're sick.

We're going to find out
who you are.

You're responsible for
her death.

She killed herself.

You drove her to it.

You might as well have tied
a noose around her neck.

Don't be such a drama queen.

Barb was yesterday's news.

Today I'm calling to let you
know your time is coming soon,

but look at the bright side.

At everyone will know you're
definitely not gay.

Put an end to all those nasty
rumors about you and Barb.

You should be thanking me.

You son of a bitch.

It was a touching tribute
to Barb.

Black is your colour.

You looked lovely.

He contacted me last night.

Said I was next.

He also said he was
at the tribute.

What? He was there?

We need to tell them
about Brandon.

We found something in the back
of the computer lab.

Brandon has this whole computer
screen surveillance setup.

Why didn't you tell us?

Because we have no proof
that he is Truth&Lies.

I mean he's got cameras
and videos set up everywhere.

Since this thing happened
with Barb

I think we should
tell the police.

Get to the bottom of it.

It has to be him.

Who else could it be?

That jerk always freaked me out.

Hey Taylor.

I told Hannah what he has on us.

Another reason I want to nail
Brandon before he goes public

and humiliates Zach.

You mean yourself?


It's bad for all of us.

She's right.

We need to nail this guy.
And fast.

I'll tell my mom everything

Walk with me for a bit?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

If I had said something earlier
about Brandon,

maybe Barb would not have
killed herself.

This isn't your fault.

It doesn't make me feel
any better.

Stop blaming yourself.

It's not your fault.

I like you Taylor.

I like you too.

I wish I could just stay here
with you

but I gotta go to the station

and tell my mom about Brandon.


Can you see me later?




What's going on?

We think we know who outed Barb.



Brandon Drake.

He was in charge of setting
up the school's computer system.

He started acting kind of
weird so Zach and Cody

went to confront him and found
out he's been spying

on the entire school
with surveillance

he built into the system.

Did they find any proof
that he's Truth&Lies?

No, but I thought you
should know.

Alright. I'll look into it.

But in the meantime
it's probably best

if we just kept this
between the two of us.

Something just doesn't seem
right about this case.

It's a case now?

The coroner still has to make
a ruling on the cause of death.

It looks like a suicide but...


Women, girls, just don't usually
kill themselves like this.

They tend to use less violent,
gentler methods.

Oh my god.

Sweetheart, I am sorry.

I didn't want to have
this conversation with you.

You've already been through
so much.

You really think she was

When investigating
someone's death,

it's a process of elimination.

And until every avenue's
been eliminated,

anything's possible.



Any developments?

I spoke to my Mom.

She said she's going
to check out Brandon.

Good. Maybe this will end
this nightmare.

I just can't believe that
geek would have the balls.

Neither can I.

But we can't take that risk.

Better leave it up to
the cops for now.

We can't tell anyone about this.

If Brandon is Truth&Lies,
we don't want to tip him off.

My Mom says we should avoid
him and the computer lab

and not a word until
they can investigate.

Sounds like they're taking
it seriously.

They are.

My Mom says something feels
wrong about the case

and it might go further than
we think.


You're saying you think Barb
was murdered?

Keep your voice down.

Wait, Taylor, do you seriously
think she was murdered?

She was outed.

I can't imagine what
that must be like.

I don't even know what I'd do
with myself in that situation.

Yeah Taylor I have to agree
with Hannah.

Barb was pretty fragile
and it's not the first time

somebody killed themselves
over being outed.

Look, I didn't say I think
she was murdered

but you know my Mom's
a detective.

She said the police department
is looking into the theory.

We gotta go.

See you at lunch.

Did you have a nice little chat
with your friends this morning?


You're nothing but a coward.

You should learn to play nice.

I'm going to do everything
possible to stop you

before you can hurt anyone else.

I've only just begun with you.

The others are purely
for my amusement.

I've waited a long time
for this.

What's that supposed to mean.

When I'm ready you'll know.

Screw you.

Hello there.

Uh hi.

You looking for Hannah?


She's upstairs.

Your mom's partying
by herself again.

Forget about my mom.

Maybe you need some help
to do that.

Not now. I'm busy.

Hello Hannah.

The show's about to begin.

Stars your Mom.

You're lying!
You have nothing.

Let's let the world decide.

Don't do this or else...

Or else what?

When I get my hands on you,
I am going to...

That's what your mother said.

Enjoy the show.

It's showtime.

No no no, please don't do this.


Alison, good to see you.


You know my partner, Marco.

Detective Marco.


How you doing?

I've been better.

When one of my kids
kills themselves

because they feel like
they can't face their peers,

it makes me feel like
I've failed at my job.

Well, I think you're being
a little hard on yourself.

I appreciate the heads up
you guys were coming over,

but your office wouldn't
say why.

We're investigating Barb's death

and we need a little

Barb's suicide.

Why would there be
an investigation?

Well, we find the details
of Barb's suicide suspicious

and worth investigating
before closing the file.

Are you serious?


We have reason to believe
the school's computer lab

and data banks may have been
used and compromised

by whoever bullied Barb.

I'll need full access
for electronic forensics.

In the meantime, until our
investigation is complete,

the lab will be off limits
to student and staff.

Well you aware of how
confidential these files are.

I assume you have a warrant?

Assumed correctly.


Where do you want to start?

Computer lab.

Okay, just down here.

Okay it's just right down here.

It's the second door
on the left.

Oh thank you.

We've got it from here.

Okay, good luck.

Apparently this kid's got some
kind of lair he works out of.

Oh, let's try that.

The code should be 4144,
according to the kids.



This is pretty high tech
for a high school kid.

Alright work your magic
in cyberspace.

I'm going to poke around here

in the real world for a bit.

It's going to take me
a little bit of time

to access the systems.

Alright get to it.

Boy things sure have changed
since I was in school.

Uh oh.

Looks like our boy Brandon's
in trouble.

Found something detective?


Okay I'm in.


This kid has the whole
school wired.

Look at that.

He's in this deep.

Spy cams, hacking
government files,

this breaks numerous state
and federal laws.

Wait a second. What's this?


What do you got?

Human hair.

Smoking gun.

Keep processing.

I'm going to go find this kid.

Hey, just in time.

Bag this.

Oh that's him there.


Well it's best if I go and
speak with him alone.



Brandon Drake?


Might I have word with you?

In private?


About what?

I didn't do anything.

We both know that's not true.

Now you can either come with
me voluntarily for a little chat

or I can arrest you here
in front of all your friends.

Arrest me?




Get off of me!

I didn't do anything!

For someone that's innocent,

you sure are acting pretty
guilty Brandon.

You are under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you

in a court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney.

If you cannot afford
an attorney,

one will be provided for you.

This is your case.

What do you want to do?

Hit him with good cop bad cop?


No look at him.

He's scared.

He doesn't know what
we have on him.

I'll run him down.


Want to do this the easy way

and tell me what happened
and why?

Alright well I've got all
the time in the world here.

If you don't want to talk now,

I can go home and have a nice
relaxing evening, nice supper.

And you can get acquainted
with your new friends

in Cell Block C.

Doesn't matter what I say,

you're not going to believe me.

Try me.

I'm innocent.

I had nothing to do
with Barb's death.

Okay like I said, the truth
will come out eventually.

And how fast that happens

and how painful the process is
all depends on you.

If you've got something
to confess,

now's the time to do it.


Okay what?

I admit it.

Admit what?

I wired my surveillance system

into the mainframe
of the school.

I know it was stupid
but I was just trying

to have a little fun.

I don't see why you're treating
it like a murder case.

Because it is one!

But right now your petty
little spy cam prank

is at the bottom of
my priorities list.

What I want to talk about
is Barb's death.

Now we already have several
pieces of evidence

linking you to the crime.

That's impossible!

I only know what everybody
else knows!

Which is what?

That someone's been

I'm sure you know all about it.

Let's assume I don't.

It started with outing Barb
and then video of Hannah's mom

with half the married men
in town.

And the video of Taylor
and Zach.

Taylor and Zach?

Yeah it's a video of them
making out.

It's got like a thousand hits.

It's all over the internet.

I'll be right back.

You okay?

You want me to talk to him
for a bit?


No, just put the kid on ice
for the night.

I'm going to check out something
he said.

Will do.


What have you gotten
yourself into?

When did he put the video
out there?

A couple days ago.

I'm so embarrassed mom.

I just wish you would have
come to me.

I didn't know what to do.

It's okay.

Just so you know, I was
a teenager once also.

We just didn't have
all this social media

to record our mistakes.

I'm sorry Mom.

Did Brandon really do it?

Well he says he's innocent
but they all do at first.

And then we wear them down.

I think he'll confess
soon enough.

There's more than enough
evidence that points to him.

What evidence?

We have the rope that he used
to strangle her with.

A bottle of rohypnol that
was stolen from the hospital

and found in her system.

Some other stuff.

It appears that he just set
it up to look like a suicide.

I feel horrible mom.

Don't worry.

Brandon can't hurt
anymore anymore.

Hi Taylor.


Is it really over?


My mom says there's
more than enough evidence.

They finally nailed
that bastard.


Who knew such a computer
geek like Brandon

could have turned out to be
so cold-blooded?

Do you know that at any time
there are 50 serial killers

working the country?

And they look just like your
every-day normal person.

Like Brandon.

How do you know this stuff?

When your Mom's a detective,
what can I say?


Can I talk to you for a second?



I want to apologize.

I've been a complete bitch
to you.

I just didn't know how to deal
with, you know...

I've realized it wasn't
your fault or mine.

And I hope you can forgive me.

And maybe we can hang out again?


We were best friends once.

I hope we can get there again.


Me too.

You and Taylor are hitting
it off.

You could say fate brought
us together.

How was your night?

Make any new friends?

I swear I had nothing to do
with Barb's death.

I don't know what evidence
you have on me

but it's wrong.

We have enough evidence
to make this

a pretty strong open-and-shut
case with you.

Let's start with that we found
Barb's hair

and the rohypnol
in your little lair.

That can't be.

That doesn't make any sense.

Well it all adds up pretty
nicely from where I'm sitting.

If I did do it, why would
I be stupid enough

to keep it there?

Can I have a word?

What are you doing?

He's about to crack.

It definitely looks like
he's about to crack

but I don't think he's going
to confess.

What do you got?

I don't think he's our guy.

The timelines don't make sense.

We traced the rohypnol
to St. Jude's Hospital.

It was stolen just prior
to Barb's death.



Brandon was definitely logged
onto the school's computer

when the drugs were stolen.

We have surveillance footage
from the hospital

with time codes.

He couldn't be in two places
at once.


Let's pull video from every
camera within a six block radius

and see what we find.

No problem.

It's going to take some time.

Do you think it's possible
that he bought the pills

from the thief?

I mean given the time
of the death,

the time of the theft,
proximity of the hospital,

school and Barb's house,
I have to say no.


What are you working on, mom?

Is that Barb's case?

It is.

How's it going?

Not as well as I thought.

What do you mean?

Brandon might not be guilty
after all.

There's no evidence on any
of his computers

linking him to the murder
or being the cyber stalker.

We're also pretty sure
he couldn't have gotten

the sedatives or been at Barb's
house when she died.

What about all the evidence
that you found?

Well we're still processing
but it's just not adding up.

So you're just going
to let him go?

We'll we're not going to release
him until we check out

a few more details

but in the event that
Brandon isn't the killer,

the real murderer's still out
there so I just,

I just want you
to be extra careful

and in constant contact
with me, okay?


Hey Cody.

Hey Taylor.

What's up?

Not much.

I miss you and I was hoping
to see you later.

I'd like that.

What do you have in mind?

Well it's a surprise.


Pick you up later.

Hi Mrs. Sinclair.

I'm Cody.

I'm here to pick up Taylor.

Taylor! Cody's here!

That's a nice car.


'71 Skylark.

There's only two in town.


Did you want to come in
for a moment?

No Mom it's okay.

Alrighty then.

Well you kids have fun.

Nice to meet you.

You too.


Hey Marco.

I need you to come
to the station.

There's something
you should see.

Alright I'm on my way.

Your mom seems nice.

You're lucky she's in a good
mood and not pretending

to clean her gun while she asks
what your intentions are.

I was wondering why the hottest
girl in the school didn't date.

So what's the surprise?

Well if I told you, it wouldn't
be a surprise.


I'm going to stop by
the house real quick.

I gotta pick something up
before we tear it up.


This is where you live?


Come on in.

I'll show you around.

I like it here.

Nice and quiet.

No neighbors around.

Your house is awesome.

Yeah it reminds me a lot of
the house I used to live in

with my parents actually.

You said you live with
your aunt now though, right?

I did.

Is she here?


No, it's just us.

Are these your parents
in these photos?


I was wondering if you'd
recognize them actually.


Recognize them?

Well I assumed you studied
their faces

the way I studied your father's?

What are you talking about Cody?

How did you know my father?

I wanted to know what kind
of guy he was,

so I studied his face.

Do you ever wonder what kind
of people my parents were?

Cody, please tell me
what you're talking about.

This is getting weird.

Have another look at that photo;

the one over on the mantle.

Oh my God.

Your parents were the people
who were killed.

That's right.

The people your father killed two
years ago were my parents, yeah.

Is this...

what's going on?

He took them away from me.

Do you have any idea how
much pain that caused me?

I do.

I lost my Dad.

Your Dad deserved to die.

My parents were innocent!


You're Truth&Lies.


I've been planning it
for a really long time too.

See Truth&Lies was a diversion

so I could do what I had to do.

I needed to set somebody up
like Brandon, he was my guy.

You murdered Barb.


She didn't do nothing to you.

She was your friend.

And I wanted you to suffer
knowing you were responsible

for her death.

I warned you.

I went to her house.

She was alone, it was perfect.

She never even saw it coming.

I made it look like a suicide.

Then things started to get
suspicious and I had to adapt.

Brandon was perfect.

I planted the rope, the drugs
but now he's being let free

and now I have to adapt again.

So now, the last part
of my plan.

What do you mean?

What are you going to do?

I'm going finish what I started.

I had you in my sights
once and I let you go.

I could have run you down
like a dog in the street.

That was you.

But we were on the phone.

I recorded myself and played it
back to you.

Hey Taylor.

What you up to?


So what do you got for me?

I took a walk around St. Jude's
trying to figure out

what camera angles would be
most useful for us.

Narrowed things down

I think I found something.

Good work.

Check this out.

This is from the
surveillance camera

right around the corner.

Lucky for us it's at the right
angle to capture

the hospital's rear delivery



And note the time.

Matches the timeframe
the rohypnol was stolen

from the hospital.

Can you zoom in?

Yeah I'm just about to.

Can't make out his face.


Looked at several
different angles.

Can't get a good look at him.

Hold on, there's one more
camera I can check.

What is it?

I know that car.



Pick up pick up honey.

She's not answering.

She always picks up.

Taylor, when you get this
message call me honey.

It's urgent!!!

Cody is not who he says he is.

Just get away from him now.

What's going on?

My daughter's on a date
with this guy.


Yeah, his name's Cody.

I don't know his last name.


Alright alright.

Let me see if I can zoom
in on the plate.


Yeah no luck.

When he came to pick her up
he said it was a '71 Skylark.

He said there were only two
in this town.

Okay, let me check out
DMV records.


Alright I'll keep digging.

He's pretty clever
but I'll find him.

Alright put an APB out
on the car.

I'm going to go check out
the crop location.

Alright, I'll let you know
when I find something.


Come on pick up.

Pick up.



Don't strain yourself.

Let me go.

Not on your life.

Do you have any idea how long
I've waited for this moment?

For what moment?


To make you feel
as miserable as I do.

I still don't understand.

Are you kidding me?

I haven't done anything to you.

You took everything from me!

That night, your father
obliterated my life.

Took my parents from me.

You didn't even care.

You just cared about your Dad.

I cried for your parents too,

Oh did you?

Did you go to their funeral?

Did you call?

Did you make any sort of
contact whatsoever?



We didn't exist to you.

I'm sorry...

Shut up.

It's a little late for that now.

What have you got?

Cody is an alias.

His real name is Lucas Williams.

His parents were killed
in the same accident

your husband died in.

Oh my god.

A year and a half
after his parents died

he assumed his current identity

then he transferred
to Taylor's school.

I think he's been tracking her.

Is he still living at home
on Crofton Avenue?

Yeah. Looks like it.

Alright well I'm almost there.

Alison don't do anything
until back up arrives.

He's got my daughter.

I really am sorry.

You're not allowed to apologize

Please stop this.

You're scaring me.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to kill your mother.

I'm going to kill her so you
know what it feels like

to lose the thing you love most
in this world.

And there's absolutely nothing
you can do about it.

Oh Cody please.

Please don't.

No, please.

Please don't.

Maybe killing you too will
tell me there's justice

in this world.

It's not justice.

It's murder.

I know killing you
won't bring them back.

But it will let me sleep
at night,

knowing I don't have
to suffer anymore.

You're crazy.




You ruined everything.

I was coming for you.

It's over Lucas.

We know who you really are.

Put the gun down.

Like hell I will.

Where's Taylor?

Where is she?

I wanted her to watch you die.

Now I have to kill you both.

Where is she?!

I'll take you to
your precious Taylor.

Lucas you don't have
to do this, okay?

It's not too late.


It's not too late.



Where was help when
my parents died, huh?


Come on.


No no no no.



Please, we can work this out.

Come on.

Put the gun down.

It's over.

Well I guess there's no need
to keep your Mom alive!

It's all over.

You can join the rest
of your family now.


Make one move
and I will kill you.


I thought you were dead.

No, I'm alright.

Are you okay?


Don't you move.

You should have shot higher.

Lucky for me I'm wearing
a bulletproof vest.

It's over.


And your daughter?

She's fine.

Okay. Good.

See you back at the station.


This isn't over.

When I give the courts
my sob story

about how I was grief-stricken,
they're going to let me off

with a light sentence and
I'll see you girls soon.

Ignore him.

He's going away for a long time.

Can we go home?


I love you, Mom.

I love you too, sweetie.