Truth About Men (2010) - full transcript

Mads, a 34-year-old scriptwriter, goes through a crisis in life when a close friend of his has a stroke and ends up in a coma. Mads breaks up with his girlfriend for ten years and tries to find a different path in life. The movie has a meta storyline about making movies.

Zentropa Entertainments

with support from
The Danish Film Institute

in collaboration with Danish Radio
and Film i V?st

The man primarily thinks
of his own needs when having sex.

Which is only natural.

But if he wants to be a really
good lover and satisfy his wife -

- he must learn to set his own needs
aside and focus on hers.

Is it fun, sweetie?

- Yeah...
- Good!


Dear, Mads.

I love our new house.

But I never thought you'd move here
with all your talk of the city pulse -

- and about not wanting to move
so far away from Peter and Louise.

But you did it, and here we are
at our housewarming.

If someone had told me, when we first
met that you were the love of my life -

- I probably wouldn't have agreed
right off the bat.

You were a bit awkward, after all.

And seeing you play with dolls
at night -

- because you were making a movie,
seemed a bit odd to me.

But then there was the sheet action...

Well, you sure knew
how to work that.

I remember how surprised I was -

- but that was just until I found out
that your mother's a sex therapist.

Thank you, Birthe!

Anyway, here we are 10 years later -

- and you are the love of my life.

There's no doubt about that.

And now we have our own house,
our own home.

And I'd like to share with you all
that we've decided to have children.

I must have eaten something
that doesn't agree with me.

Why don't I feel like other people?
I don't feel anything.

I want to go play a computer game.

Who the hell gave us
a china angel soap dish?

This is the kind of gift I can expect
to get from now on.

Marie's speech is very long.

I've never written
a movie speech.

The green and the yellow speech...
why didn't I come up with that?

Who's he?
I don't know half the people here.

It's funny with Marie...
We've been together for 10 years -

- and she's not even my type. I could
never get the girls I really wanted.

Like Signe N?rregaard who
played the pretty girl in a movie.

I'd dreamt of her since 1st grade.

Wanna be my boyfriend?

I ended up with Frederikke
who never showered after gym class.

Mette Reimann, who played the
drums and smoked pot in recess.

The first Trilobite never knew that it
would create something as amazing...

... as you.

I ended up with Pernille,
the math whiz.

23 girls whom I was passionately
in love with.

They never looked in my direction.
Except for this one time.

The greatest night of my life.

L?rke Gramborg, senior year.

Every guy in school
would've done anything to get her.

This is fate! You wanna be a writer?
I love starting a book -

- not knowing
if I'll be crying or laughing.

Exactly. That's what I want.
To make people feel. And feel alive.

I write, too.
Weird poetry and stuff.

About black rainbows
and butterflies with wings of silk.

- I just know you're brilliant at it.
- Aw, that's so sweet.

Black rainbows,
butterflies with wings of silk.

- I have to go now.
- Wait!

May I have your number?
Can I see you again?

I'm sorry. I'm off to South Africa with
my boyfriend so that would be tricky.

Hey, Mads!
Write me a book some day.

I never saw her again.
But I've started thinking about her.

Almost every day.

I also have a small present.
A photo album.

Filled with great memories
from our ten years together.

I can't wait for the next ten to begin.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

Nice compliment!
Apparently I was good for something.

- Mom...
- And you're having children?

Isn't that something
you share with your mom?

- Didn't you get my email?
- I'm so happy I'm besides myself!

Congratulations, Mads.

- I'll just get my coat...
- They're leaving already.

Just the singles.

Peter and Louise. My best friends.
They've both been single forever.

- Great party.
- Where are you going?

- To The Dark Horse?
- No! No more smartasses.

We serve brunch
tomorrow at 1 1.

- We'll see how bad our hangover is.
- Thanks.

Hey! All set?
Let's go to the Dark Horse...

- Hello.
- Hey.

I had this strange incident
at the office the other day.

I thought you might find use for it
in one of your movie scripts.

It involves a photo copier.

Look what Lars and Ulla gave us.
Isn't it funny?

I think it's hideous.

Would it kill you for just one night
to be a little nice.

Don't start, please. I actually spent
an hour talking to your uncle.

Well, thank you for yet again
sacrificing your precious time for me.

This can go on for hours.
There's only one way to stop it.

You're right. I apologize.
I'm sorry, sweetie.

I'm not good at that stuff.

- Hey... shall we go to bed?
- Are you in the mood?

Something's up with my arm.
I can feel these stabs in my left arm.

There are spots on my eyes and the
colours are off. What's happening?

What if it's my heart? It's beating
too fast just like Jonas' did.

- I'm writing on the Paul scenes.
- What a waste of talent.

Do you get any writing done?

Well, I'm dabbling with a few things.

When you started here,
you said you'd do TV for a year tops.

- But it's okay, you know?
- Yeah.

What's that smell?
Can't you smell it?

It's all blue.


Jonas was 37 years old. It's been
3 months, and he's still in a coma.

Is something wrong?

No. I just need some fresh air.

Maybe you ate something
that doesn't agree with you.

- But it feels like it's my heart.
- Don't worry, you're only 34!

Can worrying about heart attacks
give you a heart attack?

We need more drama in this episode.
A little extra...

Mads, we're working on the episode
with the kidnapping of the minister.

Shouldn't Paul be in a dilemma of
sorts? Mads, you're the structure guy.

'The structure guy'.

- Paul could desire the minister's wife.
- Or run out of gas.

If Paul suddenly realizes that he forgot
to pick up Emil from kindergarten...

... and there's no phone coverage!

I used to write scripts
for major feature films.

My first one, 'The Journey
to Zekaya', was a dream come true.

Uhm... Do you think
we'll ever find Zekaya?

Of course we will, Sourpuss
you moron, if you'd ever stop asking!

I have a minor problem.

The film was a huge hit
with tons of merchandize.

Fuck, he's wearing the balaclava.

'Johnny's Last Heist'
was a mixed success.

- Lose the cap!
- But the critics didn't like it.

- Where's my lunch?
- Shit! I forgot!

I didn't like it either.
I felt like a copycat.

As if I'd already lost my innocence.

I got a 2nd chance on 'Fall Flower'
adapted from a popular novel.

What is going on? What are
you doing with Thorkild's daughter?

Father, it's not what you think.
I love her.

You're no longer my son.

If only you had died
instead of your brother.

I thought my stories
would change the world.

Now I write scripts
for the TV series 'Cop'.

I don't get to decide the story, I just
construct lines and plot points.

Maybe we should simply
reinforce the 1st plot point?

Right... the 1st plot point.

Most films are built
around the same structure.

It consists of 5 plot points.

The first is the point of attack.
An external event starts off the story.

You can't turn down 5 million!

- But the key figure won't play along.
- I'm on the straight and narrow now.

The 1st plot point: He changes
his mind and accepts the adventure.

Typically on false premises.

We'll do it, Finn!
We'll find Zekaya.

Where real love exists.

The midpoint: Our key figure takes
a surprising and definitive step.

It's the only way
I'll ever inherit the estate.

Most often in a rain scene,
symbolizing rebirth.

The 2nd plot point is emphasized
by a symbolic death experience.

We're returning the money.

He has an epiphany and resolves
the conflict on its true premises.

It belongs to the orphanage!

And finally the ending, where the
key figure has solved all conflicts -

- and realizes that the true values
were there all along.

- So Zekaya didn't exist after all.
- Who cares about that now.

- Uhm, will we ever find Zekaya?
- Sourpuss, you moron!

And it always, always ends
with a positive up-beat song -

- signalizing that no matter what,
everything will be just fine.

Come on.

Plot points, twists, conflicts
and optimistic fade-out songs.


Yes... we need something surprising
about Signe.

All scripts follow
the same deadbeat system.

All dramatic touches have been
revisited a thousand times -

- and so have the tired old clich?s.

"I am pregnant."

Everything I've ever done has been
completely devoid of meaning.

They offered me the post
as head of the sociology programme.

- I'll have ten people working for me.
- That's great. Congratulations.

Thank you...
Whsoor cklazsl wediwq cohtij.

- Hfjkwdo polgycl wcoiaiuss veispax.
- Mm.

- Kiksxwsa piwids gwhrxowas lixel.
- Yes...

Cewixb ozzoshlw bnwuuca trelkoope
fetwefrwans gloxeer.

The other day I found a letter
I wrote to myself at 17.

Feast on life and be alive!

Don't ever turn into dad.
"Do not turn into dad."

Find the love of your life.

The one you dream of. Every second
that passes is gone for good.

Life should be lived as a fucking
guitar solo. Never get old.

Live, man!

You can't freak out over a letter
you wrote at 17!

- Why not?
- At 17?

- I saw things clearer then.
- 'Live life as a guitar solo'?

At 12 I wrote a letter stating I'd never
touch a cock, because I found it gross.

I don't read that now and go:
'God! I was so perceptive!'

Besides, you were always
depressed about some girl.

But I'm not the person
I dreamt of becoming.

Nobody is!
Oh, so you are?

We're halfway through life.
And there's more to come!

- Look at Jonas! That was just snap.
- We should go visit him.

Wow, I've never seen you this low.

I've spent ten years writing scripts
based on a dramaturgical curve.

I live with a woman
that I have nothing in common with.

I can't go on like this.

'I can't go on like this'.


I can still make it.

It's not too late to start over.

To start feeling.

To be happy.

To have the life I dreamt of.

Listen, when I'm done
with episode 27, I'm out.

I'm sorry to hear that.
You're my best story founder.

Which is exactly what I don't want.
I never saw this as a trade.

It's my life's dream.
And it's suffocating in structures.

Mads, there's no need to explain.
I know exactly how you feel.

- I hope you'll succeed.
- Thank you.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye.

... and I don't know if I should say
something to Claus or just wait.

Perhaps I should just wait.
What do you think?

- I don't know...
- Ah well, I'll figure it out myself.

What's up?

I don't know
how to be a good boyfriend to you.

What are you talking about?
Look at me, please.

What's going on, Mads?
I don't understand...

It's just...

I'm not doing very well.

I'm not happy.

And I just don't think
I'm ready for all this.

What is it
you're not ready for, Mads?

I can't do this.

What the hell are you thinking?
Don't dare apologize!

Give me my ten years back instead!
I could've had a totally different life!

I could've had a child!
No! I could've had an 8-year-old -

- if I hadn't got involved with a
fucking wimp like you! You fucking...

I had a flashback -

- to when we sat on the beach
one night 8 years ago -

- and you said that...

... you didn't know
if you ever wanted children.

I remember thinking
that you would change your mind.

Everybody wants children
once they find the love of their life.

Mads, please don't leave me.

Don't leave me, Mads.

Maybe we just...

... need a little break.

All set!

I know how you feel.
I see it every day.

People break up all the time.

But everything's gonna be fine.
This is just the first turning point.

- What did you say?
- Ah, man, I love this song.

Let's set course for Zekaya!


Look, what I bought!
There! Nice and cosy.


Well, what's next?

I just want to enjoy my solitude, and
write the script I've always dreamt of.

What will it be about?

I don't know.
All sorts of things.

It doesn't really matter.
What matters is that it's real.

What are you doing?

It's bloom of innocence.




Okay, take your pick.

And the prize for best script goes
to Mads Christiansen's masterpiece...


How do I write something
that contains so much truth -

- that it encases
the human condition?


The truth about...

... something.

It'd be great if it made people reflect
already when leaving the cinema.

On loving themselves
and each other more.

I had coffee with Marie the other day.
I hardly recognized her.

She's so thin now,
and the sparkle in her eye is gone.

Stop it, you're making me feel lousy.

- She's like a daughter to me.
- No, she's my ex-girlfriend.

- What did she say?
- That you're not coming back.

How's your self-realization project
going anyway?

- It's fine.
- I read this amazing book called...

No more living-in-the-moment books.

You've read at least 50, and you're
as confused as the rest of us.

I can't bear to think of you alone.
You were never good at being alone.

As a boy you could only fall asleep
in the TV room with dad and me.

- You came in with your little...
- Mom, I gotta get going.

I have writing to do.

- How's that going by the way?
- Great!

I'm not in love with you anymore.

I'm pregnant.

Of course you can't write about
the truth when you're aiming for it.

Like if I want to say something clever
I always say the stupidest things.

I hadn't noticed.

- Or maybe you're devoid of talent.
- That's not even funny.

I keep falling back into my old ways.
1st plot point, 2nd plot point -

- a clever dubious line.

You should take a few weeks
to have fun and hang out with friends.

I can't handle people right now,
I feel so tiny.

You'll get there.
All of a sudden it hits you.


- Hi.
- Hi, L?rke.

- Do you remember me? I'm Mikkel.
- Sure! You haven't changed a bit.

I love you.

No, no....

- Hi.
- Hi.

He's playful.

You don't know me, but you once gave
me a kiss that I could never forget.

How sweet!

Come on.
Too clich?.

Find the truth.
Come on, come on.

- Hi.
- Could you turn down the music?

- Sure.
- Haven't we met before?

Fucking boring.

Could you turn up the music?

Too clever, more drama.

I'm pregnant!


- Why did it take you so long?
- It took me 15 years to find you.

L?rke Gramborg.


Of course she's married to a foreign
artist. She could've had anyone.

- L?rke speaking.
- You probably don't remember me.

My name is Mads, and we met
at a high school party years ago -

- and I'd love to see you again...

- Cool! I know exactly who you are.
- Okay.

My mom forwarded all your letters
to me in Cape Town.

Oh, I'd forgotten about them.
Was it...

Of course we must get together!
When did you have in mind?


- Hi!
- Hi.

I know I've changed a lot.
Everybody tells me.

- Hi!
- Hi.

It's right over there.

... just like that, but after
a week I moved in with Fraunk.

- Frank?
- Fraunk. He was quite a character.

You know, the kind that washes
his hands 30 times after peeing.


Don't even ask what we had to go
through when we had... you know.

Sulphur, disinfectant, the works.

But we got married, and I think that
was when I got my first depression.

- Okay.
- Wanna see my kids?

Dan and Mette.

- Sweet.
- We're great!

I'm not on meds but I'm in therapy.
I go Tuesdays and...

... Thursdays.
On Tuesdays we...

And you became a writer,
just like you wanted?

Well, I write movie scripts.
The story and the dialogue.

- The actors write the dialogue.
- No, they don't.

The terrifying part is that
I almost agreed to seeing her again.

- Why?
- I need the company.

- I suck at being alone.
- Right.

But weren't you supposed to be writing
your masterpiece on truth and...

Right now I just need
to not stare at the walls.

- Find a girl, then.
- Yeah, but it's gotta be the one.

I can't stand another woman who just
wants to watch TV and have kids.

We'll just have to see if we can't find
the woman of your dreams.

What about the Malou girl?
She was hot.

- Maybe they won't go out with me.
- Sure, they will. You're a film guy.

- What?
- A film guy!

So, I'm gonna walk around like
an idiot with film logos on my jacket?

- Much like all my dates.
- Listen.

Women are hot for men
with interesting careers.

I'm an unemployed, mediocre
script writer who's out of ideas.

These women are in their 30s
and single, and at least half of them -

- will go home with you
no matter how much you screw up.

- Dating is a funny thing.
- Funny?

All the awkward silences.

Being nervous about
what the other person is thinking...

- Do I seem nervous to you?
- No, no, in general terms...

Are you one of those people
who overthink everything?

The girls came along, is that okay?

We'll just ditch them
if you knock my socks off.

I certainly hope I will.

- What's that?
- Just a little provocation.

I sure hope
we don't get carried away...

Oh my god, how annoying!
You should've bitch-slapped her.

I'll put up with anything
to get a hottie. Not that I got her...

I swear, when a girl looks at me
starry eyed, I'm out the door.

You two are bad company for me.

I'd forgotten how confusing it is.

They ignore you
or treat you as the second coming.

- Maybe you're meant to be single.
- No, I actually met someone nice.

- Hey! You sly fox.
- You've got the lingo going on, huh?

- Do tell.
- Her name is Cilla.

She's a journalist.
She's sweet and smart. A real catch.

I find it overrated.
They wander about in the mountains -

- and whine about
the death of the sorcerer.

- Read the book, it's much better.
- It's thousands of pages.

I don't think so.

- This was a great idea.
- Yes.

- I love the sea in the winter.
- Yeah, especially when it's freezing.

I'm just a little cold.

Mads, those entertaining mood
swings I get from taking the pill...


I was thinking about
giving them up.

- Are you serious?
- Yes.

Let's make a baby.

I've never been sure
that I'd ever want children.

What are you thinking?

About how wonderful you are.

It's good to finally meet you, Mads.

- I've never seen Cilla this happy.
- Oh, that's great.

You know,
the film stuff you do...

The IT industry has
great stories for you!

- Enough for an exciting thriller!
- Interesting.

Okay, new angle.


Hey, Julie...

Come check out this annoying...

It's like there's something
in the middle. A little ring...

- It's a man's body! It's an arm!
- What?

- Holding the ring. The black...
- Right. I need to go to the bathroom.

The cute girl from the museum
00:41:02,160 --> 00:41:04,276
Can I see you tonight?

Was it okay?
Meeting parents is rough.

No, it was really nice.
They were great.

- Shall we do something tonight?
- I need to get some writing done.

- Hi.
- Hi. I'm Mads.

Julie. Hello.

Nice flat.
It's got a man scent about it.

Oh my god, that sucked.
Why do you have the poster?

- Uhm...
- The Journey to Zekaya!

The best movie ever!
That was my first time at the movies.

How old are you?

I'm 19.
Sourpuss, you moron!

- I wrote that.
- What?

I came up with the idea,
wrote the story. I wrote the script.

Who was that extremely
well-kept girl you were with?

A friend.

- Who was the guy?
- It's complicated.

He's one of my producers,
but when guys want to work with me -

- it's usually because they wanna
see me naked. It's kind of a drag.

- That's how we are I'm afraid.
- Well, you're cute all the same.

I'll play my demo for you.


You may kiss me now.


I'd better get going.

Julie, stay over.
Really? I'd love that.

I'm sorry I didn't ask you before,
I'm just a little shy.


I want to do an art exhibition
with empty white rooms.

There'll be a sign in each room like
'A man was crying here all night'.

Or 'A woman had
10 killer orgasms on this floor'.

I'll apply to the
Academy of Fine Arts with it.

Hi. I was just sitting here
thinking about how sweet you are.

- What's that?
- Jalape?os.

I have an idea. The rest of the day
we can only speak elf language.

Write even if only 100 people see it!
It just has to be the right 100!

This is good.

It's about three artists travelling
through Europe.

It's about three artists travelling
through Europe.

It's insane.
There's no structure at all!

- Okay. What's it called?
- 'On the Edge of Eternity'.

And you have a new trendy style?

- This is all Julie. Isn't it nice?
- 'Nice'?

A hot affair with a sweet young thing.
I'm officially jealous.

- We've talked about her moving in.
- Well-well.

You're great together, and that
constant smirk looks good on you.

She's the girl of my dreams.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- I've missed you all day.
- Me, too.

- Here.
- What's that?

- My dad's new poem collection.
- 'Echo from the Moon'.

Yes. My parents want to meet you
before we move in together.

I mean... it's not...
They just want to meet you.

Listen! Of course we'll meet
each other's parents.

Let's invite them together.

We can be one of those bourgeois
couples that have parent dinners.

I read one of your collections.

I didn't think anybody read
poetry anymore. Not mine, anyway.

All dad's books have received awards.

We saw your film yesterday,
'The Journey to Zoraya'. Very nice.

I only saw 10 minutes. I won't spend
2 hours of my life watching a cartoon.

- No problem.
- I really liked it.

- And I watched almost all of it.
- You'll love what he's writing now.

- It's very Ginsberg-Beckett.
- Young or old Beckett?

And you, Julie?
The Academy of Fine Arts?

- No, I gave up on that.
- You did?

I want to do all sorts of things. Art,
music, photography. See the world.

Wow, that's quite a mouthful.

- I don't want to pick just one thing.
- Smart move.

- Don't let your art be typecasted.
- It could be because she's only 19.

- We don't all have to be like you.
- Did I say you did?

- I'll make more coffee.
- Yes, please.

Now that you mention it, I have
no problem with the age difference.

Julie's ex was older than Mads,
so there's nothing new under the sun.

You go with the flow. Mads isn't the
only man here who likes young girls.

- Are you referring to me?
- Who else?

Who was the older boyfriend?
You never told me about him.

That's not important now.

Were you in love with him?

I don't want to talk about it.

Who keeps texting you?
It's 2:30.

He just came all over a girl's face.


Is Thomas one of the guys
who wants you?

You're in
the strangest mood today, baby.

I'm sorry.
I just...

... never felt like this before.

Lie still.

- Hi!
- Hi, honey.

Are you going out?

Daniel's having a poem recital
in his new studio.

- Shouldn't I meet your friends?
- I'm keeping you to myself for now.

- Why?
- I don't know.

They're these far-out artsy types.
Maybe I worry you won't like them.

- Why wouldn't I like your friends?
- You'll see them at our party.

- I'll text if I stay over at Sophie's.
- Hey, hey!

- Why would you stay at Sophie's?
- We do that sometimes. It's nice.

- But you just moved in.
- Baby, I'll come home, okay?

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

Bye, honey.

Welcome to our housewarming.

- Thank you.
- Look at all the cute girls!


- Hi. Mads, is it?
- Hi.

This is Signe.
I told you about her.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Are there any people our age?
- Yes, of course.

Like you know what art is?
Art is internal to all people!

That's bullshit. Art is entertainment
for the masses. Stories by the fire...

I loved your exhibition!
The way you exposed the times...

It's both for God's sake!

It's hilarious to hear you discussing
art like that. I remember it well.

I thought I knew it all.

What I'm saying is that
the way the images reflected...

- Have you seen Julie?
- I think I saw her on the stairs.

Hey, Anders! The car keys!

Hey, honey.

Have you met Thomas?

What the hell is going on?

- Stop it. We were just talking.
- Do you take me for a fool?

I saw what you were doing.

Okay, we kissed once.

It doesn't mean a damn thing.
You can kiss one of the girls.

Kiss one of the girls?
Why would I do that? I'm with you.

Argh, Mads! Let's just party.
I don't wanna do this.

- Fine.
- Fine.


I should've told you this sooner.
I'm going to Berlin next week.

- Berlin?
- I'm starting a band with the boys.

Noah knows a producer
who likes my demo.

Will you go back and forth,
or shall I go with you, or...

Everything suddenly turned
so serious and...

I love you so much.
I just can't have a boyfriend right now.

I can't handle it.

I need to go pack.
My dad is picking up my stuff.

- Who keeps texting you?
- Thomas.

He just came
all over a girl's face.

He sounds like a cool guy.

- I'll text you if I stay at Sophie's.
- Have fun, baby.

- We only kissed once!
- No problem, babe. It's a party!

You're so cool!

I'm going to Berlin for 6 months.
Please come with me!

You wanted to feel something, Mads.
Feel this.

Why did I leave Marie?
She was fun.

She was sweet,
and she loved me unconditionally.

It's been almost 6 months.

Too long, right...

I was wondering if you wanted to get
together and have a little talk.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- You look amazing.
- Thank you.

How are you?
I heard you moved in with someone.

Yeah, well...
She moved back out.

It didn't mean anything.

- I've missed you.
- You have?


I think that...

I think I made a mistake.

Leaving you like that.

Mads, I'm with someone now.
I thought you knew that.

Christian from work.
I think you met him once.

You were right, you know.

We weren't that great together.

Do you know that my friends
used to call me Fun Marie.

I was always the impulsive one
who did these crazy fun things.

But you always made me feel boring.

I was the one with all the stupid plans
that you couldn't be bothered with.

I'm so much happier now.

I'm my old self again.

Take care.

Perhaps all this
was supposed to happen.

I must learn how to be happy,
even when I'm not with anyone.

And to remember what I wanted.
I wanted to write again.

Find what's real. Find the truth.
That's what I have to do.

Finish my script.
'On the Edge of Eternity'.

It's almost done.

If your life was a movie,
would you...

... watch it?

Watch it?

Watch it...

Watch it.

Right. And we have orders
to cater to our young viewers.

So, if Paul buys a leather jacket,
to give him a little edge.

- Cool idea.
- It's all yours, Mads.

You know how to spiff up
the shopping scenes.

"- Open! It's the police.
- Get lost, pigs!

We'll break down the door.
1, 2, 3. Watch out, he has a gun.

Pow-pow. Paul, are you okay?
That was a close call.

Hey, he's getting away. Get him!"

- Hey, what's up?
- With what?


Excuse me?
Are you involved with that show?

It's not my best work, but 450,000
people watch, so it's not half bad.

Is that a lot?

Do you know
The Journey to Zekaya?

It's my favourite!

- I wanted to tell you to go to hell.
- I'm sorry.

- Can you even remember my name?
- Anja.

- No!
- Nana? Nanja?

Did you hear that Signe and Peter are
staying another 3 weeks in Thailand?

I think they're getting serious.

That's great.

It gets serious,
and then after a while they break up.

On to the next one,
and then they break up, too.

That's how it works.

I went to see Jonas.

Ditte finds it odd
that you haven't been yet.

- How is he?
- How is he? He's in a coma.


Do you have to visit people in coma?
They won't even know you're there.

You can't know that!

- Some claim that comatose...
- I'll go visit him.

- You're so stupid.
- Okay.

You're really beautiful.
You have gorgeous eyes.

Get over here,
so we can fuck.

Just a minute.

- What's wrong?
- Say something sweet to me.

- Sweet?
- I need to hear something sweet.

I'm not... feeling well.

I'm not happy.

Wait! Stop.

Fucking lousy script!

I love you.

- Let's make a baby.
- Absolutely.

- Really?
- Yes!

- I could win with my eyes closed!
- That deserves a tickle.

I'll always belong to you.

What the fuck are you doing?

I feel like crap, I need to go out.
I'm just taking a little walk!

I'm back where I started.

No! It's worse!
I've lost everything.

I lost everything that mattered.
I'll be alone till I die.

I'll be like those old men
walking their dogs with poo bags -

- until I'm found rotting in my flat...

- Hi, Marie.
- Hi. What are you doing here?

I know I've been such a jerk.

But I've changed.

- I've changed so much, Marie.
- Hi.

I'm sorry, but I've been with Marie
for 10 years, so please stay out of it.

- So, you're Mads.
- Yes.

I want children.
I want as many children as you want.

And I'll be a great dad.
I promise.

- Hey, wait...
- Marie. Everything will be amazing.

I swear.
I love you.

I'm pregnant.


Hey, Mads...

- Mads, are you okay?
- Yes.

May I use your bathroom?

We'll never find Zekaya!

Remember this.
It is significant.

Everything's okay.
No, Marie went home.

No, don't worry about it.
Bye, sweetheart.

- It doesn't exactly surprise me.
- What?

- That your son is dying?
- Stop it.

You're not dying, and you know it.
You just had an anxiety attack.

- I'm not surprised with your...
- Mom, I didn't ask you to come.

- Don't play the psychologist.
- I am a psychologist.

You're a cock and pussy shrink!

You had an anxiety attack.

Have you been under a lot of stress
or experienced life changes?

- Could you prescribe some pills?
- I can give you anti-anxiety drugs.

But long-term it's like putting
band-aid on an open wound.

Can I stay here tonight.
I can't go home.

I can't handle being alone right now.

Don't you know anyone
you can stay with?

Here you go, sweetie.
Warm cocoa.

Here you go, sweetie.
Warm cocoa.

We're right next door,
if you need anything.

Find the love of your life.

Not just someone available.

Mads? You've slept 24 hours.
Won't you eat something?

No, I'm not hungry.

It's like this huge black pit.
Nothing matters.

Every second feels wasted. I can't eat
or even get dressed in the morning.

I see.
That's not good.

- Why do you think that is?
- How should I know?

Last week on 'COP'.

Watch out, he has a gun!

Paul, are you okay?

Hey, he's getting away.
Get him!

It's all a matter of finding
something positive to add -

- to your bagg... bagg... bagg...
bagg... bagg...

Why do you make movies, Mads?

No one has a clue what's going on
with me. No one can help me!

- I'll be like this for the rest of my life.
- Mads, you're not that unique!

You're not the only one
who feels that way. It's common.

But I can't stand this! I want to fast-
forward to when everything's okay.

Not again! When you were sad
as a boy, you'd be in your own world.

Changing your room into a spaceship
or playing Zekaya in the trees.

You can't keep doing that.

You have to dig deep inside yourself
to find out why you're so sad.

If your life was a movie.
Would you watch it?

Why do you make movies, Mads?

I like things to have a beginning,
a middle and an ending. It's safe.

Safe how?

There are no surprises.
It's like a small contained world.

I like that.
I like the structure of it.

Remember this.
It is significant.

If your life was a movie,
would you...

... watch it?

... watch it.

Okay, the china angel.
Something with the china angel.

Marie's bathroom!

A symbolic death.

Classic 2nd plot point.

No way!
I can't believe it.

Okay! From the top.

1st plot point. The key figure accepts
the adventure on false premises.


The midpoint: Water, rebirth,
surprising turn in a new direction.

But something's wrong
with the structure. What?

Of course!

It belongs to the orphanage.

2nd plot point. The key figure has
an epiphany and solves the conflict.

But nothing like that happened.
No great epiphany.

That's why nothing has changed.
Without an epiphany the story stops.

Come on, Mads.
You're the structure guy.

Why didn't I have an epiphany?
Something important is missing.


A point of attack! An external event
kicks off the story -

- but the key figure won't face it!
What is the point of attack?

What is it?
What started all this?

Oh, no.
Not that.

Okay, I'm here.

My epiphany.
Better late than never.


Hurry! He's conscious!

Jonas is awake, come on!
His eyes are open.

How are you feeling?

- I feel I have really bad breath.
- Give him the drawing, honey.

I don't know what happened!
I came in, and he just woke up.

He came to just like that.
It's unbelievable!

What's wrong?
Take a deep breath.

... one more.

You'll be fine.

- There, now.
- Nothing helps. I'm such an idiot.

- I was just trying to get better.
- You picked a strange place.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah. I'm fine.

- I'll get you a glass of water.
- No, I'm fine.

Do you think he'll ever wake up?

We tell ourselves we're in control.

We think the choices we make mean
something, but it's just an illusion.

From one second to the next...

... something unexpected happens.

That's the coolest thing about life.

I hadn't expected to feel a head
between my breasts anytime soon.

But there's no shame in hoping.

That remark was pure genius.

You're obviously not surrounded
by geniuses on a daily basis.

Seven years later

This is awesome!
So, Zekaya exists after all.

- Lucky thing we didn't give up!
- Uhm, guys? Where are we?

Sourpuss, you moron!

The Journey to Zekaya 2

- So, what do you think? Was it okay?
- Yeah, but I really need to pee.

It was great.
Almost as good as the original.

Why's it called potato cake?

That's a very good question.
I've always wondered that myself.

Hi, mom.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How did it go?
- Great. Rune got all the jokes.

- We're going Christmas shopping!
- Wonderful, sweetie.

Warm clothes and skates,
in case you go to the park.

- Great!
- I have to take off right away.

And you have him all weekend. Ulrich
and I are going away, so you can't...

My little Runeman.
See you Monday.

- Bye, sweetie. Bye, guys.
- Bye.

- Isn't it the robot right there.
- Dad! It's nothing like it!

- What did it look like?
- It had a green head...




- It's been a long time.
- It sure has.

- How are you?
- Great and busy.

- Christian's taken over the company.
- Fantastic. Congratulations.

- And you?
- I'm fine.

My writing's going well, and
I just moved in with my new girlfriend.

How are you feeling?
Are you happy?


You know...
Up and down.

But, yes.
And you?

Same here. Up and down.
But mostly I'm happy.

- Mom, let's go...
- Yes, we should be moving on.

See you.

- Yes. Bye.
- Bye.

So, did you like her?

- Nah.
- 'Nah'.

Let's see if we can track down
that robot monster.

Yes, the one with the green head,
but I don't know if we can find it.

- My stomach aches.
- Remember what we talked about.

If it isn't the green one, it's another
robot, and what happens then?

- I'll be just as happy with that one.
- That's exactly right.

Subtitles: Tina Goldberg
Dansk Video Tekst

Subtitles: Tina Goldberg
Dansk Video Tekst