Truth (2006) - full transcript

A reporter is killed whilst investigating a story & her college friend and former professor join forces to try and find out who killed her.

(ominous music)

(engine chugging)

(ominous music)

- [Female] Mr. Timmons, Carl Timmons?

- Move on, this is a restricted property.

- Hi, I'm Amelia Moore Mr. Timmons.

- Oh yeah.

You're the pest that leaves
a dozen voicemails a day.

- And since that didn't work I figured

I'd drive out here myself.

- Like I said, move on.

(faint hissing)

- You're the supervisor for this district,

so this whole thing is
your problem Mr. Timmons.

And it's your responsibility
to make it right.

Now you can do that by
getting me that report.

- Now why would I do that?

- Because I want the truth.

You give me the truth
and I'll protect you.

- You got no idea lady.

You got no clue what you're getting into.

- Here's what I do know
for sure Mr. Timmons.

You lied.

(ominous music)

- I didn't think it was
any big deal at the time.

- Of course you didn't.

You were used Carl.

I know that.

I can keep your identity protected.

No one will ever know
where I got my information.

- Yeah right.

They'll hound you lady.

They're gonna wanna know...

- Trust me Carl, I can protect you.

Or it can destroy you.

- [Carl] You threatening me?

- Mr. Timmons,

now why would I do that?

- You think I don't know
a threat when I hear one?

(ominous music)


I just hope you realize what you're

getting yourself into here.

(ominous music)

(loud explosion)

(suspenseful music)

(suspenseful music)

- Your inside buzz team
has been working hard.

We've been burning the midnight oil.

We've been staying up way past our bedtime

to dig out the truth for you our viewers

and when we say dig, we mean really dig.

We've been beating the bushes,

we've left no rock unturned,

we've even been thinking of
bringing in the dynamite.

Here's what we've got for you today.

Sources close to Hollywood's
most dazzling couple,

you know who we mean kiddies.

Those sources gave us
the good old spin today.

Hoping we'd just go away dizzy.

Instead, we hit the usual haunts.

And some pretty unusual haunts.

Let's just say your Inside Buzz

investigation is ongoing.

We checked out their friends,
their enemies, their nannies.

Of course they want us to
just give up and go away,

but do you think we're gonna give up?

Not a chance.

We're not gonna stop until we get to the

bottom of what's really
behind these closed doors.

Especially the bedroom doors.

This is Laura Peterson and I'll be back

tomorrow with more of the Inside Buzz.

I think we need more cutaways just to

get to give it a bit more weight.

How 'bout some footage from the UNICEF

fundraiser last month?

You know the one where
she cried her eyes out?

(loud ringing)

Oh, that's me.

Laura Peterson.

(solemn music)


- Amelia would have been so touched

to see you all here.

Her family and friends,

that was really, that
was everything to her.


I'm sorry.

(slow paced music)

- [Laura] Your dress is like
the color of the sky too.

I'll be right back okay.

Professor Backaman.

- Oh hello Laura.

I didn't wanna interrupt.

- It means a lot that you came professor.

It's been years.

- Oh please, we're both
adults now, call me Meredith.

My the years have been good to you.

You look like you stepped
right out of a magazine cover.

I guess you have to working in television.

- I couldn't have done
any of it without you.

- You were always headstrong
and determined Laura.

You wanted so desperately
to be successful.

- Well Amelia and I were gonna be the next

great investigative reporting team.

- That expose you two
wrote on the Colleges

Board of Trustees,

you shook that campus to it's foundation.

- It was you who inspired us.

- It was a great piece of
investigation journalism.

Had either of you become a reporter

you would have truly shaken up the world.

- Well I am a reporter.

- Oh.

Yes, well I,

of course.

The Inside Buzz with Laura Peterson.

I'd better let you get
back to Rick and Amelia.

How are they holding up?

- Oh not well.

I mean everyone's devastated.

And there's a lot of
confusion as to the facts

which doesn't help.

- You mean that fire wasn't an accident?

- I don't know.

I mean she'd had that car for years.

Maybe the gas tank just got too old

and it started to leak.

They're still investigating.

But why was she out there
in the middle of nowhere?

It just doesn't make any sense.

- Yes, it's all very bizarre.

Please give them my condolences.

Best of luck with everything Laura.

(ominous music)

- Gloria finally dropped off.

She kept asking me to sing these songs

but I didn't know any of the words.

- Amelia sings to her every night.

- Do you need anything?

- Oh you've done more
than enough today Laura.

Thank you.

- Rick, we may not have seen each other

that often the last few years,

but Amelia was the closest
thing I had to a sister.

- So, did she tell you anything

about what was going on?

- What do you mean?

- I don't know what I
mean, that's the problem.

She's been different lately.

And there's this.

I found it locked in her desk.

And the police came
through here like locust.

I guess the husband is the first suspect.

They took her computer and
notebooks and stuff but,

I hid this and I don't know why exactly.

I just...

There look, M.B., M.B., M.B., M.B..

Logged six times over
the past three weeks.

And then there's this one.

Dinner, on the night I had to

travel out of town for business.

Amelia was keeping secrets
from me, lying to me.

I didn't want the police to
see this and assume something.

To think that she was...

Because she wouldn't.

Would she?

- It's okay Rick.

Amelia wasn't cheating on you, I promise.

I know exactly who this M.B. is.

- John there's a difference between

an adjective and an adverb.

Figure it out.

Move up paragraph three,
that's your opening.

Proofread Christie proofread!

How many times do I
have to tell you people,

print out and check.

The eye skips right past
errors on the screen.

Who's going to trust a
correspondent who makes

grammar and spelling mistakes?

- Not much has changed in
the last eight years has it?

- [Meredith] And to what
do we owe this honor?

- We had so little time to catch up.

I was hoping we could talk.

- I'd love to.

Of course I can't right now.

We've got an edition to put to bed.

- I understand.

Maybe after you've finished
talking to the police

you'll have more time.

How can you lie to me?!

- You never asked me if I'd seen Amelia.

- Oh don't give me the
run around Meredith.

She met with you several
times in the last month.

M.B, M.B., it's why you
went to the funeral!

- I went to the funeral to grieve

for an old student who also
happened to be a friend.

- Why were you meeting with her?

- I still see many of my old students.

At least the ones who haven't gone on

to become actresses in Hollywood.

- I'm not an actress I'm a reporter.

- [Meredith] Oh is that what you call it?

- People care for the stories I report.

- Mmm, I'm sure the
public's just dying to know

which celebrity is back from rehab.

Or what gown some ditzy starlet

is wearing to the Academy Awards.

But Laura, it's quite a stretch
to call that journalism.

- Well at least I'm still working.

I didn't get fired from
every paper I worked for.

- I'd much rather be fired for fighting

to uncover the truth than for wasting

my talent on being a talking Barbie doll.

- Oh you have no idea...

You're misdirecting me.

You're trying to control the interview.

- At least you remember
something I taught you.

- What was Amelia doing?

- She was working a story.

- But she wasn't a reporter.

She gave up her career
when she got pregnant.

- Amelia came to me a
couple of months ago.

She was feeling unfulfilled.

- But her family...

- Amelia loves her
family, we both know that.

But she was missing something.

The passion, the excitement
that comes from the chase.

From exposing injustice
and forcing the bureaucracy

to do something about it.

From uncovering the truth.

- Is that the same lecture you gave her?

- Serious journalism produces
serious consequences.

- Yeah I remember the mantra.

You drilled it into us for four years.

- And it'll probably be
carved on my tombstone.

Amelia wanted to feel that
sense of fulfillment again.

She wanted to find a story,
something she believed in

and rip into it.

- Is that what she wanted
or what you wanted?

- Maybe both.

- So what was she working on?

It wasn't anything that could've
gotten her killed was it?

- I don't know.

- Oh Meredith.

- It was early days.

She was gonna show me
when she had more facts.

All I know is that she made several trips

down to San Bernardino
County to check tax records.

- Meredith, San Bernardino
County is where Amelia died.

- I know.

(ominous music)

(ominous music)

(loud beeps)

- She was totally out of it.

Dancing with this one freaky looking guy,

tattoos up on arm down the other.

Dancing real close.

- Did you get footage?

- Did I get footage?

I smuggled my mini DV into the club.

- Great, we'll do a
trouble in paradise story.

- [Male] I love those.

- And I'll call around,
see if we can find out

where he was last night.

- We can ride this bit for a week.

- At least.

I'll finish up today's
spot and you get that

footage downloaded okay?

- [Male] Sweet!

- El Rancho Estates
really represents the peak

of my career as a
designer and as a builder.

Each custom Rancho Estate home has a

beautiful dramatic sweeping
view over Summit Park.

The first of these homes will be available

for occupancy as soon as this spring.

But we're not talking
about cracker boxes here.

My workers are craftsmen,
artisans, euro-rancho...

- Sorry Kev, I got caught
up in a staff meeting.

(loud gasp)

- You're a hard woman to
track down Ms. Peterson.

- Who are you?

What are you doing in here?

- Looking for answers.

Detective Roy Moloney, San
Bernardino Sheriff's department.

- Why were you following me?

- Why were you running away?

- Call me crazy but I have this irrational

fear of strange men in parking garages.

- I'm investigating the death
of your friend, Amelia Moore.

- What kind of detective are you?

- Homicide.

- So Amelia was murdered?

- Maybe I can ask the questions?

From what I gather you're
Amelia Moore's closest friend.

- Used to be.

Don't know how close we were recently.

- What does that mean?

- Nothing really, it's
just that we didn't talk

very much anymore.

- Because in watching you at the funeral

it seemed that you and
Mr. Moore were very close.

- Is that a question detective?

- I can frame it as a
question if you'd like.

Are you and Rick Moore sleeping together?

- Are you crazy?

- Amelia Moore died into what I consider

to be extremely suspicious circumstances.

So the first place I look for a motive

is sex or money.

- You get out of here!

- I'm not done yet.

And you haven't answered the question.

- No, Rick Moore is a friend, that's all.

What else would you like to know?

- Do you have any idea what this means?

(ominous music)

- This is gibberish.

- It's shorthand.

It's some weird kind of
shorthand we've never seen.

- Why would I know what it is?

- Because we found it
with your friends things.

- I can't help you detective.

(solemn music)

- You're a very bad liar Ms. Peterson.

We'll be talking again.

(ominous music)

- Alright, let's get these organized

according to closing dates

and see if we can find a pattern.

- Hi.

- You're gonna make this a habit?

- I got something.

A lead on the story Amelia was working.

It's a name.

Carl Timmons.

I think he works with
the Department of Water.

- Where did you get this?

- From a detective working Amelia's case.

- What is it?

- It was written in her
notebook in shorthand.

Our shorthand, the system we made up

so nobody could ever read our notes.

- What a great idea.

- Laura this is Christie McDermott,

you'll be seeing her byline one day soon.

Christie this is Laura Peterson.

- Nice to meet you.

Seeing you on TV you're great.

- Thanks.

- I spent the day at the San Bernardino

Tax Assessors Office.

Amelia had to sign for the
records that she pulls.

- What are they?

- Changes in property ownership.

They're all around the same area

in a place called Cedar Grove.

- Amelia died just outside Cedar Grove.

- It was a story.

It has to be.

Amelia's dead because of
something she was investigating.

- We should take all this to the police.

- We could.

It's not much but it's something.

- Or...

- Yes.

- We could work the story.

Uncover the truth about what Amelia

was investigating and how she died.

- It's exactly what
Amelia would've wanted.

- I'll never crack open her attorney.

He's already famous and no way he wants

his fat face on TV.

Of course you schmooze the secretary.

So what if he's a guy?

Oh come on Todd, take one for the team.

What do you mean he's straight?

Nobody's straight in Hollywood.

Okay, plan B.

No, see and wait and get
an interview for tomorrow.

Yeah, and make sure she
knows we want to talk

about the breakup, and don't tell him.


- Inquiring minds wanna know.

- It's a living.

- Pea brained inquiring minds.

- You're teaching, not working
as a reporter somewhere

so get off your high horse.

- I'm teaching because no one wants

serious journalism anymore.

All they want is slapped ash, sound bite,

get it on the air breaking news.

- You're not working as a reporter because

you kept on getting your
employers asses sued.

- I did what I had to do to get the truth.

- And the truth led you to getting fired

and becoming a teacher
instead of a reporter.

- I think I liked you better when you

were an undergrad and
hung on my every word.

(inquisitive music)

- [Laura] There it is.

Cedar Groves.

- All these sales are within
the last eight months.

35 properties.

- Looks like a ghost town now.

- Did you ever talk to Carl Timmons?

- I left him three voicemails.

The last one was pretty firm.

It doesn't exactly look like
a hot bed of scandal does it?

- Alright, one of the sales
was for 1602 Outlook Avenue.


It's as if the owners
are still living there.

- [Narrator] Yup that's
her, the reporter lady.

- Do you mind telling us
what you talked to her about?

- She just wanted to know
why we sold the ranch.

She didn't know about the water problem.

- There's a water problem?

- Well we're not really
supposed to talk about it

until it's public.

But the ground waters polluted.

We have to buy all our
drinking water at the market.

Can you imagine buying water?

- But somebody bought the property?

- Yeah, nice people.

They're letting us stay here rent free

until we close on our new place.

- Rent free, isn't that nice?

- Jack Lycar, he's a realtor.

He said they're putting
up a storage facility.

A great big one.

I guess when the waters bad the lands

not much good for anything else.

(solemn music)

It's awful.

(ominous music)

(slow paced music)

- Yeah you got it about right.

Far stinking the groundwater.

So when they offered to buy this place

we jumped at the chance.

- Very wise of you Max.

Who was the buyer?

- A company out of Sacramento.

They're gonna use it for them
solar powered windmill things.

- What was the name of the company?

- Sol-Green Technologies.

Yeah that was the name.

- Did you actually see that water report?

- Well I,

we weren't supposed to keep it you know?

Everything was hush hush.

But I sorta stole a copy.

Bernice here has been sick.

I didn't know whether
it was related or not.

I wanted some kind of proof

in case I needed it for the insurance.

- [Laura] Of course.

- Do you still have a copy?

- The other reporter, your friend,

she's the one who died in that car fire?

- Yes, her name was Amelia Moore

and we think that something she discovered

out here may have led to her death.

- I thought it was an accident?

- That's what we're trying to find out.

- I told her I didn't have it.

I thought it would just be trouble.

- I understand Max, but it
could be very important.

- You think she'd be alive if,

if I'd given it to her?

- I don't know.

All I know is that it could
make a difference now.

- I should of known something was screwy.

Nobody ever even came
to look at the place.

Jack Lycar handled everything.

Acted like he was doing
everybody a big favor!

- The toxicity studies.

The supervisor of the
project was Carl Timmons.

(inquisitive music)

Is this it?

- [Meredith] Yeah, 32220 yeah.

(loud knocking)

- I don't believe Loretta's at home.

- What's that?

- Mrs. Oxley.

Haven't seen her all morning.

Sometimes she walks up to the store,

sometimes she goes off for a visit.

- Mrs. Oxley's only been
here a couple of months

since selling her farm isn't that right?

- Yeah, she's one of the short-timers.

Husband got burned up in a fire.

Say, don't I know you?

You're the TV lady, The Inside Buzz girl.

- [Laura] Guilty.

- If that kind of show had been around

when I was young I probably
would have been on there.

I was quite the little starlet.

- Oh, yeah.

- Producers, directors, writers!

I had my pick.

- I can see why.

I'm wondering if you have...

- Of course times were different then.

A girl with a reputation
had a harder time.

- I'm sorry.

I'm wondering if you have any idea

if Mrs. Oxley will be gone long.

- Oh I wish I could help you honey.

Say, maybe you could do a show

where are they now?

- Maybe, maybe.

- [Lady In Hat] Look here.

You won't believe the people I knew.

- [Laura] Oh wow.

- [Lady In Hat] And my favorite
director, Alfred Hitchcock.

- [Laura] Wow.

- [Lady In Hat] Yeah.

And Janet Lee and Tony Curtis.

- Oh you worked with the greats huh?

- Oh yeah.

And the heavenly Cary Grant.

- Bye bye.

- [Lady In Hat] And Tyrone Howard.

Don't forget, Tyrone Howard.

- [Laura] Cedar Grove.

Looks like it was once
a thriving country town.

- [Meredith] Once, not anymore.

I guess the bad water story isn't

such a big secret after all.

(ominous music)

- The report's dated
January 5th of this year.

Yeah that's the one.

And it shows nothing wrong
with the groundwater?

Thanks so much for looking.

I guess I'll let my kids know

they can drink the water again.

The report on file with
the Department of Water

is perfectly clean.

Water's pure as rain.

- Surprise surprise.

- [Laura] I gotta run down Carl Timmons.

- Pretty amazing, the way
you get people to open up.

- I forgot how exciting
this part of it all is.

Putting the pieces together.

- Admit it Laura, you miss it.

And this is what you were trained to do.

It's in your blood.

- You wanna take point this time?

- Of course, it's in my blood too.


- [Narrator] Yeah, I'll
be right there, hang on.

- It looks like the
Cedar Grove real estate

bubble has already burst.

- Hi.

Inside Buzz Girl.

Jack Lycar.

- [Laura] Laura Peterson.

- Come on in.

So you looking to buy out this way are ya?

- Mr. Lycar, I'd like to
get right to the point.

- Okay.

- I'm Meredith Backaman
of the Daily Free Press.

I've got a few questions for you.

- Sure, fire away.

- You've closed on quite a few deals

over the last few months.

- Well I am the only
realtor in these parts.

We're a dying breed.

- We've interviewed residents on the

south side of Cedar Grove.

Transactions where you've represented both

the buyer and the seller.

- Dual agency is legal in
the state of California.

- On 35 transactions?

You don't think that's pushing the

ethical boundaries a little?

- I believe everybody was satisfied.

- Didn't you tell people
there were problems

with the groundwater?

- Look, when stories
come up about bad water,

even if they're just rumors,

I have a duty to be
upfront with all parties.

Disclosure laws are very clear about that.

- But you were being more
than upfront weren't you?

You showed them a toxicity report

from the Department of Water,

or should I say on the forged letterhead

from the Department of Water?

- Wait a minute, what are you saying?

Are you saying the water was poisoned?

- I think you know it's not Mr. Lycar.

- Look, I'll admit I had some pretty good

commissions last year,

but I saw that report.

I mean hell, I even sold my own house

outside of town.

I thought I was doing everyone a favor.

- The buyers you represented didn't

have any qualms about purchasing property

with water problems?

- A big corporation doesn't really

care about water.

- What big corporation
would that be Mr. Lycar?

- Alright, I admit I made some money,

but I was very upfront with everybody.

If they didn't wanna buy and sell

then they didn't have to sell.

I mean I don't know what the
hell you people want from me.

I thought I was doing everyone a favor.

Now, if you'll excuse me
I've got some work to do.

- The part I don't understand is

why was Amelia even
interested in this story?

- People cheated out of their homes,

maybe you don't find that kind of story

compelling in Hollywood...

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
but they were all paid.

I mean yes it was deceptive

but a real estate scam story,

they're a dime a dozen.

- It was my fault.

She wanted to drop the
story but I told her

something smelled fishy.

I told her to dig deeper.

I got her killed.

- No, you can't blame yourself Meredith.

- Oh yes I can.

My head hurts.

Don't you have some boyfriend to go

home to or something?

- I'm between men at the moment.

- Stay that way.

I married two and they were both louses.

- Well you probably ran them off.

Told them what they were
doing wasn't good enough.


- I did actually.

- [Laura] I know.

- Can you imagine if I'd had children?

They wouldn't have stood a chance.

What about you?

I expected you to be married by now.

- Oh I don't know.

I think honestly it had
a lot to do with Amelia.

- You were pretty frustrated when she

quit school and married Rick.

- No I was angry.

But now I understand
what a difficult choice

it was for Amelia.

And she made the right decision.

Gloria's an amazing girl.

- You lost your partner.

- I lost my direction too I guess.

I wanted so badly to be successful.

- And you are.

- We literally came from
nothing Amelia and me.

- Amelia and I.

- We met our freshman year

and we swore we'd go to the top together.

The day I was her bridesmaid
at her wedding was


(phone ringing)

- Stop the presses!

Pop star elopes with bodyguard.

Public shocked!

- Shh.

- [Meredith] Film at 11.

- Laura Peterson.

Well yeah, I'll be right over.

(ominous music)

- Do you know who Peter Bergstrom is?

- He's a movie producer right?

- Yeah maybe he's producing

but mostly he's a real estate developer.

One of the biggest in the state.

- Okay.

- So why did Amelia have a box
full of information on him?

Laura what's going on?

- I don't know what all this means but,

Amelia was working a story Rick.

- For what?

- To sell I presume.

Write it up and sell it freelance.

- We had plenty of money.

- It wasn't about the money.

It was doing something that made her

feel good about herself.

- You saying she wasn't happy?

- I'm still trying to
figure it out myself.

Where did you find all this?

- In behind the Christmas decorations.

- Well she certainly
did a lot of research.

Why was Amelia interested
in Peter Bergstrom?

- Beautiful isn't it?

- Actually it is.

And I'm not normally a
fan of big developments.

- Well El Rancho Estates
will be different.

I have to say you look even prettier

in person than you do on
television Ms. Peterson.

- Laura please.

It was good of you to see me
short notice Mr. Bergstrom.

- Peter please.

And I have to say you peaked my curiosity.

What have I done to deserve the attention

of The Inside Buzz?

- You're producing a movie I hear.

- Well that's L.A., who isn't?

- Yeah.

- Please, would you like
to sit down, have a seat?

If I'm gonna get grilled,

might as well do this in comfort huh?

Can I get you a cup of coffee,

some water or anything?

- [Laura] No I'm fine thank you.

(phone ringing)

- Excuse me for one second.

Yeah Margo.

Ah yeah, put him through,
I'll take that one call.

Sorry, one second.

- Hey professor!

I turned up some interesting
information in a database.

There was an explosion out in
Cedar Grove about a year ago.

- Another car fire?

- A propane accident.

A man got burned really badly.

He finally died a couple months ago.

But it was the name that jumped out at me.

- J.R. Oxley.

- Yeah, how'd you know?

- We've been looking for Loretta.

His wife.

- Loretta?

- Yeah, okay.

Ron, David, I'll do business
with you guys any time.

And hey Ron, I want to fly in that plane.

Okay thanks.

Bye bye.

Thank you.

- You climbed Mount Everest?

That's impressive.

- Actually it's my greatest folly.

I broke my ankle on the summit.

A 145 pound Sherpa named Laseng Porgay

had to carry me down to
base camp on his back.

Not my finest hour.

- I hope you gave him a big tip.

- Actually I gave Laseng
his own travel agency.

Now he has to deal with more
crazy Americans than ever.

- Is that how you describe yourself?

A crazy American?

- Yeah I guess so.

When I was a kid, a doctor told me that

I had an adrenaline problem.

Too much.

But that's probably not what
you came here to discuss.

- No, no, that's great.

It gives me a feel for you

and then we can talk
about the movie later.

- Okay, too much energy.

In high school I played
every sport imaginable.

That seemed to help.

In college I discovered other things

and I sort of threw
myself into partying 100%

and all that bad behavior
that that entails.

But eventually sewing your wild oats

catches up to you and I put
that behavior behind me.

But you're not really here
to discuss my movie are you?

(ominous music)

- Do you know a woman named Amelia Moore?

- No I can't say that I do.

Who is she?

- A friend of mine, she died.

- [Peter] Sorry to hear that.

- She was murdered in Cedar Grove.

- Cedar Grove, where's that?

- I think you know exactly
where that is Mr. Bergstrom.

- Ms. Peterson I'm afraid that you've

come here under false pretenses.

I'm gonna have to ask you
to leave my office now.

- But if you could only just tell...

- No, out now, thank you.

- And we were getting along so well.

- Mrs. Oxley, Loretta Oxley.

Please I need a moment.

I'm a friend of Amelia Moore's.

I want to talk to you about
the sale of your farm.

- [Oxley] I can't talk to you.

- We've spoken to a lot of your neighbors.

- No, you shouldn't be
here, you understand?

- Please I'd like to
talk about your husband.

(ominous music)

(suspenseful music)

Go on, go.

(tires screeching)

(tires screeching)

(ominous music)

- So let's report this to the police.

- Oh come on Laura, we dig deeper.

The police aren't gonna find this guy.

- Detective Maloney might.

- Oh that would be the easy way out,

let somebody else uncover the truth.

- We both know what it was.

- No not for certain.

- The guy could have killed you!

- Guerillas shot at me in Nicaragua Laura,

mobsters threatened to
break my legs in Chicago.

You expect me to be afraid of some hick

in a pick up truck in Cedar Grove?

Maybe you should go back
to reading press releases

and calling it news.

- You were scared weren't you?

- Where were you today, the Polo Lounge?

- I tried to chase down Carl Timmons.

Apparently he's on sick leave

from the Department of Water
but he's never at home.

- Interesting.

- And then I met a man.

Amelia was doing research on him.

Peter Bergstrom.

- Peter Bergstrom?


- You know him?

- Well of course.

Bergstrom's helped build
southern California.

The piece that got me fired off the Times

was an expose of corruption
on the Bergstrom empire.

- Amelia had a box full
of information on him.

- I hate that family.

Peter's an irresponsible playboy but his

father was cold, hard, vicious.

He'd stop at nothing
to get what he wanted.

- So what's the connection to Cedar Grove?

- Isn't Bergstrom's new
development in Summit Park?

(loud ringing)

- Laura Peterson.

Yes, yes I did.

(ominous music)

I see.

No, no, don't send a squad
car, I'll come to you.

I know where it is.

I'm leaving right now.

I just found Carl Timmons.

(slow paced music)

- Carl Timmons.

Kind of fitting for a man
in the water business.

- He drowned?

Tell me it was an accident.

- Not judging by the
fingermarks on his throat.

It looks like Carl was hiding out here.

His grandparents old house.

Neighbor kid found him.

How did you know Carl Timmons?

- I didn't.

- There are four messages
from you on his voicemail.

- Well if you listened to them

then you know I never met him.

- Why don't you quit the games?

'Cause whatever's going
on here these people

are playing for keeps.

This isn't some cute
Hollywood divorce story.

These people are killers.

- I'd be open to an
exchange of information.

- I'd be open to throwing your ass in jail

for obstructing a homicide investigation.

How's that sound?

- Sounds like you wouldn't
get the information you need.

(slow paced music)

Carl Timmons created this report showing

high levels of arsenic in the
drinking water at Cedar Grove.

- And Cedar Grove was part
of this territory right?

- It was.

The real report from
the Department of Water

shows that the drinking
water is perfectly fine.

- So he faked a report.

- Which got floated out among
the residents at Cedar Grove

and they all panicked
and everybody sold cheap.

- Who'd they sell to?

- Three different companies.

Storage facility group,
a solar power company,

and an investment group out of Nevada.

- This is what Timmons was killed over?

- And Amelia Moore too.

This is the trading part.

- Well,

We found some interesting things
in the victims hard drive.

- Amelia's.

- What?

- Her name was Amelia.

- I'm sorry, really.

There's a whole set of pictures of houses

taken in and around Cedar Grove.

- I don't recognize some of them.

- You can keep those, I've got copies.

Also there's a couple
things in this notepad

we just can't seem to figure out.

- Let me see it.

This one's a date.

October 22nd 1989.

You weren't very nice to
me the first time we met.

This one, this is strange.

RCDSGS8, I have no idea what that means.

And this one,

this says Summit Park kill fee,

three million dollars.

- Summit Park.

That's nowhere near here.

Thank you.

I know.

Oh, careful.

And he says, "What do you mean I'm Irish?"


Listen, I know you're a reporter and all,

but please, be careful.

- I will I promise.

- And if you think of
anything else, call me,

don't be a hero.

These are bad people.

(loud beeping)


Sorry if I was rough on you earlier.

- I'm a big girl, I can handle it.

- Keep this to yourself.

Your friend Amelia,

it was murder.

(solemn music)

- Thank you Roy.

(slow paced music)

(loud flashing)

Today we confirmed what everybody's

been guessing all along.

The storybook romance that had all of

America talking is officially
Tinseltown history.

That's right kids.

The lawyers have cited
irreconcilable differences.

The publicist's are spinning their stories

and Hollywood's royal couple is officially

going their separate ways.

And that's The Inside Buzz for today.

(loud flashing)

Today we confirmed what everybody.

Yeah, October 22nd 1989.

That's what she'd written down.

Listen Mirna, I gotta go.

I'm still finishing tomorrow's piece.


Alright, let me know what you find.


And Hollywood's royal couple is officially

going their separate ways.

- Hey, where you been all day?

- Oh, working something.

- What, what do you got, a hot story?

- Pretty hot yeah.

- Hey.

You've been acting kinda weird

since your friend died.

You okay?

- Todd, do you like what we do?

Do you think it's important?

- Well I definitely like it.


I don't know.

But listen, people love our stuff.

- I have a friend, an
old journalism professor.

She says, "Serious journalism produces

"serious consequences."

Am I a joke?

- Alright listen, it's
a big world out there.

Lots of bad stuff happening.

Now I'm not saying we
need to know about it all,

but all that bad stuff needs a balance.

And that's us.

We're part of the balance.

- But do you feel good about what we do?

- Yeah I do.

The question is do you?

Hey, stole your cookies.

Want one?

- Sure.

Wait, my cookies?

- Yeah, I found them on your desk.

- [Laura] Who are they from?

- I don't know, no note.

- Put them down Todd.


- What, you don't wanna share with me?

- Put it down!

(slow paced music)

- It's an explosive device.

Not very sophisticated
but powerful enough.

- How did it get in here?

- Delivery guy dropped it off.

We'll see if we can pull anything
off the security cameras.

- Roy who's doing this?

- Whoever they are they mean business.

Back off a little while Laura.

Give me time to do my job.

- They killed Amelia,
they went after Meredith,

and now they've tried to kill me.

You know what that tells me?

- I'm afraid to ask.

- It tells me we're getting
closer to the truth.

- Yeah well there's also something called

the Freedom of Information Act.

Those records are public documents

and I'm officially requesting them.

Thank you so much for your help.


Okay, this RCDSGS8 GSA is
a government pay scale.

RCDS indicates a reserve
county deputy sheriff.

- But what does that got
to do with any of this?

- Not a clue.

But I've requested
county personnel records

from the Cedar Grove
area in the late 1980's.

Right around the date Amelia
would have written down.

- Well, Bergstrom has something
definitely to do with this.

Summit Park kill fee
three million dollars.

That's a hefty penalty.

- Kill fee?

- When they made the deal they get

approval for El Rancho Estates

he agreed to pay Summit
Park three million dollars.

But it didn't go through.

- Yeah but the deals going through right?

I mean you saw the model.

- Yeah yeah he's been
on the news all week.

The grand slam opening's next week.

- This is weird.

- I don't know.

And I still can't find any mention

of that date anywhere either.

Although I swear I've seen...

- Hey, guess what I,


- Oh no, no, no, it's okay.

Did you find something?

- Yeah, there's a last minute emergency

Zoning Commission meeting
tonight in Cedar Grove.

I found it up on their website.

- It might be interesting.

- But everybody up there's
gonna know who we are by now.

- They don't know me.

- You're willing to sit through a Zoning

Commission meeting?

- Oh my god yes.

Can I?

- No it's too dangerous.

- Of course you can.

You're a journalist aren't you Christie?

- Absolutely professor.

- We shouldn't involve
her, she's just a kid.

- You and Amelia were both kids

when you did your best work.

- And therefore my clients
Sol-Green technologies

request a variance to rezone their land

from agricultural to commercial.

- Those in favor?


The chair breaks the tie in favor.

- [Lycar] Thank you.

- Mr. Lycar, the Cedar
Groves Zoning Commission

grants your clients discretionary

approval A1 to C3.

We are adjourned.

(loud tap)

- Thank you.

Thank you very much Floyd.

I really appreciate the expedited service.

But, you gotta tell me who the girl

in the back is.

It's not often you get
spectators at rezoning meetings.

- It's nothing Jack.

Some kind of civics class assignment.

Gosh, the girls didn't look like that

when I went to school.

- Don't quit your class assignment huh?

Come on, I'll buy you coffee.

(slow paced music)


- Mrs. Sweeney, do you mind if I

ask you a couple of questions?

- Oh I just really wanna get home.

- Pretty tough tonight huh?

Does Floyd Niven always
run his meetings like that?

- Lately anyway.

- Ah, they're ganging up on you huh?

- Well it doesn't help that Jack Lycar

has two relatives on the board.

- Really?

Which ones?

- That's his brother-in-law on the left

and the other one's his uncle.

- Making Floyd Niven the
swing vote on these rezonings?

- That's the way it's been
for the last three meetings.

Or at least whenever Lycar shows up.

- Tell me this company,
Sol-Green Technologies,

do they ever give up the
names of their principles?

- Oh yeah, their Board of Directors

is listed right here in
the petition to rezone.

Listen, good luck with your class.

- Why does Sol-Green need
all these different plots?

- This isn't about some
civics class is it?


These are Lycar's recent rezonings.

- [Lycar] Someone calls out a number...

- Sorry man I gotta go.

- All I know is that last year

Floyd Niven sure couldn't afford a Rolex.

(slow paced music)

- All these threads.

Peter Bergstrom, Carl Timmons,

Cedar Grove, Amelia's notes,

nothing fits together.

- There's hundreds of names in these

Sheriff's employees records.

- Two questions we haven't answered yet.

What does the October 22nd date mean

and why was Amelia
interested in this story?

- What was she doing
at a derelict cemetery?

- Three questions.

- I got the names for
the Board of Director's

for Sol-Green Technologies.

- Oh goody more names.

- I also nabbed these maps
from the Zoning Commission.

- Nice work.

Don't they usually put those windmills

in long roads?

- How valuable can the land be if...

Wait a second, wait a second.

Come here.

Look at this.

Look at this.

It's all one contiguous
property, look at that.

Look at that.

(ominous music)

- This is where it happened.

- I did this.

- [Laura] Whoever rigged that gas tank

that's who did this not you.

There's the cemetery.

- I hate ghosts.

(ominous music)

Hey look at this.

It says keep out, I'm going in.

- Stottlemeyer.

Jeremiah Stottlemeyer.

- There's a water pumping plant here.

Maybe she was looking
for Carl Timmons here.

What are you doing?

- Meredith.

I'd like to introduce the Vice President

of Sol-Green Technologies.

Jeremiah Stottlemeyer.

- You're kidding.

- And here's treasurer Mary Anne Jacobson,

Richard Goodman, Peter Tippet.

He's the president.

They're all here.

The entire Board of Directors.

- If one of those companies is made up

of ghost directors,

maybe all of them are.

- And that makes Jack Lycar the only

real person involved.

- So then he isn't just
representing teams of buyers,

he is the buyer.

- But how'd he get the money?

He'd have to get bank
loans, and down payments...

- Wait, wait, wait!

What if they've done something to this?

- How could they?

I was right here the whole time.

- I know but I...

- Meredith they want us to be scared.

You know what I say?

Let's go get 'em.

- [Meredith] Alright.

(upbeat music)

(suspenseful music)

- If Lycar's running
three different companies,

he's gotta be hiding something.

- It's an old trick for assembling

a large tract of land.

Otherwise if people know
that you need their land

to complete your property they'll

hold out for a high price.

- So Lycar must have paid off Timmons

for the fake water report.

- He killed Timmons?

Lycar hardly seems the type.

- Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, turn that up.

There's something El Rancho Estates.

- What?

- [Narrator] Peter Bergstrom announced

unexpectedly today that he's pulling

the multimillion dollar housing project

out of Summit Park.

City officials in Summit Park
are threatening legal action.

But Bergstrom insists El Rancho Estates

will be built instead on a large

tract of land in Cedar Grove
in San Bernardino County.

Now trading in local stocks was...

- On Lycar's land.

- It makes no sense.

Bergstrom's got millions
invested in Summit Park.

Survey expenses,
environmental impact studies...

- Plus the three million dollar kill fee.

- Why would Bergstrom
allow his original deal

to fall apart?

- [Laura] Drop it on Jack Lycar's lap?

How much money would be on the table

for a deal this size?

- [Meredith] Hundreds of millions.

(engine revving)

- People are falling all over themselves

to do business with Peter Bergstrom.

Why would he end up with Jack Lycar?

What's wrong?

- Maybe nothing.

Do me a favor will you?

Pull over, let this guy pass.

- Is that the guy who tried
to run you off the road?

- I think so.

- Can you get his plate number?

- No plates on the front.

(engine revving)

Laura the bus!

- [Laura] We can make it.

- Laura!

(loud horn)

(tires screeching)

- Woo hoo!

- Lycar.

It's me Reese.

No I didn't.

They got away.

- I mean it Laura, we stop this now.

- How can you say that?

- Let the detectives handle it.

- Meredith this is crazy, this isn't you.

What about everything you taught me?

- Excuse me for being human.

It's been a long time since
I've been really killed.

Twice in one week.

- You can't just quit, this is what we do.

- Look at yourself, look at me.

A celebrity hack newscaster
and a washed up reporter

teaching at a second rate school.

Who are we kidding?

We can delude ourselves most of the time

but out there it's about to get us killed.

- You're not washed up.

- I've been in a downward
spiral for a decade.

You wanted to know why I'm so nasty,

that's your answer.

I was unhireable doing the
one thing I loved to do

so I had settled for this.

Laura you're not 20 years old.

Why would you ever listen to what I said?

You're a successful independent woman

with a great career.

Go back to your life.

Enjoy it while you've got it.

Amelia's dead.

Nothing we do is ever
gonna bring her back.

(solemn music)

- So cozy.

You're gonna get to school.

- You can watch this, it's so funny.


- Oh, now they're all ready.

And so now you make sure
they get to school on time.

And I'm just gonna check with daddy

and see if dinner's ready okay?

Be right back sweetie.

Bye you guys.

How's it coming?

- Not a total loss.

- Slow is good.

- How's Gloria?

- Sad.

Doing better though I think.

- You know, thanks for coming around.

It's good for her.

- I'll be here whenever she needs me.

What's that?

- Oh.

Amelia stashed this
stuff all over the house.

That was tucked in behind
the furnace I think.

(ominous music)

- Rick.

- [Rick] Okay, I think we're ready!

- Deborah Varner.

Deputy J.R. Oxley?

- What?

- This is it.

This woman, Deborah
Varner, she was driving

Peter Bergstrom's sports
car in Cedar Grove.

The Sheriff, his name was J.R. Oxley.

- So?

- But how does it connect?

Bergstrom wasn't even there.

It's got to connect somehow doesn't it?

- [Rick] Am I supposed to know
what you're talking about?

- I'm sorry Rick, rain
check on the spaghetti.

Oh hey, is Meredith here?

- I haven't seen her.

Guess who was reserve
county deputy sheriff

from 1985 to 92?

Jack Lycar.

- So was J.R. Oxley.

Both of them Sheriff's the same time

Peter Bergstrom's girlfriend
was killed in an accident.

10 years later Oxley dies

and his widow is pressured to
sell her land to Jack Lycar.

- He had already bought
out most of the land

in Cedar Grove.

- Which just happens to
be where Peter Bergstrom

suddenly decides to build
a huge housing development.

- What does this all have
to do with Amelia's murder?

Let me come.

- Absolutely not.

- Oh come on, I'm in on this,

you can't just shut me out.

I wanna be you one day.

- Believe me, you don't wanna be me.

- I don't wanna be you.

I wanna be as good as you.

Show me how.
(slow paced music)

- You better follow orders
a hell of a lot better

than I did at your age.

- Yes ma'am.

(upbeat music)

Looks like Lycar's still at work.

- So he is.

This could be interesting.

- What are you gonna do?

- [Laura] Watch Lycar's face
when we show him our hand.

(ominous music)

- Hello.

- Sorry we're closed...

Oh it's you again.

- Yup, me again.

- You're still working
on that civics class

assignment little lady?

This is not a good time for me.

I'm shutting down the business.

- That must have been a big check

you got from Bergstrom and Associates.

El Rancho Estates is a huge project.

- Yeah, it'll certainly
be good for Cedar Grove.

- Interesting article here.

I wonder if you saw it.

It's from October 22nd 1989.

It tells about the death of
Peter Bergstrom's girlfriend.

- It's funny.

You were Deputy County Sheriff back then.

- Yeah well, I wish I
could be of more help.

If you'll excuse me.

- I thought you might remember it.

Especially since you were the deputy

who filed the accident report.

- Is that true?

Were you bluffing?

- Sometimes it's not what you know

it's what they think you know.

- So you lie to get the truth?

- Something like that.

(ominous music)

I still can't reach Meredith.

- Maybe she's following some lead.

She's here.

- Mrs. Oxley.

Mrs. Oxley we need to talk to you.

- Please just go away.

- We need to talk to
you about your husband.

- We know that he was badly burned

in a propane explosion.

- It was a terrible accident.

There's nothing to talk about.

- I don't believe it
was an accident at all.

I think you told Amelia Moore the truth

about how J.R. was murdered.

About what really went on that night

of the car wreck didn't you?

- Look what happened to her!


(slow paced music)

J.R. was such a handsome man.

If you could've seen what
that fire done to him.

- Mrs. Oxley, when did
you learn the truth?

- A couple of months ago
J.R.'s hospital bills

were taking everything we had.

And then he told me about
this money he put away.


He told me to pay the doctors with it.

- Did he tell you where he got it?

- Jack Lycar gave it to him.

To keep quiet about that night.

- It's okay, just tell us
whatever you told Amelia.

- J.R. was first on the scene

so he called it in.

The girl was dead.

But she wasn't the one
driving, it was a young man.

Drunk out of his mind.

Before J.R. could call it in,

Jack Lycar shows up and pulls rank.

He always was a weasel that one.

Lycar talks to the young man for a while

and then he tells J.R.
he'll handle everything.

Lycar took the dead girls body

and put it in the drivers seat.

And then told J.R. to look the other way

if he wanted to keep his job.

- Well how did that news photo get taken?

- Some local guy from the paper

just got one shot before
Lycar chased him off

and then he kicked J.R. out of there too.

- And what happened after that?

- Well the next day
the newspaper comes out

saying the girl was driving all alone.

Well that ain't right.

And J.R.'s pretty upset
as you can imagine.

And a couple of days later Lycar

gives J.R. $20,000 to keep quiet.

But they were just helping
some young rich kid

out of a jam.

That's how Lycar put it.

Well times were tough.

J.R. was only a part-time deputy

so he didn't get much of a pension.

But he didn't touch a penny.

He called it blood money.

Until he didn't have a choice.

- When Lycar came around
buying up property,

did he offer you a fair price?

- Oh it didn't matter.

My J.R. stood out to him.

No way we'd sell.

He said he was tired of
Lycar and all his lies!

Well that lasted two weeks later

J.R.'s in a burn ward

after someone broke the valve off

that damn propane tank.

J.R. was a good man.

- Mrs. Oxley,

this is very important.

Who was driving the sports car that night?

Did your husband tell you?

It was Peter Bergstrom wasn't it?

- You know, I bet
Lycar's been blackmailing

Bergstrom for all these years.

- Until he was ready for the big payday.

Forcing Bergstrom to
move the new development

to Cedar Grove.

- That's Professor Backaman isn't it?

- [Laura] Yeah.

- [Christie] Who is she with?

- [Laura] Peter Bergstrom.

- I don't get it.

- That makes two of us.

- Maybe he has something
to do with the university.

You know grants, foundations,

that kind of thing.

- Somehow I don't think so.

- You have no idea what you're getting

yourself involved with Meredith.

- Peter you can't pull
off the tough guy act.

You're not your father.

When I wrote that expose on his business

he came after me with everything he had.

Brought me down.

My career, my marriage,

your family owes me.

- You're the one that
sent that woman after me.

The one who got killed.

- I sent her to finish what I started.

Your family thinks you can buy your way

out of any problem, well fine.

Time to buy me.

(ominous music)

(engine revs)

(tires screeching)

- There has to be some kind of reasonable

explanation for this right?

- Meredith wrote an
expose on the Bergstrom's.

She would of known the
date Deborah Varner died.

- Why would she lie to us?

- Because she wanted to
know where the money was,

what the scam was.

She needed us to help figure that out.

And Amelia.

- But, all she's taught us.

- The one thing she taught
us more than any other,

you don't stop.

You do whatever you need to
until you uncover the truth.

You stay here.

(loud screaming)

- [Laura] Christie!

Let her go!

- Help!



- Christie!

- [Laura] Help!

And after we saw Bergstrom
and Meredith talking

that's when they kidnapped Christie.

- You gotta go to the police.

- And risk Lycar killing her?

You're crazy.

Oh god, the poor kid.

And I was the one who got her into this.

God, and I knew better!

It's up to me.

- What?

- I might have one bargaining chip.

- What's that?

- The truth.

(suspenseful music)

- Afraid you missed her dear.

- You're kidding?!

- She's hard to catch ain't she?

- Do you have any idea
when she might be back?

- Oh she's gone.

For good.


Went to live with her sister.

- Well do you have the address?

- Somewhere in Santa Fe.

I dropped Loretta at
the bus station myself.

- How long ago?

- Last night, about midnight.

I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?

- No.

- Awe.

You look so lost sweetie.

(fast paced music)

- Miss.

How'd you like to be on TV?

- What the hell is this?

- We know how Deborah Varner died.

I know about you and I
know about Jack Lycar.

- [Peter] What are you talking about?

- I got the story.

I just thought you'd might
like to comment before it airs.

- This is ridiculous.

The gossip columnist is suddenly becoming

a hard biting news reporter.

Is that what's going on?

- That's right.

I wouldn't mind moving a rung
up the journalistic ladder,

and busting your ass is
the perfect place to start.

- And that's all cute and everything.

Turn off your camera
and get out of my office

before I call my attorney!

- You and Jack Lycar conspired to make

it look like Deborah Varner died alone.

When in fact you were
the driver that night.

- What do you do?

You bust into somebody's office,

stick a camera in their
face, and start hurling

accusations at 'em?

Get out...

- You killed Deborah Varner

and you paid off Jack
Lycar to cover it up!

Now Lycar's come back to blackmail you.

That's the only reason you'd ever build

El Rancho Estates on his land.

- Alright, what you're saying right now

is completely outrageous!

- What's outrageous is that
three people have died.

J.R. Oxley, Carl Timmons,
and my friend Amelia Moore.

- I'm truly sorry.

But I have nothing to do with any of this.

- I interviewed Loretta Oxley.

The deputy's widow.

J.R. Oxley told his wife
the truth before he died.

- Well look, I don't know what you think

you have there in your little hand,

but in a court of law, that
would be called hearsay.

- Oh I'm not taking it to court,

I'm a hack remember?

I make my living reporting
innuendo and speculation,

it's the new journalism.

Oh and let me promise you this is

gonna make great television.

- Why don't you tell me what it is

that you really want.

- A college student
named Christie McDermott.

She's been kidnapped and I want her

released unharmed immediately.

- Okay fantastic, so do I.

But I have no idea what
you're talking about!

- I didn't think you did.

It's Lycar.

Your partner.

- You wanna talk?

You really wanna talk?

Take your camera, turn it off.

Turn it off, put it down.


Show me your tape.

Play it please, 'cause I'd
love to see what's on it.

Just pop it in over here.

- My husband J.R. Oxley was the first

deputy on the scene the
night of the accident.

Peter Bergstrom was driving drunk

when he crashed his car in Cedar Grove.

He killed that poor girl
in the passenger seat.

She died 'cause of him.

Jack Lycar and Bergstrom
covered up what happened.

They made it look like that young girl

done it to herself.

(solemn music)

- You have to understand,
I loved Deborah Varner.

And that night has
haunted me my entire life.

(slow paced music)

- Tell me Peter, why'd you
pick this godforsaken spot?!

- This is where the accident happened.

This is where it all started

and this is where it's all gonna end.

- Sounds morbid.

Look, I don't know why I
need to meet with Lycar.

You're paying me not him.

- There's too many side deals.

I want everything on the table.

Here he comes.

- Wait a minute, what's
he doing with Christie?

- This is crazy Peter.

This is just crazy!

- [Meredith] You idiot,
why'd you grab the girl?

- Insurance!

What the hell is she doing here?

- Calm down Jack,

we're just finishing a business deal here.

You said it yourself, there's
plenty for everybody right?

- Yeah but why did you get her involved?

- She got herself involved, believe me.

- I'm cashing in same as you.

- Peter I had this all covered.

- I want my payoff after 15 wasted years.

- Please, my heart bleeds.

Frisk her.

- Back off.

- You know what, this ends now.

People are getting killed Jack.


This is not the deal that we made!

- She's clean.

- Deals change Petey boy.

- [Peter] No, no, you
let that girl go now.

Or this whole deal is off.

- [Lycar] You know, your father had a more

practical way of dealing
with these things.

I let the girl go when the deal is done.

- Okay, Lycar just gave us
plenty on the kidnapping.

I'm calling it in.

- No wait.

I want him for murder.

- Let's get rid of her.

- No, what are you gonna do with her?

- What do you care?

All of a sudden you got scruples?

- Jack, you can't go
whacking every reporter

who starts asking questions.

- Now you listen to me Peter.

I wanna live your life.

I wanna chance at the good life,

and if someone has to disappear

well that's just tough!

- You killed Amelia didn't you?

- No, I did.

- You shut your mouth Reese!

He paid me 20 grand and
another 15 for the water guy.

- We've got 'em, okay move move!

(loud sirens)

- What is this?

- [Narrator] Hold off the perimeter.

Lock it down, keep it together.

- Reese let's go!

Come on!


- I'm done fixing your problems Lycar.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Jack!

Forget it man, I'm wired.

This is all on tape, you're finished.

- Are you out of your mind?

You'll lose everything.


- Everything but my self respect.

- [Laura] Christie, are you okay?!

- I thought...

- [Laura] It's alright honey.

No one can hurt you.

You're safe now.

(solemn music)

- Jack Lycar.

You're under arrest for the murders

of Amelia Moore and Carl Timmons.

Get him out of here.

- All those years you lectured us,

did you really mean anything?

- I was teaching you to
become better journalists.

- You're the reason Amelia died.

- Yes I directed her
towards the Bergstrom's.

They've always been
ripe for bringing down.

I never meant for her to get hurt.

- No, You just wanted her
to dig up some dirt for you.

- She was a journalist!

- She was a wife and a mother.

She idolized you.

- She chose the wrong idol.

(solemn music)

- Hey there Amelia.

I wish you would of told
me what you were doing.

Maybe we could've done it together.

I'm working for The Times now.

A second string metro.

But it's a start.


Maybe once in a while you can

look down and give me a hand?

Like old times.

(slow paced music)

(slow paced music)

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ Yeah yeah ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪