Trust No One (2016) - full transcript

A district attorney asks a forensic accountant (Nicole de Boer) to investigate the murder of a key witness.

(radio chatter)

(police sirens)

(police sirens)

What the hell's going on, Frank?

What's with all the secrecy?

Put this on.

I didn't want to tell you
over the phone

and I don't want this getting
out to the press.

We got a situation here
and it's not good.

Who is it?

Your star witness.


What happened?

We don't know.

But that's why you're here.

He's been asking for you.


You promised me nothing
would happen.

Walter, I'm here.

Okay? We're going to fix this.

That her?


You said I would be safe!

Shut up!

Please don't kill me.

I have kids!

My name is Kate and
I'm with the DA's office.

You haven't killed anyone so we
can end all of this right now.

We can make a deal here.

Put the gun down.

Please do something.


I want immunity.

Then I'll talk.

You'll want to hear
what I've got to say.

What do we do?

Tell him what he wants to hear.

You! Get back!

I want to talk to her.

Get back!

Tell him what he wants to hear.


Okay, we can do that.

How do I know I can trust you?

Give him what he wants.

I'm the DA.

I speak for the office.

If your info is good,
we'll give you immunity.

Okay. We're good.

Come on, it's going
to be good, alright?

It's all good.

Let Walter go now.

Come on.

Guess I got nothing to lose.




Quick, get her out of here.



No! No!

The rat is down.

What about Rocco?

Took him out as well.

And the Assistant DA?


That's okay.

We'll leave her for now.

Lay low.



It's not your fault.

Then whose was it, Frank?


He trusted me.

He... he believed
in me and...

And now he's dead.

It was Vargano
that orchestrated this.

Yeah well we'll never know now,
will we?

Our hit-man is dead.

Our star witness is dead.

We've got nothing!

I can't do it Frank.

I can't do this anymore.

The guilt is...

it's just too much.

Kate, what are you saying?

I'm saying I'm handing
in my resignation.

As of tomorrow.

If you resign,

not only do they
win but Walter loses,

the justice system loses,
we all lose.

Don't give in to the guilt.

You're the best attorney
this office has ever had

so I'm not going to accept
your resignation just yet.

Go home.


And when you're ready,
you come back to us.


It's okay.

So to what do I owe the honour
of a visit

from the District Attorney?

I know it was you Vargano.

We were going to nail you
to the wall

but you murdered our witnesses.

I have two words for you:

Got proof?

Just as I thought.

Next time you want to speak
to me,

you speak to my lawyer.

I'm a busy man.

Remember one thing Vargano.

And what would that be?

You're not the Teflon Don.

You've already made a mistake.

I don't know what it is
but we'll find it.

And when we do?

It's going to be
a very good day.

You done?

That's four things.

Oh Frank can you say hello
to the Assistant DA?

What was her name?


I've called this
press conference today

to make a brief announcement.

There will be new charges
in the State vs Vargano case.

We are pursuing RICO charges
for money laundering.

Is it true that Mr Vargano
made bail of $3 million

until he awaits trial?


His lawyers claim that
this is a witch hunt

and that he will be cleared
of all charges.

A criminal claiming
he's innocent?

Well that's a novel defense,
even for Vargano.

Is it true you have someone deep
within the Vargano organization

who is prepared to turn
State Witness?

I can neither confirm nor deny.

Do you think that it's time
for us to-

That's all for today, thank you.

Just one more question please?

(phone rings)

Excuse me.

(phone rings)

Entertain yourselves.


He's heading towards his office.

Take him down.

Make sure the cockroach
doesn't make it.

Yeah sure thing.


We have breaking news.

Earlier today businessman
Lance Morgan was found murdered.

Police have confirmed that
this was an execution

and that he may
have been targeted.

Our sources believe that
he is the secret witness

in the ongoing Vargano case
which now appears to be

on the verge of collapsing.


Find out where Kate Mclntyre is
for me.

Mark to market aims to provide
a realistic analysis

of a company's current financial

So how is it different from
other accounting methods?

Well MTM values an asset
based on current market price

so for example if you
bought a stock at $75

and sold it for $100,

you would record it as $100 and
recognize it as a gain of $25.

Got it. Thanks.

That will be all for today.

I would like you to review
Chapter 17,

Ethics in Accounting.

Class dismissed.

You're a long way
from the office.

So are you.

Yes, well.

It's not so bad.

It's time to come back.

We both know this is a waste
of your talents.

Besides, I need you.

Why? What's going on?

I am 3 weeks away from the
biggest case in my career

and I've got nothing.

Give me 5 minutes.

Alright I'll listen.

But no promises.

I'm going to be honest
with you Kate.

My case is going down the drain.

I thought we had Vargano.

Yeah I saw it on the news.

Executed in cold blood.

I'm sorry Frank.

We know he ordered the hit

but we just can't prove it.

If we can get him on
the RICO charges

for money laundering,

then we can put
him away for a long time.

So what are you doing here?

You're the best I've got,
and I need you.

I don't know, Frank.

I need to think about it.

Well, at least
you didn't say no.

You've got my number.


You did this.

You killed me.



I'm in.

I want to put Vargano away.


Welcome back.

Thanks for the push.

Well it was as much for you
as it was for me.

Vargano doesn't stand a chance.

Alright, listen up everybody.

This here is Kate Mclntyre.

She's going to give us
a fresh perspective.

Kate, this is Greg.

He's heading up the team.

This here is Carl and of course
you know Vivian.

Alright, I'm going to leave
you guys to it.

Kate we appreciate
you coming on.


Why don't we start
with a debrief?

Go ahead, grab a coffee

and we'll see you in the
conference room.


Saw you testify
in the Walden case.

You were really great.

Thank you.


Do you want to leave
your stuff right here?


And do you want a coffee?


Come with me.

So how much do you know?

Vargano is a multinational,
headed up by James Vargano.

He's into money laundering,
suspected of murder,

with ties to organized crime
syndicates around the world.

Frank says that a whistle-blower
triggered the investigation?

Which doesn't help us now.

The shooting at the building.

He was on his way to meet Frank
with the evidence.

And now we've only got 2 weeks
until the arraignment.

Well if we don't find something
right away,

this is going to get thrown out.

Exactly, so let's get at it.

Carl, help Kate pull together
whatever documents she needs.



That's about it for now folks so
let's see what we can find out.

Lecturing is nothing
like working on a case.

Day three and you're already

You've gone soft, Mclntyre.

You know the only exercise
I've had in the last month

has been walking
to the photocopier,

pressing start, highlighting.

Okay, I got it.

You're right.

But I haven't seen
so many files.

Yet Vargano still looks
squeaky clean.

I'm starting to wonder if
there's anything to find.

Yeah except that we
have a dead witness.

His family needs justice.

Hey is that why you came back?

To redeem yourself?


I just don't want to give up
until we know the truth.

(phone ringing)


She's nosing around again.

She's back on the case.

She could be trouble.

Keep an eye on her.

Yeah, sure.

(clears throat)

I have a problem.

Well when I have a problem,
you have a problem.

I don't want your excuses.

I paid you a lot of money
to make sure I'm clean

so make sure I'm clean.

She finds anything,
it's on your head.



Take a look at this.

What do you got?

I did a cost benefit for
the Benton acquisition

and I can't figure out
why Vargano went ahead.

Was this checked out?

We ran the numbers but
it's not our smoking gun.

Benton Holdings.


There's a lot of subjectivity
in the valuation.

This didn't lead anywhere?

No, the assessment was solid.

That's too bad.

I really like them for this.

Maybe this is the lucky file.

Just like old times.

Oh Jessica thank you.

Did you find everything?

Oh nothing I couldn't handle.

I owe you a coffee.

I've already had my lunch
this week so...

I'm surprised you got that.

Coffee's perfect.

(phone rings)

Can I help you?

I don't think so.

Is the DA expecting you?

I would assume so yes.

Maybe you should wait outside.

Kate, I see you've met Daniel.

Thanks for this.

I hope it wasn't
too much trouble.

Yeah no.

No problem at all.

I appreciate the change
in scenery.

Any progress?

Not yet.

What's your gut say?

He's money laundering.

And that they're very good
at hiding their tracks.

But there's something.

Vargano paid way too much
for a recent auisition

but the team already
checked it out so...

Well keep digging.

I'm counting on you.


You know it's risky to go ahead
with the arraiment.

It's political suicide
if I lose.

Kate, could you close the door
on the way out?

(phone vibrates)


Let me know if she becomes
a problem.

♪ ♪

Okay I gotta go.

I promised I'm gonna try to
see him at least once this week.

Okay well listen let's
pack it in for tonight

and we can pick it back up again

Yeah and I got a kid to put
to bed so...


Tomorrow, my friend.


Thanks, good work.

Thank you.

Whaddya say, time for one more?

Why not?

You know it's hard to believe

that our paths haven't
crossed before.

When did you move to Pittsburgh?

I have been here 6 months now.

Well then we really wouldn't
have really been running

in the same circles.

I've been teaching.

By your choice I'm told.

You've heard about the witness
I've lost.

I left the DA's office
after that.

I was told you were set up.

A man lost his life
because of me.

You were a pawn
just like he was.

You've got a good reputation.

Vivian's a gossip.

You don't like compliments
do you?

All I meant was that
we're lucky to have you.


It's good to be back.

And yes, Vivian is a gossip.

What did she say?

Ah it's nothing I want to reveal
right now

but she obviously knows
you very well.

Yeah, we met right out
of University.

At Avcentro.

You have done your research.

I just like to know
who I'm working with.

So how did you get
into forensic accounting?

Yikes, a pretty standard story.

Third generation accountant
and after I got my CPA

I decided that I really liked
the investigative side of things

so I went back
and got my Masters.

And the DA's office?

Oh wait, you like to be
where the action is.


Come on, what can be more
exciting for an accountant?


Anything interesting?

Not yet.

I think I'm going to tackle
2009 next.

What's the box number?

I'll go to storage
if you get refills.

Oh yeah? You don't mind?

Yeah. I know where
everything is.

Okay it's box #32.

I've missed this.

Oh I know, I love working
on Sundays.

You know what I mean.

Thanks Viv!


(alarms ringing)




Wake up, Viv!

(alarm continues to wail)



I love you too.

Okay, bye.


Want to trade?


If anything had happened
to you, I...

Did you hear from the hospital?

Not yet.

She was getting a box for me.

Hey hey hey.

You didn't plant the bomb.

You saved her life.

Got it?



Now we should head on
over to the station.

Are you alright?

Yeah. I'm fine.

I can't believe this.

What about Vivian?

She's in a coma.


(overlapping chatter)

Okay everybody listen up.

This here is Detective Leighton.

Now, the police assume that
the bomb was intended

to destroy information inside
the storage room

but there were hundreds
of case files in there.

We can't be sure who or
what the intended target was.

We do know the bomb
was triggered by a timer

so whoever put it probably
didn't expect anybody

to be there that late.

Unless the police
uncover evidence

connecting the bombing
to Vargano,

next week's arraignment
is still on.

I need to know if any of you
want out.

It's your choice.

No judgements.

You know my decision.

I'm sorry guys.

I didn't sign up for this.

Neither did my family.

Hey, we understand.

It's okay, Carl.

Um, guys.

Can I get a minute?


There's no way I'm walking away
from this.

I figured as much so we're
taking some precautions.

You're going to work
at a safe house

until the arraignment.

Safe house?

Why can't we just get
a new office?

Carls right.

If someone's prepared to blow up
the DA's office,

changing floors is not going
to stop them.

Hey, this is non-negotiable.

Fine, yeah.

Okay Greg, it's you and Kate.

Detective Leighton is going
to be responsible for you.

Well don't you usually
have marshals

to do that kind of thing?

Well if you have witnesses yeah,

but we're in a bit of
a grey area

and I've called in some favours.

Is this really necessary guys?

I mean I think we can look
after ourselves.

This is not up for negotiation.


They're all yours.

Alright let's get this show
on the road

but first I need your phones


They can be traced.

Come on.


Grab my purse.


After you.

Thank you.

This is Officer McTierney.

McTierney. Kate. Greg.



Why don't you guys
head upstairs,

find a room and I'll go over
the ground rules later, okay?


I got you some things from
the station.

It's going to have to do
until McTierney gets back.

Oh, thanks.


Everything is secure sir.

Do you want me to stick around?

No. That's good, we'll see
you later tonight.



Hey it's good to have you back.

Thank you.

Not exactly what I had in mind

but what are you gonna do,

Alright. Have a good day.

You too.



She's going to be okay,
you know.

I hope so.

So, what's the plan?

Well Frank sent over laptops

and any of the files that
could be salvaged.

Is this another precaution?

I'm afraid so.

He's a little much,
don't you think?

Who? John Wayne?


If you guys are ready,
we'll go over the house rules.


The entire house is secured.

If a window or door is opened,

the alarm will go off.

The back patio is secure.

We'll bypass the alarm
on this door during the day

so you guys can go outside.

After you.


Just so you know,

the patio will be locked
at night.

Also, there is no phone
or internet.

But we need to access the server
at work.

Those are the rules.

Are you kidding me?

How are we supposed to get at
the files?

Through us.

Myself or McTierney
will always be here.

What, the entire time?

What is this? Kindergarten?

No. Kindergarten would be
a lot more fun.

This is about making you safe.

Don't you think it's
a bit extreme?

No more extreme than a witness
being murdered

or a bombing at the DA's office.



Hey. What's up?

Any word on Vivian?

No, no change.

I want to go visit her.

That's not an option.

Can't I get an escort?

What don't you get about
this situation, Kate?

Hey, I'm not the bad guy here.

I never said you were.

But you knew the deal
when you signed up for this.


The best thing you can do
for Vivian right now

is work on the Vargano files.

Frank will call if there's
any change.

Oh hey what happened
to the janitor?

Is he okay?

What janitor?

The janitor.

I saw him getting
into the elevator right

before the bomb went off.

There was nobody else reported
working that day.

Did you recognize him?


I mean I haven't been back
that long.

Yeah, right.

Get me any information about
the janitors

working the night
of the explosion.

No, tomorrow's too late.

I need it tonight.

(phone rings)



Relax, don't worry.

When this is over you're going
to be compensated very well.

Get me a drink.

(phone vibrates)

We need to take a break.

Yeah, 10 minutes.

No, I mean now, all star.

Let's take 5.


Okay boss.

Finally got through
that first box.

Oh boy.

Forget about work, Kate.

How you holding up?

Can't stop thinking
about Vivian.

Why don't I go ask John Wayne
to call the hospital.

I already got an update.

No change.

You know I'm really glad
you weren't hurt.

That's crazy huh?

I mean that's a little too close
to the action for me.

And what would your boyfriend

Are you asking me if I'm single?

I guess that wasn't very subtle,
was it?

No, no boyfriend.

Maybe just a few dead plants
by the time I get home.


No it's just me
and my plants too.

But they're plastic.



So I checked into that janitor.

Oh yeah?


Who was he?

Someone who wasn't supposed
to be there.

I'm going to take you into
the police station tomorrow,

see if you can ID him.

You think he planted the bomb?

It's our best lead.

How's the workoming?

Oh everything leads
to a dead-end,

but it's all just a little
too perfect.


Meaning Vargano is outperforming
the rest of the industry

in a time when everyone else
is suffering.

That is interesting.

Greg thinks I'm overanalyzing

it Isn't that what you get
paid for?

Are you okay?

It's nothing.

I got nicked.


You mean like shot?

I'm healing. It's okay.

You should probably call
in Officer McTierney.

I'm fine.

Well maybe we should get back
to work, huh?


Why don't you just give me
a minute?


I'd appreciate it if you didn't
talk about your field exploits

in front of Kate.

Any particular reason why?

Well she's got a lot
on her mind.

Hearing about your shortcomings
doesn't help.

She seems strong enough to me.

You don't know her.

Listen pretty boy,

you got a problem with me?

Feel free to leave at any time.

So you can spend more time
alone with her?

Great protection.

I don't think you want
to go there.

Just stay away from Kate.

Or what?

Detective, I just got a call
from Tucker.


(t) Doctor's
office. Dial 182 please.

(machines beeping)

(machines beeping)



Good news.


Yeah, she's awake.

I want to go see her.

Yeah, let's go right now.

That's not going to happen.

Says who?

I'm going.


Call a cab.

But if you leave this house,
you're off the investigation.

You know what?

You're an ass.

I'm going to get some air.


Someone wants to talk to you.




I heard you insisted on speaking
to me.

Oh my God.

Thank God you're okay.

The doctor said m going
to be as good as new

in a couple weeks.

I'm so sorry Viv.

No don't even go there.

So you've heard about my
new living arrangements.

Only that you're hidden away
somewhere until the arraignment.

Any progress on the case?


Nothing yet.

But don't worry,

they're not going to get away
with this.

(overlapping chatter)

It's right in here.

Hey! Partner!

This is Kate.

Kate, Detective Tucker.


Unfortunately you're stuck with
him for the next hour or so.

You're not staying?

No I've got a thing.

A thing?


I'll see you in a bit.

Your partner is an open book.



(phone rings)



Yeah she's in with the cops.

They've been in there
the last hour.

Take them out.

That could bring down
a lot of heat on you.

Just do what I tell you to do.



Maybe we can get
something from this.

Take that to the DA's office.

Maybe someone else might
have saw him.

Hey Einstein.

It's not my first science fair.

Sorry. Cabin fever.

We should get going.

I'll let you know if
something surfaces.

Thanks Detective.

(radio chatter)

You know we're only 5 minutes
from the hospital.

Not now Kate.

This is Detective Leighton.

I need a run on license plate
DTN 3476.

Copy that.

The car was stolen.

What's your location?

I'm heading west on Pine
just east of the I-5.

Send backup and connect me
with Detective Tucker.

What's going on?

Yeah we're being followed.

I'm heading to the underpass.

I'm on my way.

What do they want?

Let's not find out.

Hold on.

(screeching tires)

(car honking)

Tucker'll have to take care
of him.

We're going to have
to change cars.

You okay?


How'd it go?

Someone knew we were there.

What do you mean? A leak?

Either that or they were
watching the police station.

Well I hope it was
worth it Leighton.

Kate could have been killed.

Well maybe if you'd
been driving.

How do I know we're safe here?

Greg, I'm fine.

Unless you ordered a pizza
while we were gone,

the only person who knows we're
at this location is my captain.

Why doesn't that comfort me?

Come on, let's get a drink
and get back to work.

Greg, you're making me nervous.

How can you work
after what happened?

I'm trying not to think
about it.

Well you're doing a better job
than I am.

What are you looking at?

I'm still stuck on
this Benton file.

The acquisition?


Yeah, something just doesn't
add up.

Benton is a holding company
for Vargano

and if Enron taught us anything

it's that we should always be
suspicious of holding companies

carrying excessive debt.

I've looked into Benton.

It's being funded by independent
equity investors.

Not Vargano.

The arraignment's in 4 days,

That's a dead end. Alright?

Just trust me on this one.

(shower running)


Jessica, it's Kate.

Kate? Are you okay?

Yeah, I am.

Listen I only have a second.

I need you to get me some
information on a company

called Benton Holdings
and I need it right away,

like tomorrow.

Of course, I'll give it
to Frank.

No, no I don't want to go
through the regular channels.

Listen can you drop it off
at Beach and Rivercrest?

There's a body shop there.

Just put it behind the dumpster
right up against the wall.


Yeah. I'll be there.

No just drop it off there
sometime before midnight.

Are you sure about this?

Yeah, yeah it'll be fine.

Listen I got to go.

And Jessica, don't tell anyone.

Of course.

I gotta go.


Yeah, it's Leighton.

There's been a development.

(shower running)

Here goes nothing.

(alarm wailing)

Are you okay?

I opened the window!

I didn't know!

Close it so I can turn
the alarm off!

(alarm continues to wail)

(cell phone rings)

What's going on?

Kate opened the window.

It's fine.


No, somebody here just opened
the window.

Yeah, I'm turning it off.

Okay, it's all good, thanks.

I was just trying to clear
the steam.

Try and be more careful,


Detective Leighton.



As soon as McTierney gets here.

Did they catch that driver?

No not yet.

So we'll never know?

We're assuming it's related.

Then I can think of
worse places to be.


When will you be back?

Later tonight.

Do you need something?


No I was just wondering.


Try not to give McTierney
a hard time, okay?

I have stared at the same column
for the past 5 minutes.

I think I'm done.

You're right, it's late.

Yeah. Let's go have a drink.

Oh, I'm too tired.

Come on.

Keep me company.

I've been letting it breathe.

You come prepared.

Well McTierney did me a favour.

2009 Brunello.


You're going to love it.

And there you go.


I've got a blue cheese
in my fridge at home

that would go perfect with this.

How inconvenient.

I can't wait to get back
to my own place.

Well you know there are
some perks to being here.

Oh uh...

Am I interrupting?


No, um, I was just leaving.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Kate. It's me Jessica!

What are you doing?

I told you not to stay!

I had to make sure
you were okay.

I can't believe someone
blew up the file room.

I know.

It's crazy.

We have to go through
metal detectors

and the 5th floor is
still off limits.

I just can't wait
for this to be over.

So why all this secrecy
with Benton?

It's just something
that I need to do.

Is it all here?

Yeah everything in the archives
or online so...

Thank god for public records.

Oh and I saved copies
in our shared folders.

Do you know the password?

It's Frank's birthday?


Oh, you're the best.

Okay I gotta get going.

Thank you!

I owe you.

Stay safe.

Yeah I will.


You can't tell anyone.

What the hell do you think
you're doing?

What is your problem?

I was just out getting some air.


How'd you get past the alarm?

I saw the code.

Big deal.

We can go on the patio right?

You must think I'm an idiot,
don't you Kate?

How'd you get that?

It's confidential.

Not from me, it's not.

Okay if you must know,

this is new information
on Vargano.

You took a stupid risk.

Who else knows that you're here?

No one.

Don't toy with me, Kate.

How did you get this

Someone from the office
met me, okay?

About a mile from here.

I need a name.

Jessica Hall.

It's not her fault, okay?

This was all my idea.

It was a bad idea.

I'm not going to apologize
for doing my job, alright,

so if we are done here,
I'm going to bed.


You scared me.

Sorry, I heard some voices.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, I just couldn't sleep.

Anything you want to talk about?


I'm pretty tired, actually.

Okay well, good night.

See you in the morning.

Knock knock.

Super nanny, it's about time.

I got better things
than to wait around for you.

Well I would have made more
of an effort

if I knew you missed me so much.


You find the driver?


Strike two.

Pal, you gotta
give me something.

It's all dead ends.

We pulled Greg Nealon's bank
statements, phone records.

Nothing there either.

Well he's a forensic accountant.

Not the kind of guy who's going
to leave a paper trail, right?

Did he make any new purchases?

He bought a Porsche
but that's not a crime

unless you count the fact
that it's a boxster.

Yeah. What about the assistant?




I'm still talking to her but I
want to expand the investigation

to include Kate.



She snuck out last night.

I don't know if she's part
of this or just plain crazy.

Where'd she go?

She said she went to meet
with Jessica.

Let's keep an eye
on both of them.

Now tell me, how's Kate
holding up

after your adventure
in the alley?

Well it didn't seem to scare
her all that much.


She snuck out last night.

That doesn't sound like her.

Can she be trusted?

I've known her
since she was a kid.

She claims she's getting info

from someone in your office.

Jessica Hall?


I spoke with Jessica and she
cracked in about 30 seconds.

Sounds like a new record.

What were the files?

Everything she could find
on Benton Holdings.

Maybe Kate's on to something?


But she didn't tell Greg.



Those two, they seem
kinda close.

You sound jealous.



Kate's a pain in the ass.

If you say so.

She's got good instincts,

she just needs to trust them.

Reminds me of someone else
I know.

And who might that be?

I don't know.

Somebody else I know.

I have a confession to make.

But it's a good thing.

I did some additional research
on Benton

and I found it.

You found what?

Greg, it's all in here.

Benton is an offshore special
purpose entity.

Kate we already know that.

But Vargano reported it as an
arm's length acquisition

when in fact it was incorporated
by Vargano

but under his mother's
maiden name.

Vargano always controlled it,

He took shareholders money
to buy it at an inflated price.

That's where he's laundering
the money.

I know it.

How did you find this?

I thought their profits and
assets were too inflated,

even for a company this size.

And uh...

Well the team already looked
into the files at the office,

so I thought to check
into Benton

prior to the Vargano purchase.

But how did you get your
hands on those documents?

I had someone at the office
pull the files for me.

But Greg, this is even bigger
than we imagined.

Benton is one of a dozen
holding accounts

that Vargano set up.

I think we're talking
about another Enron here.

Kate, who knows about this?

No one.

I wanted to tell you first.


Show me exactly what you found.

I can't believe I missed this.

We needed the historical

Kate, this is huge.

Listen don't tell the cops

If there is a leak we
can't trust anyone.

I've got to tell Frank.





I need to check in with the DA.


There you go.


Greg Nealon for the DA.

(tires screeching)

Excuse me.


You anxious?


It's a big day for you.

You ready?

Oh uh, yeah.

It's really coming down
to the wire.

Well it can't be easy for you.

You're cut off from friends,


Look I'm sorry that I've been
such a pain in the ass.

It's okay.

You've had to deal with bombs,
car chases.

No big deal.

That's true.

And also it's my first case
in awhile so...

By choice?

Yeah, you could say that.

My last job left me
a little gun shy.

Frank mentioned we might have
something in common.

My last case went south too.

Is that when you got shot?


Yeah, so, you know how it feels.

I mean I just don't want history
repeating itself.

Are you trying to explain
last night's James Bond antics?

Right, I wish.

It's more like Maxwell Smart.

And you're really intimidating
you know?

You could have fooled me.

Well I do have a good
poker face,

and years on the stand.

Hmm. I'll have to remember that.

Just promise me
you'll be more careful.

I promise.



Kate, can I talk to you
for a second?

Yeah, sure.

Frank is ecstatic.


Great so I'll start prepping
the files.

Yeah. There's no rush though.

We've got some time.


You know what?

I think I'm going to work out.

It'll help clear my head.

Do you want to meet back
in an hour?

Sure that's a good plan
but listen...

Frank agrees.

There's definitely someone
working from the inside.

You mean the DA's office?


Could be anybody.

What, Daniel?

Oh no, I doubt it.

Frank was really clear...

we have to keep
this confidential,

between the two of us, alright?


...struck while crossing
the street.

Ms. Hall was pronounced dead
at the scene.

Authorities are looking
for a black SUV.

Anyone with information
about the hit and run

is asked to contact the police.

What is it?


On TV?

She was hit by a car.


This isn't an accident.

Jessica is the one who brought
me the Benton files.

Somebody knows.

Yeah but who would she tell?

No one.

I told her specifically.

I told Daniel about the files.

He knows that the files
are from Jessica?


Where are the files?

It was right here.

It's gone.

The file, the memory stick,
everything is gone.

That proves it.

Leighton is involved.

Jessica put a copy
in the shared folder.

On the team server?

God, why would someone
hurt Jessica?

Kate, focus.

Who has access?

No one.

It's a password.

Give me the password.

Greg, we gotta get out of here.

Kate listen, he's got a gun.

We've got to act normal.

I'll tell him I have to speak
to the DA again.

Give me the password.

Frank has it.

Tell him it's under the file
named Benton.


Go to your room and lock
your door.

Be careful.

It's Nealon.

You scare tactic didn't work.

She figured it out.

You said you had it covered.

Yeah well she went
behind my back.

Well that changes everything.

It's time for you to get
your hands dirty.

That was never part of the deal.

What do you think the $2 million
is for?!

Look, there's a cop here 24/7.

What do you expect me to do?

How about a tragic fire where
no one survives?

That's not going to solve

They copied the files
to the DA's server.

Greg! You listen to me
and you listen good.

You get me those damn files,
or you're dead.

I can't without internet access.

Or the password.

Alright I'm not going
to kill you.

I'll cut out your tongue.

Kate knows how to get them.

She can help you.


Just make sure there's
no problems.

I'm going to send some friends.

You do what you gotta do
to get those files.



Just in for a refill.

Can I get you one?

Yeah. Why not, thanks.

There you are.

Thanks Greg.



Okay the police are
on their way.

Did Daniel suspect?


I can't believe this.

Listen, you stay here.

I'll come and get you
when it's time.


Hey buddy.

How was your coffee?

Won't be needing this.

It's done.

(nervous breathing)


It's the police.

No wait, the alarm.

Wait, it's already off?

Where's the cop?

Down the hall, up the stairs.

What the hell is going on?

I trusted you!

Kate, don't.

Was that necessary?

Don't be stupid, he's got a gun.

Come on.

Come on.

Take care of him.

We're not going back
to Pittsburgh?

We don't know who's working
for Vargano.

You're staying hidden.

But Frank needs us
to the rebuild the files.

You're working from
a new location.

Everything is arranged.

We're setting you up
at the Centennial Motel.


It's okay.

You're safe now.

(fighting grunts)


Your internet.

Work fast.



Are you okay?

Yeah I'm fine.

Just under a lot of pressure.

Because we can fix this.

You're so nalve.

Greg, what's wrong?

Just stop talking, okay?

Just find the files, okay?

Shouldn't we call Frank?

Forget about Frank for now,

Just get those files.

You know, maybe I will take
that drink.

Gotcha, coming right up.


There you go.

Alright I'm logged in

so I just need to think
of the password.

You don't know the password?

Just give me a minute, okay?

It's been awhile.

Um, Sammy?



What is it Kate?

What is it?

It's Jessica's dog.

I'll remember it.

Would Vivian know what it is?

Okay, Greg?

You need to back off,
give me some space.


Thank you.

I just need to think.



Jesus Kate, it's a dog's
name right?

How hard can that be?

Okay if you would stop yelling
at me Greg

maybe I could think.




Pepper, no.



This is so strong.

Could you put some soda in that?

Yeah give me that.


There you go.

Okay, I'm in.

Alright alright.

Where's the Benton folder?

It should be there.

No it's not there.

It's not there.

Well of course it is.

No, it's not there.

Find it.

Find it!

Come on.

It's got to be there.

Maybe she just put it
under another name.

Oh no no no, you bitch.

No no no.


Don't even think about it!

How could you?

Kate nobody was supposed
to get hurt.

The bomb?

Vivian was almost killed!

That was your fault.

That wasn't my fault.

That was you.

And Jessica?

How did you know?

What did you think I'm dumb?

Think I'm stupid?

You're a monster.

And you let me think
that it was Daniel?

Oh my god, what
have you done to him?

No amount of money
is worth this.

Oh you think I'm calling
the shots?

Doing their dirty work makes
you just as guilty!

Shut up!



You have no idea
what you've done.

Kate, you've ruined everything!

You have no idea what
you've done!



Get back here you little bitch!

Drop the gun!

I said drop it!

That's a good,
good little doggy.




Kate I can't let you go!


I thought you were supposed
to be a tough guy, hey?

(rapid nervous breathing)


Why didn't you just let
well enough be?


Come on, come out.

I know you're here.



The others, I did for money.


I'm going to do for fun.


Why couldn't you leave
well enough alone?

We could have been a couple,

Now look at what you're
forcing me to do!



Now I get to see the fear
in your eyes

before I kill you.



Just lower the gun.

It's okay.

Come here.

It's over. It's over.

(sirens wailing)

(radio chatter)


Thank you.

I'm sorry I didn't trust you.

Well that's okay, I
didn't trust you either.

What do you mean?

How else do you think
I found you?

After you snuck out I put a GPS
transmitter in your purse.

I thought, you know
when Jessica was hit,

you were the only one
that I told.

What else could you think?

He fooled a lot of people.

Thank God you're okay.


Greg was working for Vargano.

Makes sense now.

Trust you to figure it out.

Well I almost didn't.

Well I never doubted you.

And you?

Good job.

Thank you.

Alright Kate, you can do
the honours.

You're going to spend the rest
of your life behind bars,

for money laundering and murder.

How's the track record
at the DA's office?

I employ real lawyers.

Yeah well so did Gotti.

Take this garbage out of here.

We're not done, Kate.

Send me a postcard from whatever
hole they bury you in.


See you back at the office.

So now that this is all over,
I was wondering...


Yeah, if you'd maybe consider
having dinner with me

some evening?



I just want the chance to show
you my soft side.

Your soft side? Really?

Wow, that would be something.

I think I'm going to have to say
yes just to find out.


What do you say Italian
Friday night?

I don't really like Italian.

Oh, okay.

How about sushi?




Now we're talking.