Trust No 1 (2019) - full transcript

Officer Bradley (Douglas Rouillard) investigates murders believed to be part of a serial killing and quickly learns it's much bigger. With the body count rising, and nothing adding up, he turns to his last resort for help, his brother.

- Where is it?!

Where is it?!

Tell me where it is!

- Five,





Happy 2,000!

- Hey.

Merry Christmas, baby.

- Merry Christmas to you.

- Are you sure you have
to go to work today?

- I know.

It sucks.

Listen, when I get home
tonight, we'll celebrate.

All right?

- Are you sure?

Because I got you something.

- Babe, we said
no gifts, come on.

- I know,
I couldn't help it.

- I love it.

- Good.

I love you.

- Listen, it's probably
gonna be another day

of waiting around for a friggin'
cat to jump out of a tree.

- I have som errands
to run today.

Do you want anything
special for dinner tonight?

- Just you.

Unless you feel like
making that pasta again.

Remember, the one with
the onions and the chicken

and the mushrooms
and the peppers.

- Oh no, go ahead, keep it up.

You'll be pleasantly surprised

by a bowl of your
favorite cereal.

- I love cereal.

Nothing wrong with cereal.

- You're lucky I love you.

- Tease me with a good time.

Chief, go ahead, Chief.

I heard it, I'm on my way.

Come on, Jen.

- One coffee, three creams.

Have a Merry Christmas.

- You too, babe, thanks.

This is go for Bradley,
go for Bradley.

Is that a 10-54?


- Detective.

Come take a look at this.

- What else do we
know about him?

- Not much,

other than he was released from
North Side about a week ago.

Left a note.

- Who is this sick fuck?

- That's your job, Detective.

Let me introduce
you to Miss Clayton.

She found him this morning
when she came home from work.


- I'm so sorry for you loss.

I just have a few questions.

Have a seat.

- Merry Christmas.

- Tell me about Robert.

- What do you wanna know?

- What happened?

- He loved me, he loved his job.

He just never should've
take that assignment.

- What assignment?

- Some government
thing, I don't know.

I never knew what he did.

- Tell me about his
original conviction.

- 10 years ago, just
after New Years,


Robert went away on
assignment like he always did.

This was no different.

They said they caught
his car on camera

hit a man walking.

Died on impact.

- The more you tell me,

the more I can help.

- He never killed that man.

But they sure tortured
him like he did.

- When your husband
was in prison,

did he have any friends or
enemies that you can think of?

- Its' prison.

But he did talk about a Mark.

He said they were both
wrongly sentenced.

- This is my card.

Call me if you think
of anything else.

I'm sorry.

I'm gonna figure this out.

- Merry Christmas, Doug.

- Merry Christmas, Jen.

Merry Christmas.

- Hey.

How was it?

- Crazy.
- Yeah?

Crazy good?
- Better now.

- Good.

- How as your day?

- Good, just hung around here.

Did some research for work.

Studied for the bar exam.

- Oh yeah, how's that going?

- It's really hard.

But I think the firm
I'm working with

is gonna hire me on if I pass.

I got assigned a new case.

- What about?

- Nothing important.

- What's for dinner?
- Guess.

What's this?

- Nothing.

- You made pasta.

- I did, Merry Christmas.

- What?

Do you remember this morning
when I said I'd be home tonight

and we can celebrate?

- Yes.

Are you serious right now?

- Will you marry me?

- Yes.

- Gotcha.

- So what'd you find out?

- Tell you what I know.

His name's Robert Clayton.

He was a US Marine
before doing 10 years

for murdering his partner
over at North Side.

Turns out there was
no proof he did it.

He was released
about a week ago.

- Well haven't you learned?

They're all innocent.

- Yeah but get this, his
original sentence was life.

Someone fought the system
to have his file expunged.

Then they gave him therapy.

Weird, right?

- Yeah, very.

Go ahead.

Keep looking into it.

- Yes, sir.

- Happy Holidays, North
Side Correctional.

- Warden, please.

- Warden speaking.

- Warden, this is
Detective Bradley

with Goffstown
Police Department.

I'm investigating the recent
release of Mr. Robert Clayton.

- Don't know how I can help.

- He was murdered.

I'd like to come in
and speak with you.

- How'd tomorrow morning?

- Good.

See you at eight.

Goffstown Police Department!


I'm out at Clayton's.

Something's going on here.

- Hey, everything okay?

- Yeah.

Everything's fine.

- Doug, what's going on?

- Are you here by yourself?

- Yes.

Yes, I'm here.

What's going on?

You're scaring me,
what is going on?

- Come in.

Good morning, Mark.

Please, have a seat.

How you feeling?

Happy, I'm assuming,
that you're released now.

- Look at me!

Tell me where it is!

- I don't know!

- Where is it?!

Where is--

- I don't know!

- I understand.

Haven't figured it out yet.

- Where is it?!

- I don't know.

- Tell me where it is!

- I don't have it!

- Have you tried
what I suggested?

- Good morning.

- Gentlemen.

- Just another day.

- Detective Bradley,
here to see the warden.

- Sure, he's been expecting you.

- Thank you.

- Good morning, Doug.

- Warden.

- Have a seat.

- I'm here investigating the
release of Mr. Robert Clayton.

What can you tell me about him?

- Very little.

We released him
about a week ago.

He did 10 years

for murdering his partner.

Apparently the system was wrong.

Seemed liked a nice guy.

Kept to himself.

Was married, two kids.

Was happy to finally get out.


- He's dead.

Does he have any enemies
or anyone on the outside

that you may know of?

- Not the I knew of.

Listen, I don't know much
more than what I've told you.

- Did he receive any special
treatment while he was here?

- As you know, we're a
private correctional facility

for ex-military and
government personnel.

His treatment was basic food,

closed cell,

visitation once a month

and if lucky enough
to be released,

a government appointed

It's the same for everyone.

Robert Clayton was no different.

- How did he get out?

- That's not for
me to determine.

- Warden, you should know every
single one of your inmates

and why they were released.

- His case was
reopened and discharged

on the basis of not enough
evidence for a full conviction.

His sentence was shortened.

It happens all the time.

Listen, Doug,

that's all I know.

I have to do rounds.

Call me if you
need anything else.

- Thank you.

One more question, real quick.

Who reopened his case?

- That's also none
of my business.

Thanks for coming in.

- Thank you.

- Hello, Doctor?

This is Rick.

Just wanted to confirm my
appointment for this afternoon.

Thank you, sir.

- I can't sleep.

I can't eat.

I don't even remember what
I was doing that night

or why.

We never even found what
we were looking for.

- You're all trained that way.

You have deep-rooted emotions

that cause the blackouts.

Don't worry, you're
right on schedule.

- Why me?

- Because you're the best.


Send him in.


I'm gonna give you something.

It's gonna help you sleep.


Trust me.

It's gonna be okay.


Have a seat.

I'm sure you're happy
to be finally released.

How are you feeling?

- Okay, I guess.

- Are you ready to get started
on your final assignment?

- Hey, do you know that guy?

- Yeah, his name's Mark.

He's been coming here
for a couple of days.

- What is it?

- It's okay.

It's just a dream.

Go to sleep.

I'm gonna take a shower.


Another what?

Shit, all right,
I'll be there in 10.


- Take a look at this.

- I know this guy.

- You do?

- Something doesn't make sense.

- What doesn't make sense?

Looks like a suicide to me.

- It's not a suicide.

His name's Mark.

He was at the same bar
I was at last night.

- Was he with anyone?

- No.

Funny thing is, he as released
from the same exact prison

as Robert Clayton, a week ago.

Do you think it's coincidence?

- Any ideas?

- One.

Miss Clayton, I'm so sorry
to barge in on you again.

But I jut have
one more question.

The gentleman that your
husband allegedly killed,

was there any relationship
between those two?

- Yes, actually,
he was his partner.

- Hmmm.

- Rick.

Welcome back.

How do you feel?

- I'm tired.

I can't sleep.

I have no family.

Everyone thinks I'm
a friggin' murderer.

- Sometimes, a way to
deal with frustration

is to find where its purpose is.

You served your
country, young man.

- I killed my partner.

- Rick,

you were placed on watch
for your own safety

until the dust settled.

Something had happened while
you were on the inside.

- For 10 years I
went through hell.

Do you even know what
happened in there?

What they did to me?

I don't have it, never did.

- What, exactly?

- I don't know.


- The government needs
your help once more.

- I'm not interested.

- This is not your choice.

It's an order from the Pentagon.

- Babe,

are you okay?

- It just doesn't
make any sense.

Here's a guy that
served 10 years

at a private military
prison for murder,

a murder nobody has seen.

There's no evidence,
there's no records, nothing.

He gets released and
someone wants him dead

and just yesterday,

somebody else from
that same exact prison

shows up dead in an alley.

No records on that one either.

- Are you sure the guy from
last night wasn't a suicide?

- I don't think so.

- Who're you calling?

- I love you, don't wait up.

- What're you doing here?

- Came to see you.

- How'd you
know where to find me?

- Where
else would you be?

- Is Dad still
over at the church?

- Yeah.

I think so.

Man, it's been a long time.

- Yeah.

Since Mom died?

- Hey, Doug, look at this.

- Give me that, it's not a toy.

- Mom!

- Listen, Doug.

Hey, come on.

Look, man, it wasn't your fault.

Okay, you gotta know that.

- I know.

I know.

And you being out
here all these years

isn't gonna bring her back.

You know that, right?

- That's not why I'm here.

- Then why are you?

- You would not understand that.

Listen, Doug, just
because you're a cop,

doesn't meant you can
save the world, okay?

- And you can't run away every
time something bad happens.

- Is that what you think I did?

You think I can away?

- Then why'd you go?

- Because I couldn't stand

to fucking be
around here anymore!

Every single day being constantly
reminded of what happened.

So I thought maybe,

just maybe if I did
something good with my life.

I don't know, man, I
thought it would get easier.

- That's exactly the
reason I became a cop.

There's the hope that one
day my life would get better.

- Well,

I know why you're here.

Can't figure out who's
killing those people.

- What do you mean?

- Let me ask you this.

Those people that were released.

Wrongful conviction?

- Look,

I've interviewed
both the families,

I've looked into
both the murders.

The only connection I can
find is the prison system.

- Bingo.

- Anything yet?

- I'm working on it

but there's some real
shit going on here.

- Well, stay on top of it.

That's why you're
a detective, Doug.

- Thank you.

- You couldn't do it?

Why not?

Did you go to the park?

- Yes.

- I understand this
is difficult for you.

Did he at least have it?

- I don't know.

I didn't see anything on him.

I feel like I've seen
him before, who is he?

- He's your assignment, solider.

You have to let your
frustrations come to the surface.

Why don't you take the night off

and try again tomorrow, okay?

Yes, send him in.

- Why me?

- You are fully
trained to do this.

This is what you do.

You were trained by the best.

You are the best.

Well, well, well.

It's been awhile.

- This is the warden.

- This is Detective Bradley

from the Goffstown
Police Department.

Please fax me a list
of all the inmates

sentenced for murder in 2000

and then released for
wrongful conviction.

- Certainly, Detective,

I'll have my secretary
pull the records.

What are you thinking?

- I think it's closer to
home than we would like.

- Let me know if there's
anything else you want.

You'll have it shortly.

- Here's what I got.

I think Robert and Mark
knew each other in prison.

According to their files,

they were both sentenced for
murder in January of 2000

but then released
early for good behavior

within days of each other.

Doesn't make any sense.

- What'd the coroner
say about Mark's death?

Suicide? Murder?

- He said overdose,

which is weird because
the bartender said

he seemed happy to be alive.

It just doesn't make any sense.

- Fax for you, Detective.

- Thank you, sir.

- What the fuck?

- You wanna explain this?

- You wouldn't understand.

- Really?

Try me.

This is a recent list of
everyone that was released

from North Side in January 2000.

You're number six on here.

- My situation's a
little different, Doug.

- Right.

If this is someone's
sick wishlist,

we're running out of time.

Why is your name on here?

Do you know what's going on?!

- Listen, we were all
ex-military, okay?

Secret Service types.

Black Ops.

The whole point point is
we were sent on a mission,

in secret, that the government
did not want public.

- Who hired you?

- The NSA!

The whole point was to
find a missing drive.

- Wait, what drive,
what's on it?

- Data?

Okay, we were each
ordered to follow

a different member of the
NSA, the Secret Service,

until the drive surfaced

and then, I don't know, man.

Days later, we were ordered
to terminate our partners.

- I don't understand,
why is your name on here?

Why weren't you locked up?

- Because they led us to
believe they were in on it

and then it became
a situation where

it was fucking
kill or be killed.

That's why you have six
deaths and six convictions.

- And we wonder why this
country's in the shape that it is.

- Listen,

when an order goes out,

whether you fucking
agree with it or not,

you see it through.

This was absolutely
no different.

This became survival.

- Who's your direct contact now?

- I went off grid, Doug.

I don't have one.

But I can tell you this.

If they knew I was
talking to you about this,

they'd kill us both.

You leave it alone, Doug.

- Hey, baby.

- Amy.


I know you don't
know what's going on.

- I know, we need to talk.

- It's just not
safe at home, okay?

- Doug, I--

- I'll tell you when I see you.

I love you.

And Amy,

trust no one.

- Okay.

I love you.

- I'm sorry.

I miss you, Mom.

- Yes, actually, his partner.

- Mom!

- Shit!

- Are you okay today?

- No.

You take care of yourself.

What do we got?

- Take a look.

Know this guy?

- No, why?

- Check your list.

- North Side Correctional?

- I want you to go over
there and figure this out.

- All right, I'm on it.

- Get in.

Jason, right?

- Yeah.

- Three more to go.

- What's this all about?

Why you?

- I was hired for
my particular skill

in transcoding
encrypted messages.

- Okay.

- Okay, so in '99,
the government stored

some very, very important data

on two identical
drives as backup.

- What do you mean,
data? What kind of data?

- Top secret
military intel, man.

I'm talking missions, financials,
nation security plans,

locations of missiles
that protect our boarders.

Like, a lot!

- Who has the drive now?

- The President and the NSA.

- Okay, so let me
better understand this.

They order you guys
to commit murder,

lock you up for 10 years,
call up protective custody

only to let you
out then kill you?

- Pretty twisted, right?

- Very.

- I thought this was
over a long time ago.

- You thought wrong.

- Hey, be careful.

These guys, they
are the government.

They can and will find
you if you get too close.

- Chief Brown.

- North Side has to be involved.

I can't explain but
remember that list?

- Yeah.

- Well those three guys that
were killed were on that list.

There's three more.

I need to find them.

- Right, well keep digging
and tell me what you find.

- All right.

- So,

how's it feel to be a hero?

He was the enemy.

He was the last remaining mole.

You did your country
a great service.

Did anyone see you?

- No.

- Great.

Just one more thing to do.

- Good morning, Detective.

- Sir!

Excuse me!

- What's going on?!

- Yes, sir, he's here
now, I'll call you back.

That was your boss.

I was assigned to house six
soldiers that went rogue.

It was my understanding that
these men killed US military.

- Why you?

Why here?

- After the news was released
about these soldiers,

I was given the assignment to
put them on top level watch.

I did my job.

10 years later, they were
released due to lack of evidence,

or so I hear.

- So you mean innocent?

Do you even know what they did?

- My job is to lock them up.

To feed them and make sure they
don't see the light of day.

It is not to ask questions.

- You're right, that's my job.

Where are these guys at now?

- I would keep my distance.

If they've managed to hide
six government murders

for a decade,

they probably can hide yours.

- Is that a threat, Warden?

If I find out that you're
behind this in any way,

I will lock you up behind
the very bars that you guard.

- Be careful.

Please see to it that Doug
gets the known addresses

to the names that he requests.

- Thank you.

- Have a good day.

He's getting help.

- Come on, come on.

What did I tell you?

- There's some real
shit going on here.

- Doug, you're gonna end up
dead like the rest of 'em.

- What do you want
me to do, huh?

You want me to walk away?

- Do you have that list?

- Yes.

- My name's on it, yeah?

- Yes.

- Like six names?

- Yeah, why?

- Okay.

I never went to prison,

yet my name is right
here on this list.

- Then who was released?

- Jesus Christ, Detective Doug.

Don't you think it's about time

for you to start figuring
some shit out at this point?

- Listen, it's time you start
telling me what's going on!

Who was your partner?

- His name was Andrew Aikens.

- Where is Aikens now?

- Figure something out.

Stop asking so many
fucking questions.

- You'll have more than freedom.

You'll have peace.

Your country owes you.

This is your final assignment.

- I can't believe I did 10 years

for a murder I
was ordered to do.

- You will be rewarded
for your continued service

and given the highest of ranks.

- Why was I locked up again?

- For your safety.

Everyone was that was
on the assignment.

You were cleared and released.

- Safety?

- Trust me.

- Why is he following me?

- Are you following him?

- Yes.

- Remember what I told you.

He has what we need.

- This is it, right?

- Daniel, trust me.

This is the final stage
of your treatment.

Once completed, you
will be rewarded

with the highest honors
of military ranks.

This is for your freedom.

- Yes, sir.

- I know everybody's been
under a lot of pressure,

working a lot of overtime.

We don't catch a lot
of murders around here,

let alone three.

So what do we know?

- They were all
patients at North Side.

- We think they're
all connected.

The only problem is how.

I'm gonna give you
guys a list of names.

Robert Clayton,

Mark Swanson,

Jason McDaniels.

We've got reason to believe
that there's gonna be more.

Hopefully we can stop it
before it gets any further.

- Not sure if this is related.

There was a disturbance last
night behind Factor Street.

- Okay, well three names
I something to work with.

I want everybody to keep their
eyes and their ears open,

stay sharp,

get to work!

Now get out of here!

- I got a tip about
suspicious activity

down at the pig farm.

Get over there after this.

- All right.


- We need to talk.

- What's up?

- I think the
case you're working on

is related to what
I was assigned.

- What do you mean?

- I tried to tell you.

I saw on your computer the
same names as what I was given.

- What names?

- Robert
Clayton, Mark Swanson,

Jason McDaniels and some others.

Apparently, they spent
time at North Side

and they all filed appeal
for wrongful conviction

and mistreatment but--

- Amy, promise me you're
not gonna look into this.

It's not safe.

- Doug, your
brother was on that list.

- I know.


do not look into it.

- Okay.

Please be careful.

- All right, I love you, bye.

- Now's not a good time.

- We need to talk.

- Right.

Unfortunately, we're gonna have
to reschedule for tomorrow.

You haven't spoken to anyone
about the mission, have you?

- No.

- Good.

Remember your orders.

- Captain.

Hey, we got something going on
down here at 15 Pine Street.

I need you.

- Right.

- What's up, guys?

This is not okay.

I'm having boys.

Rick, are you here?

- What do we got?

- We got one dead in the
kitchen, one ran off.

- Who is it?

- Rick.

Get this,

he was number four on the list.

- What do you think?

- Daniel.

- All extra units to 15
Pine Street, Goffstown.

Tape it off.

- There's something going
on in this town, Dad.

There's something in this
down that we've never seen.

- Can I help?

- No.


Ryan's involved.

He doesn't look good.

- Is he okay?
- No.

Dad, Ryan's at the cabin.

- I miss the cabin.

I wanna help.

- It's not safe.

I'll let you know.

- Chief.

What's up?

- I gotta take
you off this case.

- Why?

- Because the NSA and the
FBI are both involved.

- You know I can't do that,
my brother's on that list.

- I don't know, there's
nothing I can do.

It's out of my hands.

- I was at the house last
night where Rick was murdered.

If we could just
get in front of it.

- No, you can't.

- You take me off this case,

take me off payroll.

- Doug.

Figure it out!

- Ryan?



Ryan, are you in here?



Oh my God.

- Yes,

of course.

- He wasn't there.

Are you sure he has it?

- Yes, I'm sure!

Get me the warden!

- I'm a detective with the
Goffstown Police Department.

I need a minute of our time.

May I come in?

- Yes, have a seat.

- What's your full name?

- Dr. Stevens.

What's this about?

- I'm investigating
the recent murders

of some of the inmates
that were sentenced here.

- Yes, I've been hearing
about that on the news.

How can I help?

- Did you know any of them?

- Well, I am the
appointed psychologist

for all the inmates released
from North Side Correctional.

- What do you know?

- I'm sorry but I can't
speak about their files.

- Is there anything you'd
like to share about Robert,



or Jason, before you
started treating them?

- I treat them all
like anyone else.

Listen, Detective,

if you would want to
discuss anything further,

I'd be more than happy
to make an appointment.

- Just one last
question, Doctor.

Are you speaking with Daniel
or Ryan Bradley currently?

- I'm sorry but I can't
discuss anything further.

- Thank you for your time.

- I need the warden.

- Doug, meet FBI Agent Fellows
and NSA Agent Hendricks.

They will be taking the
case over from here on out.

- Chief, what's going on?

- In short, this is now
a Federal investigation.

- You are to hand
over all your materials

to these two
gentlemen immediately.

- It is what it is.

- Chief, I've got you--

- You've got nothing.

- Stevens.

- Do it now!

- Officer.

Thank you for your efforts.

- Chief, I know this
is way above our heads

but I don't think
we can trust them.

- Trust who?

The government?

- Listen, 10 years
ago, the US government

backed up military
securities onto a drive.

I mean everything.

Launch codes, military weapons,


encrypted messages,

you name it.

They said it went missing.


Now someone's looking for it.

- What're you talking about?

- These are the
last remaining men

that know anything about it.

They were all hired to find it.

Now they're coming up dead.


I think someone knows
something about it

and they're trying
to flesh it out.

- Damn.

- What are you saying?

Doug, you can't take
on the US government.

- No, I can't but
I'm in way too deep.

If I just have a
little bit more time,

I can probably stop
whatever is planned.

- Doug, you're in
way over your head.

It doesn't make sense.

Why here?

- Who knows?

But we just can't sit and
watch from the sidelines

with what we know.

- If you get in the way of
a government investigation,

you're gonna find
yourself in Cuba.

Doug, be careful.

I'm not supporting this.

- The last name on that
list is my brother.

And he's one of the
only three remaining.

If I give up now,

I might as well burry him.

- So what do you
think we should do?

- I don't know.

- Do you have it?

- I don't even know what's on
the drive you're looking for.

- You don't need to know.


You're free to go.

- I'm done?

- Enjoy the rest of your life.

- Warden Sparks, please.

Warden, we need to talk.

- Were you followed?

- No.

- Good.

Who's left?

- Ryan.

Daniels said he didn't have it.

- Do you believe him?

- No.

- What do we do?

- We keep looking
until we find it.

Warden, I brought
this over to you

10 years ago with an agreement.

Do you remember that agreement?

- Yes.

- Mr. Warden Sparks.

My name is Dr. Stevens.

You are being given
custody of six soldiers.

They are being sentenced to
life for espionage and murder.

They were part of
a covert operation

for the recovery of
the missing drive.

I believe one of them
still has it hidden.

- What drive?

- A drive worth more money than
you or I could ever imagine.

We need to find it, who
has it and where it is.

Your cooperation will
be handsomely rewarded.

- How do you know
someone has it?

- Because I know.

This drive holds
top secret intel.

Two copies were made

in case Y2K caused
an computer crash.

- And what's your involvement?

- This is a direct assignment

from Washington.

I will be acting as the
internal psychologist

for all inmates.

If it gets out,

even for a second,

I will hear about it.

Your job is to get them talking.

- How long do we have?

- As long as it takes.

- They have it, I'll get it.

I did my best.

- Is it done?

- Yes.

- Good.

Now find Ryan and his brother.

- What is this?

What the fuck is this?

Come on.

I wanna see you.

- Sir!

You gotta see this.

I'm printing it out now.

- Good work.

Y2K, sir.

We gotta get this
to the commander.

- Shit.

Got something here.

43 degrees north,
71 degrees west.

That's in New Hampshire, sir.

- Give me Agent
Fellows and the FBI.

- Yes, sir.

- FBI.

- Ryan has the drive
and he's on the move.

- Okay, we're on it.

The drive has surfaced.

- Who's left?

- Everyone's dead
except for Ryan and Stevens.

- Good.

- Not good.

Ryan's brother is a
cop who is on the case.

- Who's his boss?

- He's dead.

This guy isn't an ordinary cop.

He won't go down easy.

- That's because he's
emotionally invested.

It's his brother we're after.

Make him look like
another corrupt cop.

- Yes, sir.

- Get me the President.

- Mr. President.

- Yes?

- Operation Y2K
has surfaced, sir.

- Let me guess.


- We think so, sir.

- This guy's been hiding
in our own backyard.

Who's on it?

- FBI Agent Fellows and
NSA Agent Hendricks, sir.

- This drive became
active this morning,

we've got a real problem
if this gets out.

Make sure this ends quietly

and find him, now!

- Yes, sir.

- Lee.

- We found it.

- And kill him.

- Wait here.

Keep it running.

- We gotta go.

They're killing everyone
who was involved.

- Who is?

- Th government,
the FBI, the NSA.

We're just collateral
damage at this point.

- This doesn't make any sense.

Why the FBI? Why the NSA?

- Who do you think's
in charge, Doug?

- Detective, please
come to the door!

- You answer that
door and we're dead.

- You were followed.

- Follow them!

- Where is he going?

- I fucking lost him!

- Ryan, what's
really on that drive?

- I already told you, man.

Top secret military information.

- Okay, locations,
missions, financials.

Come on.

This way.

- Ryan,

I'm gonna need more.

- The drive was originally
only on a 10 year lock

with only the President
having access to it.

As of this morning,

all of those encrypted
passwords unlocked.

Hence why everybody's
being let out.

They really want that drive.

- Who had them?

- Just the President
and the NSA.

One went missing.

- What happened to it?

- Don't worry
about it, I got it.

- Who's looking for it?

- Good question.

Nobody knows.

Whoever was looking for it
then is looking for it now.

- Well now it all makes sense.

Lock up everyone involved
for the last 10 years,

flesh out the drive and
when the drive unlocks--

- Boom.

And our mission from before,

following the secret
area of the government

until the drive
services and if it does,

get it, capture it,
hold it privately

and wait for further

- How did you get it?

- I was trailing an
FBI agent named Kline.

I intercepted a call.

Someone telling him
to drop the file off

at a remote location.

Apparently he wasn't the
only one that got that call.

I show up, Kline's dead.

Drives still on him,
completely untouched.

- Does anyone know you have it?

- I don't know

but somebody knows something

and they need it.

- We need to find out who.

We need to find out why.

We need to find them
before they find us.

Hey, Ryan, wait for me
in the barn out back.

There's somebody I
gotta meet first.

Cap, what do we got?

- He's
at the pig farm.

Put a trace on his phone.

- All right, I'm on my way.

- Chief!



- Up here, Doug.

- Chief!

- Where is it, Doug?

- What?

- The drive, where's the drive?!

- Chief, what's this about?

- It's what this whole
thing's all about!

Just give them what they want!

- Chief, I don't have it.

- Hello, officer.

- So you're behind this?

- Sort of.

You think I could've gotten
all of those prisoners

out on my own?

Where's the drive, Doug?!

- I don't have it.

- You sure?

- He doesn't know
anything, let him go.

- Okay.

- Don't do it.

Don't do it!

- Okay.

- Don't.

- So I take you read the note
I left on Robert Clayton?

Calling your friends, Doug?


I'll be certain to call
Amy when all this is done.

She'll need a great
psychologist to talk to

about her soon-to-be-dead

- You touch her, I swear to God

I'll rip your throat out.

- Wow.


Sounds to me like you
should put out or shut up!

- Why do you want it?

- You
still don't know.

- Listen,

I'm just trying to solve
a few murders, huh?

Do you wanna help me out?

Why don't we make a deal?

- Back up.

- Listen.

- Turn around.

- Let's make a deal.

You stop trying to kill me
and you let everyone else go

that you planned on killing

and I'll get you the drive.

I can get it.

- You got three hours!

Meet me at the North
Side Prison back gate.

You got that?!

- Yeah, all right.

- And Doug?

Don't bring any of your friends.

It will only complicate
things for you.

- What happened to you?

- Woo!

I had a scheduled meeting
with a psychologist.

Those guys really mess
up your head, don't they?

- You all right?

- Yeah.

Your partner says
hello, by the way.

And don't bring any cops

and we have three hours
to turn in the drive.

- Wait, wait, okay.

Where are we going
to finish this?

- Some place gorgeous,

like a prison

at night.


Are you gonna change or
are you gonna go like that?

- What do you mean,
these are my clothes.

Change into what?

- Good point, okay.

- Good talk, you're driving.

- I knew it.

You know,

it's too bad we have to leave.

You really know how to live.

- Oh, thanks Doug,
I appreciate it.

It's super cozy here.

- I was kidding.

Ryan, where's the drive?

- I have the drive, it's safe.

Come on, we gotta go.

- Give me the drive, Ryan.

- Here.

- Have you seen what's on this?

- No.

- Ryan, get out of the
car an open the doors,

we can't get out.

- Got it.

- Amazing.

All right, let's see
what this is all about.

"Classified Operation, Y2K.

"December 31st,


"National Security Agency."

- Scroll down.

- It's encrypted.

- Move.

This is what I do.

Oh my God.

- What?

- This isn't just military
locations and launch codes,

man, this is US Treasury access.

- So you didn't
know about this?

- No.

- Is the other drive
the same thing?

- It should be.

- We gotta go.

- Mhmm.

- Ryan, I'm gonna ask
you one more time.

What happened the
night you took this?

- I already told you, man!

I was ordered to follow Kline.

That call I intercepted,
simple transfer.

Data for payment.

I have no idea who
killed the guy.

- So the question
is, who killed Kline

and why didn't they
take this drive?

- Sure.

- All right, we gotta split up.

- All right, I'll cover
you from the roof.

- Can't wait to see what happens

when they find me with this.

- I'd hate to see
what would happen

if they found you with nothing.

- Detective!

- I thought we
agreed, no friend.

- No friends.

What do you think, I'm stupid?


Well, did you bring it?

- This?

I just got one question.

Which one do you think it is?

- The drive that's not
only gonna save your life

but your brother's as well.

Speaking of,

where is your brother?

- He wanted me to tell you hello

and he couldn't make it.

Said he didn't want
to be underdressed.

- The drive for his freedom.

- What happened, fellas?

Late for your pickup
on New Year's?

I got it right here.

It's over.

We're done.

- It's never over!

Check the drive.

- You're not gonna get
away with any of this.

What's really on it?

What's in it for you?

- Oh, you're gonna
see what's on it.

- Will we?

Everybody was wondering,
who was that guy?

Who was killing
people around my town?

We haven't had one problem here.

- The drive's blank!

- I should've been a dentist.

- You all right?

- No, Cap, I'm not all right.

What took you guys so long?

- Sorry, the road were icy.

Look at this.

- Northside Correctional,

a privately funded
ex-military prison,

houses some of the most
deadly ex-military personnel.

It is believed that the
cause of the recent attacks

on this small sleepy town

was over a missing drive
from the Y2k scare.

This drive is
believed to be a hoax.

- Really?

The roads were icy?

- Well, that's why it
took so long to get here.

- You know, we wanna just

make sure our response time

is solid.

- I guess it
wouldn't be Goffstown

if you weren't a couple
minutes late, right?

Hey, Cap!

Happy New Year!

- Doug.

- It's over.

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ I cant't

♪ Trust no one

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ Trust no one, these
are enemies, after all ♪

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ Can't trust myself myself
nowadays, I'm a pest, after all ♪

♪ Stay on his grind, his
money all on my mind ♪

♪ I'm getting paid
like I'm supposed to ♪

♪ Shouldn't be no surprise

♪ I keep my hands on the wheel

♪ And my eyes on the prize

♪ Checking those moon walkers
when they get out of line ♪

♪ I put them up anytime

♪ Because first of
all, I'm a man ♪

♪ Do you have a
clue where I been ♪

♪ I keep my feet to the floor

♪ And my head to the sky

♪ If they flip one of us

♪ Then we all gonna ride

♪ Plan, prompt, strategize

♪ Only fools in disguise

♪ I'm pushing back motherfuckers
when they come on my side ♪

♪ Never been the type to
think about me because ♪

♪ My family is always talking
down, making assumption ♪

♪ The paramedics coming to get
you, all in the stretcher ♪

♪ Homie, don't mess
with my cheddar ♪

♪ I'll pinch holes
in your sweater ♪

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ Trust no one, these
are enemies, after all ♪

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ Can't trust myself myself
nowadays, I'm a pest, after all ♪

♪ I find the big west sign,
feeling so innovative ♪

♪ West Coast Cali, now
you in the prison ranks ♪

♪ Bounce, rock, roll, skate

♪ While I'm setting up dates

♪ All my homies tie it down
from the necks to their faces ♪

♪ Middle finger's up, I
always said I would make it ♪

♪ Low riders, bandanas,
homies pull up in Benz ♪

♪ Shit, I'm gonna
keep on representing ♪

♪ For all of me handing

♪ Shit, I'm gonna
treat this microphone ♪

♪ Like I'm gripping a weapon

♪ Feel my homeboys in the
joint serving a life sentence ♪

♪ That's right, let's
go, let's get it ♪

♪ Now how you think
I plan on putting ♪

♪ My guard up in college

♪ From the bottom
slinging tapes ♪

♪ Out the back of my trunk

♪ To making profits
out the back ♪

♪ Listening to my gun

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ Trust no one, these
are enemies, after all ♪

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one

♪ I can't

♪ Trust no one